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Jessica Chastain Dating Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Exclusive)

Jessica Chastain Dating Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Exclusive)

Jessica Chastain is off the market!

The best actress front-runner is dating handsome Italian Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, sources confirm exclusively to

Reps for Jessica have not commented, and have kept her dating life out of the spotlight over the years.

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Jessica Chastain

She’s notoriously private about her love life. “In this business it’s very tough to maintain a relationship because we’re like gypsies — always on the move,” Jessica has said. “And the more you share your relationship with the world the less special it becomes. So I always try to keep my dating life quiet.”

Gian Luca works as an executive for the Italian fashion brand Moncler. Jessica is Oscar nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work in Zero Dark Thirty (this movie and her horror flick Mama are both in theaters now).

Jessica is having her final performance for her Broadway show The Heiress tonight and she will be attending the 2013 BAFTAs tomorrow.

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82 Responses to “Jessica Chastain Dating Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Exclusive)”

  1. 1
    elisa Says:

    cute couple !!!

  2. 2
    Lauren Says:

    Jessica’s reps don’t comment on her dating life yet sources confirm to jj that she’s taken? What

  3. 3
    talia Says:

    good for her keeping her private life out of the spotlight.they look like a cute couple though

  4. 4
    lola Says:

    Another Chastain post. How much is her team paying JJ?

  5. 5
    nolano Says:

    Best actress front-runner? That’s Jennifer Lawrence.

  6. 6
    Josephine Says:

    The source seems credible because it is most likely someone from her team (statement from her rep would be too obvious and not her style). Most people for whatever reason started believing all the rumours about her dating Jason Clarke (despite the lack of any evidence) and accused her of telling lies and being a hypocrite since she said before that she would never date and actor. That was hurting her image. Good for her and I’m glad it turned out that she was being honest when she said she’s dating someone from the fashion world.

  7. 7
    Lana Says:

    He was at the Walter Kerr theatre a while ago pap pics and videos, also at the talk thing she did yesterday, so I think this maybe true tbh.

  8. 8
    WTF Says:

    Dafuq?! Didn’t see it coming, thought she was lesbo tbh.

  9. 9
    zac Says:

    who cares? she is old enough she should be married a long time. she is talented as an actress but I must admit after her interviews, she is so boring and so fake

  10. 10
    aa Says:

    Moncler has been an italian brand since 2003, not french anymore.

  11. 11
    lily Says:

    As long as she’s making more movie I don’t give a what of who she’s dating. BAFTA is tomorrow, I wish her luck.

  12. 12
    Ellen Says:

    How is this exclusive? Vogue Italia posted about it 2 months ago.

    Anyway, she should get a better beard.

  13. 13
    marion Says:

    good for here as long as she is happy

  14. 14
    ha ha Says:

    No wonder keeping it a secret, dating a billionaire tycoon playboy type, lol-able, after all the “humbleness” she feigns, she’ll prob have his baby and be set for life.

  15. 15
    WHAT?! Says:

    @ha ha: In what era do you live in? She’s a successful actress, she has a career. The latter will probably skyrocket in the years to come and so will her paycheck. She doesn’t need a man to provide for her.

  16. 16
    Ana Says:

    it’s like a week ago they were saying she’s dating Tom Hiddleston..blah

  17. 17
    thalia Says:

    @WHAT?!: ohhhhh com on maybe she is successful but everyone know this man he is billionaire, he had many relationships before with models and beautiful ladies so of course she will be happy to be with him

  18. 18
    WHAT?! Says:

    @thalia: All I’m saying is that if you already has the money (way more that needed) it won’t be the main quality you’ll look for in a relationship.. first.

  19. 19
    Vanity-Insecurity Says:

    good for her .. any actor uses their relationship for PR to me isn’t someone who I would admire. Congrats to her I hope she’s happy.

  20. 20
    Jennifer Says:


    HA. Count Pasta is an interesting choice for someone who despises the nightlife (he is a PR/Events) dude, and wants to live a simple life…dude has been engaged 2x both to models.

  21. 21
    ha ha Says:

    money wants more money, she’s rich and successful, hence her designer duds everyday of the week, but that doesnt mean she cant want a millionaire/billionaire. even paris hilton dates the richest guys…..
    it’s just funnny how “shy” she says she is with men in interviews and here she dates a playboy. Mmmmm hmmmm.

  22. 22
    uhhuh Says:

    Ah so I guess she isn’t dating Loki Laufeyson after all…

  23. 23
    Christina Says:

    She even helps make him money-

    FIOL is a wine company owned by Gian, his sister and friend.

  24. 24
    ha ha Says:


    ah, no wonder she was pushing that…..

  25. 25
    Lana Says:

    Well she did the wine thing and also has been seen with Dan Stevens in moncler jackets, so someone’s getting some good advertising lol

  26. 26
    Christina Says:


    YES. I noticed that as well. And she has an endorsement with YSL- but she goes everywhere in that stiff Moncler coat.

  27. 27
    Babe Says:

    She is my pick for best actress. Good luck to her.

  28. 28
    ana Says:

    I also thought she is lesbian. I wish her best at Baftas and oscars.

  29. 29
    Chloe Says:

    “sources confirm exclusively to” = Jessica confirmed.
    That’s the “private woman” her blind fans likes to think she is…

  30. 30
    maria Says:

    @Babe: sorry but marion cotillard and emmanuel riva did amazing job THIS YEAR they deserves more to win this year and even difficult, zero dark thirty the same as homeland nothing special the same thing CIA

  31. 31
    someone Says:

    @maria: homeland is amazing, you can’t say that Claire Danes isn’t fantastic

  32. 32
    awkward Says:

    she deserves so much better, besides this dude is a jerk

  33. 33
    Chris Says:

    Mrs. “I’m so shy with guys and don’t want to expose my personal life” is dating a millionaire and confirms to a gossip site – which she pays for her daily updates – just one day before the BAFTA and few days before the Oscar.
    Yeah, she is a very shy and private woman for sure!
    This is her most popular post here, her daily posts never get many comments.

  34. 34
    Lucy Says:

    He is a true prince,rich handsome, has heart of gold, aristocratic family.

  35. 35
    ha ha Says:


    ITAWY this ^^^^

    I don’t think she’ll get the BAFTA, don’t think her movie was that popular in UK, she may get Oscar if the HW execs want her to have it, her performance was good at best, but not Oscar worthy, she’s been better and I think she overacted here a bit. In fact it turns me off that this movie has become more of a “Women Power” campaign with JC and that annoying Bigelow (and I’m female), this turned me off and every single freakin article they have to keep defending it this way. Gloria Steinham laughs at them.

  36. 36
    Lana Says:

    I guess it’s difficult not to be cynical over this as just this week a blind item put Jessica bumping uglies with Megan Ellison, no idea if true, then all of a sudden passi is seen, considering as another poster put Italian vogue had this like two months ago and Jessica has the oscars and pretty soon…… Just sayin’

  37. 37
    ha ha Says:


    hmm, interesting, did not see that blind item, but I did assume JC could possibly be gay.

  38. 38
    Lana Says:

    @ha ha it was the village voice guy, who I know is what he is, so yes interesting there’s a hint of gayness and the Passi appears, also some of the gay sites are take king about her and her BFF Jess Weixler….. No idea though.

  39. 39
    ha ha Says:


    Wexler was indeed who I thought was her gf.

  40. 40
    Lana Says:

    @ha ha: yes I must admit me too….

  41. 41
    Lucy Says:

    @Chris: she doesn’t need to pay any website to appear, She is at the height of her career she was nominated for all the big awards’s movie and his films are blockbusters
    PS. I’m no fan her not even likes her

  42. 42
    Andromeda Says:

    PR deflection because the truth is closer to this:

  43. 43
    Kary Says:

    So happy for you Jessica, wish you all the happiness in the world, hope you are happy, thats a handsome man there.You make a great couple.
    Good luck at the Oscars.

  44. 44
    Masa Says:

    well, they sure seem into each other
    Chastain deserves every bit of attention she’s getting, she’s brilliant actress.

  45. 45
    ya Says:

    Jessica’s so “private” yet she leaked this info to Just Jared. Most likely to try and stop people speculating that she’s gay.

  46. 46
    Carol Says:

    Im happy to see Jessica so in love shes a great person deserves so much happiness.
    Italian guy is CUTE!

  47. 47
    maria Says:

    beautiful couple, she’s so gorgeous! i have a girl crush on her

  48. 48
    bizzy bee Says:

    By the way, Interview With A Vampire is playing on Logo right now!

  49. 49
    cca Says:

    What surprise that Jared posts this after that blind item about her and Megan Ellison comes out!

  50. 50
    mariah Says:

    that’s NOT an exclusive Jared, this rumour has been around for a long time

  51. 51
    Mary Says:

    I like them together, they would have beautiful babies!!! Gorgeous pair.

  52. 52
    andi Says:

    I think she gave this “exclusive” to JJ to quiet the rumors that she was dating Jason Clarke.

    When those photos on Lainey came out right after the silly rumor she was dating Tom HIddleston, all these people (mostly Tom’s overzealous fangirls) jumped all over it and said that the guy in the really fuzzy (and from the back) pics was not Tom but Jason. Ha, just goes to show how easy it is for fangirls to be misguided.

    If I were a conspiracy nut, I’d say the rumors about Jessica and Tom and then Jason was put out there just to get her hated on all over the internet.

  53. 53
    CD Says:

    He looks like Eric Dane.

  54. 54
    Ryan Says:

    “The best actress front-runner”. Come on Jared ! You ignorant.

  55. 55
    Anna Says:


    He is kind of fug but at least he is loaded. I am taking bets about how long this will last?

  56. 56
    omg Says:


    As long as a few more 0rgasms, another notch is this guy’s belt, nothing more. Hope she’s not taking it too seriously and just having fun.

  57. 57
    marlon Says:

    I think she’s having fun. I doubt this Italian aristocrat is seeking a US citizenship in the long run. The prenup will be something. She will be on the market anytime soon.

  58. 58
    Lana Says:

    I have to agree with you cotillard and Riva were far more dynamic in their performances, they deserved more attention.

  59. 59
    Lana Says:

    @andi: I think it’s totally Passi In those pictures, this is all to clean up all the gossip and that hey folks I’m dating this guy look I even mentioned him in a magazine article. Now give me my Oscar! lol

  60. 60
    Christina Says:


    HAHAHA! I still think its a weird pairing…something seems off. And does anyone think that she will confirm? Or is she just going to pretend not to hear all of the rumors- it has exploded all over the internet.

  61. 61
    Avery Says:

    What in the hell is wrong with some of you people? I rather have 100 Jessica posts a day than 100 posts about the Kardashians or any of this other pointless D-celebs. Jessica is a talented beauty woman and just wants to keep her private life on the lowdown, Jared just so happen to post this, why all the negative comments, why the hate? Jessica hasn’t done anything to anyone.

  62. 62
    Sarah Says:

    @Lucy: If she doesn’t need to pay any website to appear, so why do you think she is here everyday since 2011 when nobody knew her and always posing for paparazzis? just click on her tag here and you will see the kind of news she appears, it’s always like that: “Jessica flashs a smile to the cameras”, “Jessica is walking down the streets with a stylish purple bag”, “Jessica hugs a fan in front of paparazzis”, “Jessica is breathing in front of paparazzis bla bla bla”.
    I’ve never seen a real paparazzi picture of her, all paparazzi pictures of her are arranged, she is always posing to them. A real famous actress with a stabilized career who wants to protect her private life, never does that.
    This is not the first “exclusive news” about her that she gives to JJ, a while ago she did an exclusive interview to JJ during a fashion show:
    What kind of celebrity does that?
    And you noticed that when she is with someone more famous than her, JJ usually puts only her name on the title? What do you think it means? If Jessica is not paying JJ, my pet is a flying cow!

  63. 63
    Lana Says:

    @Sarah: you do make for a genuine argument, I love how then’candid’ photos of her to and from the theatre for example she poses with bag, sunglasses different designer wear, that’s a cadid? I don’t think so, but to be fair she’s playing the game.

    Considering this is someone who wants to be known for her work, I find that all interesting.

    And no ones hating, just making honest observations. Pictures don’t always tell the truth, but are very telling.

  64. 64
    Lana Says:

    @Avery: I don’t think anyone is comparing Jessica to a kardashian, just making observations. This is a gossip column isn’t it, so people are gossiping.

  65. 65
    Christina Says:


    Does anyone find it strange that this dude is at the stage door? I have never been to a broadway show where the actor’s have their partners/spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends leave from the stage door. I have never actually seen that before. And Dan Steven’s wife has never exited stage door…for someone that wants privacy telling your bf to exit in front of cameras is an awfully strange way to get privacy- why not have them wait across the street. Or how about just meet me after I finish work….

  66. 66
    lana Says:


    Exactly, this is why everyone or the majority of people think the timing is suspicious and everything.

    way to go PR guys…..

  67. 67
    molly Says:

    So who will be watching the Katie Couric show tomorrow to see what happens when someone on national tv asks if she has a boyfriend-

  68. 68
    Sarah Says:

    @Lana: I remember a few things that maybe can prove that Jessica is paying JJ. When Jared posted her red carpet pics at SAG, he clearly assumed that he was cheering for her saying: “I hope she takes it home”:
    He didn’t say the same to the other nominees, only to Jessica. So…
    After Jessica won the Golden Globe, when the other nominees made their first appearance here after that, Jared said: “she was nominated but lost out to Jessica Chastain”. When Jessica lost the SAG, he didn’t say anything about that. And I’ve never seen all this daily coverage and advertising of a play here when other actors more famous than her were doing a Broadway play, I think the only exception was Katie Holmes. Very interesting huh? she is clearly one of Jared’s darlings!
    And the sudden confirmation of her “relationship” with this (millionaire) PR guy few days before the Oscar and after the rumors about her being les.bian getting stronger is very suspicious, to say the least.

  69. 69
    Sarah Says:

    @Avery: I’m not seeing any hate in tell the truth about Jessica here, she is not better than people like the Karda$hian$ only because she is an actress, she is crazy for fame and money just like them, there’s lots of proofs.
    Jessica’s fans aka her PR team get mad everytime someone reveals something bad about her. And they keep insisting that she is very private after this “exclusive” to a gossip site. lol

  70. 70
    Lana Says:

    @Sarah: oh I didn’t know that, makes it even more obvious this is a plant and with the standard issue of I’m dating but not an actor on couric today.
    And it’s interesting that most gossip sites and forums are speculating this guy is a beard, totally calling this out as a plant.

    Also I even read that people are thinking the statement about jennifer Lawrence on her Facebook was just to distract from this!
    The other foolish thing she did was to say she was going to Italy, Milan for her holiday in march as the Italian press are pretty full on!
    Be interesting to see what occurs there!
    Whether jared will get anymore tips!

  71. 71
    Christina Says:


    This is a total hoax…her PR team planted this dude to get rid of the gay rumors but no one is biting. They would have done better by setting her up with one of the actors she works with- found love on set or something.

    I think the PR team was hoping that people would go…oh my the Hollywood princess and the count….how sweet! But the dude is sketch…and a womanizer, and she seems career driven and nothing else.

  72. 72
    Christina Says:


    Who goes to Milan, Italy on holiday- if anything you go to Tuscany, or Rome, or Venice….you dont just go to the city your so called boyfriend is living in…

    What happened to the I dont talk about my private life JC…I want that JC back….

  73. 73
    Christina Says:


    If I wasnt sure- I am completely sure that this **** is a hoax….FIOL wines just posted about the BAFTAs (they didnt use a pic of JC) but still…good timing, ehhhhh

  74. 74
    Lana Says:

    @Christina: clearly she wasn’t on the same page as her team, march will be interesting. I mean look at the Italian press and Kate Middleton, they are the soul of discretion in the media lol

  75. 75
    Lana Says:

    @Christina: well it’s a good working partnership everybody wins free advertising for fiol, Jessica gets a beard?

  76. 76
    marlon Says:

    So it is true. They are an item. JC confirmed it to Katie C.

  77. 77
    Lana Says:

    Least they are all on the same page now lol

  78. 78
    christina Says:


    I have to say- I agree. She may just disappear off the face of the earth in March.

  79. 79
    Lana Says:

    @christina: well he certainly has the cash and connections to do so.

  80. 80
    christina Says:

    @Lana: I doubt they are actually dating- it seems more like a business venture…she gets to have a “boyfriend” and he gets free advertising for one of the best actresses. The interview looked staged…and her response seemed insincere.

    But I saw recently that she wanted to be alone for awhile- so maybe March is the month to do it in.

  81. 81
    Lana Says:

    @christina: I think you maybe right, well we can only wait and see. There is more controversy today, so who knows what the future holds.

  82. 82
    Eugenia Says:

    I read she was dating Tom Hiddleston and had met his parents over christmas. So much bullshit around the internet.

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