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Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch Event!

Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch Event!

Adam Levine attends the launch of his signature fragrance on Wednesday (February 6) at the Premiere Fragrance Installation in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 singer’s new scent will hit Macy’s stores later this month. He recently chatted with WWD about the process of making the product.

“I didn’t want it to be another bulls–t celebrity fragrance that I was hocking, that I didn’t believe in,” Adam said. “At the end of the day, I can definitely say I wanted to change the perception of that. On paper, I’m not a fan of the [genre], but I got excited having conversations with ID Perfumes.”

“I wanted to do something understated and elegant — something that people I revere in that world, like Tom Ford, would do, and something I’d be attracted to,” Adam added. “I like basic fragrances. I didn’t want to smell like a department store. And there’s an intimacy level that you have to think about. You don’t really want someone to smell you unless they’re really close to you.”

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Credit: Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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110 Responses to “Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch Event!”

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  1. 76
    Jess Says:

    They’re broken up. That relationship had been dying for a while now. Phase get past it already. No one here is bringing photographic or recorded proof. 90%

  2. 77
    Gina Says:

    They’re broken up. That relationship had been dying for a while now. Phase get past it already. No one here is bringing photographic or recorded proof. 90% of what Unknown has said is b.s. I expect her to get defensive at this comment because that’s how she gets when she knows she’s wrong. Adam will never publicly acknowledge breaking up with Behati because he never publicly acknowledged dating her in the first place. So, if I were any of you, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

  3. 78
    SharingIzCaring Says:

    Are Jess and Gina the same person or are your post coincidently the same hmmmm…..

  4. 79
    KSB Says:

    Well Idk @unknown personally or anyone on this board for that matter but from what I have read from others her credibility seems legit. Half the time I go off intuition with Adam and its always right. Btw everyone on here has an alias so who cares. I would love to interact with some off this board butthe Z and Merby and Jenn ppeople lead me to think that’s a bad idea

  5. 80
    KSB Says:

    Btw @Gina you were dead on with him acknowledging or denying her

  6. 81
    KSB Says:

    I have a question why is Marleys name in blue and ours in black? ?? Does that mean something

  7. 82
    Christina Says:

    @Gina: This is true he never publicized that he was dating her but she did so she is going to have to come out and say that they are over. It’s good she’s in Miami and not in NYC where Adam is(still thought he was in LA because the meet and greet was just last night in LA). The longer these two stay away from each other the better it is for both of them.

  8. 83
    KSB Says:

    @christina I agree but it would be better for Adam because she doesn’t want to do anything with her life and all she’s doing is bringing him down

  9. 84
    michelle Says:

    I’d back @sara up. There was a woman with Shawn yesterday off on the side of the stage. She didn’t look like fam. I bought the fragrance for my daughter’s birthday so she had her pic taken with Adam.

  10. 85
    KSB Says:

    Correction, Adam is not in NYC if your in nyc and your the first 300 to buy his new fragrances today you have to come back ok n 2-15-13 to do the meet and greet. I think thats stupid but oh well

  11. 86
    Emily Says:

    I have been watching the grammy coverage and what bugs me is when they act like only Adam is nominated. Umm hello Maroon 5 is nominated. AAnyone know whats been going on with Michael Levine lately? ?

  12. 87
    Christina Says:

    @michelle: First off, who is shawn (new marooner so i don’t know everyone) and this girl could have been rozzi crane who is now on tour with Maroon 5.

    @Emily: Adam is the main spokesman for the group as the lead singer so thats why the media attacks him but I do agree they should acknowledge the others. And Michael is playing in Rent in LA.

  13. 88
    Christina Says:

    @KSB: I think drugs and lack of modeling jobs is killing Behati, but VS still hasn’t dropped her. I think it will hit her when VS does. But I think Adam is tried of her and her clinginess and if what @unknown said is true which I trust her enough to believe it, then YAY! But we need proof that they have officially broken up. But there has been so many clues(can’t think of a better word) that they are done but we just don’t know.

  14. 89
    KSB Says:

    Shawn is Adams assistant. An I agree we need proof. Behati ruined my effing day. I saw some VS valentine video and she was like When I say I love you what I really mean is just that I love you. Of course I threw up in my mouth a little lol. After that there went my day

  15. 90
    KSB Says:

    VS is like the only job she relys on. I never see her doing anything else. Unlike the last GF and Annes a cover girl. I always see her in mags, tv event’s. I guess its hard for adam. it’s like he can only date peoplif he date a fan then he runs the risk of that person being completely psycho if he tries to do something or is around a girlthat’s 1 of the main reasons why he doesn’t date his fansbut he should be more selective and get to know the person before he just jumps in a relationship

  16. 91
    Christina Says:

    @KSB: I agree it would be hard for adam to date outside of the realm of celebs because they know what he’s going through with the fans and all that stuff but I agree he needs to be better selective with the girls he dates, I think he needs to stay single for a while and work on himself first. He’s not ready for a family yet so why date someone for so long and just break their hearts when he could just causally date and see where things lead. I know he hates to be alone but sometimes it happens. Oh and VS is probably not going to keep Behati, not with her weight and some of her fashion choices. and thanks, I didn’t know shawn was the assistant but its good to know.

  17. 92
    Adam=tina Says:

    if those rumors are true, I think he is really waiting for his true love…
    He always gets happy when he sees her, when they mention her.

  18. 93
    KSB Says:

    Xtina is in a committed relationship. And she has a kid. Adam doesn’t want kids right now let alone be a father to someone else’s.

  19. 94
    Emily Says:

    Looks like our boy was dining at the Mustard Seed Cafe ALONE!!! Yesterday, cant say im not happy about that WHOO HOO

  20. 95
    Christina Says:

    @Emily: Where are the pics of that? and I agree YAY!!!!!!!

  21. 96
    Emily Says:

    There on tumblr I also saw them on Twitter you can hash tag Adam Levineand they come up. He has on a blk sweater with jeans and a blk capon. HHahaha just his everyday atire

  22. 97
    Adamtina Says:

    that’s true, it’s too late for adamtina, she seems inlove with his bf..

    But only xtina has put Adam in his place, and think about it people, if he broke up with the gf, ..

    it could be because Adam likes someone else..

  23. 98
    Emily Says:

    Not that Adam and xtina wouldn’t make a cute couple, its just neither one of them would tolerate each others ego. Adam is childish and xtina is uptight. It just wouldn’t work. They would be great sex partners but that’s it lol

  24. 99
    bliss Says:


    here is the pic found it on twitter he is looking yummy :)

  25. 100
    Emily Says:

    @bliss thanks, im on here mostly through my phone and can’t post links

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