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Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler runs some errands after landing back on the west coast on Wednesday (February 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor spent the last week taking in the nice weather and hanging out with his friends in sunny Miami.

A new poster for Gerard‘s highly anticipated new film Olympus Has Fallen was just released!

The flick is about a former Secret Service agent (Butler) who works to save the President (Aaron Eckhart) after he is captured in a terrorist attack on the White House. Catch the film in theaters on March 22.

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185 Responses to “Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!”

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  1. 101
    Kathy Says:

    Yes, but for everything a reason. When someone does not feel good about themselves they tend to be attracted to people who are no good for them. They sometimes feel this is all I deserve. Why try at something, someone, harder? This (low-end) person won’t expect much from me. That kind of thing.
    But I have this ‘tree ring’ theory. The pains of growing a tree ring (and that grown) you can’t un-grow. Hard to explain. This is how, and why, we have Gerry back with his ‘band of brothers’, back in LA (if he’s still there) re-connecting to his career (and family and distanced friends) trying to buff off the dull scales of disinterest or even anger or self-anger? It can be done. He has talent. His last four films should have made 2012 a banner year indeed.

  2. 102
    Just a thought Says:


    Can’t remember him saying that but you can stay at someone’s house without anything happening.

  3. 103
    GH Says:


    I wouldn’t say that he lies. He jokes but being a European what he forgets is that Americans and Europeans have a different sense of humor and what he sees as a joke those watching at home do not and take it seriously.

  4. 104
    Cassie Says:

    @Kathy: That is how Ginnifer Goodwin spells her name. At least check your facts.

  5. 105
    Roobee Says:

    He does tend to joke around in interviews regarding sex/women etc, I think it is a defence mechanism in order not to have to show his real intimate self! He is obviously a real womaniser and to be honest with all those hot women throwing themselves at him, how can a man not be tempted? Sadly it gets him negative attention and probably doesn’t help him in finding a life long partner and mother to his kids cause they all think he’s a stud muffin! I reckon you either have to be married or in a steady relationship before you become too big in HW in order to find someone who actually wants you for you! The money and glamour off it all comes with a very unsecure and never private life! I think I would rather be penniless than have my every move/outfit scrutinised by the paps, mind you I could probably get used to the young men throwing themselves at me too, for a while at least! Lol what a dilemma!

  6. 106
    today Says:

    How great would it be for regular peeps if GB was not famous…just imagine looking into those gorgeous eyes without worry or concern about a public image.

  7. 107
    junk Says:

    Perfect outfit for playing the father of John Boy in a remake of
    “The Waltons”! I don´t know why but the new pics remind me… just assume the cellphone away… LOL.
    Who knows… maybe one day he will answer MG´s desire… 10 children!!!!

  8. 108
    Roobee Says:

    @Just a thought: he said something like his place in New York was being done up so jokingly told the audience he was looking for a room to stay in! As you can imagine the ladies went wild!
    P.s if Gerry Butler stayed at my house, something would happen even if had to drug him! :)

  9. 109
    The Noise in The Walls Says:

    GH #103
    True…but you must also add…different cultures…I’ve traveled the USA and Europe..

    People here tend to “Live to Work”..whereas in Europe..
    People “Work to Live”…

  10. 110
    Xanadu Says:

    @Roobee: Yeah, lots of Valtrex for you.

  11. 111
    DocP Says:

    @Just a thought: your funny, and your naive if you think he could stay in one strange attractive girls place and not sleep with her. Perhaps if he’s not attractive to him but as we have discovered from the Brandi G incident he doesn’t have very high standards. Here’s the interview

  12. 112
    Victoria Says:

    HE IS So hot. KEEP THE ROMANCE ALIVE in the Bedroom with your Girlfriend with Love Gifts for Woman at AthenaToysDotcom

  13. 113
    Roobee Says:

    @Xanadu: call me stupid but what is Valtrex? I am British so I have no idea what that is!

  14. 114
    Kathy Says:

    Whatever Cassie, like I said, I don’t open the weasel’s self-promoting posts.
    Fact. The weasel does not belong alongside in any kind of comparison with a hard-working actress like Jennifer. No way.
    So now, since dumped, the weasel & co are trying (desperately) to sell this gold-digger as an actress! Please, stop.
    I wish JJ would give the weasel a thread just to see how many fans the weasel does not have.
    who thinks it looks like it’s page 12 of a 14 page tab rag produced in Romania?

  15. 115
    DocP Says:

    It’s an anti viral med to treat herpes simplex 1 and 2

  16. 116
    Lilkim Says:

    No amount of pictures taken with fans is going to save his movies which are mostly junk. When is he going to realize that? Neither is living in a lie about his personal life going to help his sinking career. If he is hiding his gf just so his fans of the 500 or so left in his fandom will go to see OHF he has just lost my respect for him. He is more and more like a pathological liar and it makes me think if anything he said in the past is true. This may sound harsh and I hope I am wrong. Urrgg

  17. 117
    Kathy Says:

    What’s he sayin’?

    Don’t shoot me but shouldn’t his wrist be hidin’ his lips? Lipreader’s abound in Spy Central (a/k/a DC).
    who thinks he’s sayin’ “Always perfect in navy.”
    who thinks that long-sleeved navy blue outfit was hot durin’ the muggy days outside in humid Shreveport

  18. 118
    Cassie Says:

    @Kathy: Oh sure, okay. BTW, you spelled Ginnifer’s name wrong.

  19. 119
    Kathy Says:

    Look, I’ve no idea who she is. Give her my apologies? And I have to say I did (eventually) open it after you said that. I thought it was a grouping of “actresses” (which including the weasel made me laugh) and the name was misspelled.
    who says he’s not hiding anyone, not even himself!!

  20. 120
    Paxton Says:

    as Eric implied I’m in shock that any one able to profit $4673 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this website FLY38. ℂOM

  21. 121
    take a look Says:

    I know you don’t care for MG and I don’t blame you, butttt, you might like to go to her FB FAN Page and see what a person by the name of Karina placed on it & wrote…she has a lot of ”b*lls”. Not once but I believe 3-4 times…hurry before her fans take it off.

  22. 122
    Kathy Says:

    No thank you. Bring it here? This weasel isn’t well liked, period. And that’s not good for becoming “famous’ for. Famous for taking an actor’s career by mind-fcking his long-time paying audience wasn’t really wise but the weasel, like all weasels, aren’t really smart.
    Really don’t think the weasel had any idea of what kind of supporter Butler had in his arsenal. Many the weasel sent running because they got mad at Butler for such an ill-choice.
    Most of us are a tad older than 23+160 days old, for one; we’re higher educated, for two; we knew who Butler was and knew him, for three; we, as mature women, know women so we could read her like a graphic novel, for four; her actions dictated her lack of boundaries or class or values or self-esteem, for five.

  23. 123
    take a look Says:

    @Kathy: No, I rather not…basically she placed a pic of Ger looking at a ”girl” walking on the sidewalk in short, shorts & 5” heels (she looked good from the back anyway) and Karina wrote something along the lines…it’s on the NET that Gerard does not love Madalina anymore, etc has she placed out like garbage…like a female co*dom.

  24. 124
    Clamsie Says:

    @Free Advice: I’m pretty sure you don’t have the right to advice him on his personal life but as far as his films and all, that’s ok by me. IMO, he can date anyone he chooses. That’s his business.
    What he should do is stay the h e l l off of JJ. His PR team is insane for “keeping him out there”. He isn’t a major star and his constant need to be in the limelight is overkill. Enough already. He needs to lay low, not be seen as much unless it’s a professional obligation. One way to lose fans is to be in the news all the time. Going for a doctor’s appointment isn’t newsworthy. The PR team needs to stop the Gerry blitz now.

    And he should be doing more charity work if he craves PR. He should stop hawking megacostly watches that no one can afford. It makes him look like a snob. If he wants to reach fans globally he should hook up with a more reasonably priced watch company that sells to the average person. He could go on QVC in different countries like 50cent does and sell great watches and reach everyone.

  25. 125
    wow Says:

    @Free Advice:

    Seems you know way too much about an actor you don’t admire!
    Why is that? Did he bust your widdle bubble?
    Go watch some George Clooney movies to turn that frown upside down.
    (pitiful lot you are)

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