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Angelina Jolie: American Society of Cinematographers Awards!

Angelina Jolie: American Society of Cinematographers Awards!

Angelina Jolie looks stunning while attending the 2013 American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards on Sunday (February 10) at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old actress wore an Atelier Versace dress on the red carpet.

Angelina presented the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award to Dean Semler, who was the director of photography on her film In the Land of Blood and Honey. We love that she is supporting her crew!

The Top Feature-Film Award that evening went to cinematographer Roger Deakins for his film Skyfall!

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Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Phool

    I was just reading from back catching up from Brads last post So glad to hear you are ok, these damn Blizzards haven’t they got anywhere better to be, like the North Pole it needs snow there not here lol the blizzard needs to get its priorities right lol. My brother like your friends was another stranded passenger at Heathrow airport he’s not taking any further cancellation risks so is coming back next week know.
    My arms are aching its only a certain amount of Snow Shovelling one can do its fun for the first half hour then it goes down the route of being p.issed of it sorry excuse my language first thing in the morning, You can cyber slap me for that

  • Phool
  • http://Justjarde Gun
  • Love The Shoes

    The Queen has returned! She’s GORGEOUS and I think even more. There goes my theory that they might have been attempting a low key pregnancies. Maybe it’s just a welcome and needed break from “us.” Just thrilled to see her looking great. Thanks Jared!

  • anustin

    hhh the meltdown from seeing the “ring”….high tide.

    waving @phool i am foine!dear.thank to work.ladies,

  • Sherry (not from JPW)

    Our girl looks fab as usual, she’ll wear the sh** out of a paper bag, and that’s the truth. Bring on the haters, and that includes you, Lamey!!! hahaha

    Angies’s busy, has things to do and places to go, and she knows who the real movers and shakers are in HW, and she gets invites from the people in the know. Same goes for Brad, they don’t have to shout it out from the rooftops.

  • mrst

    Finally…I love me some Angie…She looks so beautiful. God bless the Jolie-Pitts!

  • plez

    Brought this over from the other thread. How fantastic that Angelina got to work with such an accomplish gentleman.

    fyi12 @ 02/11/2013 at 12:27 am
    From deadline-
    ASC Lifetime Achievement Award
    Dean Semler, ASC, ACS
    Angelina Jolie is the surprise presenter of Semler’s honor. He was Jolie’s DP on her 2011 feature directorial debut In The Land Of Blood And Honey and also is lensing Disney’s Maleficent, in which Jolie stars. “I called him up to help me on a film I was directing, not thinking I’d get him”, she said in her intro. ‘Who can shoot it like you can?’ I asked. He said me, and did it. After the call, I’m not embarrassed to say I danced around the room”. She adds: “Every day I learned something from Dean. Dean inspires us to make the kind of work we dream of”.
    The crowd goes nuts at the end of Sembler’s best-of reel, coming to their feet to cheer. “Angie, you’re amazing and we’re so glad you’re here”, Semler said upon taking the stage. “This award has to be the greatest any cinematographer can reach for”.

  • Agatha

    Angie hermosaa!

  • Josephina

    Meanwhile, in the coattailing news section of Huffington Post (aka

    They have a headline stating that Aniston is AGELESS. That’s right, I didn’t stutter. They show FAR AWAY PHOTOS of Aniston since 1995 and are careful not to include ANY photos of her with ANY OTHER MAN OTHER THAN BRAD PITT. (Oh yeah, there is one boring photo of her with Justin.) They don’t use any pictures of her with Justin at any formal event, but they sure use Brad.

    Now why is this? She was not at the Grammy’s nor any other major event for photos over the past two weeks or so. But guess who was…? Riiiight, Angie.

    I don’t know how in the WORLD Justin puts up with this crap.


    Media outlets are still being fed by the Huvane et al. to keep her relevant…. through COATTAILING.

    In the article attached it says she dated “several A-listers” but all we see in the photos are Brad, Brad, Brad,…

    So…Aniston is over Brad, huh? It is still NOT ENOUGH that Huvane paid for Justin to be “50 Most Beautiful People” list, it is not enough Justin proposed to her, it is not enough he does what Aniston says to do (move to LA, vacation in the exact sandspot in Mexico, hang out with her Goddess Circle of Friends…)

    This woman is truly missing the “A-list” life and what could have been…


  • :)

    I cannot insult her at all. I love her! Plus, people often say I could pass as her daughter or a much younger version of her. Expect my lips are small and poufy. I don’t think I look like her, but I still love her.

  • marina

    Pretty and classy, honoring her crew!

  • http://justjared zoey

    FANTASTIC!!!!!Angelina you have been absolutely missed, seeing your photo and you are at an outing is GREAT. You are missed and you are beautiful.

  • Phool

    Rose@02/10/13 at 06.16am
    Good morning my dear Rose, I’m so glad to hear that you are fine, was quite worrying the amount of snow that fell wasn’t it. I haven’t measure how high it was around my house but I was every where snow is snow and I cant stand it lol.It was scary at times with the electric being on & off at times but all things are good now thank God for small mercies. It was very frightening at times looking at certain areas god it much much worse than us; I just hope & prey for everyone’s well being. It one thing after another after Sandy its relentless but we aren’t giving up we will soldier on regardless.
    Rose doesn’t Angie look radiant she is glowing looks soo beautiful & happy. So sweet to read Dean Selmer’s comments in regards to Angie so gracious, I loved the fact she came out and done this she is a true friend. I loved the part where she said when Dean Selmer agreed to do the cinematography for ITLOBH, that “she danced around the room” lol loved that part, especially goes to show she’s such a girl at heart lol. I’ve been dancing around the room when I saw her Photos this morning so we

  • http://computer Susan

    Good morning J-P fans.
    The Dailymail article is stupid, but the pictures are great, that dress material is beautiful and the fit is perfect, the shoes are lovely.
    Just ignore the brain dead troll.

  • Phool

    last part was issing in post to Rose:
    I’ve been dancing around the room when I saw her Photos this morning so we girls need to stick together in our happy dance lo

  • Phool

    #Jaye@02/09/13 at 7.30am
    Hi Jaye I had one hell of an eventful weekend but survived lol, no rest for the wicked had lots & lots of snow shovelling arms hurt big time either its that or its old age creeping up.In that case I need to up my dose of Vitamins also next time I need to stock up on pain killers as well any thing will do lol. I had the electric on & off at times but its good know, apart from my poor Bro stuck at the Heathrow airport lol, sorry bad sister still laughing at him, well why should I be the only one to suffer lol.
    Hey hang on a minute, have I just read this right, that you a Southern Belle, a girlfriend of a boy from up north our neck of the woods is a self proclaimed certified cold weather wuss oh noooooooo, I am shocked, shame on him he needs to take you out to climates cold i.e. an expensive cold holiday wouldn’t go a miss somewhere like Switzerland. Look sister I’m trying for you to get out of this “Cold Wusses Unite membership” ok even if it takes him dragging you out there lol.
    You wuss well you said it first and I’m repeating it, why should I be here having frost bite on my insufferable a$$, while you sit there in your shuttered WARM suburban home. Yeah Jaye kick us when we are down why don’t you by mentioning “WARM” you shameless person lol.By the way I was reading your post to Rose, that’s where I got this self confession of cold from ok , so I guess apart from ice-cream that is nothing else is accepted lol.
    Listen Jaye if you EVER do consider gracing us in NY don’t worry we will keep your Southern Blood Warm don’t you worry about that we have our ways, too naughty to mention first thing in the morning though lol but like I said we will keep you wrapped up warm madam I’ll even throw in a new heater that will follow you around just to keep your tush warm happy. While you’re at it don’t forget to bring some “Southern Fried Chicken” no one can beat that, well have a parrrrrrrrttttttyy. lol
    Glad to hear the editing for “Legacy” is on the go, just take our sweet time while you do it don’t do a rush job on it. I have to agree with you it’s always the word of mouth that readers jump on the bandwagon despite the booking reality hasn’t been written good and same goes for their movies. I can and any blind man (no disrespect to the visually impaired) will jump at the first chance to see the 50 Shades movie, god forbid if that sees the light of day. It just annoys me that am all people churning out c.rap.

  • Classy Angie

    Super amazing lady with a heart of gold.

  • Passing Through

    Now that, folks, is PERFECTION. Suck it, trolls!

  • andu

    Soo bella & sexy

  • Rose

    @Phool: Hi Phool, I’m sure you forget all about your awful weekend when you saw beautiful pictures this morning. Phoo, that ring is driving some people cray cray. How many weeks the lonely ones were coming here talking nonsense about they split up, whaa, whaa . Now they are running from site to site posting crap. Now that we have seen Angie proudly wearing her ring, the new thing is she’s too thin, ha, ha. I’ve been hearing Angie is too thin since she got together with Brad.
    Phool, did you remember when trolls said Angie lips are full of fillers?, they Shi was born and they saw Shi lips. Now, it’s her nose, she has a nose job, or her face if full of fillers but then it’s too thin. Trolls need to make up their minds, what are they talking about. They are about to jump any day now, lol.

  • Dd

    Stunning as always. Now we wait for maniston showing her cleavage.

  • Liz

    Angie looks classy and beautiful and has new thread.Please, let’s not talk about the otherperson. She is not worthy to be mentioned. She is not interesting to any of us. Please, let’s all ignore the other woman. It feeds the trolls.Please. She is not anything, butAngie and Brad areworth our time. The thread will stay all about the lovely JPs and we can thumb down trolls and not have to think or read or talk about that other boringwoman. It will be an even better thread if we do that and to other posters who have mentioned H. her agent and the trolls, lets not talkabout them please. They are not worthy of this thread. Thumb down trolls and no one deserves mention but Angie and Brad. Whata beautiful thread it will be becauseAngie looks beautiful

  • hello777

    looking amazing

  • Dc

    I have missed her. Stunning Angelina. Always, classy, elegant. No one comes close to her.

  • who

    Angelina looks stunning! Her smile is radiant.

  • who

    Real quick before I go, hi phool!

  • Rose

    @Phool: Phool, did you noticed the news wrote Angie was a surprised presenter, no calling the press to look for attention. Angie just showed up and she still got press without asking asking for it, suck it haters.

  • cee

    Not ever a surprise that Huvane would ride on Angies coat tail again and continue the foolishness. I hate Aniston more and more as she continues to use Brad and Angie for attention. As always they hate how beautiful Angie is and with no effort. While aveeno promotes leather girl.

  • Ian

    So happy to see her again! I’m glad shes ok!

  • Anon1

    I agree with Liz except I like to read comments about other celebrities too. I think she meant just exclude the opposing camp’s characters all together. So if that is what you meant, I agree. Angelina Jolie and her classic glamor commanded attention and she got it. Mot many women could pull off a pewter color and make it great, Angelina did.

  • floretta50

    So where has she been. Seemed as if she had dropped off the planet. Needed at the awards shows don’t seem the same with out Brad and Angie. Hopefully they might show their face at the Oscars.

  • AY

    Gorgeous, elegant woman! Miss Angie so much, glad to see her again : )

  • ANG

    Still looking great. Love her dress!

  • isa

    for the haters saying that they had broken up… you can clearly see her engament ring…. please check my ff

  • eggs

    floretta50 @ 02/11/2013 at 10:30 am
    So where has she been. Seemed as if she had dropped off the planet. Needed at the awards shows don’t seem the same with out Brad and Angie. Hopefully they might show their face at the Oscars.
    Agreed. This awards season lacks glamour. These girls need something else to copy besides an exposed leg and emerald earrings.

    Love Angie’s porcelain skin and dark hair in a chic ponytail. Anyone have details on these Style of Jolie earrings? What kind of stone are they? They look like some sort of yellow stone. On-trend for spring,

    Sorry Lamey but classy Angie wasn’t going to upstage the cinematographers. We all know she could if she wanted to.

  • anustin

    crap!!!! why is this award not on T.V last night????? would have watch it than that granny

  • a lurker

    I think Angie will choose Atelier Versace for her wedding dress. She loves Atelier Versace.

  • Premalee


    Thanks for the shout out. Very tired after snow shoveling. I wanted to go out today but it is raining. Wonderful to see Angie again after such a long time. I think she said she wanted to be at home when the children are growing up. Brad is lucky to have her.

    @Rose – Great to see our Angie. How is your area? Astoria I think is fine as I cannot take my car out to go to the gym as others will park in my spot. Hope they dump all the snow on East River. Take care.

  • Paige

    @a lurker: I think so too since it seems that is what she loves to wear the most.

  • http://computer Susan

    @ Rose
    Brace yourself, there is another snow storm coming Thursday 3 to 6 inches.

  • eggs

    a lurker @ 02/11/2013 at 11:00 am

    I think Angie will choose Atelier Versace for her wedding dress. She loves Atelier Versace.
    So no confirmation or denial over what went down in Turks & Caicos??? Sorry if this has been already discussed. Haven’t been here in awhile.

  • anustin

    hhmhmhmh…..lmao..someone not allowd to stay on der renovated home while fugly is working… is missing in action.

  • Phool

    #Rose @ 02/11/2013 at 4:53 am
    #Rose @ 02/11/2013 at 4:57 am
    #Rose @ 02/11/2013 at 9:49 am
    Sorry Rose for late reply back my posts are disappearing in the land of moderation hell So apologies I am trying to reply to all in one post in other words “The Cheats way of posting” lol.Rose my dear you do know that Trolls DON’T have a Mind, to make up whether they like Brad or Angie but still remain on their Threads 24/7 come rain or shine their a$$ is glued to these JoliePitt Threads regardless of their so called hate lol. In other word Brad & Angie OWN THEM .So is it its any wonder they lose it every single time when they see either Brad or Angie, even so when they see their 6 little; angels every single time these f.kers have some thing to regurgitate up F. em Rose lol.
    Rose I most definitely had/have forget all about my awful weekend when the first thing I saw Angies beautiful face and I know how Brad feels when he says he gasps in sheer love and
    Adoration when he sees Angie’s beautiful face. Lol Rose did you see my not so subtle mention in my previous post about Angies Beautiful engagement Ring & the “Style of Jolie earrings” that was a dig at the Trolls I knew they would lose it and so they did I will do a “lylian” and rejoice Yahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa lol.ok I know Lylian does it so much better but you get the gist lol.
    listen Rose the Trolls cant get over the fact that when they see Angie a triple A lister, with box office golden touch, with a beautiful virile Triple A-list actor, fiancé, father to her children, a gorgeous young women who is not only exuberating confidence in her appearance, who has beautitiful hair, flawless skin, owner of one slim fit body “damn this is a mother of six”. She is wearing the biggest smile in the world.
    No on the other rector end of the scale you have the Trolls beloved 44 Year old Hag Idol, who is a childless by choice 44 year old with a bloated face, shaved chin, new puffed up lips, wearing dodgy weaves to hide the bald patches in her head. Who has a banging fat body going on obesity, whose career has gone down hill towards the gutter, with an out of work z-lister fiancé, whose going bold also with a body of a 14 year old girl is dancing with young girls, rather than spend time with his 44 year old hag. So is it any wonder Trolls lose their S.hit every single time when they see the JoliePitts lol.
    So the answer to your innocent question that trolls need to make their mind up about when they snarl on the Jolie Pitts, my dear they have, that’s why they are here not on Tickys threads lol Just be happy for the trolls I like to see them Buuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn every day lol.
    Even a Surprise presenter makes news lol power of Angie

  • Phool

    NAN @ 02/11/2013 at 4:48 am
    Hi Nan sorry for delay due to moderation am at times able to post so please bear with me ok. Take care of your self thank god you haven’t hurt your self seriously in the fall when you slipped due to the Ice. Thank god for your Fluffy coat & backpack, that’s the problem when the snow is soft we think nothing off it once it rains & frost then the ice is the killer so to speak lot of snow related accidents happen. You keep safe Nan on your way out & back home. You must be counting the days for your Thailand Travel soon lucky you.
    Nan keep needling the Trolls in your cute way ok love it they just close it very time. See our Angie Rocking up the red carpet in her gray dress & beautiful engagement ring that’s the way to do it nice & simple her beauty does all the talking.

  • Phool

    Premalee glad to hear that you are ok aprt from snow shoveling ask me about it ,i’m suffering here past 2 days every joint is killing me lol.
    Angie is looking hot isnt she? her style is so effortless isnt it whereas other actresses have loads of stylists doing their stuff but still cannot achive the thing that Angie has and thats her inner & outer beauty that shines though everything.
    You take care Prem Fingers & toes crossed this post goes through lol

  • Phool

    Anustin my gril glad to see you are A OK, over there my dear and still kicking trolls booty with your 1liners lol you take care & be good

  • Phool

    opps my bad Anustin bad typo i meant Girl not Gril i need to go back to kindergarden i missed those classes lol

  • http://computer Susan

    Why can’t she look tired? she is human.
    I don’t think a stylist can put her in anything she does not want to wear, the stylist will bring a selection of clothes, Angie, Brad or the kids (LOL) will decide what she’ll wear.
    And if her shoes are comfortable, why not wear them, she wore the black Louboutin shoes a for long time also.
    At least she is working to change something, while you will you continue to be snide.

  • Phool

    I was just reading from back catching up from Brads last post So glad to hear you are ok, these damn Blizzards haven’t they got anywhere better to be, like the North Pole it needs snow there not here lol the blizzard needs to get its priorities right lol. My brother like your friends was another stranded passenger at Heathrow airport he’s not taking any further cancellation risks so is coming back next week know.
    My arms are aching it’s only a certain amount of Snow Shovelling one can do its fun for the first half hour then it goes down the route of being p.issed of it sorry excuse my language first thing in the morning, You can cyber slap me for that

    I Tried posting this in the morning but it didnt get through.

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