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Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler runs some errands after landing back on the west coast on Wednesday (February 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor spent the last week taking in the nice weather and hanging out with his friends in sunny Miami.

A new poster for Gerard‘s highly anticipated new film Olympus Has Fallen was just released!

The flick is about a former Secret Service agent (Butler) who works to save the President (Aaron Eckhart) after he is captured in a terrorist attack on the White House. Catch the film in theaters on March 22.

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  • TV critic.

    @just stop:

    JS is only repeating what has been posted elsewhere. Have you read EVERY tweet that has ever been posted about him? Gerry himself once said that he has read things being written about him that are not true like the time some girls claimed they were partying with him in LA and he was in his sisters house in Paisley at the time.

  • TV critic.


    Gerry is not a pedo, don’t believe the lies that some people are spreading about him.

  • Precious time

    @pavilion se4900: Yep she can but then Gerry wouldn’t see it. Fans better be careful. She’s just the kind of girl who would use those things to break it off with him, blame the fans. Might explain why he looks so hateful towards the cameras lately. People need to stay away from her facebook!

  • Precious time

    People can tweet about anything just to get attention usually. I don’t believe any of them unless I see a photo attached and then it still could be fake. No one should be posting on her fb either. It does make all of his fans look bad.

  • GH

    @Precious time:

    Gerry looks a lot happier when she’s not around. I think he’s finely found her out for what she is.

  • fb nonsense

    @Precious time: The only one that looks bad is her. She baits and taunts his fans, iknowing a handful of them visit her fb page and report to the gossip forums, yet she doesn’t make her fb private. Why is that? Because she’s using his fans to look like a victim and get attention. I agree that no one should go there, and I never could understand why anyone did in the first place. She isn’t going to be giving out any info about anything, so just forget about her.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.” – Proverbs 13:20

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    Gerard is a decent man and a man of class. Everyone has had wild days and people grow up. Gerard is a grown man and a good man. He knows how to correct any of his wrongs as he is a wise and strong man.

    I love the recent OHF poster. It is inspirational and a symbol of power. Really, we should speak of it instead of unnecessary stuff.

    To Gerard and Antoine, thank you for the inspirational , reminding America to unite and we are all one no matter…we are the melting pot where all are welcome to succeed and prosper

    There is such a powerful message in the posters statement especially for this given time. Gerard always sends messages of hope and I am proud that he is doing one for America. It tells America ‘do not be afraid.’ I truly applaude Gerard and Antoine as this movie was done from the heart.

  • FYI

    @Precious time:
    Don’t flatter yourself or MG he has been glaring at the paparazzi for years even when his own team arranges it and he is more upset with everyone predicting the end of his career.

  • FYI

    @HeGrewUpLastNight: That is the point Delusional One he has shown no signs of growing up.

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    @FYI: ……honestly what do we truly know. what we do know is that there was weirdness going on. this man has made several statements on maturing. before..not now…they were countered. i would like to focus on the positive.

    btw……the last pic shows……”i can do bad by myself”
    i believe someone woke up sent messages and grew up
    the bromance

  • littlebirdie


    I think you are reading far too much into the tweets and fan photo ops. What is Gerry to do when young fans confront him, blow them off? He’s usually very friendly and charming and young women today can be very bold. Even if he invites them to party it doesn’t mean he wants to bed them. College or high school age girls I don’t believe are on his procure list. Remember when asked about Emily Rossum, he said she was too young for him and was more like a younger sister. You can spin what you see and hear any way you want but the truth is we don’t know his motives. You also have to remember is that even though Madalina is young, she’s been around the block a time or two and is much more worldly than the average young woman.

  • @Kathy

    who would love to have that ‘touch’ again… that trust… that meaning in his life… that when I tap him on the arm I mean no harm but simply… come this way

    How Sweet.

  • Alina
  • littlebirdie


    Really? What a ridiculous statement. You sound like a very sick friend I used to have that didn’t think a man and a woman could be alone in the same room without having sex. I have learned over the years that people usually project their own behavior onto others. If you actually believe that he couldn’t stay at an attractive strange woman’s house without sleeping with her then that’s probaably the kind of thing you would do, not necessarily him.

  • kris

    He is sooo manly hot!

  • pot stirrer


    Are you serious? NO that is not at all what I was saying. You asked why we don’t see twit pics etc from other celebrities with the frequency that we see Gerard Butler. Using Leo as an example I made the argument that most other stars don’t make the time for their fans the way that Butler always has. How in the hell do you take that to mean I think he’s better than everyone or anyone else?!

  • much to do about nothing

    your naïve, grow up. I know enough guys who use that line and they have no intention of being good. They push the girl to see how far they can get. Get the rose colored glasses off and come into the real world with the rest of us. Gerry is what we call a man wh/ore and he owns up to it, his naïve fans of course believe anything they want to protect their perfect image. With age comes wisdom, you are obviously very young.

  • Xanadu

    There sure are a lot of phonnie phannie posters tonight.

  • Time to Ask…

    I don’t know if you are still here, just in case, I left you a message in the old place.

  • Not a Phannie


    “Remember when asked about Emily Rossum, he said she was too young for him and was more like a younger sister.” Yeah well guess what, Emmy Rossum (26) is 2 yrs older than his current squeeze, so if she was 17 when Phantom of the Opera started filming MG was no more than 15. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lauralove

    @Not a Phannie: He deserves to be Happy with the Woman of his Dreams. He knows how to please any woman because he has Romantic Toys from AthenaToysDotcom

  • just stop

    @TV critic.:
    “Gerry himself once said that he has read things being written about him that are not true like the time some girls claimed they were partying with him in LA and he was in his sisters house in Paisley at the time.”
    Gerry said NO SUCH THING you f.ucking liar! Post the link to Gerry saying this. Post it. I dare you. It doesn’t exist.

  • just stop

    @TV critic.:
    And by the way, SHAME ON YOU for fabricating another story that involves Gerard’s family. That’s really disgusting.

  • GH

    @just stop:

    Oh what a nice person you are, calling people names and swearing at them, very lady like.

  • Roobee

    I watched the very Howard Stern and Gerry Butler interview last night! Absolutely hilarious! Howard is awesome and Gerry was funny!

  • Roobee

    Very Howard stern?? Wtf

  • Lou


    Gerry just didn’t look happy during that interview, he was very ill at ease.


    @Lou: you’re right…I was uncomfortable, but G knows how HS is so…

  • Roobee

    @Lou: I think I would be too that man hits u hard with very probing questions! He did say at the end he was knackered and didn’t want to go but thought it was an awesome interview in the end and could have talked to him all day! I just thought it was hilarious the way in which he asks things and keeps on and on about its, have watched several more like Bradley cooper etc and they were the same, so perhaps it’s just Howard’s approach that I like! Lol

  • Roobee

    @Lou & Truly Interested – I’m sure u both know his body language better than me! I have liked GB since the start but I am fairly new to all this sort of thing!

  • Lou

    Roobee and Truly Interested, I think Gerry was just being nice when he said he it was awesome and could have talked all day. I think it was JS who mentioned that her Scots husband said (about that comment) that he was fibbing and was not happy about it at all. She added that Scots can read each other like a book and that’s true. You could see by the way he kept shifting himself and his face that he wasn’t happy with it.

  • TV critic.

    Gerry gave an interview on a local radio station in Scotland and he was asked if he liked being interviewed and he said not really because he gets nervous and starts talking a lot of rubbish. He was asked if there was an interview he wished he had never done and said there was one in the US that if he had known what it was going to be like he wouldn’t have done it. the interviewer asked if it was Howard Stern and there was a silence and then Gerry said “well you said it not me.”


    @TV critic.: and Lou:

    I believe it (that he was uncomfortable)…it was written all over his face – well, at least I could see it…when it first came out.

  • Roobee

    Well you ladies are a lot more astute than me! Maybe I am just blinded by his gorgeousness! Thanks for your comments I will pay more attention next time!

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