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Bar Refaeli: Sanremo Song Festival Show & Photo Call!

Bar Refaeli: Sanremo Song Festival Show & Photo Call!

Bar Refaeli hits the stage in two beautiful blue dresses during the second night of the 2013 Sanremo Song Festival on Wednesday (February 13) at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, Italy.

Earlier in the day, the 27-year-old singer rocked a pair of leather pants while attending a photo call at the festival.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bar Refaeli

“R u ready for #sanremo2013 ?? I’m just about too… @natasha_denona is doing her final touches,” Bar tweeted before hitting the stage.

FYI: Bar wore several Roberto Cavalli dresses at the show.

15+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli at the Sanremo Song Festival

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bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 01
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 02
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 03
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 04
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 05
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 06
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 07
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 08
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 09
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 10
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 11
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 12
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 13
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 14
bar refaeli sanremo song festival show photo call 15

Photos: Getty, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Gorgeous

    Absolutely adore.. simply stunning! She looks so good. jealous.

  • Stunning

    Pretty woman!

  • tryhard

    a never hasbeen and never will be.

  • from ali

    she is almost 28 years old , but looks 38 . she has a very manly body , chunky legs .
    she is over rated , over hyped by her money hungry mother -agent .
    she is not a super model . she is a super **** . i never bought her mother BS .
    she , and her stage mother from HELL Zipi are the most HATED women
    in Israel . her mother , place daily articles about her daughter for 10 years , i mean every day there is an article in the Israeli Gossip sites in Israel , i mean how much PR do you need ? that is why people there are soooooooooo Sick of her , her mother Zipi bombard the gossip sites with daily paparzzi photos / artilcles about her just to keep her Famous and Relevant . so ppl are tired of her . once a week is ok , but every day ???
    she also dodged the Israeli army , which is Mandatory , she did NOT serve
    in the Israeli army , which is a Big mistake and damaged her reputation for life . at 18 , she married a 45 years old man to avoid the 2 years service .
    she is snotty ,arrogant has an entitled “im better than you” demeanor ,
    very shallow childish , her parents treat her like a 7 years old , they live off of her . her dad does not work and was convicted for hitting a paparazzi .
    she is not rich like her mother wants u to belive . she used leo to be famous .she is addicted to fame . she loves the attention . and she loves money . she never went to college and she did not even gradute high school . she really is an air head .
    she is just a cheap sleazy photoshoped panty model .
    her mother told her to always date rich famous people .
    she does not know anything about life . i feel sorry for her .
    she is a puppet of her mother .
    there are many beautiful models in Israel but nobody hates them like this one .
    pls do not be suprised if she would do playboy next or a porno movie .
    she does not have class or street smart .

  • Playboy Model

    I guess one has to do whatever it takes once the modelling contracts dry up and everyone’s talking about Kate Upton.
    Even kissing fatties for internet porn providers for money and attention.
    Lets face it its not like Vogue is ever going to call.

  • Please

    OK From Ali –
    It’s time to put an end to your broken record. Don’t you think you have better things to do than spend your time and energy on someone you would simply love to take place…???
    Get a life, you’re pathetic.

  • Naomi Fan

    Thanks JJ! I was hoping to see more pictures of Bar from Sanremo. She is stunning in her Roberto Cavelli dresses. All of them!

  • Love

    The most beautiful woman

  • SF

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. What a babe

  • Italian Girl

    I don’t know if she’s the most beautiful woman, but she sure is the most beautiful living model.

  • @from Ali

    Go take a hike, will ya.

  • Oh well

    … and Leo dumped her for Blake Lively almost two years ago?
    and what is he doing right now at almost 40 years old and after dating tall blondies back to back?

  • @10

    “most beautiful living model” – Funny as this ‘model’ does not actually do that much modelling. Even those younger then her like Candice Swanopeol, Kate Upton, Joan Smalls have portfolios and HF magazine covers that show how worthless she is. Despite her limelight desperation and the claim of her 2 spammers here.

  • hilarious

    funny all this fame h0ing with Cavalli yet she cant get one of his fashion campaigns or walk his runways, lmao.

  • NEXT

    Looks like a low budget soap opera actress, not a model.

  • forgtten1

    far too many Barf posts recently. How much is Tzipi paying you this time Jared?

  • Yes

    Stunning woman. Love her smile as much as her fabulous great feminine figure.

  • Mary

    Wow, Bar looks STUNNING!!! Leo is an idiot

  • Cassie

    So for the people above Leo shouldn’ have dumped her because she’s hot? She’s a hot no-model but she is dumb and shallow. A woman who would do anything for fame and money (yeah Go Daddy). No wonder she’s still single after 2 years.

  • ali


    you need to shut the F*** up , because i did NOT send it !!!

    i allready wrote that on Feb-7th -2013 when i reponded to her superball
    ad . so do not accuse me of doing it . why the hell will i send the SAME post ??!! you dumb .

    next time think b4 u write .

  • Madness

    @ali: Obsession = chronic disease…?

  • tinkerbell


    strong dislike=fun to hate

    obnoxious person with bad pr=people who post negatively

    strong DISLIKE not obsession

    people dont like Snookie or Octomom or Lilo either

  • lurve

    @tinkerbell: You love bar, we all know that, that’s why you cant keep away !

  • tinkerbell

    @lurve: you wish. SHe amuses me that is it. There are always those that are fun to hate.

    Gee, she got to wear 3 ugly dresses this night in instead of the usual tasteless one. Cavalli should just give up. She’s too chunky for the one on the left, it might look good on someone truly petite like Rooney or Kate Mara.

  • tinkerbell

    @Please: Ali is just an Israeli who happens to speak English and doesnt like Bar. Israel is full of ISRAELIS WHO DONT LIKE BAR. SO WHAT. I’ve always thought “ali” was a guy anyway, but maybe I am wrong. I’ve been to Israeli websites they are even worse than we are here.

  • tinkerbell

    @forgtten1: You know I have really wondered about that…does it pay somehow in the long run…apparently the Go Daddy monstrosity did pay well…but how much do they pay for post? There are so many and they are obvious set-ups where Scott Lipps took the picture, not even paps.

  • Very sad

    ali+tinkerbell=Dissociative identity disorder/ multiple personality disorder??

  • lurve

    @Very sad: Yep, the fact that she goes to israeli sites is really quite disturbing ;)

  • tinkerbell

    @Very sad: No,different people dumb ass. And frankly, I get you ARE scared of what is said on Israeli sites getting out to the world media…because it’ harsh. Same as here and LSA or you wouldnt be monitoring/fake posting.

    I have a question though…do you think all that fake/shill posting you does isn’t transparent…that there is anybody left who believes it?

  • lurve

    @tinkerbell: You are such an idiot! paranoid much?

  • tinkerbell

    @lurve: I am so right about you ! Doesn’t it get frustrating, I hate being bullshitted. The public is not as gullible and ignorant as you think. Bummer!

    Adi guarding the door again….I hope you are paid well.

    Honestly, I could almost like you for your dedication and creativity to your job except for the person you defend and how you do it. Imagine if you used your “powers” for good…someone or something that actually deserved it?

  • lurve

    @tinkerbell: Hello I’m English, living in Perth Western Australia, never met, dont give a toss about bar…as I said paranoid much??

  • ali


    so tell me , how much does Zipi pay you to trash us ?
    you must pay u really well .

    you need help .

  • ali

    @Very sad:

    you are a very mentally ill woman , go get help .

    i feel sorry for you .

    if you want to know what people really think of her , reafd my posts again or fly to Israel . they will explain it better than me .

    until then , go get help .

  • tinkerbell

    @ali: ali, she gets paid pretty well I think… Read the part aboutt how they will fill the search engines with positive content and shill message boards…good reading

    someone should tell her the leather pants thing looks good on thin girls like Charlize and Heidi, she is too thick in the thighs to be wearing those, doesnt look good. She is also having trouble pulling off the Cavalli on the left, it would look good on someone with modelesque proportions someone very petite not her. Just looks too wide for the dress.

  • lurve

    @tinkerbell: Someone should tell you to keep away from here, we all know you love to hate but honey, it must be toxic for your soul …move on for the sake of your loved ones.

  • tinkerbell

    It’s more like a garbage shute for my soul…


  • You need hospitalization

    @tinkerbell: You’ve done it once, done it twice, but that’s enough. Don’t push your luck..

  • tinkerbell

    @You need hospitalization: oh boy, I am so scared. Let me guess, are you going to get “Israeli security” after me.

    bahahahahahahahahahahahaha ! Yeah the Mossad is going to extradict me for dissing bar…israeli military doesnt like her either.

    What you are going to do Adi, sit there ALL NIGHT and back browser me? When will you learn YOUR CLIENT HAS NO TRACTION HERE. Don’t you get it, she is an EPIC FAIL. Sure you can’t find another celeb to FLOG?

    You get paid to lie and varnish dog poop for a living…I dont think that is acceptable.

    What are you going to do, ban my current (as in this minute only) IP from JJ? That didnt work before did it?

    I need “hospitalization?” you need a f*cking job beyotch. Or a client that not everybody loathes.

  • tinkerbell

    WOW ! Gorgeous!! And an officer when she did her military service…

    Yityish Titi Aynaw, a 21-year-old from Netanya, was chosen Miss Israel 2013 on Wednesday night — the first Ethiopian-born contestant to win the title. Aynaw, who came to Israel with her family when she was 12, was entered into the competition by a friend, and had no previous modeling experience.
    She said during the competition that she hoped to go into modeling “to change attitudes to dark-skinned models. I’d love to become the first Israeli (TV) host, the Tyra Banks of Israel.”

    Interviewed on Thursday, Aynaw, who served as an officer during her military service, said her integration into Israeli society had been greatly eased because she had been “thrown into the deep end” in the state school system, “and I learned to swim,” rather than placed in separate Ethiopians-only classes.

    She also said she hoped “to represent all Israelis” as Miss Israel, rather than specifically championing the cause of Ethiopian Israelis. She said it would be an honor to represent Israel on the international stage, and that she thought it would reflect well on Israel to have an Ethiopian-born beauty queen.

    I’m glad she won but I agree with this comment.

    “Considering what I know about the way Israel has been treating the “Falashas” of Ethiopia, I feel some kind of way about this. I think that an Ethiopian Miss Israel was designed to deflect all of the misdeeds against this community in Israel. I’m not really excited about this “win”.