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Angelina Jolie, Zahara, & Pax: Urban Outfitters Shoppers!

Angelina Jolie, Zahara, & Pax: Urban Outfitters Shoppers!

Angelina Jolie takes two of her children, Pax and Zahara, on a shopping outing to Urban Outfitters on Wednesday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress held hands with Zahara, 8, while Pax, 9, rummaged through their bags to find a recently purchased item.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Check out Pax‘s finger nails – they are painted gold! So cool!

Over the weekend, Angelina stepped out in style at the American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards.

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie leaving Urban Outfitters with Zahara and Pax by her side…

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angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 01
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 02
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 03
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 04
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 05
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 06
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 07
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 08
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 09
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 10
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 11
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 12
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 13
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 14
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 15
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 16
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 17
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 18
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 19
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 20
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 21
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 22
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 23
angelina jolie zahara pax urban outfitters shoppers 24

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  • Jennay

    she looks good. not all glammed up, just like a regular mom. I like it.

  • Aizhan

    It’s been a while… Welcome back girls

  • Aizhan

    And Pax!!!

  • Lauren

    She looks gorgeous, so do her kids! Love them :-)

  • PiscesSnake

    Why always in black!..She´s still young, come on!

  • SammiPage

    This is the first time in over 5 years that I have seen her dressed down.
    And of course she has to have a bodyguard to draw attention to herself.
    And she doesn’t drive. Her kids are going to be so screwed up . The first bio girl is going to be a boy and pax is going to be a girl. Gender confusion all around.

  • SammiPage

    She no regular mom when she has several nannies she hides from the paps.

  • Ⱦamsin

    Once again Heroina is out promoting her favorite cause: herself, and to achieve it, she takes out those kids for a stroll, while carefully avoiding the real parenting units (aka nannies and mannies) getting in the pap shot. What a skill media manipulator this vile woman is!

  • awww

    Welcome back queen of Hollywood. Urban outfitters are so lucky to her grace their humble abode. I’m so proud of my queen for shopping like regular mom.

  • ok

    Get over it Sammi Page she IS NO REGULAR MOM. Neither are actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and other super famous celebs.
    That’s the reality of life. They are super rich and super famous. Once you get over that silly notion of stars being regular can enjoy seeing them as a family. I like seeing how famous family lives and don’t need them to live like me…That’s why we enjoy JustJared.

  • Rose

    Oh wow, Z is growing so tall and beautiful, Pax is so tall and handsome. It’s so great to see Angie this morning.

    I remembered a fan had said a while back JJ never refer to Brad and Angies kids as “adorable” this fan said JJ generally refer to other stars children. As “adorable”, I saying, what’s up with that. Instead, JJ called attention to Pax’s fingernails. this is not right JJ .

  • Ⱦamsin

    Mission: Taking underage kids to Urban Outfitters. Having the boy show off painted fingernails. Child army to evolve into hipster child army.

    Objective: the media and public need to realize that she allows children to express themselves, therefore she’s a exemplary modern-times mother. LOL!

  • Rose

    Trolls are such gutter dwellers they can’t wait to invade a thread with children to take pot shots at children and their mother. How low can these devils go? I wish they would go to hell. I know, trolls are living in their own hell that’s why they are so evil and vindictive.

  • Ⱦamsin


    It’s well known that there is one bodyguard and one nanny for every child. These pics are carefully staged by her, down to the smallest detail, with help from her hired camera crew. She knows what she wants to put out and the ideas she tries to convey in every shot.

    St. Angie doesn’t spare any pennies when it comes to protecting her assets. She knows she’s not getting job offers any more (begging people to let her direct a movie for free is not a real job) so the only things that keep the media circus around her alive are her children and fauxmanitarian work. It’s not even her shaky relationship to the stolen stoner babydaddy and the “promise for the future” that went up in smoke (no pun intended).

    This is famevvhoring at its finest level and you can bet that right now Kim K and her family are taking notes, and learning from the master. Take a bow St. Angie! :D

  • Alessa

    @Rose: Maybe because they’re not adorable, did you think about that? Shiloh is the only one I find cute in the Jolie-Pitt “clan”. They are an adorable family as a grouping, but not individually. Just my opinion.

  • plez

    Good to see them out and about. Angelina’s hair really got long. Those kids are getting tall.
    Now Gwen Stefani’s son had on nail polish but watch Angelina get attack where other’s don’t
    Zahara looks like she got dressing ideas from Will Smith’s daughter.

  • Rose

    As I’ve said, trolls who will pick on children are the scum of the earth. End of story, go back to your sewer and roll around in the filth, that’s what you are accustomed to swines!!

  • Cece

    Wow, so much judgment for a simple outing. She doesn’t get photographed very often (it’s been many months), so folks can simmer down on the whole PR thing. It’s not like they eat at the pap restaurants, or go to a bunch of fashion shows or store openings, or go to the beach in bikinis. You don’t see this family all that much.

    And I would have a bodyguard for every kid, too. These two are some of the most famous people in the world. I don’t get criticizing them for protecting those kids with everything they’ve got. I also could care less about the nannies. They’ve got 6 kids & 2 huge careers. I know stay at home moms with nannies for goodness sake.

  • Some Bunny

    Beautiful Angelina Jolie spotting. OMG Those Boys are growing up so fast. I love Urban but love it more now! Many Valentine’s Day Blessings to the JP’s and to their family, friends and fans.

  • lol

    Gorgeous family

  • http://Justjarde Lee

    Smug faces

  • http://Justjarde Me,e

    What happen to her face !!!!

  • SammiPage

    Ok I’m commenting on Jennay post about Angie being a regular mom . It’s all an act. This post is about Angie not the other celebrity moms. I have a right to comment on this post

  • traycee

    Urban Outfitters, they always look like they are dressed from Faded Glory.
    It might help if she buys them clothes that fit.

  • Were the losers

    The trolls are losing it again

  • sarah

    She is always showing affection/attention toward all her kids except shiloh. Before the Angie crazies start. It’s just that every picture I have ever seen of her and her beautiful children the shiloh child always seems to be treated differently by her. I remember reading an article years ago where Angelina said that Shiloh will always have an easier life because she is beautiful. Yet, it seems that Angie has do everything possible to make the child unattractive. She says that the child picks her own clothes, which are boys clothes. Sorry, I’m not buying that BS. The child couldn’t pick her clothes when she was a baby. Angie obviously treats the other kids with love and Shiloh, is the outcast.

  • lol

    zee is very pretty and so tall

  • Were the losers

    The Ticky trolls go hard on valentines day! I bet all of you are lonely living at home with 10 cats. Hahaha poor trolls

  • lol

    zee is very pretty and tall

  • Bree

    You trolls are absolutely pathetic! Such jealousy just because Angie is blessed with grace, goodness of heart and spirit, brains and beauty.

  • plez

    @SammiPage: You have the right to make a comment but others have the right to say how ignorant and nasty a person you are.

  • Charlotte

    I’ve always liked to see this family, they have something special. I hope to see Shiloh soon, she’s my favourite celeb kid :)

  • Frenchy

    Hello all!!!!!!!! Momgelina is a busy busy fun mom, The three of them look great and carefree.

    Waving to all JP fans all round the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HiLo

    YAY! I love seeing new pics of Angie that are candid! I love seeing how she looks and what she wear off the red carpet. Love her cool casual style. She looks super chic today!

  • poor angie

    the woman looks so unhappy, i guess she read all the backlash on the internet over the weekend. how bad she looks. surgery is not good

    btw where is your baby daddy. havent seen yall in over 6months.

  • http://Justjarde Me,e

    Un happy family !!!! No Valentine day …..

  • repost

    JPS @ 02/14/2013 at 7:35 am
    Brad and Angelina
    So, at this private party the other night, where I thought Nate Ruess was somebody’s assistant until he got on stage and jammed with Mumford and Sons, I also saw Brad and Angie. There were no cameras etc.. I will tell you this couple love each other. You can see it, they way they look at one another, talk to one another, incredibly sweet. This picture best shows how they looked, I’m mean I’m not going to whip out my Iphone, I am a professional, though I did take a video of the guys playing, that’s a treasure.
    At this same gathering, it was only artists, so really I had no one to talk to except the waiters. I mean you can’t just go up to Seth Rogan or Steve Martin or Naomi Watts and say, hey, how are the kids?
    Once again, as so many times in my life when I meet or see celebs, they are always better looking in real life which doesnt even seem possible.
    Carey Mulligan takes your breath away. I tried to not stare at her, it’s hard. I wanted to tough her face… and maybe feed her. She’s so delicate I was afraid she might fall over. But her beauty is ridiculous.
    It was a fun night being with, well Fun, and watching movie stars interact with each other. They seemed as uncomfortable as me at times. And, many also talked to the waiters.
    Cr. rhondatalbot

    Just because paps don’t take pics of them together does not mean they were not together.

  • Rose

    @repost:#38, Thanks for bringing this post over. It’s always nice to read what people who have met Brad and Angie have said about them, and it’s always something nice. Angle looks great, the kids are growing up fast and beautiful. It’s great to be a Brad and Angie’s fan.

  • umm

    repost @ 02/14/2013 at 10:54 am
    Looks like the person was at party after Coen Brother’s new film screening last Saturday because on, a poster who attended the screening mentioned Seth Rogan and Steve Martin were there. Everyone who has met Brad and Angie always says they love each other so much. They are very sweet to each other.

  • beauty

    @JoliePittOnline) tweeted at 10:56 AM on Thu, Feb 14, 2013:
    Seven Years in Tibet director Jean-Jacques Annaud calls .Brad Pitt “a man with such a beautiful heart.” via @411mania

  • umm

    So glad to see two jp kids. they are growing tall.

  • wow, when stupid trolls attack

    Boy you ignoramus trolls pull all kind of ignorance out your asses. Look at the photos Stupid it’s obvious someone working in the mall saw them and called the paps to make a buck! The are leaving.

  • Go Figure!

    It’s always amazing when people talk about the work (plastic surgery) Brad and Angie have done to their faces, yet the trolls never want to acknowledge that their idol, Lenny, is all kind of poster childs for plastic surgery gone wrong.

  • http://Justjarde Me,e

    Jolie is desperate. Photo-ops with the brats again.

  • Phool

    #Rose@02/14/13 at 06:09am ( from previous Angies thread)
    Hi Rose my dear it seems you are still engrossed in watching your beloved Jodie (joking) and her shenanigans. I didn’t want to come between and your Jodie lol ok I need to stop it. The Bottle of “Marival” I bet I have spelt that wrong lol; anyway the bottle of Joile-Pitt & Perrin looks so good this coming from me a non-alcohol drinker lol.
    In regards to Troll Trump, before he casts a finger at anyone else he needs to take a good look at himself in the mirror first before he throws shade at anyone else. That Tan & windswept weave look is so 70’s, my bad I forgot vampires don’t have any reflection in the mirrors do they? Rose my dear Trumps opinion is 2- a-penny if he’s that concerned about a certain 44 year old Tick why doesn’t he make her his next missus, oh damn my bad again he’s doesn’t do them old does he ? He likes them young & ripe for the picking dirty old man lol.
    As for the apology that you think Brad & Angie are due from Trump, Rose they don’t care about Trolls like Trump, ignoring them is their answer that what gets the trolls like him every time and anyway I bet neither of them has ever met Turnip Trump & god forbid if they have they will dismiss his existence like they do with their other trolls lol.
    While people are busy sniping & griping about Brad & Angie and their famiy on trivial things, the great thing is both Brad & Angie quitley & Surley are minding their own business, going along in life together, and making sound business decisions together. Like Brads “Pollaro & Pitt Furniture’ designs/Pieces., which have not only been highly praised by the architectural community of furniture designs, but also Brad has managed to get a High end hotel contracts for his pieces. Not bad for a first time designer is it Rose.
    As for their Wines with Brads & Angies previously owned “Pink Floyd Wine” know known as ‘Jolie-Pitt & Perrin” collaboration with the well established Winery Perrin’s is showing their hard work is paying dividends. It’s already a well established brad of winery so more success to the Jolie-Pitts Amen to that.
    Rose I bet this very minute Tickys got the out of work Squiggy squeezing every drop he can find in their raisins just enough for a miniature bottle lol just to remain relevant.
    Brad & Angie they are not sitting on their laurels and having one too many holidays, spending their own money on frivolous things like buying rich friends holidays, They are not going out partying or attending every god given event under the sun just to be noticed. They never were those people and thank god they carried on being themselves, which is private people, carrying on spending time with their family & loved ones, helping others in their hour of need, carrying on making sound business decisions.
    While Trolls may carry on Burning, the Jolie-Pitts carry on Thriving.

  • LUCA

    I can’t get over Zahara. What a Beautiful child. I can’t believe how time flies. I still remember Z as the sickly baby in Angie’s arms and now she’s beautiful;, fashionable 8 year old little girl. Pax is going to be heartbreaker when he reaches his teens. What a cutie pie.

    I look at red carpet photos of Brad and Angie.. They are just old HW. Just classy.. Ticky and her Boy toy just reeks “” D” class. She just remind me of a Woman trying to compete with her teenage daughter at the senior prom bringing her creepy second husband or the stepfather along for the ride.. Even J Mayer and Katie Perry looks more classy than these two.

  • Ⱦamsin

    #43- Poor loon, how naive of you… this is definitely staged by her, and it seems you don’t know your vvhory idols’ modus operandi. Some “fan” you are; how little you know her. LOL. She always has a photogs team on speed dial. Even if they could, the paps can’t always get there on time when there are so many contradictory tweets reporting her location, or do you think they take every tip seriously? What a coincidence that there’s always a team on stand-by, exclusively for her, whether it’s LA or Galapagos island. Bwahaha.

    Celebrities have ways to not be seen. They can disappear when they want to. Why doesn’t she get photographed leaving a plastic surgeon’s office? Exactly.

  • Phool

    Angie is looking beautiful as ever, this day has become more sunnier by seeing her & the children, My god Zee is quite tall know & so is Pax , he cant waite to dig in to get what he bought lol..bless them . I love Angie top I know she’s worn it so many times but still I would love to get my hands on a similar one for myself, Well Angie does have good taste.
    I see Certain Trolls are on this thread quicker than the fans lol Brad & Angie own them big time lol.

  • valis202

    The schizophrenic attitude shown by the trolls should really be studied by psychiatrists. According to them Angie is a famew***e while they want to disappear in spite of the fact that she has kept a low profile for months. But when she kept the low profile the trolls were still constantly posting here and commenting about her. Totally baffling.

    I also wish the trolls would just stop abusing the children. You have to be a particular slimebag to say real disgusting things about a child, just because your own screwed up issues, means you dislike their parents.

  • an opinion

    I see the ff trolls are running to Bohomoth to reinforce their thirst for the hatred of Brad and Angelina. Whatever. You all have been trying to smear them for the last 7 years. Your followers are getting smaller and smaller as people with common sense realize your lies. As facts show Angelina and Brad are gaining more respect professionally and personally. So great to see Angelina, Zahara and Pax.