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Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler runs some errands after landing back on the west coast on Wednesday (February 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor spent the last week taking in the nice weather and hanging out with his friends in sunny Miami.

A new poster for Gerard‘s highly anticipated new film Olympus Has Fallen was just released!

The flick is about a former Secret Service agent (Butler) who works to save the President (Aaron Eckhart) after he is captured in a terrorist attack on the White House. Catch the film in theaters on March 22.

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185 Responses to “Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!”

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  1. 26
    MadMax Says:

    He’s scaring me! He looks angry! Been hanging out with Mel too much!

  2. 27
    Free Advice Says:

    My name isn’t Manny. I’m a woman, not that it matters. I don’t know who Gerard Butler was raised to be or who even who he is as a person. But most people know who a leading man in Hollywood wants the public to BELIEVE he is. There are plenty of people way more successful than Gerard Butler who are actually way worse than he is. But they’re smarter than he is and better actors because no one knows about it.
    GB won’t take my advice even if he saw it. If he was the type to take advice a lot of this would have stopped a long time ago I’d imagine, unless the people around him are dull toads.
    Good night and bye.

  3. 28
    ZeeBest Says:

    @Free Advice: This is the best one yet. I cringe everytime I read about him yapping away about his big brush with death. It’s not like he’s a Syrian refuge, Malala Yousafzai, an Army grunt fighting imperialistic wars. Shut up about the wave, already!

  4. 29
    Nanny Says:

    #4 about Clooney playing to his strength… So true. Gerry stop the crappy romcoms. You are not funny in them and try to find what you are good at.

  5. 30
    Violet Says:

    This site is a f.ucking mess!!!
    I can’t even navigate between pages anymore. I click on page # 2 and it takes me back to page # 1. WTF?
    Posts are going into moderation for no rhyme nor reason. Then I get told I’m posting too fast when I haven’t posted all day. The thumbs work about 50% of the time. Now it takes about a half a dozen tries just to click onto the next page!! What happened to this site? This has been going on for weeks and it’s getting worse. :(

  6. 31
    Banter Says:

    @Free Advice: Ty! Love your posts. Bravo!

    Grow up Gerry.

  7. 32
    people in glass houses Says:

    @free advice and addons ,well done! Please send the extended list to him! If perhaps jj will oblige, a sort of thankyou for drumming up so many hits? Jj often seems to be the only media outlet nowadays doing Gerry any favours, some good advice sent his way would be the favour of the century!

  8. 33
    Help Says:

    I never read such a crap load of dung in my life. Free advice is an idiot and if that’s what the rest of you want… to make him over like your poor brow beaten husbands and boyfriends. Comparing Gerry to George Clooney the HW suit, is laughable. Why are you here if you hate him so much to change everything about him that makes him who he is?

  9. 34
    Tildie Says:

    @Help: Really, it’s a lot more interesting to argue about Madalina. That’s not a joke either, this stuff is boring.

  10. 35
    Sad State of Things Says:

    LOVE Free Advice’s list. Someone laminate it in wallet size and hand it to him ASAP,

  11. 36
    Help Says:

    @Tildie: Well thanks I think. I really don’t want to argue, just doesn’t make any sense. Doesn’t seem the guy can do anything right according to SOME of the jjers. Just don’t get why so many want to change who he is. How many HW listers do their own stunts and want to. If the hold down happened to me at Mavericks, I would be telling the story too, although I haven’t heard it for a long time. If an interviewer brings it up what’s he supposed to do, Tell them he doesn’t want to talk about it. Give me a break.
    BTW the person who mentioned the pants is very old joke news. That happened in Scotland and was about a yr. ago and they were beige. Ado

  12. 37
    Agreed Says:


    You are so right – borrrrrring. This is the third or fourth installment of advice to Gerry from Free Advice or one of her monikers. She should realize that non-solicited advice is free because it’s worth nothing. She knows that he would never read, much less follow, the advice of a fan, but d/a/m/n she loves to show readers here what she considers her brilliant writing skills. Gag!

  13. 38
    mad plaid Says:

    Is he applying for some construction work in between films?

  14. 39
    Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina Says:

  15. 40
    :) Says:

    @ Free Advice

    Brilliant post. Ignore the stupid phannie naysayers.

  16. 41
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @mad plaid: Don’t think so. Lucky Brand Frontier plaid shirt, 80.00, Citizens of Humanity jeans, 189.00, Bass Broction Casual oxfords, 69.00 and the body that fits the clothes so very nicely….priceless.

  17. 42
    mad plaid Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Wow he dresses in construction worker chic to eat dinner at a Beverly Hills restaurant you know they wouldn’t let him in if he wasn’t famous, I thought he was in Seattle, in the 1990s

  18. 43
    oy Says:

    He should put Randy Quaid’s name on his film posters so he takes the reputation nosedive instead. They’re both fairly interchangeable at this point.

  19. 44
    eggy Says:

    @mad plaid:

    Gerard would crap his pant if he had to do heavy labourous construction work. LOL! The man has manicured finger and toe nails and has never done a hard labourous day’s work in his adult life. LOL@ construction worker chic…that cracked me up! LOL!

  20. 45
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina: Comparing her to Jessica Chastain is such an insult to the world of actors to say nothing about the exceptional talent and beauty that Jessica has, I cannot tell you. How utterly ridiculous and preposterous. How can you possibly think to compare the two?

  21. 46
    eggy Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing. However, can’t blame MG for it, that’s the media for you, but I’m sure she’s over the moon with it though.

  22. 47
    Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: I didn’t think to compare the two, the magazine did. And it was showing fashions, not comparing the actresses.

  23. 48
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @eggy: You know Eggy, I don’t get upset over a lot of stuff, but that ad or whatever it was supposed to be really put the icing on the cake. I am so disgusted with that and tell you the truth, I think I maintained my cool over the whole affair, but this finished me and would really like to think that GB would be put out with it too. He worked with Jessica and knows what she is capable of doing in the acting field and he respects her talent. But this…good grief. ha I am steaming. I heard her voice in that interview and the whining drone sound alone would drive me to distraction. Well, feel better now that I got all that out. Have a good day lol. Ducky

  24. 49
    Ginnifer, Jessica and Madalina Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: I’m not quite sure I understand the Jessica adoration here. Yes, she is an extremely talented actress, and she’s attractive, but no great beauty. Madalina may or may not have had the concocted history dissected here, but why is Jessica so revered?

    That page lay-out was showing three pretty women in beautiful dresses. There is no way anyone can take issue with that. Madalina is going to become more well known, with or without Gerry, so get used to it. She will probably never be nominated for an oscar, but you never know what can happen.

  25. 50
    eggy Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:

    I understand what you are saying…I agree, however, I think this is totally out of his control. Looks like some magazine from Germany? @Ginnifer, Jessica and…. I don’t think so.

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