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Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: Germany vs. France Game!

Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger: Germany vs. France Game!

Diane Kruger bursts with joy while attending the soccer game between Germany and France with her longtime love Joshua Jackson on Wednesday (February 6) at the Stade de France in Paris.

The 36-year-old actress was born and raised in Germany, but spent much of her adult life living in France, so we wonder who she was rooting for?!

Last week, Diane attended a photo call for her new film Der Naechste, Bitte! in Berlin.

In case you missed it, check out Diane on the cover of Glamour UK‘s latest issue!

20+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger at the soccer game…

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joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 01
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 02
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 03
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 04
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 05
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 06
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 07
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 08
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 09
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 10
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 11
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 12
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 13
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 14
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 15
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 16
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 17
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 18
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 19
joshua jackson diane kruger germany vs france game 20

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# 1

She is wearing the French scarf and seems to be surrounded only by French fans so she must have been rooting for France :)

# 2

Well she’s wearing a French national team scarf so it’s pretty clear who she’s supporting..

# 3

they look cute together.

# 4

Haha, too bad all the support didn’t pay off…I guess that’s what happens when you don’t stay true to your roots. :-P
BTW is she wearing an engagement ring?

# 5

NO the scarf it´s from the game she support germany :D
She was adorable with that expressions…josh need to demonstrate more passion…

# 6

They looks sooooooooo cute!!!!

# 7

They are so down to earth. i love them

# 8

So glad that Diane has her man by her side again. lovely couple

# 9

I love the fact that Diane hardly wears any make-up while out and about. She is truly a natural beauty.
Joshua, you lucky man!

Seriously, how cute and perfect is this couple!

hmmmmmm…………….Joshua Jackson.

perfect couple being perfect

An absolutely beautiful and loving couple. All the BEST!

They are such a good looking and seem to be a such a down to earth couple too.. Their baby is going to be gorgeous..

Nice photos. Diane Kurger is one classy looking lady and ooo Joshua makes my heart melt

Diane is beyond beautiful. Joshua put a ring on it!!!!

for me everything that these two do is just for publicity, guy who worked how technician of the show he did, talked How he was a prima Donna how he likes to be in the spotlight

she supports Germany, because she is the only one who jumped up, after a Germany goal! But she bought her ticked in France and is sitting on the France side!

LIFE UNFAIR @ 02/07/2013 at 9:24 am

Diane has the perfect face, has an international career and talks german/french/english, lives in Paris and LA, but did she have to have the perfect boyfriend also? So jealous.

The rest of the crowd seems rather unhappy. :(

It must have been really cold out there lol…………

Diane and Joshua make a great couple.

I’m so i love with Joshua. I have been since the Mighty Ducks days. He sure can pick the beautiful women in his life.

an absolute beauty

I missed them so much together. Love the pictures, thank you, Jared

i hope these two stay together forever and ever. FLAWLESS!!


ITAWU! They are just the cutest couple out there. Love them together.

Diane is adorable in her enthusiasm and Josh is incredibly beautiful. I love seeing these two having fun.

This has made my day! What a couple :-)

I like them both. I can’t imagine seeing diane or joshua with someone else. They are meant to be together.


She supports Germany all the way. She is very proud of her German roots and also loves France, but she’s going to go with Germany in any sport. They are the sweetest couple.

I love this couple. They’re both super hot but they don’t flaunt. Put a ring on it, Josh!

Best couple in Hollywood right now. Perfect match!!

joshua and diane are so romantic. They do almost everything together……

He buys her Romantic Gifts for Women from AthenaToysDotcom

In almost ten years of career this woman has not done anything in Hollywood, she has never been nominated for a major award, is best known as a fashion icon than an actress, she promotes more clothes than her films , and of course herself. She got off to a bad start in Hollywood Troy was a major failure , national treasure despite having a good grossing is one of the worst film of hollywood, it even is worse from than any film of arnold schwarzenegger, is on par with Ghost Rider, now she only makes movies of down budget and unknown directors.

It that a wedding ring on diane kruger finger?

pretty lady

They seem like cool people

Diane Kruger <3

Obviously she rooted for France, she has a french scarf.


There is something sexy about Joshua. Diane is incredibly pretty and a very good actress. Adorable couple

JoshstilltheBiggerStar @ 02/07/2013 at 10:17 am

He seems like an easy boyfriend. I wonder so long together no marriage, no kids. As as woman she must be very secure about their relationship or it’s so not her priortiy to have kids..

She looks pretty

Review troy “Diane Kruger’s Helen could launch a dinghy or two, she is far too insipid to launch a thousand ships. Which is a shame”, now she can launch a paper boat blurred,

gorgeous overload! they so belong to each other

Go josh , go diane. This is what love really is.


josh looks bored :p

AWWWWWWWWW @ 02/07/2013 at 10:30 am

diane looks gorgeous and so happy. joshua looks so hot.

Josh is so gorge!! Keep it up Jared… I will ever tire of seeing pictures of this man and his pretty girl!!

I love this picture of a very patriotic Diane Kruger watching the France v Germany match yesterday with beau Joshua Jackson

Doesn’t get any cuter than this!

That game was brilliant! And it’s so cute that Diane was the only one jumping up after Germany scored a goal ^-^ I love Diane,she’s so down to earth & just amazing <3

Diane Kruger, en plus d’être mannequin et actrice, elle regarde le foot… Elle est vraiment trop parfaite !

oh, they are the cutest couple ever. they’re chemistry is undeniable and they would make such cute babies!!

She looks so cute! Love seeing her with JOSH!

Wow, diane and josh look so good together. Now that is what I call 2 hot couples.

josh maybe get a role in a movie by JJ Abrams, not like a main because he is very bad actor

joshua and diane are good looking with or without make up and expensive clothes. I think what’s neat about them is they make each other BETTER by being together. Hollywood is an awful place for a “relationship” and they have kept it on the down low so I applaud them.

The Lady’s Face In The Background Says It All About The Game

they are so cute. love to see them together smiling to each other

is she wearing an engagement ring?

I love her jacket

US MAGAZINE @ 02/07/2013 at 11:26 am

Cheering for Germany

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson watched intently in the stands during a soccer match between France and Germany in Saint-Denis, France Feb. 6.


The blonde beauty steals a kiss from her beau as they catch a soccer game between France and Germany in Paris.

josh you are so sexy, and he will be a good father !
diane is a lucky woman that josh is choosing her to be the mother of his future children.

Six years together and still so in love. Definitely the cutest couple in Hollywood.

*NEW MOVIE* @ 02/07/2013 at 11:43 am

Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Kruger, and Emile Hirsch have signed on to star in 1940s drama Midnight Sun. Written and directed by Chris Eigeman (Turn the River; he also starred in Whit Stillman‘s Metropolitan and The Last Days of Disco), the film “follows two young post graduates recruited by the US Government to work on a top-secret project in New Mexico. Along with one of the students’ new wife, they drop their jazz-filled lives in New York and move to a secret community of scientists in the desert.” As everyone knows, desert scientists hate jazz.

According to Screen Daily, shooting is set to begin this summer. Hit the jump for a refresher on the stars’ other projects.

Eisenberg will next be seen in the magician-thriller Now You See Me. He’s also starring Richard Ayoade‘s The Double and will co-star with Dakota Fanning in the indie flick Night Moves.

Kruger will be seen in theaters this March in the adaptation of Stephanie Meyer‘s sci-fi thriller, The Host. She’s also co-starring opposite Anton Yelchin in the romance movie 5 to 7, and she’s set to lead the Abraham Lincoln film The Green Blade Rises, which is being produced by Terrence Malick.

Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Kruger, and Emile Hirsch to Lead MIDNIGHT SUN

Finally, Hirsch recently starred in the David Gordon Green dramedy Prince Avalanche. He’s also co-starring in Peter Berg‘s adaptation of Lone Survivor.

to anyone was inquiring who was the cannes festival winners 2012 because it was paying attention in Diane’s dresses:

@UK ONLINE: josh visibly embarrassed

PDA ALERT! Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at a friendly game between Germany and France at “Stade de France” in Paris

CELEBITCHY @ 02/07/2013 at 12:13 pm

FYI: Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson are still together, still adorable

This is just a reminder: Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are still one of the cutest celebrity couples ever. I will truly be heartbroken if they ever break up. But right now I don’t have to worry about that at all! How many years have they been together? It’s like, five or six years, right? And they still look so loved up and sweet and adorable together.

These pics are from a soccer/football game in Paris – Germany was playing France. I’m assuming Diane and Joshua were sitting in a sea of French fans because Diane is pretty much the only person reacting with joy in some of these photos, and I’m assuming that’s because she was rooting for the German team. But… she’s wearing the French team’s scarf? So maybe she was hoping everybody played well.

Now that Joshua is done with Fringe, I wonder what he’s got lined up next? His IMDB doesn’t have any future projects for him, so I guess he’s just bumming around with Diane these days, doing whatever she wants. Which seems to make him happy, which is so cute. I want them to have beautiful Canadian-German babies. I want them to live happily in France and do cute things forever and ever.

Love watching them. THey seem so perfect for each other and so fortunate to have found one another.

REALLY neat couple! Loving life and having a great time doing it together!

@*NEW MOVIE*: she is doing films with directors very unknown, I think it’s because of the publicity, these films are so low budget that directors do not have enough budget for the promotion them.

wow, what a power couple! love them!


Stylish celebrity couples are a force to be reckoned with. It’s not enough these days to be a stylish celebrity, you’ve got to have the stylish partner to match. The most stylish celeb couples in the game are also the ones that seem to garner the most interest and publicity. Here are some of the most stylish celebrity couples around right now.


While they may stay pretty much out of the spotlight, apart from red carpet appearance, there’s no denying that this couple have style credentials. Diane Kruger has quickly gained style icon status for many of her outfit choices on the red carpet, and Joshua Jackson does look dapper in a tux.

@LIFE UNFAIR: you must live in a shack, barely speaks her own language and must be ugly as hell

So beautiful!! I’m a big big fan

These two make me happy. I hope they can last.

Aww, lovely pics. Glad they’re enjoying being together doing ordinary things, must be nice for them.

they are so affectionate with each other.

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they seem very grounded and gentle towards each other.

@EloRed: She knows how to please her Boyfriend because she buys Romantic Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

lol, the same person commenting 100 times, quite lame, I like Diane anyway, but this is funny look at the comments the person doesn’t even wait comments after 1 minute and keep doing it…

They are such a cute couple. And it’s obvious that they still have the hots for each other.

what makes a successful actor it is not the exposure in the media, but the quality of their work,all this exposure will not change the fact of Diane being an actress C list

Diane’s got the whole package: beauty, artistic talent and a flair for languages AND a charming, handsome boyfriend.

robyncooke-styleguide @ 02/08/2013 at 7:33 am

Diane Kruger at the Football in Stella McCartney

There is so much I want to say about this. First of all, clever girl. THAT Diane Kruger took my husband Pacey Witter, aka Joshua Jackson, to the footie on Wednesday, got all involved and excited and generally behaved exactly as one would want a fun girl to behave. All the while looking like she just stepped off a Stella McCartney runway with her pretty, pretty face and that Stella jacket. Why can’t I just dislike her?? My life would be so much easier.

And yet, this is a famous chick who sits in the stands like us normal folk. Who puts herself in the midst of the French supporters, wearing a German scarf, and doesn’t get pelted with naartjies (or whatever the French equivalent is – croissants?) How does she do it? Looks like a fun night out. Wish I had been there with my man.

*nouveau projet* @ 02/08/2013 at 7:34 am

Nouveau projet pour Diane Kruger : ‘Midnight Sun’

Décidément, 2013 sera encore une année chargée pour Diane Kruger !
L’actrice vient d’obtenir un rôle aux côtés de Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) et Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) dans Midnight Sun, écrit par Chris Eigeman (Arbitrage) et réalisé par le duo Ben Smith & Jeffrey Weiner (The Bourne Legacy).
Se déroulant en 1943, ce film dramatique suit deux jeunes diplômés recrutés par le gouvernement américain afin de travailler sur un projet top-secret au Nouveau-Mexique. Accompagnés de la femme d’un des étudiants, ils abandonnent leurs vies new-yorkaises et emménagent dans une communauté secrète de scientifiques dans le désert.
Midnight Sun est produit par Andrew Herwitz et Julianne Hausler tandis que l’historien Richard Rhodes, vainqueur du prix Pulitzer pour son livre The Making of the Atomic Bomb, servira de conseiller sur ce film.
La recherche des lieux de tournage aura lieu cet Été.

They are definitely cute together. I love her jacket, too.

GLAMOUR MAGAZINE UK @ 02/08/2013 at 10:48 am

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at a football match in Paris

No wonder Joshua Jackson’s smiling – not only has he got a great seat for the France V Germany friendly in Paris, he’s getting a smacker from his gorgeous girlfriend, bona fide style icon (and GLAMOUR cover girl, no less) Diane Kruger, too.

Lucky, lucky boy.

Gorgeous Couple, will they get married? Keep the PASSION ALIVE with your Boyfriend with LOVE TOYS from AthenaToysDotcom

Stupid *****.

I love her “game” face! They’re adorbs together.

Such a lovely couple

Eu gostaria dever Diane Kruger com a joia brasileira de Carla Amorin que Josh ofereceu para ela em Monaco ,cujo valor foi 45.000 dolares.

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