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Jennifer Lawrence - 'THR' Nominees' Night 2013

Jennifer Lawrence - 'THR' Nominees' Night 2013

Jennifer Lawrence is smashing while attending the 2013 The Hollywood Reporter Nominees’ Night held at Spago on Monday (February 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 22-year-old actress donned a cute little white dress while attending the 2013 Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon.

Jennifer had a great time at the THR party with her Silver Linings Playbook co-stars Chris Tucker and Julia Stiles.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling to just look around at people who have been your heroes forever and to just be in the same room as them,” Lawrence told THR. “The women that I’m nominated with really just make it so much more special just to think that I could be even in the same sentence as them.”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Valentino and Brian Atwood shoes with a Jamie Wolf ring. The event was sponsored by Audi and Samsung Galaxy.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lawrence attending THR Nominees’ Night

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Credit: Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • Ava

    Like her hair but something just off with her outfits, great body, 22 , so she should be doing funker, daring outfits . But the clothes don’t do her justice or the shoes, she should so get another stylist … Really this one is doing her no favors.

  • Rupert Sanders

    looks like she needs to take a break…she’s not ready for her her closeup :p

  • Amanda

    much better than the white dress she had on earlier! She looks great!

  • Jamie

    She looks pretty and I like her hair, but she looka a lot older than 22.

  • olivia

    I watched Silver Linings Playbook the other night and I thought Jen gave a good performance. Not necessarily an oscar worthy performance but I still thought she did a good job. And I liked the film as a whole, but I think Bradley Cooper’s nomination was more deserving. Also I just watched Zero Dark Thirty today and Jessica Chastain blew me away. I’m still thinking about it. I hope she wins, she deserves it.

  • XxXxX

    Apart from the Xmen prequel, I’ve never seen any movie with her in it …… Yet with all the coverage she gets, I’m getting a little tired of her….

  • Anne

    @XxXxX: Bradley Cooper’s performance was Oscar worthy, Jen’s was okay but far from Oscar worthy.
    Please, dress this girl with more fun, edgy, age-appropriate clothing.

  • Dana

    I know that celebs shouldn’t matter and athletes shouldn’t matter. But what separates athletes is that they are inspirations. Celebs, well that’s someone else, meaningless people (front stage version).

  • alice

    She’s looks pretty ))

  • Haley

    I really like her as a person but im starting to think shes going to become one of those actresses who gets nominated for everything. She could have two lines in the worst movie and the voters will still be like”no she’s brilliant!” there are other actresses her age who are just as talented as her, maybe even more so. its just all in who you know and who’s backing your movie.

  • talia

    Love the dress,sooo much better than the white dress

  • Emmy

    why does she look so off when she smiles? when she doesn’t she looks so striking and beautiful then she smiles and her eyes go dead.

  • Amanda


    Jennifer should dress like herself. She isn’t Emma Watson who is a huge fashionista. Jennifer actually focuses on her craft and is still learning to appreciate fashion as she never was a fashion girl. Putting her in something too crazy would just make her uncomfortable and come off awkward. She should stick to classic, chic, sophisticated clothes that flatter her body. Let the untalented Jessica Alba’s and Megan Fox’s of Hollywood do the fashion thing.

  • Amanda

    A lot of bitter hags on this website. I think Jennifer is the best actress of her generation- no actress her age has proven to have her range at this point. From action to comedy to drama to romance, she has done many different roles and been great in every one. Its awesome that she actually plays different characters and not just variations of herself like most actresses; Ree isn’t Katniss isn’t Tiffany who isn’t Serena. She melts into her roles and doesn’t make it look like she is “acting”. Thats a rare gift.

    And Bradley was great in SLP but his performance had a lot of false notes. He came off like a kid with temper issues than with serious bipolar at times. Jennifer was just really natural and fluid and created this iconic character. But they worked really , really, really well off each other.

  • Laura

    And if Chastain wins it would be really , as much as i like her, a weak win. Chastain was so boring in her role, she basically was just a plot device. She never sold me as a hard assed CIA operative, especially in the interrogation scenes. She came off like a teen in the restaurant scene – it was just a bad acting choice. And a lot of indulgent “actor” moments, like when she was yelling at her boss. Lawrence was better than Chastain and Riva was better than both.

  • Jade

    How can people call her the best actress of her generation when there are so any other girls who haven’t even been given the chance to show themselves? I’m not saying she isn’t good, because she is. Just give it a few years, see who ese comes out of the woodwork. Let her get older and more experienced. Then throw everyone together and let them duke it out of the title.

  • blah

    he may be he It girl in hollywood at the moment but it won’t last long. take shailene woodley,it was all bout her in 2011 and during the 2012 awards season for her role in the descendants

  • blah

    *she not he

  • solid

    Rachel Zoe- that what is wrong with her outfits. JL hired her as her new “stylist” in Nov 2012. “Big mistake! Huuuge!” (c)

  • wow wow wee wow

    I just love her. Everything about her makes me smile and her personality and sense of humor is awesome.

  • Marsha


    She is the IT girl in Hollywood for years to come.. She is the face of the HUNGER GAMES franchise that will still release 3 movies till 2015.. She will still film XMen:Days of future past which will be released in 2014, She has an indie film SERENA thats to be released Sept this year, plus she is tied to The Glass Castle and The Ends of the Earth, both book to movie adaptations, so basically Jennifer Lawrence will be the IT GIRL of hollywood for years to come!! Shailene Woodley is a one hit wonder.. Not JLaw!!!

  • blah

    @Marsha: that does not mean she will still be the IT girl. There are many young actresses out there who have yet to get there big break and when they do they will become the new IT girl.

  • Lalique

    She’s beautiful AND she needs a stylist who helps her find her own style, so that she can wear a dress instead of it wearing her.

  • megan

    I see that everyone is focused on this girl as if she made a crime, it’s nominee and then she deserves and her dress is sexy you are dead boring people who know nothing about the way you should dress as if you are always in fashion week, and although she still has four movies this year and the years to come with the franchise hunger games you’ll see here again and again I am afraid for idiots to have a heart attack because of it loooooool so many haters what can i say

  • http://yahoo apsara

    Jennifer looks gorgeous and natural just the way she is . She gives the look that she has not spent hours in front of the mirror putting each hair in place . she looks great that way . Its a nice change that she is known for her acting talent and not her the way she dresses .

  • http://yahoo seinna

    Jennifer is looking very cute and her dress is lovely

  • hught

    she is looking so adorable and chic and classy in that dress without trying very hard and sexy the same time she has amazing body for 22 old girl

  • hateful

    Sometimes I wonder if I am a woman or human. Because I see jealousy everywhere.

  • Sweetness

    She’s adorable..and sexy..and a naturally TALENTED.

    At the mere age of 22 Hollywood is at her feet. Yep she rules.


    I don’t know why everybody here is obsessed with term “It Girl” – why would anyone want that kind of ephemeral & momentary kind of fame. I’m sure Jennifer like every other actress her age would rather have a longer Hollywood career.

    I don’t think hat you can compare her to either Emma Watson or Kirsten Stewart as they found fame through their association with a franchise & are both now trying prove themselves as actresses outside of them. Jennifer secured the Hunger Games as a result of her previous work & has already been given the opportunity to show her versatility.

    I think that Bradley Cooper was a revelation in SLP but that his performance suffered as the film progressed & became utterly farcical & more unbelievable. I’m saying this as a BIG David T Russell fan. There were moments where I had to grimace at how cliche ridden it was – from Chris Tucker’s just happening to appear at key moments in the plot to the big scene where Jennifer confronts Bradley for missing their dance lesson to go to the football game & guess what she’s been pretending all along & just happens to know all about the Eagles.

    I regard Jennifer highly as an actress since Winter’s Bones but I was never convinced that she was a grieving widow. One of the LOL moments was when she blurted out to Bradley that her husband had died in a car crash buying her underwear because she wouldn’t have sex with him & then was like okay lets finish our dance lesson. She’ll probably win the oscar because Harvey Weinstein has done such a good job on her campaign but it won’t be a performance we will remember for years to come.

  • Laura


    I disagree. i truly think Tiffany will become the iconic character from this film. Youngers are already talking about because they identify with her a lot .

  • Sam

    She looks stunning! This look is way better than the one she had at the Oscar Luncheon! Also people were saying she had a fake tan…well I can’t see it now, it was probably the makeup she had. I really hope she wins the Oscar, her performance in Silver Linings was amazing, along with the whole cast. Go jen! :)



    See, therein lies the point. She is supposed to be a grown woman in the film dealing with very grown up issues. It’s not really meant to be for youngsters. There is no point where you are really, truly convinced that this is somebody that has suffered the unbearable loss of her husband or that she has reacted to it by sleeping with all her work colleagues. You have to really suspend disbelief to of follow the film at all. I know that the original part from the book for which the film was adapted was for someone slightly older & I think that you can tell. Even heavily made up Jennifer Lawrence still looks & behaves like a sullen teenager who should be in her bedroom listening to My Chemical Romance.

  • nate

    the truth here is that we cant get over that a beautiful, 2-time nominee actress has arrived at hollywood (not to say, also, that she’s 22). most of us would like to have her life, so we search things to criticize her, but we all know that we would LOVE ENORMOUSLY to be in her shoes and be recognized as a talent and america’s next big movie star (probably the biggest of all history). BUT IM REALLY JEALOUS OF IT!

  • lol

    DO YOU THINK SHE COULD BECOME THE NEXT LIZ TAYLOR, OR MARILYN? i would LOVE to know your opinion guys!! you all have very interesting points as i could see


    i don’t think that awards mean anything in the long run. just look at hilary swank – she is the youngest actress to have two oscars but i don’t think that she is held the same regard as someone like kate winslet or cate blanchett. even now she is struggling for work. and if you look at ryan gosling who is considered to be the best male actor of his generation who hs only been nominated for once. jennifer lawrence is a good actress & has done well with the opportunities that have come her way. but there are other equally good actresses out there not getting the same recognition like carey mulligan in shame or rooney mara in girl with a dragon tattoo or mary elizabeth instead in smashed or elizabeth olsen in martha marcy may marlene.

  • mel

    new Kstuart???

  • jay

    well she is nominated 2 times for an oscar and basta and the haters should get over this OMG its not big deal why all this fury, its Good to see young girls in competition who are trying to improve she is still young 22 years old and already an Oscar nominee and i think its great success and maybe she will not win and there will be another of coming years and new faces and it works like this SO CALM DOWN This IS NOT WORLD WAR

  • Effy

    I like Jennifer, but saying other people who don’t like her are jealous is absurd. I dislike TSwift, but I am truthfully not jealous of her. Stop assuming when someone doesn’t like your precious celebrity.

  • ewan

    WOW she look hot and sexy well i think im in love!!!!! she dont need the oscar she should mary me and thats it et allez vivre a dubai xoxoxoxoxo je t aime jennifer

  • LooseLipz

    Fire the stylist. Zoe is dressing her in clothes that she would wear herself…with bones hanging out. Jennifer is young and fun. This is NOT a good look for her nor does it fit her personality.

    As far as her acting….it remains to be seen if she can follow up to this role she’s nominated for. Is she versatile? We don’t know yet.
    Let’s hope she’s not another Julia Roberts who is always Julia Roberts in every role.


    damn SO sexy love this valentino dress so stylish and fresh i hope have like this body incredible OMG I CANT IMAGINE SHE IS 22 YEARS

  • roberto

    jennifer mio amore sei un angelo ti amo j odio di vedere un giorno in Italia è magica e affascinante questa ragazza ha un grado incredibile

  • Sly

    She’s so ugly and such a bad actress! People, you really need to open your eyes sometimes!

  • fanny

    oh comme elle est belle, elle a un visage angelique on dirai un bebe, j adore , elle a un magnifique corps alors qu elle n a que 22 ans WOW sexy jennifer beautiful inside and outside et les gens qui la critiquent et disent qu elle est moche doivent avoir un probleme de vue suremment parce qu ils ont plein de defaut eux meme je t aime jennifer

  • Sly

    fanny, laisse moi deviner ton age ? moins de 20 ans c’est ça ? Je comprend désormais pourquoi tes gouts en matiere d’actrice et de talent sont plus que douteux. Et en plus une francaise. On changera pas les mauvais gouts des francais hein !

  • fanny

    non mister qui connait !! tout je sais meme pas si t es une meuf ou un mec avec ton nom bizzare, je ne suis pas francaise et ca ne te regarde pas de quelle nationnalitee je suis et je t emmerde, j ai 25 ans et j adore cette fille, ta vie est tellement ennuyeuse et bien cherche un job parce que tu perds ton temps, et oui elle est belle et talentueuse et sympa et drole et modeste et riche, elle a la belle vie quoi peut etre que t aimerais etre a sa place et je ne suis pas la seule a l aimer regarde les autres commentaires mais apparement t es vexee par les gens qui reussissent dans leur vie allez bye looser asta luego

  • Sly

    25 ans ? C’est pire que ce que je pensais alors. Vive la gaminerie ! Traiter quelqu’un de looser à 25 ans c’est quand meme grave je trouve et meme triste je dirais. J’ai mon avis tu as le tiens, je le respecte alors respecte aussi le miens. Je te propose juste d’ouvrir tes yeux sur ce que tu appelles le “talent”. Je trouve ça triste d’être aussi naif à ton age. Francaise ou pas je m’en fou, j’ai juste fait une généralité sur les francais et leurs gouts douteux. C’est mon avis, tu as le tiens, point barre. T’exite pas chéri, un jour, toi aussi tu connaitras la maturité et tu regarderas ta tendre jeunesse ainsi que tes gouts douteux avec honte. On est tous passé par là tu sais ;)
    PS : 25ans : Faudrait un jour penser à ouvrir un bescherelle chérie. Je dis ça, je dis rien ;)

  • Sarah Lorence

    Love Her! She is so pretty. She really needs Romance Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Viktor

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