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Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'Silver Linings' Dinner!

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'Silver Linings' Dinner!

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper attend a dinner to celebrate their film Silver Linings Playbook on Friday (February 8) at Little House in London, England.

The 22-year-old actress and the 38-year-old actor were joined at the Grey Goose presented dinner by producer Harvey Weinstein.

Also in attendance: Thandie Newton and her hubby Ol Parker.

Jennifer and Bradley are in town to attend the 2013 BAFTAs this weekend, where they are both nominated for their work in the hit film. Check on Sunday afternoon for complete coverage of the show!

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32 Responses to “Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: 'Silver Linings' Dinner!”

  1. 1
    V Says:

    Bradley, for the love of all that is good and holy, get a haircut.

  2. 2
    Yeti Says:

    Jennfier reminds me so much of young Julia Roberts.
    Sasquatch faces, mediocre talent, and somehow everyone is fooled into thinking they are talented

  3. 3
    Laira Says:

    She’s so pretty

  4. 4
    Anne Says:

    At last, a more modern and better look for her. She looks beautiful.

  5. 5
    Asdfdbdj Says:

    She’s becoming too overexposed. She seems nice and is obviously talented, but not to the extent of winning an Oscar. She’s not “amazing” at acting. I’m sure she could be within time and experience, but an Oscar? Already? Not deserving. I know their not in the same category, but give Leonardo a damn Oscar not Jennifer Lawrence.

  6. 6

    again her? OMG.. tired of her face!

  7. 7
    cindy Says:

    @Yeti: um no. Julia has a gorgeous face and cheekbones, not some fat squirrel face.

  8. 8
    Meni Says:

    Good God, I know she’s talented and all, but oscar worthy? no, just no. and for that little rom-com? come on. It’s a joke, awards season is a joke.

  9. 9
    Andrez Says:

    @Asdfdbdj: I agree.
    She is campaigning for the Oscar like Anne Hatheway. But Hatheway has been around longer and has done some amazing acting work in the past and had to prove it for many years. Jennifer got her first nom only two years ago and I honeslty don’t know why everyone thinks she is gonna win. same goes with Chastain. She was unkwon two years ago and she is suddenly everywhere!
    I have a feeling the award will go to Emanuelle Rivera.

  10. 10
    Andrez Says:

    @Yeti: Julia Roberts has a beatiful face and she is a good actress.
    Jennifer is a nice face too.

  11. 11
    clara_belle Says:

    I like this outfit on her – it looks cute & snug. Not sure about the shoes as she looks like she can hardly stand in them. Also I hope she gets her hair sorted out before the oscars because even now you can see her natural blond roots coming through.

  12. 12
    solid Says:

    clara_belle @ 02/08/2013 at 10:54 pm
    ….Not sure about the shoes as she looks like she can hardly stand in them.

    That’s way she fell in them earlier.

  13. 13
    essie Says:

    i like her makeup here, so glad she got rid of the heavy eyeliner

  14. 14
    Y Says:

    I think they would make a cute couple ?

  15. 15
    LOL Says:

    There’s a trend on this site. It’s called let’s hate any actress who is in her early 20′s and successful. At first it started with Kristen Stewart. Hated because she is not talented and dated Rob Pattinson. Now Jennifer Lawrence who Hollywood clearly finds talented is what is it about young actresses on this site that get so much hate from posters?

  16. 16
    Rupert Sanders Says:

    overrated movie….Harvey is magician

  17. 17
    Toni Says:

    I think she deserves the oscar, and for the person calling the movie a rom-com, either you didnt get it or you havent seen it.. Its a very special movie with great performances, deserves all the praise it gets.

  18. 18
    GirlX Says:

    Jennifer is talented and no overrated. Julia Roberts has never done the kind of heavy drama or action Jennifer can do. She is a beautiful girl. It’s great to see her and Bradley Cooper more casual before the big day. Silver Linings Playbook is so so good. They deserve all the love they’re getting! Haters are just jealous.

  19. 19

    fat face hahahahahahahaha

  20. 20
    4thelulz Says:

    Can you tell me how excatly is Silver Linings Playbook special and not a rom-com like Meni said?Oh right,both of them are crazy except not really.

  21. 21
    maria Says:

    LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING: WHAT THE F*CK ARE THE ACADEMY MEMBERS / HARVEY WEINSTEIN THINKING OF?! do they want to ruin this girl’s carreer? i mean, the girl is fine in the movies, but i think i liked her more in the hunger games damn f*ck! the girl IS WORTHY of winning an oscar, but just NOT WITH THIS CHARACTER!!! THIS IS LIKE A ROMANTIC COMEDY FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!!!!! i like the girl, but marketing and all of these lies they try to sale to us are way too f*cking sh*t. anyway, i think SILVER LININGS was a story told by someone who knew that story better than anyone. you could feel that. it is great the way it is told and it’s ending.

  22. 22
    Ha ha Says:

    @LOL: don’t metion that trash in JLaw post! KS doesn’t have talent…Jennifer has at least a little bit.

  23. 23
    Cate Says:

    Jennifer looks really good here and, most importantly, she looks comfortable! More natural looking make up and less fussy outfits suit her.

  24. 24
    Shira Says:

    Gorgeous pair.
    Despite of Bradley’s hair.

    Jennifer looked flawless and I hardly ever think that about her overall look.

  25. 25
    talia Says:

    this look suits her so much better,minimal makeup and comfortable clothing

  26. 26
    talia Says:

    @Toni: SLP is categorized as romantic-comedy drama but does not actually have any comedic performances in it apart from Chris Tucker when he was in a scene

  27. 27
    sophia Says:

    i see hollywood trying to make a farm girl a fashion icon. you are failing

  28. 28
    R Says:

    Gorgeous and talented couple! Jen is so amazing ,at just 22 she’s about to maybe win an Oscar! While others are still selling crappy tabloîds with her fake love life , making shabby movies and can’t act to save her life, Jen is such a class actress and human being!

  29. 29
    R Says:

    @Ha ha: KS is an C-list actress now , She doesnt play at the same league as Jen.

  30. 30
    R Says:

    @Meni: jealous and bitter much? SLP is an amazing and moving film and Jen is flawless in it! and how do you can know better than the totality of the critics?

  31. 31
    LOL Says:

    @Ha ha:

    My previous thread wasn’t about comparing KS or JL’s talent’s about what’s up with all the hate for any young actress in her 20′s.
    Posters love them before they reach a certain level of fame..but as soon as they reach Hollywood stardom level of fame and finally recognized they are hated by posters on this site.

    Even Emma Watson. Before in her early years as Hermonia (?) in Harry Potter she was adored and loved but now that she’s near in her 20′s she’s hated. JL was never attacked before but yeah she’s being recognized now more by the media and HW industry she is hated. Kristen Stewart receives the motherload of hate???? It’s a common trend.

  32. 32
    ashley Says:

    Am I crazy? Cause I think Bradley Cooper is at his hottest when his hair is a little long like this. His Hangover hair was about this length and dear lawd, it was sexy!

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