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LeAnn Rimes: Getting Ready to Move!

LeAnn Rimes: Getting Ready to Move!

LeAnn Rimes flashes a peace sign while out and about on Tuesday (February 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old entertainer was accompanied by a female pal as they hit the town together.

“Getting ready to move is no fun but fun to move into OUR home” LeAnn tweeted the day before – good luck with everything!!!

“Lie lie lie lie deny deny deny deny….. Hey, that rhymes :) oh good times” she wrote on her Twitter the next day. She’s recently been the subject of some comments made by husband Eddie Cibrian‘s ex Brandi Glanville, but no word if this tweet is a reference to the quotes.

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  • Gerard Butthole

    She was just signed on to star in the film remake of “Mister Ed.” She will play the horse, of course.

  • BB

    LOL~ she is such a sk@nky homewrecking hooch..I always said the only reason Eddie was with her was for her money..I loved him on Third Watch, but now I can’t stand the guy…They are kinda like Jolie & Pitt..They shot themselves in the foot to be together…But Eddie will walk out the door if he ever makes any real money on his own..Bye Bye LeAnn..The Country music industry bannished you, now you are officially out of the biz…Hold on tight to Eddie, he is only after the $$$$$$…Nasty Ho-Bag…

  • Ellie

    Leann, honey, white is not your color, the laxative drool will start to show instantly!
    Wear brown!

  • Rose

    First let me say that you can’t break something that’s already broken. Eddie’s X is one crazy woman. I mean to spend over $20,000 to put her vagina back together after she divorced Eddie says, ‘CRAZY’!! No one really knows what happened in this relationship, but if I was a guy married to Eddie’s X, I’ll find another woman as well. I mean every week you hear some crap about Leann from the X. This woman needs to grow up and get on with her life.

  • Gwen

    Who didn’t see this one coming? We said yesterday that Leann was going to set up a staged photo-op. How did we know? Because Leann tweeted about it, telling the paps where and when to find her. The only thing we had wrong was that we assumed it would be AKM-GSI and that it would be Lizzy in the photo with Leann.

    Of course LR is flashing the peace sign, she is gloating because of the story she fed US Weekly about Brandi. Strange how the staged photo-ops start back up after US Weekly releases their negative story about Brandi and Leann’s fans are on twitter talking about how vindicated they feel now that Leann is fighting dirty.

    1) “Getting ready to move is no fun but fun to move into OUR home” LeAnn tweeted the day before – good luck with everything!!!”

    This just shows how insecure Leann truly is. Why would did she capatilize OUR like that? Does she really think this is going to convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating on her? She only “bought” a new house for Eddie and Lizzy so that Eddie wouldn’t divorce her.

    By “good luck”, is one referring to how Leann pays certain blogs to write nice things about her?

    2) Leann is in contact with this site and the blogger owner, so it’s obvious that the quote about lying was in regards to Brandi.

    3) ““Lie lie lie lie deny deny deny deny….. Hey, that rhymes :) oh good times”

    Sorta like how Leann tells her fans she has the flu and then the next day is photographed looking healthy?

  • sherry

    What comes around goes around… if you are married and are unhappy in the marriage – you should divorce, wait a year and then begin dating. To date a married man, marry him and then have the audacity to brag about your relationship is tacky and lowclass. It shows that you are selfish and shallow. What you did do Brandi is disgusting.

  • Gwen

    Haven’t we heard this once before, only your name was RACY? Perhaps if Leann would grow up and move on, she wouldn’t be in this position. Why did Leann set up this staged photo-op yesterday? It’s just more proof that

    So now that the “Brandi cheating” stories have backfired, you are back to the “you can’t break what’s broken” campaign?

    Leann actively pursued Eddie. If Eddie’s marriage was broken, why did Eddie try to work things out with Brandi? Even calling Leann a speedbump? We know exactly what happened because Leann makes it all public.

    So then by your logic, that means that Eddie has found him another woman based on Leann’s latest pr stunts, Leann is CRAZY.

    Every week Leann was giving interviews where she talked about Brandi, so what’s your point? It’s funny how you seem to have a problem with Brandi talking about Leann, but don’t have a problem with all the interviews Leann gave trashing Brandi.

  • Gwen

    Leann really does bully media outlets into writing nice things about her. Remember when OMG yahoo would call Leann out like crazy and then suddenly they stopped and started copying and pasting the fluffpieces from Eonline about Leann? Well apparantly Leann has a deal with OMG Yahoo where they can only write nice things about her and OMG is also a partnet with…US Weekly. Who is now writing that they have “multiple” sources that say that Brandi cheated on Eddie.

  • Zing

    “She will play the horse, of course.”


    Hey, whaddya know, that rhymes too! /snark

  • ok

    seriously Leann needs to delete her twitter account or seriously start ignoring anything foul that comes out of Brandi’s mouth, yes we know she wants to stick up for herself but its easier and better for her life to just move on from the bitching and stop doing it back.I dont understand how Eddie can enjoy being with someone who likes to bitch like a teenage girl.

  • serenityzhere

    This ugly has been needs to get over herself. Seems she doesn’t even bother to wash or fix her hair or wear makeup any more. She is certainly no longer known for making hits with her singing. Or does she even sing any more. She seems to cancel more gigs than she shows up for and yet this site still acts as if she is some huge star. She gets more press on here than the real stars of country music i.e. Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire. Her husband is as putrid as she is. Kudos to beautiful Brandi for being able to make some money off of the way she was treated by the both of them. Hope her star continues to rise and that Leann and Eddie get the karma that is due them. A happy home does not a mansion make….just gives Eddie more time to screw around while Leann has to figure out a way to make money to pay for it all. LMAO And I have a feeling it won’t be through her music any more.

  • Sal

    We all know who the liar is and it’s not Brandi.

  • WeWe is a Stalker

    Bless her little stalker heart. She is going into overdrive crazy desperation. Truth hurts Leann doesn’t it? Jealousy and insecurity over Brandi and her bestselling book does not become you. Well of course not much else does either…

  • TryThinking1956

    Why do these people feel the need to “tweet” every inane, unimportant thing that happens to them during the course of the day? This is the same idiot who supposedly checked herself into the booby-hatch because she was “stressed” about being CYBER-BULLIED, or some damn thing? Shut up, sweetie. You look like an idiot.

  • Cantstandher

    My My, she recovered from her bout with the flu awfully fast. And within a couple days was running a marathon. Maybe, that is what she mean’t by lie lie lie. And deny deny deny, was in references to Brandi book.

  • Cantstandher

    @Gwen: I am sure those multiple sources, are all from LeAnn’s camp. As a form of damage control, due to the books release. Bet we will never hear who these sources are, because they would never have the courage to go on record about it. LIE LIE LIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    @serenityzhere: Can’t believe her husband left his gorgeous wife for this.

  • Tara

    She’s probably too dumb to realize this. But when you hold up too fingers and show the palm of your hand, you’re showing a peace sign. Hold up two fingers and show the back of your hand, and you’re giving the victory sign.

  • Brian

    Spitfire CD’s heading for a dollar store near you. Any takers?

  • OhCanada

    Her face gives me nightmares. Lizard Queen, be quiet.

  • Tasha

    @Gwen: I have also seen her type the word HUSBAND in caps when referring to Eddie, or WIFE when referring to herself. As though the fact that they are married makes it somehow sacred. But when he was married to Brandi, obviously she viewed Brandi’s role as wife in small case letters. Such a narcissistic spoiled brat!

  • Gwen

    From Radaronline:

    1) “She stole Eddie away from Julianne!” the source said, referring to actress Julianne Morris who lived with Eddie when Brandi first met him at a West Hollywood bar and then slept with him that night.”

    Remember MERC from Eonline and Micheala from here? In 2009, MERC/michela was posting nonstop about how Brandi had an affair with Eddie and ruined his relationship with JM. So one of US Weekly sources has been posting here on this site. So was the person posting on this site Michelle or one of Leann’s fans?

    2) “Years later, Brandi hooked up with Pink Taco owner and Hollywood playboy Harry Morton in 2005 while in La Vegas, but it didn’t stay there because she then fooled around again him again just six weeks after Brandi and Eddie’s son Jake, 5, was born in 2007, in the bed she shared with Eddie!”

    I googled Harry Morton. That’s the guy Demi Moore is dating. So one of US Weekly sources is the same person who told The National Enquirer that Brandi made out with Demi Moore while she was married to Eddie. It is also the very same person who fed The Star a negative story about how Brandi is ruining Eddie and Leann’s marriage. The 2nd source is Michelle.

    3) “The report states that Eddie found out about Brandi’s dalliances last year and a source close to him said, “It was frustrating to him because she had built a story around being a jilted wife.”

    A source close to Eddie=Leann. So US Weekly’s 3rd source is Leann.

    Here’s the problem, if Eddie found out about this last year then he and Leann would have included this in their interviews with Katie, GR, Nancy, Leno, and Jimmy. It’s frustrating to Eddie because he is trying to throw Brandi under the bus to save what’s left of his rep and career which he and Leann ruined.

    4) So is anyone going to call Leann and Michelle out for feeding stories about Brandi to US Weekly?

    These negative stories shouldn’t come as a surprise. Leann’s fans has been making these comments on this site for years. For some odd reason they were finally able to get someone to listen to them.

  • racy

    @Gwen: Sorry, Gwen, it wasn’t me. I have not posted here since I grew tired of the same old s*** coming from both sides. How stupid can people be to keep on keeping on with a subject that should have been laid to rest a long time ago. Brandi should continue on with her life without all the hoopla and so should LeAnn. Give it a rest!!!! Nobody cares anymore what either one of these women is up to.

  • Nancy

    LeAnn has a really good voice, I like her. She retweeted me twice when I told her how nice she looked in her dress, She is really nice to her fans, She is moving in a mansion and Brandy is jealous.

  • racy

    @WeWe is a Stalker: These days, LeAnn and Brandi keep each others careers going. Leave ‘em alone. Talking about each other keeps the old fires going for both of them.

  • TJ

    @Gwen: Good job on researching this stuff Gwen.

  • TJ

    @Nancy: Of course she retweeted it. You paid her a compliment. The woman is an egotist.

  • racy

    @TJ: Hey, Gwen, do they still let you have visitors at the “home.” You have been at it a long time now. Really would like to know why you started all this crap. Bet that would be way more interesting than either of these dull “celebs.” Let’s hear it!

  • Gwen


    I went back to the 2009 threads(to find the posts that michela made about JM) and “Michela” posted the very same thing that “rose” posted today! Michela=CBME=RACY Do you know what always gave you away? Whenever I reported CBME, Michela would always showing up complaining about me reporting her. Well you know what happened on the Willie Nelson article that lead to CBME=RACY! So it is you. That’s odd because you were posting on Eonline a month ago, remember they deleted your comments. Since you were posting on Eonline we know that you were posting here too.

    That’s funny. Brandi is keeping Leann’s career going? How so? Look at the charts. Leann’s singles are not charting and Borrowed isn’t getting the radio airplay Leann claimed it would.

    So that is why you came out today? They allowed you to have visitors at home since you have been at it for a long time. So tell is, why did you start all of this crap? That would be more interesting than you defending Leann under all these different names.

    Why don’t you tell us RACY, since you are still making the very same posts that you made in 2009. How stupid can you be to keep on keeping on with a subject that should have been laid to rest a long time ago?

    If no one cares, you wouldn’t have came back and made these posts.

    @Nancy: See it’s already starting again. Why do these “different” Leann supporters only show up when RACY does? Leann slept with Brandi’s husband and is trying to stop people from reading Brandi’s book by claiming that Brandi cheated on Eddie first. That makes Leann jealous. It sounds like you are worried. Are you upset because we figured out who the sources are for US Weekly article?

  • Ellie

    Hi Leann!!

  • Ellie

    Thanks for all the info Gwen! You are making Leann more INSANE than she was! Her personalities each come on here and post under different names.
    Leann get psychiatric help! Now! You are the laughing stock of Hollywood. We all know you’re insane.

  • racy

    @Gwen: Sorry, it isn’t me. Don’t say “you wouldn’t have CAME back.” Proper usage is “you wouldn’t have COME back.” I will always id myself, Gwen.

  • Avianna

    I’ve got to say well played Eddie Cibrian. Until now, LeAnn was just paid for a rental and now she’ll be paying the mortgage. Eddie will be entitled to half when he deicides he’s had enough. You know, I think that Eddie is playing LeAnn the way he played Brandi. He is a total low down dog and I don’t care how much people hate Brandi or LeANn, no woman deserves a man like Eddie. He is the biggest liar and lets his new wife take the brunt of the criticism from the public while she humiliates herself constantly. If he loved her for more than her money, he’d intervene and stop her from doing what she is doing to herself. He treated and is treating the Mother of his children terribly and has made his new wife so insecure that she seems to be going insane. He is a toxic mess of a man.

  • Cassie

    @Avianna: Well said, I completely agree. I do think he is using her. In the long run however, I just can’t summon any pity for LeAnn. She obviously was bowled over by Eddie from the minute she met him. But allowed her physical desire for him, to over-rule her conscience. So obsessed was she, that even after helping to end his marriage, she felt the need to taunt his ex-wife by emulating her, mocking her, and cyber bullying her along with her Twitter drones, and employee’s, She likes to tell herself this is true love, and only she can make Eddie completely happy. Financially she certainly has the means to keep Eddie entertained, as well as his children. Somewhere down the line, she will have to face the fact, that she fell for a serial cheater, and that she can’t always be there watching him, or distracting him with pricey vacations. When the money runs low, what will she do? Her career peaked out years ago, and her popularity plummeted after the affair. Her music isn’t selling. So where does this leave her? On the road playing small venues trying to raise up enough money to keep their lifestyle going. And how does she do this and keep an eagle eye on her trophy husband? If and when, it all falls apart, she won’t have the support of the public like Brandi has. But she will finally understand exactly how she made Brandi feel, and it won’t pleasant.

  • Jack

    OMG she is ugly and a liar to boot. I can’t wait until he cheats. I can’t stand her and how she can write a whole album about this affair, but Brandi can’t? Hyocrite.

  • Liz

    Eddie is already cheating. One of his mistresses is Divini Rae, she’s a playboy model and porn star. Makes Leann look like a boy.

  • Liz

    There is also a girl who claims Eddie is sleeping with her and paying her rent, currently. She is a waitress (shocker!!) from The Cantina, in Calabasas. It’s his favorite restaurant, and he and Leann go to every week. There are several photos of them there on this site.

  • Gwen


    It is you! You are such a creature of habit. Remember when you were posting as CBME and kept trying to correct people’s grammar? So once again thanks for outting yourself.

  • Gwen

    Leann is having another meltdown on twitter

    1) “Grammy foundation show tonight! Kicking ass”-Leann Rimes

    Which explains why Leann went to US Weekly and fed them the false story about Brandi.

    2) “Eddie doesn’t have an Instagram nor tweet so there”-Leann

    So if Eddie doesn’t tweet, then who has been tweeting from his twitter account? Leann.

    We know that the instagram account isn’t Eddie’s, it’s Leann’s. Just like she tweets from Eddie’s twitter account, she is also the one operating the instagram account.

    3) This is what Leann Rimes, the woman who fed US Weekly a negative story about Brandii yesterday just so that she would be able to walk the red carpets for the Grammys, retweeted: “Hurt people hurt people, n she is so hurt that she wants u to feel that pain and its killing her that u are happy.”

    But that’s just it, Leann isn’t happy. It’s why she single white females Brandi.

    4) Leann has been downloading her album: “TOP 100 Releases Pre releases Go @leannrimes … …”

    Single white femaling Brandi again. How is her album getting presales in the top 100(overall her album is ranked at 900 and that’s really bad). when the singles from that album are not even ranked. Nice try Leann! So how did she pull off this scam?

    5) “To deflect the truth is just plain admission”-Leann

    Says the woman who fed US Weekly a false story about Brandi just so that she and her gigolo could walk the red carpets for the Grammys.

  • racy

    @Gwen: Why would I care about “outing” myself? I don’t care if you know I post. I just haven’t in a long time. Just correcting your usage of “come” vs “came.”


    Isn’t this the couple who issued a press release days ago that “we do FOCUS on Brandi Glanville” ? Seems their entire focus is the ex-wife and mother of his children and none of that particular focus is kind.

    Let us review:

    Rimes has had FOUR prime time sit down interviews in the last three weeks…to discuss Brand; Leno, Kimmel, “E”, and O’Dell.

    Rimes still Tweets about Brandi Daily.

    Then, Rimes has had her publicist blitz the tabloids this week with allegations about Brandi cheating, etc.

    Now they are posting photos AND insults directed at Brandi

    Actually, they have been taunting, harassing Brandi for four years – in public and online.

    Before only a few thousand people knew about it and were disgusted, now the world is learning how awful they truly are.

    The book is Brandi’s first and only outlet to tell the story of the harassment and the depths of the daily hate.

    No. 2 on the Bestseller List and the book hasn’t even been released yet.

    Happy Tweeting !!!!!



    Cibrian and Moore publicly broke heir engagement a year before Eddie met Glanville.

  • Gwen


    Which is the very same thing you did when your name was CBME! RACY=CBME=Michela, then you did write the post as Rose because rose posted the very same thing that “Michela” was posting in 2009!

  • Gwen

    Leann’s damage control so that she can leak more staged photo-ops of her and Eddie:

    1) Bombard the internet, tabloids, and blogs with extremely negative stories about Brandi and use her mouthpieces to facilitate the lie. Hence why Wendy Williams and The Talk are jumping on the bashing Brandi bandwagon. Leann is controlling them the same way she controls OMG Yahoo.

    2) Bombard the internet, tabloids, and blogs with articles about how Leann is suffering because of Brandi’s book. Radaronline’s latest article: ”

    3) Prove Eddie’s love. Instagram account where Leann pretends to be Eddie, saying nice things about herself. Radaronline’s latest article.


    Leann’s latest pr stunt that she planned with the assistance of ROL:

    1) “LeAnn Rimes is “losing it” over Brandi Glanville‘s new tell-all book called Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders, a source close to the country singer says, adding the scandalous memoir has her second-guessing the strength of her marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian.”

    A source close to Leann=LEANN. Brandi’s book has Leann 2nd guessing her marriage? And ROL is sure Leann didn’t start 2nd guessing her marriage the moment Eddie watched Leann as she made out with Lizzy?

    2) ““This is bringing out LeAnn’s nagging fears about Eddie that one woman isn’t enough,” a LeAnn insider told a weekly publication about the book, which goes into detail about Eddie’s unfaithful tendencies.”

    Leann insider=Leann. Leann knew that one woman wasn’t enough for Eddie when she made out with Lizzy while Eddie watched and took photos.

    3) Does it bother her? Of course — no woman would want to read these things about her husband,” the insider said.

    Which is odd because Leann wasn’t concerned when she was telling Nancy that her body wouldn’t allow her to stop sleeping with a man she knew was married or when she was doing all those promotions for Borrowed in which she talks about sleeping with another woman’s husband.

    4) “But she knows that Eddie loves her and she’s secure in that … LeAnn desperately wants to believe him.”

    Radaronline’s source is Leann. This is the same thing Leann told Nancy. If Leann was secure in knowing that Eddie loves her, why is she still SWF Brandi?

    5)”If they don’t last, she looks like the biggest loser in the world.”

    She already looks like the biggest loser in the world.

    6) LeAnn has always worried about Eddie being attracted to Brandi,” the insider said. “It was devastating for her to learn that Eddie didn’t leave Brandi, that he wanted both of them.”

    It was devasting for Leann? Eddie was Brandi’s husband, so how is Leann the victim in any of this?

    7) “The insider called Brandi a “toxic” person who “believes her own lies” and is “desperate for money and attention.”

    Haven’t we heard this before? Leann has been tweeting all week long about how Brandi is lying. This is also the same statement that Marcel P gave to Eonline after Leann and Eddie’s E interview aired.

    8) That’s a dangerous combination,” the source added, noting that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has done her best to paint LeAnn “in the worst possible light.”

    What? It’s not Brandi who is painting Leann in the worst possible light, it’s LEANN who is painting herself in the worst possibly light. Leann is her own worst enemy.

    9) With graphic excerpts from the book already making headlines, LeAnn continues to put a smiley public face on the matter, calling Brandi’s tome a collection of “fictional stories.”

    By smiley face, Radaronline means leak negative storiesabout Brandi to them and US Weekly! If Leann was putting on a smiley face, why are were even hearing this story from Radaronline, especially when so many people have submitted to them enough evidence showing Leann stalking and harassing Brandi?

  • Nicole

    LOL she’s just do funny looking.

  • suchbs

    @Rose: Leann?

  • racy

    @Gwen: If all the things you say about LeAnn are true, she isn’t the only one with problems over all this. This divorce, etc., has taken over a lot of your lives. She must be a very important person to have the power over you, and others like you, to be the center of your lives. You have been obsessing about this divorce for how long now – Three or four years. What is it about all this that has you in its power? It is just a divorce – not an act of God. You cannot punish LeAnn and Eddie any more than you have already tried – you haven’t changed a thing. I feel sorry for you more so than those involved.

  • racy

    @Gwen: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Please read this post again. It is too ridiculous to be funny. Ha ha ha.

  • Gwen


    If all the things you say about LeAnn are true, she isn’t the only one with problems over all this. This divorce, etc., has taken over your life. We must be very important people to have the power over you, and others like you, to be the center of your life. You have been obsessing about this divorce for how long now – Three or four years. What is it about all this that has you in its power? It is just a divorce – not an act of God. If we haven’t changed a thing why are you still here making the same posts that you made for how many years now?

    You cannot punish LeAnn and Eddie any more than you have already tried – you have changed a thing with your stupidity. I feel sorry for you more so than those involved.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Please read your post again. It is too ridiculous to be funny. Ha ha ha.

  • racy

    @Gwen: Hey, I no longer give a fig what LeAnn, Eddie or Brandi gets into. Seriously. When you took my quote and changed it to say “We” you lied. I wrote that and I did not say “We must be very important people…” As near as you can, stick to the truth. I am sure that none of these people care what I say or you say – so why say it. Guess they are pretty important if they can keep you revved up like they are doing. You keep all of them in the spotlight so they probably appreciate you very much. Hang in there and help out all you can.