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Kate Upton: 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue 2013 Cover!

Kate Upton: 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue 2013 Cover!

Kate Upton shows off her buxom body while going nearly topless on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue 2013, on newsstands February 12.

The 20-year-old model was photographed in the freezing cold weather aboard a cruise sailing around Antarctica for the issue, which represents models posing on all seven continents of the globe.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Upton

Kate and nine of the other models from the issue will be making an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday (February 11). Make sure to tune in!

For more from the issue, make sure to visit!

FYI: Kate is wearing the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate Upton’s cover for Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue?

Bigger cover pic inside…

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kate upton sports illustrated swimsuit issue cover 2013

Photos: Derek Katella/SI
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  • bliss


    i think her breast is natural cause it’s not standing up and not big from the base which is the upper

  • K R

    One of the tackiest covers to emerge from SI. More playboyish than SI.

    kate is NOT a plus sized model. The real plus sized models are people like Crystal renn ( before she lost all that weight again ) and uk’s Chloe Marshall who won a beauty contest at size 16.. Kate is curvier than say stick thin models on runways but that does not make her plus size.
    Saying we should appreciate Kate for trying to break stereotypes is plain b.s when she does nothing to break it herself. dancing the cat daddy for Terry Richardson in a tiny string bikini is not how you help other women embrace their curves.

    Lets face it , boobs sell cover and she only endorses that ! Not a role model, not someone selling body diversity,no!

    Is she pretty, yes. Is this cover vulgar, yes ! Is she even a good model, then definitely NO. Calling her a good mOdel is a slap on the face of other models who work hard at their jobs, trying to break stereotypes and dont employ their sexuality to do so. Kate is just smarter than all of them, plus she has one heck of an agent and PR team !

  • Kara

    @K R: There’s a debate about whether she’s a plus size or not so you can’t say that she isn’t because what are the standards for being a plus size? There are no written rules. I actually saw a fashion show in NYC with plus size models and many of them were not fat at all, just had curves like Kate. That being said I think she’d have so much more potential if she toned her body because she has a gorgeous face.

  • Barry O’Bama

    I bought the same swimsuit for my wife (“Michelle”). It doesn’t look the same on her. On her, all that I see is one big fat a$$!


    Enjoy your fame and youth, Kate as they wont last. But at least when your older you can remember the good times. Best wishes.

  • Ana Maria

    I thinks she’s overrated, if she didn’t have those gigantic boobs she would just be an average looking girl.

  • Zaid

    bored person on earth

  • annnn

    Ill be very sad if i only were knowed by those two things she has on her body… patetic girl

  • K R


    To the fashion industry anything over size 2 is plus sized. Putting models on the catwalk who wear size 4 and calling them plus sized models is one way of cutting back flak they received after passing away of models like Ramos sisters, isabelle caros etc. But you tell me is that is a plus size in real life. Kate wears a size 4 , or 6 at best. Is that plus size for a model who is 5 ft 10 inc.
    Why should her body be considered to be inspiration for plus sized women who wear say sizes 14 or so, when she isnt even plus sized.

    When the plus-sized debate first came to focus Vogue Italia put larger models on the cover, and Crystal Renn (then a size 12-14) was a regular on the catwalk – there seemed to be a discernible difference between catwalk models, Victoria’s Secret models and the plus-sized models. Few of us felt comfortable to comment on what those differences were, but casting Kate Upton into the category of ‘plus-sized’ models wouldn’t have happened.

  • woohooo

    all she will ever be is a underwear/swimsuit model. nothing high class

  • mmusic

    Jealous girls talking trash. You know she is sexy. Period. Stop letting your crazy jealous mind pick her apart.

  • travis

    curves what curves? she has thin shapeless chicken legs and a huge wide mid section with a long square shaped bum. thats what I like to call hill-billy body. without the boobs and blonde hair she is nothing special.
    The SI models of the 80s and 90s were stellar. curvy but in shape! Christie Brinkley’s hips on one of her covers were so juicy but you could tell she was toned. This chick is lazy looking.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Kate has a beautiful face but those over loaded titaaas look so large that she is turning into a Pam Anderson clone. Those huge breasts are not attractive Kate, you look CHEAP and deformed.

  • Dee

    I’ll admit, I think Nina Agdal is far more beautiful than Kate with a much better body (Nina is not too thin and she works out at the gym regularly). But I feel sorry for all the hate Kate gets. It’s not her fault MJ Day and the rest of the execs at SI are obsessed with her boobs and put her on the cover. I respect that they didn’t airbrush her but for a SWIMSUIT magazine, this falls flat. Her boobs look ridiculously large. Irina Shayk, Bar Refaeli, Lucia Dvorska, Esti Ginzburg, Izabel Goulart, Nina Agdal…all very beautiful women to choose from. Kate’s best year was her Rookie year when she wasn’t on the cover.

  • Al west

    Very vulgar, ridiculous. What’s this got to do with sports? Bad choice and belongs on a skin porn mag

  • Orlando

    lol her boobs look so ridiculously photoshopped and huge!…

  • just

    nice isue…but i hope this in fact and real

    please visit my newhttp blog


  • African Girl

    Your comment is so funny!!
    Seriously dude, what pkanet are you on?! The reason she is being hated is because she IS like the real women. People….women don’t think she shouldn’t be a model because she is not rail thin, she’s got a middle and worse…BOOBS! *Gasps*.
    So what unrealistic example are you talking about?!

  • sho

    what can I do? I don’t like her :P

  • amika

    @Della: they’re real she’s just making them look WAY bigger than theyy actually are. by posing with her arms like that she can squish them down and together to make them look a lot bigger.

  • floppykate

    LOVE curves. hate slop.

  • SamanthaCarolina

    She just has super huge boobs… but the rest of the picture looks like a BIG girl. You can just see she’s only going to get fatter in a couple years, just looking at this picture it isn’t hard to picture her as 200 lb or more. She needs to work out.

  • Ana

    While I personally don’t think she’s ‘fat’ healthwise (I can think of some people who are FAT by health standards) she is considered “big” by modelling standards and that’s speaks for both runway and print. I think her problem lies in her proportions( She has no shape from the waist down) and the fact that her body’s not toned.

  • Venice Resident

    If Kate Upton were a shoe, she’d be a Roket Dog sandal from the early 2000′s.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    It’s funny to see bishes hating on a girl who’s prettier, probably bigger (than most) and doing a hell of alot more than them. ahahahahahahahaha A “fat”, “average” girl making yall look horrrrrible.

  • liz

    i agree. looks like a playboy cover. and i am shocked to read that she is my age! i thought she was 26 or 27

  • lady

    This woman has a very odd shape. Not attractive, imo. I wish people would stop trying to make her happen.

  • Jaime

    Wow. By reading all of these comments, it just shows how the media/society has shaped our perception into whats deemed beautiful. We’ve been looking at Victorias Secret models for way too long. Seriously, women are their own worst enemy.

  • angela

    Hahahaha her boobs aren’t that big. Gross.

  • mm

    She looks pregnant! well her boobs look like preggo boobs.

  • lou

    i cant believe comments here on this topic…but screw it. i dont give a damn about faggots and jealous women.
    from my point of view (a guy’s point of view!!) she’s stunning, she would be my dream girl

  • Veronica

    Wow, she looks very hot. Her Boyfriend knows how to KEEP THE ROMANCE ALIVE in the bedroom with Love Toys from AthenaToysDotcom

  • A

    SO overrated! and no, I’m not jealous. I could name dozens of women more sexy than her. She has absolutely no waist definition or hip ratio.. just giant boobs

  • PJ

    She is the sexiest model on planet…

  • JP

    Sorry, don’t see the attraction

  • http://Cnn Lee Davis

    Her milk has come in!

  • http://Cnn Lee Davis

    Her milk has come in! Time to pump.

  • Carmel Haggins

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    I am looking forward reading more of your articles.
    I agree with you on most points.
    Good job.
    I encourage you continue writing.
    The subject is well covered.

  • The Normal One

    It’s about time SI gets a curvey girl. This woman has killer curves and a gorgeous face. One of the hottest covers since Vendela.