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Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler runs some errands after landing back on the west coast on Wednesday (February 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor spent the last week taking in the nice weather and hanging out with his friends in sunny Miami.

A new poster for Gerard‘s highly anticipated new film Olympus Has Fallen was just released!

The flick is about a former Secret Service agent (Butler) who works to save the President (Aaron Eckhart) after he is captured in a terrorist attack on the White House. Catch the film in theaters on March 22.

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# 1

Baby, you and your plaid shirts, too cute.

# 2

Badda bing badda boom…

# 3

Hi ladies. Good to see Gerry in L.A. but I don’t like the plaid shirt.

# 4
Sunshine Daydream @ 02/06/2013 at 6:19 pm

Mr. Butler, good luck with this film. I hope it does well for you and everyone else. He is looking very chill here, nice to see.

# 5

Wonder who he’s phoning.

# 6
TV critic. @ 02/06/2013 at 6:32 pm


Someone in Edinburgh perhaps?

# 7
Gerard Butthole @ 02/06/2013 at 6:46 pm

On his way to pick up the script for his next flop film?

# 8
The Farter @ 02/06/2013 at 6:51 pm

He seems the type to have a lot of dingleberries.

# 9
Bukkake Betty @ 02/06/2013 at 6:53 pm

His career is in toilet. He basically takes whatever is offered to him at this point. He will eventually end up doing guest spots on TV shows.

@The Farter:

“He seems the type to have a lot of dingleberries.”

What do you mean?

LOL at posts 7, 8 and 9. Please keep it up. This place needs some irreverent humor.

Thunder and lightning! The hotness meter just went off the scale! Yeah, Gerry baby. Love the poster, but with a couple substitutions…When my flag falls, your something-something will rise. rotf

Free Advice @ 02/06/2013 at 7:24 pm

Gerard Butler, to keep your career and image which go hand in hand from going even farther down in the dumps, do these things -
1 – Stop dying your hair when it’s not necessary for a role. The various shades of brown you’ve tried don’t look natural and it just emphasizes how damaged his skin is. It makes him look older and desperate to hide it. Plus, since there are tons of photos out there of you being pretty darn gray, everyone knows that you usually let it grow out when you’re not mid-production, so everyone knows that the reason why you’re dying it now when you don’t have to is because your girlfriend is 24 and you don’t want to look like her grandfather instead of just looking like her father. You’re not fooling anyone. Stop.
2 – Stop dating girls under 25. Really stop dating anyone under 30 because you’re in your mid-40s now and you look creepy. It’s not so much that you currently have a 24 year old girlfriend. It’s that you started with her when she was 23, you started with the Serbian girl when she was younger than 23, girls as young as 17 tweet about you chatting them up and inviting them to party with you, since you’ve been with a ton of models and models rarely have careers after 25, good bet that your girls were younger than that. In short, as a man in your late 30s and 40s, you’ve been creeping on very recently juvenile girls for a long time, so it’s obvious that when you start up with a girl like Madalina Ghenea when she’s 23, it’s not for her heart and mind. It’s for super creepy old man chasing young tail creeping. Stop it. No one wants to give an Oscar to a 43 year old man who considers current high school girls to be ripe for shagging in a few years. For your career, stop it. Stop being a creep.
3 – Find a mentor who hasn’t called a cop “Sugar T/ts,” threatened the mother of his child on tape, or managed to be reviled by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood because of his antisemitic comments, but HAS either starred in or directed multiple critically acclaimed and Oscar winning films, AND NEVER AGREE TO APPEAR IN OR PRODUCE ANOTHER MOVIE UNLESS THAT MENTOR SAYS IT’S OK. Your ability to evaluate scripts sucks dirty baboon balls. You need help. Maybe take “George Clooney 101.” Clooney ain’t no Russell Crowe or Daniel Day Lewis, but he knows how to pick projects that play to his strengths.
4 – If you take and pass “George Clooney 101: How To Pick Scripts That Make You Look Like A Genius Actor When You’re Just Ok,” sign up for “George Clooney 102: How To Be A Single Man In Hollywood Dating Hot Chics And Still Be Professionally Respected.” Because GB ……. Damn. Brandi Glanville? A score for her ambitions. A major hit to yours. A man so sexually desperate that he’d hit up Brandi Glanville and set himself up for that lameness can’t be the Sexiest Man Alive. Think about it dude.
5 – Stop saying that you’ve always loved the women of whatever country you happen to be in when you’re asked the question and think they’re sooo beautiful. Your taste in girlfriends and flings makes it seem like you’re not too into girls who read a lot, but women do read, so they know you’re full of sheet.
6 – Stop inviting women you’ve just met to party with you. No, all of the tweets by girls saying you’ve hit them up aren’t true. Of course a lot of them are. Lord man, you’ve got fathers tweeting about how you’ve asked their 23 year old daughters if you can party at their houses after the bars close. Think about this — in the age of Facebook and Twitter, what’s the best way for a famous man to make himself look like a player? Hm?
8 – In the same way, even if you’re not dating or sleeping with them (see Item # 2), realize that most young girls like the ones in Miami who you ask to party with you would NEVER accept if you weren’t famous because when a man in his 40s approaches so much younger girls and asks them to meet him somewhere later, the girls usually either run away afraid that they’re going to end up in an unmarked van with blacked out windows. Fame is not a license to do what is weird and seedy for an unfamous person to do. Figure that out already.
9 – DO NOT talk in interviews about going to Thailand in January on a quest to get centered among the humble people and spiritual places. There is nothing humble and spiritual about visiting temples before returning to the Four Seasons with your 24 year old bikini model girlfriend and ordering room service at a cost that would feed the villages of the truly humble people for a month.
10 – Realize that you’re your own worst enemy and do something about it. Even if you don’t do these things. Do something.

Untamable Shrew @ 02/06/2013 at 7:39 pm

@Free Advice: Lol,Interesting and common sense advice.

Number 9 is so true. He’s on a spiritual journey celebrity style

I like this new poster. All hangs on the success of this film. The stake is high. His future films getting made or not and himself getting cast or not all depend on this one. Let it not fail.

Free Advice, you hit the nail on the head. Can you send a copy to Gerard’s rep? Thank you.

@Free Advice: awesome life advice – I think you could help a lot of celebs.

@Free Advice before you send a copy of that to gerrys pr can you add 11. stop wearing the crusty grey pants!!!!!!
gerrys looking good but this man needs new pants . gerry come to my house i will take you shopping for new pants and i will make sure they fit all over ….

Free Advice @ 02/06/2013 at 8:36 pm

Forgot one -
11 – STOP WITH THE “I GET SO BEAT UP MAKING MOVIES” PITY PARTY BULLSHEET IN INTERVIEWS! For real dude, pull your head out of your hiney and realize that a lot of the people reading or listening to your interviews are people who are working FOR MINIMUM WAGE! Do you think that the waitress who slices her hand open on a broken plate and prays that it doesn’t get infected because she doesn’t have health insurance to see a doctor or pay for medicine wants to read about poor baby Hollywood actor Gerard Butler thinking that he suffers because he got a boo boo while getting paid multi-millions to play make believe????? Man the f//k up and learn a little humility dude.
and by request – 12 – Burn the crusty pants. I’m not sure which pants those are but your pants shouldn’t have anything in common with a venereal disease.

@Free Advice: You are Spot On. If only he would read this – somebody slip this under his door please.

@Free Advice:

bravo! bravo! so nice to see someone who can still construct a sentence. well done

@Free Advice: And could we please add to stop doing and getting everyone around him to do that silly saluting/peering off into the distance pose. Please.

much to do about nothing @ 02/06/2013 at 9:19 pm

@Free Advice:
This has to be Manny, I know your writing style. I love #9 its exactly my point when they were in Thailand on their “spiritual” journey. Give me a break, the four seasons?? Really?? I actually agree with your entire post plus the add ons. Gerry is out of touch with reality, he needs to get out of Hollywood and away from his enablers who feed his ego all this crap. He wasn’t raised this way, that’s whats so frustrating. He knows better yet he acts like a prima donna.

@Free Advice: @Free Advice:


He’s scaring me! He looks angry! Been hanging out with Mel too much!

Free Advice @ 02/06/2013 at 9:38 pm

My name isn’t Manny. I’m a woman, not that it matters. I don’t know who Gerard Butler was raised to be or who even who he is as a person. But most people know who a leading man in Hollywood wants the public to BELIEVE he is. There are plenty of people way more successful than Gerard Butler who are actually way worse than he is. But they’re smarter than he is and better actors because no one knows about it.
GB won’t take my advice even if he saw it. If he was the type to take advice a lot of this would have stopped a long time ago I’d imagine, unless the people around him are dull toads.
Good night and bye.

@Free Advice: This is the best one yet. I cringe everytime I read about him yapping away about his big brush with death. It’s not like he’s a Syrian refuge, Malala Yousafzai, an Army grunt fighting imperialistic wars. Shut up about the wave, already!

#4 about Clooney playing to his strength… So true. Gerry stop the crappy romcoms. You are not funny in them and try to find what you are good at.

This site is a f.ucking mess!!!
I can’t even navigate between pages anymore. I click on page # 2 and it takes me back to page # 1. WTF?
Posts are going into moderation for no rhyme nor reason. Then I get told I’m posting too fast when I haven’t posted all day. The thumbs work about 50% of the time. Now it takes about a half a dozen tries just to click onto the next page!! What happened to this site? This has been going on for weeks and it’s getting worse. :(

@Free Advice: Ty! Love your posts. Bravo!

Grow up Gerry.

people in glass houses @ 02/06/2013 at 11:04 pm

@free advice and addons ,well done! Please send the extended list to him! If perhaps jj will oblige, a sort of thankyou for drumming up so many hits? Jj often seems to be the only media outlet nowadays doing Gerry any favours, some good advice sent his way would be the favour of the century!

I never read such a crap load of dung in my life. Free advice is an idiot and if that’s what the rest of you want… to make him over like your poor brow beaten husbands and boyfriends. Comparing Gerry to George Clooney the HW suit, is laughable. Why are you here if you hate him so much to change everything about him that makes him who he is?

@Help: Really, it’s a lot more interesting to argue about Madalina. That’s not a joke either, this stuff is boring.

Sad State of Things @ 02/07/2013 at 12:13 am

LOVE Free Advice’s list. Someone laminate it in wallet size and hand it to him ASAP,

@Tildie: Well thanks I think. I really don’t want to argue, just doesn’t make any sense. Doesn’t seem the guy can do anything right according to SOME of the jjers. Just don’t get why so many want to change who he is. How many HW listers do their own stunts and want to. If the hold down happened to me at Mavericks, I would be telling the story too, although I haven’t heard it for a long time. If an interviewer brings it up what’s he supposed to do, Tell them he doesn’t want to talk about it. Give me a break.
BTW the person who mentioned the pants is very old joke news. That happened in Scotland and was about a yr. ago and they were beige. Ado


You are so right – borrrrrring. This is the third or fourth installment of advice to Gerry from Free Advice or one of her monikers. She should realize that non-solicited advice is free because it’s worth nothing. She knows that he would never read, much less follow, the advice of a fan, but d/a/m/n she loves to show readers here what she considers her brilliant writing skills. Gag!

Is he applying for some construction work in between films?

@ Free Advice

Brilliant post. Ignore the stupid phannie naysayers.

Lord Love a Duck @ 02/07/2013 at 1:57 am

@mad plaid: Don’t think so. Lucky Brand Frontier plaid shirt, 80.00, Citizens of Humanity jeans, 189.00, Bass Broction Casual oxfords, 69.00 and the body that fits the clothes so very nicely….priceless.

mad plaid @ 02/07/2013 at 2:06 am

@Lord Love a Duck: Wow he dresses in construction worker chic to eat dinner at a Beverly Hills restaurant you know they wouldn’t let him in if he wasn’t famous, I thought he was in Seattle, in the 1990s

He should put Randy Quaid’s name on his film posters so he takes the reputation nosedive instead. They’re both fairly interchangeable at this point.

@mad plaid:

Gerard would crap his pant if he had to do heavy labourous construction work. LOL! The man has manicured finger and toe nails and has never done a hard labourous day’s work in his adult life. LOL@ construction worker chic…that cracked me up! LOL!

Lord Love a Duck @ 02/07/2013 at 2:23 am

@Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina: Comparing her to Jessica Chastain is such an insult to the world of actors to say nothing about the exceptional talent and beauty that Jessica has, I cannot tell you. How utterly ridiculous and preposterous. How can you possibly think to compare the two?

@Lord Love a Duck:

I was thinking the EXACT same thing. However, can’t blame MG for it, that’s the media for you, but I’m sure she’s over the moon with it though.

Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina @ 02/07/2013 at 2:38 am

@Lord Love a Duck: I didn’t think to compare the two, the magazine did. And it was showing fashions, not comparing the actresses.

Lord Love a Duck @ 02/07/2013 at 2:46 am

@eggy: You know Eggy, I don’t get upset over a lot of stuff, but that ad or whatever it was supposed to be really put the icing on the cake. I am so disgusted with that and tell you the truth, I think I maintained my cool over the whole affair, but this finished me and would really like to think that GB would be put out with it too. He worked with Jessica and knows what she is capable of doing in the acting field and he respects her talent. But this…good grief. ha I am steaming. I heard her voice in that interview and the whining drone sound alone would drive me to distraction. Well, feel better now that I got all that out. Have a good day lol. Ducky

Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina @ 02/07/2013 at 3:21 am

@Lord Love a Duck: I’m not quite sure I understand the Jessica adoration here. Yes, she is an extremely talented actress, and she’s attractive, but no great beauty. Madalina may or may not have had the concocted history dissected here, but why is Jessica so revered?

That page lay-out was showing three pretty women in beautiful dresses. There is no way anyone can take issue with that. Madalina is going to become more well known, with or without Gerry, so get used to it. She will probably never be nominated for an oscar, but you never know what can happen.

@Lord Love a Duck:

I understand what you are saying…I agree, however, I think this is totally out of his control. Looks like some magazine from Germany? @Ginnifer, Jessica and…. I don’t think so.

@Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina: If MG will become well known with or without Gerry why did you feel the need to post an article unrelated to Gerry in a thread about him?

Amanda132 @ 02/07/2013 at 6:12 am

I think that Gerry needs to focus on getting help and focus upon restoration of the soul, mind and heart. He needs to stop being so focused with what Hollywood wants and start thinking about what he wants from his life! He needs to stop being controlled by others and start thinking for himself rather than relying on others for an opinion.

Gerry needs to rebuld his self esteem too.

Learning to rebuild ones self-esteem may be one the hardest things one will ever have to do. At times, it may seem futile. One may find that one may take only a few steps forward and many back but just remember that the damage was not done overnight, so neither will the recovery!

Fear is his worst enemy.

It is very hard to stop listening to the tape recorder that continually plays in the back of his mind. He will doubt his abilities to do well so he needs to focus on rebuilding his health and his career too. It is not impossible for him to recover because he can recover!

frankly, you who believe in this scenario are in need of psychological help. Butler sold his own name to promote this b/tch. This shows how cheap it is, a humanoid. Should have stopped at epsódio Brandi, but chose to continue selling themselves. At least have some respect for his mother, or perhaps not even she cares more about you, Mr. Butler.
Mel Gibson is a talented man, no matter what they say, and he dosen`t the sr. Butler.

“not comparing the actresses.”
There are only two actresses your name (I did not open the link [read: no way]).
So please show some respect for the two hard-working women who actually get jobs in movies by their acting talent who earn their own livings by measurable box-office appeal and skill who have carved out legitimate careers on their own, and not by using men. Thank you.
who sees Gerry back in serious actor mode while there in LA who likes the details to his plaid shirt where it is indicated to be a high-end number not one from Sunny’s Surplus!

Right, so shut up talking about the drone. The android cares little if anything is positive or not.
Olympus Has Fallen, and Gerry Butler, is the reason for yet another tread to promote his (hard-earned) career. And one he might be diligently trying to resurrect like himself, a phoenix? And he will do that.

Not So Fast @ 02/07/2013 at 7:00 am

@Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina:

Look again closely at the pic that MG posted on her FB. It’s photoshopped. Even the person commenting thinks so. (See translation for comments). The German ad features Jennifer Goodwin and Jessica Chastain. Common sense would tell you that no one would place an unknown with two well-known actresses.

Why should I shut my mouth? I like to tell truths.

For today’s it.

She has no character. And you used to be a better judge of character.

No one with character would go on a vacation with a near stranger.
No one with character would, without permission, place a sacred URL in a fan site.

I could go on and on but will stop with these two major character flaws.

No truth. You fool self.

1. Shut up = this is no weasel thread here? Why promote a weasel at a Butler board? What part don’t you get?
2. The weasel is no actress and should not be included with those two who are? What part don’t you get?
3. This is a thread created to promote Gerry’s new film? What part don’t you get?
4. The weasel is yesterday’s news and needs to find another actor to hitch her user wagon to. What part don’t you get?

Kathy, hopeful, always hopeful past the silly posturing something soulful is taking place that continues to link us together… craft, prodigy, destiny, fate

Juicy Lucy @ 02/07/2013 at 8:06 am


I agree. However, a person has to want to change and Gerry really hasn’t hit rock bottom to make any personal life changes. Granted, he is talented but he sold himself out years ago for HW stardom. His loyalty to Alan will prevent him from getting a better manager. His films are flopping because his female fanbase has pretty mucn figured him out and they have moved on to the next worthy hunk. MG wasn’t the one who helped fans see him for who he truly is but she doesn’t help his image, either.

Can'tGetEnough @ 02/07/2013 at 8:06 am

Another photo from last night:
Tamar Ella Hollander
9 hours ago via mobile

Can'tGetEnough @ 02/07/2013 at 8:09 am

Night-life scene @1OAKmex ONE-OF-A-KIND @gerardbutler_ OPENING WEEKEND!
All the pics from Miami, courtesy of GALS:

Why would she post the pic if her being compared to real actresses on her fb? Because she desperately wants people to believe she is worthy, but…without her having to earn it. she must search through editorials and YouTube, Internet just to find some misinformed piece about herself that shows her in a respectful light…can’t be easy

Fryin’ up some eggs & bacon. My house smells real gooood. Opps burned the toaste. That’s alright, the dog’ll eat it.

Can'tGetEnough @ 02/07/2013 at 8:48 am

meganb85 Wined and dined with Gerry. No big deal. #lovethisman #gerardbutler #besttriangleever #villablanca 8h

Boy it sure seems like Gerry is trying to get all these photos out with beautiful girls. I don’t recall seeing this many tweets with bradly cooper or Leo getting posted to twitter. You guys think he’s trying to make a point?


Yep, he’s trying to make the drooling phannies think that he broke up with the gf so they’ll go see his latest offense to film-making when it comes out. Dude’s desperate.

@Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina:

“That page lay-out was showing three pretty women in beautiful dresses.”

I think it was in response to the tacky plea for dresses by the Image Consultant. It’s like, see, I have dresses.

“Madalina is going to become more well known, with or without Gerry, so get used to it.”

Not with your help, she won’t. You suck at this.

@Answer: Totally agree. I think we are being played. He thinks if he pretends to be single again, he will win back the female fan base. Somehow, I think the barnacle will still be staying at his house next week. He’s just going to be more careful about hiding her now cuz he finally figured out nobody likes her.

@Sad State of Things: I was bored to tears by Free Advicr’s list. I couldn’t even get through it. What a waste of time. To each his/her own.

@DocP: My opinion is that GB is more accommodating to fans than Leo or Bradley or mostly anyone else in the celebrity world. Might be one of his weaknesses in the eyes of HW. I read recently where Carrie Underwood turned down a young fan asking for an autograph while at a restaurant, saying no, I am off the clock. If that’s true, then yikes. She just lost all my respect…Ah, the smoke and mirrors effect in GB’s life is in full force

Untamable Shrew @ 02/07/2013 at 10:04 am

@me too: post 69,only in” squeeze the Charmin toilet paper” commercials I might like her in.Going to a movie theater and paying 9 dollars nahhhhhh.That goes for any makeup products she tries to slither out as well.

pot stirrer @ 02/07/2013 at 10:05 am


I disagree. I don’t think he’s ” trying to get all these photos out with beautiful girls”. I don’t think he can go anywhere without people asking to have their picture taken with him. (And of course anyone who gets a pic can’t post it to Twitter or FB fast enough.) It’s the price he pays for his fame and the fact that he’s always been so accommodating in the past, that he must remain so. You don’t see the pics of Leo or whoever because they don’t do it. Leo is NOTORIOUSLY unapproachable.

My concern is why place Olympus Has Fallen squarely on Butler’s shoulders? Why not show the other veteran actors along side him across the top?
who likes the poster use of color but who isn’t a big fan of any film bombing the symbol of freedom not even by aliens and certainly not N Koreans testing nukes :o(

RM using GB. What’s new? Awful pic or RM but great one of GB!
who loves his smile when it’s sincere like that one!

No. I think the two black women, who are fine actors, and two white men, who are fine actors, could be lined up above the White House with Butler’s head a tad sized larger because he’s the lead character better suitable. Make sense?

That’s one hypothesis, if that’s the case he’s pretty stupid. How sad that you have to live a lie to keep fans. Perhaps he would be much better off if he perfected his craft and picked better roles. Of course the other hypothesis is that these 2 are on the outs and he’s trying to prove to her he can get any pretty girl he wants. Maybe they had a fight and he’s pissed about something. Not uncommon power struggle in couples.

One other quick comment , obviously SHE hasn’t broken up with HIM because as history has shown. Her PR person would make sure it’s in the tabloids for her to save face to her adoring public. After all she would want to look like the victim in this relationship to garner sympathy from her fans.

“Ginnifer” spelling error = dead giveaway. Could this be the weasel herself? She used to like to give Butler effection.
wondering what low-end rag tabloid it managed to get its photo along-side two real actresses?

Everyone, myself included, should cease from speaking to the has-been, dropped, because Butler wised up, weasel. My bad.
who likes his designer ‘hoodie’ like pockets on his plaid shirt thinkin’ it most likely cost more than my entire outfit I’m wearing today


ITAWY—Good idea!!!!

It’s February 7th already. Just Jared is doing his part by putting Butler and the new poster as headline news. Even he wants to turn things around so let’s talk Olympus Has Fallen. Pros? Cons? Like it? Scared by it? Will it get a wide release? How much research did Gerry do into Secret Service agents? Did he interview them? Meet with them in person? Read up? Watch movies?
How did Butler work this/form the character of Mike Banning? From the outside in? Or the inside out (clothing, gadgets). Did he learn anything new? Does it have a message? If so, what is it? Who’s the targeted audience? How will real Secret Service agents feel seeing this? Here recently their was some (very) bad press with prostitution and all they did “on the clock”. Will that effect it?

@pot stirrer:
So your saying he’s more popular than Leonardo dicaprio’s, George Clooney, Bradley cooper, Michael Fassbender, etc etc etc. believe me the names go on and on for hot male celebrities. I don’t think so, if he was he would be getting better offers for movie roles. He!! Even Chris Pine is getting better roles than GB. Though many remember him from 300, the public is fickle. If you don’t stay in the limelight, they are on to the next actor. Remember America is the land of fast food mentality. Give it to us now or we will go right down the street to the next place.

I think some of you give GB more credit than he deserves he’s a fine actor but personal life he’s a looser no man with class & humility would ever associate themselves with the women he’s shacked up with! My dad always used to say that a person reflects on the type of ppl, friends & company he has & you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out how they are! Also I know some tweets n comments can be false but there has been far too many of him chatting up younger girls you have to pretty daft to not pick up that!

What a middle aged man like him would talk to girls that young about baffles me! And don’t get me wrong hes not the first man who goes for younger girls but he likes them in their 20′s and they are silly giggly girls or aspiring models it’s not like he would go for a young librarian or teacher


But it’s not Gerry that’s posting them. it’s the people who are having their photo taken with him.

Why is Mike Banning called back into service or out of retirement? Like The Bricklayer? ( read: a movie that should be made)
How is it only Mike Banning can save the President? Does he know something about the North Koreans? How to get the President out of Washington or to stay in Washington?
who hopes this director paid closer attention to Washington (when and if he was ever here) so crap like what happened in Playing For Keeps doesn’t repeat itself? (eye roll)

I’ve always wanted to meet and have a conversation with GB but I just don’t see how that could ever happen. Wishful thinking for me…but he doesn’t know what he’s missing, lol! It’s nice to see more recent pics of him.

Maybe, like Amanda132 suggests, he’s taking a long look at his career and readjusting his priorities? Maybe he wants, like Aflieck who was pressed to be a big star with hits and misses, wants to do something different? Maybe just produce for a spell out of the spotlight? To regroup, refocus, fine-tune a few bolts and screws loosened over the years from too much traveling without enough (personal) maintenance? His trip to Asia was (I think) for him. A spiritual quest to get those flames rekindled?

Someone (a man) once told me that when men in their 40′s go for girls in their 20′s they’re not looking for anything serious or long-lasting. They know these very young girls can rebound quickly. Also they are easily impressed too so they get an ego stroke?

My point is that it’s suspicious that he has so many females that post tweets but the others don’t. It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t mention it to them or that he invites it because he knows so many will tweet the picture. It’s also the age group he is picking up on. More mature people don’t tweet everything while younger ones do.

@Bogus: That is stupid theory because this movie is going to depend on the guys coming out, his male fans, many of whom have probably already given up on him because of the silly romcoms. Men could care less what he is doing in his personal life. Then again no one said Gerry and his team were rocket scientists.


I don’t really think there’s anything suspicious about it, he is a very approachable person and likes meeting people. If he is happy to talk to people and have his photo taken with them while others are reluctant to do so then there are going to be more tweets about him.. And he can’t help it if some people tell lies about him, like the girl who claimed to be in his bed while at the time Gerry was sitting at home with his family. There was also tweet claiming that Gerry and a male friend had picked up a mystery girl for a threesome and it turned out it was his brother and sister in law. I tend to take tweets and fb messages with a pinch of salt.


Have been keeping up but haven’t posted.

I don’t know if this will make it through- if it does, please know that post #58 IS NOT MINE!

Whoever you are, I’m quite sure there are plenty of other monikers available for you to use, so please do.

Thank you.

Everyone have a blessed day!

@JS: do you wanna repeat that story on every thread now?

It is a film aimed at a wider audience, older adults along with the action group. Demography? Who cares? Bottom line is butts in seats.
Only thing is (I think) Gerry needs a stiffer challenge now. Maybe that’s himself, but while working too. I really feel he longs to create something, a footprint that says something worthwhile. Now be that by securing the rights to a much sought after film, or book, or getting something hard off the ground like Burns, who knows? Just feel the magic of all that is Hollywood has made him sick (read: I’m projecting) and he simply needs a stiffer challenge!

@Bukkake Betty:

Yeah only thing was a hit was 300 n the other movies suck

Starsailor has a song, “Silence is Easy” that speaks to lying about people you don’t know because they’ve become famous, successful who try to bring them down or buckle them to their knees. Or use them.
It must be hard for some to get famous, especially if they’re foreign and want Hollywood to sit up and take notice. So people name-drop or hook up with men (or women) for money or fame. It’s best he came to. It might have been hard, but I think his parents are breathing a sigh of relief!

It’s all here say either way unless of course you were actually there. If its in some interview that he mentioned it, wellll he does lie. I’m not buying the fact that this is unique to him and not other amours hit actors. He invites this attention thru his actions and his words. I remember watching him on the Craig ferguson show and he was more than open to staying at strange women’s houses. He is extremely flirty and that gets him into trouble. You know the old saying where there is smoke there is fire.

Yes, but for everything a reason. When someone does not feel good about themselves they tend to be attracted to people who are no good for them. They sometimes feel this is all I deserve. Why try at something, someone, harder? This (low-end) person won’t expect much from me. That kind of thing.
But I have this ‘tree ring’ theory. The pains of growing a tree ring (and that grown) you can’t un-grow. Hard to explain. This is how, and why, we have Gerry back with his ‘band of brothers’, back in LA (if he’s still there) re-connecting to his career (and family and distanced friends) trying to buff off the dull scales of disinterest or even anger or self-anger? It can be done. He has talent. His last four films should have made 2012 a banner year indeed.

Just a thought @ 02/07/2013 at 12:39 pm


Can’t remember him saying that but you can stay at someone’s house without anything happening.


I wouldn’t say that he lies. He jokes but being a European what he forgets is that Americans and Europeans have a different sense of humor and what he sees as a joke those watching at home do not and take it seriously.

@Kathy: That is how Ginnifer Goodwin spells her name. At least check your facts.

He does tend to joke around in interviews regarding sex/women etc, I think it is a defence mechanism in order not to have to show his real intimate self! He is obviously a real womaniser and to be honest with all those hot women throwing themselves at him, how can a man not be tempted? Sadly it gets him negative attention and probably doesn’t help him in finding a life long partner and mother to his kids cause they all think he’s a stud muffin! I reckon you either have to be married or in a steady relationship before you become too big in HW in order to find someone who actually wants you for you! The money and glamour off it all comes with a very unsecure and never private life! I think I would rather be penniless than have my every move/outfit scrutinised by the paps, mind you I could probably get used to the young men throwing themselves at me too, for a while at least! Lol what a dilemma!

How great would it be for regular peeps if GB was not famous…just imagine looking into those gorgeous eyes without worry or concern about a public image.

Perfect outfit for playing the father of John Boy in a remake of
“The Waltons”! I don´t know why but the new pics remind me… just assume the cellphone away… LOL.
Who knows… maybe one day he will answer MG´s desire… 10 children!!!!

@Just a thought: he said something like his place in New York was being done up so jokingly told the audience he was looking for a room to stay in! As you can imagine the ladies went wild!
P.s if Gerry Butler stayed at my house, something would happen even if had to drug him! :)

The Noise in The Walls @ 02/07/2013 at 1:06 pm

GH #103
True…but you must also add…different cultures…I’ve traveled the USA and Europe..

People here tend to “Live to Work”..whereas in Europe..
People “Work to Live”…

@Roobee: Yeah, lots of Valtrex for you.

@Just a thought: your funny, and your naive if you think he could stay in one strange attractive girls place and not sleep with her. Perhaps if he’s not attractive to him but as we have discovered from the Brandi G incident he doesn’t have very high standards. Here’s the interview

HE IS So hot. KEEP THE ROMANCE ALIVE in the Bedroom with your Girlfriend with Love Gifts for Woman at AthenaToysDotcom

@Xanadu: call me stupid but what is Valtrex? I am British so I have no idea what that is!

Whatever Cassie, like I said, I don’t open the weasel’s self-promoting posts.
Fact. The weasel does not belong alongside in any kind of comparison with a hard-working actress like Jennifer. No way.
So now, since dumped, the weasel & co are trying (desperately) to sell this gold-digger as an actress! Please, stop.
I wish JJ would give the weasel a thread just to see how many fans the weasel does not have.
who thinks it looks like it’s page 12 of a 14 page tab rag produced in Romania?

It’s an anti viral med to treat herpes simplex 1 and 2

No amount of pictures taken with fans is going to save his movies which are mostly junk. When is he going to realize that? Neither is living in a lie about his personal life going to help his sinking career. If he is hiding his gf just so his fans of the 500 or so left in his fandom will go to see OHF he has just lost my respect for him. He is more and more like a pathological liar and it makes me think if anything he said in the past is true. This may sound harsh and I hope I am wrong. Urrgg

What’s he sayin’?

Don’t shoot me but shouldn’t his wrist be hidin’ his lips? Lipreader’s abound in Spy Central (a/k/a DC).
who thinks he’s sayin’ “Always perfect in navy.”
who thinks that long-sleeved navy blue outfit was hot durin’ the muggy days outside in humid Shreveport

@Kathy: Oh sure, okay. BTW, you spelled Ginnifer’s name wrong.

Look, I’ve no idea who she is. Give her my apologies? And I have to say I did (eventually) open it after you said that. I thought it was a grouping of “actresses” (which including the weasel made me laugh) and the name was misspelled.
who says he’s not hiding anyone, not even himself!!

as Eric implied I’m in shock that any one able to profit $4673 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this website FLY38. ℂOM

take a look @ 02/07/2013 at 2:26 pm

I know you don’t care for MG and I don’t blame you, butttt, you might like to go to her FB FAN Page and see what a person by the name of Karina placed on it & wrote…she has a lot of ”b*lls”. Not once but I believe 3-4 times…hurry before her fans take it off.

No thank you. Bring it here? This weasel isn’t well liked, period. And that’s not good for becoming “famous’ for. Famous for taking an actor’s career by mind-fcking his long-time paying audience wasn’t really wise but the weasel, like all weasels, aren’t really smart.
Really don’t think the weasel had any idea of what kind of supporter Butler had in his arsenal. Many the weasel sent running because they got mad at Butler for such an ill-choice.
Most of us are a tad older than 23+160 days old, for one; we’re higher educated, for two; we knew who Butler was and knew him, for three; we, as mature women, know women so we could read her like a graphic novel, for four; her actions dictated her lack of boundaries or class or values or self-esteem, for five.

take a look @ 02/07/2013 at 2:39 pm

@Kathy: No, I rather not…basically she placed a pic of Ger looking at a ”girl” walking on the sidewalk in short, shorts & 5” heels (she looked good from the back anyway) and Karina wrote something along the lines…it’s on the NET that Gerard does not love Madalina anymore, etc has she placed out like garbage…like a female co*dom.

@Free Advice: I’m pretty sure you don’t have the right to advice him on his personal life but as far as his films and all, that’s ok by me. IMO, he can date anyone he chooses. That’s his business.
What he should do is stay the h e l l off of JJ. His PR team is insane for “keeping him out there”. He isn’t a major star and his constant need to be in the limelight is overkill. Enough already. He needs to lay low, not be seen as much unless it’s a professional obligation. One way to lose fans is to be in the news all the time. Going for a doctor’s appointment isn’t newsworthy. The PR team needs to stop the Gerry blitz now.

And he should be doing more charity work if he craves PR. He should stop hawking megacostly watches that no one can afford. It makes him look like a snob. If he wants to reach fans globally he should hook up with a more reasonably priced watch company that sells to the average person. He could go on QVC in different countries like 50cent does and sell great watches and reach everyone.

@Free Advice:

Seems you know way too much about an actor you don’t admire!
Why is that? Did he bust your widdle bubble?
Go watch some George Clooney movies to turn that frown upside down.
(pitiful lot you are)

No problem.
Do I have this right? The weasel is placing a picture of Gerry looking at other women on her FB page? Why? The weasel is daft.
Wow, that’s intense. But that poster sums it up well though.
who knows if it starts fast… it ends just as fast

No disrespect but no one should use charity for (just) PR. I don’t for a minute feel Gerry does that. Men do what they feel like doing.

@DocP: oh YUK! Thank god I’m never gonna meet him then! Lol

Why do people here believe Mr. Butler has broken up with Madalina Ghenea?

take a look @ 02/07/2013 at 3:13 pm

@Kathy: no, this FB pg of hers is done by her fans but MG does submit her pics…

so because fans can place their messages etc there – apparently a non-fan has done as well…I don’t know…it had her (non-fan) pic and fb pg like she didn’t care the MG saw it – or her fans who put this MG FB acct together. Unless, someone else took it off this girl’s FB pg and copied it to MG’s FAN Page acct….again, ”b*lls”

The poster is cheesy and GB is sleazy. Gerry you’re basically done with your career. Just go away, sweetie

Oh, okay, thanks. I was confused. Yes, b*lls. That’s vivid as well as apropos. The weasel has lot of people with some pent-up energies against her.
As the weasel can see as it desperately struggles , establishing a career (even with talent) is not easy. To have it come to a crashing halt do pranks of an immature mole-nosed weasel, it was wise he distance himself for weeks seen out eying other women and buddying-up with his male friends, while working, at his own pace, on his inner game. He’s talent so he can resurface at any time.

Gerry’s PR must be the cheapest lot money can buy in town.

Ringa Ding ding…..: Dial -a-Razzi, Cheappo speaking.
Gerry’s PR: Um….. Gerry is going to walk on the beach this afternoon so send some of your photags there to take some pictures. The Yellow pages say you charge $8.75 an hour plus lunch at Joe’s Scraps.
Dial-a-Razzi: That’s right. Sending the pictures to JustJared is 50 cents extra per picture.
Gerry’s PR: Deal.

What now? @ 02/07/2013 at 3:56 pm

@take a look:

I think what some people post on her pages is very wrong and very immature. It’s not right.

stupid is as stupid does @ 02/07/2013 at 4:20 pm

@What now?: better yet, don’t have 4 facebook accounts, post 600,000 pics of yourself, and then set your accounts to public.

put it out there all day long while in your undies you are going to attract nutters!

Coming from a younger female point of view , most of us don’t even know who Mr.Butler is in the club until someone mentions his name or the dj shouts him out in club as they do all stars. He tells you he is the guy from 300 and me personally , I’m so tired of that line . I have had the un-pleasure of being given his card by his rump wrangler on more than one occasion. So not interested , besides my father is only 1 year older than him. But hey thanks for the free drink & the instagram.

People who post on her FB ( GB related comments ), make all Gerry fans look like nutcases … In every normal persons eyes she is gonna look like a victim and the are gonna look like idiots… Just because you have internet doesn’t give you the right to go to someones FB and trash them… If you have something to say say it here… Don’t get me wrong , I’m not fond of her, but on the end it’s our problem do we like her or not..It’s not like GB is gonna listen to other peoples advice – about whom to date… I personally am so f-ing in love with this man and I am so so heart broken cos of his behavior these past let’s say three years…I just hope he’s not really a total pedo…ile like some say…

@take a look: I’ve read it and seen the picture! she indeed does have bAlls to post it on MG’s FB page lol. I wonder if anyone in MG’s so-called posse will respond….

@Quinn: coming from a women nearly his age, I would like to be rump wrangled! Lol but hey I guess I’m too old

pavilion se4900 @ 02/07/2013 at 4:48 pm

I am not familiar with Facebook (never have an account) but doesn’t the subject (in this case Madelina or her fan) filter the entries and delete any unflattering comments like moderators do at fan sites? Just curious.

stupid is as stupid does @ 02/07/2013 at 4:49 pm

we all know Gerard has slept with one of Leo’s leftovers but on Celebitchy Leo is reportedly sleeping with one of Justin Beibers’….gak

LMFAO, Gerry ” won ” this round…. and Leo’s gal is 19!

no wonder they partied together in Miami, they are both so unashamedly skeevy.

@Question: Madalina posted very angrily on her fb or twitter several weeks ago about friends being two-faced, and breaking promises to her, and so forth. There are two translations of her post, I think on the Dubuis thread. I think that’s what set everyone off, that and justifiably wishful thinking. We won’t know for sure until one of them comments publicly. The events in the next week or so, including Valentine’s Day, will prove worth watching.

@stupid is as stupid does: Leo dates lots of girls. madalina was never his girlfriend much to her denial. she was just one of his many lays. she just wants people to believe she was his girlfriend – she has never confirmed or denied it. the truth is, their meeting was just another one of leo’s booty calls and madalina obliged. of course she doesn’t want anyone to know that. he’s been photographed with many women on balconies and has just been snapped with a blonde on a balcony. madalina is just desperate and unfortunately gerry has fallen for it.

Who are these fans of hers people keep speaking about? Fans of what exactly? Fans of her ability to take pictures of herself day and night? Her female “fans” are probably all her, praising herself. I know what the men are in it for. This is all so silly. This person wouldn’t be known at all if it wasn’t for who she “dates.”

I’ll bite. What does the card say?

just stop @ 02/07/2013 at 5:27 pm

“And he can’t help it if some people tell lies about him, like the girl who claimed to be in his bed while at the time Gerry was sitting at home with his family. There was also tweet claiming that Gerry and a male friend had picked up a mystery girl for a threesome and it turned out it was his brother and sister in law.”
Stop lying, please. I’ve been following Gerard for a very long time. I’ve read all the tweets over the years. None of what you just wrote ever happened. Those stories came from the fake insiders. Also, stop spreading false stories about Gerard’s family. Fan fiction about Gerard is bad enough, but bringing his family into it crosses the line.

@Sonja: @Sonja: PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU INFER- NO ONE HAS E V E R SUGGESTED GERARD BUTLER IS A PED’. Everyone knows how sweet he is with children, especially his own family. DON’T EVEN.

TRULY INTERESTED @ 02/07/2013 at 5:31 pm

@Question: see post 165 on previous GB thread.

Diana Guminski @ 02/07/2013 at 5:37 pm

My husband left me because of my net addiction. I own 3 Kindles, 3 iPads, an iphone, a room full of bricks and add ons, and tweet constantly. I have so many socks at many sites that I had to start writing them down before I got caught dropping the wrong names at different websites. Ask Kathy, she knows me well. At least I don’t write bad fanfiction.

I want to be a chimp.


TV critic. @ 02/07/2013 at 5:39 pm

@just stop:

JS is only repeating what has been posted elsewhere. Have you read EVERY tweet that has ever been posted about him? Gerry himself once said that he has read things being written about him that are not true like the time some girls claimed they were partying with him in LA and he was in his sisters house in Paisley at the time.

TV critic. @ 02/07/2013 at 5:43 pm


Gerry is not a pedo, don’t believe the lies that some people are spreading about him.

Precious time @ 02/07/2013 at 5:49 pm

@pavilion se4900: Yep she can but then Gerry wouldn’t see it. Fans better be careful. She’s just the kind of girl who would use those things to break it off with him, blame the fans. Might explain why he looks so hateful towards the cameras lately. People need to stay away from her facebook!

Precious time @ 02/07/2013 at 5:57 pm

People can tweet about anything just to get attention usually. I don’t believe any of them unless I see a photo attached and then it still could be fake. No one should be posting on her fb either. It does make all of his fans look bad.

@Precious time:

Gerry looks a lot happier when she’s not around. I think he’s finely found her out for what she is.

fb nonsense @ 02/07/2013 at 6:06 pm

@Precious time: The only one that looks bad is her. She baits and taunts his fans, iknowing a handful of them visit her fb page and report to the gossip forums, yet she doesn’t make her fb private. Why is that? Because she’s using his fans to look like a victim and get attention. I agree that no one should go there, and I never could understand why anyone did in the first place. She isn’t going to be giving out any info about anything, so just forget about her.

God Bless yoou all! @ 02/07/2013 at 6:24 pm

“Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.” – Proverbs 13:20

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 02/07/2013 at 6:44 pm

Gerard is a decent man and a man of class. Everyone has had wild days and people grow up. Gerard is a grown man and a good man. He knows how to correct any of his wrongs as he is a wise and strong man.

I love the recent OHF poster. It is inspirational and a symbol of power. Really, we should speak of it instead of unnecessary stuff.

To Gerard and Antoine, thank you for the inspirational , reminding America to unite and we are all one no matter…we are the melting pot where all are welcome to succeed and prosper

There is such a powerful message in the posters statement especially for this given time. Gerard always sends messages of hope and I am proud that he is doing one for America. It tells America ‘do not be afraid.’ I truly applaude Gerard and Antoine as this movie was done from the heart.

@Precious time:
Don’t flatter yourself or MG he has been glaring at the paparazzi for years even when his own team arranges it and he is more upset with everyone predicting the end of his career.

@HeGrewUpLastNight: That is the point Delusional One he has shown no signs of growing up.

HeGrewUpLastNight @ 02/07/2013 at 7:13 pm

@FYI: ……honestly what do we truly know. what we do know is that there was weirdness going on. this man has made several statements on maturing. before..not now…they were countered. i would like to focus on the positive.

btw……the last pic shows……”i can do bad by myself”
i believe someone woke up sent messages and grew up
the bromance

littlebirdie @ 02/07/2013 at 7:19 pm


I think you are reading far too much into the tweets and fan photo ops. What is Gerry to do when young fans confront him, blow them off? He’s usually very friendly and charming and young women today can be very bold. Even if he invites them to party it doesn’t mean he wants to bed them. College or high school age girls I don’t believe are on his procure list. Remember when asked about Emily Rossum, he said she was too young for him and was more like a younger sister. You can spin what you see and hear any way you want but the truth is we don’t know his motives. You also have to remember is that even though Madalina is young, she’s been around the block a time or two and is much more worldly than the average young woman.

who would love to have that ‘touch’ again… that trust… that meaning in his life… that when I tap him on the arm I mean no harm but simply… come this way

How Sweet.

littlebirdie @ 02/07/2013 at 7:47 pm


Really? What a ridiculous statement. You sound like a very sick friend I used to have that didn’t think a man and a woman could be alone in the same room without having sex. I have learned over the years that people usually project their own behavior onto others. If you actually believe that he couldn’t stay at an attractive strange woman’s house without sleeping with her then that’s probaably the kind of thing you would do, not necessarily him.

He is sooo manly hot!

pot stirrer @ 02/07/2013 at 8:18 pm


Are you serious? NO that is not at all what I was saying. You asked why we don’t see twit pics etc from other celebrities with the frequency that we see Gerard Butler. Using Leo as an example I made the argument that most other stars don’t make the time for their fans the way that Butler always has. How in the hell do you take that to mean I think he’s better than everyone or anyone else?!

much to do about nothing @ 02/07/2013 at 8:38 pm

your naïve, grow up. I know enough guys who use that line and they have no intention of being good. They push the girl to see how far they can get. Get the rose colored glasses off and come into the real world with the rest of us. Gerry is what we call a man wh/ore and he owns up to it, his naïve fans of course believe anything they want to protect their perfect image. With age comes wisdom, you are obviously very young.

There sure are a lot of phonnie phannie posters tonight.

Time to Ask... @ 02/07/2013 at 9:13 pm

I don’t know if you are still here, just in case, I left you a message in the old place.

Not a Phannie @ 02/07/2013 at 10:25 pm


“Remember when asked about Emily Rossum, he said she was too young for him and was more like a younger sister.” Yeah well guess what, Emmy Rossum (26) is 2 yrs older than his current squeeze, so if she was 17 when Phantom of the Opera started filming MG was no more than 15. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

@Not a Phannie: He deserves to be Happy with the Woman of his Dreams. He knows how to please any woman because he has Romantic Toys from AthenaToysDotcom

@TV critic.:
“Gerry himself once said that he has read things being written about him that are not true like the time some girls claimed they were partying with him in LA and he was in his sisters house in Paisley at the time.”
Gerry said NO SUCH THING you f.ucking liar! Post the link to Gerry saying this. Post it. I dare you. It doesn’t exist.

@TV critic.:
And by the way, SHAME ON YOU for fabricating another story that involves Gerard’s family. That’s really disgusting.

@just stop:

Oh what a nice person you are, calling people names and swearing at them, very lady like.

I watched the very Howard Stern and Gerry Butler interview last night! Absolutely hilarious! Howard is awesome and Gerry was funny!

Very Howard stern?? Wtf


Gerry just didn’t look happy during that interview, he was very ill at ease.

TRULY INTERESTED @ 02/08/2013 at 12:55 pm

@Lou: you’re right…I was uncomfortable, but G knows how HS is so…

@Lou: I think I would be too that man hits u hard with very probing questions! He did say at the end he was knackered and didn’t want to go but thought it was an awesome interview in the end and could have talked to him all day! I just thought it was hilarious the way in which he asks things and keeps on and on about its, have watched several more like Bradley cooper etc and they were the same, so perhaps it’s just Howard’s approach that I like! Lol

@Lou & Truly Interested – I’m sure u both know his body language better than me! I have liked GB since the start but I am fairly new to all this sort of thing!

Roobee and Truly Interested, I think Gerry was just being nice when he said he it was awesome and could have talked all day. I think it was JS who mentioned that her Scots husband said (about that comment) that he was fibbing and was not happy about it at all. She added that Scots can read each other like a book and that’s true. You could see by the way he kept shifting himself and his face that he wasn’t happy with it.

TV critic. @ 02/08/2013 at 6:22 pm

Gerry gave an interview on a local radio station in Scotland and he was asked if he liked being interviewed and he said not really because he gets nervous and starts talking a lot of rubbish. He was asked if there was an interview he wished he had never done and said there was one in the US that if he had known what it was going to be like he wouldn’t have done it. the interviewer asked if it was Howard Stern and there was a silence and then Gerry said “well you said it not me.”

TRULY INTERESTED @ 02/08/2013 at 6:25 pm

@TV critic.: and Lou:

I believe it (that he was uncomfortable)…it was written all over his face – well, at least I could see it…when it first came out.

Well you ladies are a lot more astute than me! Maybe I am just blinded by his gorgeousness! Thanks for your comments I will pay more attention next time!

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