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Rihanna: 'Stay' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Rihanna: 'Stay' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Rihanna goes nude a bathtub in the offical video for her hot new single “Stay”!

The 24-year-old singer’s new track, which features Mikky Ekko, serves as the second official single off her seventh studio album Unapologetic, out in stores now!

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The music video was directed by famed Sophie Muller.

Rihanna tweeted, “Got a couple treats for you today before the #STAY #WORLDPREMIERE tonight at 7 pm on E! News #staytuned.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s new video?

Rihanna – ‘Stay’ Video Premiere!
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  • Riri

    Well that was disappointing. And if she was trying to evoke sympathy,Amazement or beauty. . . she got it wrong. That song could have been portrayed a thousand different ways, all of which should not have included the wasted 4 minutes we all spent wathcing this.

  • Marie

    Obviously those of you who say you wasted 4 minutes – you could have stopped watching at 1 minute but you couldn’t, could you?

    I found the song/video very moving and I was mesmorized by her face. I felt that she was feeling it and this was conveyed beautifully.

    I enjoyed this song and the video – whether it is the official one or not. As a Grandmother, Mother and daughter, I admire how this young woman lives her life on her terms. If she makes a mistake she owns it and doesn’t feel the need to apologize to anyone. I have made many mistakes in my life and I can now embrace every single one of them because I love who I am today. I love, am loved and I am wiser through experiencing and learning from my mistakes.

  • asdf

    @Marie: stupid to say “stop at minute 1″. how you gonna now if it gets better. at the end you decide that it wasn’t worth it.

  • Covergirl85

    When Rihanna performed Stay at the Grammy’s with Mikky Ekko it was a Phenomenal Performance!! I really Love the video as well!! She is so Beautiful!! Check out! Jewish Soul Singer Amy Faithe as she covers (Rihanna – Stay

  • http://@dzejlana10 JayLoo

    this video reminds me on janet jackson- everytime,i love them both

  • Lala

    this song has a special meaning to me, it’s what I need right now.

  • reminds me a little of the sugarland song, stay.. except that song and clip had emotion this just made me laugh.. and i seen the official video and it wasn’t any better.. it just all comes off awkward

  • Angelina

    She is such a Cutie. STOP YOUR BOYFRIEND FROM CHEATING with Love Toys at AthenaToysdotcom

  • msrody

    I have been a Rhianna fan from the start of her career, but her wardrobe (or lack thereof) keeps getting more and more extreme! The nudity I mean…I think she can make an impact just as much with her clothes ON! I hate to see these young girls degrading themselves like that. Beautiful girl….beautiful song! And I bet you that this song would do just as well on the charts if she did this video with all HER CLOTHES ON!!!

  • Hilary

    As much as a lot of us don’t agree with it…I think its obvious from this video how much she really loved/loves Chris. Beautiful video for a beautiful song.

  • SamanthaCarolina

    I liked this, it made me sad but it was real. I normally don’t like rihanna but this was really good.

  • SamanthaCarolina

    @SamanthaCarolina: oh yeah i watched the real video on e.

  • Whitney


  • SophiaB

    Rihanna naked? What a surprise…

  • Lola

    Didn’t like the video and the song is so basic and boring. Her vocals are limited and her voice just sucks. Girl cannot sing well at all. This song sounds like a horrible demo recorded for Adele. I’m sick and tired of talentless hacks getting by just on dirty sex and supposed “good looks.” She should never do close ups, she is ugly with a 5 head and ape facial features. And it’s sad that her childish stans say it’s okay for her to eff up when she used such a “tragic” event only for publicity. Wow, after getting your flat ass whooped and telling the world and bragging about how calls for domestic abuse hot lines rose 70 %, you now want to say F You to your worried fans and go back to the man who you said abused you? What a stupid ho?

  • vvvoid

    Lay off Rihanna.
    First of all, the song is very emotional, I actually relate completely.
    Second of all, she wasn’t boring to watch unless you have no attention span. She is either a very good actress or was genuinely feeling every word. Actresses tend to over emote to make a scene dynamic, but this was natural emotion, the kind you express when no one is watching, it’s subdued, genuine.
    I think she is conflicted over her relationship and doesn’t know why but just can’t let go of a certain jerkoff douchebag and all she knows is she doesn’t want him to go. She doesn’t want to lose him. She doesn’t know exactly why.
    I know that feeling. Granted they never beat the hell out of me, but still, I know.
    Rihanna is raw. She lets us see every feeling she has on her face, in her music, in the media. I hate that she’s still with CB but that’s how abuse works, abused women typically go back to their abuser over and over and over again. She’s a sweet, vulnerable, troubled girl. I kind of think she has borderline personality disorder. Something.
    Be easy on her. She really is special for a pop star. I don’t even like pop music, I listen to an entirely different sort of music typically, but Rihanna gets a pass somehow because she has magic about her.
    Most people complaining they wasted 4 minutes couldn’t just hit pause because she’s too captivating.
    And for the comment “it took a whole video to muster up one tear”…ever heard of editing? I’d reason that came early on while the emotion was still fresh and there hadn’t been a trillion takes.
    She hates herself enough. It’s obvious. No reason to hate her yourself on top of that. I think she hates herself enough for the whole world. Doesn’t even think she deserves a man who won’t cheat or hit her.

  • phil

    beautiful rihanna. so are pretty even less make up.

  • mike

    i respect her for having never a problem of showing all her flaws. most of the other girls would not do face shoots like this, without a ton of make up on it. i still find her beautiful.

  • Dan

    funny how people behind a computer judging the look of rihanna. nobody can see their faces but their acting like they are looking like ms. universe. everybody so quick to call rihanna ugly, while they acting and commenting really ugly behind their computers. RIHANNA IS GOREOUS, yes WITH HER FOREHEAD WITH HER BIG NOSE, still more beautiful than your ugly insides. but i guess your outsides arent that pretty either.

  • Sad

    Really, I repeat, so ugly, that she is back with Chris!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse!

    (former posting as Dirk)
    It´s a fine video!

  • dialoibrahimdialib
  • Aeromuze
  • Miss B

    I LOVE this song!!!! the video is fine. not great. but not bad either.

  • shianne

    lol my song

  • Beverly Hackett

    You are great singer and don’t let know diffent cus.