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Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?

Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly dating Albanian model and former Miss Universe Kosovo 2011 Aferdita Dreshaj!

The 38-year-old actor was recently spotted with the 26-year-old model while he had some fun at hot spots, such as SL and Catch in Miami.

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“It’s been day in and day out for a few weeks now,” a source told the NY Post. “They’re spending a lot of time together, but it’s still early days.”

Another source added, “She’s just one of many girls he’s hanging out with.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio dating Aferdita Dreshaj?

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Credit: Jason Merritt/Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty, Twitter
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  • rek

    Hahaha Bradley made out with 3 girls and left with one? Wow what a pulling team these two make, impressive

  • Crazy

    If Leo’s fans know anything about him its that he hates when these girls publicize the fact that they are with him via Twitter or Facebook. Its so obvious she is using him to become famous. If he was thinking of making this more, he isn’t now trust me. I hate how these girls use him to make a name for themselves. He deserves so much better than this girl.

  • lol…

    I forgot to finish the Us Weekly story. So Bradley left with a girl and apparently Leo was the `most responsible one`.
    Is it just me or this Aferdita had some work done? I saw older photos of her ( beauty pageant and VS photo ) and she looked so pretty. Looking at her tweet photos she just looks so tacky.

  • : )

    ^I notice her lips looks fuller

  • sarah

    sorry but if he so much deserves better than these types of girls he should seriously consider to stop hanging around them. I’ll believe he deserves better when he’ll put an end to to being seen and going after 25 year old blondie easy catches.

  • Law of Attraction

    @Crazy: why does he deserve better??
    Law of attraction, you attract what you are.
    He deserves NO BETTER.
    He’s drawing to himself what he IS. A superficial assh*le.
    don’t get people saying Leo deserve better…
    The manchild is looking at these girls in a very superficial shallow way so thats what you get back in return.

  • !

    Can’t find the us article can someone please post it ??
    BTW kendall just starts following aferdita on twitter!! they don’t have problem sharing the same man;)!!

  • ,,,,,,,

    her sis is attacking ppl left and right on twitter. but shes the one that posts the links and u expect evry albanian to say good job! good for her? right…. get a grip. she’s not a celeb shes just a side slut, one of his many

  • @#$#@#$@#

    shes pretty but then again when u get a nose job everyone looks better than they used to before ;)

  • lol…

    @!: I don`t know if the article is online on the Us Weekly website I saw it in the magazine. Here it is:

    Caption to the photo of Leo and Bradley shirtless on the balcony – Cooper and Dicaprio ogled women from their balcony at Miami Beach`s Delano hotel.

    Bradley and Leo – Boys` Bonding Weekend

    True bromance! Bradley Cooper and Leonardo Dicaprio enjoyed the ultimate guys` getaway in Miami Beach starting February 1. The fellas – along with buddies Jonah Hill and Gerard Butler – kicked off the festivities that night with an Italian dinner on the terrace at Bianca at the Delano hotel. ( Next to them? A group of 30 models! ) From there, the posse headed to nightclubs Story and Wall – then ducked into a cocktail lounge at around 3 am. “Bradley made out with three different girls at the club and left with one of them,” says a witness. ” Leo was actually the most responsible of the bunch.” Two nights later, Cooper and Dicaprio, both 38, chowed down at Scarpetta with Halle Berry and Mel Gibson. Says a witness, “Leo high-fived everyone at the end of the meal.”

  • lol…

    @59: I don`t know what kind of work she has done but I think she looked better before… More natural.

  • Z

    NO, she’s not his girlfriend. She’s just a girl that wants to appear through him for fame. Aferdita herself probably called E online to tell she’s the one on the balcony pics with him, because seriously, who knew about the existence of this girl? Off course she wants to have her minutes of fame, it’s clear like water, but this is all she will get from this. Leo is not dating her just because he hugged her, just because he was close to her, and even that he liked her before, but now that she spread the news everywhere at this point Leo already know she did this and no way he will stay with a girl that acts like this.

    It seems more easy to believe that Leo is dating that model of the pool pics, the same blonde girl that is kissing him on the cheek in his latest Miami pics.

  • lol…

    About the other blonde… It wasn’t only Leo she kissed. She said goodbye to some of his friends as well the same way but those photos were not posted. Some Leo fan site has them. He hung out with that girl several times but I don’t think he is dating anyone right now.

  • Z

    @lol, I know I saw those pics. I was just saying if was to believe he have a new girlfriend than would be easier to think it’s this girl over Aferdita. But I agree with you, I don’t think he’s dating anyone and I hope he’s really not., it’s good to take time for himself, to think, to look at his life and see that he’s not a boy anymore, he’s reaching his 40′s and I believe it’s time for a big change in his life. But this if he really wants, it’s up to him.

  • Reba

    Leo, it is time to grow up. Talk to your pal, Tobey.

  • !

    @lol; thank you for the us article

  • @@@@

    wonder if that divorced ho antoinette nikprelaj/kalaj/wtf her name is is jealous she didnt get the same 15 minutes aferdita is getting. she is an “actress” after all

  • rek
  • rek

    and again but OMG why is his arm in a sling?? Apart from that he looks GREAT

  • rek
  • turrty

    Wow he has the BEST skin

  • yes

    Between his cuts and his eyes I’m loving Leo lately :)

  • @60

    Thank you

  • Tina

    She is married to Shpat Kasapi, an Albanian singer. What is wrong with her? They wont last, and she just ruined her marriage! Dumb Woman!

  • Sugar

    Sorry for Albania but he’s going from bad to worse. I don’t understand it. Is this a competition about who gets the trashiest hos?

  • Z

    He’s not dating her, is that hard to understand?

  • Sugar

    @Z: What is hard to understand is that this man never falls for anybody. And he has known many women…

  • Masha

    WOW Leo.WOW. a Siptarka(albanian)?!?! only bottom feeders can hook up with them….out of all the international women in the world you pick…im not even sure what albanians are because humans they arent..i thought you were somewhat wordly??? you lost me as a fan. stop being soooo’s becoming to be very unattractive.

  • just me

    guys she is engaged to a singer from albania so what they are writing here is stupid or she is cheating on her fiancee

  • they were kissing

    they were seen kissing a couple of times in Miami…like Leo hangs out with women like her for fun…yeah right….”fun”

  • they were kissing

    she said that they’re friends…lol …no b!tch Tobey, Lukas, Kevin are his friends. You are a ho. Leo is beyond pathetic…married/engaged women Leo?!?! I’m sure he’s gonna run from her now after all this has some to light…whatever you do in the darkness will always come to light… Karma is a biaaatcch!!

  • LOL

    Just so I’m clear, this is the new girlfriend to hate/insult/slander call famewhores and gold diggers targeting St Leo since Margot Robbie ended and the Sydney picture yacht girls went nowhere? Got it.
    Bu then live your life Leo! Better to stay single than be a hypocrite, get married and have kids while screwing around on the side (Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, David Beckham, e.t.c)

  • xXx

    when Gisele debuts her daughter, Leo debuts his girlfriend of the month…

  • PoorShpatKasaplol


    ill bang your servian ass. the way you like it! in an inhumanly way.

  • LOL

    they’re not dating people. they were spotted together on a balcony. she denied it. thats the only time they were seen together. loll that was the extent of it.

  • Z

    What Gisele have to do with Leo? they dated when? Million years ago? Please, get over it, Gisele have her life, leave her out of this page.

    I hate when people starts to compare ex-lovers life, what that matter at this point?

  • skittles_guy

    I know, he should really find himself a nice 37 year old girl who is looking to settle down after years of dating the wrong guys. I mean, what would he want with these young girls? Doesn’t he want a sassy girl who can challenge him and keep him on his toes? I know a gal who majored in gender studies that would be perfect for him. He must be intimidated by a strong, independent woman. These young girls probably don’t challenge him at all. They probably just agree with everything he says and act super girly. I just don’t get it.

  • Dasha

    Here we go again…
    Leo i love you but come on dude settle down already!!!

  • Leslie

    I give it the standard year for them. Oh wait, I just saw picture 3 of hers.. I give it 8 months

  • Courtney

    In the words of the great Nelly: “What good is all the fame if you ain’t f****ing the models..” Anywho.. Blake Lively was not a supermodel and he dated her *Shrugs* He actually took her all over the world and supported her through her nude pictures “leak” I thought that would’ve been the turning point for him but apparently not.. This girl looks like a hot mess though. I doubt they’re dating although I’m sure he hit it and now she’s spreading that they’re a couple… keep famewhoring ya famewhore!

  • From Kendall chick

    Kendall Kowitz‏@KendallKowitz-7:57 PM – 8 Feb 13 · Details
    Don’t ask to make you my priority if I’m going to be your last option.

    Broken hearts LOL

  • inferiorcomplex

    interesting how status wise his gf’s keep declining….from worldwide Supermodel to SI Swimsuit model to unknown VS model to pageant girl/Miami model? LMAO!

  • C’mon man

    I just hope the time he will do the same Rick Martin. How old Rick Martin “came out of the closet”? It isn’t possible that he hasn’t found a decent woman to marry in all these years.

  • lookalikes

    The girl on fucsia pants looks like Gerard Butler’s gf? Is she?

  • TBH

    Honest Question WHY does he have to settle down?
    Marriage and 2.4 children is not for everyone. Leo’s parents were divorced from a very young age so he probably has no draw to that life.
    If this girl is using him, he’s probably using her to for her body.
    And there are actors older then Leo – Jamie Foxx, Edward Norton, Keanu Reeves, Adrian Brody some of them Oscar winning and have not settled down and don’t show the inclination to by partying/jet setting as much. Never mind his close friends. Why do some Leo fans insist he has to follow the path THEY think works best for him?
    Especially since its not like he’s asking or listening. Strange

  • @91

    Is that tweet real? Are you sure? Oh this is funny!

  • Ana

    All the models he dates look practically identical-tall, blonde and names that sound like gargling. The reason probably he, George Clooney and Adam Levine serial date these woman is because they probably don’t challenge them intellectually, live to party and are total “arm candy”. They act like teenage boys, not men. While there’s nothing wrong with not getting married or having a desire to-it speaks volumes of not being in a long term commited relationship at that age.

  • uhhuh

    She’s his type, blonde, rail thin, arm candy, except for the age, I thought he was into barely legal girls just out of their teens.

    He really is turning into a fat old man who dates young girls after all.

  • rous

    @uhhuh: The new age is a little improvement dont you think?

  • Good

    LOL, I’m glad to see this topic and to see pictures of his new flavour of the month. It only confirms his choice in interesting women.
    Another tall generic blonde, but frankly this one is probably the ugliest. While having her breast implants and her lips collagened, she should have have asked the plastic surgeon to fix her nostrils, they’re way too large.