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Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Role Brings in Big Bucks

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt: 'Maleficent' Role Brings in Big Bucks
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  • Bellissima

    Almost everyone has been saying that was unnecessary; they don’t need the money!

  • http://Justjarde LOL

    Smug faces

  • Jo

    Vivian has earn’t more than manistons current going rate per hour lol

  • “BUT ,,,we’re special”

    underprivilaged kids hate you

  • Different Nose

    choppen in half

  • Anne

    3,000 /day for nothing, poo
    3rd shift overtime last summer–grueling work that i could barely make it through (i got sick) made me 4,000 dollars before taxes

  • hopeso

    Good for her 4 yrs. old or 40 yrs old she is WORKING for it!!!!!!!!!

  • Domino

    I understand wanting to put your kid in one of your movies, but charging for it? Wow and I thought this bitch couldn’t get crazier.

  • sad

    That’s for Vivienne’s bank account. None of our business

  • groundcontrol

    I think it’s just scale. Why wouldn’t she get paid? They may have to pay her for her to be covered by insurance while working on the set. Who does volunteer work on a big money Disney film?
    I wonder if she has lines – that pays more than non-speaking roles.

  • Jo

    Vivian has earn’t the money like every other child actor & extra in the movies. So whats the big deal with people, is it becuase she is a JoliePitt child? what about Judd Aptows daughters ? I bet they were paid and every other child star out there?why isnt there an outcry for them?

  • @Anne

    It’s no ones fault but your own that you work a crappy job for peanuts. The beautiful Joilie-Pitt children deserve every penny they earn. Bless them.

  • Nola Bee

    Very true. Child actors get paid for work done as do many extras, so should Vivian. Vivian is looking more and more like her mother , pretty little girl.

  • Viv

    You are a total Loser.
    Hope you get laid off, lose everything , and maybe my mom will tearfully visit you in a camp.

  • Jo

    @Anne are you telling us you are paid in Poo what type of work are you in oh i forgot showeling manistons manure LMAO, time to get a another job maybe being Manistons ass- wiper isnt enough she might be able to squeeze some noighats through for you but its not helping you is it Anne.

  • Angelina Jolie

    “the dirty unwashed masses should all be “showeling noighats”..just shell out the bucks see our movies moronic scumbags

  • Marsha Leen

    omg, such insensitive comments, the JP fans are clearly insane


    Vivienne has a prominent role in a major studio production and was most likely required to join SAG/AFTRA. As with any union you would be required to pay the initiation fee and dues to which she would be entitled to receive the standard fee for a week’s worth of work. SAG/AFTRA membership is not cheap. $3,000 to join and annual base dues are $198.00. In addition, work dues are calculated at 1.575 percent of covered earnings up to $500,000.

    Interesting none of the entertainment outlets bothered to mention the union. I guess it just wouldn’t make it sensational enough.

  • Shreya

    Good news- keep rocking JPs

  • first and last post

    bringing over from previous thread. OT For PT. Skip please

    @Passing Through:

    re: “Tampon spends the day crapping all over the thread…and then Jared has it all deleted. How stoopid do you have to be to come back every day and do it again – for what, 8-9 months now? What a total fool”

    Thanks for letting some of us know that jared actually deletes the post…I don’t pay attention to this poster. Good for jared’s team. You have to admit, jared et al are having to be constantly vigilant to keep up with such a robotic unimaginative monotonous drudge. Reminds me of an imprisoned enraged rat always trying to escape its existence within the cubicle world it lives in. “Fool” is too kind a description…this posters actions reveal more vacuous inanity really…aka bottom dwelling base intellectual emptiness…even single celled amoebas have more reactive common sense. Persistent yes but repeatedly banging your head against a brick wall has made this poster duller. Doesn’t this poster know that the rule of attention getting is that over-exposure loses effectiveness…most readers/lurkers here are numb to the same diatribe. It’s method of communication is incipient and should be aborted for its sole balderdash and waste of space.

  • Gia

    Vivienne is so beautiful just like her mama. All child actors get paid.
    Why would little Vivienne be any different? It’s going to be a fab movie, Can’t wait to take my kids to see it.


  • first and last post

    OT for Phool and Jaye. on From previous thread, Skip please.
    Hi Phool and Jaye,
    # 727 Phool @ 02/08/2013 at 8:27 am
    re: “…The question where else would Bridget’s characters go? ”
    that is the challenge for the elite writer. Once part of a writer’s group, one of the established published writers who was good enough to have an agent told me a good writer can take a seemingly boring object/subject, write about it and make it look interesting…a writers creed…so why not take the same challenge into an established character…it’s actually more difficult to expand on the same character than create a new one.
    re: “It just made me wonder why some writers have become so lazy at coming up with new ideas & material, rather than resorting to churning out the same old caca over & over again.”;
    re: “…inflict the fans of hapless 30something Bridget Jones their anti-heroine unlucky-in-love Londoner who was the original chick lit protagonist and a generation of women fell in love with Bridget’s neurotic, calorie-obsessed character.”

    first, that “generation of women” spans not just a generation, it is an established often lifestyle mind-set in many women’s psyche, consequently newbies join with those already in the group. Many females identify with Fielding’s character.
    second, if you’ve ever read interviews by any successful serial writer aka Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, David Michaels, JK Rowlings, including Fielding…they basically all say the same thing…a part of them is in every main character they create. I’ve gotten attached to novel characters (Cussler’s Dirk Pitt, Clancey/Michaels Sam Fisher, Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas) and was disappointed when the creators retired them. For the most part per their interviews a writer tends retire a well known character because they are bored with them and usually not for any other reason aka Fielding probably has more “in her mind” to reveal on this character…well received or not. Many writers write to please themselves, not their readership, whereas actors aim to please their directors not themselves.
    re: I’d rather Authors come up with some new ideas and challenged their readers intellect, rather than burden them with the same old wife’s tale time & time again.” and # 752 Jaye @ 02/08/2013 at 11:24 am “I think it was pretty easy to figure out what a second or third would be like.”

    1. LOL Phool and Jaye, you are both easily bored which is a good thing because it shows your higher capacity for mental activity aka it is not unusual before a storyline is even revealed that the more intellectually restless already have it figured out and judiciously zoom out. The caveat is average individuals are not like that and projecting for them is not in their ability to execute…furthermore they have limited scope of interest and live only moments at a time possibly because too much “outside noise” induces complexity over their limit to handle personal day to day stresses and decision making.
    2. IMO Helen Fielding is not a great writer. She is a pop writer catering to a specific target mass fan base who identify with the Bridget character and that’s all. Her writing is not complicated, not sophisticated and not for readers who challenge themselves or are looking for intellectual stimulation and certainly not to educate. The same category of JA fans who identify with her probably identify with Fieldings Bridget…compare and analyze the scenarios and characters…there are many emotional and insecurity similarities. Simple one: average looking, body conscious insecure single female with struggling unrecognizable career meets in this case…two “A-list” very handsome, intelligent, successful men who pursue HER recognizing her for her “hidden qualities” (which every woman likes to think they have) and she manages to “steal” both away from other attractive women all because of her simplistic “golden girl” ways LOL.
    3. an example of a well known author who changed his topic, his 4 non legal books not as acclaimed is John Grisham…once out of his legal domain, his storytelling is mediocre…failures compared to his 26 highly acknowledged novels; subsequently he returned to what he knew best…ditto for Koontz whose subject matter went from whimsy and funny to darker, meaner, cruel and unattractive characters consequently losing an audience who liked his original style and subject matters. Another is Anne Rice, technically an excellent writer…after she stopped The Vampire Chronicles 1994, and Queen of the Damned 2002, she turned to writing about the life of Jesus…as a writer, she is no longer recognized…why would anyone want to “fail” from being on the top??? so that leads to why change. This is human nature. Sometimes it is best to flow with what you know best and are in your element versus the alternative to subject yourself to potential “failure.” And in the public eye especially if you are well known, ones failure becomes exaggerated unless it is the norm LOL.
    re: 901Phool @ 02/09/2013 at 8:44 am
    “I know there are frivolous pop corn movies just for share entertainment but really are they that memorable?”
    In general movie going and for the most part reading fiction is escapism and a distraction from a daily tedious life. They don’t have to be memorable LOL. We see them, we forget most of the visual images, it eventually comes down to…it was a good movie, it was a bad movie, movie goers rarely remember much except when it peaks a specific interest, like BP with his shirt off in Thelma and Louise LOL…now that was memorable.
    re: # 727 Phool @ 02/08/2013 at 8:27 am
    “…what i want to know is was the financial motivation enough to compensate the artistic integrity for these called authors?” and re: 901Phool @ 02/09/2013 at 8:44 am “What’s annoying is the fact how lazy & money hungry some authors have become.” and # 752 Jaye @ 02/08/2013 at 11:24 am “Anything that will make money they will continue to do it to death.”
    1. IMO they don’t do it for the money, they do it for fan expectations and for the continued recognition and repeat of successful accolades. Most writers do not write for the money because unless they are selling over 500,000 copies at full cover price, there really is no grand money in writing a novel. Selling a 500,000 copies these days does not generate the income it used to with discounted retailers, online book dealers and e-books. A typical NY publishing company pays the author 10% of the cover price with small bump ups after 10,000 books sold. E-books sold get much less. The agents gets 15% of the author’s 10%. The typical break even point for the publisher is 20,000 books. Publishers “hope” to minimally sell at least 30,000 copies at their top cover price. Last year re: kindle books specifically…133,036 self-published titles were released but only 30 authors sold more than 100,000 copies. I read the stats are between only 0.02-0.15% of total titles sell over 100,000 copies. One of those self published authors selling over 100,000 reduced the price of her book to 99 cents just to sell them. and she had to pay her own marketing costs. My point being there are very few writers who sell 100,000 copies of their books. and being a professional writer is a disciplined arduous journey of love.
    2. Non participants in particular careers/professions/jobs fail to recognize the lure and pressure of “fan expectations” aka loyal patrons to a business, to a particular doctor, to an artist et al. Similar to HW, if you do not produce on a timely basis, fans forget you aka the logic of JA’s continuous movie failures, bad publicity is better than no publicity…likewise, writers are compelled to produce a lot even if it’s deemed “garbage.” It’s admirable when creative individuals step out of their comfort zone to try something different, but the hazard and likelihood for most not in the top tier is…change may not be as successful as a past glory…the general fan is finicky and easily disappointed. Felding is not in the top tier IMO.

  • http://cellphone Susan

    Yeah Viv, maye she’ll splurge and buy her siblings an icecream.
    Next we’ll probably hear how much Pax and Zahara earned.

  • first and last post

    Hi to all JP posters and lurkers and especially to those who have given me “shout outs” and you know who you are. Thank you.
    apologies for that last long post…totally shocked when it went through…moderation is often my demise LOL…I figured what the heck LOL. It goes through or it doesn’t.
    After that long response to Jaye and Phool, I’ll retreat now unless another interesting topic reveals itself. Kudos to little Vivienne and all the JP’s. Oh and it should be “Fielding is not in the top tier IMO,” not Felding.
    Have a good day everyone. Be safe and healthy out there.

  • just sayin’

    Viv was paid scale, same as the little girl who played the young Maleficent. TMZ’s just trying to make something out of nothing.

  • big bux

    obviously paid by the cranial cubic centimeter

  • Registered NUrse

    Viv is a beautiful daughter of brad and angie she deserved what she get,god bless the jolie pits

  • groundcontrol

    Vivienne has a prominent role in a major studio production and was most likely required to join SAG/AFTRA.
    I thought that you couldn’t get a SAG card until after you had a speaking part.
    I also thought that productions are under SAG or AFTRA – is both possible? – unless they are non-union productions. I’m pretty sure though that TV shows operate under one of the other unions. Maybe someone with more familiarity can weigh in on this.
    Most actors work very ittle during the year. So $3000 a week is not so much if all you have are 20 weeks work a year or like most actors way less than that.
    Everyone wants a speaking part because you can then get your SAG card and then buy their health insurance.

  • Megatit

    Aww….Down Baby No. 2 is making cash money!

  • groundcontrol

    I finally watched Ides of March last night and Ryan Gosling was very good. I liked the film a lot. And he looks very much like Zamperini. Ryan has an in with Angie for sure so who knows. I’m sure she wants to see what’s available especially if there might be a suitable more unknown actor.
    There will be a number of lead actors besides Zamperini. The prison guard, family members like his brother, his B24 crew, his wife, etc. Do we even know how much of his life will be covered?

  • my2centss

    wow you pathetic bitches hating on a 4 year old that makes more money than you probably do .. good one.

    i love vivi she is such a cute little girl.. & can 2014 come soon? please?

  • yolly

    Can’t wait to see Maleficent next year. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    Hello Neleh,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Shar,Cee,lyric,Dulc,DS,Joann & to all lovely fans of Brad & Angie all over the world.God bless us all.

  • yolly

    Viv deserved every cents she earned in Maleficent after all, she is Brad & Angie child.God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • groundcontrol

    Shades of the SLA – the cabin where that fruitcake former LA police officer is believed to be holed up is one fire.

  • groundcontrol

    Now he’s in a car? Racing from the cabin? Maybe not.
    Just put out a casting call now and save time. Josh Brolin as the lead state patrolman.

  • Jaye

    first and last post @ 02/12/2013 at 3:14 pm
    Don’t get me wrong, I like films that are just fun and silly, I just don’t want them as a steady diet. I do agree with you that the studios are catering to a certain moviegoers and if they want to stay in business they need to do this. The same with authors.
    With regard to writers, I do think they should stick with what they know and what made their books worthy of reading in the beginning, to whatever group. I do hate reading something that’s just plain stupid and designed to dumb people up. Some may like that and find it entertaining, but it’s not for me.
    I’ve never read the Twilight books or Fifty shades. For one thing I despise first person narratives when someone isn’t good at it. I did read on-line some of Twilight and got a taste of some of Fifty’s dialogue from reviews. I just couldn’t stomach it after a while. I don’t want to be in the head of someone 24/7. Anyway I do commend the authors for being successful. To tell the truth I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to write either series. They’re just not my thing.
    I just started writing a year ago and I’ve become more critical of things I read and films I see. I don’t know why that is because I’m not a professional. I’ve tried to edit my stories to death. lol. Someone told me to let it go, it’s never going to be perfect. That may be true, but every time I re-read it, I find a better way to say something, especially in the first one I wrote.
    I’ve given up on being so anal, but I guess the point is, with writing as with painting ( which I also do), you’re never going to be completely satisfied. I’ve written my stories for myself, if other people like them, good. If not, the writing wasn’t a waste because I truly enjoy it and will keep doing it.

  • Jaye

    I had to laugh at the first comment saying the JP’s don’t need the money. Is that a point to anything?

  • KissThis

    Personally I’m not in favor of putting small children on a set and having them “act.” It’s not right to me. Let Vivienne be a normal little girl and choose what she wants to do when she’s older. To me, Brad and Angelina are kind of choosing her path for her at such a young age and that’s wrong.

  • http://computer Susan

    @KissThis: Surprise! it is not up to you to make the decision, so that takes care of your problem.

  • yolly

    @Susan: ITA with you. Let the parents decide what’s best for their kids not you Kiss This.

  • an opinion

    On the TMZ tv show they say the SAG minimun rate for an actor in a film is $2,923. So I don’t know why such a big deal for Viv

  • http://computer Susan

    OT cr Radar
    Top stylist Nicola Formichette admits it was not easy finding clothes for Kim Kardashian for the March 2013 issue of ELLE, because designers refused to lend him clothes for her to wear, ouch.

  • KissThis

    @Susan: was only stating my opinion. No need to be b!tchy.

  • Jolie’s Got Gold

    Bravo miss Vivian! You go! So proud of her and also her parents for letting her take part in the Disney movie. This movie will be a hit, can’t wait to see it.

  • lylian

    You, of course, can make your point, but if you think about it, you are making your point wayyyyyy too premature. After all, its not as if Viv is being pushed to act in front of the camera and become an actress and a professional. She’s just happens to be doing a little acting in the movie because her mother’s in the same movie. It’s not as if they found her an agent and a manager or something. (rolling my eyes here!!)
    Save your complaints for the jaden and willow smiths of the world. Even then, I’d be careful. After all, it’s my understanding that both Jaden and Willow want to do the work – so their parents are supporting them in what they want to do. Would you criticise a child who wants to be an artist and wants her paintings exhibited? Nope, so long as the child is doing it voluntarily, without any compulsion from authority figures.

  • Bree

    Shake head and major eye roll @ KissThis

  • NAN

    Wow,The Coward team of Dolly’s friends are camping here to beat a 4 year girl for The Sinkable Anuston Barren Cow.

    Poor Anuston huh? that no one wanted or waiting to have baby with her,it was 8 years ago that The Sinkable Anuston said that she can do.

    VF05,The Sinkable Anuston was thinking thoughts to PRODUCING Baby !

    ” In 5 years I’ll be on my way,to have family and kids ”

    Is she still going to BLAMB others when MENOPAUSE hit her in a few years ?

    Is Anuston still get angry that a set up husband didn’t wanted or waiting for her 14+ years pregnancy ?

    Are Anuston and Dolly team will rewrite The Fake Pity Party till the rest of Anuston life ?

    Last night I saw US WEAKLY rewrite and started to showed all the old photoes of a set up husband dumped Anuston again !!!

    Is Anuston still thinking thoughts of a set up blind date May 98,during Ding a Dong with a set up boy toy May 11 ????????????

    Mr.Gigolo is Not an A-list hunk huh ?

    Is JJ support Anuston’s team beating a 4 years old girl too ?

    On Anuston’s 44 birthday someone might send her cake ” Pull Me Up ”
    to support her Unhappy Life huh ?

    Anuston is still be a Bitter B!tch Barren Cow of HW…Ouch…Ouch

  • NAN

    OMG ! How The Sinkable Anuston will keep her face ?
    Now Penelope Cruz on The Real News !
    ” Pregnancy Confirmed “

  • NAN

    Poor The Sinkable Anuston huh ?

    The Baby Never Come ! (98-13++++)

    Maybe all the eggs keep too long in the freezer,hahahahahaha