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Miranda Kerr: Kids Helpline Ambassador Announcement Event!

Miranda Kerr: Kids Helpline Ambassador Announcement Event!

Miranda Kerr keeps it dressy while posing with children after being named Kids Helpline Ambassador at Luna Park on Tuesday (February 12) in Sydney, Australia.

Last week, the 29-year-old model’s husband Orlando Bloom was spotted carrying their adorable son Flynn on his shoulders while doing some shopping at Abbott Kinney in Venice.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

FYI: Kids Helpline is a “counseling service available to Australian children between 5-25 years of age.”

40+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr on different parts of the world…

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miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 01
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 02
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 03
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 04
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 05
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 06
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 07
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 08
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 09
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 10
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 11
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 12
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 13
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 14
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 15
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 16
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 17
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 18
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 19
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 20
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 21
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 22
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 23
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 24
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 25
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 26
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 27
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 28
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 29
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 30
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 31
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 32
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 33
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 34
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 35
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 36
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 37
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 38
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 39
miranda kerr kids helpline ambassador 40

Credit: Mark Metcalfe; Photos: Getty, AKM-GSI
Posted to: Celebrity Babies, Flynn Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom

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  • gigi

    Wow, a post about Miranda Kerr, how unusual! (Note sarcasm)

  • KissThis

    wow, she’s got some loooong legs

  • @1

    Yeah! How dare they post about her! Who cares about kids at risk of suicide!!! No one needs to be bothered with that!!!!
    Did you even read the post before posting your tired old, worn out comment?

  • awww

    Flynn and Orlando! My favorite duo!
    Mommy is pretty hot, too

  • squeee

    It’s Billeh!!!
    he’s with a hobbit!!

  • gigi

    @@1: Yeah I read it and it says nothing about kids and suicide. It is just her posing in front of a very big head. Cute kid. Geez, chill!

  • haha

    He’s probably sleeping with the nanny.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    Adorable family!

  • @6

    So you didn’t even bother to find out what Kids Helpline is before insulting her?
    That says it all, doesn’t it.

  • @7

    The heavy set redhead? Hmmm, doesn’t really seem like his type.

  • @gigi

    Now that you know about what Kids Helpline is, are you going to give her a compliment for supporting such an important cause?

  • GUH!!!

    Beautiful baby. Gorgeous daddy. AND a mini LOTR reunion!
    I just love how Orlando holds the back of Billy’s head during their full-body hug.

  • b

    @gigi: she’s in front of luna park (no one really goes there) and kids helpline use to be a suicide hotline for kids/teens/adults etc.. now it’s used for everything.

    And i called a few times in high school and they were good people, didn’t force anything out of you —- in case there are other teens on this site needing instant help i’d suggest using helpline (it’s free 2)

    not sure why she’s an ambassador unless she’s been trained in counselling or therapy tho’?!?

  • Anna

    Orlando looks gorgeous and Flynn is the sweetest kid. That is a great thing that Miranda is doing for kids. She is supporting an important cause and raising awareness and she really cares about others. She comes across as a sweet person. I love the pics with Orlando and Billy. Flynn is going to be really tall because his parents are both tall.

  • @13

    I think that she is just a celebrity ambassador to help bring awareness. Much like celeb spokes people for any number of charities and organizations.

  • b

    @@13: but kids helpline has been around for years, i think it started around 1999 and you were always told about it in high school, i personally don’t think the company needs a celebrity to promote it like a clothing brand.

  • @16

    Uhm, yes they do. They need funding, right? Public awarness brings funding. Celebrities bring public awareness.
    UNICEF has been around a while, wouldn’t you say? They use celeb ambassadors. So they must think that they make a difference.

  • b

    @@16: they get funding from the public, what exactly is miranda kerr going to bring? tbh i don’t take it as seriously now that she’s involved — I haven’t heard her talk about any type of depression or anxiety either, it makes no sense.

    Once again, they endorse it in primary and high schools. You were aware of it from about the age of 5. It’s an australian staple

  • Elizabeth

    Maybe the haters on Delphi will shut up and see that Miranda is a good person and does a lot to help others. Her book Treasure Yourself is a positive book aimed to show that everybody should love themselves for who they are and accept and be proud of who they are. Her book is aimed at improving people’s self-esteem and self-confidence. The fact she is supporting the Kids Helpline shows that she has a good heart. The Delphi people can also shut up about those split rumours. I don’t get the boards hatred for Miranda and Orlando. Orlando looks gorgeous in these pics. Flynn is the sweetest kid.

  • -_-

    @Elizabeth: jesus calm down

  • Anon

    @20 what’s your problem? Can’t handle the fact that Miranda has a lot of fans that will say something when the haters spread their lies. The Delphi board is one sick place where they spread their hatred. What has been said about Miranda is despicable. Miranda is beautiful and she is one of the best models out there. She is successful as a business woman, does a lot of work for charities, has a gorgeous husband, and a beautiful son. She has gotten to where she is by working hard and the haters can’t take it that she is happy in her life. I think Miranda, Orlando, and Flynn are a beautiful family and if the Delphi people don’t like reading about her don’t click on her thread.

  • Ting ting

    Obsessed Miranda fan comnenting their life away… It’s sad: if he/she didn’t comment then Miranda’s threads would have like 2 comments in total. Hah. :)

  • @b #18

    Miranda’s cousin died from suicide a few years ago.

    Miranda & a spokesperson for the organization gave interviews to reporters explaining why she & they wanted her to be an ambassador for kids helpline. Because she has such a high profile in Australia she is able use that to raise awareness for them.

    Go & google the article & get the straight facts before shooting your mouth off!

  • Else

    Orlando looks gorgeous as always. Flynn is a mini orlando. He is going to be tall. Orlando is so sweet with his son. It’s great that Miranda is getting involved with the Kids Helpline. I am excited her Kora skincare line will be expanding.

  • Jaime

    Ugly toothpick chicken legs.

  • Damage control front and cente

    Need more pics of MIranda on the beach in see-though underwear!!


  • @18

    You’re going to discount a service that in you own words hs been around a long time ad does a tremendous good because you don’t like Miranda?
    Do you not realize how absolutely idotic and shallow that sounds?

  • @22

    Well sweets, if you haters weren’t so obsessed with her that you post over and over on EVERY SINGLE THREAD, we fans wouldn’t have to put you in your place so often, now would we. LOL
    But I see that we are back to the haters believeing that they should be able to post a smuch as they want, 24/7, but if a fan calls them out on their lies, those fans are crazy and obsessed!
    Hypocritical idiots.

  • b

    @@b #18: excuse me? before i shoot my mouth off?

    I know all about the help line because if you READ WHAT I WROTE i had used it in high school. If you’re australian you’d know that throughout our schooling year we were told constantly about kids helpline, so why don’t you read what i had posted before YOU shoot your mouth off!

  • b

    @@18: OH cry me a river, i don’t hate miranda kerr, but congratulations for turning it around, i said organisations that start to use celebrities are just a joke.

    pathetic is someone who tries to start a fight because they “like” (are obsessed with) a celebrity.

    pathetic is someone trying to undermine another person because they’re a fan girl

    pathetic is someone calling others idiots to try and validate a point

  • xyz


    If the nanny is male, yes, u know what I mean

  • xyz

    Too many comments for such a nobody….

  • xyz


    I dont think most r.e.t.a.r.d.s. here know the truth of how she got famous…. Shes a goddamm fraud, to put it mildly and shortly. Not to say she is also Orlando’s “beard”….

  • xyz

    like in many other countries, the Aussie version of KIDS HELPLINE is involved in things totally opposed to what it should stand for. Call it paedophilia and child traffic. “Raising awareness” = 0, its all for publicity…. But there are suckers born every day, rite….

  • -_-

    @@22: all i said was calm down, the he*ll does the rest of your comment have to do with anything?
    and PS – you are no ones parent here therefor do not have the right to put them in their place.

  • Kim

    Kids helpline has been around for years but is a lot more than just suicide. It has moved with the times and to say that is sad. Its dealing with all children all ages & more than ever helping children being sexually abused & being subjected to physical violenceI think having any celebrity bringjng awareness to that it is awsome. If you bother to find out more you would be very sad at what children are being subjected to & at least have someone to call & help them. Some of you talk like the helpline is a joke. Volunteer & I guarantee you will be so very sad to the core of what you will see. And feel for the children younger than five years. Try from 2mths of age onwards having broken bones & being sexually abused. They cant pick up a phone……Im involved with these organisations so I know first hand. Stop slagging Miranda for trying to help in anyway possible!

  • ummmmm

    @Kim: i’m australian so of course i know about kids helpline but stop kissing miranda kerr’s as*s. you know if this was any other “celebrity” you’d call her a fame wh*ore. btw, the best type of person does this type of charity silently and without reward OR publicity.

  • @37

    I doubt any sane person would call anyone a famew**** for giving publicity to charity.
    I think that you should be silent and without reward when you give money to charity, but if what you’re doing is publicity to attract more collaborators and make children in trouble know more about it, well…publicity is what you have to do.
    Nobody asks you to like Miranda but you could at least stop flaming her when she’s clearly doing something good.

  • ummmmm

    @@37: uhhhhhhhhh who’s flaming her? I said if this was anyone else (say kim kardashian?) you’d call her a fame who*re. Stop reading what YOU want in a sentence just so you can make a point.

    I stick by what i said, the best type of person does charity work silently and without reward.

  • @37

    Kim K is the mother of all famew****s, but if she did something good for charity (which right now I doubt), I would actually give her credit for it. It would mean that she can do more than not doing anything in this life.
    Yes, you are flaming her, you suggested that doing publicity for a charity organization is fame***ing, which it isn’t. And doing publicity for charity and giving money to hang medals on yourself are completely different things, but anything goes to flame da Kerr, right?

  • @33

    She got famous because she’s a good model. Good enough to be among the best paid in the world and to draw the attention of several brands, designers and mags. So good luck trying to convince anyone that she doesn’t deserve her fame. I don’t think you know more about this business than the people who work in it and hire her.
    As for your “Orlando’s beard” comment, that says more about you than about OB or MK.

  • WOW

    So now endorsing a charity is bad???
    You idiots are so obsessed with insulting her for anything that you are now condemning charities who use celebrity endorsements? Which is 99.9% of charities?
    I don’t have to tell you people to go to hell, because you’re already well on your way.
    You really need to take a big step back and think about the awful things that you are saying and doing.

  • Mary

    Pumpkin Miranda.
    Cute son though.

  • It’s good what she want help kids, but why she must pose like f*ucking model? Would be problem if she pose like normal person? This looks like she want promote herself or someone designer.

  • ummmmm

    @@37: you people just read whatever you like in a post huh? once again I’M NOT FLAMING HER, and kim k has done charity (why am i even defending her i don’t know) and apparently if you don’t agree with everyone on this site you’re going to hell??????? lovely. lol

    who said endorsing a charity is bad? did i say that? no o o o o o read with your eyes wide open — i said doing it in private is more respectful

    i swear you are all taking your ‘love’ for miranda k to a whole new level and it’s kind of frightening. Instead of having a normal conversation you call people idiots.. i’m going to guess most of you are 14? adults tend to have conversations, children fight over nothing so….

  • @ummmmm

    I’m #38 and #40. I didn’t know Kim K had done charity, probably due to my absolute lack of interest in her, but good for her.
    Yes, you said that using publicity to help charity is bad, quite clearly in my opinion. You try to divert the attention from that pretending not to know how positive giving publicity to a charity can be.
    You guys are the ones taking your hatred for Miranda to a whole new level. You don’t have anything good to say about her even when she’s endorsing charity. There’s ALWAYS something wrong. If what’s wrong is irrelevant, insignificant or doesn’t exist, that doesn’t matter, you will always draw attention to it.
    And BTW, I didn’t call anyone an idiot nor tell anyone to go to hell, but it’s still funny how you pretend you are always respectful in discussions, you clearly aren’t most of the time. At least fans don’t play the victim and then do what they accuse others of doing.

  • ummmmm

    @@ummmmm: and you’re accusing me things others have said so how are we different exactly?
    you are once again just twisting whatever you want out of everything i’ve said

    “you said that using publicity to help charity is bad, quite clearly in my opinion.” – i said using celebrities is bad. but thanks for once again mis-reading everything i’ve posted.

  • @ummmmm

    So using publicity is good, unless they use a celebrity? That doesn’t make any sense to me. There are people talking about Kids Helpline on this very thread, so it works, it gets talked about. Where’s the bad part exactly?

  • ummmmm

    @@ummmmm: yes, exactly.. it’s a joke.. celebrities only care when a cause is ‘popular’ then they’re over it. Look at the AIDS fund, about 10 yrs ago every celebrity would wear a red ribbon to the awards, now the only person who continues with it is elton john. It’s a fad to them.

    ..Do any of them talk about Kony? nope.. do they care about new orleans anymore? nope.. are they feeding the homeless at the shelters during the year? no – only during Christmas so they can get their picture on a blog

  • @49

    So what is your opinion on Orlando working as an ambassador for UNICEF?
    Is he a famewhore for doing that?