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Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?

Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly dating Albanian model and former Miss Universe Kosovo 2011 Aferdita Dreshaj!

The 38-year-old actor was recently spotted with the 26-year-old model while he had some fun at hot spots, such as SL and Catch in Miami.

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“It’s been day in and day out for a few weeks now,” a source told the NY Post. “They’re spending a lot of time together, but it’s still early days.”

Another source added, “She’s just one of many girls he’s hanging out with.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio dating Aferdita Dreshaj?

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428 Responses to “Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?”

  1. 1
    Sam Says:

    I wish he would settle down with somebody already instead of dating all these very young models back to back. He’s almost 40 now for crying out loud!

  2. 2
    kurious kitty Says:

    what is with him and these “models”?I’m starting to think its a’d think he’d try to step outside the “model” box by now?!?

  3. 3
    sookie Says:


  4. 4
    LOL Says:

    because it’s easier to date a dumb model who won’t challenge him intellectually

  5. 5
    Nora Says:

    As soon they are linked as possible Leo’s gf they get a tag here in JJ.

  6. 6
    kurious kitty Says:


    or he’s afraid to date a young males, some of the women he’s dated do resemble teenage boys..just saying he could be bi high

  7. 7
    Zack Says:

    It’s usually rockers that almost exclusively date models, but then they tend to hang out in the same crowds and the same clubs. Age has nothing to do with it though Look at Mick Jagger he is pushing 70, and still loves models.

  8. 8
    Lee Says:

    She reminds me of a blonde Ryan Starr. Definitely looks like a party girl.

  9. 9
    Fifteen Minutes Says:

    Wow, this former beauty contestant is quite the fame w hore. Isn’t she supposedly engaged? Why then is she partying with Leo?
    After everything she and her sister have publicly posted about her hanging out with LD, I will be surprised if she ever sees him again. They are obviously trying to get media attention.

  10. 10
    Anne Says:

    Leo might be talented but he is emotionally retarded.

  11. 11
    Anon Says:

    this ho supposedly was engaged to shpat kasapi and is claiming they are just friends… right… who hangs out with a shirtless leo dicaprio in his hotel room when ur wearing cutoff shorts with his arm around him and his arm around u?? yep thats friends alright… sleeping her way to the top

  12. 12
    Time To Change Says:

    @Fifteen Minutes:

    exactly…her and her sis r so proud of her being one of his many hoes on the side yet her sis gets mad wen ppl get real and call her what she is: a girl trying to sleep her way to the top. no shame in the game just dont get all pissy wen ppl call u out on it.

  13. 13
    Not Really Says:

    wow… being seen in leo dicap’s hotel room… one of his side hussies. wat a great source of pride for the albanian community. first it was that ho antoinette nikprelaj now its this

  14. 14
    May Says:

    shes really pretty! but dont think it will last long, never does with his relationships

  15. 15
    m Says:

    WTF is that stupid pose they’re all doing? god when will it stop?

    it’s almost as annoying as the duck face and white girls holding a starbucks

  16. 16
    m Says:

    and just looking at her sisters twitter makes me role my eyes. this girl is a 12 yr old tumblr-owner (at best)

  17. 17
    m Says:

    roll* ugh

  18. 18
    Sienna Says:

    He clearly does not care if a girl is pretty or not, as long as she’s a model. Most of these models he dates aren’t even pretty!

  19. 19
    R Says:

    His behaviour is really pathetic.

  20. 20
    Sienna Says:

    This girl is gorgeous though! I wish he would settle down with someone that isn’t a model though

  21. 21
    Toni Says:

    He’s becoming a Clooney lol :P

    Seriously though, he seems smart and sweet, I dont get why he dates so many models, I’m sure there’s a beautiful non-model, maybe even non-entertainment-industry girl that he would be really happy with.

  22. 22
    haha Says:

    ho hum, another generic blonde, just another f*** buddy methinks!

  23. 23
    -_- Says:

    if you want to laugh you should read her sisters twitter —

    ….but they need to keep their sh*t private, you know networks like E! are going through it to put together a GROUND BREAKING story so do the right thing and shut up!

  24. 24
    Jo Says:

    The surprising thing to me is that she’s over 25. He usually doesn’t go for women over that age.

  25. 25
    yuck Says:

    she looks like a bargain basement hooker. shes so ugly. really!? hes seriously has reached a low point. hes never going to be happy going down the path hes going. he needs someone like giselle was with a faith in god and values. ewwww.

  26. 26
    Mix-Girl Says:

    seems like his one criteria is looks how refreshing and novel !

  27. 27
    amanda Says:

    um no not his girlfriend…she’s 26…..he strictly rolls 23 or under

  28. 28
    Jes Says:

    Def not his gf. She’s too old for his standard. And he was hanging out with many models the past week. He was often been seen with another blonde model of 22 years old. Aferdita has a bf .

  29. 29
    shanghai Says:

    Shame he is such a talented actor but is well known for only dating models. The majority of hard working, self respecting models know about him and will have nothing to do with him or his group.

  30. 30
    Shoegal421 Says:

    I wonder how many strains of HPV he has now…

  31. 31
    Mandy Says:

    He really is such a pathetic, shallow person…makes you wonder if his brain is really the size of a peanut…it’s hilarious actually cause in interviews he tries to come off as this really smart guy…I heard a rumor saying that he will settle the moment he will win an Oscar…pfff, keep dreaming Leo…

  32. 32
    Fruitfly Says:

    @Anne: LOL. You nailed it, honey. You can tell a lot about a man by the type of woman he dates. Serial dating younger models demonstrates 1) immaturity 2) insecurity (about his own masculinity).

  33. 33
    wtf Says:

    who the hell cares? you people are pathetic. you people try to use the ‘shallow older man’ card yet your all sitting there talking smack about this girl becauses shes 1: a model and 2: blonde.


  34. 34
    Come on Says:

    It’s pathetic to see a guy almost 40 years old ridiculing himself with dating available party girls who are after him for fame.
    Almost sad.

  35. 35
    opa Says:

    They’re not dating shes just trying to make it seem like they are by posting as this shizz on twitter. my guess is Leo would NOT be very happy about that, so if there ever was a chance of them dating its over now

  36. 36
    karen Says: leo looks so hot in this pic…cuts cuts cuts!!

  37. 37
    karen Says: and here they are on the balcony, looks like she could be wearing his tshirt

  38. 38
    @36 Says:

    if you zoom in you can see them very clearly, hes in good shape and your probably right about the tshirt next thing she’ll be posting twitpics of it

  39. 39
    : ) Says:

    poor leo..
    used by these famewh@res :(

  40. 40
    ...... Says:

    , I really don’t think it’s ok that Aferdita’s Sister is attacking people on Twitter and saying they have “Down Syndrome” because they’re asking about the end of her engagement. These two clearly want everyone to know she’s linked to Leo (even if just for a weekend) but the attacks she’s spewing are not cool! RUN LEO RUN

  41. 41
    confused Says:

    wait so is she engaged or what

  42. 42
    @41 Says:

    Well going by this recent turn of events im going to go with no

  43. 43
    ..... Says:

    ok just view the sisters twitter page and its clear to see the at least hooked up

  44. 44
    zero Says:

    poor Leo :( #famewhooeres

  45. 45
    twittt Says:

    I hope she realeases info about what he was like in bed, C’MONN GIVE US THE GOS GURRRL

  46. 46
    well... Says:

    Very revealing about Leo’s true character and personality.
    He might brag himself about only working with great directors and only choose good movies…. but when it comes to dating, oh boy the guy needs to grow up and become a little more secure about himself.

  47. 47
    38 going on 39 Says:

    Isn’t your choice of a mate reflecing who you are and what are your priorities in life?

  48. 48
    : ) Says:

    he is just having fun with those models
    models only after his fame
    he knows that
    he will marry a biologist girl haha

  49. 49
    lol... Says:

    I think someone asked her sister if she was married. And ( in a nasty way ) she said engaged not married. I`m pretty sure I saw that tweet right after she posted the link to the E! story. Sorry but neither Aferdita or her sister seem to be nice. Pretty girls but I get a very negative vibe from them. Leo and his taste in women…
    Us Weekly has an article about him and Bradley. One day they had dinner next to a group of 30 models and then they went partying in Miami. Nothing new except for the info that Bradley made out with 3 girls and left with one of them and Leo was the responsible one. I think this is the night that the NY Post article mentioned ( never ending line of champagne and models ).
    By the way Leo is in NYC and he is wearing an arm sling. There is a photo of him with Tobey and his wife. Leo went to see Jen`s jewelry show during NY Fashion Week. He must be in heaven with all those models in NYC now…

  50. 50
    Mandy Says:

    LMAO the forth picture is from her twitter and she writes under it “weather I’m right or wrong”…wow

  51. 51
    rek Says:

    Hahaha Bradley made out with 3 girls and left with one? Wow what a pulling team these two make, impressive

  52. 52
    Crazy Says:

    If Leo’s fans know anything about him its that he hates when these girls publicize the fact that they are with him via Twitter or Facebook. Its so obvious she is using him to become famous. If he was thinking of making this more, he isn’t now trust me. I hate how these girls use him to make a name for themselves. He deserves so much better than this girl.

  53. 53
    lol... Says:

    I forgot to finish the Us Weekly story. So Bradley left with a girl and apparently Leo was the `most responsible one`.
    Is it just me or this Aferdita had some work done? I saw older photos of her ( beauty pageant and VS photo ) and she looked so pretty. Looking at her tweet photos she just looks so tacky.

  54. 54
    : ) Says:

    ^I notice her lips looks fuller

  55. 55
    sarah Says:

    sorry but if he so much deserves better than these types of girls he should seriously consider to stop hanging around them. I’ll believe he deserves better when he’ll put an end to to being seen and going after 25 year old blondie easy catches.

  56. 56
    Law of Attraction Says:

    @Crazy: why does he deserve better??
    Law of attraction, you attract what you are.
    He deserves NO BETTER.
    He’s drawing to himself what he IS. A superficial assh*le.
    don’t get people saying Leo deserve better…
    The manchild is looking at these girls in a very superficial shallow way so thats what you get back in return.

  57. 57
    ! Says:

    Can’t find the us article can someone please post it ??
    BTW kendall just starts following aferdita on twitter!! they don’t have problem sharing the same man;)!!

  58. 58
    ,,,,,,, Says:

    her sis is attacking ppl left and right on twitter. but shes the one that posts the links and u expect evry albanian to say good job! good for her? right…. get a grip. she’s not a celeb shes just a side ****, one of his many

  59. 59
    @#$#@#$@# Says:

    shes pretty but then again when u get a nose job everyone looks better than they used to before ;)

  60. 60
    lol... Says:

    @!: I don`t know if the article is online on the Us Weekly website I saw it in the magazine. Here it is:

    Caption to the photo of Leo and Bradley shirtless on the balcony – Cooper and Dicaprio ogled women from their balcony at Miami Beach`s Delano hotel.

    Bradley and Leo – Boys` Bonding Weekend

    True bromance! Bradley Cooper and Leonardo Dicaprio enjoyed the ultimate guys` getaway in Miami Beach starting February 1. The fellas – along with buddies Jonah Hill and Gerard Butler – kicked off the festivities that night with an Italian dinner on the terrace at Bianca at the Delano hotel. ( Next to them? A group of 30 models! ) From there, the posse headed to nightclubs Story and Wall – then ducked into a cocktail lounge at around 3 am. “Bradley made out with three different girls at the club and left with one of them,” says a witness. ” Leo was actually the most responsible of the bunch.” Two nights later, Cooper and Dicaprio, both 38, chowed down at Scarpetta with Halle Berry and Mel Gibson. Says a witness, “Leo high-fived everyone at the end of the meal.”

  61. 61
    lol... Says:

    @59: I don`t know what kind of work she has done but I think she looked better before… More natural.

  62. 62
    Z Says:

    NO, she’s not his girlfriend. She’s just a girl that wants to appear through him for fame. Aferdita herself probably called E online to tell she’s the one on the balcony pics with him, because seriously, who knew about the existence of this girl? Off course she wants to have her minutes of fame, it’s clear like water, but this is all she will get from this. Leo is not dating her just because he hugged her, just because he was close to her, and even that he liked her before, but now that she spread the news everywhere at this point Leo already know she did this and no way he will stay with a girl that acts like this.

    It seems more easy to believe that Leo is dating that model of the pool pics, the same blonde girl that is kissing him on the cheek in his latest Miami pics.

  63. 63
    lol... Says:

    About the other blonde… It wasn’t only Leo she kissed. She said goodbye to some of his friends as well the same way but those photos were not posted. Some Leo fan site has them. He hung out with that girl several times but I don’t think he is dating anyone right now.

  64. 64
    Z Says:

    @lol, I know I saw those pics. I was just saying if was to believe he have a new girlfriend than would be easier to think it’s this girl over Aferdita. But I agree with you, I don’t think he’s dating anyone and I hope he’s really not., it’s good to take time for himself, to think, to look at his life and see that he’s not a boy anymore, he’s reaching his 40′s and I believe it’s time for a big change in his life. But this if he really wants, it’s up to him.

  65. 65
    Reba Says:

    Leo, it is time to grow up. Talk to your pal, Tobey.

  66. 66
    ! Says:

    @lol; thank you for the us article

  67. 67
    @@@@ Says:

    wonder if that divorced ho antoinette nikprelaj/kalaj/wtf her name is is jealous she didnt get the same 15 minutes aferdita is getting. she is an “actress” after all

  68. 68
    rek Says:

    Leo at Jen Meyer event last night

  69. 69
    rek Says:

    and again but OMG why is his arm in a sling?? Apart from that he looks GREAT

  70. 70
    rek Says:

    Sorry forgot to post link

  71. 71
    turrty Says:

    Wow he has the BEST skin

  72. 72
    yes Says:

    Between his cuts and his eyes I’m loving Leo lately :)

  73. 73
    @60 Says:

    Thank you

  74. 74
    Tina Says:

    She is married to Shpat Kasapi, an Albanian singer. What is wrong with her? They wont last, and she just ruined her marriage! Dumb Woman!

  75. 75
    Sugar Says:

    Sorry for Albania but he’s going from bad to worse. I don’t understand it. Is this a competition about who gets the trashiest hos?

  76. 76
    Z Says:

    He’s not dating her, is that hard to understand?

  77. 77
    Sugar Says:

    @Z: What is hard to understand is that this man never falls for anybody. And he has known many women…

  78. 78
    Masha Says:

    WOW Leo.WOW. a Siptarka(albanian)?!?! only bottom feeders can hook up with them….out of all the international women in the world you pick…im not even sure what albanians are because humans they arent..i thought you were somewhat wordly??? you lost me as a fan. stop being soooo’s becoming to be very unattractive.

  79. 79
    just me Says:

    guys she is engaged to a singer from albania so what they are writing here is stupid or she is cheating on her fiancee

  80. 80
    they were kissing Says:

    they were seen kissing a couple of times in Miami…like Leo hangs out with women like her for fun…yeah right….”fun”

  81. 81
    they were kissing Says:

    she said that they’re friends…lol …no b!tch Tobey, Lukas, Kevin are his friends. You are a ho. Leo is beyond pathetic…married/engaged women Leo?!?! I’m sure he’s gonna run from her now after all this has some to light…whatever you do in the darkness will always come to light… Karma is a biaaatcch!!

  82. 82
    LOL Says:

    Just so I’m clear, this is the new girlfriend to hate/insult/slander call famewhores and gold diggers targeting St Leo since Margot Robbie ended and the Sydney picture yacht girls went nowhere? Got it.
    Bu then live your life Leo! Better to stay single than be a hypocrite, get married and have kids while ******** around on the side (Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, David Beckham, e.t.c)

  83. 83
    xXx Says:

    when Gisele debuts her daughter, Leo debuts his girlfriend of the month…

  84. 84
    PoorShpatKasaplol Says:


    ill bang your servian ass. the way you like it! in an inhumanly way.

  85. 85
    LOL Says:

    they’re not dating people. they were spotted together on a balcony. she denied it. thats the only time they were seen together. loll that was the extent of it.

  86. 86
    Z Says:

    What Gisele have to do with Leo? they dated when? Million years ago? Please, get over it, Gisele have her life, leave her out of this page.

    I hate when people starts to compare ex-lovers life, what that matter at this point?

  87. 87
    skittles_guy Says:

    I know, he should really find himself a nice 37 year old girl who is looking to settle down after years of dating the wrong guys. I mean, what would he want with these young girls? Doesn’t he want a sassy girl who can challenge him and keep him on his toes? I know a gal who majored in gender studies that would be perfect for him. He must be intimidated by a strong, independent woman. These young girls probably don’t challenge him at all. They probably just agree with everything he says and act super girly. I just don’t get it.

  88. 88
    Dasha Says:

    Here we go again…
    Leo i love you but come on dude settle down already!!!

  89. 89
    Leslie Says:

    I give it the standard year for them. Oh wait, I just saw picture 3 of hers.. I give it 8 months

  90. 90
    Courtney Says:

    In the words of the great Nelly: “What good is all the fame if you ain’t f****ing the models..” Anywho.. Blake Lively was not a supermodel and he dated her *Shrugs* He actually took her all over the world and supported her through her nude pictures “leak” I thought that would’ve been the turning point for him but apparently not.. This girl looks like a hot mess though. I doubt they’re dating although I’m sure he hit it and now she’s spreading that they’re a couple… keep famewhoring ya famewhore!

  91. 91
    From Kendall chick Says:

    Kendall Kowitz‏@KendallKowitz-7:57 PM – 8 Feb 13 · Details
    Don’t ask to make you my priority if I’m going to be your last option.

    Broken hearts LOL

  92. 92
    inferiorcomplex Says:

    interesting how status wise his gf’s keep declining….from worldwide Supermodel to SI Swimsuit model to unknown VS model to pageant girl/Miami model? LMAO!

  93. 93
    C'mon man Says:

    I just hope the time he will do the same Rick Martin. How old Rick Martin “came out of the closet”? It isn’t possible that he hasn’t found a decent woman to marry in all these years.

  94. 94
    lookalikes Says:

    The girl on fucsia pants looks like Gerard Butler’s gf? Is she?

  95. 95
    TBH Says:

    Honest Question WHY does he have to settle down?
    Marriage and 2.4 children is not for everyone. Leo’s parents were divorced from a very young age so he probably has no draw to that life.
    If this girl is using him, he’s probably using her to for her body.
    And there are actors older then Leo – Jamie Foxx, Edward Norton, Keanu Reeves, Adrian Brody some of them Oscar winning and have not settled down and don’t show the inclination to by partying/jet setting as much. Never mind his close friends. Why do some Leo fans insist he has to follow the path THEY think works best for him?
    Especially since its not like he’s asking or listening. Strange

  96. 96
    @91 Says:

    Is that tweet real? Are you sure? Oh this is funny!

  97. 97
    Ana Says:

    All the models he dates look practically identical-tall, blonde and names that sound like gargling. The reason probably he, George Clooney and Adam Levine serial date these woman is because they probably don’t challenge them intellectually, live to party and are total “arm candy”. They act like teenage boys, not men. While there’s nothing wrong with not getting married or having a desire to-it speaks volumes of not being in a long term commited relationship at that age.

  98. 98
    uhhuh Says:

    She’s his type, blonde, rail thin, arm candy, except for the age, I thought he was into barely legal girls just out of their teens.

    He really is turning into a fat old man who dates young girls after all.

  99. 99
    rous Says:

    @uhhuh: The new age is a little improvement dont you think?

  100. 100
    Good Says:

    LOL, I’m glad to see this topic and to see pictures of his new flavour of the month. It only confirms his choice in interesting women.
    Another tall generic blonde, but frankly this one is probably the ugliest. While having her breast implants and her lips collagened, she should have have asked the plastic surgeon to fix her nostrils, they’re way too large.

  101. 101
    Vinman Says:

    What’s with all of the hating on Leo? What’s wrong with a man dating and bedding beautiful young, fit women? God bless him! Have fun. Isn’t that what life is all about? Living it? Maybe he doesn’t want a ball and chain. Maybe he doesn’t want children. Maybe what he wants is to continuously bang hot women. There are plenty of men out there that are married and miserable, or cheating on their wives. I give him props for not getting married, having kids, and getting raped in divorce court, and paying out his money in child support. My Hero!

  102. 102
    adriatik Says:

    masha, u serbs are really pathetic and psychos, and most of u mentally sick, what do u think caprio doesnt know who are albanians? shame on u, retarted

  103. 103
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    I think Leo needs to stop hanging around Mel and Gerard. His taste in model gfs is going down hill.

  104. 104
    @100 Says:

    And you should up your prescription from your psychiatrist.
    The predictable routine of attacking the looks of every woman linked to Leo (a man who does not know you exist) – from your computer in your basement – frankly reveal your own ****** female psychosis and deeply troubled state of mind.

  105. 105
    CanadaGirl Says:

    “26″. Uh-huh. Yep. Sure.
    Seems like her PR is working overtime based on these pictures and the comments on the last thread.

  106. 106
    Chris Says:

    Another ugly anorexic model. Urgh.
    I don’t know why some of you think Leo could be better with Gisele, she is a fake and arrogant person when there’s no cameras around and ALWAYS treats people like $hit. Everyone who have met and worked with her says the same, she treats bad even her fans when she comes to Brasil, she only plays “the nice person” in front of the cameras for publicity, nothing else.
    I would be happy if Leo decide to date someone like Kate Winslet or Marion Cotillard (not exactly they, because they are both married), but real woman, with real talent and close to his age, not those stupid girls he’s been with since… forever.

  107. 107
    LOL Says:

    @TBH: Comparing Leo with these guys, first they have nothing in common.
    Jamie’s daughter is a teenager.
    Keanu girlfriend died in some tragic way, and he was never a man ho.
    Norton is not dating models.
    It is Leo’s life, and if he is happy, I don’t think it is anyone’s business.

  108. 108
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Crazy: “If Leo’s fans know anything about him its that he hates when these girls publicize the fact that they are with him via Twitter or Facebook. Its so obvious she is using him to become famous. If he was thinking of making this more, he isn’t now trust me. I hate how these girls use him to make a name for themselves. He deserves so much better than this girl.”
    Great actor. Yep. Great to women. No. She may be using him, but he’s used (and discarded) many women in the past. ***-for-tat I say.
    The best part of this is that he’s been getting a little of his “just desserts” lately. Blake dumping him and racing down the aisle. The break-up with Erin and she landed a HOT new boyfriend. Now this one…. and her Twittering about her twattering.
    LD, your not keeping your sh*t tight as usual…… in more ways than one it appears.

  109. 109
    koala Says:

    What a cheap looking girl!

  110. 110
    Xhoni Says:

    Aferdita eshte shume e mere per ta shtypur Shpati nuk e ka problem fare

  111. 111
    CanadaGirl Says:

    “you’re” that is….
    Tinkerbell, what’s the verdict?

  112. 112
    AK Says:

    Leo is the male of Taylor Swift haha

  113. 113
    why better? Says:

    why is everyone saying he deserves better when he acts like a manwhore??? When you go after people for shallow reasons what does one expect?!? Loyalty! lol

  114. 114
    What have we here? Says:

    Leonardo dates these models because they are tall and beautiful and because of who he is, he can still get them into bed. Why not? He is a great actor, but he’s always looked a little “slight” to me. He’s not really handsome. He doesn’t have a good body. He’s smokes and doesn’t look very healthy. A tall, leggy woman would make him feel better about himself, boost his ego. Notice how most famous short men all go for the tall, thin women/models. This woman is just another bed partner. When the sex runs out (like it always does) they’ll be done too. She’s a nobody and she will be forgotten by him when he’s ready to move on to the next target.

  115. 115
    just another cougar Says:

    I’m just glad that Leo got his Albanian flag

  116. 116
    vagabond Says:

    @CanadaGirl: “LD, your not keeping your sh*t tight as usual…… in more ways than one it appears.”That’s the truth,specially if that’s what the Kendall girl is referring to.Then we got both doing it.
    Now that would be something wouldn’t it some crazy ass twitter war between the 2 I honestly don’t think he’s dating anyone but he probably did hit it.The source saying she’s one of many is probably the truth.I do find it Interesting this all came out as soon as he left

  117. 117
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @vagabond: Not sure if you know, but is this the same girl that he may have hooked up with from a couple years back? I recall the girl being very young (18) and worked with Model Mayhem like this Kendall person. I believe, if memory serves, that they met in Miami.
    I just don’t have the energy to go back through all the threads.

  118. 118
    ? Says:

    Well if she is his new girlfriend, she didn’t follow him to NY. She tweeted she was leaving MIami for Michigan and then after to Europe for work.
    Usually, Leo wants to have his girls available and close to him when he’s off.
    Verdict: she’s one of the many models he hangs with whether it’s in Sydney, NY, Miami or elsewhere. It’s just that this time, it happened that we saw pictures of the two while most of the time, we just “read” that he’s having dozens of models around him. That’s all.

  119. 119
    Blythe Says:

    Leonardo dates these kind of women because they have no financial or intellectual power against him, which is really weak of him to do. I guarantee you, he’s probably not as interesting as he is thought to be, so he needs a lesser kind of woman behind him.

  120. 120
    Fashion Week Says:

    Leo went back to NY to attend the fashion week activities aka scout out a new wh*re…

  121. 121
    lol... Says:

    …or to attend his friend, Jennifer Meyer`s fashion show. I bet he enjoys the perks of NYFW but come on. He is who he is. He hasn`t shown any sign of change and we either accept that or just quit bothering about him. Why bashing him all the time?

  122. 122
    BZ`s new girl? Says:

    I bet this Kosovo girl will get a very lively forum on BZ, just like the girls who used to date Leo before. Bar, Blake and Erin used to have the Leo fanclub posting and drooling over his exes, they became suddenly fans of these girls as much as they were of Leo.
    Wait and see this new flavor of the season will have a very busy BZ forum, I am telling you.

  123. 123
    Wuav Says:

    He has always dated models. Thats his type. George Clooney and Johnny Depp have a type they go out with. What wrong with that?I sure you guys have a type.

  124. 124
    vagabond Says:

    @CanadaGirl: No I don’t really know.

  125. 125
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @vagabond: Upon reflection, it’s not the same girl. The other girl was repped in Miami, I believe, and came from the … I want to say the mid-west, but I can’t recall now.

  126. 126
    day one Says:

    @lol…: yeah cause you’ve been “praising” leo all this time. You’ve been bashing him too you’re just more quiet about it. You’re no better than the “loud” bashers..get over yourself.

  127. 127
    day one Says:

    @BZ`s new girl?: she’s not official so she won’t get any love. Only the official ones you will see them change their avi for.

  128. 128
    Weirdo Says:

    This is such a non-story…..

    Oh and don’t click on any imagebam links unless you want a virus

  129. 129
    lol... Says:

    No, i havent praised him and it’s not about praising him. its about Accepting his flaws. It’s not easy to do that. I get frustrated by reading about his ‘love’ life. It was easier to hate on his previous girlfriends but after a while you realize it’s him. I’m just trying to accept it and not to have high hopes. Bashing him is not going to change anything ( and in retrospect I admit it didn’t change anything about his ex girlfriends ) and we either accept him for who he is or we continue bashing him. Which one is it going to be? All I know is that I hate to read some of these comments.

  130. 130
    Ryan Says:

    Aferdita Dresha is disgusting. She looks like a cheap hooker.

  131. 131
    Johnny Says:

    Saw her Twitter account. That poor cheap fugly blond follows… Justin Bieber. AH AH AH.

  132. 132
    Carey Says:

    Eastern sl*ut. She looks so cheap !

  133. 133
    John Says:

    Sounds like a lot of the girls here are just jealous. LOL to the girls criticizing this model’s looks. I guarantee you she is WAY prettier than all the girls commenting. Just face it girls, if you were young and hot, you would be jumping all over Leo.

  134. 134
    Twinkle Says:

    Snore! Leo’s got the boring, generic, bland taste in women. Blond and boring! He’s so vanilla.

  135. 135
    Self-Promo Says:

    @John: Aferdita in the house or maybe the sister?

  136. 136
    Hillary Says:

    @AK: except Leo is actually talented unlike Taylor Swift.

  137. 137
    Aferdita in the house Says:

    Most likely it’s her sister ;)

  138. 138
    Without Equal Says:

    Leo has heaps of game, certainly more than all the fat and nasty ******* in this thread who say ‘He doesn’t want to be intellectually challenged!’. I date women specifically not to be intellectually challenged, next.

    Oh and ****, ‘He should find a woman his own age!’, you’re a bunch of retards. Compare a 21 year old to a 37 year old. I’m sure when Leo got into the acting game is was for the purpose of finding a woman his own age…

    Leo, I tip my glass to you.

  139. 139
    Gia Says:

    @Twinkle: Nah he’s not blonde anymore, but he was cuter when he was. I like how he looked in Titanic

  140. 140
    Xanadu Says:

    Another zoolandering idiot with the stupid duck lips. That used to be a joke once upon a time. What insipid losers we have for ‘entertainment’ these days. Leo must be gay, he can’t satisfied with any girl, no matter how beautiful I guess Giselle was too maudlin for him, wanting a family, instead of hanging out with the thinly veiled Russian mafia trash he does. Disappointing.

  141. 141
    Xanadu Says:

    @Without Equal: So anyone young is better even when their nostrils are so big they look like a bowling ball and crooked buck teeth okay. No accounting for taste.

  142. 142
    Gross Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio: Every guy wants to be me

    ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star dines with Kevin Connolly and 12 lovely ladies at Koi in Trump SoHo. Brags to ‘Entourage’ star that he’s sleeping with multiple women, source says

    Everyone on Earth wants to be Leonardo DiCaprio.

    So says Leo, at least.

    In what was a very frank dinner conversation with his buddies, the star dished on everything from whom he’s sleeping with to how people want to be him.

    The “Wolf of Wall Street” star enjoyed a meal with longtime pal Kevin Connolly (“E” on “Entourage”) and 12 — yes, 12 — women at Koi in the Trump SoHo Thursday, and had a grand ol’ time.

    “Leo talked about the fact that he is sleeping with ‘multiple women’ right now,” says our earwitness. “He was totally open about it. Kevin looked at Leo and told him, ‘I want to be you.’

    “Leo replied, ‘Everyone does.’ He was acting very nice, but is very arrogant,” says the insider.

    DiCaprio also promised his pal a vacation real soon after Connolly said he wanted to tag along “somewhere crazy” with his A-list friend.

    The handsome DiCaprio was just getting warmed up.

    When the group finished, he picked up the bill for everyone, including Connolly, and hit the hotel’s brand-new nightclub, The Spot (the former Kastel), which opened Wednesday. According to our source, they “partied all night” at the lounge before heading back to the lobby in the Trump, where DiCaprio booked a room.

    “He asked all the girls to come upstairs afterwards and they had a huge after-party with Leo, Kevin and tons of girls,” says our spy.

    DiCaprio, now on a break from making movies to tend to his pet environmental causes, has been globetrotting with Jonah Hill and partying it up with models. He’s been linked to his “Wolf” co-star, Margot Robbie, and most recently was spotted getting a smooch in Miami from 2011 Miss Universe Kosovo finalist Aferdita Dreshaj. The two also were spotted together on a balcony at a South Beach hotel.

    So after all that, we have to ask: Does everyone want to be Leo? The answer is yes.

    Read more:

  143. 143
    Xanadu Says:

    No. Anyone ttyat has to brag like that is seriously i secure and frankly, disgusting. How tese imoral dirtbags role models at all, why do we waste money on them? Well, I don’t watch movies or tv, but most do. Apply your time better,people. Btw, as wittyh all the overblown, his movies suck. I rented I nception from Redbox and turned it off after 20 minutes. My time is more valuble than that.

  144. 144
    one more flap-heavy sabretooth Says:

    Oh girlies who are we kidding? dont lie xanadu you turned off inception early to jill off as did I. Sometimes I wonder why men like him who have access to more hot young tail than 99.9999% of men aren’t impressed with my extensive memorization of the back of laffy taffy wrappers which does make me able to challenge him intellectually in a way that no skinny girl can. Then I wake up from my midday nap and try to find a marilyn monroe quote which will give me the best chance of getting 20 likes on facebook.

  145. 145
    : ) Says:

    # 142 ah gossip site and their” insider ”
    so reliable lol

    I know some of you will sing “I believe” hand in hand

  146. 146
    Weirdo Says:

    I don’t believe that story at all. First of all, I don’t think that is something Leo would even say, and not in public like a fool where everyone can hear. Also, the guys he has been hanging out with have all been rumored to be gay….Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper, GB and now Kevin. Do you think Kevin and Leo can go home alone and back to a hotel room together? Uh no, that’s why there are a group of girls everywhere. I’m sorry but Leo does not have that great amount of appeal anymore so this angle just isn’t working. Is he hotter than Chris Hemsworth? Channing Tatum? Both married. Or any of the other seriously hot new actors on the rise right now? He’s aging, his career is on pause, he doesn’t have game like Clooney to pull this off. Something Is Not Right With This Story.

  147. 147
    mental Says:

    Seriously, why does everyone get mad he dates younger chicks? Get a life.

  148. 148
    Let's be honest Says:

    12 women? And what type of girls ( between you and me) accept to share the attention and then the room of two guys? These are called “h**kers” or escorts to be polite.
    And please don’t act like offended virgins…. yes, Leo and his pals have been spotted more than once with a table, a yacht and a room filled with several women at a time.
    It says much about him and how he perceives women, don’t you think?

  149. 149
    at least one STD Says:

    I think Leo HAS to have at least ONE STD

  150. 150
    LOL Says:

    while i don’t doubt leo sleeps with alot of women, he cares to much about his persona to just talk about it openly. also i know alot of these commenters know that hes not dating afredita, they heard the denial and they know its not true. but continue to bash him, and how stupid he is for dating her, and how he has terrible taste in women for choosing her. you know hes not dating her. quite bringing up an excuse to bash him.

  151. 151
    triiina Says:

    She is engaged to Shpat Kasapi… She just stated in a interview live through phone ( in an kosovo tv program) that they are only friends and that she and her fiance are in love .. but in my opinion her fiance should be botherd and worried thats DICAPRIO …

  152. 152
    A question Says:

    If she has a fiance then what was she doing in Miami partying and hugging Leo on his hotel balcony?

  153. 153
    @152 Says:

    @A question: exactly, she’s engaged and in cut off shorts and flirting…both are sluuuts, I’m not putting this on the girl anymore…he’s a sluuut too. She says they’re “friends” lol We all know Leo’s close knit friends and she is NOT one of them

  154. 154
    lol... Says:

    What else would she say in an interview confronted about hanging out with a notorious womanizer while being engaged? I seriously doubt they are friends or just hung out.
    About the DailyNews article. I believe the dinner/hotel/club/12 girls part but overhearing him talking about his protected love life? I doubt… I have not problem believing he was surrounded by all those girls ( the Us Weekly Miami sighting also referred to a bunch of models ) and that he was there with Kevin ( he was out partying during the blizzard ) but the rest sounds like creative journalism.

  155. 155
    Tony Says:

    If this is true then Aferdita Dreshaj is cheating… Because she is already engaged with an albanian singer Shpat Kasapi!!! Poor these girls would do anything to get famous

  156. 156
    share Says:

    @Tony: and Leo will do anything to screw a ho include talking to engaged women

  157. 157
    kellypitt Says:

    She is very beautiful!!!

  158. 158
    Cay Says:

    That’s not real. Come on!!! It’s just Gossip. Aferdita Dreshaj is in alove relationship with an albanian singer whose name is Shpat Kasapi. They are both friends of Leo.

  159. 159
    Sunny Says:

    People in the regular world still don’t get it. These so called models especially the ones from eastern europe are usually high class hookers. Modelling doesn’t pay, only the top 1% of them make the big bucks.

    These girls want to be seen so that hopefully they’ll end up marrying a rich man, but in the mean time they do their modelling and prostitute themselves to rich actors, singers, oil barons etc. That’s the truth, people keep falling for this modelling thing, it is a waste of time, trust me!!! Many girls end up liking the lifestyle too much to do any real work and think prostitution is the answer. Some are lucky, most end up hooked on drugs and become old passed around maids.

  160. 160
    kissing pics coming Says:

    This is from the same website that first had the pictures of them on the balcony. They reported it first. And now they said they have kissing pics of this engaged woman with Leo. Expect pics by tomorrow or tonight. But it will definitely be all over the web soon if they have them. This just keeps getting worst and worst. I guess they’re kissing “friends”

  161. 161
    kissing pics coming Says:

    They also said its “exclusive” just like they did before…

  162. 162
    @Sunny Says:

    Totally agree with you. So even if the girls are engaged it still doesn’t stop them from working as escorts for the riches and famous.
    Miami and Vegas have plenty of these girls.

  163. 163
    lol... Says:

    Some sites posted the photos of Kendall giving Leo a kiss goodbye as Aferdita was the blonde. So it could be a confusion as well ( or indeed new kissing photos ). Also that headline doesn’t claim these exclusive photos of Leo and Aferdita kissing. ‘who was seen kissing Leo’ sounds like a way of (mis)identifying Aferdita. We will se!

  164. 164
    lol... Says:

    Kendall wasn’t identified by any websites other than bellazon and JJ comments. I think most sources consider the two girls the same. So let’s see what happens! Leo left Miami days ago so I assume photos of him kissing A would be out by now…

  165. 165
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: Thanks for acting. The verdict is, she’s just a jump off, a good time girl, happened to be in Miami, happened to fit the physical profile, eyada yada yada. Why should she leave her claim to fame in her homeland—this Shpat dude. To be a jump off for Leo or a fiancee to the local star… do the math. These Natashas from the former Soviet republics are not stupid. They can be pretty cold blooded—Ive known a few, like one from Kyrgyzstan who was pretty much that way. They grew up in want or their parents did and they play their cards right. Dating or being seen with Leo helps girls like her, she might move to the front of the pack with the VS girls or up higher in that hierarchy. Dont think she doesnt know that !

    Not feeling the long term thing for this one. I think there will be lots of Aferdits and Kendalls etc over the next year or two because he wants it that way, no fuss, no emotional muss. The only kind of girl that can hang with him is a bar who is programmed pathologically to date movie stars from birth….everyone else gets discourgaed at the treatment. Erin dragged out because they were not in the same place together….once he started ignoring her in the same town it was over. I sort of believe the strippers at his house rumor too.

    It’s too bad but that is him. I’ve given up. This flirtation is either over or will be in 1-3 months. Maybe already is. No reason to get upset about it, he’s using them like kleenex these days and it gets grosser and grosser, just like with Bradley who is NOT good looking at all, sorry.

  166. 166
    tinkerbell Says:

    BTW Albania is the ugliest country in the East—i watched michael palin’s series about the new East and Albania was just APPALLING. Tirana, the capital was all HIDEOUS soviet concrete buildings. An artist got elected as mayor after the breakout and one of the only things he go could was starting to paint some of the hideous old buildings bright pastel colors to change the view. ..

  167. 167
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Without Equal: and they date you for your wallet. Smart guy. You still come off as an as*hat to us.

  168. 168
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Gross: Herpes, HPV, HIV, ….this wont end up well. But party on dude, just ripped up my stan card.

    Leo should try reading medical records all day like I used to there is soooo much herpes, HPV (men get cancer from going down—they get it in the throat or oral area) Hep C(not usually sexuallly contracted but this out there) HIV in the most diverse group of people…..there is so much out there. It is not seeing multiple partners that causes it is what spreads it….it is unethical to this these days because you can spread…just like in that story about Chase Crawford a year or two ago. If you are just seeing one you can stop with that and control it…otherwise you give the gift that keeps giving. YUCK>

  169. 169
    tinkerbell Says:

    @at least one STD: I think he is careful but he is cruising for a bruising. Condoms dont prevent the herp. You can get it from any open sore on any body part…Dennis Rodman got sued by like a dozen NBA cheerleaders because he spread it to them….also his former wife in his book says he gave it to her as well. .her book “Much Worse Than He Says he Is” is a classic.Sorry, but in that picture for the Jack Daniels add that keeps popping up he loooks UGGGLLLY he looks like Mike Ditka the football coach slavic genes coming out. Whoever said it is right…he looks more Russian these days.

    Eewww dont worry girls you are not missing anything but heartache.

  170. 170
    tinkerbell Says:

    @tinkerbell: i meant asking…

    PS the kendall kowitz tweet was funny…see what it would be like to get up close and personal…you hook up and then he walks as soon as someone else shows….yuck.

    You know what mr-dont-want-to-be-challenged? You got nothing to offer. Neither does he. You do the rest of us a favor by dating bimbos. And no it isnt about being intellectually “challenged” at all….you dont have to be a Phd to be a good person. It’s about being able to see some worth beyond booty. Doesnt matter what it is, but kindness, sense of humor, compassion, some kind of interest or talent— could be cooking, tennis, singing, whatever makes someone special. And since that is all you are interested in, you can have it. Those girls aren’t getting anything good for them either.

  171. 171
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Sam: just like his character in Aviator. Honestly, he’s a manwhore

  172. 172
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Shoegal421: would that not be ironic if he got syphilis like his character in Aviator.

  173. 173
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @skittles_guy: How about Katie Holmes? They could a rendition of mr. & mrs. Smith and let it go from there

  174. 174
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Sincerely concerned: Yeah Howard Hughes supposedly had “f*ck pads” all around LA and a major casting couch as head of RKO pictures. The man had issues more than OCD. He was a strange one.

    Syphillis is not that common these days as far as I know, and penicillin will take it out in the early stages…HPV and Herpes are more scary and more of a threat, never mind HIV. In a way HPV and herpes are more frightening because condoms don’t necessarily protect as far as I know…you think you practiced “safe sex” but from what?

    When I moved to NYC became much more conservative than I was before about who I slept with….after being in healthcare it actually scares me, not because I am a prude but my body is my temple and its actually self-abuse to go around sleeping with random people. If I didnt have my bf I might go into the nunnery I swear, it scares me that much. Nothing like reading the medical records of a 75 year old woman and a 10 year old child and finding out they are BOTH HIV+.
    Or about women who have herpes who are pregnant and having outbreaks at the time of the delivery—they have to have C-sections to keep the kid from getting infected for life.

    Sorry girls, this is reality, not fantasy. It’s nice to fantasize about Leo, but look what he does. Keeping it at fantasy is a wise idea any way as far as I am concerned. sorry if you dont like it, there are many here who dont want to deal with the real world, I know…but many do. I can hear your voices….

  175. 175
    Ruby Says:

    Now THIS I believe in. Looks SO MUCH like Leo to find a cheap looking girl like this ! Why can’t gossips be true ? I think it sounds awfully true that he is banging girl after girl , and now this one. HOW LOW CAN YOU GET, LEO? ……hahahaha, no, that is not the question: he has ALWAYS been this “low standard”, ALWAYS. No wonder Kate Winslet didn’t want him, she’s got CLASS in comparison, or two f-in brain cells more than this lady

  176. 176
    Ruby Says:

    Leo is fast! NEW CHIC: Another model is blabbing on TWITTER : Kendall Kowitz is talking about Leo on Twitter people! Way to go, Leo! “Nice lady” telling WHAT A GREAT TIME she had in Miami ;)

    Jonah Hill ‏@JonahHill
    Lone Wolf

    Kendall Kowitz ‏@KendallKowitz
    @JonahHill come back to Miami soon love!! :)

  177. 177
    lol... Says:

    @Ruby: Where are the tweets about Leo?

  178. 178
    miss lovely Says:

    @Ruby oh sweet lord, you think u are funny, but u are SO LAME. that is a friendly tweet to a FRIEND. Jonah Hill is her FRIEND,TOO, ……….GETTIT already??!!? they are all friends, Aferpidota told in an interview to some magazine…!!! u are only here to make “fun” of Leo, u are not a fan, u are trying to be honest but u are so not, u even make fun of innocent ppl u know nothing about, and u pretend to know every detail of Leo’s “love life” as if he bothers shagging every **** he meets, maybe u are jealous because the only person in ur head he hasn’t been shagging is YOU? … sdfhvbsofuwfgnasdfhaosdfhoiawhu (mad fan!!)

  179. 179
    haha Says:

    @ruby kendall isn’t doing anything wrong. jonah was apart of the leo group too. she probably became friends with him too (don’t know yet if leo and kendall are gonna be anything more) afredita is the one everybody should be bashing on. the girl comments like she wants people to understand that they’re not together, yet she keeps talking about it.

  180. 180
    lol... Says:

    @miss lovely: Well said but this ‘we are all just friend’ thing is hard to believe. Anyone expected anything else from a girl who is engaged? Other than that I completely agree with you. To be honest we saw tweets like this from Erin. She tweeted to his friends and posted photos yet she wasn’t talking about Leo.

  181. 181
    LOL Says:

    LOLROF @miss lovely : Aferpidota ????? New Girl again? LOOOL this is too funny, Ruby is too funny, keep bashin Ruby!! i love this forum, oh man this is funny :-D Aferdita, Margot Robbie, Margaret, Kendall, Miranda, Poldova wasnt it? i dont remember her name, there are so many now i am totally confused… now Aferpidota :-D

  182. 182
    Ban Says:

  183. 183
    Ender Says:

    She’s waay too old for him! He needs to be dating an 18-19 year old, He’s rich, powerful, famous and not even 40 yet! He totally needs to dump her when she hits 30 though, trade her in for a younger model hahaha.

    Besides, once women reach 30, they have pretty much “expired” anyway.

  184. 184
    Good one! Says:

    @LOL (181)
    Thank you so much for giving me such a hard laugh! hahaha :D
    what you wrote and HOW you wrote it was SO funny! that calls for an extra-LOL!!! hahahahah :D

    And it’s also very funny that so many people take other people’s gossip so seriously!! light up, guys!
    Leo is a great actor and seems like a nice guy…the rest of his life is
    HIS bussiness, not anyone else’s! but I guess that, even when many people know that already, they still feel entitled to…a lot, actually! hahaha

    Thanks again @LOL!!!! great sense of humor!!! love that! hahahahaha :D

  185. 185
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @tinkerbell: If this is an indicator as to what the Free Leo sabbatical is going to be like, I’m in. Bring on the twits Tweeting about their tw…. well you get the idea. Ah… social media…. the great equalizer.
    Winter’s finally hit us. I’m all snuggled in for the night , and I think I’m going to watch a movie.
    Have a good one, (Free) Leo-fans.

  186. 186
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Ruby: OK Ruby, as for Aferdita, I happen to agree, especially in this post she made herself up look like a blow up doll, and she does look vaguely like a Eastern European call girl. She is sort of pretty, but the hot pants tell the story. I am not going to assume she turns tricks but yes, I have heard that some borderline “models”and “actresses”do turn tricks between jobs because it is hard for them/embarrassing to get straight jobs, etc so so they say. As far as I am concerned a little folding at the Gap would be good for their ass*es.

    The overdone eyebrows and the collagen lips really do make her look cheap. That having been said, minus that she is a pretty young woman with a nice figure. Not the greatest beauty Ive ever seen but you know, attractive. Just done up like a call girl. I dont know whether she is or not, but how does she make her money?????? You have to ask does she get enough modelling gigs to pay her rent? Does Shpat or whomever bankroll her?

  187. 187
    tinkerbell Says:

    If you look at the blow up of the picture in the pink hot pants yeah she is his type, but for a jump off, of which there are plenty. Sigh, I had hope for his hiatus but I think it is just going to be grosss.

  188. 188
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: are you serious CG? I think it is going to be one long haul of debauchery and he is looking bad as it is. What is he going to do with his time if he doesnt have some wannabe barfie to drag around? I meean two whole years and nothing but parties…I expect trouble and lowered expectations all around.

    I’ve long said leo should just quit the “semblance of monogamy “thing and just screw around, it is a lot more honest….I think a lot of the “girlfriends” thing was PR, to make him look like a nice guy with a heart, but I really dont think so any more. Its going to be gross.

  189. 189
    Mari Says:


    I agree, CG, bring it on. I have no doubt that this is how Leo normally behaves when he’s not in a committed relationship (which requires him to be a little more discrete). The problem for him is that social media is difficult if not impossible to out run, especially if he’s hooking up with Afredita and the like. Those girls like her are desperate for fame, dazzled by celebrity, hungry for money . . . and that means they will tweet about their encounters with him. Or in the case of Afredita, her obnoxious sister will. As much as Leo despises the paparazzi, the people he really be concerned about are those women he’s bringing back to his hotel room at night.

  190. 190
    Mari Says:

    Afredita started following Bar and Erin on Twitter. I suppose she’s trying to figure out how to extend her one night stand (or 5 day stand. . . or whatever it was) into something a little more long term.

  191. 191
    Mari Says:


    You are right Tinkerbell, he does look terrible already (at least in the pics from Miami when he’s drinking coffee after an apparent bender). I don’t think he will go two years without an official girlfriend though, do you?

  192. 192
    OMG Says:

    @Mari: what?!?! Why is she following Bar and Erin on twitter?!?!?! lol LAAAAAAMMMEEEE!!! I wonder what her hubby things about her following the exes of DiCaprio! OMG!!! That is hilarious. I think Leo wanted to make her official but it didnt work out. Next. Can’t say I feel sorry for him.

  193. 193
    OMG Says:

    not even Erin is following Bar on twitter or vice versa! lol

  194. 194
    Mari Says:


    I know, I almost died when I saw it. I even took a pic with my phone, in case she deletes it later. haha. They are the two most recent people she’s following on Twitter.

  195. 195
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @tinkerbell: I have the best of hopes for the man, I do, but ^^this^^ is his life. I’ll amend my comment and say I hope that this is a small hooray of freedom and, hopefully, not the opening act of the two year Free-Leo show.
    As far as Aferdita, they aren’t a couple. She got lucky though, that one. ‘People’ have been name dropping since her picture hit the blogs. Pretty enough. Like that she’s quite tall. :) To pagenty to be a top model. The teeth I’ll give her a pass on. Look at Adriana Lima.

  196. 196
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Mari: *shakes head* What’s the point? Is she upset? Feel slighted? Want to stir the pot? Bolster her name? Commiserate? Collaborate? Make Leo nervous?
    It’s only been a few weeks and this holiday has already run-amuck.
    I’m off for the night. Have a good one, all.

  197. 197
    OMG Says:

    She probably feels special and like she’s in some special “I touched Leo club.” so that’s why she started folloring B and E. They have a bond now. lol

  198. 198
    vagabond Says:

    I don’t even know what to say.

  199. 199
    Elena Says:

    @Sunny: Just wanted to say that as crazy as this sounds it’s absolutely true, in fact I have a relative in LA who did this for a long time. Of course she told our family that she was a “model” (and she did actually get some legit modeling contracts on occasion), but once when I was a teenager I visited her and immediately knew something fishy was up. Most of her “modeling” gigs took place during the night and she always left dressed to the nines (and seriously I was a teenager at the time but wasn’t born yesterday, I don’t know why she thought I’d believe what she was saying). It took me a while to get the full picture, but as soon as I heard rumors of models being high class escorts for the rich and famous it immediately clicked. And just based on all the famous men she told me she “dated” there are A LOT of actors/singers/athletes/etc. who participate in these shenanigans. It sounds completely insane to a normal person (hell, I’ve seen legit proof and it’s still hard for me to believe it actually happens), but when you throw a bunch of narcissistic opportunistic weirdos together I guess it’s bound to happen.

  200. 200
    tinkerbell Says:

    I think it is totally hysterical she’s following bar and erin, the Leo Castoff Club !


    Yeah, I think it is going to get ugly from here on in.

    Frankly I have heard that Pam Anderson has a price as does Victoria Silvstedt. And the rapper Eve did at one time too, but it could just be because she fled to Europe and found a billionaire white boyfriend and baby daddy. There was that rumor on Enty that was suppposedly Robert Downey Jr saying there was like a hooker ring in HW….

    When people like Leo and George Clooney have dating “contracts” it makes you wonder. And when people like Amber Rose get paid big money to keep their mouths shut about people like Kanye West you have to wonder. I think it is easy to fall into that trap, especially if you are into drugs to help you forget it, then it becomes that cycle of I need drugs to forget what I am doing for money, I need money for the drugs now, so I have to ho. I have heard former hookers talk about how they get addicted to drugs, sex, danger and shopping…the high end call girls get money but it really isnt worth it.

    in any case….does this sad little girl think there is a club for former Leo *** buckets? Does she ASPIRE to the likes of Erin and Bar?

    wow aim high little girl.

    All I can say s sex addict with lots of money and lots of time on his hands=not good. Let the games begn, this should be amusing

    I think we should keep score,

    Leo’s Hiatus Score:

    So far if the rumors are right:

    The strippers coming to his house from WOWS
    Miranda Kerr
    Cam Diaz
    Margo Robbie
    Sexting Kendall Schuler, Montana Cox, other Australians
    Topless girls = two encounters so far we know of

    Kendall Kowitz
    Aferdita Dreshaj

    I am going to keep score, who is with me on this?

  201. 201
    tinkerbell Says:

    Just peeped Kendall Kowitz’s twitter….she said some things that made me laugh but also seemed a little bitter

    she said something like “first you think that ought to be me…and then you have the time when you say thank god that isnt me!”

    I think she is talking about Aferdita for whom she was blown off…but she said some other funny things that made me laugh.

  202. 202
    @200 Says:

    You’re clearly addicted to him. Poor thing. In one post you say he’s gross and you’ve lost interest and NOW you want to analyse/ tally the detail/minutae of his sex life & bed partners?? If Leo reads this thread he must laugh at his obsessed deranged lonely stans!

  203. 203
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: If you look at her in a bikini at the pageant her body is really weird. Thin but all over the place, not well proportioned, very strange thighs and lower half…not that pretty either.

    You are right, this definitely was a boost. May get some recognition on TMZ or something. Something to tell some other mans grandkids about.

    I think we are in for a force five storm of absolute bimbos. I mean really, he has gone from the top (gisele) to the very bottom pretty quickly. He started to bob back up a little with Erin but now he is down there with the lobsters again…I mean I knew he was going to run out of A list poontang and in fact had messed his way through most of it, but he hit the C and D level pretty quick. Who else is this going to include.

  204. 204
    haha Says:

    @tinkerbell: Sad sack much? go and yourself some s*x of your own, then you wont have to spend so much time researching leos s*x life hahaha,

  205. 205
    Brown Says:

    I still don’t get why tinkerbell hangs out here just to give a bad picture of Leo. you are not a fan, Ruby and Weirdo are not fans either. I am not saying he is a saint, but I am saying he is not as bad as you people express!! you can have a laugh at “his” girls who are paparazzi-lickers , but that is not Leo’s responsibility! he can’t talk for them, he is not behind them and he is not THEM. why can’t you separate people from each other?

    is he REALLY this bad ?? I am not a disappointed fan still, I am more disappointed of his fans being so prejudgemental ! maybe he can’t help there are so many girls around him all the time, ever though about that ? I am reading kendall and aferdita seem to be exhibitionists, but we all know Leo would get tired of that and dump them in the end if they keep being like that, and I think it is too late already, they’ve all blooped

  206. 206
    @Brown Says:

    I’m sorry that’s crap. Tinkerbell is obsessed you’re right but please enough with this St Leo BS.
    “you can have a laugh at “his” girls who are paparazzi-lickers , but that is not Leo’s responsibility” – First thing Leo obviously plays the paparazzi game too. Its not ALL the woman’s fault. No one can convince me all these recent pics of him frolicking with topless women, smiling on the beach, hanging out topless on the balcony with Bradley Cooper, embracing a blonde on the balcony and the different clear poolside shots we’ve seen of him with his friends and various girls that Leo did NOT know the paps were taking his picture. Utter nonsense. He probably called them himself. Yes its not always his girlfriends that are the guilty party ‘tainting’ St Leo. Its just tough for devoted stans like you to accept the truth that Leo plays the game too. And blame 20 year old girls for the actions of an almost 40 year old guy instead.

  207. 207
    Brown Says:

    @206 : Sorry you are all crap! People go maniac just because of some simple photos! that is shot within a quarter of a second , that is of him not alone, and that is on a vacation at a party hotspot , not even his apartment! Did Margot Robbie ever leave his apt that night like news said or was all that crap ’sources-tell’ , too? i think there is some big conspiracy goin on round Leo these days .. why so many women?? well hell do I know, but he said he is worn out – how could he have energy left sleepin with a 22-year-old BUNNY? I dun like his girls, no I think they’ re pathetic, but hey Leo is not

  208. 208
    lol... Says:

    #206 has a point. Leo was pictured in Miami several times and he wasn`t hiding even though he spotted the photographer. The other day he was in London at the BAFTA Weinstein after party and he BANNED photographers. Why? Why was it OK to be photographed with these bimbos and not with his colleges? He does play the paparazzi game and he lets them take his photo when it`s convenient for him. By now his fans should know that it`s not the girl, it`s Leo…

  209. 209
    : ) Says:

    Let him enjoy his life !!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  210. 210
    its him Says:

    @lol…: that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you people all along. Everyone is always going on about how these girls are desperate etc etc…but what about Leo? He’s the one that’s pulling the strings here. He’s the one that is letting these “desperate” girls into his life. I’ve stopped “blaming” the girls along time ago. Its Leo. Has always been him.

  211. 211
    lol... Says:

    @its him: I KNOW! It`s exactly the same with me! I had been blaming and bashing him and his old girlfriends for a long time then I realized that it`s all about him. This is how he lives his life. The girls are who they are and it`s him who picks that kind of women. It`s him who decides when he wants to be photographed. It`s his life and we have a choice to accept him this way he is or keep bashing him and the girls.

  212. 212
    Brown Says:

    @its him When you say it’s HIM, you also assume that he is ’like this’ /his taste/ his types/ him and his models/ sleeping with/ and especially the overused word ’girlfriend’ as if he looooves them so much cause Leo is like ’this and this ’, how the f uck do YOU talk about him , do you realize? you say ’leave him alone’, yet you talk about him as a hooker-hamster , I think fans like that should never call themselves ’fans’ or supporters or what, he is not as childish as you think!

  213. 213
    Brown Says:

    I’d say leave him alone to all the girls trying to ’do all for fame’ by posing for the News each time Leo is photographed, SO KNOWINGLY that it will blow up and then their name is in the news all of the sudden, and they can earn their cash by signing tv-deals and model agencies just right after.. don’t you think these girls know what they’re doin? they all want fame, so they can pretend they ’go to bed with Leo’ by posing as near him as possible when the paps are around … I say yuck…

  214. 214
    Brown Says:

    Girls are so evil, they know how to be opportunistic by clinging to him like that … ’look at ME ya’ll !!!’ ’look at ME PAPS’ !

  215. 215
    lol... Says:

    @Brown: Sorry but who are you to decide who should call herself a fan? Being a fan doesn’t mean that you see only good things about him and ignoring the obvious. Leo is not a saint and pointing out his flaws doesn’t make anyone any less of a fan than you are… Different ppl, different opinion but I don’t think you have the right to decide who should be called a fan.

  216. 216
    ........ Says:

    Wow, ‘girls are so evil’… these are the kind of fans that still stick up for him. His chauvinism is catching. Real fans tell the truth, no matter how hard it is to say or hear. It’s too bad he’ll never hear it, surrounded by all the boot lickers there to catch his runoff. If the girls are trashy opportunists, so is he for taking advantage of their desperation and playing along with their games.

  217. 217
    lol... Says:

    PS: There are posts on his threads that are from people who are clearly not his fans like tinkerbell or weirdo. I choose to ignore their comments and the others need to decide whether they can accept Leo the way he is or not. I speak for myself ( based on personal experience ) it`s not that easy but I don`t think I`m any less of his fan for believing that he is a womanizer and someone who clearly plays the media game. He is still a great actor and I think a nice person with flaws. Just like every other human being.

  218. 218
    Whitney Says:

    Actually I think might be one his friends because I seen some the pictures together. Second of all it Leo’s life not ours so he can do what he wants it not our business

  219. 219
    NYDN Says:

    This is gross. It must’ve been the booze talking. Earth to Leo, time to grow up!

  220. 220
    lolol Says:

    @208 : FALSE. If he COULD ban the paparazzies in Miami beach, I am sure he WOULD. Too bad they are probably on water scooters with long lense or filming it from a boat ! Look at Gerard trying to hide with his hand to his chin in front of the paparazzi in the photo where Kendall “kissed” him on the cheek

  221. 221
    lol... Says:

    What’s false? No, he couldn’t ban the paps in Miami but it didn’t seem like it bothered him too much that he was photographed. He knows when the paps are around and he didn’t care. He didn’t try to hide at all. Like he did in London while leaving a party hiding his face…

  222. 222
    lolol Says:

    Also … Leo as a womanizer is not a question, the question is if the stories about him having an affair with all is true or just plain entertainment . Its good stuff, people would love to think its fair to call him womanizer and say they “accept who he is”, but they too have no clue what was really going on at that beach or elsewhere except from the gossip stories! They claim they have the “facts”, but hey how can any accept something by just assuming? no true.. he is surrounded by females just because he dislikes “intellect”, yea right.. how do we know when we know that he is also very good at expressing himself and other places he seems very grown up when talking about his roles and the environment which he knows alot about (Ive heard him talk!) And just because those females are dumb, HE gotta be dumb, too??? I agree with Brown abit here, why do they equal him? Ive heard his best friend is Tobey, I heard he is a DAD. why is Tobey along with them if he is “more intellectual”? because he is. as far as maturity goes

  223. 223
    lolol Says:

    @221 Leo hates paparazzi. I thought you knew that? I guess he could not control them in an open space like a long beach, he wanted to relax, kid had some fun with friends and maybe more who knows, he fell down in a chair after hardworking months, who would bother to go paparazzi banning all the way at a beach ?? cant kid have a fun time anywhere? an afterparty at BAFTA, thats not much FUN. Its like obligated.

  224. 224
    lolol Says:

    @216: “Truth”. So now YOU know the truth ?…..what an arrogant fan

  225. 225
    lol... Says:

    Oh, please! How do you know what’s true and what’s not? How do you know what you think of him is correct? You don’t. I have my opinion and that’s what I post. You have yours based on what you think is correct. It’s gossip. But Leo surrounded by models and partying are constant staples. Do I believe that he bragged about sleeping around in public as Daily News claimed? No. But do I believe he invited 12 girls to his room for an after party? Yes, it’s nothing new.
    As Lainey said gossip is like a buffet. You pick what you like…

  226. 226
    lol... Says:

    You don’t know the truth either and you are here trying to prove others wrong. That’s much better!

  227. 227
    lol... Says:

    With regards to the Leo hates paparazzi statement. It wasn’t that obvious while romancing Blake Lively in Europe or on several occasions with Erin or Bar. It’s not about controlling them, it’s about using them.

  228. 228
    lolol Says:

    @225/226/lol Because Leo wears his cap down each time he is photographed maybe? because he is known as not so happy about the press? because he constantly says “no private questions” maybe? This boy is all private written on his chest . and now you say he is snapped to make these famewhores happy? I dont get that, sorry.. you are messing up my logics here.

  229. 229
    lolol Says:

    He never romanced Blake Lively. Now you are coming with these “facts” again, it is gross . Blake was a famewhore, too, btw, just look at all photos taken of her before and after Leo

  230. 230
    lolol Says:

    Boy you are reading gossip mags as if they were the Bible.

  231. 231
    lol... Says:

    When did I say that he was up for paparazzi photos to make these ‘famewhores’ happy? I never said that or that he likes the paparazzi. I said he uses them and clearly there are times when he doesn’t care… Not when his hat is down obviously. In Miami when he was snapped several times and he didn’t care or in NYC this summer with Erin a couple of times.
    By the way you are all upset that ppl call Leo a womanizer but you feel free to call these girls famewhores. I’m not saying they aren’t but it seems to be OK for you to pass judgement on a girl based on one or two sightings but not OK to do that about Leo after reading similar sightings for years?

  232. 232
    lol... Says:

    What are you talking about? What do my comments have to do with gossip mags? I thought we were talking about paps and pictures. He didn’t romance Blake Lively? That’s new! Again you can judge anyone based on your facts but nobody else can? Calling Lively a famewhore is fine but calling Leo a womanizer is not?
    There’s no logic in your comments only your agenda to defend Leo. Ppl see him differently and it’s pointless to fight that.

  233. 233
    lolol Says:

    @231 Oh so.. “a girl”. It is not JUST GIRLS. These are MODELS. Think before you write. A snapshot with Leo gives them jet-careers, if not just for 15 minutes. Look at Bar as an example. She went, right after their split she tried too hard , it was yucky. And all the interviews Erin and Blake did.. why would any interview them if they were not with Leo?

  234. 234
    lolol Says:

    lol, I never said he wasnt a womanizer. I said that I agree. But hey that doesnt make him as bad as the stories telling there were 12 women that he apparantly slept with , or that having an afterparty in his room or condo includes sex, drugs or gangbang. I think this is so out of control all these stories, I have a hard time believin in them, just saying

  235. 235
    lol... Says:

    Honey, it’s you who should think before you write. Girl or girls, models… What’s the difference! You based your comment on your opinion and based on what you read about them just like the ones who post about Leo being a womanizer. There’s no difference. You are a hypocrite and you don’t even realize it! You judge someone you don’t know based on facts you read in the media. You worship Leo and you can’t stand ppl who see him in a more realistic way ( which doesn’t mean hating him ). But you don’t like his exes so it’s fine to call them names.

  236. 236
    lol... Says:

    Who said he slept with 12 models? It was said partying with them but I don’t think anyone claimed he slept with all of them. Maybe you should read before posting!

  237. 237
    lolol Says:

    Oh so I am not realistic when I say they know how to use him for their fame ?? that one you need to prove me wrong a +100 000 . I said i know his reputation of being a male *****, and a womanizer is just a nickname for a male ho, and I said I know he loves changing girlfriend and serial dating and all that, he has many female friends he aint banging and so on so on. What i DISAGREE with you on, that you cant take, is that he is not using them more than THEY are using him! Look who is famous here, and look who is semi-famous/wannabe-famous. Obviously, the girls here are all so close to him now as he is single and they re all so trying so hard. If he invted them, course I will not say he is the worlds most attractive for doing that, but I just notice most of the girls he hangs out with are people trying so hard to get a career, that is all I am sayin

  238. 238
    lolol Says:

    @235 That was a big offence to all regular women! Yes. There is a big difference. Look what the industry is doing to models? Ever watched Top Model on TV? they all ***** and talk about bitching other girls down, it is their normal.

  239. 239
    lolol Says:

    @lol I DEF DONT worship Leo. lol . For that, we would need to be monogamous.

  240. 240
    lolol Says:

    @lol polygamous people I never date! I never said he was God.

  241. 241
    lolol Says:

    but I agree with those saying, if you are a true fan, you must not take every gossip for granted ? you say you have studied him for years in and out of women and relationships, but what are you really studying? You do take gossips for Bible when you listen to those writing about the God damn photos, thats what I said.

  242. 242
    french Says:

    she is so ugly

  243. 243
    lol... Says:

    It’s not about being a famewhore. It’s about the fact that you judge these girls the same way others judge Leo. I couldn’t care less if they wanted to be with them for fame or not. That wasn’t the point.
    A big difference for all regular women? So now you speak for all regular women? Good for you! I called a model a girl! That’s it and you are turning it into something completely irrelevant to the conversation!
    I’m done with this pointless argument. You don’t make sense and we won’t agree!
    Bye now!

  244. 244
    lolol Says:

    lol: You are angry of disagreement that you are soo much more realistic in defending these girls and to make these girls saints . I cant make “Leo a saint,” but you can SURE make the models into saints. Are you a model business agent? afraid to lose money, that is what this is all about. Money and Fame, Hall of Lame. You are right, this disq is about no importance, maybe cuz gossips are gossips?..hmmmmmm :–)

  245. 245
    lol... Says:

    Are you really this dumb?

  246. 246
    @lol Says:

    I advice you to leave the lolol loony St Leo stan to her rants and ‘facts’.
    I only wish Weirdo were here for the idiot to exchange her beligerent crap with

  247. 247
    lolol Says:

    I thought you said bye? I guess not. Offended? I just said my opinion, and you walk as a modelagent on with censorship. “Poor girls” huh? Do you think they are really hurt by Leo? are you THAT dumb? They are asking for it, come on!

  248. 248
    @233 Says:

    “the interviews Erin and Blake did.. why would any interview them if they were not with Leo” Huh?
    Blake covered Vogue magazine and other HF editorials BEFORE Leo. She was a Chanel spokesperson and was on a cult TV show and had a few movies under her belt.
    Erin was a VS Angel and had done runway work BEFORE Leo came into the picture.
    Because YOU only heard of them in your attic when they were with Leo and made you stopped licking the Leo’s posters on your wall, does not mean they were unemployed and irrelevant before your 40 year old sleaze god entered the picture.

  249. 249
    GG Says:

    So much for him wanting to dedicate his time for the environment… yeah right. Miami, NY followed by London and all that just to make sure he parties surrounded by his pals and a bunch of available bimbos.

  250. 250
    lol... Says:

    Offended? By you? lol No! That comment was so beyond ridiculous that I had to ask even though I know the answer by now…
    @246: You are right! I was just stunned by all the crazy stuff she managed to post! It was a waste of time!

  251. 251
    lolol Says:

    @233 I know it is you, lol. Whatever.. Oh covered Vogue… how nice for HER. Never seen her since, have you? well, if she was a fame stretcher before Leo, lucky her, then why did she need Leo to do ALL HER NUMBEROUS COVERS after their breakup saying all these nonsense-quotings: my life is SOOOH MUCH BETTER NOW, i am OH SO GOOD. She was never asked , and then after she was asked about Leo all the time, here and there and there. It was obvious Blake used her minutes with Leo to stretch her career even more in the spotlight. I am not so dumb I never knew who she was, I pay attention to TVshows and Gossip Girls was one of my regular shows. I never said she was not famous before. But she still used Leo.

  252. 252
    lolol Says:

    @248 Erin, you are right, she had a real downtime after getting dumped by Leo …… STRAAAAANGE. lol

  253. 253
    @251 Says:

    Numerous covers after their break up? You really are an idiot aren’t you. Maybe the covers were about the last season of Gossip Girl or promo for Savages. Maybe Erin’s appearances on TV shows was to promote VS underwear? I’ve not read a tweet or an interview were any one talks about the Leo relationship. Unless an idiot counts the National Enquirer.
    But for you like you everything revolves around Leo.
    Leo is the victim. Poor St innocent Leo.
    He never uses these girls. He never cheats on them. He never treats them like spare tyre. They ALL use St Leo. All hail St Leo.

  254. 254
    lolol Says:

    The others, Bar and Blake (who everyone says was one of his officials, that was actually very new to me – I thought she was just 4 months of gossips back and forth?), they have both tried to enter the media attention after the breakups, and they ended up just looking even dumber than before. Erin tried, but her runway-angel was not big enough to cover a hundered more magazines it seemed.

  255. 255
    lolol Says:

    @253 and you hail the models …

  256. 256
    lolol Says:

    @242 I dont think she is ugly, but typical. Very typical.

  257. 257
    lolol Says:

    @253 This is to you, lol: Yes, Blake was not a model, you are right she should have been more lasting, but hey how difficult is it for you to accept that she was one of gossip girls most “promising” actors and needed that little xtra to get more roles and choose more roles? You seem to be completely blind about the industry and how the industry works!

  258. 258
    @254 Says:

    “they have both tried to enter the media attention after the breakups, and they ended up just looking even dumber than before”.
    Blake’s low key marriage was front page news of almost all showbiz mags/rags, blogs and was trending on twitter. She is currently covering People Style March cover even on her hiatus post GG.
    Erin is dating a quarterback and hosting the Liverpool Fashion fest as well as continuing with VS. But you’re right “no one cares about them and they don’t get media attention”. Go lick and kiss your Leo poster. It’ll make you feel better about your lies in your parallel universe.
    But then again, why am I even responding to this fool?

  259. 259
    LOL Says:

    Guys please leave this crazy Leo worshipper and her theories to herself. Let her keep writing and ranting. Don’t respond.

  260. 260
    lolol Says:

    @258 She is currently covering People Style March cover —BECAUSE she had a fling with Leo gettit . You act as if your saint girls dont know what theyre doin. For real,YOU are downgrading them

  261. 261
    lolol Says:

    So what is your POINT, freakin LOL lol..? that Leo is a “using women” is your conclusion and you feel sorry for THEM and he is such a BADGUY? I gotta laugh:–) Im real sorry, but I gotta laugh :-)

  262. 262
    lolol Says:

    Where are all the GIRLS if I was so mistaken ??? nowhere to be seen, aaaaaaaaaah right !!!!!! :-) They were FORCED to come to his party now!

  263. 263
    lol... Says:

    Oh, boy! She is flipping out! I’m just happy to see I’m not the only one stunned by this person! Learn from my mistake and don’t engage in a conversation with her!

  264. 264
    lolol Says:

    : You did not answer my question, lol ? Do you really, with your class of brain, believe those girls came because Leo was manipulating them to ? Did they not have a choice? Did they not sit on his lap in Sydney and did they not go topless TWICE ? I am done with you, too ! you are HOPELESS

  265. 265
    lolol Says:

    hah! You bothered to reply endlessly, so please answer? instead of thumbing your own posts seven times each, you can answer me why you think these girls just came like innocent bimbos and left his Miami house feeling so hurt? they are not 16, i know they are young

  266. 266
    aintleo Says:

    Gisele would’ve been a top model with or without Leo. She had the body and look for the time. Designers and photographers loved her and still do. She was already on her way to being a supermodel before Leo. She married a star athlete. She didn’t need Leo. Bar was unknown outside of Israel before Leo. She got a career as an underwear model out of it. So much for Leo’s connections. Blake was all over the place in mags, TV, movies before she was with Leo. Erin definitely upped her profile by dating Leo, but it’s not like she was unknown. She got her VS contract before Leo and her shoots were on sites like JJ before she started seeing him.

  267. 267
    Danielle Says:

    You should all just shut up. He is a grown man and can bang whoever he wants as long as he/she is of legal age. Just like she has the right to bang whoever she wants. It’s not like he is MARRYING her, who cares her personality? I wonder if any of you know men at all. Why is this any of your business? Why is it my business? Why am I commenting on here? I have a house to clean for my husband, who is 15 years older and takes wonderful care of me in all aspects.

    Have fun being crass, judgmental, masculine, and generally unlikeable though. I’m sure you’ll find someone that appreciates you for your “mature wit”, “dynamic personality”, “sarcastic sense of humor”, and meaningless career eventually. You know, once you get done banging those 500 dudes who used you as a sperm bank.

  268. 268
    its him Says:

    @lolol: the focus of this thead IS LEO, not these dumba** girls. Who cares about them? Maybe you can start an afterditti thread since you seem to care about her. Its Leo who’s inviting these people into his personal space for whatever reason probably only therapy can help him now! : ) The world will ALWAYS have endless bimbos. You can’t go on blaming the endless bimbos of the world, that are in high demand, for guys like Leo forever… At what point does it become him?

  269. 269
    daisy Says:

    “crass, judgmental, masculine, and generally unlikeable”

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. So what if you had to find an older man to marry you. My husband is 9 years older than me, but he’s very handsome and has done very well for himself. As an added bonus, he’s not a manwhore. I wouldn’t have married him if he was.

  270. 270
    Doggy Says:

    @its him : no you are wrong, this thread is from is topic called :
    Aferdita Dreshaj – Leonardo Dicaprio new girlfriend?
    - then of course people are allowed to comment about his supposed-to-be, don t act like there is 1 rule in a thread like JJs site, that is too fanatic when on same time talking about immaturity in other people.

  271. 271
    alesh Says:

    @aintleo 266 : Gisele is in another league than all the others. Nice summary, but I think you have misunderstood that some pointed out here when saying it upped their career, and you find Erin as a good sample there, take that if was not for Leo, she would be just average. But no model has the ambition to be just average. average is boring and low incomes and everyone wants Up,Up,Up, so there is actually a point to that they are finding opportunities in Leo to get a nicer position in the same market they’re already in. model business is tough business, you can be kicked out even if you are one of the tops or an angel or on the catwalk and tv. It is not easy to survive there either, you gotta be young, attractive, get the highest jobs before turning 30, all these things ….

  272. 272
    alesh Says:

    …. actually you gotta find the hottest jobs before turning 24! so not so strange Leo is getting the youngest and the youngest also turn to Leo

  273. 273
    alesh Says:

    I think Gisele cannot be compared to any of his other girlfriends. She had a promising career, a background very different, and still runs as one of the top five supermodels in the whole world. I mean, looks are not all, or age, it is something to do with where you start out. Gisele had everyone’s eyes on her, people looked up to her, she had some personality. Bar was in the game, but only in Israel before Leo. Erin was nothing talking on world-wide-basis which is where they all wanted to go. Every model’s dream is just to expand, expand, expand, that is no secret. Wheras actresses like Blake had a career going nice, she is from just a tiny part of Leo’s life she almost doesn’t deserve any focus in this debate. Then we have all these new ones, and they’re not even his girlfriends, so give it up already all people – we will never get to the bottom of this anyway. Let’s see if Aferdita is his new interest first . I think Miss Universe is silly. It is like all unsigned models end up there it’s like American Idol :):):)

  274. 274
    tinkerbell Says:


    You’re clearly addicted to him

    I am not in relationship with him, I just enjoy reading about this carnival. The person who was in the most addictive thing with him was BAR because she really needed him for some deep seated neurotic needs implanted by monster mommy. Why do you think its two years later and she still doesn’t have anyone else?

    . Poor thing In one post you say he’s gross and you’ve lost interest

    Yes, he is looking ugly these days, particularly with the hair dye. He looks awful in the picture that keeps popping up in the right hand corner.

    and NOW you want to analyse/ tally the detail/minutae of his sex life & bed partners??

    Yes, and I plan on doing it for my own amusement, both rumor/blind and paparazzi photos…. I am also going to start a betting pool for the final tally. At the end of 2 years, how many girlfriends, hookups and jump offs will be reported for Mr. Wonderful, 20? 30?

    If Leo reads this thread he must laugh at his obsessed

    (mildly wickedly amused)


    (usually straight on accurate but no one wants to admit it, never mind the flacks that post here whose job it is to create fantasy)


    (hardworking, in long term relationship)


    (not a fan and not a stalker, hence not a stan. Except maybe I can’t stan (d) the flacks who post here!)

  275. 275
    tinkerbell Says:

    @haha: I dont know how to put this in a way you’ll understand, but I get that whenever I want it…I live with a man dumb dumb. Unlike BARFIE who hasnt had a real date in two years although she did use ugly as s Shaun White for media coverage for a while.

    I haven’t been by my lonesome since the late 90s, but you believe what you want, FLACK ATTACK.

  276. 276
    tinkerbell Says:

    I think I know what happened…the barfie crew got over handling the backlash from the Go Daddy ad (voted least liked out of 30 ads) I noticed they werent here for a while, now they are back, predictable.

    Hey guys !

    You still suck !

  277. 277
    tinkerbell Says:

    So, hey I am just wondering, GoDaddy paid 7. 5 mil for the ad but only paid 1.33 for the time….it was rumored Barfie got 4 out of that. Now I am surprised, I must admit, and it is a Refaeli classic, do the low class thing no one else would do for the cash, but hey, that means Bar gets to fly around the world going shopping pretending to be a “model” for what, like two more years? That is her crowning achievement to date, sucking face with an ugly fat guy. Better write Leo a thank you note for that one, hon.

  278. 278
    tinkerbell Says:

    Paging Canada Girl….

    What’s your take on the Daily News article….I mean anyone could have written that I could have made that up myself. But there are some things that ring true, especially the multiple woman thing….why are you saying I make him look bad when he DOES SUCH A GOOD JOB HIS DAMN SELF.

    Also there was a blind on enty yesterday that sounded like Winslett and Leo…the one about the actress who was writing a tell all about her friend she never slept with…about his casting couch adventures with men…..I’ll post it later. Tell me what your professional opinion is.

  279. 279
    tinkerbell Says:

    Kendall Kowitz
    Aferdita Dreshaj

    I am going to keep score, who is with me on this?

  280. 280
    tinkerbell Says:

    And just based on all the famous men she told me she “dated” there are A LOT of actors/singers/athletes/etc. who participate in these shenanigans. It sounds completely insane to a normal person (hell, I’ve seen legit proof and it’s still hard for me to believe it actually happens), but when you throw a bunch of narcissistic opportunistic weirdos together I guess it’s bound to happen.

    What it is is that the rich, famous men don’t pay them to COME OVER. They pay them to GO AWAY after. ALSO TO KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT.

    You’d wonder why someone like Hugh Grant would have a prostie, right, or Eddie Murphy? I used to work in the trannie district in NYC—far West Village, during the day in the old meat packing district—they said Eddie was really into the shemales and particulary in shoes and feet.

    Well, they pay for the convenience. These famous people can get a l of women, but then there is dumping them afterwards and getting rid of them. They have to romance them, bang them and then dump them. Derek Jeter has a nice gift basket that he gives you after you do him so the message is “no hard feelings, right? You know I am not going to call.”

    With hookers they get anonymity and fun. These dudes travel a lot, so they can just make a call, and they have lots of money so it doesnt bother them…they get someone relatively attractive who knows what its about, does whatever the want, and LEAVES. And because they are on the game, they usually don’t go bragging about it. IE Tiger Tiger Woods y’all. He had a beautiful young woman at home, and some UGLY busted women on the road…but they went home.

    Leo travels a lot so he just moves on the next city and dumps em that way.


  281. 281
    tinkerbell Says:

    From CDAN yesterday….some things fit some dont. espeecially the part of being scared of lawsuits because you know the L-man has the best lawyers in HW and he will sue. He went after Playgirl for 45 million for those nude photos….He has some female lawyer in LA who is regarded as the best “fixer” —she orchestrated the whole Aretha Wilson case for example…took care of that.

    Now really, it to me would be very sad but what if Leo was one of those HW kids who got sexually abused and that accounts for his lack of committment / fear of intimacy problems? That would be sad, but it would explain a lot to me. Note, girls just tuning in, you can’t fix someone who has been damaged like this…they have to want to change themselves and that is rare.

    Back in the day before this A list all movie actor became who he is today he was just another actor trying to move up the ladder. That he went so high so quickly is not exactly hard to figure out when you hear about his casting couch experiences with men. Wait, you haven’t heard about them, but you might in the very near future. It turns out that he once shared a very close, intimate relationship with one of his co-stars. She used to be A list in movies and television. She never had sex with our actor, but they became very close off-screen and he shared to her how he got the role in which they both starred and how he had got another previous role as well as his life growing up which he has never shared with anyone. Now, our actress is short of cash and has written a manuscript/historical fiction type book which barely fictionalizes those couple of months together. She envisions a book and a play and maybe a movie and apparently it is really really good. Every publisher who has seen it has loved it and then immediately passed because they are scared of what kind of wrath the actor will bring down on them. A few play producers have shown more gumption than the publishers and it might move straight to a play.

  282. 282
    .... Says:

    any word on where Leo is ATM? I find it very strange that he’s been in London and theres been hardly any pics…..whats he up to…

  283. 283
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Hi, @tinkerbell:.
    There are parts to the NYDN article that I believe and some that I don’t. I do think the LD was with a lot of ladies. he attracts them and always has, so that’s no surprise. I’m iffy on the bragging. If he did say it, it had to be a joke. But who knows, right? He’s been sloppy with his personal life lately.
    The list. I’ll read with amusement as it grows. I am heading into a stretch of hard work and long hours, so i won’t be able to search and browse. (Geez…. where did I find the time before. lol. I burned the candle at both ends then for sure. No wonder I burned out my MacBook.)
    Could you really see Kate doing that? She’s a bit fast and loose with Leo information sometimes in interviews, but his name still propels her forward. She’s fantastic on her own, but being aligned with him benefits her career. If Kate did get something published or produced, she’d be a pariah.
    Childhood abuse? I don’t know ,and I’m not sure how that type of abuse presents itself in males as adults. Logic would dictate that it could be a wide swath of behaviours, emotional damage, etc.. I’ve never thought about him being abused, but I’ve wondered about something else for awhile….. I won’t say – not to be mysterious – but, as much as I speculate about his personal life, I think that would be ignorant.
    When push comes to shove, no-one knows why he behaves as he does except for him (but I get the vibe that even he is baffled sometimes). Hopefully, some time off can help him get happy. He’s just falling back on old habits.
    Okay….. I found this really funny. Leo is taking a break because he’s done two movies in two years, right? Jessica Chastain has done TEN in two years. Holy sh*t. I’m not saying he’s being lazy, but this sort of confirms to me that he’s tired……

  284. 284
    CanadaGirl Says:

  285. 285
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: I have always interpret’s Leo’s fears of intimacy and committment phobia to the whole fact that his father left when he was too young to remember.
    I have always believed he was wounded by that fact and experienced it as abandonment, even though dad was still in the neighborhood, still interested in him and his welfare.

    He is afraid that any real relationship will again result in abandonment. Also his model for being a “real” mean is someone who abandons women…although George was with and married his step mom. Leo has said he wouldnt marry unless he lived with the woman for like 20 years—George was with Peggy for at least a decade before being married by Tim Leary of all people. So, yeah he is following Dad’s playbook—George is hardly an ogre but to me it is the classic child of divorce ambivalence and self protection. The only way to solve it is to take a leap of faith sometime and give a damn about someone…or at least more of a damn. he also sees these women as part status/achievement/job perk.

    What are you wondering about…is it the closet gay/bisexual ambivalence everyone is always talking about?My one truly bisexual friend goes through a lot of confusion because he is truly bi and not all one way or the other…

    C’mon girl give us a hint….

    To me it is just abandonment issues as a kid, being a fatherless child and also his position….he can, so he does. Relationships take real work, I know I am in one, and it takes a lot of patience and forebearance and working things out. Why do that when there is another bimbo along any minute….esp when you’re Leo and the next crop of “hot chicks”

    Leo’s probs are garden variety…nothing really dramatic there are tons of guys with his issues, some have them their whole lives.

  286. 286
    haha Says:

    @tinkerbell ooh methinks I’ve hit a sore point hahahaha, doth the lady protest too much ?

  287. 287
    Mr Green Says:

    Mr Environmentalist left London on a private jet.

  288. 288
    Leo and Demi?!?! Says:

  289. 289
    @tinkerbell Says:

    still obsessed with Bar…?
    still haven’t got over her, I’m afraid.

  290. 290
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @tinkerbell: No. No. Nothing to do with sexuality. That subject is exhausted. I don’t think that he is gay. Not sure if he’s Bi, but I wouldn’t care either way. His sexuality or any actor’s sexuality is irrelevant to me when it comes to the presentation. In terms of an actor’s career I can overlook the personal life stuff and focus on the character. The individual washes away as I become immersed in the story. I guess I’m the prefect audience in that regard.
    My curiosity is not sinister in any way, it’s just based on some dots that ‘might’ connect. I dunno…. I could be WAY off base, so I’ll keep a lid on it. See… this is where I wish that JJ had PM functions. LORD… imagine the gossip.
    You’re right, the parental split during the formative years would have a big impact. I’ve been thinking back to pictures of his parents and I can’t recall seeing them in the same location. Of course, they are divorced, so they wouldn’t be near each other 24/7, but it says a lot when they are never (?) around at the same time. However, I think that he’s quite lucky because his parents seem very supportive, and his close bond with them attests to that. I think that if he’d had (full) siblings, especially a sister, he’d be a different person.
    One things for sure, if/when he has kids I hope he’s high to daughters. Let him sweat at night when the boys come courting. THEN he’ll have a good understanding of the female perspective when a d-bag breaks his angel’s heart. All the other HW boy hoes, who gave many a dad cause for concern, are brimming with female offspring. Take that trollops. haha.

  291. 291
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Ugh. I have so much work to do and I have zero ambition. It’s snowing and raining here atm, and I’m hoping for another excuse to work from home tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

  292. 292
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: give me a clue !!!! just a little nooge

  293. 293
    lollypop^_^ Says:

    wtf is wrong with albanians

  294. 294
    antibarbie Says:

    @lol i notice that u are a barfie, a defender of girls who know how to take care of themselves but act like too cheap and fame-desperate. i dont feel sorry for them at all. i am surprised anyone does! u must be a bitter fan of the lost ones, my god let people have their opinions!

  295. 295
    Steve Says:

    Man Leo is starting to date some girls long in the tooth. Doesn’t he know in 4 year she will be a dried up old maid? Let’s stay around 23 Leo!

    PS: All men want to date women who look 19-26. It’s not immaturity it’s reality, that’s like saying OMG I can’t believe Selma Hayak is dating all these men with success and jobs can’t she GROW UP and date some toothless hobos with no jobs for once.

  296. 296
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Steve: Yes, and all those girls want to date DIRTY OLD MEN. Works out right, hunh? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

    Must be frustrating for you !

  297. 297
    Z Says:

    It is just me that think maybe Margot Robbie could be a good match to Leo? Even though she’s young but I think would be a different relationship for him because they had worked together and probably spent a good amount of time together for some months. So I believe they probably know a bit about each other, and wouldn’t be like always has been for him, just a hot girl he met at a party. I don’t know but I was just thinking that could be an interesting relationship, just saying.

    But it seems all those NY post articles were rumors only.

  298. 298
    antibarbie Says:

    @Z ; they have never been dating, its all rumors. Also, Margot is waaay too mature for him! she is like “grownup”, and no its not true they have not been seeing each other for several months, or there would have been pictures and there has not been a single one!!! she is in a completely different gang, and Leo has his bromance style . They are just actors. Will people please stop thinking all Leo co-stars are his relationships? its like those desperate Kate-Leo fans! they STILL THINK that they had something like the onscreen romance, and they have always just been buddies. same with Claire Danes , the fans seem to believe the movies are so reality. But look at him huh! He is a modelizer and that was never any of his characters!

  299. 299
    Z Says:

    Oh so much angry just because I asked a question, you girls seriously need to calm down. I didn’t said they saw each other for months, I said they worked together for months and I do know the rumors were false. I was just making a question since of all you seem to hate all his gf’s, I think Margot could be a great girl for him. But ok, keep going on the hate, it’s the best you all can do. Plus: I know Leo is not any saint, but most of you write comments here like he’s the worst guy in the world, he’s not perfect but I’am sure he’s a good guy.

  300. 300
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Z: Yeah she would be better than a lot of them, and she is prettier in the face than frankly all of them that he has ever dated, including Gisele. It’ just that he into bodies—-he doesnt care about the face that much, they are usually buttafaces like Bar and Blake, even Gis to a certain extent. Even Erin had chipmunk cheeks. I guess he insecure about his body and secure about his pretty face, so he always dates a “body.” to make up for it.

    Speaking of bodies, I just watched Shooter on Netflix, Marky Mark….nice a*s among other things. When his character was up in the Wind River Mountains at the beginning I was like I would soooooo do this guy…..and Leo could be like that, with not that much effort. He basically has a good physique just doesnt take care of it. He and Mark are very close in age…..remember Basketball Diaries together?

    Leo is pretty much garden variety man ho, there are plenty that are not famous. He is just there on a big scale. He doesnt beat women, doesnt have 5 baby mommas (I know someone who does) so no, he is just a garden variety committment phobe. He even recycles for crying out loud. It’s just that his every move is in the public eye so we see it. I have know guys like him that we like building supers….nobodies.

  301. 301
    lol... Says:

  302. 302
    .... Says:

    ‘@that has all been denyed and apparently Leo is talking legal action ahainst whoever made it up

  303. 303
    lol... Says:

    So far only perez hilton talked about legal action ( at least from what I`ve seen ) so let`s wait to see if it`s confirmed. I wouldn`t necessarily believe everything perez says…

  304. 304
    haha Says:

    @lol well it wasn’t perez’s words saying there would be legal action taken. sounded like an official statement from a source. i don’t doubt legal action is being taken against it, it was pretty unflattering to him.

  305. 305
    xXX Says:

    a legal action ? for what ? it’s was unflattering but some worst things have been written without any consequence, in my vicious mind, it means it’s true, he wants to protect his image but it’s too late, for a lot od people, Dicaprio is a man who changes women like kleenex, and he’s superficial and an hypocrit about ecology

  306. 306
    Z Says:

    It’s official: Leo was chosen as the worst man of the planet, OH! It’s all his fault, lol.

  307. 307
    lol... Says:

    Seeing is believing for me about the legal action. Perez is not a reliable source regardless of who he quotes. Gossipcop didn’t say anything about legal action. Basically every single tabloid could be sued on a weekly basis because of unflattering stories.

  308. 308
    tinkerbell Says:

    @….: still trying to protect leo for some reason, or rehab his image? What was more interesting was the one reader comment which is that it doesnt matter leo treats women like crap anyway. He prob doesnt give a damn about the daily news article, but the thing is it a big daily in NYC where his uber flack is and it job to gossip cop this stuff (ken sunshine is former NYC mayor head of staff, you bet he keeps his eye on the tabs) The thing is the daily news must have had some kind of source, like a waiter or something.

    I believe he’s ******** around with anything tall and blonde that walks right now, I kind of doubt he bragged about it. But maybe he did, people have been appalled at his actions before—like the actor in Australia who posted on TMZ and said even Al Pacino was appalled, and the waiter at Lavo or Darby or wherever who said he acted like a jerk. Where there is smoke there is fire. I believe in some aspects, he just is really gross. He should grow up before all this ish is his undoing.

    Leo’s a ho, that is the way it is. I wish it wasnt so…

    They are not going to bother suing the Daily News. If they had to sue over every bad tabloid article it would cost a bundle, millions eveyr year, which leo does have but doesnt want to waste that way.

    Bet he’s out clubbing with a bunch of girls right now, the way it is is someone calls the agency, tells them they are getting a party together or they get the number for the agency’s “model dorn” and the girls geti invited out. The agency does it for publicity, as do the girls. Leo is not the only one doing so, there are a bunch of “modelizer” out there doing it to as per the NY Magazine article. He is just another one of them.

  309. 309
    lol... Says:

    Leo`s whiskey commercial. Leo looks cute. At some point he reminded me of Calvin Candie but it`s definitely not the best commercial he ever did. Easy $5 million…

  310. 310
    Bellazon Says:

    @lol…: every time I visit that place I feel bad inside.

  311. 311
    Bellazon Says:

    wasnt for you, sorry. Just a general statement.

  312. 312
    Stacey Says:

    @lol…: oink oink goes leo the pig….more money more money more money…

  313. 313
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Bellazon: If you are talking about Bellazon, it is too heavily moderated/mushy to be interesting. If you are talking about Gossip Cop, it’s the truth as leo’s flack wants you to see it. He’s a monogamous good boy who never went to the Playboy mansion or is emotionally unavailable…apple pie, mom Chevrolet ,USA. If it is this site, OK gag a little and go back to BZ. This is tough, but its what people really think, not a bunch of moderated horse puckey.

  314. 314
    haha Says:

    its funny cause you all hate on bellazon, but thats where everybody here gets all their information..

  315. 315
    + Says:

    erin was never official

  316. 316
    lol... Says:

    @314: It’s not simply love or hate when it comes to Leo’s bellazon thread. I think everyone gives credit to that thread for providing all that info ( I definitely do appreciate every new info they post ). But other than that his BZ thread is just … I don’t even know how to say it. I agree with Tinkerbell that it’s ‘heavily moderated’. Too moderated. I understand it to a certain level but I think it’s just too much. I just don’t find that thread realistic. On BZ Leo is perfect and here he gets bashed a lot.
    The best you can do it is read only the new info and ignore the rest. JMO.

  317. 317
    meme Says:

    Hate everyone is very unrealistic = JJ posters.

  318. 318
    simple Says:

    Gisele Bundchen Almost Failed As A Model Because The Industry Hated Her Look:

  319. 319
    lol... Says:

    @mene: Idolizing someone, believing he is perfect is also not realistic. I’m not saying JJ is the perfect site when it comes to comments or that BZ is absolutely horrible. Both has pros and cons. On JJ you can speak your mind even if you disagree with the others but there’s a lot of hate and bashing here. On BZ you can’t say what you really think without being moderated but it’s a good source of info.

  320. 320
    + Says:

    erin wasnt an offical gf. but a official breakup. who wants to bet she found out that way to :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  321. 321
    lol... Says:

    If she wasn’t an official gf how was the breakup official???

  322. 322
    + Says:

    @lol… are you missing a chromosome?

  323. 323
    meme Says:

    Is not about think someone, Leo or any other person is perfect, but here everything is taken from the negative side, literally everything. If I’am not mistaken Leo have 2 bellazon pages, have the general discussion where you can talk any shi** without being moderated, so no, not every Leo’s fan (including me) thinks he’s perfect and don’t make mistakes. But it’s very different to don’t agree with some of his attitudes than to simply bash everything he does, bash him because of his girlfriends, bash because he likes to party, bash him because he likes to hang out with this friends, bash him even when you don’t have sure about nothing, you bash him for everything, there is so much hate here that I don’t understand and this happens not only on Leo’s posts off course.

  324. 324
    + Says:

    dont worry, the offical breakup gave you a career boost right?

  325. 325
    + Says:


  326. 326
    lol... Says:

    @+: I think it’s you, sweetie, who’s missing something.
    @meme: I don’t care about posts that are not about Leo. If you read my comment you will see that I wasn’t defending JJ posts and comments and if I’m not mistaken I said it in #319 that there’s a lot of hate and bashing here. Maybe you should read my comment again.
    About BZ. It’s not about bashing. Even if you love Leo but see a flaw in him it can’t be posted. It doesn’t have to be bashing or hating, just not agreeing, seeing a flaw and posting it over there is not allowed. You either don’t say anything even remotely negative or don’t say it at all. And I’m not talking about bashing because seeing imperfections is not hate or bashing.
    To me these two sites are polar opposites. One is focusing mainly on negative things and the other allows only positive things.

  327. 327
    + Says:

    ohh sweetiee, that was original. a little tip sweetie, know your place.

  328. 328
    lol... Says:

    +: LOL! Are you for real? Thanks for the laugh!

  329. 329
    lol... Says:

    * if you have something even remotely negative to say about him you’d better not say it at all.

  330. 330
    + Says:

    um you just got owned and you still replied…. ya. loser.

  331. 331
    + Says:


  332. 332
    lol... Says:

    LMAO! You are really entertaining! Owned by YOU? Really? And I’m a loser? Sure, whatever makes you happy! ‘Know your place’! Hilarious!

  333. 333
    + Says:

    i’m so embarassed for you right now.

  334. 334
    lol... Says:

    You should be embarrassed for yourself! You keep cracking me up!

  335. 335
    + Says:

    lucky you, my comments were moderated. enjoy waiting for leo to date you.

  336. 336
    Disagree Says:

    I disagree that JJ is full of hate.Leo gets a lot of good comments on here too. Does he get some negs? Sure but that’s what happens when you have an open forum. And its only about 3 people and sometimes Tinkerbell that say a lot of negative stuff repeatedly.
    But I’ve gotten way more laughs and entertainment here on JJ than Bellazon. You people are crazy and I love it. Bellazon is ALWAYS one sided. Bellazon is ONLY good to know what restaraunt Leo is eating at right now which is kinda stalkerish if you ask me. Who has the time to go through tweets like that?! lol Everything else can pretty much can be found online. They have their twitter sightings down to a science.

  337. 337
    lol... Says:

    +: LOL, indeed! Lucky me! This is just getting more and more hilarious! And tragic! Wait for Leo to date me? What are you talking about? Are you on something?
    @Disagree: I don’t know how many ppl it us but the negativity here is obvious. There are / were really good threads, great discussions that I miss. I agree with you about BZ.

  338. 338
    haha Says:

    you guys use the excuse that “they all think leo is perfect, we just see the real side of things and don’t think hes a saint” well thats true. he isn’t a saint. you’ve all said it over a billion times. The guy really has alot more positive things to talk about than negatives, but over 90% of these comments are always negative. Seems like BZ is a glass half full kinda place, and this is a glass half empty.

  339. 339
    tinkerbell Says:

    There is a lot about the L_man that is desirable or admirable…otherwise why be here..but what is fascinating about him is this giant paradox—every woman wants him but he doesnt really want a real relationship with ANY OF THEM. He rose to fame playing the ultimate lover, the beautiful boy who will die for you…in real life he’d die before he committed to anyone. You see? It fascinates me.

    But also, if you cut out the womanizing he is an interesting person with some talent and daring. You have to admire him coming out of nowhere to where he is today and not being a hollywood casualty–you only have to look at his competition. There were two young boys he used to compete against at auditions, one ODed and the other hung himself. And River Phoenix—they were a lot a like in looks and HW persona–Leo even took Basketball Diaries after Phoenix died, and even saw him the night he died.

    If you could just cut out the womanizing with a giant pair of scissors he’d be a much person.

    I say “negative” stuff in your eyes because I see it there plain as day…there are real life little “leos” all over the place, ******** up women’s life a lot. Rita Moreno just wrote about her relationship with Marlon Brando left her suicidal…

    I have to be real and cut through the bullshit. Some guys do not have the potential to be real partners and you have to stay away from them no matter how “fantastic” they might be….Leonardo proves me right over and over, I am waiting for him to prove me wrong…. I would like to be wrong.

  340. 340
    Watts Says:

    @haha: yes you and the rest of the freaks can continue to stalk Leo and know his every move. Quick, where is he right now?! Using the john??! lol Tell me how his a** taste because I know you all are licking it over there. And if this place is a glass half empty place then its also half full idiot depending on (your) perspective. I see your perspective. I happen to see something else! : )

  341. 341
    maryah Says:

    @lol : You seem pretty arrogant, don`t you? Look who has taken over the place, huh.. a tiny anti-BZ voice saying models are perfect with no mistakes at all, and Leo is the one to blame for —like EVERYTHING! Isn`t that a narrow kind of view? Just ASKIN..why you wanna talk here if only to support his less charming sides as if you know him and as if you think he is all that what the tabloids write? Do you really believe in that bragging with this buddies-article, reaaallly?? never knew any single one would buy that one. I thought that one was pretty obvious it`s fake and fabricated. Not ALL gossips are, that I know, but THIS gossip was so fake that even a 13 year old would see through it.. it is just hilarius , he is soon like 40, and the article is about some 16 year old BOYS. You really enjoy underestimating him do yoU? ;-P

  342. 342
    maryah Says:

    he might only date young, But in his MIND he is not at all like seventeeen or some ****..

  343. 343
    maryah Says:

    @338 there you are! eXACTLY !!! Very well said and about time . nobody has ever said he is a saint, somebody just like focusing on what is positive than what is cONSTANTLY negative, and +believing in all kinds of s hit.

  344. 344
    lol... Says:

    @maryah: What are you talking about? Who talked about models or when did I say I believe everything I read in tabloids including the bragging one? READ my comment before you complain or call me ignorant! Oh, also stick to the topic please, you talk about things I never brought up! Like me supporting his negative side! I have no idea where you got that or where all these things come from! Talk about putting things into my comments that are not there!

  345. 345
    Dazed and Confused Says:

    This is Leo’s dating motto from the movie Dazed and Confused just replace high school girls with models…

    “I love high school girls, I get older and they stay the same age”

    Next year Leo is FORTY! lol THe BIG 4-0

    “I love high school girls, I get older and they stay the same age”

  346. 346
    meme Says:

    I just think a bit funny that people here says some of Leo’s fans think he’s perfect, but it seems to me people here that thinks he’s perfect because you can’t accept his flaws, it’s the same discussion over and over again, bashing him all the time, only emphasize the negative side, never have a good word to say about this qualities. He’s a human being, he’s not above anyone, he’s not better than anyone, he’s a movie star but he have flaws, yeah, can you accept that? Because when you spend time at a post about someone is suppose because you like that person, I can’t imagine wasting time on a place of a person that I don’t like in anyway, so I suppose if people that post here are not fans, at least are people that admires his work. I’am not saying people have to agree or like his attitudes in life, I’am just saying the level of bashing here is huge and annoying.

    You know something? I love Leo the way he is, with all his flaws and qualities, it doesn’t mean I have to like every single thing he does in life but I accept his choices and the most important I respect.

  347. 347
    tinkerbell Says:

    @Dazed and Confused: Dazed and Confused is one of my favorite movies,as Detroit City Rocks and SLC Punk, Suburbia and Pieces of April, because they all relate to parts of my life…but right now my favorite quote is from Shooter….”Dude, you don’t understand, THEY KILLED MY DOG.” Somehow that rang home to me.

    Supposedly Leo can get any girl he wants, so he starts with physical attraction as a way to winnow them out. But then he gets bogged with Bar the opportunist, Blake the ***** and Erin the Boring Nothing Truly in Common With. His approach is wrong but since he isnt looking for true love anyway what does he care? It’s on him.

    As far as BZ is concerned, they are afraid of lawsuits. JJ seems to cling more to first amendment rights and is more likely to let us rave. That’s why it is worth reading as is CDAN and LSA and a few others are. Perez and The Superifical are kind of tame these days.

    I agree, I dont want to waste time twitter stalking Leo etc. I refuse. It’snice the BZ gals have like a GPS planted in his neck but who really wants to spend the time.

    BTW House of Cards on Netflix with Kevin Spacey is very,very good, I am quick becoming a Kate Mara fan too, she reminds me of Katherine Ross, Ali Macgraw or a young Theresa Russell in Straight Time with Dustin Hoffman….young, hot, but not an idiot bimboid.

  348. 348
    Dazed and Confused Says:

    @tinkerbell: I’m sure at Bellaweird they know when he takes a sh**t cause they’re stalkers. But thanks for the information stalkers!!! : )

    “I love high school girls, I get older and they stay the same age”

  349. 349
    @tinkerbell Says:

    “I dont want to waste time twitter stalking Leo etc”.
    Like you have anything better to do. You blog/cyber stalk him instead. Your deranged posts and rants here are always the longest. Ah the shame/pain of unrequited love, Leo will never be yours stinkertwat.
    Keep obsessing on and attacking his girlfriends from your basement in your ‘fulfilled’ life with your blow up Leo doll ‘boyfriend’. Loser.

  350. 350
    haha Says:

    @meme thats the point i was trying to get across. of course he’s not perfect, he dates a lot of young girls, they’re all tall and blonde, he parties with his pals a lot, and he’s got a lot more flaws. but the point is, why do you all keep dwelling on that? what is the point of posting the same thing over and over again? saying it over and over again how he’s a terrible guy, how he’s immature, etc. whats the point? why aren’t you all talking about his new commercial? or how he’s producing a new movie? seriously

  351. 351
    haha Says:

    @#348 if you don’t like them don’t go over there..

  352. 352
    lol... Says:

    @haha: Same applies to you. Sorry but based on your comment #350 and previous ones I have the feeling you don`t like comments here so why do you come here?

  353. 353
    haha Says:

    i come on here because there are some nice talks that happens, just pointing out how those nice talks dont happen enough, and that this place gets overwhelmed by the negative.

  354. 354
    lol... Says:

    And the same way others might have reason to go to BZ just like you have reason to come here in spite of your comments complaining about posts here.

  355. 355
    haha Says:

    I was just wouldn’t hurt people around here to occasionally look on the bright side!

  356. 356
    lol... Says:

    That’s true but that’s not what I was talking about.

  357. 357
    Taz Says:

    @haha: you should talk…your comments here are some of the MOST negative…do I have to find them….??? So funny how people say posts are negative but they’re apart of the problem! That’s why I don’t take this place or bellafreaks seriously. Both are crazy and both have good stuff and no one on either side knows the real leo but the speculation, praise, hate, and love will continue…that’s life.

  358. 358
    @357 Says:

    @Taz: that’s true. People who don’t like the negative comments can’t seem to leave this place just like bellazon lol

  359. 359
    spellbound Says:


  360. 360
    spellbound Says:


  361. 361
    lol... Says:

    LOL! Good for you to know what I want. You are good at putting words in my comments I never said. Quote my comment where I said he needs to grow up or that I want him without flaws! You are talking about things I never said! Abnormal? Really? Are you on something? Bring up something that’s actually true next time instead of poring a load of absolute nonsense! lol

  362. 362
    spellbound Says:


  363. 363
    missy Says:

    @360 I think everyone here really wants him to be a serial dater, that is why they think he has been with everyone he is linked with. nobody guesses its the media making up things. it is true last time i checked too he has not been with anyone since Erin-something, but he has been out a lot. and linked to all of his female mates. i have no idea, but he is a hunk so why not :)

  364. 364
    missy Says:

    Though stop using capslock, seems like one is shouting!

  365. 365
    missy Says:

    Another subject. Why do these models follow each other on twitter? to get attention? that is the most stupid thing to do in the whole world

  366. 366
    missy Says:

    I mean, why do the exes all follow each other, and now his new model friends also follow his exes ? why ??

  367. 367
    lol... Says:

    You are not criticizing, you are making cr*p up. It’s only your opinion what’s behind my comments. I’m not telling anyone anything except what I post. No double meaning behind my words. It’s all in your head! So stop with nonsense like I’m not his buddy which I never claimed or that I believe everything I read on gossip sites! It’s all BS! I said not once but many times not everything that’s posted is true about him! So get over yourself, honey! Of course theres no need to quote anythibg. because you CAN’T! Save your nonsense to someone else! Take that as my point!

  368. 368
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@tinkerbell: Don’t worry barfie, you’ll get a date some day. As soon as all the footballers hotter and more successful girlfriends cut them off, or someone in Hollywood decides to ignore your rep and gets brave. I am sure there are a couple of frat boys out there that would still give a bang if you are desperate.

    I hear Charlie Sheen might be looking, he is *famous* and rich. Two of your criteria met there. How about Sean Penn? He is looking nice and freeze dried and maybe like he woke up in the gutter so that makes him a lot like Leo some days.

  369. 369
    meme Says:

    @haha: exactly. But here they don’t care about the good things, like I said before they like to emphasize the negative, so they will continue to talk crap here all the time it doesn’t matter how much we dislike. I still don’t understand their motivations but it seems talk bad about other people makes them so happy.

  370. 370
    meme Says:

    The only way is give up on here.

  371. 371
    @above Says:

    @meme: so leave, no one will miss you!

  372. 372
    lol... Says:

    @meme: You talk like ppl here only post negative things which is not true. Definitely not worse than ignoring all flaws.
    As 371 said nobody is forcing you to read comments here. If its so bad as you say why are you here?

  373. 373
    meme Says:

    Don’t worry, I won’t miss any of you as well.

  374. 374
    lol... Says:

    Every site has its cons. You either accept it or you move on. Why fixate on the bad all the time? The same applies to Leo on these threads. I`m not arguing with that. I`m just tired of complaints. JMO.

  375. 375
    !? Says:

    can’t wait to see leo new”OFFICIAL ” girfriend ,people over here will be sooo mad at her ;) BTW did u guys see erin new boyfriend ,he is HOT ,she moved on so quickly !!

  376. 376
    @375 Says:

    Oh they will for the next girl. Hysterical, Cussing, Rage filled ‘analysis’ on different blogs for a man who would not s^hit on them if they begged. Especially the permanent Leo obsessed loons, The *itches of Macbeth – Tinkerbell, Leda and sarah. Under pseudonyms of course self conversing. Hilarious and predicatble

  377. 377
    lol... Says:

    You are predictable with your same old cr*p over again. I never cussed or bashed Erin but who cares as long as it fits your agenda? It’s like you are asking for the same thing to happen and then you will be the first in line to whine about any kind if dislike. But of course it’s all good because you are above everything here…

  378. 378
    @377 Says:

    I guess your’e not predictable at all LMAO.
    Funny to read you complain about people poisoning the thread with bashing Leo, ironic as some were tired of your own sickness bashing the girls non stop. Your’e no better you just prefer to dictate the targets. The next girl. No more. Thankfully many are prepared to f*** you up on it. Good.

  379. 379
    lol... Says:

    How stupid are you? You just wanna start a fight because you are bored? Non-stop bashing? Really? You must be reading someone else’s comments or a different thread because I sure don’t see that, especially not in my comments! You are the queen of making stuff up and create things I never said. That’s what you do best. Make stuff up and start a fight without a reason. And you tell me that I poison the thread? That’s priceless! Is this how I’m gonna be ‘f*cked up on’ stuff? By you creating something to whine about?
    Before bugging me for all kinds of imaginary stuff take a look at yourself! And for once try to stick to reality and don’t create things that give you reason to whine endlessly!

  380. 380
    tinkerbell Says:

    @@375: What you dont get dumbass is I dont want to date him. I enjoy watching stupid little girls who think they will be the one to “change”him fail miserably. That I enjoy. And if the next girl is a wanker in any way I will say so…why not? I enjoy watching this pan out like some people like watching Downton Abbey (I think it is a rather boring Brideshead retread) It just goes to show that some men cannot will not change no matter how “beautiful” you THINK YOU ARE or whatever other crap. Doesnt work. I’ve known this about Leo since 1998 or so…..have you caught up yet? No?

    Erin does look cute in the Daily Mail photo and her boyfriend I think is cuter and much healthier looking that Leo is these days. I really think in leo’s case it was the smoking that did him in, and the not working out or taking care of himself that did him in. This dude Jordan is always smiling, is in shape and 6’5..I like tall men. He’d probably bore my socks off but he seems like a nice guy.

    And no I dont have pseudonyms or even know who these people are or read their posts…but you can believe whatever consoles you.

  381. 381
    Salute Says:

    @tinkerbell : Some people can`t have their opinions here without getting the longest article in decades back from you. Great. whateva, you are right he has some strange habits, but who cares about every single detail of his private life! What I care about, is where is all his environmental effort ??.. I thought that was reason why he took a break

    @lol : Yes you are dictating how people should write and what they should have of opinions, and yes you are no better than anyone else. World is free, and you are hooked on the flaws-train, because yes we got it – you seriously mean to say everyone should accept his flaws, but can`t expect everyone in this world to think he has got the SAME flaws as you are telling about. Yes, we all see flaws on other people, yes you have flaws, so do I, so does everyone. but we might see different kind of flaws getting it?

    @Everyone: Leo hasn`t done anything WRONG geeez, he is just himself with FRIENDS around him. What is wrong, is all the news writing this crap about his new beau who seems do have denied it , it was all made-up news!

  382. 382
    Salute Says:

    @377 : who cares about Erin ???? omg, get over her already! she comes short without a superstar by her side

  383. 383
    lol... Says:

    @Salute: Get over yourself! But before doing that tell me how am I dictating the thread exactly? Other than poring my opinion and have decent discussions with decent ppl ( unlike now )? How am I forcing you to post what I want, genius? That’s the stupidest thing to say! You are completely delusional for saying I want everyone to see what I see! That’s sheer stupid! Get it?
    PS: I don’t give a rat’s a** whether you care about Erin or not! See who is dictating the thread now? You don’t wanna hear about her so you start whining but it’s me who dictates the thread! Sure… She is Leo’s ex so her name will come up whether you like it or not, drama queen!

  384. 384
    lol... Says:

    Seriously QUOTE my comment(s) in which I made you or anyone else think the same way as I do. In which I allegedly wanted everyone to see the same flaws in Leo that I do. Prove your claim! It’s one thing to have an opinion and to stick to it in conversations and an other is to dictate the thread.

  385. 385
    @379 Says:

    I’m only as stupid as a daft beligerent obsessed b^tch like you are.
    @383 – Oh look telling someone else to ‘get over herself’. LMAO
    Dumb obsessed and hypocritical. Poor Leo and his crazed groupie.

  386. 386
    lol... Says:

    Keep telling that to yourself, honey! You are dumb as a rock. And boring!
    And yeah, I’m telling you to get over yourself no matter how funny you think that is. Niw what? Seems like it’s time for a reality check!
    Obsessed, beligerent…etc blah blah blah same old broken record!
    Anything new, relevant or true to say? I guess not! lol
    Keep going on and on with the exact same old stuff over and over again and of course call me obsessed! LOL Keep making things up and just throw accusations at me that you can never prove. That’s what you do best! And don’t forget to tell everyone that I poison and dictate the thread! LOL
    Surprise the world with another completely irrelevant and predictable rant.

  387. 387
    @386 Says:

    I don’t have to ‘tell everyone’ or the ‘world’ a thing numbnut.
    The proof is in the pudding here, in other Leo threads and no doubt future ones. You seem to have more posts here than anyone else, and as a new fight with #381 proves (there’s a surprise) you’re obviously still a lifeless psycho loser.

  388. 388
    lol... Says:

    Sure, sure… You don’t have to tell anything to anyone, idiot! Keep posting your cr*p and by doing that you show everyone what a loser and drama queen you are! Keep up the good work! Whining, lying, accusations, same old recycled boring stuff over and over again!

  389. 389
    tinkerbell Says:

    where in the world is leonardo wilhelm di caprio…gets boring when we go at each other throats…and this post is getting old with almost 400 posts…what the dealio?

  390. 390
    Bettina Says:


    Do you think Leo is dumb enough to settle down and marry????
    Why should he settle down??? Celebrities Like Leo and George would be crazy to get married, even with a pre nup, marriage is difficult when you split, California is still a 50/50 state.

    Yes of course he should live like all of us, because were all so happy being settled down. Right.

  391. 391
    yes Says:

    @Bettina: and he’s so happy going from one bimbo to the next right?! He looks down right dead in the face next to these women.

  392. 392
    : ) Says:

    good for her
    she looks so happy :) haha

  393. 393
    : ) Says:

    Erin’s fans should move on since she has new bf now
    posting her news in Leo thread is not moving on :)

  394. 394
    @388 Says:

    You are the real loser and idiot c>ntface. Your hysterical responses to being called out show you to be the drama queen you accuse others of. What a daft hypocrite.

  395. 395
    lol... Says:

    Go on, keep making a fool of yourself, idiot. You are the only one who keeps `calling me out` ( =b*tching bout nothing ) because you have nothing better to do. Other than whining and saying the exact same old and irrelevant things. Me responding to your stupidity is not a `hysterical ( that word is beyond boring by now. Could you grab a dictionary to refresh your vocabulary? ) response`. You are the drama queen not to mention a LIAR accusing me of things I never said or did. Get over yourself, drama queen. You don`t like my comments? Nobody is forcing you to read them so just skip them. Problem solved and no more whining and hissy fits. LOSER!

  396. 396
    @395 Says:

    I’m not making a fool of myself Leda. You’re infamous around here for that. lol You’ve always been a fool and will remain so. I ain’t going anywhere and I direct the response comments to you to beyatch.
    And can you find another word for ‘drama queen’ ? Grab a thesarus I know its hard to pull away from JJ and twitter to stalk and rage at Leo’s sex life/girlfriends – the word is kinda redundant too. Smoke that in your pipe idiot.

  397. 397
    lol... Says:

    No, I don`t wanna find another word because drama queen is the perfect expression for you. It fits you perfectly. By being a delusional drama queen you are making a fool of yourself and starting these stupid fights without a reason. You keep bringing up old and irrelevant stuff. Interestingly the issues on the thread start when you show up. I do get along with people here even if we have different opinion and then … boom you are here and the insanity starts. You are stuck in the past yapping about things that were true years ago but not now. Stalking his ex girlfriends and being on JJ and twitter all the time? Another one of your sick imagination that of course you can`t prove. What`s new? Can you try to post something that`s actually true or relevant? Guess not! LOL
    Im` infamous? You think you are any better with your continuous whining and stupid fights? You have nothing new to say yet you keep pushing it. As soon as you show up the thread is done so think again who is infamous… Dumba**

  398. 398
    @397 Says:

    Keep asking for proof lol I don’t need to prove anything. Older Leo posts show where its at. But keep demanding proof twunt. Easy as catnip from the dumb twat like your **** self..

  399. 399
    @397 Says:

    Oh and I also don’t want to find another word for hysterical or any perfect expression used to describe you to a tee either. FOOL

  400. 400
    Geez Says:

    Oh God. Here we go. Long time and its from the usual.
    Waves @ Canada Girl, Message, Mari and Tinkerbell.
    Hope you guys enjoy the Oscars and bring the gist!!!!!!!!!!

  401. 401
    lol... Says:

    Oh, of course `I don`t need to prove anything`. You just need to create stuff, lie and accuse me of things but proving it? No, it`s not necessary. That`s how it works in your empty head! By the way can you read? Clearly not because I just said that what you are yapping about could have been true a while ago ( = old Leo threads ) but not anymore. And of course I`m the dumb twat… Look who`s talking. Why don`t your focus your precious energy on the present? When all the sh*t you keep posting about is irrelevant? Wait! That wouldn`t work because you wouldn`t be able to whine about anything! DUMBA**

  402. 402
    lol... Says:

    Aren`t you tired of yourself? I swear you keep posting the same comments you did years ago. I can even predict what you are going to say and I have the same response repeatedly. Do you think it`s such a pleasure to read your endless complaints, the same old things over and over again? All about the past but not about the present? Why can`t you just let it go and realize I did change and everything you say is true about the past but not about the present. I`m tired of it saying the same things again and again. It`s pointless and I doubt ppl who still come here wanna read this stupid conversation again.
    I`m done with this and replying your continuous insults because I don`t wanna derail this thread with this pointless and stupid `broken record` conversation again.
    Let`s see if you can do the same…

  403. 403
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @Geez: Hi there. Nice to see you. I don’t come on as much either … swamped at work and… well…. it is f*cking crazy here sometimes. lol
    I love movies, so I always try to see the Oscar contenders in the Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting, and Director. Not quite everything, but pretty da*m close. I have to finish Les Mis. Torture for me btw as I hate musicals. Don’t berate me for that though. And I have to see Beasts of the Southern Wild.
    Who do you all think will take the statues home? This year is an odd one. There are a number of movies that I like, but for the most part I am so blah or divided…….
    My list is:
    Picture – still undecided
    Lead Actor – Joaquin (amazing) and Denzel (cause I love him)
    Lead Actress – Emmanuelle Riva
    Supporting Actor – Hoffman or Waltz
    Supporting Actress – Helen Hunt
    Directing – still undecided
    I was looking at LD’s IMDB and a few things to note. One – his height has been upped. It was about 5’11″ and now it’s 6’2″. Is that accurate? Is our fella still growing? Next… look at this picture. Jesus. Just beautiful.
    Okay…. big decision…. do I stay home or head back to work. *head desk* I DON’T want to do more work. I want to procrastinate and watch movies. Help me decide. The work has to get done this weekend. Should I do it now or wait until tomorrow or Sunday?
    Waits. Eats slice of Quinoa bread.

  404. 404
    rise like the phoenix Says:

    @CanadaGirl: Joaquin Phoenix is a really good actor. He should stop pretending to be crazy. But he is now last I heard. : )

    Do your work whenever you feel you can do it. Don’t force it cause then you might produce crap!! Sometime you need a break, sometimes you dont. You decide

  405. 405
    lol... Says:

    I see so many posts about last night`s Weinstein pre-Oscar party but no mention of Leo even though he was there. Some tweets and a blog entry about Leo at the party were posted on his bz thread.

  406. 406
    tinkerbell Says:

    The Lman is keeping a low profile because he wasn’t nominated for anything..I guess Weinstein was behind Django, so as a courtesy he went….it must really burn to have someone else from the same movie nominated for the Oscar he should have gotten…best supporting, but like I say dating bimbos does not help his credibility. Also think the stink he made over Titanic is also what prevents them. If we still needed any proof the academy hates him…nominating Christoph Waltz sure is it. We should just all give up on it for him…I think he has. Maybe it will come later as a “surprise” in his 40s.

  407. 407
    Huh? Says:

    ” think the stink he made over Titanic is also what prevents them” – LMAO. Which is why he has been nominated 2x since Titanic.
    “I say dating bimbos does not help his credibility.” Again BS.

    Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn are the most nominated actors in history. Their private lives are as debuached as they come, Women, Drugs, Domestic violence e.t.c
    I dunno why people keep insisting the Academy of god knows how many people obsess over Leo’s sex life the way his fan girls do. As they don’t seem to care about the private lives of other winners/nominees – Adrien Brody, Jamie Foxx recent winners and no wives or 2.4 children or any inclination to

  408. 408
    tinkerbell Says:

    By the way, Sean has been nominated 5 times, just looked it up…won twice, which I think is the most for male leads. So not even close to the top.

  409. 409
    tinkerbell Says:

    Well, my original comment disappeared in cyber space, but what it was is that basically:

    Jack Nicholson-married to Angelica Huston, daughter of legendary director John Huston. Is now a grandfather. Nominated ten times, once twice. Angelica also won for Prizzis honor and was nominated for Enemies a Love story. Yes, he is a party animal, but you dont see him on yachts everyday with panty models and topless bimbos in swimming pools. What he did in his personal life, who knows, it was pre-internet and twitter…but he apparently did have a serious side. BTW he is well liked professionally in HW, he may not be a gentleman but compared to Eastwood who is kind of a pr*ck they like Nicholson.

    Sean Penn-married to Robin Wright, who has a long list of awards herself on IMDB and was in best film/best actor Forrest Gump. He was nommed five times and won twice. I dont think he is squeaky clean and he was also married of course to Madonna, but she’s her own ball of wax. Although he did date Jessica White you dont see him publicly with a lot of bimboids, all with the same “job” and hair color.

    So no, you don’t see them swanning around with panty models on yachts.

    It has been rumored strongly that Leo’s not going the year Titanic is why he doesnt enjoy their favor. Also there was some snit supposedly the year of Gilbert Grape -his mom got accidentally locked out of the event and he made a fuss at the ceremony about it. Dont know if that is true, but read it from a plausible source. He wanted it for J. Edgar too-you can see it in his face the disappointment, and yeah I think nominating Waltz for the same potential category this year is another slap in the face.

    But the bimbos are the symptom, not necessarily the disease. They dont’ want to give him the award because he’s been a brat and too much of a playboy.

    BTW the most nominated are Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Laurence Olivier and Al Pacino. Al Pacino won for Scent of a Woman and Nicholson the second time for Prizzis Honor both of which are not their best work. HW is reluctant to reward the edgy actors, often they get it for a fluffy piece when they should have gotten it for something more scary and dangerous. James Cagney, whose career i think has a bit of a resemblance to Leo, (a bit of a physical resemeblance too, as does Gary Cooper, just a shade) won for Yankee Doodle Dandy, not for his classics White Heat or Angels with Dirty Faces. Spencer Tracy won twice, and he’s behind Pacino in terms of noms.

    Adrian Brody—he seems like a nice guy, mom is Sylvia Plachy Village Voice photog, did ask this beautiful spanish girl to marry him but she turned him down. Maybe she saw him in Aliens vs. Predator 2.

    Basically, if he does ever get it it will be a surprise, but he is definitely not on the Academy’s short list for anything any time soon. Wanted it for Edgar, expected it, didnt get it, and now they are nomming waltz for django for the same category—supporting actor, same category, same film which must be a real slap in the face.

  410. 410
    tinkerbell Says:

    Also Jamie Foxx does have a daughter, but is rumored to be gay/bi, and no you dont see him with bimbos either. Might be more into men these days anyway.

    Bottom line, if he wasnt a playboy they might take him more seriously and HE MIGHT ALREADY HAVE HIS DAMN OSCAR. If he had to work harder for it too that might have helped, but after Titanic he got everything on a platter, and some people might resent that.

    Do your gossip research and get back to me !

  411. 411
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: I think he is 5’11. Decent height,. but Gisele always looked slightly taller, but 6″0 is a nice round number for a leading man. You know, marketing. If you ever saw him stand next to Martin Scorcese, he does legitimately have the height.

  412. 412
    tinkerbell Says:

    @CanadaGirl: as for the picture, yeah, he looks great there but has been looking pickled since. Love Marky Mark too….sorry, I will be one of those who can’t forget the Funky Bunch….which I thought was in those calvins….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

    as for Joaquin Phoenix, he was so amazing in Gladiator…I thought it was a shame he was throwing it all away…but when you look how crazy hihs whole family was maybe this is minor…

    you can find River Phoenix’s funeral shot on line. It’s gross and shouldnt be there…but the photog snuck in and took it like Whitney Houstons…but the look on his face is so angry/conflicted/scared…. it looks like he died in agony…I dont know, the whole crazy family was in a religious cult and I think moved to South America.

    People think Winona Ryder is seriously cuckoo but she grew up in some kind of similar environment…..or maybe just some out there hippy commune.

  413. 413
    tinkerbell Says:

    oh and the winner is….Waltz. Leo boy must be p i s s e d…..

  414. 414
    BA Says:

    @tinkerbell: Im sure he’s not THAT pissed. And he shouldnt win for supporting anyways. He’ll get it for BEST ACTOR!!! His time will come.

  415. 415
    vagabond Says:

    I thought the Oscars were kind of predictable.At least in the acting categories.I actually hope Leo does this one time,does a clean sweep,of all the awards.Anyone read Laineys intro for today?Seems like she’s insinuating something between Leo and Jennifer Lawrence.Baiting the gossip readers I guess.

  416. 416
    vagabond Says:

    Opps never mind i see a few other gossip sites are doing that too.

  417. 417
    lol... Says:

    Some British blogger had a post about the pre-Oscar Weinstein party ( posted on BZ yesterday ). The guy said both Leo and Bradley were vying for Jennifer’s attention and that she seemed close with Bradley. Leo left the party with 3 girls in ‘tight dresses’. I think the same story is circulating the web… The guy also said Leo had a lot to drink and he even wondered how could Leo even stand after all that bourbon ( and vodka according to a tweet ).

  418. 418
    LIKE Says:

    other stories say she had her hands on bradly but was talking to leo, but these were just ny post. lainey gossip was at the weistien party though,and she tweeted during the event. so this is apparently what she “saw”. so i’m taking laineys story on this one. even though i don’t think anything is gonna happen between jennifer and leonardo. they should date though, it would be a huge step up for leo.

  419. 419
    lol... Says:

    Yeah, the British blogger also said she was talking to Leo. The slight difference in Lainey’s version compared to others is that Lainey said Bradley checked on them like a big brother from time to time meanwhile the others say all three were together. Not that it matters a lot!
    I like Jennifer Lawrence. She seems nice, down to earth and not the typical Hollywood type. Kinda young for Leo but it would definitely be a big step up for him. But I also don’t see it happening…

  420. 420
    vagabond Says:

    I agree with both of you.She is a step up,and i like her.Lainey said he seemed to be having fun around her too.It’s soo not gonna!Even if they did go out,you know she would break up with him in a couple of months.Unless there was a miraculous change from Leo.

  421. 421
    tinkerbell Says:

    @BA: here here ! I still would like to see that too.

    No, Lawrence was just the bell of the ball last night and the boys were flirting….she isnt pretty enough or dumb enough for Leo, I dont think…then again there was Blake Lively…

    the buzz must have been in for her…

    why was everyone wearing white last night? I mean for once I didnt vomit all over the dresses they were really many people think Lawrence fell down to show off the dress?

  422. 422
    LOL Says:

    Its fascinating to me how Leo now seems to ALWAYS be with either Bradley Cooper or Jonah Hill. He even went to London with Cooper. I’m NOT implying anything they’ve always been friends I know but at this point I would say Coop and Hill have usurped his usual posse.
    Wonder how long this will last?

  423. 423
    for u hoes @jj Says:

  424. 424
    lol... Says:

    @423: What’s your problem? Take your striking intelligence somewhere else!

  425. 425
    lol... Says:

    It’s funny that ever since the Margot rumor every blonde around Leo is identified as Margot even though it wasn’t her. Now on the new WOWS pictures it’s actually her next to him but so far she wasn’t recognized by the sites that posted the photos.

  426. 426
    Fools Says:

    @tinkerbell: You have clearly not been anywhere, Albania is not hideous, it’s very beautiful in places and has some of the nicest beaches in Eastern Europe. Albanian girls are also beautiful,your petty jealousy of them is quite pathetic.

  427. 427
    NYC-liberal Says:

    Great Leo! Smarter than I thought. Who in their right mind would date a ****** used up American woman?

  428. 428
    NYC-liberal Says:

    I’m going to move to that state where the actor from The Green Mile married that blonde 16 year old legally. Old women are gross.

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