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Beyonce & Jay-Z: Gjelina Lunch Date with Blue Ivy!

Beyonce & Jay-Z: Gjelina Lunch Date with Blue Ivy!

Beyonce and Jay-Z try to sneak out of Gjelina Restuarant after having lunch with their baby girl Blue Ivy on Thursday (February 7) in Venice, Calif.

The 31-year-old Super Bowl Halftime Show singer was blocked out of view by her bodyguards while Blue, who turned 13-months-old that day, was carried out by one of the guards.

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Just a reminder – presale tickets for Bey‘s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour are currently on sale for Mastercard card holders for just another hour. Public onsales start this weekend!

FYI: Beyonce and Jay-Z are using the Orbit infant car seat!

15+ pictures inside of Beyonce and Jay-Z out for lunch…

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beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 01
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 02
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 03
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 04
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 05
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 06
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 07
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 08
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 09
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 10
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 11
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 12
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 13
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 14
beyonce jay z gjelina lunch date with blue ivy 15

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  • um

    new rumours come out and suddenly she’s on J.J, having lunch with her HUSBAND because yaknow they love each other and stuff, or so the fangirls like to believe.

    (…oh!!! and of course this comments makes me racist)

  • scratch

    satan loves them both

  • Nora

    Can’t carried their own baby?

  • Lolita

    @um: Maybe you are racist.

  • um

    @Lolita: lol aren’t you smart?

    clearly i was being sarcastic.. but i’m not even going to justify your stupid comment by saying what race I am because clearly you can’t tell when someone is making a joke

    but good try

  • Sommer

    BEY and JAY was trying to have some quality time alone with their baby. They rushed to the car because there were a zillion paps you don’t see. They also knew the body guards would get Blue to the car without any problems from the paps.

  • ll

    omg that baby is white loll

  • Sommer

    @ll: You’re dumb!

  • Sommer

    @Sommer:. You are racist! You also need a life and need to quit trying to live thru theirs. I forgot nobody wants you. LMAO!!!

  • Sommer

    @um —The above message is for @um-you racist!

  • llove

    I.V.Y. = Illuminati’s Very Youngest B.L.U.E. = Born Living Under Evil. Blue Ivy spelt backwords (Eulb Yvi) = Latin for “Lucifers Daughter”
    that girl is satan

  • daniela

    Eulb Yvi) = Latin for “Lucifers Daughter
    That’s not true Eulb Yvi is not in any way related to Latin or even the earlier version of Latin also known as “Latium”
    So stop talking bad about a little baby!!!

  • Ava

    Not to feed the rumors that she wasn’t actually pregnant. ( full disclosure, I believe , one minute she is showing her stomach with baby pump at a rewards show the next she gave birth, and inbetween that fake baby stomach interview) but that baby does look white, especially the little hand and it doesn’t’ look like the baby that paps have shot pictures of from their yacht which was dark like JZ …. Always something fishy with Beyonce, women’s whole life seems contrived.

  • um

    @Sommer: LOL so original — im tunisian and turkish but maybe you can try something else? and BTW my comment wasn’t due to their race.. i was being sarcastic because everyone assumes if you dont like beyonce you must be racist.

    GET IT NOW????????????

  • http://cnnyr ConnyR

    I asked a hip hop lover what do you like about Jay z,they tell me he is the King of rap. Asked a normal person same thing their answer was the thing I love about Jay Z is Beyonce. I just feel bad for the kid she did not choose this frenzy of a life man. Fame can be lethal when you grow up in it, we have seen it time and time again.

  • Get Real


    I actually think you’re the one who can’t tell when someone is joking; she was obviously being sarcastic because you said “(…oh!!! and of course this comments makes me racist)”.


  • Venice Resident

    UGH!! Abbot Kinney is becoming a JOKE! All the cool indie boutiques cant afford the rent as the mall chain stores like Lucky Brandon and LF are taking over, making the street lame with celebs like these coming in for lunch..go away, and take the paparazzi with you!

  • um

    @Get Real: LOL my comment obviously brought in all the crazies

    dont you have a tumblr to run?

  • mrst

    Ahhh…I can see Blue Ivy in a peek a boo shot…God bless the Carters!

  • Sam

    Something wrong about parents letting a bodyguard carry their little baby, while the parents walk beside… JayZ should man up. And didn’t that hypocritic Beyonce do a video about guns… She is the only celebrity that can not walk two feet without two armed bodyguards at all times protecting her, but every other citizen should not be able to protect themselves, according to Beyonce …. And if she is so worried about gun violence then maybe she shouldn’t be with Jay Z , he and other rappers perpetuated the rapper violent culture, were you get taken out for ” disrespecting” and it was ” cool” to be a thug… The murder capital or America is Chicago, a hand gun free city.. black thugs , killing black thugs and anyone else they can, while law abiding residents can’t have a gun. Funny, Obama was a state sentor of Chicago for 14 years, his and democrat policies did so well for that city , Americans decided to export them the whole country, and his 4 year dismal record is proof , it takes real talent to indebted the nation more them every President before combined, 250 years of Presidents, and still have the worse unemployment numbers since the Great Depression.

  • April

    Beautiful family! Baby Blue is gorgeous!

  • Heart

    @llove stop hating on this baby, she is just a baby who has done nothing wrong. and tell where did you get that info about Blue Ivy meaning the devil’s daughter in latin? I’m pretty sure that Blue Ivy is not in the bible, nor does it mention satin having any kids, and the bible doesn’t lie. almost 2 months ago 20 beautiful children lost their lives by a another man’s evil, and people have the nerve to spew hate & evil onto a innocent baby girl. All Children are a gift from God( even Blue Ivy Carter) not the devil’s, instead of being hateful & nasty towards a child or children, we should be greatful to God that he made these beautiful, precious, innocent, sweet children who are blessings from God. So, May God Bless Blue Ivy And All Children EveryWhere.

  • lol

    @heart, uh contradicting yourself, you just said bless all children everywhere, yet the “man” that you mentioned that killed 20 cildren was in fact a child. He had aspergers. Its a mental illness, something he gereally couldnt control. Its trahic, but can happen to any of us by any of us. Quit judging. You idiot. It coulve been your own child that commited that crime. He haddddddd aspergersssssss! You freak. Judge situations individially…

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Beautiful Couple. People are OBSESSED with Beyonce!

  • addict

    always smiling when she sees a cameraman. sick!

  • mia

    @um – don’t you have a dick to suck? I guess not.

  • mia

    @lol – people don’t kill because they have aspergers, you sound stupid and uneducated.

  • CutTheBS

    @Nora: Shut up!!! She always carries Blue…. once she doesn’t do it & suddenly it’s a problem??!

  • CutTheBS

    @ll: C*nt!! The baby is light skin like beyonce… don’t be a fool!!
    You white people think… only extremely dark people are black.
    Black comes in many different shades!! #shutup

  • CutTheBS

    @Ava: That is the most ridiculous thing ever…. like seriously.. have you people EVER seen a light skin black baby??? Like seriously google it…. thats how most of them look.
    How dumb can u ppl b!! smh

  • Sara

    People will ALWAYS find something to say.. Like, where’s the problem if Bey and Jay don’t carry their baby to the car ? And y’all saying the baby is light.. Have you ever seen pictures of Beyoncé when she was a baby ? She’s always been light skinned… Always.

  • cece

    @um: you said it perfectly “rumors”, so should she be concern. Plus she still has an hubby and baby to provide for.

  • ivy

    Why don’t they just allow or publish a picture of Ivy Blue and get it over with.? All this covering up the child is foolish and just causes the papparazzi to stalk. But perhaps the parents enjoy the attention. Gisele just puslished a sweet photo of Vivian on her Facebook page. Fans get to see the child and there is no need for papparazzi to follow the couple for the first shot. I think it is a very smart way to introduce the child on the parents’ own terms.

  • Tiana

    @Nora: OMG! She has carried her child many of times, its just in this case she is not carrying her child like come on get real here!

  • LV

    He’s one of the richest man in Hollywood, has one of the sexiest wives, still dresses like a fool… SMH

  • um

    @mia: dont you have a chocolate cake to cry over? i bet you do

  • lucky

    Poor baby, carried out like a take-out order.

  • Michelle


    Here we go again another ignorant dumba*s talking about sh*t they don’t know. Aspergers is NOT the reason for those children being killed, that guy killed because he was mentally unstable which his mother didn’t monitor because he was surround by and had access to guns. Be smart and do some actual research because if you did you would know there is no relation to Aspergers and violence ya dumb twat. Aspergers is a mild form of autism that is associated with social awkwardness. So I suggest you shut the f*ck up before you talk about stuff you don’t know.

  • Michelle

    Sorry to bust your bubble people but African Americans do and can have light skin children…FACT. Also another fun FACT African/African American women is the only race that can give birth to a completely Dark skinned and completely light skinned babies. For example my sister who is African/Indian/Portuguese gave birth to a white skinned baby with blond hair who father is Irish/Puerto Rican. But yeah their still those dumb people who ask if he is adopted.

  • http://connyr ConnyR

    This couple is everything. Beautiful family, may God keep them together forever. Haters fall back.

  • gwen

    this couple is just filtering off the fans. they really want to be royality and has done what ever it took for you fools to believe this. i guess as long as beyonce keep her mouth closed she can fool even you!