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Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?

Aferdita Dreshaj: Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend?

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly dating Albanian model and former Miss Universe Kosovo 2011 Aferdita Dreshaj!

The 38-year-old actor was recently spotted with the 26-year-old model while he had some fun at hot spots, such as SL and Catch in Miami.

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“It’s been day in and day out for a few weeks now,” a source told the NY Post. “They’re spending a lot of time together, but it’s still early days.”

Another source added, “She’s just one of many girls he’s hanging out with.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio dating Aferdita Dreshaj?

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Credit: Jason Merritt/Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty, Twitter
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  • triiina

    She is engaged to Shpat Kasapi… She just stated in a interview live through phone ( in an kosovo tv program) that they are only friends and that she and her fiance are in love .. but in my opinion her fiance should be botherd and worried thats DICAPRIO …

  • A question

    If she has a fiance then what was she doing in Miami partying and hugging Leo on his hotel balcony?

  • @152

    @A question: exactly, she’s engaged and in cut off shorts and flirting…both are sluuuts, I’m not putting this on the girl anymore…he’s a sluuut too. She says they’re “friends” lol We all know Leo’s close knit friends and she is NOT one of them

  • lol…

    What else would she say in an interview confronted about hanging out with a notorious womanizer while being engaged? I seriously doubt they are friends or just hung out.
    About the DailyNews article. I believe the dinner/hotel/club/12 girls part but overhearing him talking about his protected love life? I doubt… I have not problem believing he was surrounded by all those girls ( the Us Weekly Miami sighting also referred to a bunch of models ) and that he was there with Kevin ( he was out partying during the blizzard ) but the rest sounds like creative journalism.

  • Tony

    If this is true then Aferdita Dreshaj is cheating… Because she is already engaged with an albanian singer Shpat Kasapi!!! Poor these girls would do anything to get famous

  • share

    @Tony: and Leo will do anything to screw a ho include talking to engaged women

  • kellypitt

    She is very beautiful!!!

  • Cay

    That’s not real. Come on!!! It’s just Gossip. Aferdita Dreshaj is in alove relationship with an albanian singer whose name is Shpat Kasapi. They are both friends of Leo.

  • Sunny

    People in the regular world still don’t get it. These so called models especially the ones from eastern europe are usually high class hookers. Modelling doesn’t pay, only the top 1% of them make the big bucks.

    These girls want to be seen so that hopefully they’ll end up marrying a rich man, but in the mean time they do their modelling and prostitute themselves to rich actors, singers, oil barons etc. That’s the truth, people keep falling for this modelling thing, it is a waste of time, trust me!!! Many girls end up liking the lifestyle too much to do any real work and think prostitution is the answer. Some are lucky, most end up hooked on drugs and become old passed around maids.

  • kissing pics coming

    This is from the same website that first had the pictures of them on the balcony. They reported it first. And now they said they have kissing pics of this engaged woman with Leo. Expect pics by tomorrow or tonight. But it will definitely be all over the web soon if they have them. This just keeps getting worst and worst. I guess they’re kissing “friends”

  • kissing pics coming

    They also said its “exclusive” just like they did before…

  • @Sunny

    Totally agree with you. So even if the girls are engaged it still doesn’t stop them from working as escorts for the riches and famous.
    Miami and Vegas have plenty of these girls.

  • lol…

    Some sites posted the photos of Kendall giving Leo a kiss goodbye as Aferdita was the blonde. So it could be a confusion as well ( or indeed new kissing photos ). Also that headline doesn’t claim these exclusive photos of Leo and Aferdita kissing. ‘who was seen kissing Leo’ sounds like a way of (mis)identifying Aferdita. We will se!

  • lol…

    Kendall wasn’t identified by any websites other than bellazon and JJ comments. I think most sources consider the two girls the same. So let’s see what happens! Leo left Miami days ago so I assume photos of him kissing A would be out by now…

  • tinkerbell

    @CanadaGirl: Thanks for acting. The verdict is, she’s just a jump off, a good time girl, happened to be in Miami, happened to fit the physical profile, eyada yada yada. Why should she leave her claim to fame in her homeland—this Shpat dude. To be a jump off for Leo or a fiancee to the local star… do the math. These Natashas from the former Soviet republics are not stupid. They can be pretty cold blooded—Ive known a few, like one from Kyrgyzstan who was pretty much that way. They grew up in want or their parents did and they play their cards right. Dating or being seen with Leo helps girls like her, she might move to the front of the pack with the VS girls or up higher in that hierarchy. Dont think she doesnt know that !

    Not feeling the long term thing for this one. I think there will be lots of Aferdits and Kendalls etc over the next year or two because he wants it that way, no fuss, no emotional muss. The only kind of girl that can hang with him is a bar who is programmed pathologically to date movie stars from birth….everyone else gets discourgaed at the treatment. Erin dragged out because they were not in the same place together….once he started ignoring her in the same town it was over. I sort of believe the strippers at his house rumor too.

    It’s too bad but that is him. I’ve given up. This flirtation is either over or will be in 1-3 months. Maybe already is. No reason to get upset about it, he’s using them like kleenex these days and it gets grosser and grosser, just like with Bradley who is NOT good looking at all, sorry.

  • tinkerbell

    BTW Albania is the ugliest country in the East—i watched michael palin’s series about the new East and Albania was just APPALLING. Tirana, the capital was all HIDEOUS soviet concrete buildings. An artist got elected as mayor after the breakout and one of the only things he go could was starting to paint some of the hideous old buildings bright pastel colors to change the view. ..

  • tinkerbell

    @Without Equal: and they date you for your wallet. Smart guy. You still come off as an as*hat to us.

  • tinkerbell

    @Gross: Herpes, HPV, HIV, ….this wont end up well. But party on dude, just ripped up my stan card.

    Leo should try reading medical records all day like I used to there is soooo much herpes, HPV (men get cancer from going down—they get it in the throat or oral area) Hep C(not usually sexuallly contracted but this out there) HIV in the most diverse group of people…..there is so much out there. It is not seeing multiple partners that causes it is what spreads it….it is unethical to this these days because you can spread…just like in that story about Chase Crawford a year or two ago. If you are just seeing one you can stop with that and control it…otherwise you give the gift that keeps giving. YUCK>

  • tinkerbell

    @at least one STD: I think he is careful but he is cruising for a bruising. Condoms dont prevent the herp. You can get it from any open sore on any body part…Dennis Rodman got sued by like a dozen NBA cheerleaders because he spread it to them….also his former wife in his book says he gave it to her as well. .her book “Much Worse Than He Says he Is” is a classic.Sorry, but in that picture for the Jack Daniels add that keeps popping up he loooks UGGGLLLY he looks like Mike Ditka the football coach slavic genes coming out. Whoever said it is right…he looks more Russian these days.

    Eewww dont worry girls you are not missing anything but heartache.

  • tinkerbell

    @tinkerbell: i meant asking…

    PS the kendall kowitz tweet was funny…see what it would be like to get up close and personal…you hook up and then he walks as soon as someone else shows….yuck.

    You know what mr-dont-want-to-be-challenged? You got nothing to offer. Neither does he. You do the rest of us a favor by dating bimbos. And no it isnt about being intellectually “challenged” at all….you dont have to be a Phd to be a good person. It’s about being able to see some worth beyond booty. Doesnt matter what it is, but kindness, sense of humor, compassion, some kind of interest or talent— could be cooking, tennis, singing, whatever makes someone special. And since that is all you are interested in, you can have it. Those girls aren’t getting anything good for them either.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sam: just like his character in Aviator. Honestly, he’s a manwhore

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Shoegal421: would that not be ironic if he got syphilis like his character in Aviator.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @skittles_guy: How about Katie Holmes? They could a rendition of mr. & mrs. Smith and let it go from there

  • tinkerbell

    @Sincerely concerned: Yeah Howard Hughes supposedly had “f*ck pads” all around LA and a major casting couch as head of RKO pictures. The man had issues more than OCD. He was a strange one.

    Syphillis is not that common these days as far as I know, and penicillin will take it out in the early stages…HPV and Herpes are more scary and more of a threat, never mind HIV. In a way HPV and herpes are more frightening because condoms don’t necessarily protect as far as I know…you think you practiced “safe sex” but from what?

    When I moved to NYC became much more conservative than I was before about who I slept with….after being in healthcare it actually scares me, not because I am a prude but my body is my temple and its actually self-abuse to go around sleeping with random people. If I didnt have my bf I might go into the nunnery I swear, it scares me that much. Nothing like reading the medical records of a 75 year old woman and a 10 year old child and finding out they are BOTH HIV+.
    Or about women who have herpes who are pregnant and having outbreaks at the time of the delivery—they have to have C-sections to keep the kid from getting infected for life.

    Sorry girls, this is reality, not fantasy. It’s nice to fantasize about Leo, but look what he does. Keeping it at fantasy is a wise idea any way as far as I am concerned. sorry if you dont like it, there are many here who dont want to deal with the real world, I know…but many do. I can hear your voices….

  • Ruby

    Now THIS I believe in. Looks SO MUCH like Leo to find a cheap looking girl like this ! Why can’t gossips be true ? I think it sounds awfully true that he is banging girl after girl , and now this one. HOW LOW CAN YOU GET, LEO? ……hahahaha, no, that is not the question: he has ALWAYS been this “low standard”, ALWAYS. No wonder Kate Winslet didn’t want him, she’s got CLASS in comparison, or two f-in brain cells more than this lady

  • Ruby

    Leo is fast! NEW CHIC: Another model is blabbing on TWITTER : Kendall Kowitz is talking about Leo on Twitter people! Way to go, Leo! “Nice lady” telling WHAT A GREAT TIME she had in Miami ;)

    Jonah Hill ‏@JonahHill
    Lone Wolf

    Kendall Kowitz ‏@KendallKowitz
    @JonahHill come back to Miami soon love!! :)

  • lol…

    @Ruby: Where are the tweets about Leo?

  • miss lovely

    @Ruby oh sweet lord, you think u are funny, but u are SO LAME. that is a friendly tweet to a FRIEND. Jonah Hill is her FRIEND,TOO, ……….GETTIT already??!!? they are all friends, Aferpidota told in an interview to some magazine…!!! u are only here to make “fun” of Leo, u are not a fan, u are trying to be honest but u are so not, u even make fun of innocent ppl u know nothing about, and u pretend to know every detail of Leo’s “love life” as if he bothers shagging every shit he meets, maybe u are jealous because the only person in ur head he hasn’t been shagging is YOU? … sdfhvbsofuwfgnasdfhaosdfhoiawhu (mad fan!!)

  • haha

    @ruby kendall isn’t doing anything wrong. jonah was apart of the leo group too. she probably became friends with him too (don’t know yet if leo and kendall are gonna be anything more) afredita is the one everybody should be bashing on. the girl comments like she wants people to understand that they’re not together, yet she keeps talking about it.

  • lol…

    @miss lovely: Well said but this ‘we are all just friend’ thing is hard to believe. Anyone expected anything else from a girl who is engaged? Other than that I completely agree with you. To be honest we saw tweets like this from Erin. She tweeted to his friends and posted photos yet she wasn’t talking about Leo.

  • LOL

    LOLROF @miss lovely : Aferpidota ????? New Girl again? LOOOL this is too funny, Ruby is too funny, keep bashin Ruby!! i love this forum, oh man this is funny :-D Aferdita, Margot Robbie, Margaret, Kendall, Miranda, Poldova wasnt it? i dont remember her name, there are so many now i am totally confused… now Aferpidota :-D

  • Ban
  • Ender

    She’s waay too old for him! He needs to be dating an 18-19 year old, He’s rich, powerful, famous and not even 40 yet! He totally needs to dump her when she hits 30 though, trade her in for a younger model hahaha.

    Besides, once women reach 30, they have pretty much “expired” anyway.

  • Good one!

    @LOL (181)
    Thank you so much for giving me such a hard laugh! hahaha :D
    what you wrote and HOW you wrote it was SO funny! that calls for an extra-LOL!!! hahahahah :D

    And it’s also very funny that so many people take other people’s gossip so seriously!! light up, guys!
    Leo is a great actor and seems like a nice guy…the rest of his life is
    HIS bussiness, not anyone else’s! but I guess that, even when many people know that already, they still feel entitled to…a lot, actually! hahaha

    Thanks again @LOL!!!! great sense of humor!!! love that! hahahahaha :D

  • CanadaGirl

    @tinkerbell: If this is an indicator as to what the Free Leo sabbatical is going to be like, I’m in. Bring on the twits Tweeting about their tw…. well you get the idea. Ah… social media…. the great equalizer.
    Winter’s finally hit us. I’m all snuggled in for the night , and I think I’m going to watch a movie.
    Have a good one, (Free) Leo-fans.

  • tinkerbell

    @Ruby: OK Ruby, as for Aferdita, I happen to agree, especially in this post she made herself up look like a blow up doll, and she does look vaguely like a Eastern European call girl. She is sort of pretty, but the hot pants tell the story. I am not going to assume she turns tricks but yes, I have heard that some borderline “models”and “actresses”do turn tricks between jobs because it is hard for them/embarrassing to get straight jobs, etc so so they say. As far as I am concerned a little folding at the Gap would be good for their ass*es.

    The overdone eyebrows and the collagen lips really do make her look cheap. That having been said, minus that she is a pretty young woman with a nice figure. Not the greatest beauty Ive ever seen but you know, attractive. Just done up like a call girl. I dont know whether she is or not, but how does she make her money?????? You have to ask does she get enough modelling gigs to pay her rent? Does Shpat or whomever bankroll her?

  • tinkerbell

    If you look at the blow up of the picture in the pink hot pants yeah she is his type, but for a jump off, of which there are plenty. Sigh, I had hope for his hiatus but I think it is just going to be grosss.

  • tinkerbell

    @CanadaGirl: are you serious CG? I think it is going to be one long haul of debauchery and he is looking bad as it is. What is he going to do with his time if he doesnt have some wannabe barfie to drag around? I meean two whole years and nothing but parties…I expect trouble and lowered expectations all around.

    I’ve long said leo should just quit the “semblance of monogamy “thing and just screw around, it is a lot more honest….I think a lot of the “girlfriends” thing was PR, to make him look like a nice guy with a heart, but I really dont think so any more. Its going to be gross.

  • Mari


    I agree, CG, bring it on. I have no doubt that this is how Leo normally behaves when he’s not in a committed relationship (which requires him to be a little more discrete). The problem for him is that social media is difficult if not impossible to out run, especially if he’s hooking up with Afredita and the like. Those girls like her are desperate for fame, dazzled by celebrity, hungry for money . . . and that means they will tweet about their encounters with him. Or in the case of Afredita, her obnoxious sister will. As much as Leo despises the paparazzi, the people he really be concerned about are those women he’s bringing back to his hotel room at night.

  • Mari

    Afredita started following Bar and Erin on Twitter. I suppose she’s trying to figure out how to extend her one night stand (or 5 day stand. . . or whatever it was) into something a little more long term.

  • Mari


    You are right Tinkerbell, he does look terrible already (at least in the pics from Miami when he’s drinking coffee after an apparent bender). I don’t think he will go two years without an official girlfriend though, do you?

  • OMG

    @Mari: what?!?! Why is she following Bar and Erin on twitter?!?!?! lol LAAAAAAMMMEEEE!!! I wonder what her hubby things about her following the exes of DiCaprio! OMG!!! That is hilarious. I think Leo wanted to make her official but it didnt work out. Next. Can’t say I feel sorry for him.

  • OMG

    not even Erin is following Bar on twitter or vice versa! lol

  • Mari


    I know, I almost died when I saw it. I even took a pic with my phone, in case she deletes it later. haha. They are the two most recent people she’s following on Twitter.

  • CanadaGirl

    @tinkerbell: I have the best of hopes for the man, I do, but ^^this^^ is his life. I’ll amend my comment and say I hope that this is a small hooray of freedom and, hopefully, not the opening act of the two year Free-Leo show.
    As far as Aferdita, they aren’t a couple. She got lucky though, that one. ‘People’ have been name dropping since her picture hit the blogs. Pretty enough. Like that she’s quite tall. :) To pagenty to be a top model. The teeth I’ll give her a pass on. Look at Adriana Lima.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Mari: *shakes head* What’s the point? Is she upset? Feel slighted? Want to stir the pot? Bolster her name? Commiserate? Collaborate? Make Leo nervous?
    It’s only been a few weeks and this holiday has already run-amuck.
    I’m off for the night. Have a good one, all.

  • OMG

    She probably feels special and like she’s in some special “I touched Leo club.” so that’s why she started folloring B and E. They have a bond now. lol

  • vagabond

    I don’t even know what to say.

  • Elena

    @Sunny: Just wanted to say that as crazy as this sounds it’s absolutely true, in fact I have a relative in LA who did this for a long time. Of course she told our family that she was a “model” (and she did actually get some legit modeling contracts on occasion), but once when I was a teenager I visited her and immediately knew something fishy was up. Most of her “modeling” gigs took place during the night and she always left dressed to the nines (and seriously I was a teenager at the time but wasn’t born yesterday, I don’t know why she thought I’d believe what she was saying). It took me a while to get the full picture, but as soon as I heard rumors of models being high class escorts for the rich and famous it immediately clicked. And just based on all the famous men she told me she “dated” there are A LOT of actors/singers/athletes/etc. who participate in these shenanigans. It sounds completely insane to a normal person (hell, I’ve seen legit proof and it’s still hard for me to believe it actually happens), but when you throw a bunch of narcissistic opportunistic weirdos together I guess it’s bound to happen.

  • tinkerbell

    I think it is totally hysterical she’s following bar and erin, the Leo Castoff Club !


    Yeah, I think it is going to get ugly from here on in.

    Frankly I have heard that Pam Anderson has a price as does Victoria Silvstedt. And the rapper Eve did at one time too, but it could just be because she fled to Europe and found a billionaire white boyfriend and baby daddy. There was that rumor on Enty that was suppposedly Robert Downey Jr saying there was like a hooker ring in HW….

    When people like Leo and George Clooney have dating “contracts” it makes you wonder. And when people like Amber Rose get paid big money to keep their mouths shut about people like Kanye West you have to wonder. I think it is easy to fall into that trap, especially if you are into drugs to help you forget it, then it becomes that cycle of I need drugs to forget what I am doing for money, I need money for the drugs now, so I have to ho. I have heard former hookers talk about how they get addicted to drugs, sex, danger and shopping…the high end call girls get money but it really isnt worth it.

    in any case….does this sad little girl think there is a club for former Leo cum buckets? Does she ASPIRE to the likes of Erin and Bar?

    wow aim high little girl.

    All I can say s sex addict with lots of money and lots of time on his hands=not good. Let the games begn, this should be amusing

    I think we should keep score,

    Leo’s Hiatus Score:

    So far if the rumors are right:

    The strippers coming to his house from WOWS
    Miranda Kerr
    Cam Diaz
    Margo Robbie
    Sexting Kendall Schuler, Montana Cox, other Australians
    Topless girls = two encounters so far we know of

    Kendall Kowitz
    Aferdita Dreshaj

    I am going to keep score, who is with me on this?