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Beyonce & Jay-Z: Gjelina Lunch with Solange Knowles!

Beyonce & Jay-Z: Gjelina Lunch with Solange Knowles!

Beyonce keeps it chic while grabbing a bite to eat at Gjelina restaurant on Monday (February 11) in Venice, Calif.

The 31-year-old singer was joined for lunch by her husband Jay-Z and younger sister Solange Knowles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

The night before, Beyonce and Jay-Z were all dressed up while attending the 2013 Grammy Awards, where they took home a few awards.

It was recently announced that Beyonce will be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on her show Oprah’s Next Chapter on Saturday (February 16). Check out the promo for the interview below!

Beyonce – ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ Preview

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  • c

    she looks tired, but still, very naturally pretty. say what you want about her, but she’s come far from the beginnings of the DC days, she’s one hell of a performer…and I refuse to believe she “debuted a new nose” at the Super Bowl.

  • BB

    Hate the hair, needs to be darker like on her Vogue cover. Brassy gold doesn’t look good on most people.

  • Guest

    Not liking the blonde hair. She looks so much better as a brunette.

  • @c

    Well that’s naive

  • lala

    i feel she is becoming an overrated celeb who is exposed way to much on a daily basis.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    cant wait

  • -_-

    @c: what do you mean by ‘come far’? destiny’s child was and still is popular, people on here might be too young to remember them back in the day

    And ps – she was never poor, her family is rich. she grew up in the suburbs of houston

  • http://connyr ConnyR

    Power never looked so powerful, even when she covers up she still leaves you drooling. I just can’t get enough of her. Love King Bey. The she legend of all time.

  • wtf

    came far? lmao she has two parents that took care of her, had money and lived a good life proir to her fame.

  • Marie

    Looking beautiful

  • CutTheBS

    Beautiful skin!!! Looks like she just woke up though lol.

  • LOL

    she looks BAD. wow.

  • Ellen

    Seriously…she’s doing Oprah too? I dont get this mass publicity going on for her..seems anti-climatic since her album/tour isnt out for a couple months?

    Also, all this promotion seems to be about her personal life, more than her music — which seems self-serving and pointless. I know I am past the point of caring about her and Jayz’s daily life. They kept it private when public interest was great, so dont get why it’s now okay to share.

    I am not sure if solange’s hair is a wig, but i appreciate her embracing her ethnicity.

  • http://goodlook ConnyR

    BEYONCE is anything but over exposed. Its high time we appreciate beautiful people for truth. I’m done praising self distract train racks just so I can feel better about myself. Beyonce is a refreshing escape from many of the stars who try hard to be bad a*s to keep you talking about them. So famous but gracious. So powerful but humble. So desired but faithful to her man. Achieved so much but still dedicated to working hard. Such a woman can only be Beyonce. More role models like her are needed in this world of sin.

  • cece

    awwwwwww she looks like she’s been crying and its probably because, that coon of an husband upset her. He doesn’t love her and don’t treat her right at all. #jerk

  • freya

    Love Solange hair she’s so natural

  • realtalk

    @ConnyR: I so agree with your statement. Beyonce is a class act and carries herself as such. I know Ophra has been trying to get a sit down interview with Beyonce for some time now. I hope this interview will include Jay-z and daughter Blue Ivy and hope it will be done at their home where we the fans can get a glimps of them interacting at home. I truly wonder what questions exactly will Ophra be asking Beyonce/Jay-z. Can’t wait for this sit down personal interview and Bey’s HBO documentary.

  • Rob


    Keep wishing, there is NO BLUE IVY
    Rosemary wasn’t pregnant just go to her tumblr page and count PAY attention to “Dance for You” behind the scenes the cell phone that is held up state 8-4-2011 but Bey says she was six month in Sept doing Countdown video, PLEASE

    So if you think you will see the made up kid think again at best all you will get is blur old pics, Rosemary fill of food stomach, the same old video clips, the same old “I work so hard”

    I will not buy Pepsi nor will I support fake parents!!!

  • Tessa

    Bust all the lies on the Cover of March 2013 Vogue

    Says “Chart Topper, Glamour Wife, Style Icon, New Mom, Business Mogul, Flimmaker, Beyonce is at the height of her Power and is writing her own script”

    I was rolling the whole sentence is a LIE!!!
    Chart Topper, uhh you mean Rihanna she been on top billboard NON stop since 2005

    Glamour Wife, more like FAG HAG, she has a ring and papers thats all NO LOVE strictly Business, Get back to Business Bey!!!

    New Mom, What????? Now the media is telling me 1+1 is NOT two like people cannot add up 9 months? Like people didn’t see her fake stomach FOLD in front of their eye Like Dance for you video wasn”t made on 8-4-2011 as per I AM tumblr

    Business Mogul, I guess you have to steal your way to the top, get sued endlessly and have a 100 million payout under your belt to be a mogul.

    Flimmaker, that is an extreme insult to those professional in the industry

    At the Height of her Power????????????? What Power??????????? 666 need I say any more.

    Writing her own script, HOW? She CAN’T speak nor write nor read!!!!!

    Pepsi better make her and Jay act like Alicia Keys and Mariah and all the rest of the Hollywood Parents or they are going to LOSE a lot of money!!!!

  • TBA

    What are these people looking at?

    She looks good, where?

    Better yet, where the Butt and Hips from the Grammys and the NFL interview?

    She looks high as the sky and tired as hell!

    Where is Blue, this where I agree with the Tweens around the way, heard them talking about how Bey and Jay are fronting with Blue, that Blue isn’t real,

    Now, I know Bey WASN’T PREGNANT but now I think there is NO kid either, why is Blue always missing, why don’t you see her looking clearly looking like a little girl? I don’t believe these two are really parents they act to funny for me!!!

  • Real Eyes

    I was rolling!! Her 47 of Beyonce Absolute Dance Moves

    She did all of them at the Superbowl and will do all of them again at the “No New Music Concert”
    I remember when Rosemary did a video to every song on B-day and she HAS NOT CHANGE her LOOK since 2006!!!

    How could this naturally fat/thick chick have such a thin face when she announced she was pregnant at the VMA, her face was soooooo skinnnyyyy

    What a LIAR!!
    They fronting HARD with those child actors!!!!

    I mean come on people the truth is right in your faces what parent act like this????? I wont’ be buying Pepsi for a long while.

  • Smoke and Mirrors

    She is SO fake and phony. Her and her ghetto husband only care about getting your money. They will do ANYTHING for money.

    Her looks are average at best. I see plenty of “Beyonce”s (and ever other so called “beautiflul” celebrity) every day walking down the street.

    AND most of them are better looking without the plastic surgery and makeup and corsets and spandex.

  • me

    being FORCED into the media soooooo obnoxiously is out-of-date!!!!!

    she needs better management.

  • me



    Just Jared are you gonna MONITER the comments on your website or is this TMZ now?

  • Tommy

    FAKE Mother BeyoncĂ© has revealed her deep connection with baby daughter Blue Ivy, gushing: ‘She is my road dog, my homey, my best friend.’


    Read more:

  • Rocco

    I am seeing things, but for a family affair at her permire of her doc why was the baby there? Did I see a old lady in a skully and faux fur coat on mediatake out with Jayz?

    Why would they say family affair if Blue Ivy wasn’t there???

    These two don’t hava a kid fuhgeddaboudit

  • c

    @-_-: i think you misconstrued my “come far” comment. i just meant that some people from those days have kind of faded away, especially girl group-wise, and she’s still on top.

  • c

    @wtf: came far as in grown with her career, instead of only having one or the other…my comment had nothing to do with money.

  • http://connyr ConnyR

    To all the BEY haters out there, I understand you don’t like her (that’s an understatement), know this if she knew you she probably wouldn’t like you either. Heyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!