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Kate Upton: 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue 2013 Cover!

Kate Upton: 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue 2013 Cover!

Kate Upton shows off her buxom body while going nearly topless on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue 2013, on newsstands February 12.

The 20-year-old model was photographed in the freezing cold weather aboard a cruise sailing around Antarctica for the issue, which represents models posing on all seven continents of the globe.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Upton

Kate and nine of the other models from the issue will be making an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday (February 11). Make sure to tune in!

For more from the issue, make sure to visit!

FYI: Kate is wearing the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate Upton’s cover for Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue?

Bigger cover pic inside…

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kate upton sports illustrated swimsuit issue cover 2013

Photos: Derek Katella/SI
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  • OMG Google Kelsnetwork and see

    kate looks sexy!!!

  • Kirsten

    Again? Wow. She’s cute in that way that her looks will only last into her mid-20s. There are so many beautiful women they could have picked.

  • justme

    booooooobs alert!!

  • XxXxX

    I’m big-boobed myself but damn, hers look like balloons. Also, did she really shoot that in the freezing cold of Antarctica??? Weren’t her boobies cold? Wow! …..I think she’s pretty but NOT stunning. Nothing extraordinary

  • Reba

    Her breasts probably touch her waistline in reality.

  • Kate Upton……..

    is the first model in over 10 years to have a back to back SI covers
    the first model in over 15 years to have a back to back solo SI covers ( Elle Macpherson holds the title – 1985, 86, 87)
    the first SI model to segue into HF with Vogue Covers, and covering or featuring in Elle, Harpers Bazzar, not been done since Elle Mac
    Not to mention Cosmo, EQ, Esquire and her recent contract with HF Edelman.
    These are all Facts not opinion. Girl’s on a wave! Vogue US is next!

  • WHAT?

    Worst SI cover ever….. Yuck.

  • oh no

    When vulgarity meets enormity.

  • Mary

    Girl those boobs look ready to explode, not pretty not at all.

  • Cheap choice

    …as long as they don’t show her scary skinny legs….

  • andi

    AGAIN?!? Whatever she’s been doing with Terry has really been paying off.

  • jayla

    Again-great great boobs and face. But terrible body.
    Her toros is weird. No waist? Sorta full belly in comparison
    to her tiny thighs and narrow boy hips.
    Her body is really weird.

  • chloez

    guess what this SI cover guarantees she will be in your faces for a whole other year. lets all thank SI for this choice………..

  • Samantha Sophia

    Beautiful girl with such great curves but this cover is a fail from an artistic perspective, it is actually very plain and unflattering!

  • LOL

    @Kate Upton……..:

    get real….

    zero fashion runways.
    zero fashion campaigns.
    zero harpers bazaar,vanity fair,allure,rolling stone,american,french vogue ETC covers and MANY more. shes got some ways to go before you get too excited….

    she has fapping men at her feet. alot of models have. shes on her way to be like (*MAYBE* Kathy Ireland,Heidi Klum,Christie Brinkley,Tyra Banks) certainly not a top of the tops type tier super duper model like Cindy,Claudia,Christy,Naomi,Linda…LMAO. this big chipmunk face can only wish.

  • ewwww

    Antarctica for swimsuits? Stupid idea!
    She is still cheap and trashy, her body is weird not sexy! She is beyond overrated!
    I can’t even remember when was the last time I saw a great SI Swimsuit Issue cover.

  • Rahul Kattie

    Cute face. Nice rack. But I love how every photog has to hide that brick shape of a mid-sectioin. LOL… see Kate Upton SI Swimsuit 2013 Cover Photo Shoot Video, Pictures Revealed –

  • bob

    wow! google Paulina Porizkova,Christie Brinkley,Elle MacPherson,Kathy Irelands covers and this chick falls flat!!!! As a long time SI swimsuit fan its sad how cheap this mag has become.

  • wren

    Those are going to sag soooo bad when she is old.

  • Hugh

    huge cheeseball face and shapeless bod, meh. overrated as f*ck!

  • Allen

    Her mid section is really wide and square. She pretty much has no waist to hip ratio.

  • A question

    How many pounds of salt water solution you think she has in each fake breast? Curious.

  • Ceara

    It’s kind of sad that this girl is proud to be be a pretty, slut.

  • Kate Upton……..

    How was I getting excited? I was talking about her portfolio in light of this record. The hysteria/anger in you response suggests your the one getting excited?
    Zero fashion campaigns? Shes the face of the shoe designer Edelman taking over from Arizona Muse and she’s the current face of Accessorize 2013.
    US GQ, US Esquire, US Cosmo, Muse, CR Fashion Book (first issue at that), and several reprints in diff countries
    She’s had editorials in Harpers Bazaar,and Elle covers.
    French Vogue? She’s done UK and Italian Vogue covers no mean feat which some other HF models her age have still NOT done. And I think Gisele was the last one on Rolling Stone. No Karlie, Candice, Doutzen, Hilary Rhoda NONE OF THEM have done Rolling Stone but you expect it of Kate?
    I’m sure she’ll get it as she obv sellls
    I don’t expect her to surpass the supers of the past but for a commercial model who only rose to prominence last year she’s done better than some of the the so called elite in her age range as well as other SI models. I anticipate more things for her in 2013 while her haters can keep spittle with rage, cussing at her as a fat wh8re

  • SI underaged model

    At 20, she still has another year to wait before she can celebrate with a drink.

  • @#24
    I guess she has a powerful agent and PR team who plug her on each and every contract. Period.

  • Huh?

    Kate Upton posts are quickly becoming as deranged as a Kristen Stewart posts. The typical sl^t, ugly, cheap, trashy, incomporable to insert-random-name and anyone who deviates and says anything nice or remotley positive about her is being paid to/a plant/an agent. Rinse & Repeat. LMAO

  • Gia

    I find it offensive! Really? Do all women have to expose themselves to the whole world just to make a cover? Poor taste! Shame on Sports Ilustrated for exposing women like sex objects to be seen and not heard!

  • Lola

    Looks like a Playboy cover. This issue has gone downhill over the years. They used to have beautiful athletic women who wore minimal makeup. Now…it’s a Victorias Secret catalog. Oh well, men will still buy it no matter what!

  • Warren

    I’m glad she got it again. Kate is so popular. She is beautiful and sexy.

  • Shannon

    AGAIN? This girl is such a dime a dozen in southern CA…you see hotter girls than her walking around on a daily basis here. They should of gone for a VS angel like Candice any day over this slut

  • guyyy

    Her bod is not the problem for me, I dont like her face. a dime a dozen!!! what happened to unique striking model beauties? she literally looks like a college co ed! not a model! suppose thats her appeal? average girl next door with big tatas? men are so easily pleased….

  • u

    @XxXxX: i know!!! word to the big boobed women !! we’re a minority — but all (well most) bikini shoots are done in winter so they’re ready and photo shopped accordingly just in time for summer

  • Toni

    I don’t mean to be a hater, but they could’ve had someone else to do the cover. I would’ve loved to see Candace Swanepoel on the cover.

    Also I read somewhere Terry Richardson has been helping her.

  • Y

    Tacky as hell, its embarrassing that she can call herself a model.

  • hmmmm

    kate upton = slut because half her ti*ts are out

    HBO’s GIRLS = feminism at it’s finest because it *~shows bo(obs and stuff. OMGZ so unique*~


    it’s 2013 and women are still being called wh(ores by other women..

  • kurious kitty

    i think the people that are shit talking about her body just don’t get that she’s probably all natural and doesn’t starve herself or get plastic surgery like the VS/runway models do..she may not be extraordinary looking, but at least she’s not afraid to keep it real, unlike all the plastics in the modeling industry!

  • DB

    I think this annual issue is sort of an insult to real women everywhere.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m a man and respond to this soft-core porn like most men do. But when I actually THINK about it, the fact that they promote this unrealistic example of what women look like, they undermine the “real” looking women out there in the world. Nobody should be held to these impossible standards, and it’s still unfortunate that Sports Illustrated feels the need to sell-out for a once a year boom in sales and profit.

    Just sayin’, there are 2 sides to the story.

  • solid

    Well Kate, after this, say good bye to any hi fashion magazine spreads now.

  • nika

    I’m surprised that she’s not officially a plus size model because that is exactly what she is. I saw the pics that weren’t photoshopped and she’s definitely much bigger than the average model. Even people at Victoria’s Secret said that they don’t want her because she’s so out of shape. That being said I think many men would prefer her soft body to some skinny ass model and that’s why all these magazines love her so much.

  • Rupert Sanders

    perfect, awesome tits

  • wow wow wee wow

    Tacky photo. I am not impressed with this photo at all.
    It’s too over the top. This country has gone to hell in a handbag.
    Young kids are going to see this all over the place?
    Classless. I usually enjoy SI but this year, no thanks.

  • eww

    What is the point of putting someone a coveted SWIMSUIT magazine when their body is so awful that they can’t even pose in a swimsuit and have to try to cover their heinous body with a winter coat? I can still see her gross stomach though, maybe she should move her arms and let her saggy boobs fall down and cover that gut. So dissapointed in you SI.

  • come

    Miranda’s fan is trolling lmao. Kate already had a better portfolio than that famewhore

  • KATE

    Just as long as I get paid and famous it’s all good.
    I am too fat and my photo is too revealing but that’s cool cause it’s all about me and what money I am making.
    Welcome to the USA….a complete disgrace.

  • rina kapoor

    nice celebrity but another year wait.

  • bliss

    seriously she is overrated ; her belly look like a 4 month pregnant women , Anne v deserved the cover she’s been 9 years in the magazine or at least they could have chiised another girl with a better body like nina agdal or anyone else but thi chick no no no

  • Smurf

    Hey body is so incredibly strange. That jacket is a good thing! Hides her wonky mid section

  • Della

    Are her breast real? On tmz they look a little Anna Nicolish, but here they look a little more natural (ginormous) but natural! Anybody know?

  • sam

    @Della: tbh i think they’re natural – in some other shots i’ve seen they don’t look “perfect” the way fake boobs do