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Cam Gigandet & Fiancee Dominique Welcome Son Rekker!

Cam Gigandet & Fiancee Dominique Welcome Son Rekker!

Cam Gigandet and his fiancee Dominique Geisendorff have welcomed their second child – a baby boy named Rekker Radley Gigandet, his rep confirms to!

The 30-year-old actor and his love welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on January 23. He weighed in at 9.9 lbs.

“All are healthy and happy,” his rep tells JJ.

Cam and Dominique are also the parents of a 3-year-old daughter named Everleigh.

Reports quoting a statement from Facebook are incorrect as Cam does not have a page on the site.

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80 Responses to “Cam Gigandet & Fiancee Dominique Welcome Son Rekker!”

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  1. 26
    aawww Says:

    @kris: Don’t worry girl, I bet you deserve better :)

  2. 27
    ForTheRecord Says:

    LoL, it’s not under her name!

  3. 28
    !!!! Says:

    @ForTheRecord: of course not! ;) *sarcasm*

  4. 29
    LOL Says:

    Some gay dudes on here, jealous she’s with Cam and they are home stuck in their fantasy land.

  5. 30
    ImJustSaying Says:

    C’mon JustJared, you could of used a better pic of her. Lol, she ain’t looking to good in that pic. ;)

  6. 31
    !!!! Says:

    @ImJustSaying: well, she is not looking good generally…;)

  7. 32
    !!!! Says:

    @LOL: bahahah are you even serious? i am a fan of Cam and just feel pitty for him. She was just a….well I bet you don’t know who she really was before him…She just used him. Anyway!

  8. 33
    Interested Says:

    Please do share who she was before him, interested minds would love to know. Either way he is stuck with her apart of his life for the next 18 years. I always wonder why her? Think its just cause the kids?

  9. 34
    Maria Says:

    ok, so she’s not his fiancee, and Dom doesn’t have an instagram, and a big of things that all of you guys know about them, here you have just an example, her instagram;

    or maybe you need HIS instagram to see what kind of lovely pictures he uploads of his future wife… haters gonna hate!

  10. 35
    ForTheRecord Says:

    They will now claim it is fake, as for his too. I know they are both real and both very happy and IN LOVE. You can see the love and passion between the two. Hope none of these haters and jealous scally wags find them, cause they ruin it for those of us who are the sane and grown fans.

  11. 36
    !!!! Says:

    @Maria: lol it says nothing :P and gosh, i am not a hater! Just saying!!!

  12. 37
    !!!! Says:

    @Interested: The only reason I am not going to say exactly who she was/is is because everyone is going to call me a hater! Indeed it’s because of the kids! She just want the whole fame from him!! And the only way to ‘grab’ him is with the whole pregnancy thing! I feel bad for Cam and for the kids!!

  13. 38
    Question Says:

    @Maria: hey question. How you use instagram on PC??? I know it’s random…but i really can’t use it on mine :P

  14. 39
    . Says:

    @Maria: yes please, I would like it! I want to follow him!

  15. 40
    Lina Says:

    @Maria: and show us hers as well, please.

  16. 41
    Maria Says:

    You cant use it on PC, this is just to see instagram accounts, but you cant have one from PC, just from MAC I think. I just use it from iPhone.

  17. 42
    Maria Says:

    Oh Lina, and this is her account.

  18. 43
    Lina Says:

    @Maria: i mean the whole name because i cant find her like that

  19. 44
    Yvette Says:

    Now why did you have to go share her link? Now all the little kiddies will very all up in their business. I actually follow them both. You can see the love they have for each other. She looks so much better now than she did. She actually really pretty. They live the perfect life. She’s a fantastic mom and it’s clear he loves her. You all ***** about her but deep down, you all wanna be her.

  20. 45
    .. Says:

    @Yvette: hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah (nough said xD)

  21. 46
    Maria Says:

    I didnt share any link to any account…

  22. 47
    Yvette Says:

    Jealous *******. That’s what you are. You call yourself fans yet all you do is ***** about her. You should be happy for them. Laugh all you want. Theionly reason you don’t see what’s as clear as day, is because you are jealous

  23. 48
    !!!! Says:

    @Yvette: hahahaha yeah that’s what i am doing…laughing…only because of what you say xD If you knew you would feel bad for him as me ;)

  24. 49
    Yvette Says:

    Damn, wish I knew now. Is it bad? Are you gonna say she’s trapped him?

  25. 50
    !!!! Says:

    @Yvette: hm not the best word to use…but still ok…anyway it’s getting boring the whole thing, for no reason…So take care ;)

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