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Miranda Kerr: Cyber Crime Unit Call After Twitter Hack!

Miranda Kerr: Cyber Crime Unit Call After Twitter Hack!

Miranda Kerr keeps it floral while out and about on Wednesday (February 13) in Sydney, Australia.

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old model donned a little black dress while attending the media call for Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy.

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The day before, Miranda tweeted, “Just with the cyber crime unit. Whoever hacked my account expect a knock on the door very soon…”

This is the second time that Miranda‘s Twitter account was hacked, the last time was in November, when a hacker posted that she was pregnant.

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  • KissThis

    Loving her outfit here



  • Ting ting

    Okay, the amount she gets posted about is excessive. She seems more fond of having her picture taken than being with her family.

  • Idiot

    Super glad the cyber crime unit isn’t trying to find pedophiles and child porn rings anymore and is really focusing on what matters, Miranda Kerr’s Twitter account. Good call Randy.

  • Karlie

    Love her outfit, simple and cute! And if her post on JJ is bothersome to you clowns then find something else to do. It’s always the same story “omg, why do you post things about Miranda, blah blah”. Orlando ALSO gets photographed as much as her. Let her, him and their family do whatever. I think she is absolutely stunning,whether or not you like it she has had a successful career and its always good to embark on new projects whether or not you haters like/dislike her. Good luck to her and Orlando and to their precious son!!!!!!

  • @ting ting #3

    What a ridiculous comment, she’s WORKING doing her JOB. Just like other mothers do every day, the difference is she’s famous.

    Do you say the same thing about actresses, singers & other models who have children like Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Pink, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Adriana Lima, Giselle, Douzten who all work???

  • -_-

    @Idiot: EXACTLY!! but even your comment well get a negative reply from the kerr fans (even though you’re correct!!)

  • well this is where my tax dollars are going

  • Restaurantes en Madrid

    Miranda you are the love of my poor life!

  • Helo

    This woman seems like the most shallow thing on earth….

  • nics


    here away …

  • @Helo….#10

    Yeah so shallow that she’s a successful business woman.

    Started her own organic skin care line, Kora.

    Written a best selling book for young girls about self-esteem which won an award.

    The face of the charity Kids Helpline, works for Wildlife Warriors Worldwide & Children International.

    Happily married with a gorgeous child…….

    Oh yeah and a Supermodel in her spare time.

  • @Idiot

    It may not be impossible to go after pedophiles AND also after people who hack accounts. Just sayin’.

  • Lissa

    @@Helo….#10: Bwhaha, joke of the year much?
    - Kora isn’t run by her but by other people. They create the products and run the business. All Miranda does is act as its front face.
    - Her book was written by a ghost writer who only met her a couple of times.
    - All her charity work has been arranged and organised by her PR team.
    - Both she and her husband have cheated. The only reason they’re staying together is spelled Flynn.
    - She is not even on top 10 list. She may be a model, but there’s nothing super about her.

  • @IDIOT…..#4

    The fact that someone previously hacked her account & announced she was pregnant I think gives her the right to be concerned about her privacy.

    Your comment about the “cyber crime unit NO longer trying to find pedophiles & child porn rings ANYMORE” is beyond ignorant.

    Your name says it all.

  • @Lissa

    - Kora is Miranda’s idea and she’s the one who advertises it and risks her money. Hiring other people to do the work that she can’t do is completely normal and doesn’t mean it isn’t hers.
    - How do you know that?
    - That’s one last and desperate resort of yours to criticize her EVEN for doing charity.
    - Those rumours are impossible to believe. And if their relationship were over, I’m sure they`d have to brains to split and not stay together as they won’t do any favour to Flynn making him the audience of a broken relationship.
    - She’s one of the best paid models in the world and she gets many good campaigns and covers.

  • Sammi

    While they’re at it, maybe they can look into the fake twitters and blogs. They post libelous statements all the time. It would be so fun watching the idiot haters go down.
    She looks gorgeous, btw.

  • @Lissa

    Oh, she doesn’t know anything. She’s just pulling things out of her butt, as always.
    She’s a loser with nothing better to do.

  • Flynn

    She doesn’t seem to care what others say about her. She always looks so happy!

  • @19

    That’s because the idiots making these types of statements mean absolutely nothing to her.
    Absolutely nothing.

  • tisch

    The police weren’t called in for the twitter hacking incident.
    They are going after someone hacked her email and made threats against her and her family.
    Is this a new all time low for the haters?
    Such horrible human beings.

  • @Lissa…..#14

    Wrong……..Miranda is NOT just the face SHE started the company from SCRATCH working with chemists to create an organic skin care line.
    She employed her family to help run the business but she is the Managing Director & makes all the decisions regarding new products & advertising.

    Wrong….. Miranda’s book “treasure yourself” was HER concept from her own personal beliefs & experiences. It was HER thoughts & ideas from beginning to end. Young girls were always asking her about her health & beauty routines so she decided to write the book to help young girls understand that all girls are special in their own way. The book company helped her to edit the book which she acknowledges & thanks at the beginning of the book.

    Wrong….Miranda decides for herself what Charity she supports. Personal experiences from her own life when she was a young girl & later when she lost her younger cousin to suicide no doubt enfluenced her to support Kids Helpline.

    Wrong……every rumour about Orlando & Miranda splitting up or cheating have turned out to be FALSE.

    Wrong……Miranda is one of the highest paid models in the WORLD so yes that does make her a SUPERMODEL.

    True…… You are a typical “hater” full of spite & envy toward a woman who is beautiful, successful & happy.

  • @sammi. #17

    Yes as part of their investigations I wonder if the crime unit knows about the “haters” site, their always posting fake “blind” items about her…..interesting.

    Could you imagine how pi**ed off Orlando would be if he read any of their horrible comments about his wife & child?

  • helloo

    i don’t know why she gets so much hate. she is a gorgeous lady and mom who works hard to look that good and confident. her figure is amazing by the way

  • Cheerleader

    @@Lissa…..#14: Dude, she’s not even on Top 10 list which means she is NOT one of the best paid models in the world. Ugh. She’s such a chipmunk head.

  • @25

    Uhmmm, according to FORBES, she was the 7th highest earning model last year. She has been on the top ten list for several years (except after she gave birth).
    So once again, you are WRONG!

  • @26

    Don’t you love how haters never let facts get in their way.

  • @Cheerleader…#25

    Wrong……Dude, hate to break it to you but Miranda IS the 7th highest paid model in the WORLD.

    So she IS a supermodel, successful business woman, best selling author AND happily married with a cutie pie son.

  • @26

    Forbes say she’s 7th and some other say she’s not on the list. So who’s liar?

  • Duntz galore

    @@26: is the bible for the model world you duntz

  • @30

    Why? Because you said so? After being humiliated by being proved wrong about her being one of the highest paid models? By the Forbes list that is posted every year and that you idiots always try to ignore?

  • ha

    Well I would for one don’t see what is exactly is so special about Miranda..nor the hype around her being married to Orlando an having his child. I see tons of comments saying how beautiful she is I wish I was like her or she so lucky she’s married to Orlando. sorry but to me Miranda is very fake…overrated …..

  • @32

    Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And no one is forcing you to read or post on Miranda’s threads, even though you post on them all…multiple times….over and over.
    But no one is entitled to spread lies and filthy rumors. And no one is entitled to libel anyone. Even people that you hate irrationally.

  • @29

    We have proof that she is on the Forbes list….again. So that proves that the hater is, as always, the liar.

  • kyle smith

    well today and tomorrow that miranda kerr will be named the punk and pufted model for 2013 has ever had

  • @35

    Uhmmm, what?