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Miranda Kerr: Earcuff at David Jones Fashion Workshop!

Miranda Kerr: Earcuff at David Jones Fashion Workshop!

Miranda Kerr rocks a Ryan Storer earcuff while attending the public fashion workshop at the David Jones Burke Street store on Friday (February 8) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 29-year-old model wore a Scanlan & Theodore skirt and top, Valentino shoes, and a Bulgari watch.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the week, Miranda walked the runway in David Jones’ Autumn/Winter Fashion Show at the Castlereagh Street store in Sydney. Make sure to check out her runway looks!

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the David Jones Fashion Workshop

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miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 01
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 02
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 03
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 04
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 05
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 06
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 07
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 08
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 09
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 10
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 11
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 12
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 13
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 14
miranda kerr earcuff at david jones fashion workshop 15

Credit: Graham Denholm; ; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Miranda Kerr

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  • InsertCoolNameHere

    That earcuff says trying to hard.

  • Amanda

    Miranda is beautiful. I am enjoying reading her book Treasure Yourself. I am considering trying out her Kora products because they are organic and gentle on the skin. I hope Kora comes to the US or Canada. She is my favourite VS model.

  • Jasmin coles

    Really hair so shin her lady..

  • yes!

    She looks beautiful! Love her!!!

  • y

    @Amanda: yeah i want to try to kora products too but i find it weird that she’s in a campaign for ‘clear’ shampoo/conditioner that’s not a natural-based product.. I mean it’s kinda like wearing & working for PETA at the same time.. Also a lot of people have been complaining about it..

  • y

    wearing fur & working for PETA*

  • @5

    By “a lot if people”, do you mean the four cretins on delphi?? Because that is the only place that I have seen it mentioned at all.
    But there isn’t anthing wrong with her promoting it. It’s a shampoo that works, and takes care of yourhair and scalp. Nothing harmful at all.
    And she has ALWAYS said that it is never all or nothing. She’s said numerous times that she eats organic “when she can”. The shampoo is the same thing. An organic product would not have the same effect, so she uses the non-organic shampoo. She uses organic skin care and makeup, because she can. But not organic shampoo.
    You see. It’s never ‘all or nothing’.

  • @ Y

    Yeah you are totally right, that goes for her endorsing Lipton Ice Tea as well. That stuff is a fake chemical shit storm in a bottle > but a paycheck is a paycheck….

  • q

    @@5: excuse me? so having an opinion about a product is an attack? calm down – secondly if you promote natural/organic products why would you use something that’s all chemicals?

    and the reviews i read are on hair-care sites, not celebrity blogs.

  • q

    @@ Y: true. my comment wasn’t meant to be seen as some attack – but heaven forbid you have an opinion.

    (and before i get some smart comment about a change of “name-or letter”-i couldn’t post with it anymore)

  • helloo

    she looks happy beautiful and lovely as always. love her <3

  • @y-q

    I think that you’re the one who needs to calm down. They never accused you of attacking her. They simply offered their view on the matter, and mentioned that delphi was the only place that they had seen those comments.
    Is someone disagreeing with you and offering a differing opinion of their own not allowed?
    But why would a “hair care site” worry about what the spokes people are doing? That makes no sense, and sounds more like a celeb blog.

  • q

    @@y-q: they were talking about the hair product and so was I when i said it was getting a lot of complaints.

    My problem with her endorsing it is that she talks a lot about organic products but than does an AD for clear shampoo that is all harsh chemicals.

    “Is someone disagreeing with you and offering a differing opinion of their own not allowed?” are you new to this site? everything is an attack unless you LoOoVE*~ her

  • q
  • ?

    She makes ads for several products that are not organic. She would lose her job if she refused to advertise products that contain chemicals.
    I doubt she’s ever said that she only uses organic products, only that she prefers to use them if it’s possible. And she’s never criticized anyone who doesn’t use organic products, so that PETA and wearing fur example can’t apply.

  • Centro de tratamiento de adicciones

    Stunned!!!! Lovely Miranda

  • @q

    So you are claiming everything is an “attack” unles you love ( not going to dignify that juvenile spelling with a quote) her? Gee, where have we heard that before? Surprised that you left out the insult to her fans that usually follows that remark.
    With that comment, you just outed yourself as a hater. So yes, anything that you bring up is an attack.
    I especially love that you forgot to change the name of your SOCK before answering @5′s question after posting the Lipton comment and then replying to yourself. LOL! That was hilarious! And then you tried to cover your mistake by claiming that you changed your name because you couldn’t post with it anymore!! LOL! And that it was just a coincidence that you changed it to the exact same letter as the person who just happened to agree with you. LOL!
    *wipes tears*
    You haters are always good for a laugh, but this was fantastic!
    Such a loser!

  • @q

    Oh, and btw that link that you posted doesn’t count.
    Anon reviews is something that you idiot haters live for, so we know that we can ignore any attacks on Miranda’s character.
    You guys are famous for doing things like that, or did you forget?

  • roonie

    Earcuff = edgy… not!

  • YES

    she is beautiful!

  • q

    @@q: what lipton comment? 0_o
    and the link doesn’t count because you say so? lol that’s the site i was reading so that’s why i posted it.

    jesus it must hurt when you’re wrong.

    and TRUST ME i’m not scared of fans on justjared so why would i change my name unless i wasn’t able to post under it?

    wipe your tears with that
    so my point has been proven.. unless you ~*~LoVe~*~ miranda kerr fangirls (who can’t hold a conversation) will insult you because their opinion is the only one that counts. Even when given proof about a product. snore! this is old news.. they’ll never change

  • q

    …and what lovely fans miranda kerr has eh? calling people losers because of a comment. CONGRATULATIONS! you must be proud.

  • @roonie #19

    The ear cuff is not supposed to be “edgy”……Miranda looks beautiful, elegant and very stylish.

  • @21

    Idiot hater got caught with her socks showing, and she isn’t even woman enough to admit it.
    Your continued denial just makes you look more foolish. Everyone knows what you did, so why deny it?
    You are a liar. Period. No different than any other hater/stalker.
    Your martyr act is laughable.

  • q

    @@21: god you’re pathetic –

    the maturity level on this thread is a sad site

    but having to live with yourself is probably worse. good job bullying others, you must be proud.

    but i’m not sure what you’re trying to prove with the constant threats and attacks on other people on this site? i guess when you’re wrong you feel the need to degrade others just so you can make yourself feel better.

    ..why do i get the feeling that you have no friends IRL? hm

  • q

    @@21: and once again, if i did that i would admit it but-i-didn’t — why would i be scared of you? LOL it’s the internet, i’m pretty sure the miranda kerr fans are the least of my worries — and btw, good job at diverting from the actually topic. it’s funny that i provided the link but it’s not good enough, as if there’s a queen B in the miranda kerr fandom who dictates what is and is not acceptable. LOL

  • @q

    When did they make a threat?
    Don’t be ridiculous.
    You’re sounding as crazy and pathetic as everyone says. You haters really need to get a life, and stop stalking Miranda across the internet.

  • @26

    You responded to a question using the wrong posting name. A name that you had just used to post as a sock.
    You can’t deny it. Well, I guess you can deny it all you want, but everyone here knows the truth.
    You are a liar, and an idiot who can’t keep her socks straight. And I think that it’s HILARIOUS that you keep trying to cover for your mistake!!
    The more defensive you get, the more we can laugh at you.

  • um

    @@q: mhm.. follow the leader like the sheep you are.. when a point is proven against you all i see it childish tactics to avoid the topic. ZZZzzzZZZzzz……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    and have you never been on a miranda kerr thread before? i bet you have– threatening to report people because they don’t kiss her as(s is just the start of the threats on here.

    LOL you play stupid well.. or maybe you’re not playing? hmhmmhhm

  • oh

    @@26: yeah OK
    this is what changing a name looks like.. and why would i say it in the first place if i was trying to hide? HAHAHAH

  • OH NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    people don’t like the clear shampoo/conditioner – i posted a link that proves it – fact!

    miranda kerr promotes organic products but is in a campaign that uses harsh chemicals – fact

    all my points have been proven but of course you whiny children can’t see the truth because you’re blinded by the crazy fangirl that’s bursting to get out.


  • lalalalaaaa

    lord knows you’ll be on here for a week replying and then crying into your key board because OHNOOOZZ someones doesn’t agree with the fanzzz*~

  • V

    She’s very beautiful

  • @q&socks

    Who has ever threatened to report you for not liking Miranda? You’re making things up!
    And nobody has denied that Miranda has promoted products that are not organic. We just think that it’s not a crime. She’s never said that it’s terrible to use products with chemicals.

  • @all the crazy socks

    No one is “avoiding the topic”. That was answered in the first few comments. Miranda has NEVER said that using organics was ever an all or nothing proposition. So her promoting Clear is no big deal. Well, to anyone but you obsessive stalker/hater/socks who are desperate to condemn her for the crime of breathing.
    Since that topic was answered completely and logically. We are now focusing on the HILARIOUS position that you managed to get yourself into. Being stupid enough to expose yourself as a sock is probably grounds for excommunication from the Temple of Delphi. You may be required to sacrifice some of your last remaining dignity as pennance.
    Keep up your denials, though. Watching you twist yourself, and simple logic, into knots has been great fun.

  • @31

    Wow. Have your meds worn off?
    Fact- that site also had many people who loved the product
    Fact- Miranda never claimed that non organic products were evil, so why not promote a product that she liked?
    You didn’t prove any points.
    I take that back.
    You did prove one fact.
    That you idiot haters use SOCKS!
    Good work there!

  • @30

    You said it in the first place because you realized that you made a mistake and used the wrong name.
    Funny thing is though, that if you hadn’t mentioned it, and drawn attention to it, people might not have noticed so quickly.
    And @ your sock #32…..
    Yes dear, we will be here as long as you haters are here. So if you are here all week, we’ll be right here with you, keeping your lies in check. LOL

  • q

    fan girls are idiots – FACT
    look at you morons.. HAHAHAH

  • q

    Funny thing is though, that if you hadn’t mentioned it, and drawn attention to it, people might not have noticed so quickly.—- i mentioned it because i had to change names(letters) and i know what you crazy losers are like so shut up

    and what lies?.. i’ve proven everything and even provided a link

    but whatever
    stay here all week
    its funny as sh*t.

  • @xQyzuhohnolalalawhatever

    You are STILL lying?
    Come on. You are just making yourself look more pathetic every time you deny that you use socks.
    Haters. Always good for a laugh.

  • make the miranda kerr fans cry

    @@xQyzuhohnolalalawhatever: LOL
    yeah idiot
    keep going
    i’ll still be laughing
    proof is handed to you, but you pull the ‘sock’ sh*t like that’ll win your argument. b&tch please. you’ve been saying the same crap for months now


  • @41

    We’re crying all right. Because we are LAUGHING SO HARD!!
    And Proof of what?
    The first sock implied that people didn’t like Miranda for repping Clear. They were called a hater, because no one mentions that except idiot haters. They sure didn’t prove that.
    Then they claim that the linked blog only proved that people didn’t like t the product. As if the never meant to insult Miranda. Suuuuure *eyeroll* Not everyone is going to like the same thing, so there was nothing to prove. That link also proved that a lot of people really like the product. But I guess that was ignored because it didn’t match their agenda.
    And as for the sock issue??? Sure, we’ve been calling you idiots out on that for YEARS, not months, because it is TRUE!
    Only an idiot could read through the first page and not understand that the sock made a critical error. She (you) responded without remembering to change their (your) posting name. Then tried to brush it off by claiming that ‘oh gee, I can’t post under my own name, so I will conveniently use the name of the person tht just agreed with my stance’ excuse.
    So lame!!
    You got BUSTED! And nothing that you say will stop us from LAUGHING AT YOU!

  • make the miranda kerr fans cry

    @@41: LOL yeah yeah, same old sh*t.. different day

    my comment was about the clear shampoo

    the lipton comment wasn’t mine

    but whatever

    look @ you sad b&tches.. worrying about miranda kerr who doesn’t know you exist

    and when her marriage fails i hope you cry and then jump in front of a car :)

  • make the miranda kerr fans cry

    Then they claim that the linked blog only proved that people didn’t like t the product. As if the never meant to insult Miranda. Suuuuure *eyeroll* —– uh moron, i posted the link and it WAS ABOUT THE PRODUCT, not miranda kerr.. wtf does she have to do with it? she’s only promoting it.. i said nothing about her having any input with what goes in the shampoo/cond.. my issue was that she’s promoting something with chemicals when she’s very pro-organic..

    get it now genius?

  • @43

    LOL! Still lying.
    Give it up. We all know that it was you.
    And such sweet sentiment in your last posts. From calling people b!tches, to wishing sadness on an innocent child, and even wishing death or injury upon another human being.
    All this from the same poster who feigned outrage at someone calling her a “loser”. You used that fairly benign comment to condemn the character of Miranda’s fans. Well then, what do these latest horrific rants say about yours?
    Or are you going to be the predictable little hater that we know you to be and hide behind your blanket of hypocrisy.

  • make the miranda kerr fans cry

    @@43: OH ha-ha-ha.. you is sooooo witty
    keep repeating yourself

    and dont sit around and pretend you don’t love this sh*t, this is what you fan girls do best — think you know right from wrong when you’ve been around bullying everyone since who the fu*ck knows when. It’s the same old tired comments.

    oh you’re a hater
    you are a sock

    cry me a goddamn river

    miranda kerr doesn’t know you
    she doesn’t give a sh*t about you
    get some friends and a hobby and be gooooooone

    and TBQH, if you’re a grown woman on here acting like miranda kerr is your lord and savior than I-AM-SCARED!!

  • oops

    Shut up, q. You’re booooooring.

  • make the miranda kerr fans cry


    except you’re reading it so congratulations you sociopath :)


  • oops

    Hahaha! Look up the word sociopath. It has more to do with telling some strangers to jump in front of a car than with telling a really boring person that she’s boring. What a loon

  • make the miranda kerr fans cry

    @oops: except you’re still reading this………… lolllllllllllllll
    it never stops being funny