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Katie Holmes: 'Holmes & Yang' Private Presentation!

Katie Holmes: 'Holmes & Yang' Private Presentation!

Katie Holmes dons boots while braving the snow storm on Friday (February 8) in New York City.

The day before, the 34-year-old actress hosted a private 2013 Holmes & Yang Fall presentation for some fashion editors.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

“She [Katie] offered coffee, made tea upon request, and invited everyone to take off their shoes if they liked – she already had. ‘Mine hurt,’ she said, acknowledging her stocking feet – navy tights that matched her dusty blue plaid dress from this season’s Holmes & Yang line,” according to WWD.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes walking in the snow storm in New York…

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Credit: Jayme Oak; Photos: INF Daily
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  • Next

    Buh bye Kate!

  • V

    I dont mind Katies casual attire. Shes looking pretty and youthful again.

  • Eddy

    How to stay relevant as an ex-wife…

  • Nicole

    Where is K-Flop?

  • annie


  • Sincerely concerned

    @V: Copy that.

  • Kylie

    Why is that farce of a “fashion line” still hanging on?? It’s expensive, cheap-looking, and fails to flatter even if the stick-thin models who wear it.

    So, so sick of people without talent getting chances and publicity that they so clearly do not deserve.

  • dani

    Ohmigod–this is one of the ugliest fashion lines ever. Who would wear any of this let alone pay the prices they charge. The evening wear looks cheap like it came from Fredericks (without the deep V’s), the plaid/peplum looks eye watering ugly. And the suede camel pants and that orange blouse–well the 50′s fashion went out over 60 years ago and why H/Y wanted to bring it back is beyond thought. Truly ugly and uninspired.

  • Maria

    They were not invited to “fashion week”….hence “the private party” LOL. She is TALENTLESS and living off Tommy. what a user her and her family are.

  • :)

    She’s looking a lot better than she was for a while.

  • Josephine

    Katie looks pathetic and boring as always.She has no job,and tacky “fashion lines” aren’t exactly jobs…any futile and fake celebrity can pretend to have one,the only thing they have to do is sign a contract,go home,relax and wait for the others to do everything for them.She’s living off Suri’s child support.She’s talentless,ugly and boring.


    “How to when buyers and influence fashion blogs – H & Y Gems”

    Fashion is known for it’s fickleness, so if you have nothing new to add and want a presence (no matter how insignificant) set the stage and limit your audience (also, keep your fingers cross that no one notices or at least mentions it).

    1. Presentation -” luxurious surroundings, a big comfy couch, Gershwin tunes on the sound system, a commanding view of Midtown and a plate of six deli muffins on a coffee table between us.”

    2. Compliment [Kiss @$$] – “How do you all do it?” Ms. Yang asks, clearly awed by our presence. “Thank you so much for coming.”

    3. Be Exclusive [Kiss some more @$$ and B!tch smack others - i.e., bloggers] – “We wanted to meet with a group of real journalists,” Ms. Yang said. “You approach fashion with a cerebral voice.” [cerebral? I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING - side cramp!]

    Well it worked for one editor [Eric Wilson, NYT], who last year said, “Really, We’re Just Here to See Katie” (, but this year got a taste of the compliments (kiss @ss) and exclusiveness [e.g., Gershwin, muffins and coffee] and then declares, “But I would rather be superficial and tell you about the clothes, for they are perfectly valid, and the nice thing about Holmes & Yang is that they do not, and should not, require a lot of thought.” (

    “Not a lot of thought” you say…hmmm, well maybe H & Y still has work to do before Mr. Wilson is fully on board with the H & Y motto – “Our goal is to …” Ms. Yang began. And Ms. Holmes picked up, “… to make high-quality pieces that are simple enough, you can wear over and over again.”

    “Over and over again”?– sounds like a bad nightmare [-insert- Freddy Krueger]

    And then there’s -”There’s No Dressing Up a Bland Start” from another writeup by the NYT (this time by CATHY HORYN)

    “I was struck by a comment from Jeanne Yang, the stylist who designs Holmes & Yang with the actress Katie Holmes: “Our clothing is quiet.”Although the collection included four evening dresses that were notably well done in their simplicity, this kind of “quiet” fashion ends up resisting evolution. And I suspect the consumer knows that.”

    NYFW 2012 – FAIL
    NYFW 2013 – FAIL

    NEXT —->”Untitled Christian Camargo Project” – late March early April showing? –

    ***Here are a few gems from some of those fashion bloggers arrows from that “cerebral” slight.

    “Hmmmmm, so we’re sure the world would like to see a list of who is considered a “real journalist” these days. []”

    “Yesterday, Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang invited very select press to come see their new collection on the 43rd floor of the New York Palace Hotel, including the Times’ Eric Wilson, who found the shirtdresses “frankly darling.” But why be so hush-hush about it all? “We wanted to meet with a group of real journalists,” Ms. Yang said. “You approach fashion with a cerebral voice.” Oh, that’s why we weren’t invited. []

    Ouch! another foot-in-mouth episode for K-FLOP [via H & Y]


  • Maria

    @dani: I know….I cannot believe the prices. IF I could afford such prices, I would NEVER buy that crap.


    @K-FLOP™ – ADMIT – CV ONLY!:

    Correction – “How to when buyers and influence fashion blogs – H & Y Gems” —->>>“How to WIN buyers and influence fashion blogs – H & Y Gems”

    I wasn’t typing with my “Cerebral Voice” — [:-P]

    …I’m still laughing at that….permanent cramp in my side now…Wow! That K-FLOP [via Yang] comes up with some good ones, no?

  • Maria

    KH needs to move back to Ohio….she is not NYC, never will be no matter how many projects she “tries”. She may do ok on a lame TV show ……people seem to love Dawson’s Creek and cannot get over her role on that show. She is not Hollywood material. She’s cute at best and pushing 35… long can you stay “cute” before everyone that has power thinks you’re a big joke?

  • Susie#1

    There’s an interesting full-length write up in Women’s Wear Daily, reviewing the collection, and some of the conversations between H&Y and the journalists. One of Katie’s lines was that their collection was influenced by Katherine Hepburn, looks of the 40s and Donna Karan. UH, yeah. If that were the case, where were the accented shoulders of Hepburn, and the full-legged slacks. Donna Karan’s aesthetics are her own, and unique to her.

    If you look at full size pictures of the H&Y collection, what you do see is some poor tailoring, uneven hems, two plaids that would not even work for parochial school uniforms.

    Finally, for Katie to remove her shoes shows a lack of manners while meeting with serious journalists.

    I bet some of the journalists needed a stiff drink after the presentation.

  • Maria

    @Josephine: If it weren’t for Tommy’s child support, she’d be back in Ohio with her child living with her scheming and conniving parents.

  • Maria

    that Yang woman looks and sounds like a byotch……she doesn’t know how to sell and neither does Holmes. I mean…..they need SERIOUS selling and marketing skills to unload that horrid clothing line.

  • dani


    Can you picture Audrey Hepburn wearing any of this drivel???

  • Susie#1

    @Dani: No, and not Katherine Hepburn, either. I also don’t see influences from the 40s. Oh well – waste of material.

  • Nicole

    Katie is beautiful, talented and will be successful. To the bunch of ugly and jealous of this site some advice: go fix what to do and a boyfriend.

  • ashley

    First of all, if her shoes were black and not light brown, this outfit would be perfect. Second, she might be lacking in talent, but you could still be happy for her in her personal life, you know? She looks so much better and happier compared to when she was with Tom. Why all the hate? She just got her life back together, cut her some slack people. And I am no Katie Holmes fan by any means.

  • dani


    Sorry I meant Katherine, but was thinking of Audrey in capris, but couldn’t imagine her in those camel ones.

  • Maria

    She put on a great act for Tommy and the rest of the Scientology crew….she knew what she wanted and she got it. She’s dumb like a fox. And her parents were behind her 100% of the way. Now she is on her own and the only gigs she can muster are a few modeling jobs…..and walking around NYC with her kid eating cupcakes and ice cream. That is what she does best….with that smirky, sickening smile that doesn’t work anymore. What a joke she is. She should look into some lame TV show playing a single mother… much you want to bet that will be her next gig?????? Or a Dawson’s Creek reunion….that ought to cover her Whole Foods bill for awhile. Actually Tommy isn’t any different from any other man except for the Scientology bologna….most men want control of their wives. I can see her listening to advice from everyone….everyone in show business that are successful and have power….and in the end she does what she wants because she believes herself that she is talented and very special. All her endeavors have been unsuccessful so far.

  • Nicole

    I disagree with you. For everything I’ve read, Tom Cruise is a “man” 100% selfish, narcissistic and people around you are pawns on his chessboard of chadrez. I recognize that Katie was not naive, wanted to leverage his career as well, as Nicole, Penelope, and all others. Innocent in this whole mess only the children who were used by opportunists.:

  • Nicole

    At least her hair looks washed and she does it look dirty


    Don’t for get these older pics how every one was in love with katie


    another one here every one loved katie and sucking up

  • K-FLOP™-This is how it’s done!

    Exploring how to evolve my signature aesthetic has been the key focus for Autumn/Winter. Combining enhanced volumes with new restrained outlines has allowed me to push my silhouette even further.

    Reflection, texture and simplicity in design were my starting points – and I have strived to keep true to the essence of the line while incorporating new finishes and fabrics. I am excited to show knitwear for the first time, as well as the quintessentially British heritage materials of tweed, plaid and herringbone.

    For me, it is the application of a refined quality within a mannish modernity that has proved to be such an exciting part of the design process this season. This has encouraged me to develop and enrichthe collection for my customer.

    Victoria Beckham []

    “Game, Set, Match!”

    H & Y need to close shop now; they are way over their heads and way beneath VB’s (or any of the other NYFW designers) league.

    Leave the designing to the professionals.


  • Maria

    she’s just not likable. her photos at Godiva and her comments about V-day were just too syrupy sweetie….sickening…..She needs to move back to Ohio and give her child a quiet peaceful upbringing. She’s always bragging about how great her family is and how great it was growing up in the Midwest….bottom line….she is a selfish woman that has never really grown up. She’s pushing 35 and hasn’t figured it all out yet. Pathetic.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @K-FLOP™-This is how it’s done!: And what makes VB a professional.. Seriously.

  • Sincerely concerned

    My husband and I went to see side effects last night. Saw previews of Oblivion and we looked at each other and at the same time said “no”. Because it has Tom Cruise in it. What a guy is doing in his personal life (with the latest Scientology crap coming out???!!!) does matter. I wish more people would jump on the band wagon with this not so novel approach. Because only one by one can we make a change.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Maria: Like Dr? Ben Carson praises his mother? Maria, time to read the bible again…

  • annie

    Have I told you all lately how crazy you are.

    Did she get a bad wrap for the designs…no
    Katie just said, that they are a small label, and had previously done it that way, what is the problem.
    Maria bags everything, even the Godiva chocolate thing, they couldn’t have got a better model if they tried.

    You want me to tell you where Katie goes wrong and I blame her 100%, is that she doesn’t do photoshoots with herself as the model, for Holmes/ Yang, that would incredible.
    Others do , lots of them! And Katie is heaps better.
    But she doesn’t play the game, and if you don’t sell yourself, even a little, well…
    I’m the first to admit that.
    She fronts H Stern, Bobbi Brown, Alterna, the 3 campaigns are great so far and the latter 2 have not even properly started yet. So yes she’s good at the modelling bit, and a whole pile of people take notice.

  • dani


    Annie, even you have to admit that this 2013 collection is pretty awful. It is dreadfully dull and uninspired. They talk about designing pieces a woman can put in her closet and take out years later because they are classics. Pffft. Those plaid jobs are dated now and in five years they will really be dated. These pieces cost a fortune and look at them in close ups. The hems are poorly hemmed. You can see some gathering on the seams. These are not quality pieces by any stretch of the imagination. So if you want to buy dull and pricey = fool.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: SPECIFICALLY WHY do u think it would be good to act with Dicaprio????

  • Sincerely concerned

    @K-FLOP™-This is how it’s done!: I can see Kramer telling Elaine to say that for the Peterman magazine she worked at in the Seinfeld show. The V.B. statement is a concept as K and Y. One chosen over the other is simply the luck of the draw. Man; U have a hard on for her

  • Sincerely concerned

    @dani: And V. B. is all about women dressing like men and that’s cool. Not saying it’s god awful. But keep perspective. U only hurt yourself by such hate

  • dani

    @Sincerely concerned:

    Dear Sincerely:

    I didn’t mention VB. I happen to like her collections and think they are high class fashion tho. Hating someone’s fashion line isn’t the same as hating the person. I may not like Katie, but if her line was any good–had any inspiration in it, any creativity, any classic looks, I’d give her kudos for it. If you zoom in on some of the pieces you can see sewing issues. Is this something you would pay $1500-2000 plus for? I wouldn’t! I could get a Chanel something for $1500-2000 and be assured of very high quality. There is an old saying “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” and Katie is proving that to be true. She is trying her best to be someone who counts in the world of fashion, but undeservedly so.

    Do you realize if a first year fashion student submitted these designs and mock ups of them they’d probably get a C or lower for all sorts of reasons that have to do with FASHION and NOT Katie. One would think Lang being a stylist would realize that a sloppy hem on a $2000 evening gown is a BIG NO-NO. Katie talks about these being classic fashions for the mom on the go. Right. Most women in the world are not size 0-6 which is their target audience. I think their top size is 8. Look at those plaids–they would not look good on anyone other than a stick thin model. The slightest tummy pouch would show up because the plaid would draw attention (the way it is made) to the tummy. If they want to produce classics that the “normal” woman would wear then why choose these horrible things?

    There are plenty of ways to produce expensive classics–Chanel has done it for years. Take those awful capris. First the color–camel is not an in color and hasn’t been for ages. This sad line is not going to change it. So why use it for a base piece? You could take these capris–make them black or even a duller camel, tailor them better, and add expensive touches that would make it look expensive and make it a classic with a twist. Things like zippers that go up a few inches on the side seams with pulls that say have the Holmes Lang logo on them (not that they have one). Mirror the zippers with zippered pockets. There are plenty of ways to take a classic piece and make it ping and zing as a look. H/Y doesn’t have that touch. BUT VB does. Yes some of her collections are not that good, but she has an eye for a classic look and when she does a dress it looks fabulous. But again, she is designing for the size 0-6 as is Chanel and other high end designers. There are so many designers out there – that have stunning collections, but H/Y is not one of them. Now I do realize that most of the folks showing at Fashion week have a high couture line and then a line that is more affordable (with the exception of the Chanels, Fendi’s etc). And I do realize that H/Y does produce about 15 pieces a collection, but really–if you are going to keep these in your closet to pull out when you need them one would think the various pieces would flow from collection to collection, but they do not.

    If and when you win the lottery or want to spend $1500-2000 please buy one of her pieces and put it on and look in the mirror and then post your photo on their FB page. We’d all like to see how good it looks.

  • kho

    People, even more than things, have to be restored, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone.—-Audrey Hepburn

    Kho‘s fans and kho should think about this statement, her failures are not somebody else’s faults. kho/kho fans=losers.

  • Maria

    @Sincerely concerned: I have no use for the bible, sweetie: I’m an atheist. :-)) I’m no fan of Scientology….I think they are cult and evil in many ways….what little I know about it. But one thing I know for sure: KH and her family knew a lot about Tommy rumors of being gay/bi and Scientology mantra. KH is dumb like a fox. I give him credit that he still has a respectable fan base and is still considered the most successful Hollywood actor ever….KH is a loser user….she had his kid, abandoned ship, and now cannot make it without his child support. She has zero talent except a little bit of modeling ability and she has decent facial bone structure for the camera. She is pushing 35….that gig will be up soon also.

    Salute xoxoxo

  • Maria

    @Sincerely concerned: To each their own. I think his best movie was Ricky Business. I haven’t seen a Tommy movie since Minority Report…not because of Scientology but because I’m bored of him…..

  • Daretobehonest

    @dani: whamakes VB so great is my point?

  • annie

    @sincerely concerned
    I don’t know why I wrote that, maybe because there seems to be something about him and Katie that would suit them being paired up in a movie.

    I like someVB stuff, some of it is just as bad, as a lot of the other hideous catwalk collections, let’s face it they are hideous, chanel and the rest.
    And , H/Y does cater for very thin , and a lot of the time I think they design with Katie in mind, as was said by NY Times .
    I do find that blue and black plaid dress attractive, tho, but you have to be tall and slim to wear it, and that long dress with the sleeves, I picture it short , worn with boots and a ponytail, not long.
    But I also get the impression, that there is a little bit for all ages in their designs, , there are clothes there that would suit the older business woman, and stuff for the younger people.
    That H/Ydress that Katie wore to the Mission I mpossible premiere, looked nice on Katie that night, but I saw pics of another celeb , who wore it, who looked shorter and wider than Katie, and it didn’t look good, It’s on Katie Holmes Daily Facebook, if I remember correctly
    Must admit I liked a lot of previous stuff, love their leather jackets, trench coats, and a few of their spider dresses and shorts and jacket set.
    VB caters very much for the celebrity set, I don’t think Katie does,but I do believe that H/Y have their clientele.
    Remember when they went to Dallas, a young, probably very wealthy girl said her whole family loves H/Y, and they all wear it.
    But still liked the earlier designs better.
    For example, when Katie was in C mag, before she left TC she wore their black leather pants and black leather layered halter top,for a photoshoot and it it was stunning. That’s why I don’t understand why she doesn’t do some promo work for the label in mags.
    Look whatever anybody thinks, you see celebs in some really great clothes, and a lot of the time you see them in clothes a lot of us wouldn’t be caught dead in, they are silly and not attractive, and the name of the stylist goes with it, as if she put a masterpiece together.
    For me the big department stores have the worst designs, and the smaller shops and boutiques is where you score the best clothes.
    I don’t mind peoples differing opinions, even if they are different to my way of thinking, what I don’t like is when people say silly things, when you see they say anything, just to deliberately be nasty.
    I don’t know, I know Katie wanted out, and got her freedom, but I don’t think she’s got it together yet, just my thoughts, she’s looking a bit thin lately, and she’s somebody that reflects what’s going on inside, outside, it would be impossible for her to put on a front.
    Could be just the winter pics.
    Saw a couple of new pics for Bobbi Brown, and they look nice, these are more natural looking than the smokey look

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Maria: too bad. You’d probably be a nicer person.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Good to know that she has some acting prospects coming up. Really hope she has someone coaching her so that she can make all those naysayers stew. I too am a sag. and one thing I do know is that when I want to do well, I give 110%. As long as I don’t spread my self thin and stay focused!!!

  • annie

    The trouble here is, there are hundreds of actresses, only a handful will win oscars, and being nominated for something, well they have to pick a few, to make a list.
    There are a lot of actresses around like Katie, she was around before she got together with TC, and was working..she’s still working, I’m sure the endorsements pay more than a movie, so until things come up she’s finding things to do.
    It would have been much easier for her and to have lived separate lives with TC, and with all the perks, than I’m sure how it is now, or at least for the moment, but she chose not to.
    Her daughter goes to school in NY, has made friends, she has to keep it NY, as far as work goes, will she leave Suri with her father for weeks on end while she filmes , I don’t think so.
    So no. it’s not going to be easy for her.
    Regarless what Maria and other naysayers say she was an upcoming actress and was liked in the industry.
    Katie took 2 years off, when things were hotting up for her in terms of career, in August of 2005 she was to have started a new movie in New Orleans, just months after she and Tom met, but she got preggers, , so there went 2 yrs, because she stayed home 1 yr with Suri, then may have been the biggest mistakeof her career by turning down Batman, because of conflicting schedules, and so it began.
    So she’s an ex wife, and yes she has his daughter, but he doesn’t appear to be making a big effort to see her on a regular basis, and isn’t photographed anymore with Suri , so people don’t know his coming and goings, or maybe not to to upset the rest of the Scie people who can’t see their famlies, I don’t know.
    There was Katie in Germany for months on end while Tom was making Valkyrie, months on end in Canada for Knight and Day, the same for Mission, and Rock of Ages etc. I don’t think he cared about her career, as long as she followed him everywhere. Then she started turning up less and less.
    Obviously his was the bigger career, but to Katie, it’s obvious her career was important too.
    I am curious why she sat in a court session a while ago, hanging with Kevin Williamson, who always had a soft spot for her , and wrote Teaching Mrs Tingle for her. Maybe something there, workwise.
    Yes, you all say things, but you don’t seem to know too much, but very quick to judge.


    @Maria: It’s not great in Toledo where old Katie is from I live here it sucks we have shootings all most every day it’s a very depressed area no jobs why on earth any one would live here she is lucky to get out when she did it’s just a big dirty city where most people are on welfare oh yeah the crime is very high why would she come back there is nothing here it’s a big hole in the ground if I had the money I would move to.

  • Maria

    @LONDON TIPTON STUPID SEA SCHOO: Have you seen the home and neighborhood KH grew up in?????? Not exactly ghetto….every large city has their posh and ghetto areas. She comes from an upper middle class family. The paparazzi would not be hounding her child in Ohio….that kid obviously hates the press already….she looks like a demon child everytime she knows the camera is on her. She scares the crap out of me….not cute at all.