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Eva Mendes To Launch Own Fashion Brand!

Eva Mendes To Launch Own Fashion Brand!

Eva Mendes tries to keep a low profile while leaving LAX Airport after her flight on Sunday (February 10) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actress has just announced that she will be launching her own fashion label by partnering with US retailer New York & Company on a clothing collection under her name.

“I love anything that winks to yesteryear,” Eva told WWD. “You have to find what works for you. In this day and age where everybody has a stylist, I appreciate the kind of woman who steps out of the box. I love feeling like an individual. I want to share all these little tips with women.”

Eva will also act as an ambassador for the brand and will front their next advertising campaign.

“I have a ton of ideas, but it’s a bit early to discuss them,” Eva continued. It’s taking up all my time, but in the best way possible. Everything I see is a possible design. My mind is consumed by it.”

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  • Phyliss W.

    Ew! I hope not she is a terrible dresser and looks like an old 48 year old man in full drag.

  • Olivia

    why? I mean it’s not like she was famous for her style and she’s not even an A-list celebrity

  • R

    Just like the other serious, respected actresses out there with clothing lines…you know, J Lo, Jessica Simpson, the Olsens, Gwen Stefanni, Rihanna…I can’t wait for her “tips” for me. I hope they don’t involve wearing a turban.

  • Scout

    There is nothing wrong with being the spokesperson for Pantene, Revlon, Thierry Mugler’s Angel, Campari, Calvin Klein Secret Obsession or any other company/advertisement. There isn’t anything wrong with starting your own fashion brand and naming it after yourself (if that’s what you really want to do). BUT….It’s annoying that she goes around saying in every interview that she wants to be a “respected actress” for her talent, humor, intellect etc….and then goes and does all these sexy photo shoots and advertisement campaigns! People like Ryan Gosling are obviously in the industry because they love it…He wants to direct and act because it’s his passion and that’s what he does. You don’t see Gosling in Cologne ads, commercials or sexy magazine articles every couple of months. It’s one thing to be an actor because you love it…It’s another to be a “celebrity”. Some people want to be creative and do their art..Eva Mendes seems to want to be pretty and famous. That’s why I think it’s weird those two are together. Good luck with her fashion brand “Eva”.

  • Anne

    As a Gosling fan, I’m starting to like Eva more now. And she is an attractive woman. But… she has terrible taste in clothing. What tips does she want to share?

  • Anne

    @Scout: Just don’t forget that she has the typical look that men find sexy and she is latin, so maybe the roles that were offered to her ended up always portraying that aspect of her. Even Angelina Jolie and ScarJo tend to get roles where she play the sexy chick. Scarlett didn’t get the role as “The girl with the dragon tattoo” in part because the director found her too sexy. It is different for a guy. Besides, Ryan is more multi-talented than her.

  • cee

    ………..what a joke

  • Reba

    And the name of her line is… [Covered] Head to Toe.

  • Spot

    Your kidding? If anyone shouldn’t be giving fashion tips it’s Eva Mendes she looks awful most of the time. I have never heard anyone call her a fashionista what idiot is joining forces with her? It’s going to flop big time. Not everyone likes to wear floppy hats that cover there face but some people are actually pretty Eva does tend to look like a guy in drag most of the time. What on earth does Ryan see in her?

  • KissThis

    Good for her, but I doubt her line will appeal to everyone. If it’s based on the things she typically wears it’ll probably appeal more to ethnic women. Her style is very Cuban.

  • nat

    It’s probably most likely that most of her wealth comes from her beauty product endorsements and other such things, not from her acting jobs.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Well, that must be truly distressing for New York & Co. as this woman has not style.

  • Aurora

    So just how bankrupt is New York & Co. to be desperate enough to bring on Eva of all people? Firstly, she’s not an A-list celebrity so it’s not like her name and face is going to compel everyone to check out the line. Secondly, to be the face of a fashion line I would think you would want someone who at least has some sort of standing in the fashion industry or is renowned for their sense of style. Eva Mendes has neither. I hope, for the sake of NY&Co’s name and reputation, that this deal falls through.

  • Hurley

    Oh, jealousy is a TERRIBLE thing!!! Eva hasn’t done anything amazing as an actress because Hollywood can’t get over her ethnicity. All the good roles go to the Caucasian women. They have her do mediocre stuff to say they hire Latin women. Get a clue you ignorant people. If you could do better, go do it and stfu!! Eva is gorgeous and stylish. Ryan is not the face of any product, but that isn’t a big thing for men in Hollywood. Hello? Unless you’re a jock, it’s all about women endorsing products. You’re amazing Eva, good luck!!!

  • Hurley

    @KissThis: Her style is very Cuban? What planet are you on? Please post pics of ALL the Cuban women that have her style.

  • Summer

    @Phyliss W.: Would love to see what YOU look like. Funny, usually when someone comments like that it’s reflection on what they really think about themselves. She may not be my favorite actress, but she’s a beautiful women, just ask Ryan Gosling…he’s sleeping with her not you!!!!

  • Chris

    @Anne: Thank you Anne, someone that pays attention to Hollywood. Eva is no Meryle Streep, but neither is Scarlett J, Halle B,Jennifer L, Jessica A, Jennifer A, and that’ s only to name a few. She’s only as good as the roles that r given to her. Spanish women r at the bottom in Hollywood, and that will never change. Hope it’s a hit. Team Eva all the way.

  • Scout

    I’m not defending Hollywood or the studio system, because American cinema is unfortunately very narrow and 2-dimensional. The best stories (if there even are any) go to white males… And if a woman gets a halfway decent part, she is also caucasian (even then the role is usually just a “girlfriend role”). However, starting a fashion brand definitely doesn’t help your case lol. Sure it might bring her more attention.. but attention doesn’t equal quality roles. Which is what Mendes is supposedly seeking. The two interesting roles she is a part of as of late are entirely due to her boyfriend. Maybe it has something to do with her ethnicity? Well, I personally believe the spanish actress Penelope cruz creates incredible characters for american cinema, italian, spanish and french as well. She’s very dynamic and makes weird choices. It is possible to break the mold..but you have to write roles for yourself, maybe even direct… pursue foreign filmmakers and don’t be afraid to look ugly. Mendes is getting better with the help of Gosling…but moves like this fashion brand bring her back to more of a celebrity status in my opinion. And to the people who keep saying she is beautiful and stylish.. I completely agree! I think she’s gorgeous ( I wish I looked like her) but that doesn’t make her a good actress that makes smart choices. I’ve seen good actresses in shit roles/shit movies before..and a lot of the time I can still tell they have tremendous talent. I haven’t seen that with Ms. Mendes yet, is all….it seems like she’s gotten this far only because of her looks (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t mean I have to like her either).

  • Lisa

    @Scout: You r so right Scout, but you must understand that Penelope is from Spain that is more excepted because she’s European. Being from Cuba and another Latin countries are looked down on. Better roles r offered to Penelope because of that. I know this stuff because my ex-boyfriend works in the industry. Kudos to Eva for fighting this uphill battle. How is she expected to make a living if Hollywood offers her roles she declines because she’s always the sex symbol and not the serious actress? PS, please do ur research. Eva’s role with Gosling in this movie coming out soon, had NOTHING to do with Ryan. She earned that one all on her own. Go Eva!!!

  • Susan

    OMG, interesting comments. Some people really have no clue about life in Hollywood. Does anybody remember Raquel welch? She to being an ethnic beauty had problems getting roles in Hollywood. She talks about that to this day. They wanted her to change her Latin sounding name, but she stood firm. No one will ever know her true potential as an actress because Hollywood is so prejudice. I believe that may be the same for Eva. Although so much time has passed since then, that ethnicity should no longer be a problem, it still is and always will b. Funny I should compare her to Raquel, because they look alike. Beauty at it’s best. Oh and one more thing. For people who say she has no style, why is she ALWAYS on the best dress list & when they compare her to who wore it best (Caucasian vs Latin) she always wins? People, do ur research before you make ignorant comments. YOU may not like her style, but those in Hollywood, where it REALLY counts do. Like it or not! Period.

  • Carmen

    @R: jealous much? You don’ t have to buy her line, so why would it bother you? Yep, jealous much!!!

  • Xoxo

    @Chris: Ha!Ha! Love it. Team Eva ALL the way!!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    @Scout: “starting a fashion brand definitely doesn’t help your case?” what exactly do u mean by that ? The woman has to make a living somehow. She has impeccable fashion sense, so why not go out on a limb and do this? It wasn’t HER idea, THEY came to her. Listen, she’s not my favorite, but I do know beauty and fashion when I see it. I’m not going to hate on someone I don’t personally know. That would b ignorant. I wish her the best. Being a women myself, we have to support women everywhere, not only in Hollywood. Best of luck Eva.

  • Camille

    @Spot: never heard anyone call her a fashionista? What planet r u living on? Yes, stole that from a comment above, cuz I liked it so much. Anyway, every time she has a hollywood event, she’s called out for her amazing style. What tv, magazine r u watching, reading? Don’t like her style, don’t buy it. Simple as that. Have u stopped for a moment to think about what gosling sees in her? What u read & rumors in Hollywood r 99% false. Keep that in mind before u judge people u don’t know. Eva, I’ll b the first in line when your line comes out. Ur beautiful, stylish and deserve respect for what u have done. God Bless and good luck with this endeavor .

  • Lee

    Eh, Whatever! When it comes to actors…we don’t actually know them so it’s ridiculous to try and judge their personalities. She may be terrible, she may be great.. honestly who cares haha all we can judge them on is their body of work. If you like Ms. Mendes’ acting then woohoo good for you! Support her all you want and celebrate in the rain of latina pride. If you think she’s bad at acting then don’t see her movies. In my personal opinion her acting has been pretty bad…nothing to do with her opportunities or the roles she takes or the way she looks or that she’s freakin cuban! Just when I watch her say her lines it ALWAYS looks false to me..she’s just not that good in MY PERSONAL opinion. Beauty and style have nothing to do with that haha… as for earning money by a clothes line…c’mon people…the lady has tons of money…she just wants to make a clothes line. Will I buy these clothes? I don’t freakin know! If I like them, I guess so.

  • Lee

    Oh and @Lisa I read an interview with the director Derek Cianfrance where he said Ryan suggested Eva for the role, and urged them to meet one another. He was really pushing for her. So who knows…he must have liked her. I definitely have high hopes that she’ll be better in this than her movies in the past.

  • Autumn

    @Lee: agreed. I love her so I will support 100% and I am not Latin. I met her once and she was sooooo nice. She seems low key, has only been talked about in the media with two boyfriends, unlike so many other a listers that jump from man to man. She seems like a decent respectable woman. Those movies and ads, she doijng her job acting. Selling the product, so they have to b sexy. Whatever the case we’ll never know unless we personally know them. To each is own, but don’t be mean just because u weren’t taught any better by ur parents. Don’t like her, don’t comment. By commenting its obvious there is some interest in her.

  • Marie

    Yay Eva. I’m a big fan. Best of luck.

  • TheGirlWithTheRedConverse

    Wow I really cant wait to see how terrible her clothing line will be. Her fashion sense is just off.

  • TheGirlWithTheRedConverse

    @Scout: AMEN!

  • TheGirlWithTheRedConverse

    amen to that.

  • TheGirlWithTheRedConverse

    Has anyone seen the pictures above? ^^^ Seriously? Shes designing her own clothing line. Sweet heart this is fashion at its worst. It looksl like she wore a blind fold while choosing out her out fit. Sad part is, this isnt her worst out fit yet! Large floppy hats that cover up most of your face and neon orange wedges were never in style. Eva makes a good amount of money from all those ads right? You dont have to shop at really expensive stores like bloomingdale to look good honey, theres always macys, forever 21, H&M, and sooo much more. I could buy a really good outfit there for under 50 bucks.