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Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch Meet & Greet!

Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch Meet & Greet!

Adam Levine poses for a photo with a young fan at a meet and greet event to celebrate the launch of Adam Levine Signature Fragrances on Thursday (February 7) at Macy’s in Century City, Calif.

The 33-year-old singer attended a launch event for the fragrance the day before at the Premiere Fragrance Installation.

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In case you missed them, check out Adam on the covers of both Men’s Health and 7 Hollywood!

15+ pictures inside of Adam Levine meeting with his fans…

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adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 01
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 02
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 03
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 04
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 05
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 06
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 07
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 08
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 09
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 10
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 11
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 12
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 13
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 14
adam levine fragrance launch fan meet and greet 15

Credit: Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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  • Me3

    Very sexy man.

  • Chezza

    I love his eyes.

  • Clarabella

    The Voice saved his career.. Where’s XTina???Hope she’s not drinking like she did after Bionic failed..Her Voice and Body are a mess years after that Bomb came out..Poor thing RCA done with Lotus after One Video.

  • Shevine is real

    aww such a sweet sexy guy , look at that pic with that little gal! He’s the perfect human being no matter what! I want The voice season 4 now! I want Blake and Adam cute moments like right now!

  • Sam

    Love him and the other Voice judges :)

  • Tiny

    Can’t wait for The Voice Season 4 to come on in March. Going to get the new Adam Levine Fragrance!!!

  • KSB

    Yea, he does look great

  • Unknown

    This is the Adam that so many know and love

  • i agree that shevine is real

    @Clarabella: lol his career never had to be saved. maroon 5 was doing just fine.

  • Unknown

    As far as Christina is concearned, she can have failed albums and still sell out venues no matter where she goes. She is a timeless artists. Like all legends and she is one when it comes time. So who cares if she gains weight. Look at the best vocalists out there. Aretha Franklin, Patty LeBelle. All are ovwer weight but still can sell out and are known for their talent. And I can bet a million dollars that those slamming Christina not only are not look worthy but have no talent as well.

  • Unknown

    Actually I hate to say this but his career want doing as well as you think. They couldn’t sell out an outside venue until his popularity and Blakes as well until The Voice came along. Now Adam and the guys are selling out stadiums again. So it did help him and the band quite as bit. Even he and Blake admitted that one. @i agree that shevine is real:

  • Bethany

    Love Him, He is so HOTTT. Keep the ROMANCE ALIVE with your Boyfriend with Love Toys from AthenaToysDotcom

  • KSB

    I have to agree with you @unknown

  • :)


    I think the weight gain is surprising, because when she came out she was a teenager and in thin. People are comparing her to what she used to look like. I think if Xtina dressed right she would knock it out of the water with her body. I feel she has curves in the right place.

    On a different note, I believe that the timeless singers you listed were always overweight when they were in the limelight.

    I wish the would just leave Xtina alone for a while about her weight.

  • Tiffany

    @unknown is there any truth of a new girl? Someone he met during @snl week?

  • Adam=tina

    Christina is featured in Pitbull’s new global smash feel this moment!!

    They are smashing on the radio!

  • Unknown

    Geez JJ fix your sire it gets tirsome getting kicked out of your site. Keep it up no one is gonna come here anymore.

    The answer is no he didn’t meet anyone after SNL. Just a rumor from someone who is claiming they have sources and the fact this person claims to know the photographer from the party in LA. Also this person claims that she witnessed him at a rest. Which this person is completely false. He couldn’t breath or according to Cameron fart with out Behati smoothering him.

  • Unknown

    Back then people didn’t look at what a singer looked like their talent spoke for themselves. I agree even though Christina is a confident woman, some of her outfits are not that appealing. But then again look at all tye sex icons. Marilyn Monroe to be exact. She actually was a size 12 and today a 12 is considered fat or obese. Which is sad.

    Bee needs the weight gain, Adam has gained a bit too and it is ironically from when they aren’t together. Usually weight gain is from happiness or depression. Judging from Adams past its usually both. Especially when he is relaxed he eats more. @:):

  • KSB

    @unknown he is starting to look great. And im not surprised behati was smothering him. Hell the same way she got him will be the same way she looses him

  • Gina

    Hey unknown, how old is this cousin who is with him, the one who is going to college. Maybe thats the person sara saw . In fact she has also been saying that behati is gone cos she was not seen anywhere .

  • http://twitter marley06

    @Gina: i hope she will be gone from adam’s life like forever

  • Unknown

    Since JJ keeps kicking me out its making it harder to post.

    Ashleigh is in her early tweenties, I dontr really know didn’t exactly ask.

    But here is a little twist for ya…if it posts.

    I’m hearing two different versions here from different sources and some are saying they just aren’t sure.

    Behati is trying to convince Adam to give her a second chance and some are saying he is def considering it, guess he does have a fear of being alone and some are saying he is through with her all together. Which makes it hard to understand which source is right but what confuses me this one source says the same on both counts which makes sense. Since Adam doesn’t like to be alone he maybe considering keeping Bee around and then again he is the type to say that’s it I’m through. And as you may know as just his fans he changes his mind like the wind. Says one thing and does the exact opposite. Aparently Bee was partying in Miami w models and yes Leo was there but doesn’t mean anything at all. Doubt he would go for her anyway.

    Just have my reasons knowing Leo that he wouldn’t dare go near her. Trust me!!
    Well that’s it so good luck to Adam and may he find himself and real love and not let someone like Bee guilt him into decisions.

  • Unknown

    Oh btw isn’t it strange that Adam would refer to Valentines Day as any other day. I know he thinks Love should be celebrated everyday, which I’ve got to say wish more men would think like that. However and I get he is tired from everything however, Adam is the type of guy he doesn’t hide his emotions from his eyes. To me they are blank and just there. No sparkle, even when Adam was exhausted but he always had a gleem of light in his eyes. They are the one thing that gives him away. Now its like a sharks eyes. No life in them. Which tells me and everyone else as well. Happiness isn’t in his cards. Well atleast at this moment.

    Btw sadly I won’t be posting on JJ anytime soon. So good luck to Adam hope he wins not only at The Grammys but in life as well.

    Also someone on the red carpet about Bee, he hesitated. He never had that problem saying anything before and considering this person isn’t just anyone. This person was Ryan and also asked if he broke it off, all off camera of course. Adam just looked like a scared lil boy. Ryan supposibly shook his head in disbelief after he talked to him. Bye guys!!

  • Gina

    Adam never publicly confirmed that he and Behati were dating, so why would he publicly confirm their breakup? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  • British Latin American

    Sexy, stylish man. and intelligent too.

  • Christina

    @Unknown: I pray he doesn’t take her back, she is just ruining him. He looks miserable when she is with him, it makes me feel so bad for him. He deserves so much better than her. I don’t understand why he was like that with Ryan, kind of weird. Maybe he just doesn’t want to admit they are done for some stupid reason. I think the reason for his eyes being like that is because of behati. It’s just horrible. Again, i pray he doesn’t take her back at all. It will just crush him. Once the tour and the voice starts back up, he won’t feel so alone anymore because he will be surrounded by people and hopefully it cheers him up.

  • Christina

    someone just posted on twitter that e! news said that adam and behati are still dating. Didn’t see it when I watched it so don’t know if there is any truth behind it but if you guys see it let me know because i dont think its real.

  • KSB

    @Unknown: well there goes the message board lol, sucks because i really enjoy reading your comments and getting your insight and FACTS rather than people who make up stories…im guessing from now on we will all just have to see how this plays out with adam and “that girl”

  • Jessica

    Well, Unknown gets a lot of her information wrong. I’m not sure why you guys believe her without question. She’s never provided anyone here with proof. She talks about “sources,” well if she had any real ones, she wouldn’t be divulging that kind of information on a public site like Just Jared. Think about that for a moment. You all are clueless. She sucks you in like she’s some sort of “insider” and you all fall for it. But she has no pictures, no discernible proof. Nada. If you spend enough time researching Adam on the Net, you’ll eventually learn things and begin to create a story.

    She’s no different than the Mermaids and Zaira. I’m surprised that their doctors let them out of their padded rooms.

  • bliss

    adam better get ride of her or he will loose a lot of fans ; everybodywant that brat out of his life she is doing no good for him , unknown you will be missed loved your post ; some crazy fans on twitter are already trying to geuss who will be his new GF some want him back with Anne other are kust praying it’s not a VS model again , anyway i m a fan since Song about jane era and i will always stand by his side but seriously that Bee chick is sucking the life out of him , he is having the dead eyes look like my idol Britney , he doesn’t look happy , he should get over it he will have a lot of work coming that should make him feel full and busy

  • KSB

    WELL. . From my understanding she predicted the whole Anne situation I go by what others say. I just became a marooner. I didn’t even know he ws s dating Anne until they broke up and never heard if behati until now. I believe @unknown before I believe someone who says oh Adam is dating some girl. Don’t know what her name is and that’s all the info im given.

  • Christina

    @bliss: I agree this Behati is sucking the life out of him, he’s not the same Adam we grown to love. But with the tour and the voice and all he’s got going on, he will get over her quickly and maybe work out some issues and find a decent woman to date.

  • bliss


    hopefuly christina :) cause im tired of seeing her face or hear that she is still with him i never knew who she was until she started dating him even if i always watched the VS shws for years i always found her overrated and usualy skipped the Pink segment lol , adam needs to work work and work cause it’s the best therapy ever to solve lonlyness and insecurity issues !

  • Christina

    @bliss: Agreed, work and yoga (because that helps him out alot) is what adam needs right now. Not some bimbo who is clingy and bringing him down.

  • KSB

    @Christina: very well put.

  • Jessica

    Unknown has threatened to leave this site more times than I have fingers.

  • sara

    Well, Well, Girls! Looks like Adam is looking for woman after all, according to Life & Style! I guess unknown didn’t get the memo & it makes me & my phototog friend right after all. The funny thing is she’s right under everyone’s nose OH, MI & the list goes one. & we know who she is, different from others. Maybe change is needed!!!! Behati is toasted!!!!

  • crystal

    Wasn’t Life & style the one hat said Adam was gay? Oh yeah a reliable source there. How do we know you and your so called photographer friend didt call it in to make money?

    Well a friend of mine knows Unknown and he tells me that she def knows people in Adams circle as well as family. The reason she posts on here is because she knows certain people close to him and Behati read this. She just doesn’t give everything away or brags. She just puts it out there so it can reach certain people from what I hear. But @jessica and @sara or are you two the same? Doesn’t matter because unknown knows actual people not someone who claims to see him wherever and with whoever. She actualy knows these people. Who do you two know? And wasn’t the same magazine that said Celebs are either pregnant or breaking up all the time? Really!?!

  • Christina

    @crystal: I’m wondering about Life & Style’s creditiability? Are they just another tabloid or are they a ligit magazine?

  • sara

    @crystal: In January unknown stated he wasn’t in Cabo but he was. So I don’t hold much stock in her BS. Are you unknown??? U sound like unknown!!!!!

  • crystal

    @sara: actually it wasn’t her that said that if memory serves. She later posted on another post that yes Adam was in Cabo and said that a friend saw him at the grove for a tv show. She never said that he was never in Cabo. That was actually some other people who said that. I think it was Mer girl trying to act like someone else or something because I remember unknown blew at her. Because she knew she was a Mer girl. But technically she never said he wasn’t in Cabo. She talked about the pic of Adam and Behati holding hands in vegas but she never said that and then JJ wouldn’t let her or many others post after that.

  • crystal

    Its a tabloid magazine. Because its the same one that claims that they do interviews with celebs and what they do is flasify stories. How many times Jen Aniston is pregnant or Khloe Kardashian is getting a divorce its stupid actually. They have corrected the stories in interviews all the time. In fact I think it was Khloe who said that L^S was posting false stories all the time. Its a tabloid. I’ve looked at it myself. They steal stories from other ?ags to make it look legit from what I hear. @Christina:

  • crystal

    unknown is very acurate and many of you know as well as I know she is right. So many attack her I don’t get it. Maybe you that attack her want attention and act like you know things, which in anypart from so many of the so called sightings even on here. If you check out Life and style, OK which are both UK mags. Aparently someone has to contact them for info or they just make up stuff. As a make up artist I’ve been blessed to meet many on here and what’s so funny those are the same mags that claim Colin Farell is seen with a gf and all and the fact its his twin sister. Which shows JJ is just as bad as those magazines because the posts he puts on here are BS. He also referes to his baby momma which in actuality its his twin sister Claudine. I rather trust unknown then these people who attack and are like ahah me and my friend are right because its in a tabloid. That’s the last place in fact it would make me question whether or not your credibility and if she is wrong about something big deal. The fact is she is more right than wrong and has been proven even a month later that she knew what she was talking about. But since so many have time on your hands to attack someone who was not only sharing with Adams fans but also reaching out to those that she knows read this. Ask yourself this all the sudden after unknown posts a bunch of info on here. JJ and even E refered to her as a rumored gf and in fact stopped mentioning her all together. I wish she would come back.

  • ???

    Crystal, YOUR friend knows unknown? So you are saying that you also know who she is?

    Your friend says unknown knows people in adams friends and family. She posts here because she knows they read JJ. What b. S If she knows people in his circle, why doesnt she directly tell them all about behati instead of writing on JJ.

    Unknown claimed once that behati’s mother wat hed some TMz kind of programme regularly. Did she also claim to go all the way to namibia to see what she is watching?

    Dont forget unknown also did not know about the pig. She insisted that there was no pig .

    Sounds to me like Crystal is unknown.

  • sara

    @crystal: I admitted being wrong regarding the Grammy After Party & the press. But at least I own up to the fact I’m wrong maybe U should unknown. Adam was nowhere near the Grove or Extra @ the beginning of January!!! Try out of the country in Cabo. Sure his family loves reading JJ, don’t think so!!!! The picture won’t come out for certain reasons. & if U work in the biz U know what happened!!!!!

  • Unknown

    I love being right, but then again anyone says that a gossip magazine backs them up oh yeah they are relaible. :-P

    I said it once before I will say it again.

    I told you so.

  • Unknown

    I hate when JJ moderates my comments so annoying!!

  • Unknown

    Since JJ is still moderating my comment. Have you ever heard of a private plane? Jennifer Anniston use to be in Cabo with her exbf John Mayer and fly to tapings of nighttime interviews and other stuff. Cabo via private plane to LA is less than 30 minutes. But I guess since you only seen pics of a private plane and never actually been close to one. You couldn’t possibly understand any of that. @sara:

  • miley

    luv adam he’s an attractive guy=)

  • miley

    luv adam levine he’s an attractive guy=)