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Kristen Stewart: 'The Big Shoe' Star!

Kristen Stewart: 'The Big Shoe' Star!

Kristen Stewart has just signed on for her next big role in the upcoming flick The Big Shoe, according to Deadline!

The film also is set to star Elizabeth Banks! Jim Sturgess is already attached to play gifted shoe designer forced to break free from a family who wants to turn his designs into mass-produced knock-offs.

The family hires psychotherapist Mary Kay (Banks) and muse Delphi (Stewart) to lure him back to work.

Steven Shainberg is attached to direct with a script he co-wrote with Mickey Birnbaum.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Kristen Stewart collaborate with Elizabeth Banks???

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Credit: Mike Coppola, Alexandra Wyman; Photos: Getty
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  • Vanity-Insecurity

    why would we be excited to watch some girl who can’t act to save her life in any movie?

  • Anne

    YESSSSS i love Kristen!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Nothing about this sounds interesting.

  • LA

    Amazing!! I love Kristen!!!

  • LaCroix

    pivotal roles KStew … no serious drama roles for her cus lets face it she sux.

  • Sweetness

    who is directing?uh oh here we go again

  • tinamarie

    Not trying to be rude and I’m not cutting anyone down but this doesn’t sound like it has much of a plot. The bases of the movie is about shoes? No thanks.

  • Anne

    I just do not understand how people who do not like Kristen waste time commenting about it on websites, can be faster than the fans … ah yes that’s Disease … if it is so bad because they lose their precious time with her?!

  • Nicole

    Hmm could be interesting. Also I think Jennifer Lawrence was attached to this at one point, it used to be on her imdb page. But anyways good for Kristen, I’m looking forward to seeing her in anything but a vampire flick!

  • Rocky


    AMEN! She’s horrible. Watched the ‘Huntsman’ the other day and Charleze stole it! I mean stole it!! There was some potentionl there in ‘Panic Room’, but she’s been horrible every since.

  • SIM

    LMAO !!! Sounds interesting.. NOT!!

  • Denita

    @LaCroix: Agreed! These kind of roles is all she’s good for if even that. Home wrecker!

  • ljs

    Interesting the people who don’t care for her, yet take a few minutes out of their day to comment negatively on her. Hmmmmm….. she effects you enough to take action. She wins.

  • Rose


    Just like those who like her post comments. There will always be likes and dislikes, it’s what makes the world go round. I don’t like her as an actress and maybe you do. It’s what it is. We can learn to disagree like adults and not like some women who are nasty, rude and use nasty language. No call for insulting someone who likes someone just because you do, as so many people like to do sometimes.

  • Denita

    @ljs: oh shut that whole in your face. Just like you took time to point out the same thing.

  • nina

    @Nicole: Jen was NEVER attached to this mess

  • LaCroix

    Please never mention Jen Lawrence & KStew in the same sentence. Jen’s a real actress..

  • Rupert Sanders

    Oscar for Kristen <3

  • Anne

    Rose: comments are not only critical, are sincere, assume that you are envious and spiteful!! the bad news comes out and you criticize what was not done yet just because of Kristen … It affects very sad this life and devoting himself to hatred Free!!

  • Karen


    She KNEW the man was married and had children yet she went ahead and did what she did. Robert shouldn’t have been surprised though because she cheated on boyfriend she was seeing when she met Robert. She dumped boyfriend and started relationship with Robert. Guess that’s why he took her back.

  • Anne

    Elizabeth Banks, Susan Sarandon and Jim Sturgess… shut up jealous!!!!

  • Karen


    Huh? I have no idea what you’re saying. I meant my comments in a good way. I was speaking of ‘others’ whose posts are filled with venom just because they don’t like someone or disagree with someone who posts in favor of that person.

  • tralala

    i bet all the people who comment on this post could not manage to mention jennifer lawrence or any other actress when the post has nothing to do about them. also bet people could not comment on post without making reference to something that happened 7 months ago.

    even better I wonder if people who have nothing can even manage not to comment at all if they don’t like kristen cos quite frankly nobody forced you to read the post

  • Rose


    I proved my point. You’re telling people to ‘Shut Up’ because their opinion differs from yours. You don’t need to respond back to a post you don’t like. Be an adult and ignore if you don’t agree with someone.

  • Rocky


    SO TRUE!

  • Larissa

    @Karen: know here is talking about your professional development and not personal life.

  • AG

    Kristen Stewart will never win an Oscar. Better learn to love her golden bucket of popcorn or whatever that POS trophy she won for Twilight is.

  • Jess

    Shoes?! Seriously? Well at least she’s not the lead and she’ll be good at the ‘luring’ part. Why are people still dating the Stewart/Pattinson connection? There is NO evidence that they got ‘back together’ for anything other than to promote their film. No one here can state with authority that they are a couple. She’s a cute girl, but she needs acting lessons.

  • tralala

    *have nothing nice to say

    and yes everybody is entitled to their opinion but why bother if you do not like the person



  • Anne

    Rose:: as a person who hates you for no reason and still thinks he has reason deserves shut up, simple as that. But there is distilling their hatred on the internet (which should make you very depressed) I will celebrate the great news is … good things attract good things.

  • talia

    @AG: how do you know she will not win an oscar, you have no say in who gets nominated but bet you would be annoyed if she did

  • Mia

    Kristen has Jay Leno chin in that pic. LOL!

  • Anne

    there are many actresses who are successful and that attracts me personally I do not work, wonder if I’ll get interested in their personal lives … or if I’ll get comments on sites to criticize them or will judge them?! Of course not!! I try and use my time with things and people that I like. So my tristez see people like so much hate.

  • Ola

    Good for Kristen!! Sounds like a great cast.

  • Nadia

    The funny thing is…the same people come here every time there is a Kristen story to write the same boring comments about how much they hate her or how bad she is at everything. Its hilarious!! Surely that is not healthy. For some reason a lot of people took pleasure in hating Kristen even before what happened in the summer and now they just rehash something that happened 7 months ago that no one cares about anymore to attack her even more!!! Get over it! It is rather obsessive and creepy to be honest.

  • Jessie

    I love how everything Kristen does gets so much attention!!! People really are obsessed with her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elena

    I love what Emma Watson said about Kristen today! She really stuck up for her!!! People need to just move on! Only horrible people continue to harass someone when they know nothing about a situation and it was over half a year ago. These people must have severe issues in their own lives to spend so much time projecting on to Kristen.

  • Lisa

    I’m glad she feels ready to get back to work. What happened was just horrible but I think how she has been treated is disgusting. She learned a very big, tough life lesson and she learned it the hard way. People need to back off her now and let her try to get on with her life.

  • Becca

    How people spend so much time hating a young girl baffles me.

  • Nia

    Nasty people comment on here.

  • Clara

    Kristen obsession alert!!

  • Dawn

    The same people have been commenting here for years saying how much they hate Kristen. One would hope they would have grown up a bit by now but alas I guess not.

  • ian

    @Jessie: people obsessed with her because she always pretended to be an angel while she is real psychopath who breaks a couple without even being interested by the husband and she can not even speak properly in an interview she looks like a crazy not to mention his talent nonexistent, I was shocked by his film with charlize theron its shameful how she interpreted the role OMG like as a 12 year old girl with the same grimaces in twilight lool, then its insane to say that she is talented like many others young actresses

  • @ian

    OBSESSED!!! She never pretended to an angel…far from it! OMG! You sound a little crazy.

  • Gemma

    Wow. Some people who comment on here are nuts!!! Get a life and stop being so hateful!!

  • Kiera

    Excellent news! Love Kristen and Elizabeth!

  • Mollie

    Enough with the Kristen hate already!! MOVE ON! Everyone else has!

  • Lydia

    People around here must not understand the meaning of forgiveness and that is very sad indeed. I hope they never make a mistake although it absolutely guaranteed that they will.

  • Jennifer

    I think it sounds kind of cool. So sick of people attacking Kristen but I do not think they will ever stop. Unfortunately that is what makes them happy. It is a form of sadism.