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Gerard Butler: Medical Building Visit

Gerard Butler: Medical Building Visit

Gerard Butler flashes a slight smile while heading to a medical building for an appointment on Thursday (February 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 43-year-old actor was spotted the day before running some errands around town after arriving back on the west coast following a week with his buddies in Miami.

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In case you missed it, check out the latest trailer for Gerard‘s new film Olympus Has Fallen, in theaters March 22.

FYI: Gerard is wearing J Brand‘s Trooper pants in Vintage Rider.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler visiting a medical building…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler medical building visit 01
gerard butler medical building visit 02
gerard butler medical building visit 03
gerard butler medical building visit 04
gerard butler medical building visit 05
gerard butler medical building visit 06
gerard butler medical building visit 07
gerard butler medical building visit 08
gerard butler medical building visit 09
gerard butler medical building visit 10
gerard butler medical building visit 11
gerard butler medical building visit 12
gerard butler medical building visit 13
gerard butler medical building visit 14
gerard butler medical building visit 15
gerard butler medical building visit 16
gerard butler medical building visit 17
gerard butler medical building visit 18

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  • lexy hats bilson

    Maybe he’s preggers!

  • goodgravy

    See Gerry walk. Typical Thursday on JJ.

  • View

    How did he get the giant bruise on his head? Is that why he is visiting the Dr.?


    I see the necklace is back.

  • the hills

    Oh hey GB! Love to see him everyday in new pics! Looks like a nice walk in BH…it’s interesting to check out all of the stores. He’s looking good…oh, and that new poster for OHF is hot…literally. :)

  • cupcake

    Hi there. Gerry looks better in these pics. I see he dyed his hair.

  • Necklace

    It’s the same one MG is wearing in her FB cover shot.


    @View: Think that is just a shadow. Was on other side of G’s brow in last pic’s. Also not in restaurant pics from dinner yesterday. Just a beefy brow. Doesn’t G usually check in with this Doc about this time every year? I think it’s a prof. req. of some kind. Maybe he’s taking a pre-production insurance physical. Hope so!


    Visiting the Dr. usually means a new movie in the works…always needs a physical before he begins to work… (any actor)…yessss : )


    @Necklace: No, it’s not…his necklace in the Mexico pics show it to be the Sacred Heart which is what he is wearing again & her necklace on her FB pg is a silver pendant….

  • fb nonsense

    @Necklace: Yes, and she made sure you all would notice that, which is why you should stop going to her fb page.She put as many pics as possible front and center of her wearing that godawful necklace. Get it yet?

  • ze

    urgh! 43 and yet he looks 63! such a loser face! nothing but booze face!


    @Necklace: It’s NOT the SAME ONE. These are very common, inexpensive medallions, if it is like the one I have that looks just like his. They have been around for years. The picture on the front is different from hers, they come with many different images on them. The one I have, which looks EXACTLY like G’s is of JESUS praying in the garden. Madalina’s is of the same design, maybe, but a different image, and she’s had it at least 2 years. She is just posting it again because we made such a fuss about it, and she’s taking advantage of the similarity.

  • The Noise in the Walls

    Good Luck Gerry on OHF!!
    Getting a physical maybe?..Hopefully for a up and coming project?


    3rd time – When is the glitch going to get fixed so that the postings are not lost?

    (sigh) her latest cover pic for her FB pg is from a recent photo shoot – so she says…totally different necklaces. Size of pendants are different also…at least I’m thinking that’s the pic that post 7 is talking about.

  • cupcake

    The trailer for OHF looks promising. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • @SUNKIST: madalina is too old for that childish behaviour.


    That shirt is Huge on him! But at least G’s put on a little weight since Thailand. Very Nice…Such a beautiful boy..!

  • What now?


    Me too. I love action flicks like this. I think Antoine pulled the best out of Gerry.
    They have been friends for a long time and he should know what Gerry has.

  • Totally Useless Information

    Little Maddie might have been around the block a few times, but she is 24 and still plays juvenile games. GB probably encourages her thinking she’s so cute. Such class and intelligence is amusing to say the least.


    @: I don’t think we’re dealing with “innocent” childlike behavior, but ,yes, very childish, crude, spiteful, and damaging. This will come back to her, badly.

  • SUNKIST acting like GFW

    Again. There is not a single thing that girl does that’s any different or unusual.

  • lolita

    Two new posters for the movie, one with Morgan and the the other with Aaron, good finally more promotion for the movie. It does look good so far. This was a good choice for Gerry, I know it will do well.


    Re;OHF, The one universal criticism G’s films recieve, over and over, is how ” cliche” they are. Stereotypes, and cliche after cliche. In these stills of OHF they have copied Bruce Willis shot for shot. If the audience doesn’t care, the critics Will, and they’ll blast G for it. They HAVE to come up with a NEW angle to sell this. Just replacing this badguy with that badguy, and this detail with that detail won’t do this time… If, instead of showing the White House in flames, show the real battle ; between G and the very handsome, Equal Mr.Yun. DieHard had a capable badguy, they all do, but Not an equally strong and equally attractive, equally IDEALISTIC rival. If they can capitolize on this, they might have something. That is IF G is willing to share the limelight- for the good of the film. JMHO

  • Getting tiresome

    Gerry’s PR sure is working overtime this month, with all these phony photo-ops where Gerry pretends to be surprised to see the cameras around.

  • Xanadu

    Valtrex. They have to keep the lesions down to pretend he didn’t screw 50 girls in the past two weeks.

  • Scent

    Same story different day, nothing ever changes. Somethings do change.

  • DocP

    @SUNKIST acting like GFW:
    I don’t remember any of his other GF’s acting like she does with her facebook? BTW shes not 24. Its already been established that she admitted to changing her DOB because she thought it was better to be born on 8-8-1988. I realize its probably only a difference of a year but hey in modeling and acting every year counts, at least for a female it does.


    I really would have liked the power-that-was, for CM to have focused the media blitz on the boy, and not G. He’s a really cute kid, and he can act! Teenaged girls are always looking for the newest flavor of young hunk. They would have flocked to the theaters, especially if CM had been released as a summer film. Who in the world is making these decisions? I understand G was an exec. prod, but still! More than one person makes decisions on a multimillion dollar production. You have to know your strengths, and when to share the spotlight. I really hope G’s very healthy sized ego doesn’t mess him up with OHF. The critics are already snickering about him being the only one who can save the President. So very much depends on this film hitting on all levels.

  • Autumn

    Evening JJers! It’s nice to see GB with a smile on his face. Even at 43yo, he still has that rugged roguish demeanor. I think the wrinkles give him character – it’s the roadmap of our life – every good moment, every bad moment – all of our adventures.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. Stay sane, safe, happy and healthy.


    Just noticed the bodyguard in yesterdays blue plaid photos. Seen him before. He’s the big bald guy behind G in blue sweats. He’s still there in the second photo, way back by the FED-EX drop box. WHY does G need a bodyguard? This really bothers me.

  • lolita

    @Autumn: hello Autumn, agree with you about the rugged manly look he has. I also like the touch of grey at his temples and it seems like his hair has some grey strands showing, not just one solid color, much better shade of brown. Take care and say hi to Joie if you hear from her.


    On the CT thread of JJ’s, the 2013 Oscars producers announced Channing Tatum will be a ” special guest “. A special guest for what? This has got to be PR for WHF. Oh, this is bad for OHF. How much would an ad for OHF cost to run on the Oscars telecast, reaching how many Billion people? And CT is getting all that spotlight – on live TV, for FREE!!! OMG


    Sorry, meant WHD.

  • Rosa

    Visiting the doc in the PR/Pap version, should mean “new contract”. But could mean anything. OHF should do well. The star power is second to none in this film. Hopefully everyone turns out to promote it, unlike recent movies. Although the red carpet has little to do with the box office numbers in reality. Hopefully GB let the writers write and he kept his focus on his acting. Looking forward to it.

  • of course


    What did you expect? In HW, CT > GB. He’s had a great year, hit movies, seemingly happily married, pregnant wife…

    Compare that to GB with flop after flop and a relationship with a very, ahem, ambitious girl who’s been passed-around between three guys in the past 18 months.

    No contest here.

    OT: Did you see 21 Jump Street? Total popcorn movie but I laughed the whole way through.

  • Rosa

    Can’t help but say he also looks like he’s thinking….holy cr/ap, hope I pass the drug screen….sorry, couldn’t help myself. He does have a poker face. Good luck, Gerry!

  • Kendra

    The phannies are really going over board on the previous thread. They’re still at it, too. I guess they don’t realize there’s a new thread.

  • Precious time

    Necklace on, necklace off! You all need to stop going to her facebook page. She’s got you all hooked and he’s’ in on it. How silly, sad and immature! Don’t be surprised when they turn up together in the next few days. He’ll be front and center at her gig. I say, leave him to her. There will be no good end to it.

  • Rosa

    This circus is so much fun. Is he, isn’t she, aren’t they, are they?? The Oscar nominees could all take a lesson from the posters at GB’s threads for how to handle the anticipation. You’d think it was the GB Oscars….Too much fun.

  • Banter

    His yearly checkup. Maybe a Flu shot, VD test, and drug testing to prove to Mel or someone he is sane.

  • This

    @Precious time:

    Totally 100% agree with this. This is exactly what both of these narcissists (he and she) want. They live for attention, no matter what kind. They can only see themselves through other people’s eyes. So if no one is looking at them, they don’t exist.

  • just stop

    Yes, they are still there and I just gave one of them

  • Banter

    Alan has escorted him to the doc before. He hasn’t been with him for a few weeks. Can we hope Ger has changed management?

  • Koscu

    @SUNKIST: MGP started the bodyguard thing

  • GH


    Perhaps the bodyguard is to protect him from mad Romanians!

  • GH


    Truly Interested, once you have typed your comment copy it and if it doesn’t go through you can then just paste it and that saves you having to type it all again. I do that because of the problems trying to post.

  • http://JJ Socks

    @GH: yeh maybe if you posted as one SOCK you wouldn’t have a problem posting.leave all the other socks in the drawer…

  • Violet

    These are interesting days. We haven’t seen Alan for ages, or either of Gerry’s publicists. There has also been no new film announcement.
    One of the reasons I doubt this doctor’s visit is for a new film is because if they were this close to starting production, Gerry’s team would have announced the new project to the press by now.

  • What now?


    We haven’t seen Alan since Dec 11 in Oslo.