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Taylor Swift: Grammys 2013 Performance - WATCH NOW!

Taylor Swift: Grammys 2013 Performance - WATCH NOW!

Taylor Swift hits the stage for a circus themed performance of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” at the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 10) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old singer did a British accent while speaking the dialogue in the song. Perhaps she was directing her performance at ex-boyfriend Harry Styles?

Taylor picked up the award for Best Song Written For Visual Media Award for her song “Safe & Sound” from The Hunger Games!

of Taylor Swift’s performance at the Grammys?

Taylor Swift – Grammys Performance 2013

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  • Nina

    SHE opened the Grammys? Is this a joke? Is she like 12?

  • Effy

    She obviously needs attention. She’s more immature than girls I went to high school with.

  • kat

    GROW UP TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sounded awful like always

  • Lucy

    Seriously Taylor? Just suck it up, GROW UP and move on!!! Attention whore…

  • Char

    It’s funny how she performs like she thinks she’s a good singer… Can’t believe she opened the Grammys over Carrie underwood,,,or any other singers that can ACTUALLY SING

  • mickey

    When you can’t sing I guess the idea is to distract the viewer with cluttered visuals. Doesn’t say much for the Grammys or popular music when Taylor Swift is the opening act. Terrible song.

  • elle

    English accent? Really?? ..still bitter I guess -_-

  • wtf

    Um no Taylor with that mocking of that British kid. What an ugly, bitter young woman who can’t sing live to save her life.

  • http://Website Lilly

    Well if you are mocking her then let’s see you and your untalented butts get up there and open for the Grammys!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Is it me or did Taylor mock that kid with the British accent? If she did, that is a low blow and not becoming of a 23 year old WOMAN! That kid she dated is only 18!

  • Emilie

    She definitely mocked her Brit ex BF Harry Styles!

    I think that was really cheeky and bitchy – at some point you have to wonder who the nasty one is – all 100 guys she’s dated… Or her?

  • Gia

    You were awesome taylor! Smile, you did a great job!

  • lourdes

    dont like this new taylor, a performance with a guitar, simple and elegant would have been better. Since when she’s all flashy like lady gaga or katy perry!!

  • Sw

    How is this girl my age? I’m shocked by her immaturity. There is nothing wrong with drawing upon your personal experiences for inspiration, but she seems to deliver low blows (like talking in a British accent) for attention. You’re not a teenager anymore, Taylor – stop acting like it!

  • Gia

    Great job!

  • liz

    she is a cute girl, but she’s too awkward to be doing that “aren’t I sexy?” thing that she was trying for. she didn’t sound as bad as she usually does. this was actually one of her better performances.

  • Asdfdbdj

    Why is this girl still relevant?

  • Effy

    Also, can I point out that JBiebs is broadcasting a live show staring himself tonight, most likely since he had zero grammy nominations. That tells you alot about the “role models” in this industry like him and Swift.

  • sookie

    she is retarded

  • .

    @sookie: I don’t think she’s “retarded,” but she definitely needs help, yes. There must be a reason as to why she’s dated so many men and they’re all dismal failures within three months. Not to mention it’s always “their” fault. All 12 of them at the ripe age of 23..

  • Kd

    I honestly don’t get why she would do something like this. She’s acting like a bitter girl in high school that just can’t get over the fact that they broke up. I never liked her and not a big fan of 1d either but if one directionless start bashing her ass she better not act surprised. And I don’t see why her songs are so popular. Everytime my friend says taylor swift has a new song coming out I think “hmmmm now every other song she has written has been about her whining about a relationship that didn’t last 2 weeks. What could possibly make this song any different?”
    I also don’t like how she plays the victim and uses her songs fame and popularity to bash ex boyfriends. If you’ve had several relationships that don’t last more than a few weeks may the problem isn’t they guys your dating maybe its you. If I was any guy in Hollywood I wouldn’t think twice about NOT dating taylor swift on account of having my reputation trashed by her “amazing oh so wonderful hit song”

  • Nev

    No no and no.

  • kingkayski

    The grammys would have been perfect without taylor swift singing up there.

  • omgg

    so awkward…

  • Lydia

    She is so rude. He is only 18. Harry shouldn’t have to go threw that.can she just grow up?!?!?

  • ya

    Oh stop with this he’s only 18 crap! 18 is an adult! He can fight his own battles, he doesn’t need his fangirls to do it for him. Nobody is forcing Harry Styles or any other guy to go out with Taylor Swift. They choose to date her and they know damn well she will write a song about it afterwards.

    Just STFU with the constant Taylor bashing while letting the guys off the hook.

  • matt

    thought it was pretty immature too until i really thought about it. with all the stuff one direction have been saying about her, i dont think i can really blame her. if anything she couldve said worse than mainly a joke.

  • Sleeping_Beauty

    Mocking a British accent could also be that Taylor Swift was nominated for a Best Song Golden Globe for that song from The Hunger Games, but lost to Adele who was also nominated for “Skyfall” ..Remember when the camera cut to Taylor’s priceless smirk?

  • gerald

    I thought this song was about Jake G. I guess it’s one of those songs you can switch around to what ever dude dumps you.

  • Candy

    She is so DUH

  • http://@alikelley Alison

    Taylor Swift should never ever ever be allowed to sing live. Like ever.

  • http://None Sam

    It’s funny how so many people has made such a fuss about her performance. Whatever you guys said, it’s never gonna change the fact that she had made millions of dollars and opened for Grammys. Clear enough you guys are a bunch of jealous cunt who’s not satisfied of how popular she is because whatever u guys do, you will not be better or more popular than her. Just accept the truth and continue to bash her like she’ll ever care. That’s the least u people can do to make yourself feel better.

  • Emma

    Taylor herself once said ‘if a guy didnt want a song written about him, he wouldnt do bad things, right?’
    Okay so if Taylor doesnt want people talking shit about her and her lame-ass attention seeking then dont pull immature bullshit like this.
    I’m a year older than her and i am more than happy tosay i havent been in 20 so-called relationships like she has (and mine last longer than 3 months!)

  • matt


    Lol do you want a cookie or something? I don’t really know or care about how many relationships shes been in, but its funny how people tend to exaggerate it. First it was like 6-7, then it jumped to 15, and then to 20 in a day. Also I don’t really know why it matters. Some people get lucky with 1, some have 6-7 or more. As long as its legal, so what if they are more than 5 people?

    As for the British thing. Eh, I wouldn’t be that calm if I was getting so much hate from fans for just dating someone either. Immature? Sure a bit, but everyone snaps and gets snarky after a while.

  • KissThis

    I feel embarrassed for miss Swift… worst part is she carries on like she is the greatest singer there. It’s actually kind of sad when you think about what her psychy must be like.

  • Ceara

    Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Ouch.

  • Ceara

    It also must have been kind of awkward for Katy and John Mayer since this song is about him, and they know it

  • Fff

    @matt: They’ve never said one little thing about her since the breakup – good nor bad. The only ex boyfriend who’s ever said anything bad about her was John Mayer after she said some horrible things about him. She’s immature. Period.

  • Marika

    Loving her since 2006. Nothing can change this.

  • Phillip

    WTF was that? I don’t get it what was she trying to do with that performance?


    home girl needs to take a break.

  • ezguith

    Who’s Taylor Swift?

  • mac

    I think she is still heartbroken. Maybe she is clumsy in relationships and struggling. So I want to cheer her. Go girl! You are beautiful and talented, whatever people say.

  • stella

    Kanye is still my hero

  • Amairany


  • Amairany


  • Amairany
  • Amairany

    To be sincere I liked more Taylor of before. And even I continue without understanding that it has to see this performance with the song

  • http://@pepsi_harrold ILoveHarryStyles-HeIsMine!

    Is it a joke? Terrible perfomance! An this english accent, why did u do it to Harry? Harry is nice boy! I dont like u Taylor! U r like a 4 years old little girl!

  • tmr9928

    Do you know what acting is? That’s exactly what she is doing and laughing all the way to the bank. So thumbs up to her!