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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano - BAFTAs 2013 Red Carpet

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano - BAFTAs 2013 Red Carpet

Henry Cavill and his girlfriend Gina Carano walk the red carpet at the 2013 EE British Academy Film Awards on Sunday (February 10) at the Royal Opera House in London, England.

The 29-year-old Man of Steel actor, who suited up in Tom Ford for the evening, is set to hit the stage to present an award during the show!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Henry Cavill

The night before, Henry was one of the many celebrities who stepped out for the Charles Finch & Chanel’s Pre-BAFTA Dinner.

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Credit: Ian Gavan; Photos: Getty
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  • cella

    she is fat.

  • Ellen

    Geez, his posture is so straight all the time – I wanna tell him to relax a little. Could be wrong, but he just seems to take himself too seriously. ::shrug::

  • uhhuh

    She’s gotten a little heavier since Haywire, but they look cute together. His last gf who used to hit her horses to get them to perform in shows.

  • pup

    Odd looking couple. . .

  • Me

    Oh, honey…no. That dress is extremely unflattering.

    That said…they seem happy, so good for them.

  • anastacia

    I don’t want to be mean, but WHY is he with her? she’s not feminine enough for a man like him :P :D

  • He needs to cut his hair, he used to look so good on tudors with a buzz cut. hes losing his appeal with his current look.

  • Ambar

    It turns my stomach

  • just sayin’

    Is Gina pregnant? Don’t jump on for thinking that but this is athlete Gina who is usually in excellent shape. There’s no denying she’s gained quite a bit of weight and that tummy bulge is quite obvious.

  • roonie

    I dont care what size she is but she is classless!

  • roonie

    @just sayin’:

    Shes been on the chunkier side for more than 9 months now.

  • Dani

    Wow she looks knocked up. These two could be mother and son. And is that a leather dress? She seems to like the leather. He looks too stiff and snobby like, “take that bitches, this is my woman.” LOL!

  • Samantha

    He has not had a hit movie yet. He is good looking, but so serious all the time. He looks older than his 29 years. I hope the Superman movie works for him. I don’t see him having much of a career if it doesn’t.

  • Jul

    is the same suit from the CCA?

  • wow

    Dude.. I’m starting to think sh
    e is actually pregnant.

  • MrJetSet

    Fat hoez need love too, but not from me!

  • ventouse

    She is pretty, she just does not fit the hollywood standards. There is no point in arguing about her weight cause she is the one standing next to one fine charismatic man- ha ha!!! Tastes differ, full stop.

  • OMG!
  • Ale


    Happy??? Since he’s seeing around with her he looks miserable. There were more emotional exchange between Clooney and Afleck when they hit the red carpet together than between Henry and her. From what I see they might be only friends…I don’t see Henry’s eyes shine or in love or whatever…..

  • Ale


    Is only fat!! And she keep picking always dresses that doesn’t hep her cover the fat….between her and Hugh Jackman wife’s outfit I can’t decide which is the worse.

  • Anonymous Love

    How to kill your career (and sex appeal) in one easy step – by Henry Cavill.

  • Marianna

    oh my God! Henry, what are you doing with this ‘lady’?????!!!
    In order to avoid writing unconfortable things, I just will write that they DON’T MATCH! just look at them! O_O! odd couple

  • Marianna

    and btw… she is not pregnant because I just saw pictures of her training at the gym (the kind of training she does -boxing, etc)

  • lilian

    I think it’s not about her kind of body, if she is slim or heavy, pretty or awful, etc. it’s about they look really odd together! PS I saw pictures of her where you can see she is tacky… maybe (actually) she IS a good actress lol Clearly, he’s a real gentleman, what is he doing with her? odd

  • ummm

    I hope he’s happy and that’s the most important thing, but I always envisioned him with someone a bit classier then with someone who goes around in interviews telling people how getting a massage makes her horny… and then there’s the fake boobs…

  • Rach

    I don’t know much about her background but that dress, oh honey no, what the hell, not only is it ill fitting but it’s completely inappropriate for the event. The Grammy’s maybe but the Baftas, erm no, so very trashy! I also just googled her and thought she was like 40 something!

  • Lulani

    Am I missing something here?!
    How when and why
    There is no sparkle there
    It’s as if she’s his friend and has agreed to accompany him! I don’t see it
    But I might be wrong! Who knows

  • Andrea

    Oh God…I’m almost embarassed for her here. Where did she think she was going? Who would choose that kind of dress for such a fancy affair? It’s not even that it makes her look incredibly heavy it’s just flat out ugly.

    There is just too much going on with her. That fake black hair. The fake boobs. The nose jobs. She’s just tacky as hell.

    He’s such a talent and so classy. What an odd pairing. I never envisioned him with someone so…tacky. I guess if he’s happy. But …weird.

  • audi

    They have the same huge size of arms & biceps!
    IAnd t looks like that Henry brought his own mother as his date yeeesh!

  • Druzy

    There is nothing wrong with Gina’s appearance ,other than the fact she has really poor taste in cloths. She chooses cloths that do nothing to flatter her body ,but do the exact opposite. She would really be helped out by a stylist. I think Gina is a free spirit for sure and from what I have seen and read of her in the past,she can be a little rough around the edges…but hey,that’s her.I also think she is growing as an individual,and what better person to help her do that than Henry! She’s a VERY lucky woman. But she had the courage to take the next step to a new career in acting.(which led her to the grand prize that is Henry Cavill) I think Henry has a rough and adventuresome side too,he’s not all straight laced and proper. He can have great fun and laughter with her,both sharing a lot of common interests.She can learn refinement,and polish from him. Sounds good.They seem happy together,and I’m really happy for them.(maybe Henry will take her shopping and buy her some a great gowns!)

  • Druzy

    Also,if she doesn’t get help with her wardrobe choices and hair.(color is too dark and harsh),she is going to be mercilessly criticized to no end,even more so than she is already. If that matters to her,maybe it doesn’t..

  • lilian

    @Druzy: do you think she doesn’t have HELP? c’mon LOL

  • Druzy

    @MrJetSet: Yes,I’m sure a real catch! LMAO

  • Druzy

    @lilian: maybe..she may not have a real stylist. I think Gina has a pretty definite idea of what she likes to wear.She may have someone “helping” her by way of advising her,but not making the final decisions. If she does have a stylist,she’s failing.

  • CeCe

    Okay, for starters, Gina is NOT fat–she’s a trained MMA fighter, she’s toned and muscular; just because it makes her look thick does not mean she’s fat. However, she probably should’ve chosen a more flattering dress for her figure; something a little less rigid and tight, maybe something with a bit of a flow to it. But, I still like them together; they’re not the type you’d expect to be together and that’s what I like about them as a couple.

  • OK

    Some people here are such superficial douchebags.

  • Ange

    He could do so much better than her. She is so tacky and cheap looking. What kind of tacky woman dresses like that to go to the royal opera house?


  • Bf

    @CeCe: She is not fat but she is not as fit as she used to be! She has horrible taste in clothes, but with time, maybe she will learn how to dress herself properly or will have access to good stylists.

  • miller

    I bet she’s a lesbian and he is gay. That’s exactly how they look anyway.

  • Ambar

    Superman and Hulk!

  • GBT

    What pics

  • Marianna

    @GBT: hi, there is some people that say that he is gay because “there are pics” where he was with gay(s). But, obviously NOBODY has those pics. So… BLAH! ;-)

  • johnny

    Is that Henry Cavill’s current girlfriend?!! I thought she was her mother! lol She packed some very big pounds there… I can’t believe it! Superman is dating… Incredible Hulk!

  • Maria

    Is she pregnant??? man…she put on weight…..

  • Renata

    Inflating follow with these two ridiculous inpresentable

  • henry needs a new gf

    In 4 short months, Man Of Steel movie starts showing everywhere, and Henry Cavill will be the “hot guy of the moment” maybe Taylor Swift will come swoop him.

  • Btan

    Henry! Stop wearing makeup. You look like Michael Jackson and Bea Aurthur’s love child! You’re so handsome, like a young Clooney.

  • Ximena

    I love his naturak curly hair! SO sexy! LOL

    btw this couple is like JLo & Casper couple, you see it and you know that doesn’t match! weird

  • Haha

    So typical an so sad when jealous women have to attack another woman for supposedly not being feminine enough because she doesn’t conform.

    You’re so pathetic. Keep on conforming and trying to live up to evil standards and see where it takes you. I’m sure it will not take you to Henry.

    Gina’s got the WIN on this one suckers. Go take another laxative and keeping on doing nothing with your life.


  • Haha

    You can train pregnant, stupid! OMG chicks are some dumb. Your baby won’t miscarry or get hurt if you exercise. Go to school!