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Bar Refaeli: Sanremo Music Festival Attendee!

Bar Refaeli: Sanremo Music Festival Attendee!

Bar Refaeli is stylish while doing some shoe shopping on Tuesday (February 12) in Milan, Italy.

On the same day, the 27-year-old model tweeted, “Just arrived in #SanRemo !! Ready for the festival!”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

Last week, Bar suited up for an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she chatted about her Super Bowl GoDaddy commercial.

FYI: The Sanremo Music Festival is a popular Italian song contest, held annually and consists of a competition amongst previously unreleased songs.

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bar refaeli sanremo music festival attendee 01
bar refaeli sanremo music festival attendee 02
bar refaeli sanremo music festival attendee 03
bar refaeli sanremo music festival attendee 04
bar refaeli sanremo music festival attendee 05

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  • LOL

    LMAO as the Go Daddy girl clearly beams at the paparazzi, grateful for any attention

  • elfsstilettos

    This outfit is tragic

  • Naomi

    Beautiful and looking sexy as always.

  • Stunning

    Beautiful woman. Love her

  • boringbar

    events,shopping,bikini,catalog (repeat 100 times)….YAWN.

  • Odd

    Didn’t she used to pretend to hate the paps before?
    Desperation will do that to you.
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  • Empress

    You dont look classy even in black. Are you going to a funeral?

  • YES!

    Thanks JJ for the new pictures. And now I hope you’ll post the ones form the Sanremo’s red carpts

  • Gorgeous

    The most beautiful woman

  • from ali

    she is almost 28 years old , but looks 38 . she has a very manly body , chunky legs .
    she is over rated , over hyped by her money hungry mother -agent .
    she is not a super model . she is a super **** . i never bought her mother BS .
    she , and her stage mother from HELL Zipi are the most HATED women
    in Israel . her mother , place daily articles about her daughter for 10 years , i mean every day there is an article in the Israeli Gossip sites in Israel , i mean how much PR do you need ? that is why people there are soooooooooo Sick of her , her mother Zipi bombard the gossip sites with daily paparzzi photos / artilcles about her just to keep her Famous and Relevant . so ppl are tired of her . once a week is ok , but every day ???
    she also dodged the Israeli army , which is Mandatory , she did NOT serve
    in the Israeli army , which is a Big mistake and damaged her reputation for life . at 18 , she married a 45 years old man to avoid the 2 years service .
    she is snotty ,arrogant has an entitled “im better than you” demeanor ,
    very shallow childish , her parents treat her like a 7 years old , they live off of her . her dad does not work and was convicted for hitting a paparazzi .
    she is not rich like her mother wants u to belive . she used leo to be famous .she is addicted to fame . she loves the attention . and she loves money . she never went to college and she did not even gradute high school . she really is an air head .
    she is just a cheap sleazy photoshoped panty model .
    her mother told her to always date rich famous people .
    she does not know anything about life . i feel sorry for her .
    she is a puppet of her mother .
    there are many beautiful models in Israel but nobody hates them like this one .
    pls do not be suprised if she would do playboy next or a porno movie .
    she does not have class or street smart .

  • Val

    Sanremo would be a bit better off without her.

  • hm

    @from Ali;
    You must prefer any of DiCaprio’s recent pubescent bimbos over Bar, for sure.
    Poor Leo, almost 40 and still running after escorts. What a joke.

  • huh

    Poor Bar 2+ years later and reduced to tongue kissing fatties on public broadcast for money and attention.

  • XYZ


  • XYZ

    @from ali:


  • XYZ



  • Katness

    @XYZ: Her HUSBAND is the BEST LOVER, He kisses Her NECK and uses HIS TONGUE to Penetrate Deep Inside Her, with the help of BEDROOM TOYS from AthenaToysDotcom

  • From a poll

    Jewish Singles Want Adam Levine and Bar Refaeli to Be Their Valentine
    It’s official, Jewish women love the bad boy. This Valentine’s Day, the majority of Jewish single women on new Jewish online dating website,, voted Adam Levine, the heavily inked rockstar and actor, as their ideal Valentine. Meanwhile, the majority of Jewish men polled selected Israeli Supermodel, Bar Refaeli, as the woman they want to romance on Valentine’s Day. The poll was conducted on and taken by more than 2500+ Jewish singles.

    “As the poll results started coming in, we were convinced that Mila Kunis was going to win and would be the most coveted Valentine’s Day date for Jewish singles. But, as soon as images started to go viral of her appearance in the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial, Bar Refaeli quickly gained in popularity,” said Meir Strahlberg, CEO of Avalanche, LLC. “We can only guess that her make out session with the stereotypical “nerdy” Jewish guy gave our members hope that, their own fantasy date could one day become a reality.”

    Following are the complete poll results:

    Question: Which Jewish celebrity is your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

    Men Voted:
    Bar Refaeli: 65%
    Mila Kunis: 19%
    Scarlett Johansson: 11%
    Sarah Silverman: 3%
    Kate Hudson: 2%

    Women Voted:
    Adam Levine: 55%
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 25%
    James Franco: 10%
    Andrew Garfield: 6%
    James Deen: 4%

  • @18

    @From a poll:
    They probably know Bar’s the most available/desperate of the women
    Adam Levine is a man-whore who will never turn anyone down.

  • malld

    does she really have fans? I thought models had to actually um model to get fans?, LOL. I mean its not like models sing and make movies to gain fans. they’re supposed to make beautiful pictures! candids/events pics and nasty viral videos is basically all she has! may as well be a fan of Kim K then….

  • tinkerbell

    I agree about the outfit….leg warmers? see through tights and what looks like a bathrobe for a jacket? And the usual ugly ass HUGE purse..this a horrible blue color not matching the outfit… she is looking a LOT like her mom on the right…note we are not saying that is a good thing.

    I agree outfit is tragic.

    Got to spend that GoDaddy money somehow I guess. If it is not the clown suit for Jay Leno it is this

    And yeah we do kind of prefer the other bimbos they didnt either have flacks or they didnt post here that much or as obnoxiously.

  • tinkerbell

    @From a poll: NOW I know where Adi/Tzipi were—they were busy voting on this site like 976 times each. They learned how to do things like that from manipulating the thumbs here and buying the #1 spot for Maxim Hot 100.

    Actually I think Adam Levine and Bar would deserve each other…purrrrrfectly….