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Jennifer Aniston: 'She's Funny That Way' Star!

Jennifer Aniston: 'She's Funny That Way' Star!

Jennifer Aniston bundles up for a chilly day on the set of the Untitled Elmore Leonard Project on Tuesday (February 12) in Greenwich, Conn.

The 44-year-old actress celebrated her birthday the day before! Happy belated birthday, Jen!

Jen just recently signed on for the new comedy She’s Funny That Way, according to Variety.

The Peter Bogdanovich ensemble flick also features Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, and Eugene Levy.

Jen will play a therapist whose mother is in rehab.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston on the set of her latest flick the day after her birthday…

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jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 01
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 02
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 03
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 04
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 05
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 06
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 07
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 08
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 09
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 10
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 11
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 12
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 13
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 14
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 15
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 16
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 17
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 18
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 19
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 20
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 21
jennifer aniston shes funny that way star 22

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  • jentheho

    This woman has the most unattractive face. She should thank the millions she has to help to look not so ugly. No wonder she is so obsess with her body. It helps to distract people from looking at tiny little eyes, huge nose, elongated chin, joker jawline and those thin lips.

  • Bree

    So when do her fans expect her to have the kid they all dream of?

    She has signed on for two films after this one! She’ll be 45 before you know it. She will be closer to 50 than 40.

    At 60 she will still be saying babies are on their way!!!!!!!!

  • Keyler

    @jentheho: Well you must be ghay because Millions of men love this ”manly” face. And shes 44 and shes a beautiful woman and has one of the greatest bodys in hollywood!, also she is so rich, and can has anything she wants in this life and YOU DONT so dont be so jealous of her! ENJOY YOUR
    insignificant life!

  • Juan

    @Bree: man.. Why do you care so much about her? It’s her life!

  • lou

    Botoxed to the max.

  • kate

    She looks gorgeous!!

  • lissa

    She’s ok but she’s never been beautiful and her body is far from one of the best in hollywood. Let’s get real here.

  • sad

    She should quit botox. She used to be very cute, not in a breathtaking way but in a beautiful one.

  • arthur

    Eh, she is a complete Monet. Looks good from afar but a total mess up close.

  • Bree


    She has made her life very public. She cried to Vanity Fair FF to make you all feel sorry for her.

    I do not care about her actually, she is too boring to care about.

    Just wondering why her fans keep waiting for babies when it is very clear now that it is not happening. 44 is advanced maternal age.

  • gena

    Filming another bomb?

  • richie

    she is someone you dont wanna see with no make up and she got too much the botox ja ja

  • Julia123


    Sorry, but there is nothing about her to be jealous of besides her money.

    She does have manly features. Thin lips, fat nose, huge chin, bad skin are all masculine features.

    If men all love her then why do all the men leave her? Hmmmm. Juston sticks around for the $$$$$. Living in a mansion he does not pay for, flying in private jets like never before, driving her nice cars.

    ps. Learn to spell. Bodies not bodys. Learn to use a ” ‘ ” as well. But of course most of her fans are 12 years old watching Friends all day.

  • Jesus…

    Aniston, you should really lay off botox or you’ll end up looking somehow like Donatella Versace. Well, at least Dotanatella, as physically unattractive as she is, she is actually quite in what she does from what I hear, fashion and all that stuff. Not the same could be said for you, Aniston. lol

  • Chanel

    She is basically a very dull celebrity, as all the ‘Friends’ cast are…boring boring boring. probably a nice lady in real life, but seriously, when if ever has she made a decent film?

  • dont like her

    but I am not jealous of her cause she is fug and yeah she has more money than me but if i was gonna be jealous there are many with more money, better looking, more successful and happier more fulfilling life. she is a bore. J/S

  • Toni

    She’s really beautiful, I dont know what you guys are talking about.

  • candice

    Cute wig. But yeah, the ton of makeup makes her passable in real life. you can’t photoshop real life though.

  • john mayer

    jenny is so 1998 and only wants to sit in the kitchen petting her dogs! thank God for my Katy…

  • Suri

    Look at her eyes. There’s still some innocence in her glance.

  • Keri


    Innocence? My god her fans really are nuts.

  • Marie

    Wow Jen, beautiful.

  • Janet

    She’s boring as he*l…this queen of photo op is annoying.And that wig is ugly…lol
    Btw,all her movies flopped…most people don’t like her,nor watch her movies,so now i wonder why some people still hire her,when it’s obvious that those movies will flop anyway.


    Aniston mega w#ore alert
    vile s#ench
    high supply fawp
    aniston biggest w#ore ever
    hazmat suit
    thickest rubber
    radioactive tart

  • blonde

    Jennifer is so cute!

  • blonde beautiful

    Janet (#23) if she is boring what are you doing here?
    Are you a mazochist?

  • Jentheho


    No stupid. They don’t like her face. I do agree the men like her body but certainly not her face. Since when the men or the media for the matter mention how gorgeous her face is. Never. I dare you to find an entertainment article where someone mention how gorgeous her face is. Always about her body. What’s so great about her body anyway? How many kids does she have?

  • blonde beautiful hat

    This hat is not very nice. But her face is beautiful for sure. Why people talk about her nose and chin? Wonderful nose. And a cute face.

  • Angelina

    She is Beautiful as Aways. STOP YOUR BOYFRIEND FROM CHEATING with Love Toys at AthenaToysdotcom

  • Meela

    What is the need to make nasty comments about someone’s physical appearance? It’s one thing to not like her choice in movies, or even her acting talent but to stoop so low and insult her based in looks makes all of you look like morons.

    I’m not her fan at all, but come on! If you don’t like her, don’t comment on anything she does. How would any of us feel if people just constantly harped on our appearance? Just stop bullying people and ignore the things you don’t like. Jeez.

    Freedom of speech is one thing, but there is no justification for cruel bashing without any reasons whatsoever.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    I bet her keeper Edited all those pic making sure which one are ALLOWED to be release and still Fake and Fugly!
    I bet her Theraphy and Acring Coach are there 24/7 to insure her that she can Act not!
    Innocence in her eyes my ASS… wake up… smell the coffee …
    This ungratefull B*TCH better be gratefull for all that Millions…

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Exactly …. Your comments # 30 above addressed to all those Loons who’s park at the JPs threads 24/ 7 .. 8 years and still counting right ?

  • HOndlerHO

    Why ChelshiitHondler’s comments are never awaaiting mo.derati.on?
    Because of the HONESTY of this si.te.

  • http://yahoo essie

    for critics who says jennifer do not have talent, well, the movie producers action says otherwise…. looking forward to seeing the movie and jennifer at best in her craft – comedy

  • ellie’

    Jen looks great in these pictures..a matter of fact all of healthy looking…

  • Lillian

    If she ever says she don’t do botox, she is so lying. Her face is looking way too shiny and you can clearly say she is doing a lot of botox. After a few years of it, your face starts to change, and not for better. I wonder if she can even feel her face

  • B_Streisand Twin

    I never knew Barbra has a twin sister!!!! LOL!

  • ellie’

    Thanx JJ ..spoiling us with all these beautiful favorite actress ever..

  • ellie’

    @B_Streisand Twin:
    Taste up your as*.. Barbra Streisand is a beautiful woman..

  • ellie’

    Jen looks so cute in her hat…I love it..

  • Hot Mess

    Hair extensions, bleached hair, fake nose, botox, fillers and on and on. Even with all the fakes, she’s still unattractive and when she speaks she comes out so illiterate and flat. What a looser, why is she even in a movie?

  • wtf

    why I cant thumb the comments???

  • http://Justjarde LOL

    Love her

  • http://Justjarde LOL

    Jealous loons

  • http://Justjarde LOL

    Cute pics

  • http://Justjarde LOL

    I can’t wait to see t

  • Bea

    It’s a good thing she keeps making these bombs or her PR person would drop her like she used to be hot. I’ll bet the PR person makes more than Squiggy to stick with her no talent fat ass.

  • http://Justjarde LOL

    Sexy lady

  • http://Justjarde LOL

    Jen on the top

  • http://Justjarde LOL

    Thx JJ