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Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!

Gerard Butler runs some errands after landing back on the west coast on Wednesday (February 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor spent the last week taking in the nice weather and hanging out with his friends in sunny Miami.

A new poster for Gerard‘s highly anticipated new film Olympus Has Fallen was just released!

The flick is about a former Secret Service agent (Butler) who works to save the President (Aaron Eckhart) after he is captured in a terrorist attack on the White House. Catch the film in theaters on March 22.

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185 Responses to “Gerard Butler: New 'Olympus Has Fallen' Poster!”

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  1. 126
    wow Says:



  2. 127
    Kathy Says:

    No problem.
    Do I have this right? The weasel is placing a picture of Gerry looking at other women on her FB page? Why? The weasel is daft.
    Wow, that’s intense. But that poster sums it up well though.
    who knows if it starts fast… it ends just as fast

  3. 128
    Kathy Says:

    No disrespect but no one should use charity for (just) PR. I don’t for a minute feel Gerry does that. Men do what they feel like doing.

  4. 129
    Roobee Says:

    @DocP: oh YUK! Thank god I’m never gonna meet him then! Lol

  5. 130
    Question Says:

    Why do people here believe Mr. Butler has broken up with Madalina Ghenea?

  6. 131
    take a look Says:

    @Kathy: no, this FB pg of hers is done by her fans but MG does submit her pics…

    so because fans can place their messages etc there – apparently a non-fan has done as well…I don’t know…it had her (non-fan) pic and fb pg like she didn’t care the MG saw it – or her fans who put this MG FB acct together. Unless, someone else took it off this girl’s FB pg and copied it to MG’s FAN Page acct….again, ”b*lls”

  7. 132
    Esti Says:

    The poster is cheesy and GB is sleazy. Gerry you’re basically done with your career. Just go away, sweetie

  8. 133
    Kathy Says:

    Oh, okay, thanks. I was confused. Yes, b*lls. That’s vivid as well as apropos. The weasel has lot of people with some pent-up energies against her.
    As the weasel can see as it desperately struggles , establishing a career (even with talent) is not easy. To have it come to a crashing halt do pranks of an immature mole-nosed weasel, it was wise he distance himself for weeks seen out eying other women and buddying-up with his male friends, while working, at his own pace, on his inner game. He’s talent so he can resurface at any time.

  9. 134
    Lilkim Says:

    Gerry’s PR must be the cheapest lot money can buy in town.

    Ringa Ding ding…..: Dial -a-Razzi, Cheappo speaking.
    Gerry’s PR: Um….. Gerry is going to walk on the beach this afternoon so send some of your photags there to take some pictures. The Yellow pages say you charge $8.75 an hour plus lunch at Joe’s Scraps.
    Dial-a-Razzi: That’s right. Sending the pictures to JustJared is 50 cents extra per picture.
    Gerry’s PR: Deal.

  10. 135
    What now? Says:

    @take a look:

    I think what some people post on her pages is very wrong and very immature. It’s not right.

  11. 136
    stupid is as stupid does Says:

    @What now?: better yet, don’t have 4 facebook accounts, post 600,000 pics of yourself, and then set your accounts to public.

    put it out there all day long while in your undies you are going to attract nutters!

  12. 137
    Quinn Says:

    Coming from a younger female point of view , most of us don’t even know who Mr.Butler is in the club until someone mentions his name or the dj shouts him out in club as they do all stars. He tells you he is the guy from 300 and me personally , I’m so tired of that line . I have had the un-pleasure of being given his card by his rump wrangler on more than one occasion. So not interested , besides my father is only 1 year older than him. But hey thanks for the free drink & the instagram.

  13. 138
    Sonja Says:

    People who post on her FB ( GB related comments ), make all Gerry fans look like nutcases … In every normal persons eyes she is gonna look like a victim and the are gonna look like idiots… Just because you have internet doesn’t give you the right to go to someones FB and trash them… If you have something to say say it here… Don’t get me wrong , I’m not fond of her, but on the end it’s our problem do we like her or not..It’s not like GB is gonna listen to other peoples advice – about whom to date… I personally am so f-ing in love with this man and I am so so heart broken cos of his behavior these past let’s say three years…I just hope he’s not really a total pedo…ile like some say…

  14. 139
    dutchie Says:

    @take a look: I’ve read it and seen the picture! she indeed does have bAlls to post it on MG’s FB page lol. I wonder if anyone in MG’s so-called posse will respond….

  15. 140
    Roobee Says:

    @Quinn: coming from a women nearly his age, I would like to be rump wrangled! Lol but hey I guess I’m too old

  16. 141
    pavilion se4900 Says:

    I am not familiar with Facebook (never have an account) but doesn’t the subject (in this case Madelina or her fan) filter the entries and delete any unflattering comments like moderators do at fan sites? Just curious.

  17. 142
    stupid is as stupid does Says:

    we all know Gerard has slept with one of Leo’s leftovers but on Celebitchy Leo is reportedly sleeping with one of Justin Beibers’….gak

    LMFAO, Gerry ” won ” this round…. and Leo’s gal is 19!

    no wonder they partied together in Miami, they are both so unashamedly skeevy.

  18. 143
    SUNKIST Says:

    @Question: Madalina posted very angrily on her fb or twitter several weeks ago about friends being two-faced, and breaking promises to her, and so forth. There are two translations of her post, I think on the Dubuis thread. I think that’s what set everyone off, that and justifiably wishful thinking. We won’t know for sure until one of them comments publicly. The events in the next week or so, including Valentine’s Day, will prove worth watching.

  19. 144
    leosgals Says:

    @stupid is as stupid does: Leo dates lots of girls. madalina was never his girlfriend much to her denial. she was just one of his many lays. she just wants people to believe she was his girlfriend – she has never confirmed or denied it. the truth is, their meeting was just another one of leo’s booty calls and madalina obliged. of course she doesn’t want anyone to know that. he’s been photographed with many women on balconies and has just been snapped with a blonde on a balcony. madalina is just desperate and unfortunately gerry has fallen for it.

  20. 145
    huh Says:

    Who are these fans of hers people keep speaking about? Fans of what exactly? Fans of her ability to take pictures of herself day and night? Her female “fans” are probably all her, praising herself. I know what the men are in it for. This is all so silly. This person wouldn’t be known at all if it wasn’t for who she “dates.”

  21. 146
    Kathy Says:

    I’ll bite. What does the card say?

  22. 147
    just stop Says:

    “And he can’t help it if some people tell lies about him, like the girl who claimed to be in his bed while at the time Gerry was sitting at home with his family. There was also tweet claiming that Gerry and a male friend had picked up a mystery girl for a threesome and it turned out it was his brother and sister in law.”
    Stop lying, please. I’ve been following Gerard for a very long time. I’ve read all the tweets over the years. None of what you just wrote ever happened. Those stories came from the fake insiders. Also, stop spreading false stories about Gerard’s family. Fan fiction about Gerard is bad enough, but bringing his family into it crosses the line.

  23. 148
    SUNKIST Says:

    @Sonja: @Sonja: PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU INFER- NO ONE HAS E V E R SUGGESTED GERARD BUTLER IS A PED’. Everyone knows how sweet he is with children, especially his own family. DON’T EVEN.

  24. 149

    @Question: see post 165 on previous GB thread.

  25. 150
    Diana Guminski Says:

    My husband left me because of my net addiction. I own 3 Kindles, 3 iPads, an iphone, a room full of bricks and add ons, and tweet constantly. I have so many socks at many sites that I had to start writing them down before I got caught dropping the wrong names at different websites. Ask Kathy, she knows me well. At least I don’t write bad fanfiction.

    I want to be a chimp.


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