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Angelina Jolie: American Society of Cinematographers Awards!

Angelina Jolie: American Society of Cinematographers Awards!

Angelina Jolie looks stunning while attending the 2013 American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards on Sunday (February 10) at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old actress wore an Atelier Versace dress on the red carpet.

Angelina presented the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award to Dean Semler, who was the director of photography on her film In the Land of Blood and Honey. We love that she is supporting her crew!

The Top Feature-Film Award that evening went to cinematographer Roger Deakins for his film Skyfall!

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  • busted

    Great to see Angie.. I guess the trolls are losing it. THEY have not been able to spew their hate for some time. I guess Queen Angie felt sorry for them.

    She works with the best people. So does Brad. Trolls can suck it hard.
    The Queen continues to reign.

  • sunny

    Joel And Ethan Coen’s ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Gets Early Showing On Sony Lot
    The first screening of Inside Llewyn Davis quietly took place last Saturday night in a screening room on the Sony lot. That’s the new film by Joel and Ethan Coen that takes place in the folk-music circuit in downtown New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1960s. Re-teaming with True Grit and No Country For Old Men cohort Scott Rudin, the Coens made Inside Llewyn Davis without a domestic distributor; their only alignment was with Studio Canal, which put up the financing for distribution in France and some other territories. Now, it’s apparently time to hook a distributor for an Oscar-season berth. I’m told that the screening was informal and held for a music crowd by T-Bone Burnett, reps from most of the studios were there, except Paramount and The Weinstein Company. They’ve been in no hurry so far to make a deal, but don’t be surprised if a distributor locks this one down very quickly.
    (below comment confirms that Brad&Angie were there)
    I was at this screening on saturday, along with most every studio head and a huge number of stars in casual wear (brad, angie, jake g, seth, lauren hutton, steve martin, jon stewart, sasha bc, ed helms, god, etc…). suffice to say it was an amazing room. AND AN AWESOME FILM. so smart, so well crafted, a fabulous tale of a man who can do no right, but you kinda love for trying. whoever buys this is going to take it right through to next year’s oscars…

  • Passing Through

    Ruh-roh! Looks like Ben Stiller and his wife are cheating on Ticky & Squiggy! Now they’re double-dating with Ticky’s ex-lover Jason Sudeikis and his much-younger-than-Ticky (by 16 years!) fiancee Olivia Wilde. Maybe Olivia and Christine Taylor are talking about how much they hate Ticky? Where’s the tabloid story on that – - like when they claimed Wrasslin’ Chick & Ticky bonded in Meh-hee-co over Angie not liking them? They did say that Ticky doesn’t like Christine Taylor…

  • Go Figure!

    @Rose: @162. I did manage to catch up on some of Jodi’s testimony this weekend per the Nancy Grace show. I repeat. Something is seriously wrong with this woman. She kills him and then goes to sleep with her other boy friend. I do hope they find this woman guilty. But why in the world is the prosecuting attorney letting her tell her entire story from A-Z?

  • busted

    @Passing Through:

    So is this some contract that People Has with Jenny poo. To talk to here every single year to find out how it is to be a year older. OH and she did plug that hair thing. And said she was wearing a wig for this film. Like anyone would ever assume that she would do anything to her hair. Gosh the woman is boring as helLL.. and I guess she and Squiggy won’t be doing a big celebration. Wonder if that means they have broken up. hmmmm or is Squiggy even around.. LOL

    Let’s just say I wish for Aniston all the things her fans wish for Angie and Brad.

  • Rose

    @Go Figure!: Go figure, they are trying to make Travis Alexander out as a sexual deviant. I don’t believe 90% of what that chick is saying. the defense is trying to save her life even if they have to strip the man of all his dignity in death.

    @PT, did you see that beautiful picture of Angie at People standing at the podium. That’s a new one, very pretty. I saw it when I clicked on the link you provided #190.

  • bdj

    (20 photos)
    The Bancroft Project in Kansas City is moving right along. Here’s a peek at the progress! — in Kansas City, MO.

  • bdj

    Somewhere Baby Jane is crying over reaching 50 and her paid hens are spamming Just Jared.

  • an oldie

    44 year old actress, with no talent and no beauty. Wow.

  • Passing Through

    # 193 busted @ 02/11/2013 at 5:04 pm
    Busted -
    I saw the story at Peeps and LMAO. That dumb trick actually said, “You can see your hair grow…” Knowing her that’s exactly what she does at night – sits around with a mirror trying to watch her hair grow, whipping out a measuring tape and then calling Hair Boy, “Stephen! It grew .0000000001 mm today!” God…that chick is a complete and utter waste of hair.
    I also noticed that she managed to fit in a number of my other “talking points” – she’s happy, she loves her job – and they’re going to talk to her about how she maintains her belly pooch…er, sorry, I meant “bikini bod”. Why even bother interviewing her? Just re-print last year’s story and change her age.

  • Bing bing bing

    @Passing Through: that comment about her hair reminds me of a post on ddeadline hollywoood that said Jennifer is not smart enough to build a better career for herself. LoL

  • Ⱦamsin


    Oh LOL, paid loon, no need to justify her body type. That is not the funniest thing though. It’s the fact that you claim to be thin. Loons are not thin; it’s a rule of thumb. As for Ho, many people think that she pulled a Beyonce, if you know what I mean. These rich people think that they can get away with everything, don’t they? :)

    What are loons going to say next? That their goddess conceived those twins “naturally”, just like Mariah, JLo, Celine Dion, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nancy Grace, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross? LMAO.

  • Bing bing bing

    @bdj: I think “it” might be angry because of the comments on ddeadline Hollywo0d are not too kind to her love.
    The comments on that site are not from j-p fans but they are not kind to her loves career. Very different comments from what you see from “it” and other sites that cater to crazy aniston fans.

  • hum

    did you guys saw this US cover about jennifer and vince vaughn on 21 Feb 2005 ?
    did she date him at this time?

  • Ⱦamsin


    Loons know more about their despised “ticky” than they know about their hor goddess, for shame! I didn’t know that in this day and age, women are not fulfilled unless they’re churning out a child kids before they reach 40. Oh LOL, Jen could’ve taken the easy way out and arranged for illegal adoptions to get good PR, just like certain famevvhore with a shady reputation did, in order to erase her past. That same PR actress claimed she would never have biological children because she wanted to adopt. Just remember that when you gloat about some kids that aren’t yours. LOL.

  • Ⱦamsin

    #correction: I didn’t know that in this day and age, women are not fulfilled unless they’re done churning out a child ARMY before they reach 40. XD

  • A HO is a HO is a HO

    Jen at least looked HOOOTTTTT when she was this HO’s age. Karma is a crazy bitch, because the original homewrecker who relied on her looks is walking around looking like a well preserved 57 year old. She looks much much older than Jen. YIKES

  • Bing bing bing

    @A HO is a HO is a HO: agree. Karma is crazy and that’s why Jennifer doesn’t have what she wants. A respected career in film. She is a joke.

    A couple of her fans speak out against her downward spiraling career and cry about what could’ve been but the majority only care for how Jennifer looks. They don’t care that her career is almost over and she is holding on by an indie. Some people even have the nerve to say angelina is like Kim Kardashian but right now Jennifer is currently selling her birthday interviews for some publicity. Sad how karma works. Pretty soon she’ll be back to television but that’s her last resort.

  • bdj

    Just go watch hair grow hen. It is the best you can do. Peeboy happy, Vinny Happy, Papa Pitt happy. Maybe McGreedy skinny jeans will be able to escape or get a raise.

  • dawne

    See the trolls are once again frantic over the sight of the gorgeous statuesque and elegant super A list stat; Queen of HW…..ANGELINA JOLIE-PITT…with her one of a kind ring on and looking as happy and loved up as a woman get get. As Brad said, what keeps him up nights is the thought of anything happening to Angie or the kids…..they are his life now. Yet these phsycho jealous hags think Brad Pitt talks jibberish like his ex. What Brad and Angie say you can take to the proverbial bank……

    Wish in one hand and shite in the other, hags, and see which one gets filled first. It ain’t ever going to happen; the JP’s are lifers like Paul and Joanne…………’ll be old and crazed thirty years from now as they are still together and their kids are famous in their own capacities and the grandchildren are popping out from all six….or maybe seven for that matter…….so there is no end in sight you sad fcuks.

  • valis202

    You have to keep laughing at the Aniston fans. There fixation with looks is becoming so tedious but I suppose when you worship somebody as talent less as Aniston, you’ve really got nothing else to fall back on.

    So Angelina has bad Karma. You mean the woman who has Brad Pitt, six beautiful children, is a UN special envoy, hob nobs with world leaders, will be soon directing a film for a major studio, could probably soon be working with Ang Lee, can fly her own planes, is a vintner, jewellry designer, writer (both of books and film scripts), etc, etc, etc. Yet according to the fans of Aniston, this his having bad karma.

    If this is bad karma, could the trolls please explain to me what good karma is without mentioning having a banging body and nice hair.

  • Bing bing bing

    “She makes no effort in any of her films. She’s never grown as an actress. She won’t change her appearance and play any character but herself. She has a range that goes from A to A minus. She done nothing with the power that fame afforded to her. There was a moment in time where she flirted with being an artist. Her production company was a pathetic joke. What she needs is a real manager and agent who get her to go back and study acting and use the talent she has for something meaningful. Watching her coast and do mediocre projects is sad. Kevin Huvane has given her terrible advice through her movie career. She should fire him.

    Comment by Frustrated Fan — Sunday, 10 February 2013 22:02 UK REPLY TO THIS POST”

    I have sad feels very sad feels for frustrated fans. It’s as if some of them wokeup to the reality that their love is kind of old and holding out hope for that Oscar is not very comfortable.

  • juju

    hum @ 02/11/2013 at 5:50 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -4

    did you guys saw this US cover about jennifer and vince vaughn on 21 Feb 2005 ?
    did she date him at this time?
    i wouldn’t be surprised if she was dating him
    brad n her were over since the summer of 04
    n after their split in jan 05 they both were free
    to do what they wanted w their lives
    wow her face was very different
    he nose was gigantic

  • bdj
  • Mrs. Chancellor

    Ooh Angelina looks wonderful, glowing. When she smiles it really lights up a picture. The mama of 6 children under the age of 12 is looking pretty good.

  • Wonderbust

    Karma is certainly a bitchh. At 44 not a single nomination from the Golden Globes, SAG, or Oscars for her filmwork. At 44 working with no-name directors and doing low budget movies that don’t even have distributors and she has been in this business how long. Jessica Chastain just came into the business and is already on her second Oscar nomination not to mention she is starring in movies with well known directors and big studios. Karma is a bitchh, Echo Film productions has produced nothing of substance. Karma is a bittch when you are so thirsty for fame that you give people magazine exclusive inteviews jus to be on the cover even though you have nothing to promote. Meanwhile Angie goes missing for a couple of months and the media is buzzing about her return because they missed her and given the fact that tampon has posted on this thread more than anyone Id say her haters are even more excited.

  • duh

    @A HO is a HO is a HO: JenAnus psycho, go medicate yourself…

  • Wonderbust

    If Karma means having an Academy Award, 2 GGs(7 nominations), 2 SAGS(4 nominations), NBR, PGA, Special Envoy to the UN, CFR member, meeting world leaders, having world leaders and US leaders shower you with praise, star in a 200mil film, being chosen to direct a movie based on a best-selling very popular book and being backed by a major studio, have your first diretorial debut being used in prestigious universities, and soon to be starring in a Sony production movie with an Academy award winning director, Academy award winning screenwriter, Academy award winning producer, LMAO Ticky and her in denial fans would do anything for this Karma to befall on her,

  • Erin

    Looooooooove her, love the dress, love the engagement ring but please eat more. Her legs are really thin and her cheek bones are starting to sink in.

  • holy lamentations batman!!!!

    ohmyoscar, huge gasp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did she take all that time off to lose more weight?!?!??
    if the sleeves weren’t so baggy you’d see her even bonier arms. the dress looks like it’s made from grey flannel to hide her severe emaciation. why aren’t you loons who claim to care for your idol crying out for her welfare????? i didn’t think it was possible for her hands to look even more like defleshed dolphin flippers. i’ll give st. alabatross the benefit of the doubt and say she is severely malnourished from breastfeeding her 6 kids with those sagging bags. somebody call ‘Feed the Children’ and tell them to feed this biitch first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she needs wrap raw bacon in a huge guacamole and sour creamed tortilla and eat it instead of smearing it on her face.

  • my ring


  • http://kikay1957 Kikay

    at long last….your just stunning….

  • juju

    i was wondering when u would do this
    1 of u trolls always does this
    pretend she is a fan n write that same crap
    never failed in the last EIGHT years
    let me get the montage just for u

    skinny sexy beautiful angelina jolie from 92 to 12

  • my ring

    she is pregnant:)

    now we know because she does not appear in public: (

  • hopeso

    My GOD she is glowing!!!!!! Gorgeous.

  • for the love of shiloh

    would one of you loons please send her a case of gallon sized cans of creamed corn????

  • naturegirl

    Welcome back my lady i have missed you

  • 2Park5


  • naturegirl

    Where have you been I’ve looked for you forever and a day
    Where have you beennnnnnnn i’m just not myself when you’re away,
    No I’m just not myself when you’re awayyyyyyyyyyyyy…

  • Frenchy

    Hello all!!!!!!! Yay! It’s good seeing Angelina. She’s one very busy woman. The flashbulbs are giving her a washed out appearance in the photos. Even with those harsh lights she looks gorgeous. I love how she is very basic in her dress. The event was not about her so she dressed the part and still looked chic.
    Waving to all fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bing bing bing

    @Wonderbust: and how is her production company going by the way? Or her directing career? The last I heard about that was the lifetime movie she helped direct. LoLoL

  • LoveTheJoliePitt

    Beautiful Humanitarian
    Good will Ambassador
    Award winning movie star
    award winning director

  • juju

    this link is better

    skinny sexy beautiful angelina jolie from 92 to 12

  • dawne

    Hey, BDJ, can you imagine a photographer getting so excited to get the chance to get a pic of aniston……..yeah, right. Everyone knows Angie is the ‘get’ ……the biggest star……….three trolls prefer to live in their teeny weeny little bubble built on ‘wishes’ ………..good luck with that.

  • i’m just trying to think

    … save money has she been endurance swimming and speedwalking to the refugee camps???

  • Shamu

    Are all her red eyed fans living in some sort of dreamworld? She’s dangerously underweight. If you can’t see it you must be in denial. I’m not a fan, but I don’t hate her either. She looks poorly.

  • plez

    @Ⱦamsin:Oh please, I learned about Ticky from reading tweets under Brad Pitt’s name and like you these jenhags are still obsessed with Brad and Angelina.

  • http://Facebook Gail Warfield

    Well it’s about damn time!!!! I was having “Jolie” withdrawals, not a pretty sight to see, much less expierence!!!! 8-)

  • Bing bing bing

    She must be p’od when she sees the success plan B has and then looks at her own stunted production company. Her production company is almost as pathetic as her film career. No, but seriously what happened to her production company?

  • i’m just trying to be nice

    she must be grieving the loss of a significant other, she didn’t get this skinny when she was mourning her mom’s passing at the super bowl!!!