Rihanna & Chris Brown - Grammys 2013 Seatmates! (Pics)

Rihanna & Chris Brown - Grammys 2013 Seatmates! (Pics)

Rihanna and Chris Brown look so in love while sitting together in the audience at the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 10) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old “Diamonds” singer is set to perform her new single “Stay” during the show. We can’t wait to watch it!

The day before, Rihanna and Chris attended the 2013 Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch together and were seen holding hands and kissing.

FYI: Rihanna is wearing a custom Azzedine Alaia dress, Neil Lane jewelry, and Manolo Blahnik shoes while Chris is wearing a Lanvin suit and a David Yurman ring.

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rihanna chris brown grammys 2013 seatmates pics 01
rihanna chris brown grammys 2013 seatmates pics 02
rihanna chris brown grammys 2013 seatmates pics 03
rihanna chris brown grammys 2013 seatmates pics 04
rihanna chris brown grammys 2013 seatmates pics 05
rihanna chris brown grammys 2013 seatmates pics 06
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  • ella


  • Nina

    they look in love but i can’t help but remember how wrong their relationship really is, but it’s their life

  • TASK

    Instead of chris beating her again on the way back, they should get into a car crash.

  • Hot Mess

    She says she doesn’t care what people think of them being back together… well, when people stop buying her sub par music will she care then?? She is the worst of example of female empowerment and he is an angry, immature, homophobe who doesn’t deserve to be included on Just Jared. It’s a matter of time before people stop coming to THIS site because of the frequency in which you cover Chris Brown.

  • Meredith

    Oh Rihanna….I want you to make better life decisions.

  • Disney Villainess

    @Nina: Yep.
    SMH@ BOTH their trifling asses. Oh well, their foolish antics don’t put food on my table and certainly won’t take away from it. Their life, their gotdamn problems, TBH.

  • YUI

    girl needs a psychologist asap

  • Asha

    She is a desperate fool. He clearly has a temper problem and it will only be a matter of time before he hits her again.

  • CutTheBS

    Well they look happy!!…… Well Rihanna does!!
    Everytime i see Chris lately… his eyes looks like he’s high.

    I bet the Grammy’s must bring back great memories for her!! lmaooo.

  • Betty

    Rhianna looks stunning but she’s going to look terrible after Chris beats her again. I’m so disappointed in this site for promoting their sick relationship.

  • Jessi

    They’re both vomit-inducing!

  • Jackie

    they look good together.

  • liz

    she does look very pretty, i gotta admit. i just feel like… her actions are almost unfathomable in the same way as his are. but after this long, i doubt she will come to her senses.

  • sha

    Rihanna and Chris Brown look so cute, love them! Live your life, don’t let all these folks on here who live in glass houses get in your way. It’s YOUR life to live Rihanna, no one elses. Still a fan!

  • SMH

    They set a negative example for african american youths. An abuser and his dumb love struck lover..It’s shameful and pathetic that during Black History month we see these two acting like he never beat her to a pulp.

  • ciao

    who’s surprised? he still looks like an idiot. let them be. their choice.

  • Asdfg

    Red is her color!! She looks amazing!!!!!

  • klara

    She should wear a helmet when next to him

  • westcoast


  • Chanel

    I like Rihanna, but you get what you are…mentally and emotionally. She’s just not that sophisticated as a person so there you go.

  • Ana

    She’s a complete and utter fool. She sets a horrible example for young women-and then has the gall to give teary interviews and act like a victim. Beat me once, shame on you-beat me twice, shame on me.

  • Melissa

    This is SO innappropriate. You’d rather have clicks than self-respect. Disgusting.

  • Lucy

    Well, she really loves him, we can see on that pics. But the people will never forget what he did. Good lucky to her, hope it never happen again.

  • Kae

    She is so desperate to prove he is into her, just as obsessive, as she is into him. Not working girl. This is bad for her career. Of course he is high, that is the only way to be with an unstable chic. You see they did not sit her by Jay Z right..

  • June

    Poor girl, she should get some help. ASAP!

  • http://www.labelwhorre.com labelwhorre.com

    These two….smh..its her life , yes we know but when shit happens she better not cry to the media.

  • Emma


  • Franson

    I’m very happy for these two in their wonderful and fulfilling relationship that will last a lifetime.

  • ya

    Awww the Grammys must bring back so many memories for this wonderful couple….. like that time he tried to murder her the night before the ceremony a few years ago!

  • Matty McFadden

    It’s not just that he beat her….he looks like a lame hood rat. An ugly hood rat at that.

  • Roxy

    She’s such a sap

  • DontHateAppreciate

    @Hot Mess: oh please shut up. female empowerment? no one here even cares about that. probably just you. and youre hatin on someone who made a mistake years ago. there are women who get beat daily by angry husbands, but does anyone ccare about that? nope. so stfu girl

  • http://website MANDY

    @DontHateAppreciate: this~all these comments about Rhi and CB are uncalled for.If Rihanna wants to be with CB thats her choice.And some of you busy commenting here probably your husbands or boyfriends beat you up daily hence you attack CB.He was with Krc and he never laid a hand on her

  • http://website MANDY

    @labelwhorre.com:she never cried to the media ,the media wouldn’t leave her alone,just like they won’t leave them alone now

  • KissThis

    disfunctional and pathetic.

  • Elise

    It is so sad to only see her happy when she is with this awful human being. It is her fault his career didn’t Crash and burn like it should have after what he did. She made it look okay, because she ran back to him. So everyone just kept buying his Music and it almost is like nothing ever happened. What is wrong with this world????

  • putri

    Truthfully, now I’m really worried for her.

    I was frustrated at her too at first, but then I read that most abused people in an abusive relation will follow a pattern like hers.
    Got hurt > honeymoon period [get back together happy happy] > got hurt again > honeymoon again, and so on and so on.

    So being so seemingly attached to the abuser and can’t/won’t leave is more of a characteristic that is the result of the abuse, rather than the real character of the person [so I've read].

    What’s worrying is, I read that the violence will usually escalates in each cycle until in man cases it becomes lethal. Unless, the abuser gets into intensive therapy, or the abused one left, or someone lost their life O_O [this is from a site on abusive relationship that I read].

    Hope it’s not getting any worse. And: Chris Brown, get a therapy would you?? :\

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Oh Jared, I’m SICK of you!!! coz I said nothing wrong!!!!((((((((((

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    #18 OMG, I’m laughing soo hard, can’t stop it & hardly able to type!
    #3 Yea, they definetely should!)) lol
    #8 “it will only be a matter of time before he hits her again.” Last time you already were saying this, you reapeat yourself!((
    Now my opinion on the subject: he looks too white (I mean in this outfit)!! Just like one big formless bag & this belt doesn’t suit here! And Rihanna looks over the moon, she’s on the cloud 9, and his face looks kinda foolish)))) True love maybe?

  • ReRe

    A lot of you people need to stop judging and assuming you know whats goin on in their lives or what happened to bring them to the point they were at. Half the shit the media highlights is hearsay. She has to know why she decided to have him back in her life. Plus half of u dont know how you would act or what decisions you would make if in her position. Every1 is always quick to act so strong when they hear about abuse until they themselves are faced with it. Both of em are humans …both arent perfect…Its their life…its about time we as fans stop expecting perfections from these celebrities and focus on their music.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Saw him standing up i that ‘suit’. What a hoot! Urkle pants, sleeves on jacket waaaaay too short and jacket is too short, too. How fitting! No pun intended. LOL!

  • efron

    dumb bitch.

  • steven v

    we love you chris and rihanna………….

  • sha

    F#%k everyone who lives life judging others without taking a look in the mirror at their on b.s. and their messed up lives. Rihanna clearly dont give two s%#ts.

  • Lola

    The only reason why Rihanna’s dumbass stans are okay with Chris and Rihanna’s toxic relationship is because they are so far up Rihanna’s ass and agree with just about everything she does. Rihanna is a conniving, trifling, ghetto, uneducated, bitch who ruined the “love of her life” career by throwing him under the bus. Chris is just plain stupid, lost, and whipped. So sad. He went from being a talented superstar to being known as some “thug” and a woman beater. My only problem is with Rihanna. Why oh why humiliate Chris like you did to the public multiple times in interviews and magazines, just to sell your album and get publicity, but then turn around and say F U to your fans when they show concern over you getting back with the one who you said abused you? You LIED TO ALL OF THOSE FEMALES WHO looked up to you and said ‘I KNOW I’M A ROLE MODEL FOR YOUNG GIRLS” Wow… what a fraud? She’s a selfish skank. She’s with Chris because no real man wants to be in a monogamous relationship with her. Chris is weak minded and just plain stupid. Wow, you threw your career out the window over some stank p-ssy.

  • Lola

    @Elise: Well they make a good couple because Rihanna is awful herself. She’s a liar, a skank, and narcissistic.

  • Chelsea

    What are you doing girl???

  • Robyn

    Its Bobby and Whitney all over again without the drugs. He’s gonna drag her down until she has no career left. Shame. She won’t leave him till its too late.

  • http://www.facebook.com oayanju fem

    pls rihanna don,t kiss my boyfriend ls