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Angelina Jolie: American Society of Cinematographers Awards!

Angelina Jolie: American Society of Cinematographers Awards!

Angelina Jolie looks stunning while attending the 2013 American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards on Sunday (February 10) at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old actress wore an Atelier Versace dress on the red carpet.

Angelina presented the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award to Dean Semler, who was the director of photography on her film In the Land of Blood and Honey. We love that she is supporting her crew!

The Top Feature-Film Award that evening went to cinematographer Roger Deakins for his film Skyfall!

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546 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: American Society of Cinematographers Awards!”

  1. 1
    Kirsten Says:

    Stunning Angie! So glad to see her. She looks beautiful and healthy. Pure class.

  2. 2
    lourdes Says:

    Hadn’t seen her in such a long time. She looks fantastic!

  3. 3
    BW Says:

    The last picture, you can clearly see the engagement ring.

  4. 4
    lourdes Says:

    Agree. Beautiful and her body is looking fabulous.

  5. 5
    reeven Says:

    OMG ANGIE!!!!! :D

  6. 6
    allison Says:

    She looks sophisticated, beautiful and classy. She could simply loosen her hair. Wear a different outfit and get a spray tan and she would look younger too you people that are use to that look

  7. 7
    lourdes Says:

    No away. Look at that fantastic skin, only a few expression wrinkles and she has very little make up. I would kill for that skin.

  8. 8
    Sez Says:

    She looks radiant and well-rested

  9. 9
    iambebe Says:

    she’s looking really happy, its because she’s always do something good for other people that’s why she looks glowing without plastic surgery or make up. she’s beauty inside out.

  10. 10
    Vanity-Insecurity Says:

    beautiful Angie! so long since she’s been in the spotlight!

  11. 11
    Phool Says:

    Well Hello there Looking STUNINGLY BEAUTIFUL our girl Angie god even rocks a grey dress

  12. 12
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning ladies:

    Especially shout out to all the lovely ladies out there Rose , Passing Through, NAN, Premalee, Busted, Jen The Hag, Lylian, First and last post, Ssshhii_Baby, Bizzy Bee, 4Q, lylian, Groundcontrol, Lurker,William Bradley&The Jolie, Susan, Dawne, Tish, Anustin, WonderBust, Love The Jolie Pitts, Fyi12, JPS, MIR, JP Fan, Tweet, Well, Who, Women Spanish and all the lurkers out there thank you all each and every one of you in keeping the last thread running with your positive posts and making time form your busy schedules. I hope you all have a great day take care.

  13. 13
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning to ALL MY BEAUTIFUL NY Girls out there, Rose, Premalee, susan, Dawne I hope & pray you all are fine & well.
    Anustin I hope you are ok over there in Canada i heard the blizzard went parts of there as well, I had the electric out part of saturday but was well stocked up in the food & bateries department lol.

  14. 14
    lizzie Says:

    She looks lovely and regal. So good to see her again.

  15. 15
    Phool Says:

    Angie has put the VAVA VOOM like no body else does for Atelier Versace dress on the red carpet. she rocks

  16. 16
    Phool Says:

    Seeing Angie after what how any months away the first time she is seen Trolls lose it big time.Love the fact Maniston aka Ticky trolls keep loosng it at the mere sight of our beautiful Angie rocking the red carpet, while Ticky is posing & pouting like an old haggered trout on her next staright to DVD movie lol, Happy days.

  17. 17
    Carol Says:

    Fantastic recognition for great Australian cinematographer Dean Semler.

  18. 18
    sunny Says:

    Congratulation to Roger Deakins, the cinematrographer of Skyfall for getting Top ASC Award !
    He did great job with TAOJJ, too.
    Deakins’ win for the James Bond pic capped a night in which Angelina Jolie made a surprise appearance to introduce the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Dean Semler, her DP on her 2011 directorial debut In The Land Of Blood And Honey and on Disney’s Maleficent, in which she stars. “I called him up to help me on a film I was directing, not thinking I’d get him”, she said in her intro. ‘Who can shoot it like you can?’ I asked. He said me, and did it. After the call, I’m not embarrassed to say I danced around the room”. Said Semler: “Angie, you’re amazing and we’re so glad you’re here …. This award has to be the greatest any cinematographer can reach for”.
    Wireimages has 17 beautiful photos of hers at the event

  19. 19
    Phool Says:

    Angie’s beautiful engagment ring looks so beautiful with the grey dress also love that she’s worn her “Style of Jolie Earings “love them so classic

  20. 20
    NAN Says:

    Wow,Angie is so sexy, slender and tall like a foto model which many fat thick and short body are Envy and Jealousy like a TV sitcom star has to take men hormone to control her fat body,that’s why her life has Failed big time with her Dogs,lalalalalalalalallalalalaala

    At age 44 year old is still No a decent man and No Can Do,eeh eeh eeh eeh.

  21. 21
    Phool Says:

    Nan Good morning my dear how are you?
    Isnt Angie looking Hot & sexy & elegant & Beautiful & gorgoues & Simply ANGELINA JOILE. I could go on & on & on about her she has made my day more brighter & Warmer I must say that .

  22. 22
    adel Says:

    well, jolie has 6 kids.. and jessica has not,
    i’d rather appreciate jolie’s look than jessica simply because jolie is indulging her time taking care of her family whereas jessica is taking care of herself only….
    so do you know the difference…
    use your brain sweetie…..

  23. 23
    Registered NUrse Says:

    Beautiful lady,classy and Devine

  24. 24
    adel Says:

    i started to notice jessica recently, actually just last year….
    well, angie… long time ago… long time ago that people started to notice her talent, beauty and so on, and won oscar..
    as of jessica, if she’s really talented,,, rocks? people should have notice her long time ago….

  25. 25
    lol Says:

    she’s really beautiful and chic

  26. 26
    sunny Says:

    While a handful of star-driven packages came down the pike in the week leading up to Berlin and on the eve of the market, the flurry of new project announcements that usually materializes during the first couple of days was a trickle at best compared to last year………………………………..
    Even if you’re Wonder Woman, you can’t take in so many films and have perspective,” says an exec. Another sales pro says, “Berlin always take longer because it takes a while to get the movies all packaged up.”
    And yet another says there’s a lack of good product to be put together in the first place.

  27. 27
    Rose Says:

    What a great surprise to see the very elegant and beautiful Angelina this morning. I love Angie’s dress, shoes, earrings, makeup, and hair. Angie is perfection. Love how Angie’s name was in all the news last night and she was no where near the Grammy’s. The power of Angelina. As soon as JLo stepped on the red carpet Juliet R from E news said, JLo is doing the Angelina, lol.

  28. 28
    NAN Says:

    Good morning Phool andRose ,Hi to all JP fans around the world.
    How are you ? I hope both of you are fine,I’ve to back to work soon.
    Thank you Rose for the compliment,I’m just be a small bee to stick them,they are Idiot & Low IQ.

    If they are clever Anuston will have a decent man long time ago,but
    Anuston doesn’t thinking thoughts about her life by herself,she used The Half Man to plan and set up for her life.
    Today Anuston ended up with Gigolo, Dogs and No Baby,lalalalalalala

  29. 29
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: Good morning my early bird friend Phool. I missed you yesterday. So good to see you are up and keeping up with the beautiful Angelina. Phool, Angie looks so happy and rested. You know she loves staying home with the kids it give her peace and happiness. Angle is so beautiful, you know the red hens will be clucking all day today. We have to be viligant to watch for viruses because that’s how trolls roll.

  30. 30
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: Phool, I forget to mention Angies engagement ring looks so beautiful with that dress. Angie was perfection last night. If there are more pictures on getty images I’m sure a fan will bring it over for us.

  31. 31
    adel Says:

    well, your body will change as soon you became pregnant. angie has 3 bios and 3 adopted..
    sometimes use brain in analyzing things..
    do you think is not time and energy consuming taking care of 6 kids…
    compare to nothing..
    i bet you dont have any kids..
    well to figure it out.. look at your mom or ask her if i’m wrong…

  32. 32
    Rose Says:

    @NAN: Good morning my dear NAN. How are you my dear? Missed you for a few days, hope you are fine. NAN, we have lots of snow in my area. Schools are closed to remove snow from the streets.

    @Susan, how are you lady? Part of the LIE is still closed so you can magine what we were dealing with in my area. Thank god it is going to rain today. What a great present the fans received this morning seeing the beautiful and gorgeous Angelina, to get up this morning and see
    Angie and how beautiful she is put a smile on my face because I know
    this is going to drive the trolls cray cray today. You know when they see that beautiful ring the wailing will begin, lol.

  33. 33
    NAN Says:

    Hehehe,Dolly’s friends are still upset that Angelina Jolie is the woman that Brad Pitt choosing to be a mother of his children.
    No one waiting for Anuston’s 14+years pregnant, her V…Na must pickle all the eggs……….Ouch…..Ouch

  34. 34
    Rose Says:

    @sunny: #25, good morning Sunny, thanks for that link to those beautiful pictures at Getty images, very much appreciated.

  35. 35
    adel Says:

    yeah right.. you live with them….. hahaha.. :)
    i’d rather believe brad quotes on angie, on how the best angie as being a mom to his kids….

  36. 36
    adel Says:

    haha… who started this?

  37. 37
    Rose Says:

    please rememberthe trolls are upset to see the Beautiful Angelina this morning. Trolls will say stupid things to keep up a nonsense conversation with you if you continue to reply to nonsense. Don’t feed the trolls so early in the morning or anytime. Trolls get pleasure when the fans answers their nonsense. And some of the fans will thumb you down if you chronic to feed the trolls.

  38. 38
    Beautiful people Says:

    Angelina looks so Divine.

  39. 39
    cee Says:

    Wow so happy to see beautiful Angie. What a nice surprise. She looks like a happy woman.we

  40. 40
    NAN Says:

    Good mornig Rose & Phool
    We have problem nearly like that 3 years ago,I’ve to keep my car at home for 1 month at home (small car) I used 2 hours+ to went back home by train and walked which normally just ½ hour drive.
    Please take care of yourself Rose,I was fell because of the road very slippery,luckily that I had a very fluffy overcoat and backpack on they were protecting me.
    We must shovel out the parking place and the side walk 2-3 times a day. Today here is -2 degrees,a little bit of snow.
    Have a nice Monday mornig to you 2 and to all JP fans around the world.

  41. 41
    Jesus... Says:

    My beautiful girl Angie, what a stunning sight! I was so surprised seeing finally a new post about her that it brought a smile to my face! She looks gorgeous, model-like, her ring shines, I’m glad to see her smile so broadly. My best wishes to her and her wonderful family! Can’t wait to see Maleficent, I hope we’ll hear some news about Cleopatra soon too! x

  42. 42
    Rose Says:

    @NAN: Hi NAN, sorry to hear of your accident. So glad that you’re ok. Take care walking on the ice, it’s more dangerous than the snow at times. I see cray crays are running around posting negative comments about beautiful Angelina. Envy is a green eyed monster, and Angelina is still beautiful.

  43. 43
    African Girl Says:

    Ah! There she is….the real deal. Stunning as usual.
    Was laughing my behind off last night watching wannabes trying to pull an AJ. Lmao!!!

  44. 44
    Teri Says:

    I’ve been going through withdraws. Beautiful as always.

  45. 45
    Shreya Says:

    Stunning stunning stunning woman

  46. 46
    pic 05 LOL Says:

    Timber!…sudden gentle breeze whipped up and she almost went down

  47. 47
    adel Says:

    keep dreaming aveeno….

  48. 48
    Bea Says:

    Yay! Finally – so good to see her and she looks absolutely beautiful.

  49. 49
    Rocky Says:

    STUNNING! GORGEOUS! So great to see her after being away so long. She looks so happy and relaxed.

  50. 50
    cee Says:

    Boy the haters have wasted no time in bashing Angie. She must get so tired of the bull….. I do not wonder at her not attending RC events. She is still the most beautiful smart and amazing A list actress out there and yet there are haters who continue to spew their mean spiritedness. Angie is gogeous whether simply dressed or at anOscar red carpet event. Get over the hate people It is more fun being a fan of such a great woman in more ways than an actress. Angie is so much more.

  51. 51
    Phool Says:

    I was just reading from back catching up from Brads last post So glad to hear you are ok, these damn Blizzards haven’t they got anywhere better to be, like the North Pole it needs snow there not here lol the blizzard needs to get its priorities right lol. My brother like your friends was another stranded passenger at Heathrow airport he’s not taking any further cancellation risks so is coming back next week know.
    My arms are aching its only a certain amount of Snow Shovelling one can do its fun for the first half hour then it goes down the route of being p.issed of it sorry excuse my language first thing in the morning, You can cyber slap me for that

  52. 52
    Phool Says:

    #Passing Through@02/11/13 at 12.54am
    Thanks PT for all the Getty Photo links of Angie looking HOT much appreciated I’m doing a happy dance. Just posting these again with your permission, as we can never have much of good thing and especially when a very hot woman is blowing peoples minds.

  53. 53
    Gun Says:

    She gain Weight in her waist

    Flat ass

  54. 54
    Love The Shoes Says:

    The Queen has returned! She’s GORGEOUS and I think even more. There goes my theory that they might have been attempting a low key pregnancies. Maybe it’s just a welcome and needed break from “us.” Just thrilled to see her looking great. Thanks Jared!

  55. 55
    anustin Says:

    hhh the meltdown from seeing the “ring”….high tide.

    waving @phool i am foine!dear.thank to work.ladies,

  56. 56
    Sherry (not from JPW) Says:

    Our girl looks fab as usual, she’ll wear the sh** out of a paper bag, and that’s the truth. Bring on the haters, and that includes you, Lamey!!! hahaha

    Angies’s busy, has things to do and places to go, and she knows who the real movers and shakers are in HW, and she gets invites from the people in the know. Same goes for Brad, they don’t have to shout it out from the rooftops.

  57. 57
    mrst Says:

    Finally…I love me some Angie…She looks so beautiful. God bless the Jolie-Pitts!

  58. 58
    plez Says:

    Brought this over from the other thread. How fantastic that Angelina got to work with such an accomplish gentleman.

    fyi12 @ 02/11/2013 at 12:27 am
    From deadline-
    ASC Lifetime Achievement Award
    Dean Semler, ASC, ACS
    Angelina Jolie is the surprise presenter of Semler’s honor. He was Jolie’s DP on her 2011 feature directorial debut In The Land Of Blood And Honey and also is lensing Disney’s Maleficent, in which Jolie stars. “I called him up to help me on a film I was directing, not thinking I’d get him”, she said in her intro. ‘Who can shoot it like you can?’ I asked. He said me, and did it. After the call, I’m not embarrassed to say I danced around the room”. She adds: “Every day I learned something from Dean. Dean inspires us to make the kind of work we dream of”.
    The crowd goes nuts at the end of Sembler’s best-of reel, coming to their feet to cheer. “Angie, you’re amazing and we’re so glad you’re here”, Semler said upon taking the stage. “This award has to be the greatest any cinematographer can reach for”.

  59. 59
    Agatha Says:

    Angie hermosaa!

  60. 60
    Josephina Says:

    Meanwhile, in the coattailing news section of Huffington Post (aka

    They have a headline stating that Aniston is AGELESS. That’s right, I didn’t stutter. They show FAR AWAY PHOTOS of Aniston since 1995 and are careful not to include ANY photos of her with ANY OTHER MAN OTHER THAN BRAD PITT. (Oh yeah, there is one boring photo of her with Justin.) They don’t use any pictures of her with Justin at any formal event, but they sure use Brad.

    Now why is this? She was not at the Grammy’s nor any other major event for photos over the past two weeks or so. But guess who was…? Riiiight, Angie.

    I don’t know how in the WORLD Justin puts up with this crap.


    Media outlets are still being fed by the Huvane et al. to keep her relevant…. through COATTAILING.

    In the article attached it says she dated “several A-listers” but all we see in the photos are Brad, Brad, Brad,…

    So…Aniston is over Brad, huh? It is still NOT ENOUGH that Huvane paid for Justin to be “50 Most Beautiful People” list, it is not enough Justin proposed to her, it is not enough he does what Aniston says to do (move to LA, vacation in the exact sandspot in Mexico, hang out with her Goddess Circle of Friends…)

    This woman is truly missing the “A-list” life and what could have been…


  61. 61
    :) Says:

    I cannot insult her at all. I love her! Plus, people often say I could pass as her daughter or a much younger version of her. Expect my lips are small and poufy. I don’t think I look like her, but I still love her.

  62. 62
    marina Says:

    Pretty and classy, honoring her crew!

  63. 63
    zoey Says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!Angelina you have been absolutely missed, seeing your photo and you are at an outing is GREAT. You are missed and you are beautiful.

  64. 64
    Phool Says:

    Rose@02/10/13 at 06.16am
    Good morning my dear Rose, I’m so glad to hear that you are fine, was quite worrying the amount of snow that fell wasn’t it. I haven’t measure how high it was around my house but I was every where snow is snow and I cant stand it lol.It was scary at times with the electric being on & off at times but all things are good now thank God for small mercies. It was very frightening at times looking at certain areas god it much much worse than us; I just hope & prey for everyone’s well being. It one thing after another after Sandy its relentless but we aren’t giving up we will soldier on regardless.
    Rose doesn’t Angie look radiant she is glowing looks soo beautiful & happy. So sweet to read Dean Selmer’s comments in regards to Angie so gracious, I loved the fact she came out and done this she is a true friend. I loved the part where she said when Dean Selmer agreed to do the cinematography for ITLOBH, that “she danced around the room” lol loved that part, especially goes to show she’s such a girl at heart lol. I’ve been dancing around the room when I saw her Photos this morning so we

  65. 65
    Susan Says:

    Good morning J-P fans.
    The Dailymail article is stupid, but the pictures are great, that dress material is beautiful and the fit is perfect, the shoes are lovely.
    Just ignore the brain dead troll.

  66. 66
    Phool Says:

    last part was issing in post to Rose:
    I’ve been dancing around the room when I saw her Photos this morning so we girls need to stick together in our happy dance lo

  67. 67
    Phool Says:

    #Jaye@02/09/13 at 7.30am
    Hi Jaye I had one hell of an eventful weekend but survived lol, no rest for the wicked had lots & lots of snow shovelling arms hurt big time either its that or its old age creeping up.In that case I need to up my dose of Vitamins also next time I need to stock up on pain killers as well any thing will do lol. I had the electric on & off at times but its good know, apart from my poor Bro stuck at the Heathrow airport lol, sorry bad sister still laughing at him, well why should I be the only one to suffer lol.
    Hey hang on a minute, have I just read this right, that you a Southern Belle, a girlfriend of a boy from up north our neck of the woods is a self proclaimed certified cold weather wuss oh noooooooo, I am shocked, shame on him he needs to take you out to climates cold i.e. an expensive cold holiday wouldn’t go a miss somewhere like Switzerland. Look sister I’m trying for you to get out of this “Cold Wusses Unite membership” ok even if it takes him dragging you out there lol.
    You wuss well you said it first and I’m repeating it, why should I be here having frost bite on my insufferable a$$, while you sit there in your shuttered WARM suburban home. Yeah Jaye kick us when we are down why don’t you by mentioning “WARM” you shameless person lol.By the way I was reading your post to Rose, that’s where I got this self confession of cold from ok , so I guess apart from ice-cream that is nothing else is accepted lol.
    Listen Jaye if you EVER do consider gracing us in NY don’t worry we will keep your Southern Blood Warm don’t you worry about that we have our ways, too naughty to mention first thing in the morning though lol but like I said we will keep you wrapped up warm madam I’ll even throw in a new heater that will follow you around just to keep your tush warm happy. While you’re at it don’t forget to bring some “Southern Fried Chicken” no one can beat that, well have a parrrrrrrrttttttyy. lol
    Glad to hear the editing for “Legacy” is on the go, just take our sweet time while you do it don’t do a rush job on it. I have to agree with you it’s always the word of mouth that readers jump on the bandwagon despite the booking reality hasn’t been written good and same goes for their movies. I can and any blind man (no disrespect to the visually impaired) will jump at the first chance to see the 50 Shades movie, god forbid if that sees the light of day. It just annoys me that am all people churning out c.rap.

  68. 68
    Classy Angie Says:

    Super amazing lady with a heart of gold.

  69. 69
    Passing Through Says:

    Now that, folks, is PERFECTION. Suck it, trolls!

  70. 70
    andu Says:

    Soo bella & sexy

  71. 71
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: Hi Phool, I’m sure you forget all about your awful weekend when you saw beautiful pictures this morning. Phoo, that ring is driving some people cray cray. How many weeks the lonely ones were coming here talking nonsense about they split up, whaa, whaa . Now they are running from site to site posting crap. Now that we have seen Angie proudly wearing her ring, the new thing is she’s too thin, ha, ha. I’ve been hearing Angie is too thin since she got together with Brad.
    Phool, did you remember when trolls said Angie lips are full of fillers?, they Shi was born and they saw Shi lips. Now, it’s her nose, she has a nose job, or her face if full of fillers but then it’s too thin. Trolls need to make up their minds, what are they talking about. They are about to jump any day now, lol.

  72. 72
    Dd Says:

    Stunning as always. Now we wait for maniston showing her cleavage.

  73. 73
    Liz Says:

    Angie looks classy and beautiful and has new thread.Please, let’s not talk about the otherperson. She is not worthy to be mentioned. She is not interesting to any of us. Please, let’s all ignore the other woman. It feeds the trolls.Please. She is not anything, butAngie and Brad areworth our time. The thread will stay all about the lovely JPs and we can thumb down trolls and not have to think or read or talk about that other boringwoman. It will be an even better thread if we do that and to other posters who have mentioned H. her agent and the trolls, lets not talkabout them please. They are not worthy of this thread. Thumb down trolls and no one deserves mention but Angie and Brad. Whata beautiful thread it will be becauseAngie looks beautiful

  74. 74
    hello777 Says:

    looking amazing

  75. 75
    Dc Says:

    I have missed her. Stunning Angelina. Always, classy, elegant. No one comes close to her.

  76. 76
    who Says:

    Angelina looks stunning! Her smile is radiant.

  77. 77
    who Says:

    Real quick before I go, hi phool!

  78. 78
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: Phool, did you noticed the news wrote Angie was a surprised presenter, no calling the press to look for attention. Angie just showed up and she still got press without asking asking for it, suck it haters.

  79. 79
    cee Says:

    Not ever a surprise that Huvane would ride on Angies coat tail again and continue the foolishness. I hate Aniston more and more as she continues to use Brad and Angie for attention. As always they hate how beautiful Angie is and with no effort. While aveeno promotes leather girl.

  80. 80
    Ian Says:

    So happy to see her again! I’m glad shes ok!

  81. 81
    Anon1 Says:

    I agree with Liz except I like to read comments about other celebrities too. I think she meant just exclude the opposing camp’s characters all together. So if that is what you meant, I agree. Angelina Jolie and her classic glamor commanded attention and she got it. Mot many women could pull off a pewter color and make it great, Angelina did.

  82. 82
    floretta50 Says:

    So where has she been. Seemed as if she had dropped off the planet. Needed at the awards shows don’t seem the same with out Brad and Angie. Hopefully they might show their face at the Oscars.

  83. 83
    AY Says:

    Gorgeous, elegant woman! Miss Angie so much, glad to see her again : )

  84. 84
    ANG Says:

    Still looking great. Love her dress!

  85. 85
    isa Says:

    for the haters saying that they had broken up… you can clearly see her engament ring…. please check my ff

  86. 86
    eggs Says:

    floretta50 @ 02/11/2013 at 10:30 am
    So where has she been. Seemed as if she had dropped off the planet. Needed at the awards shows don’t seem the same with out Brad and Angie. Hopefully they might show their face at the Oscars.
    Agreed. This awards season lacks glamour. These girls need something else to copy besides an exposed leg and emerald earrings.

    Love Angie’s porcelain skin and dark hair in a chic ponytail. Anyone have details on these Style of Jolie earrings? What kind of stone are they? They look like some sort of yellow stone. On-trend for spring,

    Sorry Lamey but classy Angie wasn’t going to upstage the cinematographers. We all know she could if she wanted to.

  87. 87
    anustin Says:

    crap!!!! why is this award not on T.V last night????? would have watch it than that granny

  88. 88
    a lurker Says:

    I think Angie will choose Atelier Versace for her wedding dress. She loves Atelier Versace.

  89. 89
    Premalee Says:


    Thanks for the shout out. Very tired after snow shoveling. I wanted to go out today but it is raining. Wonderful to see Angie again after such a long time. I think she said she wanted to be at home when the children are growing up. Brad is lucky to have her.

    @Rose – Great to see our Angie. How is your area? Astoria I think is fine as I cannot take my car out to go to the gym as others will park in my spot. Hope they dump all the snow on East River. Take care.

  90. 90
    Paige Says:

    @a lurker: I think so too since it seems that is what she loves to wear the most.

  91. 91
    Susan Says:

    @ Rose
    Brace yourself, there is another snow storm coming Thursday 3 to 6 inches.

  92. 92
    eggs Says:

    a lurker @ 02/11/2013 at 11:00 am

    I think Angie will choose Atelier Versace for her wedding dress. She loves Atelier Versace.
    So no confirmation or denial over what went down in Turks & Caicos??? Sorry if this has been already discussed. Haven’t been here in awhile.

  93. 93
    anustin Says:

    hhmhmhmh…..lmao..someone not allowd to stay on der renovated home while fugly is working… is missing in action.

  94. 94
    Phool Says:

    #Rose @ 02/11/2013 at 4:53 am
    #Rose @ 02/11/2013 at 4:57 am
    #Rose @ 02/11/2013 at 9:49 am
    Sorry Rose for late reply back my posts are disappearing in the land of moderation hell So apologies I am trying to reply to all in one post in other words “The Cheats way of posting” lol.Rose my dear you do know that Trolls DON’T have a Mind, to make up whether they like Brad or Angie but still remain on their Threads 24/7 come rain or shine their a$$ is glued to these JoliePitt Threads regardless of their so called hate lol. In other word Brad & Angie OWN THEM .So is it its any wonder they lose it every single time when they see either Brad or Angie, even so when they see their 6 little; angels every single time these f.kers have some thing to regurgitate up F. em Rose lol.
    Rose I most definitely had/have forget all about my awful weekend when the first thing I saw Angies beautiful face and I know how Brad feels when he says he gasps in sheer love and
    Adoration when he sees Angie’s beautiful face. Lol Rose did you see my not so subtle mention in my previous post about Angies Beautiful engagement Ring & the “Style of Jolie earrings” that was a dig at the Trolls I knew they would lose it and so they did I will do a “lylian” and rejoice Yahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa lol.ok I know Lylian does it so much better but you get the gist lol.
    listen Rose the Trolls cant get over the fact that when they see Angie a triple A lister, with box office golden touch, with a beautiful virile Triple A-list actor, fiancé, father to her children, a gorgeous young women who is not only exuberating confidence in her appearance, who has beautitiful hair, flawless skin, owner of one slim fit body “damn this is a mother of six”. She is wearing the biggest smile in the world.
    No on the other rector end of the scale you have the Trolls beloved 44 Year old Hag Idol, who is a childless by choice 44 year old with a bloated face, shaved chin, new puffed up lips, wearing dodgy weaves to hide the bald patches in her head. Who has a banging fat body going on obesity, whose career has gone down hill towards the gutter, with an out of work z-lister fiancé, whose going bold also with a body of a 14 year old girl is dancing with young girls, rather than spend time with his 44 year old hag. So is it any wonder Trolls lose their S.hit every single time when they see the JoliePitts lol.
    So the answer to your innocent question that trolls need to make their mind up about when they snarl on the Jolie Pitts, my dear they have, that’s why they are here not on Tickys threads lol Just be happy for the trolls I like to see them Buuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn every day lol.
    Even a Surprise presenter makes news lol power of Angie

  95. 95
    Phool Says:

    NAN @ 02/11/2013 at 4:48 am
    Hi Nan sorry for delay due to moderation am at times able to post so please bear with me ok. Take care of your self thank god you haven’t hurt your self seriously in the fall when you slipped due to the Ice. Thank god for your Fluffy coat & backpack, that’s the problem when the snow is soft we think nothing off it once it rains & frost then the ice is the killer so to speak lot of snow related accidents happen. You keep safe Nan on your way out & back home. You must be counting the days for your Thailand Travel soon lucky you.
    Nan keep needling the Trolls in your cute way ok love it they just close it very time. See our Angie Rocking up the red carpet in her gray dress & beautiful engagement ring that’s the way to do it nice & simple her beauty does all the talking.

  96. 96
    Phool Says:

    Premalee glad to hear that you are ok aprt from snow shoveling ask me about it ,i’m suffering here past 2 days every joint is killing me lol.
    Angie is looking hot isnt she? her style is so effortless isnt it whereas other actresses have loads of stylists doing their stuff but still cannot achive the thing that Angie has and thats her inner & outer beauty that shines though everything.
    You take care Prem Fingers & toes crossed this post goes through lol

  97. 97
    Phool Says:

    Anustin my gril glad to see you are A OK, over there my dear and still kicking trolls booty with your 1liners lol you take care & be good

  98. 98
    Phool Says:

    opps my bad Anustin bad typo i meant Girl not Gril i need to go back to kindergarden i missed those classes lol

  99. 99
    Susan Says:

    Why can’t she look tired? she is human.
    I don’t think a stylist can put her in anything she does not want to wear, the stylist will bring a selection of clothes, Angie, Brad or the kids (LOL) will decide what she’ll wear.
    And if her shoes are comfortable, why not wear them, she wore the black Louboutin shoes a for long time also.
    At least she is working to change something, while you will you continue to be snide.

  100. 100
    Phool Says:

    I was just reading from back catching up from Brads last post So glad to hear you are ok, these damn Blizzards haven’t they got anywhere better to be, like the North Pole it needs snow there not here lol the blizzard needs to get its priorities right lol. My brother like your friends was another stranded passenger at Heathrow airport he’s not taking any further cancellation risks so is coming back next week know.
    My arms are aching it’s only a certain amount of Snow Shovelling one can do its fun for the first half hour then it goes down the route of being p.issed of it sorry excuse my language first thing in the morning, You can cyber slap me for that

    I Tried posting this in the morning but it didnt get through.

  101. 101
    Phool Says:

    Hi Susan jealous women will comment on seeing a beautiful confident women no matter what Angie is scrutinized on every minute details may it be her appearance physical, clothing, anything regardless remember these are the same women & other sites that were fawning over Tickys Blond weave & bloated face,so I will leave it at that, you can see where their taste lies and its not class but trash lol have a good evening Susan.

  102. 102
    Rose Says:

    @Susan: Susan, please bite your tongue, no more snow!!

    Susan the thing I don’t understand with the hens are: don’t they know Brad and Angie has hundreds of millions of dollars in the Bank. If Angie wants to wear the same clothes it’s her business, we all know she can afford anything she wants. If her shoes are comfortable, she might have ten pairs of the same color, and if she only has one that’s her business. Angle is not a clothes horse. Some people have other priorities other than clothes, hair, makeup, exercising, and Mexico vacations and taking care of a man who is out of a job for over one year.

  103. 103
    Classic Says:

    AJ always stands like a model. I saw a lot of women in the Grammys trying to imitate Angie’s pose with the “leg” but nobody did it better. Either their legs were too muscular or too skinny. Nobody does it better than our Angie. Anybody noticed?

  104. 104
    Jones Says:

    I just love this woman. No fameho*ing antics, no attention-seeking shenanigans, no pr stunts or red carpet pap walks to take away from the honorees of the evening. Angie just shows up looking beautiful and elegant to pay homage to Dean Semler, her DP on In the Land of Blood and Honey. Congratulations to Dean for his lifetime achievement award.
    And it’s so lovely to see Angie again. A woman who doesn’t need to play the Hollywood pr game. She knows what’s important and what matters. She’s true-blue and the real deal….and it’s one of the reasons why I admire her so, so much.

  105. 105
    Classic Says:

    Angie and Brad don’t need to work so it’s easy for them to stay away from the limelight. They’re not hungry enough.

  106. 106
    Annie Says:

    I can’t BELIEVE people on other blogs are saying she looks “washed out” and “too thin” – she looks like freakin’ GLOWING PERFECTION and I bet most of those sour asses would be shrieking with joy if they woke up looking like Angie. They are that delusional. And for the last time Angie has ALWAYS had thin legs – thin legs are mostly an inherited trait they often have nothing to do with caloric intake or lack thereof it is much like having a thin nose. In other words Angie’s legs are her legs are her legs – they do not look that way because she is “too skinny” or undereating. She has thin legs haters, keep your elephant legs and deal with it.

  107. 107
    JenHo the queen of Bongland. Says:

    8 + years Angie and Brad are still be TOGETHER !!!

    The queen of Bongland is still HURTS with Dogs,ha ha ha ha ha

  108. 108
    juju Says:

    i missed her
    she looks amazing

  109. 109
    Rose Says:

    @Premalee: Hi Premelee, good to see you have made it without much problem with the snow. The LIE, east end was closed until about 7 am today. This will give you an idea of how much snow we had on my end. The schools are closed today because most of the streets are not passible. Hopefully, the rain will wash away most of the snow today.
    Premelee, I just love the way Angie is living her life, people can say whatever they want to say about her, as she had expressed in a interview, “I don’t hear it, and it’s not a part of my life”. She just keep on living her life, haters will hate so why waste time listening to negative

    Phool, I did see Angie’s beautiful engagement ring, isn’t gorgeous, one of a kind. Brad is such a romantic man, he took one year to design that ring and the wedding band may take just as long, Brad is the man!!

  110. 110
    Eva Says:

    Angie looks elegant. This reminds me of she presenting an award to Clint Eastwood, she went there, presented the award and took pics and left. It is that quick presenting.

  111. 111
    juju Says:

    good was inspired when
    he created angelina jolie
    perfect body
    gorgeous face

  112. 112
    Susan Says:

    @Rose: Was waiting for the rain, but it is only misting, so I had to clean off the car the parking spot, so tomorrow morning I can just get in and go.
    Your girl Jodi is on.

  113. 113
    A fan of Angie only Says:

    gorgeous face
    Holy **** she looks amazing up-close.

  114. 114
    Annie Says:

    Shiny face? Um, it’s called moisturizer, “dewy finish” foundation and healthy, smooth, unwrinkled skin. Not that you would know anything about that, hater.

  115. 115
    beauty Says:

    I wish we could see her speech- it sounds very sweet and thoughtful- just like Angie!

  116. 116
    juju Says:

    good = god

  117. 117
    Nina Says:

    Angie looks nice. I hope next time when we see Brad’s pictures, he cuts the long hair and shave the beard. I don’t understand why he always try to hide his beauty.

  118. 118
    JenHo the queen of Bongland. Says:

    Someone is still C r a y C r a y that her 44 birthday is not Bomb huh ?

    Ooh I see ” Justine Gigolo is Not GB or JM ”

    That’s why No May He Go Tour & Jho pay all, right ?

    Karma come after JenHo the queen of Bongland,ha ha ha ha ha ha

    No Man,No Career,No real Friends,No Home Sweet Home,No Happiness and still NO BABY,ha ha ha ha ha

    The time of JenHo the queen of Bongland is END !!!

  119. 119
    OMG Says:

    The long drought is over. No news of them for so long, then suddenly so many news. Love Brad’s Cadillac photo, Tristan again. Angie was beautiful at ASC awards. They went to see Coen brother’s movie on Saturday night and Brad was waiting for Angie outside the bathroom. I melt. Love this couple so much.

  120. 120
    NAN Says:

    The Sinkable Anuston is Happens !

    8+ years The Loser Anuston is still be Ms.No Can Do.

    When the dog can lay eggs and the hen can bark,then Anuston can Producing the baby…Ouch…Ouch

  121. 121
    plez Says:

    @juju: Thank juju. Angelina does have great skin. Looks like she is wearing very little makeup. Depending on the light some photos make people look lighter. But regardless she still beautiful. Her hair look darker in these pictures. Hope it is.
    Anyway can we talk about how Angelina calls one of the best cinematographers in the business and gets him to help her on first job directing. For him to do that means he must of really like her as a person and respected her as an artist.
    Speaking of color of skin. I like Johnny Depp. But J Depp needs an intervention. Not for his clothes. But really what 50 year old man spends that much time putting on 8 – 10 different things on every morning. No I am talking about his orange skin. I think he has outdone Ticky.

  122. 122
    fyi Says:

    Brad has his own movie genre on THE MOVIE NETWORK channel:
    -A- Z
    -Brad Pitt
    -Docs & Specials

  123. 123
    sullivan Says:

    Jolie has grown into a beautiful and gracious young lady. She was an incredibly gorgeous & sexy wild child who grew-up, which is refreshing in Hollywood where women desperately cling to their twenties well into their forties. Those women (and you know who they are) end up looking pathetically desperate and frighteningly plastic.

  124. 124
    A fan of Angie only Says:

    Anyway can we talk about how Angelina calls one of the best cinematographers in the business and gets him to help her on first job directing. For him to do that means he must of really like her as a person and respected her as an artist.



  125. 125
    aimee Says:

    She is so lovely. I have the same body type as Angie, really thin arms and legs…even when pregnant I only gained weight in my tummy. Angie was the same; remember when she was pregnant with the twins/ Her arms and legs stayed the same.

  126. 126
    Just Sayin Says:

    fyi @ 02/11/2013 at 2:11 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    Brad has his own movie genre on THE MOVIE NETWORK channel:
    -A- Z
    -Brad Pitt
    -Docs & Specials
    holy god, this is the power of Brad Pitt.

  127. 127
    Rose Says:

    @Susan: I’m trying to watch Jodi, but the girl is lying so much I’m talking back to the tv. I can’t wait until Mr Martinez cross examine her, hopefully this week. The girl is cray, cray. If this man treated her like a dog is because she allows it. Why drive thousand of mile to meet with someone who disrespect you? Dah.

  128. 128
    NAN Says:

    Hi Phool and Rose
    Thank you for all nice words and care for me dear,yeah now I’m start to plan many things to do before I’ll travel.

    2 watch dogs run around and answered themselves,they were got angry that their bossesdid not let them free ,they must barking for their living.
    No Money = No Honey.

    No B@rking = No Pay.

    C r a z y Dog & C r a zy Boss Co, Ltd.

  129. 129
    Nola Bee Says:

    Alas! looking lovely as usual.

  130. 130
    Nola Bee Says:

    Looks good in the grey tone and classic cut of the dress proving again, that less is more.

  131. 131
    Go Figure! Says:

    @Dd: @89. Not to mention Ticky will try and rock Angie’s hairstyle too. Ticky has no originality.

  132. 132
    jjoy1604 Says:

    i missed you Angie….too much :-)

    anustin…kumusta na tita…..been just lurking…quite busy at work but still have time to lurk for jp news/pictures….hehehee

    thanks to all the jp fans for making jp threads alive/newsy and funny comments….for trolls get lost and d%*###

    thanks jj!!

  133. 133
    lucy Says:

    Angie makes an unexpected appearance and people everywhere are losing their collective minds. Angie looks fantastic, but the haters are ramping up their insane rants with words such as “tired’, “skinny”, “plastic surgery”, when it’s clear to anyone that has working vision that Angie looks fantastic. I guess the latest pics of Ticky and her bloated self is permanently imprinted in their biased brains. Angie has always been on the slender side, strong, but slender, just look at her dad’s body type when he was young, tall, lanky, just as Angie is. As for tired, I think Angelina looks stunning, not tired, and for the Ticky lovers thinking Angie looks as if she’s had “work done”, puleeze, they’re just used to looking at fat, bloated Ticky’s freshly plumped up face. Now who won a Bafta last night, because it seems that Angie has stolen all of Ben and Anne’s thunder just by existing.

  134. 134
    dawne Says:

    Wow, what a beauty inside and out. Love how the dress showcases her model frame………..such a classy outfit………….the wannabes who try so hard have yet to learn that less if more. The Queen has it down pat…….she is the opposite of the overdone JLO’s etc. Angie’s simplicity is so striking. Her best accessory is her smile…..not that the earrings aren’t the bomb………and the ring.

    Sowwy, hens, you lose for the zillionth time……….this is one loved up woman who is very fulfilled in her purpose driven life.

    This, hags, is what A plus list looks like. We are all passing the Kleenex so you can mop up.

  135. 135
    Passing Through Says:

    Angie in hi res – very little makeup and she looks gorgeous.
    Don’t make me post hi res Ticky pix, trolls…this has been Photoshopped, too.
    This…has NOT been Photoshopped…Cover the children’s eyes!

  136. 136
    Passing Through Says:

    Angie in hi res – very little makeup and she looks gorgeous.
    Don’t make me post hi res Ticky pix, trolls…

  137. 137
    Passing Through Says:

    Eh…what the hell…cuz it’s funny…this has been Photoshopped, too.
    This…has NOT been Photoshopped…Cover the children’s eyes!

  138. 138
    JP Fan Says:

    So ticky is giving people an exclusive interview for Wednesdays cover. Can someone please tell me what is she promoting.

  139. 139
    lucy Says:

    Ticky is a dawg, that is one ugly man/woman.Don’t you just love how the jealous hags are analyzing Angie’s engagement ring, they’re trying so hard to convince themselves that the ring cannot be the ring from Brad, makes you wonder, do these idiots not know how to zoom in on a picture, because if they did that one simple little thing, then case closed, it is indeed the same ring given to the beautiful Angie ny the gorgeous Brad. Suck it losers, Brad and Angie are very much together, and the jealous losers are really hurting today.

  140. 140
    plez Says:

    @Passing Through: It can never be said she doesn’t wear makeup. Even with those nose jobs they still do lots of contouring to make her nose smaller.

  141. 141
    plez Says:

    @JP Fan: She turns 44 today according to some tweets. Probably about how happy she is. Happier than she has every been and how she hopes to have a baby. LOL

  142. 142
    bdj Says:

    Atlanta home to ABC drama pilot “The Returned”
    The Returned

    ABC is trying out a new supernatural show pilot called “The Returned,” which is going to shoot in Atlanta but will be set in a fictional city called Arcadia.

    February 11, 2013

    By Rodney Ho

    ABC is seeking a little paranormal activity with a TV drama pilot called “The Returned,” which is set to tape in Atlanta and has Brad Pitt’s production company attached to it.

    Hollywood Reporter provided this description:

    The Returnedlooks at what happens when the people you have mourned and buried suddenly appear on your doorstep as if not a day’s gone by? The lives of the people of Arcadia are forever changed when their deceased loved ones return.

    The drama effort is penned by Criminal Minds’ Aaron Zelman, with Brillstein Entertainment and Brad Pitt’s Plan B attached to executive produce. The hourlong project is set up at ABC Studios.

    The Georgia Film, Music and Digital entertainment office sent out this tweet today: (@gafmde)
    ABC TV pilot “The Returned” is now accepting crew resumes. Send resume to

  143. 143
    Passing Through Says:

    Soooooooo…It’s quite a coinkydink that Pope Benedict resigned on Ticky’s b-day, ain’t it? Ya think maybe he’s trying to tell God sumpin’?

  144. 144
    bdj Says:

    Mama Angie looks beautiful, elegant and classy. No Junior High Prom dress. Just an elegant beautiful woman confident in herself and enjoying her life. It is all good.

  145. 145
    Tiny Says:

    more therapy sessions for jen..

  146. 146
    bdj Says:

    Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace at the 27th American Society of Cinematographers Awards
    Posted by Joanna · Feb 11th, 2013 · 2013

    Angelina Jolie attended the 27th annual American Society of Cinematographers Awards yesterday on February 10th, 2013. The actress wore a grey dress designed by Atelier Versace paired with silver shoes by Christian Louboutin.

  147. 147
    Passing Through Says:

    # 175 JP Fan @ 02/11/2013 at 3:49 pm
    Peeps has ANOTHER Ticky interview? They just had one a few months ago – and it, too, was about nothing, ie, her shampoo deal and what shite she uses to wash her face…which was followed byt the Aveeno announcement a few weeks later.
    This time she’s probably just trying to drum up some work. We already know the Berlin film fest was pretty much a bust for her projects. How do I know it was a bust? Well, you didn’t see Mike Fleming posting any stories about a distributor for Switch 2 Renamed, did you? Or a starting date\distributor for Convention. He was hand-fed the stories about the 2 projects but not a story about when they’ll come out? Pffft. Puh-leeze.
    Huvsy obviously had phase 2 (People) in their on-going quest to make Ticky relevant and get her some work in a studio flick ready to go – just in case. She’ll say some dumb caca about how happy she is, how much she loves her work, what a great guy Squigs is, it’s gonna be a “small, intimate wedding”, the usual hair, diet and exercise schpiel – and then she’ll talk about Aveeno…which she already did a few months ago before she signed but Ticky’s nothing if not a dead-horse beater. Now all we have to do is wait to see how many of her talking points Peeps will oblige her with. I predict – all. Other opinons may vary.

  148. 148
    Passing Through Says:

    # 177 plez @ 02/11/2013 at 3:51 pm
    Yep. She’s whittled it down 3 times and still has to rely on MAC to whittle off a few more pounds. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend any MAC wearers out here. Just remember – you can’t catch fug. The fug is on her face, not in their prouducts.

  149. 149
    Tiny Says:

    Aveeno competitors are having a great month!! Laughing at Aveeno because they are stuck with Jen :)

  150. 150
    Passing Through Says:

    # 178 plez @ 02/11/2013 at 3:53 pm
    I just saw today that Ticky and Sheryl Crow have the same birthday. Maybe that explains why neither of them can keep a man…

  151. 151
    busted Says:

    Great to see Angie.. I guess the trolls are losing it. THEY have not been able to spew their hate for some time. I guess Queen Angie felt sorry for them.

    She works with the best people. So does Brad. Trolls can suck it hard.
    The Queen continues to reign.

  152. 152
    sunny Says:

    Joel And Ethan Coen’s ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Gets Early Showing On Sony Lot
    The first screening of Inside Llewyn Davis quietly took place last Saturday night in a screening room on the Sony lot. That’s the new film by Joel and Ethan Coen that takes place in the folk-music circuit in downtown New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1960s. Re-teaming with True Grit and No Country For Old Men cohort Scott Rudin, the Coens made Inside Llewyn Davis without a domestic distributor; their only alignment was with Studio Canal, which put up the financing for distribution in France and some other territories. Now, it’s apparently time to hook a distributor for an Oscar-season berth. I’m told that the screening was informal and held for a music crowd by T-Bone Burnett, reps from most of the studios were there, except Paramount and The Weinstein Company. They’ve been in no hurry so far to make a deal, but don’t be surprised if a distributor locks this one down very quickly.
    (below comment confirms that Brad&Angie were there)
    I was at this screening on saturday, along with most every studio head and a huge number of stars in casual wear (brad, angie, jake g, seth, lauren hutton, steve martin, jon stewart, sasha bc, ed helms, god, etc…). suffice to say it was an amazing room. AND AN AWESOME FILM. so smart, so well crafted, a fabulous tale of a man who can do no right, but you kinda love for trying. whoever buys this is going to take it right through to next year’s oscars…

  153. 153
    Passing Through Says:

    Ruh-roh! Looks like Ben Stiller and his wife are cheating on Ticky & Squiggy! Now they’re double-dating with Ticky’s ex-lover Jason Sudeikis and his much-younger-than-Ticky (by 16 years!) fiancee Olivia Wilde. Maybe Olivia and Christine Taylor are talking about how much they hate Ticky? Where’s the tabloid story on that – - like when they claimed Wrasslin’ Chick & Ticky bonded in Meh-hee-co over Angie not liking them? They did say that Ticky doesn’t like Christine Taylor…

  154. 154
    Go Figure! Says:

    @Rose: @162. I did manage to catch up on some of Jodi’s testimony this weekend per the Nancy Grace show. I repeat. Something is seriously wrong with this woman. She kills him and then goes to sleep with her other boy friend. I do hope they find this woman guilty. But why in the world is the prosecuting attorney letting her tell her entire story from A-Z?

  155. 155
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    So is this some contract that People Has with Jenny poo. To talk to here every single year to find out how it is to be a year older. OH and she did plug that hair thing. And said she was wearing a wig for this film. Like anyone would ever assume that she would do anything to her hair. Gosh the woman is boring as helLL.. and I guess she and Squiggy won’t be doing a big celebration. Wonder if that means they have broken up. hmmmm or is Squiggy even around.. LOL

    Let’s just say I wish for Aniston all the things her fans wish for Angie and Brad.

  156. 156
    Rose Says:

    @Go Figure!: Go figure, they are trying to make Travis Alexander out as a sexual deviant. I don’t believe 90% of what that chick is saying. the defense is trying to save her life even if they have to strip the man of all his dignity in death.

    @PT, did you see that beautiful picture of Angie at People standing at the podium. That’s a new one, very pretty. I saw it when I clicked on the link you provided #190.

  157. 157
    bdj Says:

    (20 photos)
    The Bancroft Project in Kansas City is moving right along. Here’s a peek at the progress! — in Kansas City, MO.

  158. 158
    bdj Says:

    Somewhere Baby Jane is crying over reaching 50 and her paid hens are spamming Just Jared.

  159. 159
    an oldie Says:

    44 year old actress, with no talent and no beauty. Wow.

  160. 160
    Passing Through Says:

    # 193 busted @ 02/11/2013 at 5:04 pm
    Busted -
    I saw the story at Peeps and LMAO. That dumb trick actually said, “You can see your hair grow…” Knowing her that’s exactly what she does at night – sits around with a mirror trying to watch her hair grow, whipping out a measuring tape and then calling Hair Boy, “Stephen! It grew .0000000001 mm today!” God…that chick is a complete and utter waste of hair.
    I also noticed that she managed to fit in a number of my other “talking points” – she’s happy, she loves her job – and they’re going to talk to her about how she maintains her belly pooch…er, sorry, I meant “bikini bod”. Why even bother interviewing her? Just re-print last year’s story and change her age.

  161. 161
    Bing bing bing Says:

    @Passing Through: that comment about her hair reminds me of a post on ddeadline hollywoood that said Jennifer is not smart enough to build a better career for herself. LoL

  162. 162
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Oh LOL, paid loon, no need to justify her body type. That is not the funniest thing though. It’s the fact that you claim to be thin. Loons are not thin; it’s a rule of thumb. As for Ho, many people think that she pulled a Beyonce, if you know what I mean. These rich people think that they can get away with everything, don’t they? :)

    What are loons going to say next? That their goddess conceived those twins “naturally”, just like Mariah, JLo, Celine Dion, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nancy Grace, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross? LMAO.

  163. 163
    Bing bing bing Says:

    @bdj: I think “it” might be angry because of the comments on ddeadline Hollywo0d are not too kind to her love.
    The comments on that site are not from j-p fans but they are not kind to her loves career. Very different comments from what you see from “it” and other sites that cater to crazy aniston fans.

  164. 164
    hum Says:

    did you guys saw this US cover about jennifer and vince vaughn on 21 Feb 2005 ?
    did she date him at this time?

  165. 165
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Loons know more about their despised “ticky” than they know about their hor goddess, for shame! I didn’t know that in this day and age, women are not fulfilled unless they’re churning out a child kids before they reach 40. Oh LOL, Jen could’ve taken the easy way out and arranged for illegal adoptions to get good PR, just like certain famevvhore with a shady reputation did, in order to erase her past. That same PR actress claimed she would never have biological children because she wanted to adopt. Just remember that when you gloat about some kids that aren’t yours. LOL.

  166. 166
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    #correction: I didn’t know that in this day and age, women are not fulfilled unless they’re done churning out a child ARMY before they reach 40. XD

  167. 167
    A HO is a HO is a HO Says:

    Jen at least looked HOOOTTTTT when she was this HO’s age. Karma is a crazy *****, because the original homewrecker who relied on her looks is walking around looking like a well preserved 57 year old. She looks much much older than Jen. YIKES

  168. 168
    Bing bing bing Says:

    @A HO is a HO is a HO: agree. Karma is crazy and that’s why Jennifer doesn’t have what she wants. A respected career in film. She is a joke.

    A couple of her fans speak out against her downward spiraling career and cry about what could’ve been but the majority only care for how Jennifer looks. They don’t care that her career is almost over and she is holding on by an indie. Some people even have the nerve to say angelina is like Kim Kardashian but right now Jennifer is currently selling her birthday interviews for some publicity. Sad how karma works. Pretty soon she’ll be back to television but that’s her last resort.

  169. 169
    bdj Says:

    Just go watch hair grow hen. It is the best you can do. Peeboy happy, Vinny Happy, Papa Pitt happy. Maybe McGreedy skinny jeans will be able to escape or get a raise.

  170. 170
    dawne Says:

    See the trolls are once again frantic over the sight of the gorgeous statuesque and elegant super A list stat; Queen of HW…..ANGELINA JOLIE-PITT…with her one of a kind ring on and looking as happy and loved up as a woman get get. As Brad said, what keeps him up nights is the thought of anything happening to Angie or the kids…..they are his life now. Yet these phsycho jealous hags think Brad Pitt talks jibberish like his ex. What Brad and Angie say you can take to the proverbial bank……

    Wish in one hand and shite in the other, hags, and see which one gets filled first. It ain’t ever going to happen; the JP’s are lifers like Paul and Joanne…………’ll be old and crazed thirty years from now as they are still together and their kids are famous in their own capacities and the grandchildren are popping out from all six….or maybe seven for that matter…….so there is no end in sight you sad fcuks.

  171. 171
    valis202 Says:

    You have to keep laughing at the Aniston fans. There fixation with looks is becoming so tedious but I suppose when you worship somebody as talent less as Aniston, you’ve really got nothing else to fall back on.

    So Angelina has bad Karma. You mean the woman who has Brad Pitt, six beautiful children, is a UN special envoy, hob nobs with world leaders, will be soon directing a film for a major studio, could probably soon be working with Ang Lee, can fly her own planes, is a vintner, jewellry designer, writer (both of books and film scripts), etc, etc, etc. Yet according to the fans of Aniston, this his having bad karma.

    If this is bad karma, could the trolls please explain to me what good karma is without mentioning having a banging body and nice hair.

  172. 172
    Bing bing bing Says:

    “She makes no effort in any of her films. She’s never grown as an actress. She won’t change her appearance and play any character but herself. She has a range that goes from A to A minus. She done nothing with the power that fame afforded to her. There was a moment in time where she flirted with being an artist. Her production company was a pathetic joke. What she needs is a real manager and agent who get her to go back and study acting and use the talent she has for something meaningful. Watching her coast and do mediocre projects is sad. Kevin Huvane has given her terrible advice through her movie career. She should fire him.

    Comment by Frustrated Fan — Sunday, 10 February 2013 22:02 UK REPLY TO THIS POST”

    I have sad feels very sad feels for frustrated fans. It’s as if some of them wokeup to the reality that their love is kind of old and holding out hope for that Oscar is not very comfortable.

  173. 173
    juju Says:

    hum @ 02/11/2013 at 5:50 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -4

    did you guys saw this US cover about jennifer and vince vaughn on 21 Feb 2005 ?
    did she date him at this time?
    i wouldn’t be surprised if she was dating him
    brad n her were over since the summer of 04
    n after their split in jan 05 they both were free
    to do what they wanted w their lives
    wow her face was very different
    he nose was gigantic

  174. 174
    bdj Says:

    WireImage Photographer account of photographing the beautiful Jolie

  175. 175
    Mrs. Chancellor Says:

    Ooh Angelina looks wonderful, glowing. When she smiles it really lights up a picture. The mama of 6 children under the age of 12 is looking pretty good.

  176. 176
    Wonderbust Says:

    Karma is certainly a bitchh. At 44 not a single nomination from the Golden Globes, SAG, or Oscars for her filmwork. At 44 working with no-name directors and doing low budget movies that don’t even have distributors and she has been in this business how long. Jessica Chastain just came into the business and is already on her second Oscar nomination not to mention she is starring in movies with well known directors and big studios. Karma is a bitchh, Echo Film productions has produced nothing of substance. Karma is a bittch when you are so thirsty for fame that you give people magazine exclusive inteviews jus to be on the cover even though you have nothing to promote. Meanwhile Angie goes missing for a couple of months and the media is buzzing about her return because they missed her and given the fact that tampon has posted on this thread more than anyone Id say her haters are even more excited.

  177. 177
    duh Says:

    @A HO is a HO is a HO: JenAnus psycho, go medicate yourself…

  178. 178
    Wonderbust Says:

    If Karma means having an Academy Award, 2 GGs(7 nominations), 2 SAGS(4 nominations), NBR, PGA, Special Envoy to the UN, CFR member, meeting world leaders, having world leaders and US leaders shower you with praise, star in a 200mil film, being chosen to direct a movie based on a best-selling very popular book and being backed by a major studio, have your first diretorial debut being used in prestigious universities, and soon to be starring in a Sony production movie with an Academy award winning director, Academy award winning screenwriter, Academy award winning producer, LMAO Ticky and her in denial fans would do anything for this Karma to befall on her,

  179. 179
    Erin Says:

    Looooooooove her, love the dress, love the engagement ring but please eat more. Her legs are really thin and her cheek bones are starting to sink in.

  180. 180
    holy lamentations batman!!!! Says:

    ohmyoscar, huge gasp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did she take all that time off to lose more weight?!?!??
    if the sleeves weren’t so baggy you’d see her even bonier arms. the dress looks like it’s made from grey flannel to hide her severe emaciation. why aren’t you loons who claim to care for your idol crying out for her welfare????? i didn’t think it was possible for her hands to look even more like defleshed dolphin flippers. i’ll give st. alabatross the benefit of the doubt and say she is severely malnourished from breastfeeding her 6 kids with those sagging bags. somebody call ‘Feed the Children’ and tell them to feed this biitch first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she needs wrap raw bacon in a huge guacamole and sour creamed tortilla and eat it instead of smearing it on her face.

  181. 181
    my ring Says:


  182. 182
    Kikay Says:

    at long last….your just stunning….

  183. 183
    juju Says:

    i was wondering when u would do this
    1 of u trolls always does this
    pretend she is a fan n write that same crap
    never failed in the last EIGHT years
    let me get the montage just for u

    skinny sexy beautiful angelina jolie from 92 to 12

  184. 184
    my ring Says:

    she is pregnant:)

    now we know because she does not appear in public: (

  185. 185
    hopeso Says:

    My GOD she is glowing!!!!!! Gorgeous.

  186. 186
    for the love of shiloh Says:

    would one of you loons please send her a case of gallon sized cans of creamed corn????

  187. 187
    naturegirl Says:

    Welcome back my lady i have missed you

  188. 188
    2Park5 Says:


  189. 189
    naturegirl Says:

    Where have you been I’ve looked for you forever and a day
    Where have you beennnnnnnn i’m just not myself when you’re away,
    No I’m just not myself when you’re awayyyyyyyyyyyyy…

  190. 190
    Frenchy Says:

    Hello all!!!!!!! Yay! It’s good seeing Angelina. She’s one very busy woman. The flashbulbs are giving her a washed out appearance in the photos. Even with those harsh lights she looks gorgeous. I love how she is very basic in her dress. The event was not about her so she dressed the part and still looked chic.
    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. 191
    Bing bing bing Says:

    @Wonderbust: and how is her production company going by the way? Or her directing career? The last I heard about that was the lifetime movie she helped direct. LoLoL

  192. 192
    LoveTheJoliePitt Says:

    Beautiful Humanitarian
    Good will Ambassador
    Award winning movie star
    award winning director

  193. 193
    juju Says:

    this link is better

    skinny sexy beautiful angelina jolie from 92 to 12

  194. 194
    dawne Says:

    Hey, BDJ, can you imagine a photographer getting so excited to get the chance to get a pic of aniston……..yeah, right. Everyone knows Angie is the ‘get’ ……the biggest star……….three trolls prefer to live in their teeny weeny little bubble built on ‘wishes’ ………..good luck with that.

  195. 195
    i'm just trying to think Says:

    … save money has she been endurance swimming and speedwalking to the refugee camps???

  196. 196
    Shamu Says:

    Are all her red eyed fans living in some sort of dreamworld? She’s dangerously underweight. If you can’t see it you must be in denial. I’m not a fan, but I don’t hate her either. She looks poorly.

  197. 197
    plez Says:

    @Ⱦamsin:Oh please, I learned about Ticky from reading tweets under Brad Pitt’s name and like you these jenhags are still obsessed with Brad and Angelina.

  198. 198
    Gail Warfield Says:

    Well it’s about damn time!!!! I was having “Jolie” withdrawals, not a pretty sight to see, much less expierence!!!! 8-)

  199. 199
    Bing bing bing Says:

    She must be p’od when she sees the success plan B has and then looks at her own stunted production company. Her production company is almost as pathetic as her film career. No, but seriously what happened to her production company?

  200. 200
    i'm just trying to be nice Says:

    she must be grieving the loss of a significant other, she didn’t get this skinny when she was mourning her mom’s passing at the super bowl!!!

  201. 201
    Catherine Says:

    Angie has been always slender type, but I know she is very strong when I see her holding two kids at one time.

  202. 202
    Wonderbust Says:

    Angelina and Brad are all up in the hens mouths on twitter, they are still pissed that Brad dumped ticky. Then again the FF psychos have 80,000 topics solely devoted to Brad and Angelina and the sad part is that only a handful of people even post there so its coming from a few delusional freaks who post all day long, kind of like tampon.

  203. 203
    Wonderbust Says:

    its just the resident FF psychos posting the same shiit over and over again because their site is dead. Its Christmas morning for them today because they finally get to see Angie after talking about her 24/7 even though she hadnt been seen in months

  204. 204
    paige Says:

    Yes they are very pathetic. It must have made their day to get a picture of her this morning. It is about 15 of the same losers posting bullshit. They love and obsess over Brad and Angie more than the fans. There are some negative comments but a lot of them are positive and are saying how beautiful she is.

  205. 205
    lucky Says:

    @Wonderbust: Just to lurk at the FF site for a few minutes is to appreciate the sane people of the world, these freaks are the gold standard for insanity, they are literally certifiable, and to think they wander the streets,, but then again, I have a feeling that the FF cookoos are really just a bunch of insane asylum lifer patients that have computer privileges.

  206. 206
    lucky Says:

    I really do not get the Angie haters and their obsession with Angie’s weight, it’s not as if Angie was ever anything close to hefty, she has a strong, lean build. In Salt she was slim, yet she was strong enough and completely healthy enough to do most of her own stunts, and just how many times have we seen her carry two toddlers at the same time with ease. Ease up Trolls, just because some people can’t be as slim as Angie and wear all the gorgeous clothes from the best designers is no reason to call her “dangerously thin”, if that were true half of HW would be in dire need of medical attention.

  207. 207
    Passing Through Says:

    # 205 hum @ 02/11/2013 at 5:50 pm
    I may have that US story about Ticky\VV from Feb 2005 somewhere on my hard drive. I downloaded it from a hen site a few years ago. The cover is misleading – like they always are. Basically that was a business meeting when VV got Ticky to do TBU. IIRC their agents were there, too. This is why I never felt sorry for VV when he got played by Ticky. He went after her not the other way around. It was a mutually beneficial “romance” until he found out what a manipulative fraud and how needy and neurotic she is. Months before that hotel meeting VV was promoting something else and blathering on about what a huge crush he had on Ticky. You know they say be careful what you wish for, Mr. Defribrillator.
    What’s really funny is that Ticky\VV issue came out the day before Brad hosted that b-day party for Ticky at their BH house. Betcha that was a fun party for Ticky. And the week before the Ticky\VV issue US claimed Brad wanted Ticky back. Pffft. He was already speed-dialing Angie to find out when she’d be back in the States. LOL!

  208. 208
    Susan Says:

    @hum: The US cover that is killing me is the one for April 5, 2004, I’m sure they used a picture from “Leprechaun” her nose was like a Kielbasa sausage, she had to have had four nose jobs, her nose was still huge in 2004.
    Ticky reminds me of Joan Rivers, if you see an orginal picture of Joan before she had all the plastic surgery, the only thing remaing from her real face, maybe the skin.
    When Ticky’s face was was round, her chin was not as prominent, and her hair was low on her forehead, she had to have 1 1/2 inches of hair taken off, woof.

  209. 209
    lucky Says:

    @Bing bing bing: Ticky has never grown, period, not as an actress, person or anything else, except for her girth. As Mayer put it, she was stuck in 1998.

  210. 210
    lucky Says:

    @at this point i’m grasping at: Ticky is the unhealthy one, the Trolls don’t seem to understand that Ticky and her yo-yoing weight is very dangerous.

  211. 211
    Passing Through Says:

    # 215 bdj @ 02/11/2013 at 6:19 pm

    WireImage Photographer account of photographing the beautiful Jolie
    Awwww…that guy sounded very sincere and appreciative…unlike some of the more jaded ratzi out there. It’s still hilarious to me how excited the photogs get for Angie or Brad. They wet themselves at Cannes every year, every awards season they’ve been a part of every other celeb at the event knows that if Brad and Angie show up they’re toast. The photogs will desert them to go chasing Brad and Angie…or in Gaycrest’s case leave a celeb mid-interview and run down the carpet to try to interview them. THAT haters, hens and trolls is the power of The Jolie and The Pitt. Sucks to be an loser all your life.

  212. 212
    yikes Says:

    Yes, old manny is an incredibly immature ninny who cries over gray hair. At age 40 plus, she throws herself birthday parties and invites paps, z-list talk show hosts (Chelsea) and c list talk show hosts (Billy B), so the “happy b-day to me” magazine article is not shocking, just desperate.
    lucky @ 02/11/2013 at 7:42 pm
    @Bing bing bing: Ticky has never grown, period, not as an actress, person or anything else, except for her girth. As Mayer put it, she was stuck in 1998.

  213. 213
    Passing Through Says:

    You know how the trolls and tabs are always going on about Squiggy’s six-pack and how he’s got a better body than Brad? Well…check out Squiggs before he cheated on Heidi. Here’s a still from What-a-bust. Notice the decided lack of a 6-pack. Basically what I’m saying here is that it’s part of Squiggy’s J-O-B as Ticky’s “fiancee” to stay in shape. This is pretty much the same deal Porgie has with his hoes. Psssst: Don’t tell the hens. They think he’s always been “ripped”. A “rip off”…I’ll give ‘em that one…

  214. 214
    lucky Says:

    My name here is lucy, why it shows up half the time as lucky is anyone’s guess, that’s a question only my ipad seems to have the answer too.

  215. 215
    plez Says:

    bdj @ 02/11/2013 at 6:19 pm
    WireImage Photographer account of photographing the beautiful Jolie
    Thanks for posting. It is one thing to see a celeb. But as this photographer notes it another to see a real A list movie star.
    I love how excited the photographer gets.
    He wrote:
    “I was like..”What was that?. somebody pinched me!”, then the others photographers were saying, “We strike gold”. I said “She made my night”, the photographer next to me said, “She made my week!. Do you know how much she sells?”, and I was like, well yeah, not every day you get the chance to photograph an A-list Celebrity and not every day you get the chance to see Angelina Jolie walking the red carpets in Hollywood.

  216. 216
    a lurker Says:

    Passing Through @ 02/11/2013 at 8:07 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    You know how the trolls and tabs are always going on about Squiggy’s six-pack and how he’s got a better body than Brad? Well…check out Squiggs before he cheated on Heidi. Here’s a still from What-a-bust. Notice the decided lack of a 6-pack. Basically what I’m saying here is that it’s part of Squiggy’s J-O-B as Ticky’s “fiancee” to stay in shape. This is pretty much the same deal Porgie has with his hoes. Psssst: Don’t tell the hens. They think he’s always been “ripped”. A “rip off”…I’ll give ‘em that one…
    That’s what a gigolo does and why he gets paid by Maniston

  217. 217
    lucky Says:

    @Passing Through: You know, you have to wonder just how much money Ticky has poured into her little gigolo. he’s almost unrecognizable from the guy that Heidi was living with. Sad thing is, it’s really not an improvement, yeah, Ticky’s paid for hair plugs,wigs,toupees, looks as if a couple of cosmetic surgeries have been done too, plus trainers, nutritionists, stylist, and of course the all important hair colorist, not to mention getting him a publicists, and heavens knows what else, and what’s so funny is, the guy is still a failure at everything he does. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ticky has put her salary from any work she’s done the last couple years into transforming the little gigolo into her own little Ken doll.

  218. 218
    Passing Through Says:

    # 234 juju @ 02/11/2013 at 6:59 pm
    Great job…but it’s useless to show it to the haters. They only see what they want to see. The fact is – except for when she did the LCTR movies Angie’s weighed pretty much the same thing since she was 19 or 20.

  219. 219
    my2centss Says:


    Elegant, classy, timeless, stunning.. just please i need a pic of her with Brad & everything will be right with the world :)))

  220. 220
    lucky Says:

    @at this point i’m grasping at:If you think Ticky has only put on 3 pounds, then you are delusional and blind.

  221. 221
    Passing Through Says:

    # 240 Bing bing bing @ 02/11/2013 at 7:07 pm
    Of course Ticky isn’t jealous of Plan B’s success! Shame on you. Don’t you remember she told an interviewer that she wanted out of Plan B because the company got too big? She was just interested in producing little personal movies that touched people’s lives, gave meaning to the hopeless and succor to the starving…and all starrin her. Oops…my bad. I added that last part myself… I am 100% serious about this…she really did say in an interview that that’s why she’d gotten out of Plan B – because it became too big and its focus shifted. Nevermind the fact that Brad clearly told Variety that Plan B was “the child of a bitter divorce”. In Ticky’s pea brain it was she who willingly left. Like I always say about Ticky – if her lips are moving…she’s lyin’.

  222. 222
    juju Says:

    @Passing Through:
    i know lol it’s just an excuse to post it
    she was skinny even as a kid
    but that montage represents 21 years
    of angelina in the public eye
    n in those 21 years
    every time she showed up in the rc
    there was always someone saying
    “oh she’s so thin”
    21 years!
    she’s be 80 n folks will be saying it
    n this is another excuse to post it again lol

    skinny sexy beautiful angelina jolie from 92 to 12

  223. 223
    just a thought Says:

    Skinny arm and legs and she is a top notch model. No one is whining that she is malnorished.'s%20Secret%20Lingerie%20Shoot-17/'s%20Secret%20Lingerie%20Shoot-07/fullsize/

  224. 224
    at this point i'm grasping at Says:

    ‘you are delusional and blind.’

    no…that was brad when he hooked up with jolie.

  225. 225
    juju Says:

    she’s = she’ll
    the troll will be here all day
    repeating the same crap over n over again
    like she’s has been doing for the last EIGHT years
    poor thing

  226. 226
    Observer2 Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Well, we know where he got some of his hair transplant material. Cause, Lenny makes him wax his chest and abdominal area now.

    Too funny. She says jump, he says for how much? LOL.

  227. 227
    lylian Says:

    Hey, BDJ, can you imagine a photographer getting so excited to get the chance to get a pic of aniston……..yeah, right.
    My thoughts exactly!

  228. 228
    sunny Says:

    Deakins, who didn’t attend because he is working on the Hugh Jackman-Jake Gyllenhaal movie Prisoners, now becomes a frontrunner for the Oscar in the category, after Life Of Pi‘s director of photography Claudio Miranda won the BAFTA earlier in the day in London.
    Deakins or Miranda will win Oscar this year.
    Funny thing was Deaking was no show at this event but won.
    While Miranda was there but lost.
    He skipped BAFTA for this event but won there.
    Jake Gyllenhaul is in the middle of filming with Deakins in Atlanta but attended the screening of Coen’s with Brad & Angie etc.

  229. 229
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Love this woman. She is so gorgeous. So glad to see her out at event.

    The haters said everyone was mocking Angie’s leg last year. Correction, everyone is copying Angie’s leg. JLo, Ava, Alessendra…

  230. 230
    guesss Says:


  231. 231
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    BDJ Thank you for this link. It is such a sweet, interesting writeup I want to post it for those who may not be able to access that link. Angelina JoliePitt IS Gold!!!!
    We strike gold!”, that is what one of my fellow photographers said at The American Society of Cinematographers Awards last night at The Grand Ball Room in Hollywood & Highland.
    I got the assignment last thrusday, read the notes and said yes, yesterday got to the venue 50 mins prior to check in, it was a very cold night, after checking in I was told that there was not going to be a red carpet just a ‘press room’ and the ASC’s publicist will be bringing nominees and presenters to have their photo taken.
    The night went on, we had like 10-15 minutes gap between presenters/nominees and while I was waiting I had to edit images from a previous event, minutes went by and suddenly I saw some one walking into the red carpet, grabbed my camera and when I focused the subject… there she was, the one and only Angelina Jolie!, in nano-seconds I had flashbacks of all the movies, posters, images and everything about Angelina, she was there less than 5 feet away from me, in seconds I realized that I had to focus and get those shots, so I went into shooting-mode and I started yelling her name (yeah that’s is what we do at red carpets in order to get the Celebrity attention), we were only 5 photographers so, each of us got our share. She stood there for a couple of seconds and gave us her smile, few seconds later she vanished.
    I was like.. “What was that?, somebody pinched me!”, then the others photographers were saying, “We strike gold!”, I said ‘She made my nigh!”, the photographer next to me said: “She made my week!, do you know how much she sells?”, and I was like, well yeah, not every day you get the chance to photograph an A-list Celebrity and not every day you get the chance to see Angelina Jolie walking the red carpets in Hollywood.
    We all were grateful for the nice surprise we had, outside the patio where the ‘press room’ was, there were monitors and we were able to see the awards, presentation and everything, She gave the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award to a fellow cinematographer Dean Semler, after the presentation we were ready!, minutes later she came back, there she was again, both of them pose, we were just enjoying the moment, at least I was, got the images that I needed, they left and I was happy… well no, no yet, my laptop’s battery was empty, my hot spot wireless internet had no battery and I had 15 frames of Angelina Jolie in my card and no way to send them of editing them, I was anxious to send those files.

    I looked around and voila!, a power outlet all the way at the end of the patio, got my cables sat down on the floor, plugged everything and minutes later the universe was aligned again, I had power, I transfered my files, edited them, captioned them and hit send… minutes later they appeared on the agency website.
    The show was over, most of the guest left, crew was tearing the venue apart and I was still there, editing and sending images to the agency, it was a very cold night at that moment I was happy and she was happy, It was the day that Angelina Jolie got the chance to have her photograph taken by me… (come on let me dream!).

  232. 232
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Hi to all the JoliePitt fans and thank you all for the great articles about our simply divine couple -The Gorgeous Brad Pitt and the Absolutely stunningly Gorgeous Angelina JoliePitt
    What a treat to have pictures of both of them and to read about their “date nights.”
    BDJ that photographer is right. He did strike “Gold” in getting Angelina’s pictures…..she is THE A-Lister when it comes to Hollywood Stars but she is so humble and sweet and shy about the “Hollywood thing.” She and Brad are unique in Hollywood. They remain the same sweet people they were before the fame. And they treat everyone with such polite kindness. Love this couple and Bless them a thousand times over with everything their hearts desire. They give so much to so many no wonder their cups runneth over, and over, and over, and over. And let the blessings keep coming to this beautiful JoliePitt family.

  233. 233
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Do these trolls realize that Brad had been there done that. Brad doesn’t give a shiz about the superficial stuff anymore. That’s MANiston’s thing. It will always be MANiston thing. Where was midget’s sexy abs when Brad was voted the sexiest man alive…twice? Midget was a nobody. Even when he had the 6 packs back then no one give a shiz about him. These stupid trolls only compare midget to Brad just to make MANiston looks good. That she has a better man than Brad.

  234. 234
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    I have to give a shout out to my dear, sweet, cyber neighbor, Phool.
    How are you sweetheart? Thank you for your kind helloes every morning to me and to all the fans lovely lady. You all are in my thoughts re the blizzards all of you are experiencing on the East Coast. I had to smile at you out there shoveling snow. Great exercise for the arms, I bet. You will develop those beautiful Michelle Obama arms as you keep your sidewalk free of snow. So the snow is a blessing…. But you may already have those Michelle Obama arms…so forgive me for assuming (don’t like that word :) ) otherwise. :)
    I am beside myself with joy after seeing Brad’s Cadillac picture, reading about the “sightings” of my favorite couple at Mr. Chow’s and at Sony and seeing Angelina presenting the award to Mr. Semler. No one knew she was going to be there. What a wonderful surprise!.
    Why do I have the feeing Brad was also there waiting in the wings to take his lady love home after the presentation. That is the kind of man he is. Family is always first with him. I am so happy they are getting to do some things together.. Well, they are doing a great job with their children and I am certain the children are thrilled when mommy and daddy have their “date nights.”
    I, too, am glad Angie is having some time off from work. She and Brad worked so hard the past years. And Brad has said he does not like to work “back, to back, to back” and I don’t blame him one bit.
    And I am thrilled and determined to get a bottle of wine from the Miraval vineyards.. Congratulations to JoliePitt and Perrin/e bottlers. That wine is going to be a best seller everywhere it is sold. You heard it first here. :)
    Well, take good care of yourself, my dear and I thank you and Rose for keeping the threads going in the early mornings. Wish I could join you both but when time permits I will do my best to contribute when I can.

  235. 235
    lucy Says:

    @don’t try to have a thought: You’re grasping now, Angelina is stunningly beautiful, anyone can see that, just because you hate her for some unknown reason shouldn’t have made you lose your eyesight.

  236. 236
    Bing bing bing Says:

    @MANiston looks good: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I won’t judge you for preferring Jennifer but Jennifer can work her ass off, get new boobs or a lift a million times but you’re still going to be bugging and trippin on The Jolie because jennifer aniston is still struggling to become what Angelina Jolie already is. A BONIFIDE MOVIE STAR!
    Angelina can be as sickly thin as she wants to be she still gets offers for movies with a 200million dollar budget. She still has fans and nonfans clammering for a glimpse of Maleficent. So while you’re love is promoting her birthday, hair products vacations and low budget movies Angie is preparing to direct a big studio movie and promote summer 2014s maleficent takeover. Have a seat.

  237. 237
    adel Says:

    really… maniston look good..

    well, im still confused why brad dumped jen poor aniston.. i think the reason is beyond…
    because it’s not only brad who dumped your fugly idol
    a lot of men……

  238. 238
    Sherry (not from JPW) Says:

    I’m thrilled to see Angie looking more and more like her ma as she ages… not a bad thing at all considering her ma was a beauty also…. looking good Mrs. Pitt, looking good….

  239. 239
    yap Says:

    adel @ 02/11/2013 at 9:53 pm
    Exactly. a lot of men dumped Maniston. The only man she is able to keep is the one she bought.

  240. 240
    lucy Says:

    It really boggles the mind that there are women out there that think men can be “stolen” , just how does that work, for example, Trolls think Angie stole Brad from Ticky, did Angie conk Brad on the head with a club and drag him to a cave like some prehistoric cavewoman, if someone can explain how men who are of sound mind and of age can be “stolen”, I’d love to know. Until then, let’s just all assume Brad came to his senses about the narcissistic, mentally stunted Ticky and found true love with a real woman that had beauty, brains and a heart as big as his own.

  241. 241
    lylian Says:

    As someone who has had indirect dealings in the field of medical care and research I want to just say here how troubling I find this statement from Paul Krugman about what Eric Cantor, the House Majority leader said about medical research.
    Paul Krugman wrote:
    “But Mr. Cantor’s support for medical research is curiously limited. He’s all for developing new treatments, but he and his colleagues have adamantly opposed “comparative effectiveness research,” which seeks to determine how well such treatments work.”
    Now, I acknowledge that I have not read Eric Cantor’s entire statement so perhaps Mr Krugman has misunderstood Mr Cantor or deliberately misquoted him. But if I were to take what Krugman said on face value I have to tell you how crazy Eric Cantor and by extension the GOP sound to me.
    Of course you have to know how effective treatments compare to each other. A good doctor should NOT prescribe less effective drugs to his/her patients when there is a more effective drug for the condition. How can any doctor know whether the treatment is more or less effective on a condition without comparative effectiveness studies?

  242. 242
    JEN THE HAG Says:

    lucy @ 02/11/2013 at 9:33 pm

    The Jenhags are use to seeing the UGLY pictures of their FUGLY idol that’s why when they see picture of Angelina Jolie they are so bitter that Angie is so Gorgeous looking the only think they can post about her is her weight and that Angelina must undergone plastic surgey to be this beautiful bwahahhahahahh!!!

  243. 243
    Bing bing bing Says:

    How it must suck to be a fan of someone you consider super hot but has zero acting/directing/producing talent and has now resorted to giving interviews about her birthday to stay in the public eye. You want more for her. then you have the woman you hate with a passion out of the spotlight for months but she has a 200 million dollar disney movie , is going to direct her next movie, global do-gooder, six kids and the man of your dreams. Angelina is too skinny to have everything Jennifer deserves. LoLoLoLoL

    Jennifer is tan and works really hard to be presentable for men so she should have it all. Not that pale skinny woman that looks nervous on the red carpet and barely seems like she cares.

    I get it. i get why you hate The Jolie. Hours of working out at the gym with justin and she still has to make low budget films that will most likely not work out too well. Justin needs to get her back on tv.

  244. 244
    lylian Says:

    BTW, I want to add the less or more effective drug treatment also has a cost component these days. Effectiveness relative to cost.

  245. 245
    lucy Says:

    @Bing bing bing: Ticky is even getting a little long in the tooth for TV at this stage, she should have gone back 5 years ago, 44 in HW years for a woman is about 74 in non-celebrity years, especially when you’re a talentless hack that wasn’t considered pretty or beautiful even when she was young.

  246. 246
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Hi Rose!
    Sounds like you are doing well despite the blizzards you ladies are encountering out there in the East. What a year you all have had my dear, friend. My heart goes out to all of you. You are all in my thoughts.
    Rose, re: the Troll who lives on this Site. I say Troll because I am convinced there is only one troll who spends her entire life posting under multiple names on this thread every day.
    Have you noticed how the troll’s hate posts all show up at the same time under many, many different names one right after the other? The troll regurgitates the same hateful topics every single day thinking she knows how to push the JP fan’s buttons to get a response from a fan. Any response will do. Her FF Site is Dead and she needs someone to talk to her so she can feed on her hate and keep it going.
    I am so happy to see a lot of fans are starting to ignore her.

  247. 247
    Wonderbust Says:

    Why do the hens have selective amnesia. ticky did not get rid of Brad, Brad dumped her ass. If you don’t believe me, read your idols Vanity Fair article from 2005 where she and her friends said that Brad wanted to LEAVE the marriage and had already checked out but that ticky wanted to STAY in the marriage, in what universe does that translate to ticky leaving him. You hens are dumb as hell, please stick to your fuglyfemales psycho site .

  248. 248
    Next Says:

    @just a thought:

    And with prominent veins in her arms too. But Angelina is always hyper scrutinized because she’s a huge star.

  249. 249
    lucy Says:

    @Wonderbust: What’s so bizarre is that Ticky was already boinking Vince by the time she did the VV interview, then had the nerve to “cry” on cue for the reporter, what a piece of work she was and still is.

  250. 250
    Wonderbust Says:

    Thanks Jared for cleaning up this thread.

  251. 251
    vickifromtexas Says:

    so nice to see photos of the beautiful angelina.

  252. 252
    Stacy Says:


    but she did get plastic surgery..research it

    she is beautiful either way

  253. 253
    Passing Through Says:

    I’m ROTFLMAO at this link I just saw on TMZ. It sure seems like everyone and their dog is taking shots at Ticky these days. I don’t think I’ve ever seen TooFab be this snarky about Ticky…
    Jennifer Aniston’s Career Was Scary Long Before “Just Go With It”
    Jennifer Aniston turns 44 years old today … or at least parts of her do.

    And long before she became “America’s Sweetheart” on “Friends,” the actress (and her original nose) got her first big break in the 1992 horror movie “Leprechaun.”

    I have a tradition of watching the god-awful movie every St. Patrick’s Day, just to get a laugh out of the now-megastar’s humble beginnings and lines like “F**k you, Lucky Charms.”

    There really is no better sight than Aniston looking frantically for a four-leaf clover so she can defeat the menacing 3′ 6″ Warwick Davis, all while sporting her pre-plastic surgery nose. (In case you forgot, Aniston admitted she went under the knife to fix a “deviated septum.” Uh huh.)
    BTW – Some of the photos in the slideshow at the link above are hilarious, too. There’s a bunch of stars who did crappy horror flix – including Brad, Porgie, Leo and Johnny Depp. The scariest thing about these movies? Their hair. Scrolll through and check out Depp’s mid-80′s feathered mullett. No wonder he hates to cut his hair. Dude probably has a flashback to that haircut every time he sees scissors. Brad’s hair looks perfect, natch, but Leo? Let’s just say that now I see why he always uses a pound of Dippity Do to slick it back…

  254. 254
    Passing Through Says:

    # 228 sunny @ 02/11/2013 at 8:51 pm
    Funny thing was Deaking was no show at this event but won.

    Jake Gyllenhaul is in the middle of filming with Deakins in Atlanta but attended the screening of Coen’s with Brad & Angie etc.
    Well, the DP kinda HAS to be there every day. The actors aren’t on call every day. Besides – Jakey G was obviously at the Coens screening to spy on Brad and Angie for Ticky. He’ll probably be on Howard Stern next week talking about how he still can’t believe any man would dump Ticky for Angelina Jolie…or at least he would be if he weren’t afraid that Howard would ask him if he’s Toothy Tile…

  255. 255
    Passing Through Says:

    # 250 Wonderbust @ 02/11/2013 at 10:56 pm
    It cracks me up every time Tampon spends the day crapping all over the thread…and then Jared has it all deleted. How stoopid do you have to be to come back every day and do it again – for what, 8-9 months now? What a total fool. Tampon’s making Ticky look like Einstein – with a bigger nose…and worse hair…

  256. 256
    gracie Says:

    Here is the gorgeous lady we’ve been missing for months and I almost missed her. Angie, you look fab as always and we have missed you including jenhags.

  257. 257
    my ring Says:


  258. 258
    my ring Says:

    PEOPLE does not speak about our Angie, few webs speak about her: (, it is very sad

  259. 259
    my ring Says:

    Passing Through,you JEN

    /Happy Birthday, Jennifer Aniston! Justin Theroux’s Bride-to-Be Turns 44

    Happy 44th birthday, Jennifer Aniston!
    It’s been a fabulous year for the stunning star and life just keeps getting better for the former Friends actress.
    This year, the blond beauty got engaged to her hunky beau Justin Theroux (and nabbed a massive diamond ring), became the face and co-owner of Living Proof hair care line, landed a deal with Aveeno skincare and continues to top every best dressed list with her always-flawless fashion.
    Jennifer enjoys a date night with her man Justin
    And in addition to her personal accomplishments, the superhot star still rocks a bikini better than most 20-somethings in the biz (you’re one lucky guy, Justin).
    Jen is currently filming her upcoming flick, Untitled Elmore Leonard Project, in Greenwich, Conn. and since the actress is not present on set today, it’s safe to assume she’s spending some quality romantic time with her hubby-to-be.
    So with that, we say happy birthday to the hottest 44-year-old around!
    Can’t wait to see the gorgeous gal take a walk down the aisle! She’ll undoubtedly be one beautiful bride.


  260. 260
    lucy Says:

    “So many people are so desperate to stay young,” says Davis. “My theory on this is if you’re 35 and you’re still trying to be 27 that’s one thing.

    “When you get over 40 or even get to 50 and you’re trying to be 27 then that’s a problem,” she says with a laugh.

    “So what if you’re not 27 anymore!” she cries.

  261. 261
    angelinajolieisaho Says:

    yay nice of her to come out!! i missed her!!

  262. 262
    Megatit Says:

    Oh my my…three quarter length sleeves are not her friend, lmao. Thick in the middle and emaciated with the arms….what’s up junkie?

  263. 263
    Megatit Says:

    I see Passing Poop is still zee number one Heroina sluntbag lesbian lovah wannabe…..Won’t happen fatazz….but keep fascinating….

  264. 264
    sunny Says:

    Passing Through @
    sunny @
    Now Jake and Maggie are both repped by WME and he is working with WME clients. My guess is he auditions for Unbroken. Don’t you think so ? If Ryan Gosling is not available due to his busy schedule for his directorial debut movie. Jake looks resemble to Zamperini a lot.
    Oscar Isaac can be Zamperini’s crewmate, pilot Russel Allen Phillips or other crew who had died before Japanese Navy found them in the ocean.
    haha, my illusion is insane !
    Probably Angie is very busy with a lot of pre-production work for both of Unbroken and Cleo but they can tie the knot before one of their projects starts shooting this year. Their new Miraval wine will debut this spring may be as their wedding aniversary gifts to their relatives and friends.
    It looks much more expensive compared to their other Miraval wines.
    haha, again my illusion is insane.

  265. 265
    Megatit Says:

    Wow, being thumbed down so quickly so late at night? Passing Poop still controlling things from her lair? HRAAAAAA !!!!! Let’s hear it Fatazz!!! Make that mating call!

  266. 266
    Observer Says:

    I’ve ventured back to JJ and have been rewarded by the thumbs down in place and wonderful photos of Angie.
    Talk about gorgeous. She just keeps getting more beautiful.
    She is glowing and looks very happy.
    The dress is classic and tres jolie.=:)

  267. 267
    Rose Says:

    Whoop! whoop! whoop!, someone was granted bail last night, and was here as soon as they walked out of jail. The power of the Jolie-Pitt. I love it.

  268. 268
    Rose Says:

    Good morning to all the Jolie Pitt’s fans and all fans wherever you are. I’m hoping everyone have a great day. Special shoutout to my early birds ladies, Phool , Susan, Lylian, NAN, dawne. Hi woman Spanish, long time no see. Hi love the Jolie Pitt’s, thanks for the shout out and checking in on us in the mornings.

    Ladies, the more I looked at Angie’s dress the more I like it, so elegant. I love the shoes, the earrings are the style of Jolie, and she puts her hair in a pony tail and with that face, perfection! Angle is the real deal when we talk movie star.

  269. 269
    Aveeno up Says:


  270. 270
    Aveeno up Says:

    Umm Gosling loves women more older than him, but he is very egocentric and Jolie is the star most famous of the planet krypton

  271. 271
    Rose Says:

    @bdj: #174, hi bdj, thanks for posting the link to your great find yesterday. Trolls can talk all the crap they want. All we have to do is listen to what real people have to say about Angie and Brad. These photographers were so happy to see Angie on the red carpet unexpectedly. Events photographers see stars everyday because it’s their job to take red carpets photos, still they were so happy to see Angie and take her photos. I love when one man said it made his night and the other one said it made his week! He also talked about how much her
    photos are in demands.

  272. 272
    truth Says:

    Angie is amazing. So happy to see her gorgeousness. She is abeautiful woman. Brad is a lucky man and based on his actions he really appreciates her and his life.

  273. 273
    Rose Says:

    Hi Phool, how are you lady? Yesterday I checked in on CB thread because I always like to read Angies fans comments. I always noticed over there the trolls are always the first ones to posts. After awhile Angie’s fans came on and give their support strongly to her. Always nice to see. We, fans, know Angie has long slim arms and legs. So, when I look at her torso I see nothing saying she is too thin, yet, trolls are always yelling she’s too thin. IMO, Angie is a healthy looking woman who has a slim frame just like her mother. I remember last year someone posted a photo of Angie at MMS premier and a photo taken last year at it looked identical. I’m so happy Angie blocked out the noise about her and just live her life, and what a life. Angie proved you can be a wild child and grow up to be a role model to other women and young girls if you are willing to change. Good for her.
    I believe in another month or so Brad will start doing print interviews for WWZ. During that time I’m sure we will start hearing about Ticky’s wedding, lol.

  274. 274
    Rose Says:

    @truth: Hi truth, over at TMZ, at the end of JJ page, are saying Viv contract was for $3,000 a week and $60 a day per dium for working with mommy on Malificent, sp. Just wondering which one of the kids will follow mom, dad and grandpa in the movie business.

  275. 275
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    waving hi to all the Jolie Pitt fans from around the world! hugs&kisses to my sweet ladies Rose&phool…man, I’m late to the party!!! wow!! finally our beautiful Angie…I love love her style…simple, understated elegance and that smile just lights up the whole room! she is always appropriately dressed…when you got”it” it shows no need to flaunt…oh btw, JLo needs to quit w/ her desperation…her thunder thighs did not look good trying to do the Jolie-ing lol…look whose got the last laugh now..that’s right Angie toned& slender legs!! that gets to wrap around her husband, Brad Pitt!!!

  276. 276
    Rose Says:

    @Ssshhii_baby: Hi Shi, love and kisses back at you my dear Shi. Shi, you mentioned JLo, Im not hating on JLo but she should just stop. Everyone knows she was doing a Jolie, but, but, Angie did that a year ago, she should try something new, at least do the left leg, lol. Anyway, there’s a saying, imitation is a sincere form of flattery. I’m saying JLo admires Angie.

  277. 277
    Shreya Says:

    New article about Angie and Vivienne

  278. 278
    Rose Says:

    @Ssshhii_baby: #186, page 8. Shi did you see that comment? When I saw the troll mentioned Shi, I said to myself, self, if Shi baby see this troll talking about Shi you are going to lose it, lol. Shi baby my resolution is to ignore the trolls, but I believe you’re not going to let that pig get away with anything concerning the kids.

  279. 279
    Wonderbust Says:

    I love how Angie is trending on yahoo and it was ticks birthday and no one gives a shiit, her story is not even on peoples most read. Hope everyone has a good day

  280. 280
    JPS Says:

    New York Fashion: Reem Acra makes a stylish catch

    Though when asked about her favorite celeb to dress, Acra was ready with an emphatic endorsement of one star, in particular. “Oh my God! I love Angelina (Jolie)! I’m obsessed with her – she knows that! I’ve met her many times and dressed her many, many times. —

  281. 281
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Rose: good morning!!! no I didn’t see that comment…by the time I get to read the comments it’s already thumb down..thank you to the fans for burying the filth! JP fans are smart&witty! always give a troll a good smack down! good resolution, Rose…you have more self control than me…the trolls are bunch of sick individuals, somebody got to do the dirty job and give them a taste of their own…it’s hilarious to see them completely lose their minds! and when they don’t have a good comeback then they would wish for you to DIE!! Bwahaha cracks me up every time…

  282. 282
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Rose: I’m not hating on JLo but seriously the woman needs to try something else! ok we get’re beautiful still banging @40…blah blah blah…her trying so hard just makes her boring &desperate…sorry, there’s only one La Jolie… always imitated never duplicated;)

  283. 283
    Rose Says:

    @Ssshhii_baby: Sui, I know you’re not hating on JLo. Also, I must say, IMO, her thigh is just too big for that dress. I love Angie’s slim thigh, that’s my preference.

    I’m so disappointed with her taking her back up dancer everywhere. IMO, some of her peers are laughing behind her back, like, she’s bringing the help to the party as her date. Same with Heidi K now dating her bodyguard. He’s guarding the family during the day and in the bed at night. I maybe old-fashioned, but that just seems wrong to me. No wonder seal said she was fornicating with the help, lol.

  284. 284
    nani Says:

    So glad to see Angie. She is the best in Hollywood, best all over the world.

  285. 285
    anustin Says:

    oh my gold!!!! JJOY is posting!!!!! hello lovely joy,im thingking 2004.hehehe …my azzz is frozen.waves to all the jolie-pitt fans.

  286. 286
    neer Says:

    AJ’s presence has really been missed!
    No surprise with the kind of news her attendance in American Society of Cinematographers Awards generated. I mean, there were BAFTA, Grammy & other other events but a simple awards night such as ASC was on everyone’s lips just because Angelina Jolie was there. She’s even felt in Grammys due to JLO’s “jolieing”.
    You know what, whether she is loved or not, it cannot be denied that she is really one of a kind. The attention she gets is simply fascinating.
    No one can come close enough to Angelina Jolie’s magnetism.

  287. 287
    anustin Says:

    hello “neer”" too true girl.our anjie is magic.hiya to work.

  288. 288
    Richard P Says:

    I love her

  289. 289
    jmay Says:

    anybody pls help me where i could In youtube when BRAD & ANGIE was dancing in a party, i think that was around 2012, not sure what party they were attending..i want to watch it again.THX

  290. 290
    Passing Through Says:

    # 264 sunny @ 02/12/2013 at 3:20 am
    I was being facetious about why Jake G was at the Coens screening. I don’t know that Jake G would be auditioning for Unbroken though. He claims to have sworn off studio films – at least big ones. If the scope of Unbroken is as big as we think it is it could have a major budget. Jakey is all about his “craft” these days. That’s what a few big budget flops will do to an actor…make it harder for a studio to take another chance on you and then you have to hide behind your “craft” to explain why you can’t get a big budget flick anymore. Or you can be Colin Farrell and wait it out a few years until the studios forget that you can’t open a door let a lone a movie…then they hire you for another big budget flick and it underwhelms again and then they’re all going, “Oh yeah…THAT’S why we stopped hiring him for tentpoles in the first place!”

  291. 291
    yep her nose was the problem Says:

    hope she feels adequate now

  292. 292
    Passing Through Says:

    # 280 JPS @ 02/12/2013 at 7:36 am
    LOL. I love it when other famous people – especially ones who’ve met them – admit to being to obsessed with Angie – or Brad. It just tells you how magnetic they are. The best thing is that it really pisses off the trolls that people are so open in their admiration of them. Meanwhile they’re here trying to annoy us by saying nasty stuff about Angie and Brad…even though it doesn’t work and we just make fun of them.

  293. 293
    mary Says:

    HER FACE IS SCREWED!!! I’m shocked how ugly she is, her cheeks looks like sacks, what a terrible botox

  294. 294
    Elizabeth Says:

    glad to see the number one Actress in the world……Angelina Jollie

  295. 295
    Passing Through Says:

    # 282 Ssshhii_baby @ 02/12/2013 at 7:48 am
    ITA about JLo. I saw that she and her boy toy were sitting next to Nic Kidman and Keith Urban and couldn’t help but be embarrassed for her. Besides all hard posing on the red carpet she then had to sit next to double-A listers and front like she’s not “fornicating with the help” (Thank you Seal!). I have no problem with JLo dating a younger man…but couldn’t you at least find one who has his money and you don’t have to support his broke ass? Harry Morton is always available. Just ask Ticky. LOL!

  296. 296
    Passing Through Says:

    # 283 Rose @ 02/12/2013 at 7:58 am
    @Ssshhii_baby: Sui, I know you’re not hating on JLo. Also, I must say, IMO, her thigh is just too big for that dress. I love Angie’s slim thigh, that’s my preference.
    ROTFLMAO. Okay…I thought I was the only who thought her thigh looked a little large-ish. A friend told me that JLO has “dancer’s thighs” – especially the type of dancing she does. Apparently it lends itself toward muscularity…and chunky thighs. LOL. I’d never heard it put like that before.

  297. 297
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: Hi PT, the is about to hit the fan. Chris Brown scandal police chief resigned, as seen on TMZ.
    PT, just what I said this morning to Shi. JLo is looking really desperate sleeping with the help, just like Heidi Klume. Can’t blame Seal for calling out HK for fornicating with the help, lol.

  298. 298
    Linda Says:

    Just a reminder of who owns the leg !!!!!!!

  299. 299
    Were the losers Says:

    New thread of the adorable vivienne Jolie-pitt

  300. 300
    beauty Says:

    Vivi is getting so much attention on blogs & twitter! People are so desperate for JP news that even a story full of errors is being repeated and repeated EVERYWHERE. Such is the power of the. JPs.

  301. 301
    hello777 Says:

    i love how she is just smiling and not trying to look sexy. she simply looks happy.

  302. 302
    an oldie Says:

    No Jake Gillenhal, please. He may have a nice body, but his face is so effeminate. Find a new talent, Angelina, none of the Ryan G or JGs.

  303. 303
    Were the losers Says:

    Don’t mind the article, but look at the adorable pics of Angelina and Vivienne!

  304. 304
    anon2 Says:

    Hmm, I haven’t checked JJ for a few days, so I see he posted a new post about Angelina yesterday. She looks beautiful! Congrats to Dean Selmer too.
    It would be nice to check the up/down buttons on my own for once, why is it that the boxes always seem to be checked already JJ? Is someone hacking my system or is your system corrupted? just wondering.

    Rock on, Angelina.

  305. 305
    Jo Says:

    Funny how Vivian has managed to earn more per hour than 44 year old Manistonis getting at the moment Wow , Viavian rocks big time

  306. 306
    Jo Says:

    Angleina Jolie makes her very first official red carped apperance which was mind you a surprise apperance not announced and she madwe new. The queen has arrived so regal & beautiful poise that she has look & learn holywood wanabes this is how to do it.
    Funnt how quickley Huvane has dugg up Maniston Birthday news with People deprate people have taken yet again very desprate measures.

  307. 307
    Jo Says:

    Queen of Hollywood ANGLEINA JOLIE

  308. 308
    Rose Says:

    @Jo: Whenever JJ puts up a thread about the kids it brings out the hate from the sick perverse trolls.

  309. 309
    anon2 Says:


    Oh come on now, you know Jenny is making 8-10 million bank on her blockbusters according to sites that report such things! Her publicist told them so! She’s the hardest working “sweetheart”. in showbiz. cough, cough, cough….Why she’s sold 2 billion? in ticket sales all by her little lonesome…cough, cough.
    Reminds me of “I will, I can, I do” Kan-do Kate Gosselin. …another do it all but not really when you peel back the layers.

  310. 310
    Jo Says:

    @Rose its always the Jolie Pitt Child that peopel have issues whith which i dont understand also, what about Judd Aptows daughters they have been working for years in their fathers movie no one ever had an issue with them its always double standards when it comes to the JoliePitt family

  311. 311
    Rose Says:

    @Jo: It’s jealousy!! I can never understand how grown ass trolls can be so hateful towards little children. Those trolls are the scum of the earth.

  312. 312
    Jo Says:

    @ anon2 LOL She’s the hardest working “sweetheart”. in showbiz. cough, cough, cough thanks anon2 for making me choke on my cookie,” sweetheart ” is this word still aloud to be used when one is discribing a 44 year old HagerdHeart.
    What Maniston sold 2 billion in ticket sales ,What, Where & When some one pinch me have I just been in Coma for the past 30 years when did that happen? and to top it of she did it in her name only actually carried a movie in her name only.? Some one knock me back into coma again as I cant breath anymore as I am laughing my ass off. thanks annon2 I needed a laugh today.

  313. 313
    Jo Says:

    @Rose the trolls are scum of the earth thats why they worship fellow scum like maniston and her paid man.
    By the way Rose she is competing with Angleina by announcing her 44th birthday thats called stalking only a person who is scum will do that. I guess by tommorow we will have new photos from her latest dud of a movie beacuse she has to compete with a 4 year olf Vivian Jolie Pitt

  314. 314
    dawne Says:


    As Johnny Carson said once…..”Sexy is between the ears.” That is why Ticky has never come across as sexy; she’s not smart enough.

    Women have always underestimated the se*ual appeal of ‘smart’….body for short term………Angie’s sexiness is her powerhouse talent, sense of adventure, penchant for humanitarianism……her drive………her risk taking, her tomboy action abilities … her humilty and sweetness and her huge BRAIN.

    It’s the whole package and smart Brad recognized it immediately…for those hags who want to portray his attraction as merely ‘se*ual missed the whole point………but then again, dumb is tunnel vision at its worst.

  315. 315
    Jo Says:

    “Aniston’s role in the comedy will be that of a therapist with an alcoholic mother in rehab.” A 44 YEAR OLD WOMEN WHO IS IN THERAPY HER SELF FOR PAST 15 YEARS PLAYING A THERAPIST LOL

  316. 316
    dawne Says:

    Just love Angie’s dress…… perfect for her body………btw, I love Helen Mirrens’ pink hair; it’s the bomb.

  317. 317
    Danny Says:

    The sexy, beautiful Angelina Jolie, the woman who inspired me everyday.
    Vivienne Jolie-Pitt’s is trending on twitter, go Viv.

    Imagine the over the hill want to be movie star X speed dialing her agent and asking him why can’t she be trending on twitter. LOL Good Times

  318. 318
    Rose Says:

    @Jo: Jo wait until Brad starts promoting WWZ Ticky will be seen everywhere, you watch for the coat-tailing.. Watch, if we starts hearing rumor about the Jolie Pitt’s wedding we will be seeing Ticky everywhere. The coat tailing will never stops.

    Jo I have to go watch Jodi Arias trial now. Nice talking to you.

  319. 319
    Jo Says:

    Why has Jared not put a smiling photo of Vivian on her news thread, there are so many he could have used from. Also there is no mention in jareds write up words like ,cute, adorable 4 year old, like jared does with every other childaprt from Joliepitts, oh my bad i fiorgot beacuse she is a JoliePitt child they are not included in the gushing are they jared.

  320. 320
    Jo Says:

    @ Rose….. Bye nice talking to you enjoy watching the Jodi Arias trial

  321. 321
    Passing Through Says:

    4Q & Premalee -
    Did you guys see that BDB lost in his clay final on Sunday? And now he’s back to whining about there being too many hard court tourneys, saying the ATP doesn’t care about the health – or future health – of the athletes…and that the 25-second rule is stoopid and none of the guys in the locker room are too happy about it. Whine, whine, whine. The way he carries on he’s probably a hen, too.

  322. 322
    lOl Says:

    wow wow wow I couldn’t able to comment for a couple of days and guess what happened angie surfaced.
    She look so gorgeous. I like the dress the shoes and the earlings. She look so chick.

  323. 323
    lOl Says:

    ok reading back so haters were having a melt down? hahahhaa
    btw the photos from Brad cadilic promot are gorgeous as well. So yummy lol

  324. 324
    lOl Says:

    also Angie looks senstive jenquiesh type ….
    I bet those who talk about plastic are the ones who was called about it there new nose….
    those who talked about her dress are the ones with the turtle ones…
    j.lo imatation is may be flattery but she didn’t stand out for some reason and the hair up not worked with it.

  325. 325
    lOl Says:

    news about viv geting paid good why wouldn’t she every kid for simialr I bet? wheater the actually story is true or false.
    no I stay in this thread for now

  326. 326
    lOl Says:

    though I am not much in to and still many o n the fence l…
    I thought the rihanna and the CB one photo very cute from the whole “affectionate” photos awards I saw.

  327. 327
    lOl Says:

    @Passing Through: why you always hard on j.lo.
    She can do whatever she wants … comeon…. she is not touching anyone. I mean dude has to go but he has his benifates for now for her. Girl has to do what she got to do….. she is a type who feel secure when she has a man than not. madonna is doing the same, so are manny woman after a certatin age. Because guys a certain ange doesn’t want them woman their age they go 20 years younger that is how it is.

  328. 328
    lOl Says:

    Why they photogs angie up close like that that you can see every her foundation? I rarely see other people phtos when the direct flash light and zoomed like that

  329. 329
    lOl Says:

    ^^ btw j.lo can be a lot annoying in some times but I don’t think this is one of them for me.

  330. 330
    JP Fan Says:

    Vivienne is trending on yAhoo

  331. 331
    lOl Says:

    yes viv everything is cute the whole princes story is cute for some reason…..
    ok later

  332. 332
    first and last post Says:

    @Passing Through:

    re: “Tampon spends the day crapping all over the thread…and then Jared has it all deleted. How stoopid do you have to be to come back every day and do it again – for what, 8-9 months now? What a total fool”

    Thanks for letting some of us know that jared actually deletes the post…I don’t pay attention to this poster. Good for jared’s team. You have to admit, jared et al are having to be constantly vigilant to keep up with such a robotic unimaginative monotonous drudge. Reminds me of an imprisoned enraged rat always trying to escape its existence within the cubicle world it lives in. “Fool” is too kind a description…this posters actions reveal more vacuous inanity really…aka bottom dwelling base intellectual emptiness…even single celled amoebas have more reactive common sense. Persistent yes but repeatedly banging your head against a brick wall has made this poster duller. Doesn’t this poster know that the rule of attention getting is that over-exposure loses effectiveness…most readers/lurkers here are numb to the same diatribe. It’s method of communication is incipient and should be aborted for its sole balderdash and waste of space.

  333. 333
    Passing Through Says:

    # 302 an oldie @ 02/12/2013 at 11:32 am
    I hear ya, Oldie. Jakey always looks like he smells dirty socks. I hated his performance in Zodiac so much I couldn’t finish the movie. The whole time I kept thinking about him whining about doing 100 takes of every scene. I swear you could see his frustration on his face throughout the movie. Plus, he’s boring as hell. Brokeback Mountain is good only for Heath Ledger’s performance – and maybe the blond chick…

  334. 334
    JMHO Says:

    I don’t think I would want to be in a Harvey Weinstein movie that he is pushing for an Oscar. Poor Jennifer Lawrence is being run ragged by promotions.

  335. 335
    soi Says:

    LOve you Angie-Jo!! Good to see some new photos!!!

  336. 336
    anon2 Says:


    Hey, Jo…I swear Aniston was bragged up in ticket sales recently…I think it was 2 billion in sales…I kid you not. People Choice awards…no wait, it was that payment Jimmy Kimmel gave her for that freebie trip to Cabo….per Jen’s appearance for Kimmel’s new hour or something.
    I was surprised her rating on Forbes is not mentioned when she is introduced….LOL.

  337. 337
    an oldie Says:

    JMHO @ 02/12/2013 at 2:44 pm +1

    I don’t think I would want to be in a Harvey Weinstein movie that he is pushing for an Oscar. Poor Jennifer Lawrence is being run ragged by promotions

    I agree, but at least she is young and has no family commitment. I like her a lot, and I hope she has a long and successful career.

  338. 338
    Passing Through Says:

    # 315 Jo @ 02/12/2013 at 1:06 pm
    # 315 Jo @ 02/12/2013 at 1:06 pm
    Ticky’s been in therapy since her late teens and NOT just for the last 15 years.
    Also, the sad thing is that she’s repeating herself. She’s already played a therapist once when she guest-starred on Cougar Town. They don’t even need to shoot new scenes. Just use the ones from CT. They can film Owen Wilson using a green screen and just plug Ticky into the scenes. I guarantee they’ll get the exact same performance she’d give in person. Oh wait…Ticky’s all about stretching herself using wigs now (We’re The Morons & Switch 2 Renamed) so she’ll probably want to cover her real hair again so that only SHE has the privilege of watching her hair grow. Cuz…you know…that masses just can’t handle that kind of excitement. People will be standing up in the middle of the movie yelling, “OSCAR! OSCAR! BRAVO FOR JEN’S HAIR! I HAVE NEVER SEEN HAIR GROW LIKE THAT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!”

  339. 339
    Passing Through Says:

    # 327 lOl @ 02/12/2013 at 1:53 pm
    Why am I always so hard on JLo? Because someone with her massive ego should be able to do better, that’s why. That and she’s freaking fickle. She can’t stand to be without a man and obviously she likes slumming because she keeps going there – first husband, second husband, boytoy. All broke ass users. The ones who aren’t broke she’s either leaking rumors that they’re trying to control her\abuse her (Mark A.) or she’s nagged them to death until they cheat on her or find greener pastures (Diddy, Ben A). I’m just saying – JLo thinks she’s the shizznick…but her actions say otherwise. I find her to be slightly less needy, narcissistic, manipulative and fameho-ish than Ticky…but that only because she wasn’t married to Brad and then spent 8 yeas trying to ruin Angie’s reputation. Otherwise – they’re neck-and-neck in my book. Madge is right up there, too, but luckily for me she’s not in my face annoying he crap outta me at the mo…

  340. 340
    Jaye Says:

    dawne @ 02/12/2013 at 1:05 pm
    I agree with you. Same applies to guys. He might be the best looking guy you’ve ever seen, but if he opens his mouth and stupid comes out, that kills the buzz.
    The person doesn’t have to have a college degree, but they at least should know how to be engaged in a conversations and speak with some intelligence on some subjects that aren’t pertaining to themselves. Ticky only knows herself, which I bet takes up hours and hours of her personal conversations. Interesting people also have interests outside of work.
    Educating yourself isn’t hard, Ticky is just too narcissistic and lazy.

  341. 341
    Jaye Says:

    Hey Phool:

    Don’t hate me because I’m warm :-). Hopefully you’re digging out and the worst is over for this season. I can’t believe some areas got thirty eight inches of snow. Yikes! It does snow in Florida for time to time, not that I’ve been close to it. I complained when the temperature gets into the low sixties. I know I’m a wuss. lol

  342. 342
    Passing Through Says:

    # 334 JMHO @ 02/12/2013 at 2:44 pm
    If you don’t think JLaw wants that Oscar and will gladly do whatever she needs to do (within reason because we ARE talking about Harvey The Snake Weinstein) to make it happen, then you’re kidding yourself. They ALL want it. Brad and Angie included. If they didn’t they wouldn’t submit to the torture of awards season. Hell, Joaquin Phoenix poo-pooed the whole awards process…but his crazy ass showed up for the BAFTAs and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t go to the Oscars. Oscar always trumps mad pimping yourself…

  343. 343
    Jaye Says:

    Hi Rose.

    I’m getting into the second phrase of renovations-repairs, the outside version. I’m taking care of all the maintenance issues and then I’m going to have my screened porch turned into an enclosed room with lots of glass so that I can see out into the garden, which is only grass now. I want a room I can enjoy year round. It’s too hot in the summer as it is.
    I’ll probably have the house painted at the same time. I’ll have the yard landscaped after all of the work on the house is done. It’ll be a lot of work, but I hope to have it finished this year.

  344. 344
    Premalee Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Tks. I read your article. Watching Brazil Open. Rafa won but he does not look that good. I think he should wear proper under clothes when playing tennis like Federa and the other players.

  345. 345
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    View at your own risk.

  346. 346
    groundcontrol Says:

    I finally watched Ides of March last night and Ryan Gosling was very good. And he looks very much like Zamperini. Ryan has an in with Angie for sure so who knows. I’m sure she wants to see what’s available especially if there is a more unknown actor.
    There will be a number of lead actors besides Zamperini.

  347. 347
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    @Passing Through:

    You crack me up. LMAO!!! Always enjoy your posts.

  348. 348
    Passing Through Says:

    # 344 Premalee @ 02/12/2013 at 4:12 pm
    Premalee -
    BDB says it’s going to take him a while to play his way back into it. I’m still laughing at his attack on hard courts. Did he ever stop to think that he’d have knee problems even if he was a couch potato like the rest of us? Look at Tiger Woods – he’s had about 8 knee surgeries going back to when he was a teenager. He’s a golfer – he’s on grass all the time. But he’s also a runner and he’s into fitness and weightlifting. He said it was actually the torque of his swing that caused the knee problems. BDB could have the same injuries if he played on clay all the time because he plays like a bulll in a china shop. It’s all power, very little finesse. So he either needs to learn to play a different style or resign himself to the fact that he’s got crappy knee genetics.

  349. 349
    Passing Through Says:

    # 345 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 02/12/2013 at 4:18 pm
    Dang…homegirl looks like something my sister’s cat drags in the house after being out all night. Man…I’m gonna have to find these suckers in high res…cuz you know she’ll look 5X worse up-close. Somebody needs to tell her that that color blond makes her look like Michael Jackson’s corpse. Thriller…she ain’t. Maybe one of the zombies at the end of the video though…

  350. 350
    Just Asking Says:

    Is Princess Zee knocked up?

  351. 351
    Just Asking Says:

    Is Brad broke?

  352. 352
    busted Says:

    Just saw the news about Viv and her paycheck.. NOW I don’t recall anyone posting how much Judd Apataw’s girls got for Knocked up or the other movie. Nor did we see how much that Beckham boy got for his ad campaign or JLO’s twins when they were in her ad, or Jessica Alba’s girls.. the list goes on and on.. But it is SO NEWSWORTHY what Viv got paid. Of course the hags will scream and make asses* of themselves over this. But only because it is Brad/Angie’s kid.

  353. 353
    Just Asking Says:

    Is Brad really living with Angie and the kids?

  354. 354
    Just Asking Says:

    Does the heroin make Angie’s face so oily?

  355. 355
    Just Asking Says:

    I have lots more questions. See you tomorrow.

  356. 356
    yolly Says:

    Pretty & elegant. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  357. 357
    yolly Says:

    Waving to Lara,Neleh,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Shar,Cee,Kimmy,Joann,lyric.

  358. 358
    yolly Says:

    Thank you JJ

  359. 359
    yolly Says:

    Someone didn’t see the tweet that she saw Angie & Brad last Saturday attending the movie review.Brad & Angie are very much together & in love.God bless them & their 6 kids.

  360. 360
    yolly Says:

    J Lo doing Angie’s pose. lol. Angie got my vote, J Lo, thumbs down.

  361. 361
    dawne Says:

    Amused to see Jared got Angie’s pic down as fast as he could…….still has some of the other crap up there like the Grammy boring photo….well, I guess it’s his site, not mine.

  362. 362
    Next Says:

    Just compare the photo of Jolie and the woman in a blonde wig to the right.

  363. 363
    Next Says:

    One is obviously a beauty but blondie wouldn’t get a 2nd glance on the street.

  364. 364
    anustin Says:

    #338 P.T

    bwahahahahahahahaha….u are such a biz and i’m lovin it!!!

  365. 365
    tweet Says:

    Brian Thompson ‏@tbrian24
    @WillBurge speaking of money ball what about Brad Pitt? Fight club? Troy? Angelina ? Winning!

  366. 366
    an opinion Says:

    Model mum and Irish soccer WAG Claudine Keane must have been kicking herself yesterday after she missed out on the opportunity to meet Mr. Brad Pitt. Claudine, who had been due to fly back to her adopted LA home with her hubby – footballer Robbie Keane – gave the flight a miss because she and son Robert were feeling under the weather. Later the mum-of-one tweeted: “Didn’t fly back to LA yesterday as little Robert and I have the flu.. The one time I cancelled a flight and rob is sitting beside Brad Pitt!!” Typical eh.
    2hrs ago
    Simon Evans ‏@sgevans
    Keane sat next to Brad Pitt on a recent flight. “I was surprised how much he knows about (the game)” he said.

  367. 367
    busted Says:

    @Jo: @ 02/12/2013 at 1:06 pm

    Wow so she gets to ACT smart.

  368. 368
    fiesta Says:

    A repeat of the JP wedding rumors with a very pretty picture of Angie at the ceremony for Dean. This bit about weddings & bride’s birthdays was “new”, but of course, a bit silly- I fall into the 80% who got married within six weeks of my birthday, but sister & mom don’t…hmmm- more like 33% for us!

    “They will be in the news in April, and May even more. Something’s going on here. Are they getting married? She’s a Gemini and 80 percent of brides marry within six weeks of their birthday, Jolie’s is June 4. She’s getting married in June. And it will be perfect!” Miller stated.

  369. 369
    busted Says:


    I guess these people don’t listen to interviews. Brad very clearly said the wedding would be simple.. Family.. the way they want it. I seriously doubt Brad or Angie are planning their lives around their high profile friends. They keep their personal holidays and birthdays and such very low key and family oriented. They don’t do celebrity birthdays or Holidays.. It is always about their family. It is never about what celeb attended or how many. Unlike others.

    so I suspect as many fans that it will be FAMILY like Brad said. JUST FAMILY.

  370. 370
    lOl Says:

    It surprise me how one apearnce of her send them to panic. Full of hollywood and onlyher pictures, her every details from every angle even when presenting anazlized like it send to lab. hahahahaha
    Their unbeliveable addiction is driven by envy, competion , money making you name it.
    All adding to the power so hey . They are instrument. see it that way.

  371. 371
    lOl Says:

    wedding? I am hopping by the summer or by the end of the year. If that is not their plan they can remain enaged they can do it their way as they want. But I would love to see the wedding and the dress and just one photo of each of the things …
    Btw I was totally buying by last weekend that she may be pregers but my other crtial self was like no I don’t think this time. well that one is right after all….. lol

  372. 372
    yolly Says:

    @busted: I believed Brad & it should be among family members only & their wedding will happen soon.God bless them.

  373. 373
    yolly Says:

    @Rose: Yeah, Rose, J Lo’s big thigh in that black with high slit on the side, posing like Angie. Angie is the winner in that category.

  374. 374
    yolly Says:

    Ticky looks funny in that blonde curly hair. She is no way even closed to Angie’s beautiful face.

  375. 375
    lucy Says:

    The appearance of Angelina has caused the haters of the JP family to go in overdrive. The flat out insane comments posted on that voodoo site are not to be believed, not because they are lies, which of course they are, but because of the sheer insanity of the freaks posting on that site. And don’t get me started on what some are saying about little Viv getting her mere few thousands of dollars, by the time these insane lunatics are getting through embellishing and outright lying they have little Viv supporting Angie, Brad, and the entire extended Pitt family from no more than a week or two of filming on a Disney movie. And to make matters worse there are the most gawd awful pictures of Ticky I’ve yet to see, and of course they’re claiming she’s nothing short of Marilyn Monroe come back to life. I should have known better than to slink over to that FF voodoo site, but every once in a while my curiosity gets the best of me, well, I’ve learned my lesson now.

  376. 376
    yolly Says:

    Goodnight to all lovely fans of Brad & Angie all over the world. See you again tomorrow. God bless & take care.

  377. 377
    Wonderbust Says:

    those women are real nutcases and need to be comitted. Anyone who believes that Angie uesed voodoo to get Brad, is in the CIA, and a host of other ludicrous lies needs serious help. Its no wonder that the site only gets a few visitors, there is only so much crazy one can take. I visited the site a while ago and never went back, everyone on the internet knows them freaks are crazy. I remember visiting a very popular forum one time and someone linked that site to it, all the members thought the FF freaks were mental. The women are ugly as hell too, if you want a good laugh google “ontd slimandsexxy” and see what happens when an FFer goes on a normal popular Internet forum and tries to spew their rubbish, the ontders outed the FF psycho and she turned out to be a fugly old woman named Joyce.

  378. 378
    sunny Says:

    Passing Through @ 02/12/2013 at 10:08
    sunny @ 02/12/2013 at 3:20 am
    I was being facetious about why Jake G was at the Coens screening. I don’t know that Jake G would be auditioning for Unbroken though.
    I was joking, too.
    Despite of his facial resemblance to Zamperini, his personality looks very different. Jake seems to be more sophisticated and introverted person.
    So I jokingly wrote he needs to audition to get the role.
    I like the idea of intense Oscar Isaac playing Zamperini more than Jake but he does not look like the person who is very lean track runner.
    But I think he can play both Jesus and Calligra or Herode in Bible-period deep drama.

  379. 379
    big nose manny Says:

    @Wonderbust: Thank goodness I’m not the only person to have made the mistake of burning my retinas with the venomous bile that passes as posts on the FF site. Never again, there’s only so much my blood pressure can take, I wanted to post , really I wanted to scream, you are all insane, but it was apparent there is no room on that site for reason or sanity.

  380. 380
    Andamentothat Says:


  381. 381
    lucy Says:

    Sorry, I used big nosed manny as my “name”, but somehow I feel in some way vindicated, I needed to vent some anger at the person I believe is responsible for stirring up the crazies. If Ticky had not started her going on decade long pity party, then sites such as the voodoo FF site would never have been born.

  382. 382
    Wonderbust Says:


    here is where one of the psychos was outed the link is below. the picture of slimandsexxy aka joyce is gone but the bitchh is infamous on ONTD(which by the way is th most popular internet livejournal forum on the net). This is what happens when an FFer spews her crazy on a normal forum
    also you can see joyce by googleing “ontd slimandsexxy” and click images, she is the fugly old lady with “The Hill” shirt. Before I was always indifferent to ticky, it was her fans that made me dislike her. As you can see Joyce the biggest JP hater on the net is beyond fugly

  383. 383
    lucy Says:

    @Wonderbust: I too was indifferent to Ticky during Friends, and I really began to lose interest in Brad during the time he was with Ticky, something about him just seemed “off”, but when Brad dumped Ticky and got with Angie, my interest returned, the world seemed in balance again, or at least Beauty (Brad) was not with the Beast (Ticky) any longer and was with a woman that could match his physical beauty. Then by following them I began to see that both Brad and Angie not only were blessed with an abundance of physical beauty, but both were blessed with an abundance of empathy for the most vunerable in the world.As much as I enjoy their movies and appreciate them as artists, it’s their caring and loving natures that really hooked me. I think you can tell a lot about a celebrity by their fanbase, Brad and Angie’s fans seem to be caring, intelligent people, while Ticky’s fanbase seems to be women that have been dumped by the men in their life, which has turned them into the bitter, spiteful, hate filled women such as the FF freaks.

  384. 384
    War of the Gargantuas Says:

    TDS was using Japanese monster movies to explain one of their stories & it made me think of this- Brad is the coolest!! I remember the 1st time I saw this & thought that he must be such a good storyteller with his kids!
    But there was one moment that truly captured the magic of the movies: Brad Pitt talking about the War of the Gargantuas. The late-1960s Japanese monster movie, as the four-time Oscar nominee explained, was about “the good Gargantua and the bad Gargantua” (that were, of course, huge guys that warred against each other). But was War of the Gargantuas even a real movie? Part of what made this moment wonderful is that no one knew what Pitt was talking about. Even Pitt seemed unsure, referring to it only as being called “The Gargantuas … I believe.” Was he making fun of this whole thing? Was he making it up?
    But the real magic came a second later, as Pitt explained, “At the end of it, the good Gargantua had to [pause] sacrifice himself [pause] to defeat the bad Gargantua and rid the world of evil.” There is a lot to unpack here, but what’s most important is that, as Brad Pitt recalls this moment for perhaps the first time in years, he is sincerely moved. When those two guys fought in giant moss-covered gorilla suits, and the one moss-covered gorilla-suit guy mimed giving up his life to defeat the other moss-covered gorilla-suit guy, it really stuck with him. In fact, it moved him so much that he dedicated his life to the movies. He still remembers it fondly 40 years later.

    I still have questions about this moment. For one, before he talked about the ending, did you notice there was an obvious edit? What did he say that they cut out? Did he summarize the whole plot of the War of the Gargantuas? But above all I will remember how Brad Pitt managed to say more about the magic of the movies than anyone else that evening. That if a fight between two poorly costumed monsters could make someone love the movies so much that he pursued acting, that the movies would be safe. Sometimes the true magic of the movies is two guys wrestling each other in monster suits.

  385. 385
    an opinion Says:

    @War of the Gargantuas: Thanks for posting. I forgot Brad did that for last year’s Oscars.
    Damn did Brad look great in that video.

  386. 386
    anustin Says:

    wtf! that “slimandnotsexyatall the “hill” look like a corps.

  387. 387
    Jolie's Got Gold Says:

    Knockout gorgeous!

  388. 388
    Cece Says:

    She is the most beautiful woman in the world. Yeah Angie! Love the outfit, the shoes and OMG that ring is blinding, the man who stands behind that ring must really love her. Nice to get a glimpse of you.

  389. 389
    my ring Says:


  390. 390
    my ring Says:

    kate upton—————————–jolie bones

  391. 391
    my ring Says:

    PEOPLE———————————–TYCKY LOVE

  392. 392
    my ring Says:

    Gay gyllenhaal

  393. 393
    my ring Says:

    when is the wedding? boycott to Jared for the pics of Ticky: (


  394. 394
    Frank Says:

    I wish I had her long and thin frame, her skin, hair, lips, eyes and all her beauty. She has that exotic beauty never found anywhere. We are consumed by her natural beauty and awed with her intelligence. And you know what she does not appear to be a snob either! Wish her happiness and continued success.

  395. 395
    yes Says:


  396. 396
    Jo Says:

    I see jared has put Brads ugly past (Maniston ) and Brads present & future 2 beauties ( Angleina & Vivian) up together on the main , no comparison the 2 beauties win every time hands down LMAO

  397. 397
    Wonderbust Says:

    lol all that pimping and tick couldn’t even land a cover story on people mag AGAIN. Thank God people chose to go with the Robin Roberts story, she is such a strong woman. Hope everyone has a great day.

  398. 398
    dawne Says:

    Holy shite if anyone ever wondered why Brad left it……….man, that face needs major deflation………next to Angie’s pic……… do you get it, trolls? What an upgrade on all levels. Those fake blue eyes kill me with those ballooned cheeks………but she’s heavily in the role with a blonde wig……..LMAO……..what a minor player she has turned out to be after all the histrionics and hate abetting……….mashed potatoes beside caviar.

  399. 399
    anustin Says:

    oh lord of the ring!!! jared!!!!!!!!!!!!! please,hon,i want to see beautiful pictures in the morning.ruined my breakfast!darn.

  400. 400
    Jo Says:

    Vivienne Jolie-Pitt’s New Acting Career: Why Her Maleficent Paycheck Is Far From Giant
    by Leslie Gornstein

    Vivienne Jolie-Pitt’s new acting career: Is $3,000 a week a lot for a 4-year-old actor? Does she have her own bank account?

    Yep, she sure does have a bank account. I know that for a fact, because every kid actor in Hollywood, no matter how powerful the parent, must have a chunk of money set aside for when the nipper turns 18.

    As for the $3,000 weekly paycheck that La Petite Jolie earned for her time on the Maleficent set, you may be surprised when you learn how it compares to other salaries.

    It’s low.

    Like, way low.

    Like, pretty much the minimum weekly payment for an actor on a big-budget movie. Really!

    The current guidelines from the Screen Actors Guild dictate $2,921 weekly for a big-budget film actor. That would include Petite Jolie, given that the budget for Maleficent is an estimated $200 million. (That’s not a misprint.)

    The paycheck is even lower when you consider these facts, courtesy of Toni Casala, head of the consulting service Children in Film:

    “Ten percent goes to an agent,” she reminds us. “And 15 percent goes to a manager, if there is one, and another 15 percent also goes into a Coogan Account.”

    Tweet us with your questions!

    The account, named after the ill-fated child actor Jackie Coogan, is required by law for all child performers—at least, all child performers in Los Angeles, New York and two other states. The account is a blocked trust, meaning that parents can’t put their hands on it. (Brangelina maintains a massive compound in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles.)

    So in case you’re math challenged, let me help: 15 percent of 3,000 is $450. So, somewhere (perhaps in fabulous Los Feliz), there is a bank account with Petite Jolie’s name upon it, with $450 in it for every week that the kid spent on set with Bonne Maman.

    As for the rest of that cash money, it’s technically supposed to go toward business expenses—head shots and such. But something tells me little Vivienne won’t be needing those. Like, ever.

  401. 401
    anustin Says:

    evilniston to the max!!!look at her face???eewwwww

  402. 402
    Jo Says:

    happy Valantines day Brad & Anglina++++++++++++++++

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have spent over seven happy years together, and in April they got one step closer to making it official when the pair got engaged. Between raising their six kids and supporting each other’s work, whether it be on the red carpet or humanitarian deeds, Brad and Angelina always have each other’s backs. The pair never fails to make us smile with their cute PDA pictures — click through to see their best!

  403. 403
    paige Says:

    I would love to see new pics of brad and angie together.

  404. 404
    Jo Says:

    Angelina Jolie’s daughter earns thousands for movie role13 FEBRUARY 2013
    Angelina Jolie’s daughter is earning a dreamy wage for her debut role.

    Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt is earning £1900 a week for her role as Aurora in the Sleeping Beauty adaptation Maleficent, which tells the tale of the Disney princess’ evil nemesis. Angelina’s daughter was also given £38 “per diem” for living expenses whilst she filmed the movie. The Disney film will also feature appearances from two of her other children, Pax and Zahara, although they have taken much smaller roles.

    Starring BAFTA Rising Star award winner Juno Temple, Miranda Richardson and Dakota Fanning’s sister Ella, the Hollywood film is set to be released in March 2014.

    This is not the first time, however, one of the Jolie-Pitt brood has taken an acting role.

    Shiloh joined her father on the set of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, playing a toddler in the Oscar-winning film.

    Despite taking part in the major motion picture, Angelina is considering calling time on her career in the near future to spend more time with her children.
    Speaking to Channel 4, the award-winning actress revealed that she will be waving goodbye to her career to focus on her family and more philanthropic pursuits. “I think I’m going to have to give up the acting as the kids hit the teenage years, anyway, too much to manage at home,” said the Changeling star. “I have enjoyed being an actress. I am so grateful to the job and I have had great experiences and I have even be able to tell stories and be a part of stories that mattered and I have done things for fun.” “I will do some films and I am so fortunate to have the job, it’s a really lucky profession to be a part of and I enjoy it,” she added. “But if it went away tomorrow I would be very happy to be home with the children. I wake up in the morning as a mum and I turn on the news like everybody else and I see what’s happening and I want to be part of the world in a positive way.”

    Cementing their family unit, fiancé Brad Pitt has admitted that the pair are set to tie the knot “very soon”. “The time is nigh,” said the father-of-six. “I’ve got a good feeling about it.”

  405. 405
    Rose Says:

    Good morning Jolie Pitt’s fans wherever you are. Hi Phool, Susan Jaye, dawne. Just stopped by to wish everyone a great day!

    @Jo, Angie said they don’t celebrate valentines day because they have so many other days to celebrate.

    @Jaye, saw your comment from yesterday, will talk later.

  406. 406
    Bea Says:

    I’m so glad that I’m pretty internet illiterate – I have never been to a lot of these sites where the biggest anti JPs and Ticky fans are! I think it saves my blood pressure :)

  407. 407
    Passing Through Says:

    # 382 Wonderbust @ 02/12/2013 at 10:59 pm
    Wonderbust -
    You know that crazy chick is still around, right? She’s one of my stalkers from FF. She still brings the cray cray here. I think she’s one of the ones Jared has IP banned and she keeps having to find ways around the ban. She’s nuttier than a fresh rolled Payday. And just like a Payday as soon as you unwrap it the nuts start falling off.

  408. 408
    an opinion Says:

    A little bit more on the wine venture by the Jolie-Pitt

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie launch wine with Perrin family

    Wednesday 13 February 2013 by Jane Anson in Bordeaux Be the first to comment
    Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have joined forces with the Perrins of Beaucastel to produce wine at their Provence estate

    Under the agreement, the Perrin family, long-term owners of Château Beaucastel in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and one of the most renowned names in the Rhone Valley, are now responsible for both the winemaking and distribution of the Jolie-Pitts’ Château Miravel in Correns.

    The Perrins began working with the estate from harvest 2012, Marc Perrin told Mutual friends put the two sides in touch, he said.

    When the Jolie-Pitts first moved in to Château Miravel they signed a three-year lease to rent the 500-ha estate, but its AOC Côtes de Provence continued to be made by the previous winemaker.

    They have since purchased the property – reportedly for around US$60m – and have been carrying out extensive renovations.

    The property covers an entire valley, with 60ha of old vines, at an altitude of 350m. ‘The terroir, the freshness that comes from the altitude, and the exposition of the vines are all incredible,’ said Perrin. ‘For us as winemakers, it’s a wonderful opportunity to work with grapes that we know well, in an environment where striving for quality is the most important thing.’

    Among the planned changes, Perrin said, is a full geological survey, likely to be carried out by soil expert Claude Bourguignon, and field grafting of some varieties such as mourvèdre to add complexity to the Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah blend that is currently used in the red wines. The estate also produces a white, from the Rolle grape, and a Pink Floyd rosé, named because the seminal album The Wall was recorded in a studio at the property.

    ‘The focus will now be more about Miravel itself that any specific cuvée,’ said Perrin. ‘They (the Jolie-Pitts) want to ensure they are making the best Provence wines they can. They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery – where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks – to reworking the labels across the range of wines.’

    The first Perrin-made Miravel rosés should be on the market next month, March 2013, with the white wines arriving at the end of the summer.

  409. 409
    a lurker Says:

    crdt : brangelinaforum

    See Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Cutest PDA Moments
    February 13, 2013

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and we’re celebrating the holiday of love with a closer look at the cute PDA moments of some of our favorite celebrity couples! We’ve already taken a look at Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s sweetest snaps, and now we’re rounding up Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s best.

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have spent over seven happy years together, and in April they got one step closer to making it official when the pair got engaged. Between raising their six kids and supporting each other’s work, whether it be on the red carpet or humanitarian deeds, Brad and Angelina always have each other’s backs. The pair never fails to make us smile with their cute PDA pictures — click through to see their best!

  410. 410
    paige Says:

    I think you all may enjoy this

    Look at their’s and then our golden couple.

  411. 411
    Passing Through Says:

    # 396 Jo @ 02/13/2013 at 5:53 am
    As I threatened yesterday…I have found some high res images. These are of Ticky trying to emote. You probably didn’t think it could get any funnier…but…
    Click NEXT IMAGE above the pic to see the entire sequence. Be sure to check out the chunky thighs. Betcha she puts Squiggy in a scissor leg-lock and threatens to snap his neck. That’s prolly how she get her way all the time…well…that…and paying for everything…
    PS – Poor John Hawkes. First he had to work with Helen Hunt and now Ticky. Shaking my head…

  412. 412
    Passing Through Says:

    # 396 Jo @ 02/13/2013 at 5:53 am
    BTW – Why wear a wig if you’e going to style it just like your real hair? Just hogging the hair-growth-watching…that’s all it is. Ingrate. After all the lying, trolling and bitter tears the hens have put into the last 8 years and she won’t even let them watch her hair grow. I tell ya…some people…

  413. 413
    Passing Through Says:

    # 397 Wonderbust @ 02/13/2013 at 7:32 am
    I saw that Ticky was a sidebar on Peeps but why is she on the cover at all? Peeps has gone from ass-kissing to kissing to cooch kissing with Ticky. Bleh. She’s the only celeb who’s b-day they slap onthe cover EVERY YEAR and you know it’s Huvsy’s doing.
    On another PR fameho note…Ken Sunshine continues the Oscar “Best Picture” selling of Ben Affleck with that fluffy “How they make it work” sidebar right above Ticky’s. Ben’s already said “how they make it work” – SHE does all the hard work while he’s off being Director God. They’ll just make it sound less selfish than I did.

  414. 414
    Passing Through Says:

    # 408 an opinion @ 02/13/2013 at 10:27 am
    It’s so effin’ ironic that last year when x17 and the DM kept flying over Miraval’s renovations taking pix and claiming that they were building a “reception hall” for their wedding that they missed the REAL story of what was going on right under their noses. We even said at the time the building looked more like it was going to be for the winery and not personal use. Judging from this story I’d say we were dead on with our assessment. All those dumb ass fake wedding stories just because the truth wasn’t sexy enough for gossiphounds. Meanwhile Brad and Angie are taking their winery business to the next level and every tabloid and ratzi site out there has egg on their faces – again. When are they ever going to admit that they don’t know jacksquat about what’s going on with Brad and Angie? Many have tried…ALL have failed. That includes you, too, Peeps.

  415. 415
    umm Says:

    paige @ 02/13/2013 at 11:27 am
    Brad and Angie are #2, Maniston and mcStumpy are only #45.

  416. 416
    hehehe Says:

    I bet Vivienne Jolie Pitt makes more money than Maniston’s paid escort. hehehe

  417. 417
    Passing Through Says:

    # 410 paige @ 02/13/2013 at 11:27 am
    Staying Power – 4? ROTFLMAO. Optimists. Success – 11? I’d have said 5 – cuz Friends was a hella long time ago and she’s currently doing low budget indie flix. He hasn’t worked in 2 1/2 years. ‘Nuf said.
    What’s with Brad and Angie’s “Success” only be at 16? If the scale is 20 I’d put them at 18 or 19. They’re a billion dollar BO hit away from a 20 but other than that, they’re right at the top of the HW pecking order. WWZ and\or Maleficent could be that $1BIL hit that puts them over the top. Meanwhile…I hear it’s cold in Connecticut today. LOL!

  418. 418
    hello Says:


  419. 419
    Aveeno up Says:


  420. 420
    Aveeno up Says:

    Angelina Jolie and brother’s snog voted worst celeb PDA

    Published Wednesday, Feb 13 2013, 16:20 GMT | By Victoria Garo-Falides | Add comment

    Angelina Jolie and her brother’s passionate kiss has been voted the worst PDA of all time.

    Former wild child Angelina was seen in an intimate clinch with her sibling James at the 2000 Oscars ceremony.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @digitalspy on Twitter | digitalspyuk on Facebook

  421. 421
    love them Says:

    Love jolie pitt.

  422. 422
    Passing Through Says:

    # 410 paige @ 02/13/2013 at 11:27 am
    I just realized this was a list of 100 “hottest” celeb couples and Jay-Z & Bey are #1 with Brad and Angie at #2. I assume they mean “hot” as in rich & famaous…cuz…Jay-Z’s about as hot as a chewed up dog slipper. But…they’re ridiculously rich, so I’ll cede the #1 spot on that alone. Between the two of them they’re probably worth around $500MIL.
    The real question here is how did Ticky & Squiggy get as high as #45? He’s broke ass and hasn’t worked in 2 1/2 years. She’s rich but can’t get a studio gig right no to save her life. They should probably be #101, ie, not on the list at all.

  423. 423
    paige Says:

    @umm: Yes everyone knows who is more success, attractive, and who has staying power. Not Jen Aniston and her pathetic ” movie star” man.i don’t think he will marry her, if he does I hope she has a good prenup.

  424. 424
    umm Says:

    If Vivi has a line in Maleficent, she can get a SAG card.

  425. 425
    Susan Says:

    I was in Viv’s post, and you guys are over, and did not want to post this on her thread.
    Was looking at Squiggy’s face on CB, and realized his face looks like a ***** (HO).

  426. 426
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through:#422, Lol, PT even black people say JZ is fugly. Just call a spade a spade. You’re right, he and Bey are filthy rich. That’s where JZ gets his hottness from, the money.

  427. 427
    lissa Says:

    You probably shouldn’t have used the word “spade” to refer to JZ…I know what you meant.. it is just a saying..but spade is a derogatory term to describe afro americans. J/S

  428. 428
    Rose Says:

    @lissa: I’ve never heard that one before. You live, you learn.

  429. 429
    lOl Says:

    @Rose: for once I agree witht he manny addict hos. jay z is not a looker. May be the reason beyonce hiding the kid for a whole year to show the face could be because the baby end up looking like jay z not like her. You know those people in hollywood could totally forget look doesn’t nessesairly means success or happiness. though offcourse looking pretty people is appercating beauty.

  430. 430
    lOl Says:

    @Jo: that is nice but how about they do how much other kids made also you know many kids are in hollywood that group.

  431. 431
    lOl Says:

    @an opinion: that is one of the best news also of the month about jps reading back yesterday. I want to buy one if they lauch it here. I love drinking good wine.

  432. 432
    lOl Says:

    @paige: me 2. I am dying for a real gorgeous pick just them going somwhere holding hands or she holding him or he whatever. I want one pic

  433. 433
    lOl Says:

    @Jo: too bad my baby is not here yet and no valenities for me this year :(

  434. 434
    lOl Says:

    last but no least ok I will say one thing mannnnnnnny. I actually thought she look better with the wig and the caked up make up but look more older. She actually looked older rich man wife withthe wig…… mannnnny when is the baby 44th when is the wedding you suppposed make it happen.hahahaha i just want make this one hen mad

  435. 435
    a lurker Says:

    I couldn’t bring over an article from Brangelinaforum. My post wasn’t showing. So I just post excerpt from the article, hope it will go through:

    According to Marc Perrin, ‘This is the sign of the involvement of Brad and Angelina in their vineyard, we talked a lot last summer and at the time of first harvest we did together: they are an absolute requirement and seek excellence in the quality and character of their wine! ‘

  436. 436
    Passing Through Says:

    # 424 umm @ 02/13/2013 at 1:18 pm
    Vivienne can only get a SAG card if she has a speaking role. Judging from what Brad said about Viv being lukewarm to it and only wanting to do it on her terms…I really don’t think that’s in Viv’s immediate future.

  437. 437
    Passing Through Says:

    # 426 Rose @ 02/13/2013 at 1:21 pm
    Rose -
    Er…The “call a spade a spade” analogy prolly wasn’t the best one to use. Some of my peeps might take that the wrong way. But yeah, Jay-Z is the fugness. Ever seen the Joe Camel comparison?

  438. 438
    Passing Through Says:

    # 428 Rose @ 02/13/2013 at 1:39 pm
    Rose -
    You’ve never heard that before? Wow. I envy you your ignorance. I think I’ve pretty much heard them all…

  439. 439
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: PT, I swear, I’ve never heard that before and I live in NY, and I’m black. I have to go back to by blackness, lol, possible I’m not black enough, that’s a joke. But I’m serious I’ve never heard the spade being derogatory to black people. As I’ve said, you live and you learn.

  440. 440
    annon Says:,0,1523790.story

    Perrin family in winemaking project with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

    By S. Irene Virbila Los Angeles Times Restaurant Critic

    February 13, 2013, 11:32 a.m.

    After centuries, sleepy Châteauneuf-du-Pape in the southern Rhone is waking up and changes are afoot at one the appellation’s premier estates. First there was the Famille Perrin iPad app. Now, the family has a new joint winemaking project with actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

    According to a story on the British wine magazine Decanter’s site, the Perrin family of the renowned Châteauneuf-du-Pape estate Château de Beaucastel and the Central Coast property Tablas Creek, will be making the wine at the Hollywood stars’ Provence estate, Château Miraval, in Correns, France.

    The article quotes Marc Perrin as saying, “They (the Jolie-Pitts) want to ensure they are making the best Provence wines they can. They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery — where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks — to reworking the labels across the range of wines.”

    Château Miraval is described as “one of the most beautiful historic domaines in France” on its old website. (The new one is still under construction.) The estate makes white, rosé and red under the Côtes de Provence appellation. The district of Correns, where the winery is situated, is “famous for being the first village in France where all farm produce is biologically produced … Therefore, at Miraval no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used, only naturally occurring compounds such as sulfates and copper sulfate.”

  441. 441
    valis202 Says:


    Wow now Brad and Angie are important players in the wine making business. These two continue to amaze and inspire and again the press have known nothing about the scale and importance of this venture that they have taken on.

    I can’t wait to see what other projects these two take on next.

  442. 442
    lucy Says:

    Why doesn’t the animal known as ‘tam’SIN’ ever give any specifics, such as, who are all these “husbands” Angie has allegedly “stolen”, and since Angie and Brad have become experts at evading the paps, where is all the “fame-hoing” occuring.

  443. 443
    groundcontrol Says:

    LOL! Because she is full of shite a liar.

  444. 444
    lucy Says:

    @groundcontrol: LOL, you got that right!

  445. 445
    groundcontrol Says:


  446. 446
    Observer2 Says:


    She projects what she actually thinks of Lenny onto Angelina and/or Brad. LOL.

    She’s used to having an idol that gives interviews about her birthday when she’s got nothing to promote, but, herself. And all she has to talk about is her hair, her body and her diet. Really, really deep things. Though, Lenny is probably too busy watching her hair grow and admiring the way others think thoughts. LMAO!

  447. 447
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Passing Through:
    PT, have mercy on us. Her little fake boo hooing scene is going to be fun for the critics. She cannot act. Period. I imagine she’ll think her climbing down stairs and over a plank is “action.”
    But how horrendous is her face! What is she doing? I guarantee by the time she is 50 she will be an exact replica of Joan Rivers. Does Ticky have no one to tell her the truth? Where are all these so called firends she has that won’t tell her the truth about all her facial work? Oh, that’s right they’re just a paid entourage including that cabana boy.

  448. 448
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Hehehe… I guess Billy Bob was only engaged to Laura Dern, Antonio was not married to Melanie, and Mick Jagger was single too. No one can say no to her, right? :)

    LMAO at “evading the paps”… not so long ago, Ho conveniently waved hi at them at the entrance of the Roosevelt hotel in LA, after a “business meeting” so that all of them get a good shot at her “promise for the future”. We’re talking about a woman who once alerted the paps that she’d be playing with her kid right after her separation from her second husband. LOL.

    Sometimes I feel bad for paid JP trolls like groundbeef; trying to defend the amoral vvhores known as the Brand is a dirty job that not even Mike Rowe would touch.

  449. 449
    Susan Says:

    @Rose: Did you listen to the Jodi’s telephone conversation yesterday, I think I’m a prude, too much for me.

  450. 450
    lucy Says:

    @Observer2: Why would a reasonable woman want to hear about Ticky’s “hair”, when it’s common knowledge she wears weaves, and as for her diet, look at that bloated body, those fat arms, big thighs, middle-aged spread, that’s what most women try to avoid. And this movie with the blonde wig, the hens can’t really think Ticky looks good, she looks the worst I’ve ever seen her look, her face, what has she done, those duck lips, the nose that’s taken on a life of it’s own, and the face that’s in imminent danger of exploding.

  451. 451
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Flagged for defamation. LOL.

  452. 452
    Passing Through Says:

    Not to keep harping on that Hottest Couples list…but…did y’all see some of the people who were ahead of Ticky & Squiggy? I’m ROTFLMAO! Basically it was any couple who’ve been togehter longer than 3 weeks…and then Ticky & Squiggy. But, she can take solace in the fact that Snooki and her baby daddy came in #99…and they finished ahead of James Bond & Porgie, so that’s gotta count for something, right?
    1. Bey & Jay
    2. Brad & Angie
    3. The Bechkams
    4. The Highest Paid Model Evah & Her Hopefully Soon-to-retire-and-everybody-hates-him Football Player Husband
    5. Kate & Wills (er, I guess his bald spot, beaky nose and overly large teeth nocked them down 2 pegs)
    6. Channing Tatum and whatever his wife’s name is
    7. Bennifer Deux
    8. Shakira & the soccer player
    9. Justing Timberlake & One of the Jessicas
    10. Nic Kidman & Keith Urban (Seriously? As. If.)
    11. Cristiano Ronaldo & one of the victoria’s Secret models
    12. Enrique Iglesias and the ex-tennis player who’s famous for nothing but being blond and Russian.
    13. Megan Fox and BAG
    14. Kstew & RPattz (surprised they’re not higher but I guess that “staying power” thing is a bugaboo)
    15. Fergie & the actor husband
    16. Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
    17. Pink & Carey Hart
    18. Ryan Reynolds & the Gossip Girl chick who played Leo
    19. Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev – WTF are they?
    20. Kimye – surprised they’re not higher…that ugly “staying power” & attractiveness thing did them in, too
    21. Mimi & Mr. AGT
    22. Javier & Pene
    23. Carrie Underwears (as MK calls her) & the hockey husband
    24. Portman & Millpied
    25. JLo & The Boy Toy
    26. Underwear model Adriana Lima & Some guy I’ve never heard of
    27. Marky Mark & the Mrs.
    28. Underwear Model Miranda Kerr & Orly Bloom
    29. A 20 y.o. and a 23 y.o. (Miley & Liam Whatever)
    30. McConaughey & Alves
    31. Katy Perry & The Urinator
    32. Will & Jada – really belong in the Top 10 on his star power alone…
    33. Gwen & Gavin
    34. SBC & Isla F
    35. David Bowie & Iman
    36. Salma & The French Billionaire
    37. Jessica Alba & Her Freeloader (Whoa…this is a serious diss! Jessica Alba can’t even get a movie job these days!)
    38. Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes
    39. Another Underwear model (Alessandra A.) and some financier
    40. Putrid & Coldplay Boy (they’d have been higher but nobody can stand Putrid!)
    41. The New Spiderman & Emily Stone
    42. Julia Roberts & The Stolen Cameraman
    43. Ashton & Mila
    44. Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert (they should have been in the top 20 but took a blow with the old “attractiveness” barnacle)
    45. Ticky & Squiggy.
    48. Madge & Her French Boytoy
    52. New BFF Howard Stern & his wife
    53. Bond & The woman who cheated on her husband and wasn’t villified like someone who didn’t cheat and his baby mama were
    54. Porgie & Wrasslin Chick (Well, we all know why they’re this low…cuz she won’t “dating” him this time next year)

  453. 453
    Rose Says:

    @Susan: Hi Susan. I did listen to the tape. We are both prude. The girl is very sick and if the truth hits her in the mouth she would never know it. I read this comment someone made, “they talk so much sex, sex, sex, the jurors must be in the back humping each others like rabbits, lol”.

  454. 454
    groundcontrol Says:

    Not even a clue what defamation is. LOL! Keep trying.

  455. 455
    lucy Says:

    @Passing Through: Yeah for Brad and Angie, coming in at #2, only because JayZ’s money bought the #1 spot. As for Lenny and Squiggy, what do the hens have to say about them coming in after everyone else with a pulse, I could have sworn the hens believed the public bought the fake romance/engagement that Huvsey has rammed down our throats with the photo ops and ho strolls.

  456. 456
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    LOL Big Momma, where’d you get that silly popularity contest from? Too afraid to name your sources? Isn’t that what you always say? Hehehe.

    Did you know that in order to qualify as a couple people need to actually be a couple? And no, being together for joint photo ops doesn’t count. Ho and Pothead have not lived together in over a year and have not been seen together in 6 months already.

  457. 457
    dawne Says:

    Aw troll, having yet another break with reality???? Gee Whizzikers, Hen, if you say it is so then it must be so………….now if there is a couple out there who are ‘photo op only’ it is the Gigilo and the D list rom com hasbeen. But we feel your pain…..losing is such a downer and you’ve mastered it for nigh on nine years……… take your blankey and run along.

  458. 458
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: #453, Re: Hottest celebrity List: PT, you know squigs and Ticky are #1, that’s just a typo, NOT, Hens says squigs is hotter than Brad and ticks is hotter than Angie. Therefore this must be a mistake, NOT. they cannot be

  459. 459
    Susan Says:

    The Dailymail, said In Beyonce Documentry/movie, there is a naked picture of her 2 or 3 weeks before delivering Ivy Blue.

  460. 460
    groundcontrol Says:

    PT, how the hell did Cruz and Bardem rank so low? They should be up near the top. How about Jennifer Connelly & Paul Bettany? Up there as well?
    Also for UKers Matthew Macfadyen and Keely Hawes (him from Spooks aka MI-5 & Pride & Prejudice & she also from Spooks and Ashes to Ashes & Upstairs Downstairs) . Now that was hot when I learned they were a pair. Also think Rupert Penry Jones and Dervla Kirwan are a hot couple.
    And shoot me if you must and leaving everything else aside, I think Kim K. And Kanye are physically a very sexy looking couple. You just know she is his dream woman.

  461. 461
    Passing Through Says:

    # 457 Ⱦamsin @ 02/13/2013 at 4:43 pm
    Loserette -
    It’s not my fault you can’t read for comprehension. Obviously it’s a subject that was previously discussed so back your dumb ass up 3 or 4 pages and find the link. Meanwhile, take a chill pill. Bitterness isn’t pretty – and neither is your idol. LOL!

  462. 462
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    And are we supposed to think that cleaning toilets at courthouses gives you a clue, sweetheart? LOL, paid JP troll, don’t strain yourself thinking what you said.

    I know how rabid fans of Lady Gaga can be like, yet I’ve never, ever seen any of them here or anywhere else so personally involved and concerned on protecting her that they spend their days patrolling message boards and comments sections, screening every hidden comment. That is very sad loon, even if you have to do this for money. It’s even sadder that you think you’re making such a difference and your life is meaningful because you exist to protect their reputations, and your idols/clients don’t care as to whether you live or die. Again, a dirty job that not even Mike Rowe would touch. Kudos to you! :D

  463. 463
    sunny Says:

    The first wine from the joint venture – which will be signed
    “‘Bottled by Jolie-Pitt et Perrin” – will be released in March this year.
    March has been in my theory ‘ their big day ‘ .
    This their-first-produced wine will be used for their special event.

  464. 464
    dawne Says:


    Who knows, you just might be on to something. They are capable of symbolism due to their great romance. As for placing second to the Diva and her fug man……..guess money talks.

  465. 465
    dawne Says:

    And also re the hot couples……..I don’t feel any se*ual dynamic from Bey and Jay…..none at all……….a ‘hot’ couple is when you can literally feel the electricity from them and on that score noone compares to Brad and Angie. Bey works too hard at being hot with the wigs and outlandish attire and showmanship……their are the gaudy version of Brad and Angie and despite their wealth you don’t see much of their time spent in outreach and that ain’t se*xy

  466. 466
    MEL Says:

    Hottest couple list? Seriously! These two may be on the list, but neither one of them are HOT. Perhaps back in the day, but not anymore!!!

  467. 467
    busted Says:

    Have to go back and read a couple of pages.. LOL.. I just recalled that Jenny poo and Squiggy have a vineyard on that property too. If I’m not mistaken. So should we be looking for wines by Lenny & Squiggy.. in a jug or box..

    Tampon is not worth responding to. Freak can’t stop obsessing.

  468. 468
    Keri Says:

    omg…..Brad and Angelina were just seen together at the Coen Brothers screening. It has not been 6 months, more like 3 friggen days.

    “Just got home from a screening at Sony Pictures Studios of “Inside Llewyn Davis”… Joel and Ethan Coen’s new movie. It was great to see them and T Bone Burnett again. Got to see Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and so many other actors attending. Bill introduced me to director Cameron Crowe. Such a nice person…love so many of the movies he has done. Fun evening with my honey.”

    “Ok my daughter was at a screening of a Coen movie last night and brad Pitt and Angelina was there! Go brittany!”


    I just washed my hands next to Angelina Jolie… #nojoke
    …and Brad was waiting for her outside. #idie

    (This person was at the screening based on her friend’s tweets)

    They are also making wine from THEIR house in France.

    They went to visit the man Unbroken is based on in December.

  469. 469
    nada Says:

    I was thinking March, too. Maybe they are considering JP cousins’ spring breaks (which are either in March or April) bc it COULD be a destination wedding/multi-day celebration. I think by the summer either Brad or Angie will be working, so spring SEEMS more likely. Well, we’ll see- JPs always surprise! @Passing Through: that is too funny- yup tons of famehos are giving old manny a run for the PR money- “LOOK AT MEEEEEEE, I used to be on TV & stuff- I’m almost 50 and I look 65″…geez- these “stars” at the fashion shows are out of control, too. Even Matt D is there- I thought he would be above that stuff, but I guess not.

  470. 470
    umm Says:

    Brad and Angie are always the #1 hottest couple. Beyonce is hot , Jay-z is not.

  471. 471
    just sayin Says:

    Wines with Jolie-Pitt name on will sell like hot cakes.

  472. 472
    umm Says:

    a lurker @ 02/13/2013 at 2:05 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +7

    I couldn’t bring over an article from Brangelinaforum. My post wasn’t showing. So I just post excerpt from the article, hope it will go through:

    According to Marc Perrin, ‘This is the sign of the involvement of Brad and Angelina in their vineyard, we talked a lot last summer and at the time of first harvest we did together: they are an absolute requirement and seek excellence in the quality and character of their wine! ‘
    I remember when Angie came back from one week UN trip to Syrian refugees, she arrived at their French home. Later we had pictures of Angie and kids shopping near the French home, and photo agency said Brad and Maddox were working at grape harvest. I think Brad and Angie talked with Marc Perrin during that time.

  473. 473
    lucy Says:

    @Keri: You know the hens and haters can’t acknowledge the REAL sightings of Brad and Angie, I mean really, they have that countdown since last seen together thing going, and that’s about all they’ve got, once that’s gone, they only have Ticky and her little gigolo, and you know the hens don’t want to talk about them.

  474. 474
    lucy Says:

    @busted: Box of Wine by Lenny and Squiggy, has just the right “ring” to it.

  475. 475
    my ring Says:

    not :(

  476. 476
    my ring Says:

    when are they going to announce the split? this thread is very boring

  477. 477
    Eva Says:

    I feel Brad and Angelina are Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward of this generation.

  478. 478
    tweet Says:

    Cher Horowitz ‏@juliieebee

    Watching Brad Pitt on Inside the Actor’s Studio & he looks absolutely incredible. What a beautiful person, inside and out

  479. 479
    MEL Says:

    Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward??? You can’t be serious… Joanne and Paul were pure CLASS. Joanne was never seen kissimg her brother and Paul was never seen disheveled, and in need of a good wash. Shame on you for even thinking it!

  480. 480
    tweet Says:

    DeMi Wiseguy Mafia ‏@DmitriiDeLaHoya

    If you’re able to watch the fight/sex scene in Mr.&Mrs.Smith, and NOT get sexually aroused….I worry for you. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt>

  481. 481
    Observer2 Says:

    @my ring:

    Promise to hold your breath while you wait. I’ll even throw in a please. :)

  482. 482
    umm Says:

    Eva @ 02/13/2013 at 6:59 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    I feel Brad and Angelina are Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward of this generation.
    I remember Brad said in an interview that he admired Paul Newman.

  483. 483
    dawne Says:

    @my ring:

    I’ve got an idea schweet cheeks, hold your breath till it happens; if it is so imminent you surely won’t mind…………loser.

  484. 484
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Reading from back to front so forgive me if this article has already been posted but it is about the JoliePitt wines…..Lovely.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie join forces with Perrin family

    Wednesday 13 February 2013 by Jane Anson in Bordeaux Be the first to comment
    Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have joined forces with the Perrins of Beaucastel to produce wine at their Provence estate

    ‘Striving for quality’: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Miraval

    Under the agreement, the Perrin family, long-term owners of Château Beaucastel in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and one of the most renowned names in the Rhone Valley, are now responsible for both the winemaking and distribution of the Jolie-Pitts’ Château Miraval in Correns.

    The Perrins began working with the estate from harvest 2012, Marc Perrin told Mutual friends put the two sides in touch, he said.

    When the Jolie-Pitts first moved in to Château Miraval they signed a three-year lease to rent the 500-ha estate, but its AOC Côtes de Provence continued to be made by the previous winemaker.

    They have since purchased the property – reportedly for around US$60m – and have been carrying out extensive renovations.

    The property covers an entire valley, with 60ha of old vines, at an altitude of 350m. ‘The terroir, the freshness that comes from the altitude, and the exposition of the vines are all incredible,’ said Perrin. ‘For us as winemakers, it’s a wonderful opportunity to work with grapes that we know well, in an environment where striving for quality is the most important thing.’

    Among the planned changes, Perrin said, is a full geological survey, likely to be carried out by soil expert Claude Bourguignon, and field grafting of some varieties such as Mourvèdre to add complexity to the Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah blend that is currently used in the red wines. The estate also produces a white, from the Rolle grape, and a Pink Floyd rosé, named because the seminal album The Wall was recorded in a studio at the property.

    ‘The focus will now be more about Miraval itself that any specific cuvée,’ said Perrin. ‘They (the Jolie-Pitts) want to ensure they are making the best Provence wines they can. They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery – where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks – to reworking the labels across the range of wines.’

    The first Perrin-made Miraval rosés should be on the market next month, March 2013, with the white wines arriving at the end of the summer.

  485. 485
    dawne Says:


    toooooooo funny,..we replied with same post to the troll…..great minds think alike…….

  486. 486
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Hello to all the wonderful JoliePitt fans.
    I am convinced Huvsy made JJ sign a contract that any time, I mean any single time Angelina’s picture or Brad’s picture, or any of the adorable JoliePitt children’s pictures are on the top of his page she – who shall not be named’s – picture MUST be up there as well.
    This cannot be a coincidence. It must be contractual.

  487. 487
    my ring Says:

    Shi and the twins live with Pitt :)

  488. 488
    Observer2 Says:

    @my ring:

    In your case ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s just ignorance. Again, it has to hurt to be as stupid as you are. Why don’t you go watch your hair grow, while holding your breath. That’s about as interesting as your life is. And about all that you’re capable of Fat Fvck.

  489. 489
    lOl Says:

    back againn. ok like the speculation that may be march is the thing jps will be a couple with the wine comming out? may be.. it would be kind of cute you know Brad seems symbolic type and angie said to be like to remember dates etc..

  490. 490
    lOl Says:

    why benno make himeslef aglier and depressed looking. I mean is that really makes you look “talented” director?
    I hope angie is not gonna look like that when she directs.

  491. 491
    my ring Says:

    huvane is a wonderful boss, he is the boss of the international conspiracy against brangelina


  492. 492
    Jen Says:

    please my fans, come to my comment.
    Don’t play at angelina jolie comment.
    Don’t make me poor Jen !!!!!

  493. 493
    lOl Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: it is called marketing and everything is statement or some and you know mannnny

  494. 494
    lOl Says:

    btw isn’t that the cutiest picture of vivi with mommy she look percious.

  495. 495
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Thank you Jo for sharing with us our favorite couple’s loved up pics. There is not a more beautiful, loving couple anywhere. :)

  496. 496
    Jen Says:

    @my ring:
    my ring. please,don’t make me poor Jen.
    I don’t want brad to come back.
    I don’t want jolie ptt kids.
    please,come to my comment.
    please, write down my beauty.

  497. 497
    Rose Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: #484, Hi love, you are going to send the trolls over the edge by posting this article. The Jolie Pitt owns Chateau Miravel, price $60million. “Jolie-Pitt Perrin” wine going on sale in March and a marriage about to happen. Girl, trolls are screaming at the ocean tonight. You go Brad,, buy your family a village. Your fans loves you and Angie. Take that Jen hens!!

  498. 498
    Rose Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: Love, while Brad and Angie are renovating their $60,000,000 home, Ticky is taking care of a unemployed man, and filling her face with fillers. Sucks to be a Ticky’s fan.

  499. 499
    lucy Says:

    @Rose: Well you know the JenHens refuse to believe Miraval is owned by Brad and Angie, they insist that some other man owns it and Brad and Angie are just “renters”. As if a “renter” would put as much money into the estate as Brad and Angie have, this will probably be where Brad and Angie eventually make their home base. The jenhens are just angry that Brad and Angie have such a fantastic estate, while Ticky is busy flipping houses in LA.

  500. 500
    Rose Says:

    @lucy: Trolls are delusional. Why would BA rent Chateau Marival and spend tens of millions of dollars to renovate it? I read where a Jen hen left a comment on another thread saying Angie is wearing her engagement ring to advertise for the the jeweler, she is not engaged. Trolls thinking boggles my mind.

  501. 501
    Congratulations, Dean! Says:

    Can’t see the front, but it looks like it could be a great wedding gown. It seems a bit fussy for Angie, but the bottom back reminds me of the yellow dress she wore for O13 at Cannes

    @jimshi809 Draping. Magnificent. Goddess. #Marchesa #NYFW

  502. 502
    lucy Says:

    I see the Trolls are upset once again.

  503. 503
    lucy Says:

    I guess the number 45 is not exactly the Trolls favorite number.

  504. 504
    lucy Says:

    @Rose: Obviously Trolls don’t think rational thoughts, LOL. so in their delusional minds, if Miraval isn’t owned by Brad and Angie then that’s one less tie they have, also they don’t believe they’re engaged, they say Brad’s PR (even though Brad has no PR) said it was only a “promise for the future ring”, not an engagement ring. Clearly the Trolls and haters are quite a few bulbs short of a chandelier.

  505. 505
    Rose Says:

    @lucy: Isn’t an engagement a promise for a future wedding/marriage. Trolls elevator don’t go all the way to the top. We have to pray for the trolls, NOT. Take care Lucy, nice talking to you.

  506. 506
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Hi Rose. Nice to be on board with you my friend. I am so happy to read about Brad’s and Angelina’s Winery. Isn’t it wonderful? I can’t wait for the first bottle to come out March 2013. I hope we can order some online. I must have a bottle.
    Have you seen a picture of the bottle Rose? It is simply gorgeous. It is sleek, slender and sexy and makes an elegant statement as Brad says about Angelina. I can’t help but think Brad designed it.
    What great business sense this loving couple has huh Rose? Anything they touch becomes successful. I think their wines and vines will be the talk of the town. The primo wines to serve. The wine most asked for at the finest French Restaurants. And I love the name “Miraval” it sounds like miraculous and I think it speaks truthfully about Brad and Angelina’s love and life together.
    One cannot help but love this couple. They are remarkably and beautifully unique.

  507. 507
    lucy Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: Brad and Angie have to be the hardest working, most innovative couple in HW. Brad will never get bored with Angie, she’s as gung ho on life as he is, no sitting in the kitchen petting the dogs for her, Angie is a go-getter, a power to to be reckoned with, just as Brad is. They are the perfect match.

  508. 508
    lucy Says:

    Why aren’t the Trolls enraged over Ticky’s little gigolo out partying without her, again, are they her fans or Brad and Angie’s enemies, but there are pictures out of the gigolo having a great time partying without the ole ball and chain, aka, Ticky.

  509. 509
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    I agree completely.
    They are the perfectly exquisite pair.
    Both are very beautiful in person yet humble and sweet all at the same time. And loaded with talent. And every one who meets them and their children always uses lovely words to describe them and their very well behaved children.

  510. 510
    pretty Says:

    #503 I really like that dress! I wish we could see the front.

  511. 511
    lucy Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: That is what I find so amazing, everyone that meets Brad and Angie’s children have nothing but praise for how polite and well behaved they are. Yet, here come the Trolls believing every word written in the tabloids about bizarre food fights, trashing hotel rooms, you’d think the JP children were a 90′s rock band the way the tabs portray them.

  512. 512
    an opinion Says:

    or search #marchesa and find instagram page

  513. 513
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    I like this little post recommending Brad’s and Angelina’s “Pink Floyd” wine.

    “So, you’re still reading – you haven’t hit the buy button already? You obviously want to know whether it is any good? Well the answer is yes! Absolutely mouth wateringly delicious – Cotes de Provence Rose at its best – fresh, crisp, lightly, elegantly fruited and the perfect rose sipper as well as a wonderful accompaniment to seafood and salads. If, like us, you haven’t got the invite yet (maybe it’s still in the post?) get yourself a bottle and raise glass to the happy couple!”

  514. 514
    JPS Says:

    cr. jps

    Pitt, Jolie Release Rose Wine Once Called Pink Floyd
    By Elin McCoy – Feb 14, 2013 3:01 AM GMT+0000

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will launch the first wine with their names on the label next month.

    It’s a new rose from their 1,000-acre estate, Chateau Miraval, in Correns, France. The A-list Hollywood couple have been leasing the Provence property since 2008.

    The wine is part of their joint venture with the Famille Perrin, which also owns Chateau Beaucastel, in the Chateauneuf-du-Pape region of the southern Rhone Valley.

    “We are intimately involved and quite enthused over the wine project with our friends the Perrin family,” Pitt said yesterday through his publicist and manager, Cynthia Pett.

    The rose, formerly named “Pink Floyd,” will now be known simply as Miraval. A white is planned for the end of the summer and reds next year.

    The Perrin family began producing Miraval’s wines with the 2012 harvest and will handle distribution. The agreement with Pitt and Jolie provides equal sharing of the profits, according to winemaker Marc Perrin.

    “If you knew Brad and Angelina, you would see they are in search of perfection in everything,” Perrin said in a telephone interview.
    Joint Names

    Pitt and Jolie attended the rose blending sessions and helped to create a distinctive new bottle shape. The black label will carry the names “Jolie-Pitt and Perrin.”

    Perrin, Jolie and Pitt were in full agreement on style, he said.

    Mutual friends brought the two families together. In June, 2012, Jolie and Pitt invited the Perrins to the estate to discuss working together. According to Perrin, they bonded over bottles that showed off his family’s wine-making style.

    “We also tasted a range of Provence roses to understand what the neighbors were doing and to decide what we wanted,”Perrin said.

    Another bonding factor was the fact that the estate is organic. “For us,” says Perrin, “organic is the only way to grow grapes.”

    His family pioneered organic viticulture in 1950. Their joint venture with California’s Tablas Creek Vineyard in Paso Robles has been organic since vines were planted in 1989.

    The Perrins are also revamping the style of the wines. Stainless steel tanks for the new rose give it intensely floral, wild lily aromas and brighter flavor notes of strawberry and raspberry.

    “Brad and Angelina are very friendly, nice people and down to earth,” says Perrin. “They’re thinking long term.”

  515. 515
    So Says:

    Brad and Angie designed the new bottle for wine. Nice.

  516. 516
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Thank you for this article…How exciting for the JoliePitt and Perrin families.
    Love this statement -
    “If you knew Brad and Angelina, you would see they are in search of perfection in everything,” Perrin said in a telephone interview.”
    They do everything with Love.
    I heard Michael Jackson say that once …..”Do everything with Love.” and his words touched my soul. And his words made me think of Brad and Angelina.
    And look Lucy, here is what we were just saying….
    ““Brad and Angelina are very friendly, nice people and down to earth,” says Perrin.”
    As we just said, Lucy……..EVeryone who meets them say the exact same things about them and their children. How can anyone in their right mind not love this couple.
    Here is my toast to them.
    God bless the JoliePitt Union always. Let Brad’s and Angelina’s Love and passion and respect for each other grow increasingly in greater and greater bliss every singe day of their lives and beyond time. Let their children rejoice and be blessed in the Love and happiness of their parents. And let their home always be full of joy and laughter and fun.
    Bless every venture this family enters into with lasting success and abundant riches. And let their children and grand children, follow in their amazing parent’s footsteps all the days of their lives.
    I can’t wait to taste this wine.
    God bless all the wonderful JoliePitt fans. Good night dear friends.

  517. 517
    lOl Says:

    i am still up today ^ that is sweeeet!!! I love the expression they do everything with love part
    love is the first thing seriously everything will come after love. I think if you love you have all the virtus.

  518. 518
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Good night my dear Phool. I trust you are staying warm and full during these cold winter months. Hope you don’t have to do any more shoveling of snow dear lady. Take good care of yourself and Angels watch over you.
    I know you, too, are thrilled about the Brad and Angelina Winery news.. They are truly amazing…..neither of them breathed one word about this incredible venture. They truly know how to keep a secret. If it were I the whole world would have known about it months before March 2013…:)

  519. 519
    groundcontrol Says:

    PT, when you get the chance check your e-mail. A chuckle for you.

  520. 520
    my ring Says:


    ding dong

  521. 521
    Passing Through Says:

    # 522 groundcontrol @ 02/14/2013 at 12:44 am
    GC -
    OK. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m going to bed now to sleep off the stupor from troll’s stoopidity being splashed all over the last 2 pages. I’m still amazed these cretins can even figure out how to get out of bed…

  522. 522
    who Says:

    Brad and Angelina aren’t joking around with their wine business! Great articles, thanks to all who posted them. The JP’s make lemonade out of every lemon they’re given. They’re amazing.

  523. 523
    sunny Says:

    cr. jps
    Joint Names
    Pitt and Jolie attended the rose blending sessions and helped to create a distinctive new bottle shape. The black label will carry the names “Jolie-Pitt and Perrin.”
    Perrin, Jolie and Pitt were in full agreement on style, he said.
    Stainless steel tanks for the new rose give it intensely floral, wild lily aromas and brighter flavor notes of strawberry and raspberry.
    New bottle shape declares its ‘ 100% stability of JoliePitt household ‘
    Flavor of classyness and sweetness.

  524. 524
    Aveeno up Says:


  525. 525
    Aveeno up Says:

    there is no news of them together, there is no news on their careers, let’s speak about wines
    very interesting

  526. 526
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning
    All the beautiful Jolie Pitt Fans out there especial shout out to all the lovely ladies out there Rose , Passing Through, NAN, Premalee, Busted, Jen The Hag, Lylian, First and last post, Ssshhii_Baby, Bizzy Bee, 4Q, lylian, Groundcontrol, Lurker, William Bradley&The Jolie, Susan, Dawne, Tish, Anustin, WonderBust, Love The Jolie Pitts, Fyi12, JPS, MIR, JP Fan, Tweet, Well, Who, Women Spanish and all the lurkers out there I hope you all have a great day take care.
    Just before I go I just wanted to post these beautiful photos of Angie on stage presenting the award after a year looking as ever the epitome of beauty & grace personified. So is it any wonder when the photographers said they had struck Gold that night just sit back and enjoy, even if you have seen them before there is no harm in seeing the again. We can never have enough of a good thing lol, have a lovely day you all God Bless.

    Don’t know which thread is more active at present so am posting on both Angies & Vivian’s

  527. 527
    Phool Says:

    Please accept my apologies Rose, Jaye, First and last Post, Love the JoliePitts, Passing Through, Anustin & Premalee, for not replying back to you all sooner due to work commitments just am snowed under at the moment. There are so any subjects that need to

  528. 528
    Phool Says:

    —-remainder of my last post lol————–

    be addressed, but rest assure will be doing so soon, you have been warned lol. Take care you all & God bless.

  529. 529
    Rose Says:

    @Jaye, good morning Jaye. I see you have plans for your backyard. I’m positive you’re going to do a great job. There are so many talented landscapers out there now. Doesn’t matter matter the property size the professionals can make it happens. You are a HGTV devotee, so I bet you already have a design in mind already. You know Jaye, hurricane sandy blew out all the glass on my back porch, they were in for the winter. thanks heavens we had taken out the summer screens before the hurricane so we just have to put those back in the spring and get new glass screens for the colder months. Another thing, because of all the devastation up here we cannot find contractors for small jobs, they will only take the big jobs. However, the insurance gives us two years to
    make repairs. I just know you are going to do a fab job on your back porch.

    Jaye, isn’t it great how the Jolie Pitt’s names are already entwined in big business, you know that’s just driving the pea brains up the wall. Instead of trolls worrying when was the last time they saw SS and squigs together they are worrying about Brad and Angelina. I see SS celebrated her 44 birthday and trolls pretended it didn’t happen. They not even wished their idol a happy birthday. Btw, did squigs take SS out to celebrate? Guess not, no pictures up on JJ i see everyone is keeping
    quiet, lol. SS is up on the sidebar over at People magazine and Ticky wanted to forget this one. I’m guessing People Mag didn’t get the memo.

    I forget to mention on top this is Off Topic for Jaye.

  530. 530
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: Good morning Phool, so happy to see you’re here this morning. No need to apologized I know you would be here is possible, however, I missed you. Phool, did you read those wonderful article posted by the wonderful fans. I’m so stoked to see the collaboration about the Jolie-Pitt and Perrin wine business coming to the consumers starting in March. That brought my memory back to when even Donald Trump, with his ugly self, taking side in the Jolie Pitt business saying it’s not going to last. I also remember Brad saying to some one on TV that there was no “dastardly affair” with BA and I believed him. Brad just wanted out of a bad marriage that reached a dead end and move on with someone who wanted kids. So happy for both of them.

    should send Brad and Angie an apology.

  531. 531
    Rose Says:

    @Love the JoliePitts: Hi love, so sorry I missed you last night. I’m so happy for Brad and Angie that after 8 years they are strong and getting stronger. Yes love, you know Brad either designed the wine bottle or helped with the design. Brad is so creative, he designs’ furniture, jewelry, and I bet he has creative input on those houses in Nola. Therefore, it follows logic that he was in the designs of the wine bottles. We never know, maybe one of those kids goes in the wine making business and keep it in the family for generations. so happy to see their next adventure coming to fruition.

  532. 532
    sunny Says:

    You remember PlanB is going to produce Ryan Murphy’s The Normal Heart. ? Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffallo, Alec Baldwin..and White Collar’s
    Matt Bomer is also attached to it. He and his partner Simon Halls ( a publicist who is a business partner of S. Huvane at their PR farm ) have 3 children. Halls reps Ang Lee, Ridley Scott etc etc and these A-list directors also admire Brad & Angie and want to work with them.
    Matt Bomer on… his dream love interest on White Collar
    —–It would have to be Angelina Jolie, she has that mysterious dynamic already going on, she’s sexy and would definitely have some secret of her own.
    Matt Bomer on… his dream villain on White Collar
    —–Villain? Oh goodness, why don’t we just make it a Brad and Angelina package. Although Christoph Waltz would make a brilliant baddie! This is going to happen!

  533. 533
    Rose Says:

    OT: @Susan, good morning. Susan, yesterday I watched Jodi’s trial. I’m telling you, I believe Jodi’s lawyer is getting some sexual satisfaction for going into those unnecessary sexual talk and we are still not any closer to why she murdered Travis. Watching her lawyer on tv is like watching paint dry. IMO, Travis used her, she knew she was being used, she believed if she fulfill all his sexual fantasies he would marry her. Also, the reason Travis disrespected Jodi was because she allowed him to do so. Now she’s acting like the little virgin girl is not going over on me. let’s hope the Mr Martinez get the case today, enough is enough.

  534. 534
    JPS Says:

    Brad and Angelina
    So, at this private party the other night, where I thought Nate Ruess was somebody’s assistant until he got on stage and jammed with Mumford and Sons, I also saw Brad and Angie. There were no cameras etc.. I will tell you this couple love each other. You can see it, they way they look at one another, talk to one another, incredibly sweet. This picture best shows how they looked, I’m mean I’m not going to whip out my Iphone, I am a professional, though I did take a video of the guys playing, that’s a treasure.

    At this same gathering, it was only artists, so really I had no one to talk to except the waiters. I mean you can’t just go up to Seth Rogan or Steve Martin or Naomi Watts and say, hey, how are the kids?

    Once again, as so many times in my life when I meet or see celebs, they are always better looking in real life which doesnt even seem possible.

    Carey Mulligan takes your breath away. I tried to not stare at her, it’s hard. I wanted to tough her face… and maybe feed her. She’s so delicate I was afraid she might fall over. But her beauty is ridiculous.

    It was a fun night being with, well Fun, and watching movie stars interact with each other. They seemed as uncomfortable as me at times. And, many also talked to the waiters.

    Cr. rhondatalbot

  535. 535
    Susan Says:

    @Rose: Good morning J-P fans
    @ Rose, the lawyer is trying to save Jodi from the death Penalty. Churches with all these religious rules make me chuckle, the only thing the members are not humping are probably the pew legs.

  536. 536
    anustin Says:

    hello all JPs on board!!!! phoo,l all is fine.

    waves to “neer LLM miss bdj,no place.

  537. 537
    Rose Says:

    @Susan: #538, Susan, you made me lol, you’re bad, but you’re telling the truth. It’s so sad after stabbing him 29 times, shooting him in the face now she is embarrassing his family by calling him a child molester without one ounce of proof. IMO, she’s evil. I know, he did and say some very cringe worthy things to her, but they were both in it together and enjoyed the filthy talk. I feel sad for his family.

  538. 538
    anustin Says:

    wowowowow….JOLIE-PITT and…this is gold and diamond.

  539. 539
    plez Says:

    @JPS: So great. Thanks for posting. This is another person who has written about how Angelina and Brad look at each other etc.
    So I guess this was a party after the screening of the Coen brothers movie.
    Here is the video of Mumford and Sons the writer talks about taking with her iphone to prove she was there.

  540. 540
    plez Says:

    @sunny: Don’t really like the White Collar show but at least the guy has good taste in who he would like as co stars.

  541. 541
    Were the losers Says:

    New thread!

  542. 542
    Rose Says:

    ……………. New Angie, Z and Pax’s thread………..

  543. 543
    Passing Through Says:

    # 537 JPS @ 02/14/2013 at 7:35 am
    I love it. Another account of how loved up Brad and Angie are. That should send the trolls into another bout of crack posting. Could be a long day today…

  544. 544
    Ewww! Says:

    Too much botox and face filler under her eyes.

  545. 545
    laney Says:

    WTH did she do to her face?

  546. 546
    eve cheats Says:

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    and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks?
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