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Tom Cruise & Henry Cavill: Pre-BAFTA Dinner in London!

Tom Cruise & Henry Cavill: Pre-BAFTA Dinner in London!

Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill face a crowd of fans while exiting Charles Finch & Chanel’s Pre-BAFTA Dinner held at Annabel’s on Saturday (February 9) in London, England.

The guys were joined at the event by Tom‘s Mission: Impossible II co-star Thandie Newton, his Oblivion co-star Olga Kurylenko, Gemma Arterton, Noomi Rapace, and Hayley Atwell.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Henry Cavill

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20+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and others at the Pre-BAFTA Dinner

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tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 01
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 02
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 03
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 04
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 05
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 06
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 07
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 08
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 09
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 10
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 11
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 12
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 13
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 14
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 15
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 16
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 17
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 18
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 19
tom cruise henry cavill pre bafta dinner in london 20

Photos: Film Magic, WENN, FameFlynet Pictures, INFdaily
Posted to: Gemma Arterton, Hayley Atwell, Henry Cavill, Noomi Rapace, Olga Kurylenko, Thandie Newton, Tom Cruise

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101 Responses to “Tom Cruise & Henry Cavill: Pre-BAFTA Dinner in London!”

  1. 1
    B. Says:

    Could Tom be more beautiful?!? I know he’s Mr. crazy pants, but could he be more beautiful? Don’t think so.

  2. 2
    lizzie Says:

    Noomi is so pretty. And stylish

  3. 3
    Alaia Says:

    Did Tom get botox or a facelift? He looks so strange noawadays.

  4. 4
    lottie Says:

    Is it just me that thinks Henry is much more sexy when he’s just in jeans and a t-shirt?

  5. 5
    Catherine Says:

    @lottie: No, I agree! Looks good in a suit but much sexier when he’s dressed down.

  6. 6
    Natalie Says:

    Look at Henry’s gray tie. It looks like the same one in the cover. Hello, Mr. Grey.

  7. 7
    Shia Says:

    TC is so hot.

  8. 8
    Emma Says:

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  9. 9
    Krix Says:

    Tom looks very a handsome and very relaxed.

    The the black single breasted suit has nice luxurious sheen to it and with black v-neck sweater and contrasting unbuttoned white shirt, he looks stylish and comfortable at the same time.

    And as always takes time out to sign autographs, take pictures and meet with his fans – ultimate professional.

    I am looking forward to Oblivion this April and AYNK, Mar 2013.

  10. 10
    no way out Says:

    Tc is a legend

  11. 11
    fast eddie Says:

    Maverick is back

  12. 12
    fast eddie Says:

    Vincent the kid

  13. 13
    rp3 Says:

    tom cruise looking great as ever

  14. 14
    Veronica Says:

    I wonder who Tom will date next? He should have morekids.

  15. 15
    carmen Says:

    Cruise is way better looking than Clooney and Pitt

  16. 16
    carmen Says:

    The haters are crying that Reachers a hit 190 mil and counting on a 60 mil budget!

    While Moneyballs had a 50 mil budget and only made 110 mil worldwide.

    So i guess Cruise is a bigger star than Pitt!

  17. 17
    rp3 Says:

    @carmen: hes always been the bigger star especially since Killing them craply bombed!

  18. 18
    logan ww Says:

    Ethan hunt is looking great, while joey potters career is in the toilet.

  19. 19

    Cruise is the sexiest man over 40 let alone over 50.

  20. 20

    TC and Henry Cavill in the same place at the same time, the **** just got real.

  21. 21

    Ehtan hunt and Superman

  22. 22
    shane mcdermot Says:

    Cruise and Cavill make a movie together

  23. 23
    KING Says:

    @shane mcdermot: get rid of Renner for MI and bring in Cavill asap.

  24. 24
    KING Says:

    Cavills banging Carano, lucky ******* earned it!

  25. 25
    KING Says:

    What Henry doing after Superman!

  26. 26
    KING Says:

    Cavills born the same year Risky business and All the right moves came out 1983.

  27. 27
    KING Says:

    @Alaia: NO but brad pitt and clooney, depp and affleck did.

  28. 28

    Top guns in imax right now!!!!!

  29. 29

    Imax 3d i mean!

  30. 30

    Oblivion is going to be awesome

  31. 31

    Gemma looks so hot damn

  32. 32
    Paul Says:

    Tom Cruise may be crazy, but it is the “man” more beautiful than Hollywood has ever seen. He and Katie formed the most beautiful couple in the world. Parties, trips will Croatia, etc.. for this he finds time to be with his daughter, no. katie faced alone a hurricane, blizzards … selfish man. Disney was fired. Viva Scientology.

  33. 33
    dani Says:

    I agree. If you look at prior pictures a year or so ago he had large jowls. I think he did have some work done there. He is very clever about it tho. Just has a nip and tuck instead of an overhaul. You can tell when you go back and compare pictures.

  34. 34
    Mighty Max Says:

    Stacee Jaxx was a great character

  35. 35
    Ltish Says:

    Cruise is a whack job and so is anyone who believes a 50 y/o man looks 20, w/o plastic surgery, nip and tucks/ etc. As far as comparing Cruise to Clooney – Clooney’s a mature, handsome man who has admirable outside causes besides movies. Cruise is a pathetic Peter Pan, refusing to grow up who still has an attitude of ‘look at me, I’m so pretty’ (or as some of his fans have said here ‘beautiful).

  36. 36
    Avery4 Says:

    Tom finds time to party, but no time to hop in his plane and go and see Suri. He is clearly disconnecting from Suri since he can’t control her life. He’s already no doubt looking for his next victim/wife. This thread is full of cult members swooning over crazy Cruise.

  37. 37
    Rast Says:

    @B.: I think you need some glasses.

  38. 38
    Rast Says:

    @Alaia: Yes he does. Lot of injection to keep himself younger looking, but still NOT!

  39. 39
    jelo Says:

    Jared why is my comment still awaiting moderation? All I said was that HC can look damn good in a suit, and posted a link along to prove it. Perhaps my comment is awaiting moderation until you’ve worked out if this server can handle a link to that much hotness ?!

  40. 40
    Druzy Says:

    I think Henry is fabulous any way he chooses to dress. He certainly has excellent taste. He can carry off ‘polish” effortlessly. I would like it if he let his hair be a little more natural,but still incredible. I think he is going to influence our American actors as far as formal event looks. Saw Bradley Cooper on another website on the BAFTA red carpet. He was suited up with bow tie,tux with vest…very posh. Usually you see actors,in regular ties,no vests. Henry,spread your magnificent taste around baby.

  41. 41
    Emmy Says:

    Why does Cavill look 40? Just don’t find him all that attractive. Always comes off looking like a stuffed shirt.

  42. 42
    DULC€ Says:

    Don’t forget that Rock Of Ages BOMBED!!
    @carmen: don’t compare Moneyball a sport movie, with Jack Reacher an action movie with a huge book following!! Yeah, considering the huge fan base of the Jack Reacher’s books… Tom movie DIDN’T do that well!!

  43. 43
    DULC€ Says:

    @KING: If you don’t like people talking SH!T about Tom, don’t be a hypocrite and do the same about others actors!!

  44. 44
    CF98 Says:


    He’s not Suri’s biological father and Katie was going to expose it if he didn’t get out of their lives for good.

  45. 45
    jules Says:

    @Alaia: your a *****

  46. 46
    BRANDO Says:

    I coulda been a contender

  47. 47
    BRANDO Says:

    Somebody up there likes me

  48. 48
    BRANDO Says:

    What are u rebeling against?

  49. 49
    BRANDO Says:

    The wild one

  50. 50
    BRANDO Says:

    Last tango

  51. 51
    BRANDO Says:


  52. 52
    Angela Says:


    Really? I don’t see Henry Cavill as Christian Grey at all.

  53. 53
    Mrs. Grey Says:

    Gina, Get your paws off Mr. Grey, HE IS MINE !

  54. 54
    Oliver Says:


    I agree with that. But she was also opportunistic in this story dirty. The pension trust fund and she accepted. For the money, Tom Cruiuse serves to be a father, not. Nicole is avenged.

  55. 55
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @B.: It must be those BID masturb$&@%+ rituals Ron Hubbard instructed him on.

  56. 56
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Alaia: He massages it into his face (if confused, read comment 55.)

  57. 57
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @no way out: To bad the guy who squirted him the first go around isn’t in the audience. It could be done so innocuously: u know a broche with a tube and pump at squirt some water. Such a narcissistic nut job.

  58. 58
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @MARY MASTRANTONIO: it’s all that “special” elixir he rubs on his face..

  59. 59
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @Mighty Max: yeah!! Hey man!! I heard he gets into his character 24/7 (according to N.K. “A bit too much”). I can just see it: Suri down in the kitchen eating her fruit loops and Tom struts in in full garb and says “hey man”. Probably the first swear word that came out of her mouth as she blurts out, “WTF!” I wonder if he was wear a G string that was showing in the back…

  60. 60
    CF98 Says:


    He chose to be a father to her publically if he didn’t want the kid he could’ve said she deceived him that clearly wasn’t the case. He knew all along.

  61. 61
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @CF98: This could so easily be exposed with an empty drinking cup obtained by The Enquirer etc. just have a waiter, bus boy obtain both his and Suri’s cup for testing. Would be interesting to see if he wipes down after eating in restaurants.

  62. 62
    CF98 Says:

    Regardless if there was anything sinister about Katie that was going to be exposed it would’ve been done so by now. He has nothing over her at least nothing that wouldn’t implicate him too. She wouldn’t have gone to these extremes to get her and Suri out of there if she didn’t know she had the upper hand.

  63. 63
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    @CF98: all we need is a double cups. I can’t believe no one has tried it. I mean,,, how hard is it Tim pay off a busboy?!?

  64. 64
    BRANDO Says:


  65. 65
    Jack Says:

    all u need is kill

  66. 66
    Daretobehonest Says:

    @Sincerely concerned: I’ve always thought he had to be creepy to live with…. Beyond Narcism

  67. 67
    mary mastrantonio Says:

    Class action

  68. 68
    mary mastrantonio Says:

    Consenting adults 1992

  69. 69
    lauria Says:

    slam dance 1987

  70. 70
    lauria Says:

    Scarface 1983

  71. 71
    lauria Says:

    Robin hood

  72. 72
    lauria Says:


  73. 73
    lauria Says:

    January man

  74. 74
    lauria Says:

    Color of money 86

  75. 75
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    I’ve been with worse guys

  76. 76
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    On the snap vincent

  77. 77
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Lets just play play

  78. 78
    CARMEN 1986 Says:


  79. 79
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Your a flake

  80. 80
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Slam dance 1

  81. 81
    CARMEN 1986 Says:


  82. 82
    CARMEN 1986 Says:


  83. 83
    CARMEN 1986 Says:


  84. 84
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Priscilla parker

  85. 85
    CARMEN 1986 Says:


  86. 86
    CARMEN 1986 Says:


  87. 87
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Lindsay brigman

  88. 88
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Helen drood

  89. 89
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Cole trickle

  90. 90
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Pete mitchell

  91. 91
    CARMEN 1986 Says:


  92. 92
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    James cameron

  93. 93
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    Max i do this for a living

  94. 94
    CARMEN 1986 Says:

    David ames

  95. 95
    brigman Says:

    Wake up you *****

  96. 96
    brigman Says:

    You never backed down from anything

  97. 97
    brigman Says:

    This guy doesnt make me laugh

  98. 98
    brigman Says:

    Fight fight

  99. 99
    brigman Says:

    She wants to live!

  100. 100
    abyss Says:

    mag 7 on the way

  101. 101
    abyss Says:

    @Sincerely concerned: your a **** ***** ******

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