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Chris Evans & Minka Kelly: Valentine's Day Grocery Shopping!

Chris Evans & Minka Kelly: Valentine's Day Grocery Shopping!

Chris Evans pushes a wagon full of groceries back to the car after going shopping on Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend Minka Kelly on Thursday (February 14) at Gelson’s Market in Studio City, Calif.

The 31-year-old actor looks like he is buffing up to film the upcoming flick Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the followup to his hit superhero flick.

It was recently revealed that Emily VanCamp joined the cast of the film’s female lead.

20+ pictures inside of Chris Evans and Minka Kelly grocery shopping on Valentine’s Day…

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chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 01
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 02
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 03
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 04
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 05
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 06
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 07
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 08
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 09
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 10
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 11
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 12
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 13
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 14
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 15
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 16
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 17
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 18
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 19
chris evans minka kelly valentines day grocery shopping 20

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  • Shelly

    Hmmm, could Minka be pregnant????

  • Kelly

    Y’all totally called it! MK says she wants a quite Valentine’s at home and still finds her photo op at the grocery store! LOL

  • Cc

    Nah, I saw recent pictures she is flat as Idk what.

  • Amara

    You know, up until yesterday I hadn’t even heard that woman speak. My dislike remains the same despite her SEEMING like a down to earth girl. I’m never not going to narrow eye her for suddenly picking up interest in him again with his newly found fame. She don’t sit right with me. As for Evans, for such an articulate, smart man, I feel it was a bad decision to even be speaking to her. God forbid she’s pregnant you guys. We don’t need a reason for her to stick around.

  • http://@charchar_lewis All Right

    “Oh I like a quiet Valentine’s Day at home. I wouldn’t want to share it with other people.” Bullshit! That’s what I say. Bull-f*ing-shit! Any chance she gets to have a camera on her she’ll do it.

  • Dani

    He’s a douchebag. She’s a wannabe starlet. End of story.

  • xoxo

    Of course she gets photographed on V-day with her boyfriend. Funny these two are rarely seen together out n about, but today i guess Minka made sure to call the paps so everyone can see them spending Valentine’s day together.

  • yeah

    Is that girl famous for anything else but spreading her legs? Yeesh.

  • Hello

    I think they look great together, good luck to them both!

  • jesmeen

    All she did was get fortunate and put to use the guide made clear on this web page

  • immature

    Only “female lead” has been confirmed. It probably is “Sharon Carter,” but Marvel hasn’t confirmed that yet.

  • just sayin’

    Chris looks really annoyed by the paparazzi in the pics of them walking to the car. Kinda looks like he’s saying ‘Oh sh!t, they found me.’ Well, no sh!t they found you, Chris! And you can blame that famewh0re next to you for it!

  • South

    @Shelly: I don’t know but she has been using more baggy clothes & flowy dresses lately.

  • South

    @All Right: Maybe she meant that but before going home and cooking for her man she needs her ingredients. No?

  • Love

    Lucky girl. I bet he already told his mom she is the one. They already look like a married couple to me. Sometimes you have to wait and go through a lot to find the one. This is love! But she is losing her sense of style since she started dating CE and looking more like a housewife/soccer mom. Hopefully in the spring time she can get her fancy mojo back.


    still no acting jobs but the canckles are back that’s for sure! Those jeans are horrible*!!

  • funny

    yeaah, the only reason Evans is buffing up so fast for the Cap (when compared to pictures only 2-weeks old ) is because he is using steroids. That’s the standard practice these days in Hollywood (see Mark Wahlberg) and it’s not good.

  • kiki

    i’m starting to believe the steroids rumours

  • fan

    2 weeks ago he was in jacket, today he is in a tight shirt. that’s why he looks bigger. Look back a shots from when he was filming a many splintering thing. When he is in a jacket on set he looks small and thin but that same week when he is out and about in a tight shirt he looks bigger and cut.

  • raychan

    Oh Chris Evans is dating now…oh I have to look for another crush lol

  • norale

    jeez i dont understand what the fuss is all about these two dating. are they committing some kind of hideous crime that most of the people here are judging them?? not that i’m a fan of either. and hell, i don’t even know who MK was until CE. but come on people, this is entertainment site. we are supposed to get off stress by visiting these sites. not adding more by keeping grudges against them.. chill pill guys

  • Josie

    This looks staged they look like they’re posing while putting the groceries in the car and i can totally see chris leaving minka for someone else, that’s the vibe i’m getting from him. minka is not down to earth enough for him, she’s a princess.

  • Josie

    @Love: Minka was always a high maintenance L.A girl and she’s trying so hard to become Chris’ type of girl. She’s not being authentic. I bet Chris sees through her but he is probably just settling for now. She will get her style back in the spring,,,when he dumps her!

  • Molly Hooper

    Lol I insist that Jensen Ackles should have been Cap. he actually looks like a Steve Rogers and he wouldn’t have to bulk up because he just looks like that. Casting, you did it wrong. I’m so sad that didn’t happen. At least we like his wife and seeing them together doesn’t make me dislike them like with these two. Since they didn’t go out she opted for this? That’s just sad. He looks as sad as I feel for them. And what is she wearing? Preggers? Either that or she wearing this ugly wardrobe to keep the sites talking even when Chris makes her stay indoor.

  • annapanna

    @Molly Hooper: I wanted Skarsgard for Cap. Soo many guys would have looked hotter as cap than Chris!! Both Chris and Minka are soo mediocre, who gives a sh*t about them…

  • laVerita.

    Chris Evans totally ruined Captain America for me, he is a douch and you cant let a nobody like himself play Cap, i mean come on, i so wanted to see Paul Walker as Captain America, he got the looks, he is actually beautiful inside out unlike Evans, he is a good man even in real life(check out his twitter.. its amazing how he communicate with his fans – adorable) , you will never see Paul dating a wh0re like Minka or hear drugs and STDs rumors about him, i mean everybody loves Paul Walker, he is the guy every woman wants!
    but thinking about it Paul is a great actor and these parts are made for Evans, that’s all he could ever do in his lame career!
    cause lets be honest every movie he made was a failure, why? cause he is not that good as an actor, The Avengers and Cap was his best movies so far – WOW, standing o! really.. plus he should be ashamed to talk trash about the movies he did even if they really sucked, such a whiny little b!tch!

  • Amara

    @laVerita.: Um. Maybe you’re not as invested but Chris is not a douche. He’s done much philanthropic work with Christopher’s Haven. You shouldn’t speak about a person like that if you’re not well informed. Much less should you say another person is better. Besides, Walker has only done the Fast & Furious movies. That makes him relevant? I mean six movies fast cars? Really? Right, Evans is the one with the lame career.

  • Eve

    @laVerita.: True. Paul Walker is a really nice guy and he hasn’t disappointed me yet.

  • Just Gorgeous

    She is so pretty. Her Boyfriend LOVES to KISS HER NECK and lick her down to her legs and thighs. He holds her close and says I LOVE YOU. Keep the Romance Alive with BEDROOM Toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • friday

    Evans is vastly overrated. However he has a good Agent and good Manager. He is able to make quite a lot of money out of ‘some’ talent and his good looks, while having very little to show in terms of roles (he was good in Sunshine which was 5/6 years ago, but that’s about it, he was dreadful is Teardrop Diamond and Scott Pilgrim was like a 10- minute cameo).
    Come to think of it, it’s amazing how Jim Toth has been able to milk so much $$$ out of almost nothing.

  • Redhead

    Chris’ fans are losing respect for him because he’s dating Minka. She is everything Chris claims he doesn’t want in a girl: she’s a Hollywood game player and a manipulator (just ask her exes), yet he’s still dating her. Kinda makes him look like a hypocrite. He seems like a smart guy. Hopefully he sees what everyone else sees, before kids get thrown into the mix.

  • http://@charchar_lewis Come On

    She’s running out of men, so she’s recycling the old. They won’t last longer than a year.

  • Becky

    @Redhead: I think you’re right. Notice how his popularity has dipped so low that these pictures are hardly getting any comments anywhere else and if there is something it’s like one or two comments complaining about them and Yes! That right there. She is everything he said he hated and then everyone is wondering why real fans are flipping out. Because we know! We’ve heard, read, and seen him hate everything that she’s all about. We don’t hate the relationship..we’re not fond of the girl involved! I’m sure most of us would totally be on board if he was with someone who was known for her quality life choices. sigh.

  • kehl

    @Amara: i dont know what you’re talking about cause i’ve seen more films of Paul W than just the F&F movies, Paul is a good actor i dont think you can compare him to Evans.
    seriously with Evans only his fans loves his work cause i live in europe and no one even knows who the guy is, if you’d say Captain America well yeahh but if you wont he’s unknown.
    Marvel movies can make any actor popular but when its over its over and he’ll go back to be the D list actor he always was.

  • cankles-steroids

    they both remind me of cadavers. Soo dull and boring!!

  • God Bless

    @Redhead: Only his fan girls are hurt. But Breaking News: Chirs and Minka don’t give a F* about what the public opinion is about them. They are happy together and that’s all that matters. If fan girls don’t like it, they might want to look for another celebrity male to crush on. Sometimes you fall in love with a complete opposite to what you normally say you like. It happens. He is human. And btw, fans should know they pay actors to see good movies, not for actors to expose & sell their personal lives like the Kardashians do.

  • Redhead

    @God Bless: I’m not actually a “fan girl” of either of them. Just making an observation based on comments I’ve read here and elsewhere. And it’s not just the “fan girls” who don’t like the match. Everyone knows they don’t care what we common people think. But his fans in general are hurt by his insincerity. They have been trying to convince people that Chris is more than just a pretty faced, muscle-y, Hollywood douche with a trophy girlfriend. By claiming he wants one thing and going after the opposite, he’s not helping their case. If Chris and Minka are in love then fine for them. No one is trying to break them up. It’s Chris’ saying one thing and doing another that bugs people, not their relationship.

  • Becky

    @God Bless: Dude, did you miss the part where i said that we’d be ok with it if it didn’t go against everything he said it wanted. Redhead is right. People defend him left and right because others think he’s a no talent douche and this makes it seem that the ones who defend him have an invalid argument. Do you really think people are here hoping that they’re going to change Chris’ mind? That’s cute. Everyone knows that they don’t care what others think. Maybe they should since fans are the ones who determine whether or not someone is golden…also someone sounds a lot like a certain mother who is infamous for trolling her sons lol I’m totally kidding but yeah dude lighten up.

  • K

    Chris is from Boston. Boston is a college town, with plenty of beautiful, smart, down-to-earth women, and he chooses this Hollywood princess who calls the paps on herself instead? What a phony! You can totally tell these pics were a setup. She just said in interviews in NY that she wanted a low-key Valentine’s day. Making dinner at home instead of eating out at a restaurant. Then she just happens to get papped grocery shopping on Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend? Gee! What a coincidence! *facepalm*

  • $$$

    these talentless 2 will do anything for more $$$$

  • Sammy

    Thing is, God Bless, that it does matter if “fangirls” find another male celebrity to crush on because nowadays a huge chunk of what decides the fate of things are the fans. I’m sure that’s part of why companies are paying people to just scour the internet to see people’s reaction to things. If fans turn sour on someone would you want to hire them? I’m not saying it’s the end of it all but i’m saying it doesn’t help. Just MHO.

  • Lisa P.

    Come on Minka share your man…we already know what a crazy ho you are. Most relationships never last in Hollywood. Chris Evans looks hungry.

  • Diane

    @God Bless: They’re happy together? Are U serious? Because they don’t look happy to me. Chris always looks so cold and distant when he is around Minka. Compare their photos to other celebrity couples’ photos. I strongly believe that their mutual ‘talent’ agency pressured him to be with her for many reasons…

  • Anonnie

    Because this guy..
    *says he hates hollywood girls-> dates hollywood girls
    *says he loves his fans–> ignores fans when they were waiting to meet him while filming that snow movie and literally runs away from 2 girls waiting to get his autograph. (saw their stories on Tumblr and they were just legit hurt and not ‘fangirls’)
    *says he’s all for the gays–> refuses to go near a gay bar for fear that someone might take a picture and call him gay. (don’t you dare call him gay because then you’ll have a problem with him)
    Yes i know he went to scott’s birthday thing but what a crazy random happenstance that he was seen with his tongue shoved down MK’s mouth the day before. We’re on to him and the proving he’s a super straight man before attending his brother’s party and we do not approve. It’s getting harder and harder to defend him to those who don’t know anything about him.

  • http://prisciabarbosa pri

    For me and a play he needs to be clear and work to have nothing better to return with current blockbuster and with three more movies to throw no fool she right people

  • mommy

    @pri: google translate?

  • LOL

    @mommy: i laughed at that reply. Seriously though WTF is @pri: trying to say? :current state of mind = confused:

  • Anonnie

    oh come on, pri is saying that he needs to stick to what he’s doing in his professional life and that mk is no fool because she knows exactly what she’s doing.

  • http://prisciabarbosa pri

    In short she is a social climber. sorry but google does not help you entederam right is what matters kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Pinkiat

    @Eve: @laVerita.:

    I don’t want Paul Walker. Hell, I don’t even know who he is!! I knew who Chris Evans was.
    What you’re letting out, is just bullshit.