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Double Amputee Paralympian Oscar Pistorius Charged with Killing Girlfriend

Double Amputee Paralympian Oscar Pistorius Charged with Killing Girlfriend

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, who became famous after becoming the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics, has been charged today with murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day (February 14) in South Africa.

The 26-year-old runner is accused of shooting his 30-year-old aspiring model and law graduate student girlfriend at his home in a luxury apartment complex, according to the New York Times.

A court date for bail has been set for tomorrow.

Oscar won two gold medals and one silver medal at last year’s Paralympic Games in London.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this horrible tragedy.

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  • offtheproperty

    It’s a shame such a terrible thing happened to such an amazing girl who was so generous that she gave herself to a guy with no legs. Only bad things happen when people don’t accept themselves and what they have in life. He never should have been allowed to compete in the Olympics.

  • Jessi

    Horrific! I wish more women would break away from abusive situations as fast as possible, because this is often the outcome when you don’t leave.

  • Kirsten

    Wow! Didn’t see this happening. He has a history of Domestic violence. RIP Reeva Steenkamp. So sad.

  • Manoush

    Wow why JJ doesn’t say that he thought she was a robber? Apparently, she wanted to surprise him for valentines by sneaking up into his apartment. It was a accident!

  • Samantha

    He thought she was a burglar. A valentines surprise gone wrong. It was a horrific accident not a cold abusive murder as the two people wrongly perceived.

  • lisa

    Affairs of the heart get people every time. You must use your mind! Get away. So sad.

  • Anna

    None of you have any information on WHAT and WHY this happened, so please stop making assumptions. Don’t accuse someone of being an abuser unless you are 100% sure if that actually is the fact.

  • Molly R.

    @Manoush: @Manoush:
    i call bullshit. that statement didn’t come from the police.

  • lala

    @Manoush: i read somewhere that he thought she was an intruder. i actually just heard the valentines story from u

  • karl

    people are defending him? even if it was a burglar, you dont shoot him/her 4 times in the head

  • Ninseb

    Stupid guns many lives lost in vain…?

  • Mama

    Holy crap i remember being so proud of this guy at the Olympics ! Screw him go to hell

  • Rocky


    OMG! This is horrible and I totally agree with you that he should not have participated in ‘regular’ Olympics. The poor family of this beautiful young girl. I cannot imagine what they are going through. Just horrible.

  • Rocky


    They’re idiots if they are defending him. If there were issues in the relationship he should have ended it and left her alone. So fuc*** sad!

  • vroomvroom

    sad, just sad

  • Isis Lara

    No way was this an accident. You don’t shoot someone four times, even if it was an intruder. He meant to kill! Another sad case of domestic violence and mostly likely the bastard is going to get away with it.

  • essie

    wow she’s soooo pretty, surprised she was an aspiring model and not a professional…. what a shame

  • jem

    the intruder story is gonna be his defence, but sounds silly, the odds are he is a cold blooded murderer. poor girl RIP

  • SC

    Accident? No. You don’t shoot someone four times “accidentally.” So sad too, she’s a gorgeous girl who could of gone so far in life. RIP!

  • starsh

    @Manoush: The police say it wasn’t an accident. There was a domestic dispute overheard by neighbours beforehand.

  • starsh

    @Anna: In the SA press in the past there have been issues with Pistorius, drinking and violence.

  • Valentina

    @Isis Lara: Imagine the situation: you’re alone in your house, sleeping, not expecting anyone. You know you live in a violent city and country, so you have weapons around you, just like most of your compatriots, so that you could defend yourself, should there be any need. You also know that you are a double amputee, so you can’t run away that easily. In the middle of the night someone wakes you up, you grab your gun and in the state of shock that you find yourself in, you fire the gun four times, in the dark, trying to save yourself.
    I’m not trying to justify or defend anyone, but no one but him knows what went on that evening. He’s someone I’ve admired for such a long time and I refuse to believe that he committed such an atrocity knowing that was his girlfriend without substantial evidence. If he did it knowing it was her, he should and will pay. If he didn’t know it was her, he’s just killed someone he loved and was loved by, his entire world collapsed and every day for the rest of his life will be the worst imaginable version of hell. I’m only saying that we shouldn’t condemn anyone, therefore neither Oscar, without knowing all the details. And who knows if we’ll ever know everything about it.

  • Sayer

    He obviously has serious anger issues. It’s a shame it had to end in violence.

  • ugh

    Rat B*stard.
    After everyone supported him through his efforts during the Olympics, only now do we see what type of person he really is.
    Rot in hell, you son of a b*tch.

  • @22

    Sweet fantasy you have there. You can’t accidentally shoot someone four times in the head. Since they would have dropped after the first bullet, he would have had to re-target. And since you can’t re-target in the dark that accurately, he would have had to have the light on. Meaning that HE KNEW IT WAS HER.

  • Roland

    He was arrested in 2009 for seriously assaulting a different young women and several times the police were called to his house citing domestic disturbances. Oscar has a hot fire temper with women. He shot this woman four times with deadly accuracy.

  • Shawna

    For all of you who are saying it was just an accident – if there was ANY evidence at all that it was an accident they would not be charging him with murder. There was a history of domestic abuse. Do not dishonour this woman’s memory by excusing her murderer.

  • woohoo

    this guy has a history with assaulting women, didn’t think it would get this far. He may be a double amputee but he as a real big ego

  • Sissy34

    R.I. P, dear Reeva


    Police first thought it was an accident but it’s now being investigated as a murder. This psycho was just using the intruder excuse to avoid going to prison:
    “Authorities initially believed that the shooting was of an accidental nature, with Pistorius mistaking Steenkamp for an intruder, but soon ruled that out as a possibility. “A case of murder has been opened,” police spokeswoman Col. Katlego Mogale said. A motive in the shocking death has yet to be determined.”

  • His face looks creepy & crazy

    First that NFL football player and now this olympian. Sigh ….. It seems like everyday I hear about a man beating or murdering his partner or child. This happens everywhere not just in the ghetto or trailer park. Really makes you wonder if getting married and settling down is worth it. I feel like ALL MEN have some sort of darkness and violence inside of them. So depressing. Poor girl. :(

  • Toni

    So sad :(

  • Madonna

    I want to throw up

  • m

    this is just incredibly sad, i don’t even have to the stomach to read the stupid comments that try and justify this !!

    (tbh this shouldn’t be on J.J though =/)

  • Aleph

    He is trying to ‘run’ away lol.

  • Aleph

    Just because hes handicapped he gets away with it. Disgusting. He has a history of assulting girlfreinds. Shouldn’t matter if hes handicapped or not. He shot her 4 times.

  • see

    Chris Brown and Rihanna. Saw the TMZ video today of this paralympic murderer last november, same edgy creepy personality like Chris Brown. Run Rihanna Run.

  • villedeville

    It was confirmed by a police spokeswoman that the police department never issued any statement about any suspected burglary. The neighbours confirmed hearing a verbal altercation outside the residence the same night.

    The residence is a well-guarded gated community with sophisticated surveillance cameras to prevent/discourage any burglar from getting in. The ‘burglary’ angle is a pre-emptive defense statement.

  • http://connyr ConnyR

    Sad situation, what’s with the role models of today? This makes me appreciate stars who work hard to be good role models, its easy to go astray and turn bad. I feel for her family.

  • ugh

    when the fu*ck is domestic violence going to be taken more seriously?

    And i just seen it on E! news — they couldn’t stop praising him, talking about how much he wanted to start a family — when it came to his girlfriend all they did was show her in a bikini -_-

    disgusting how they turn it around to still make him the victim.

  • Cheryl

    She was shot 4 times but no where does it say all 4 shots were in the head – such speculation! Only 1 shot was confirmed to be in the head. No matter the circumstances it is a tragic loss of life.
    We will know more only after the court appearance today.

  • fewfew

    @Manoush: That’s a bs rumor that people made up. The police have confirmed this is not the case. They were called to his home at 2AM because of a domestic dispute and then an hour later neighbours heard screams and then gun shots. On that night lovey dovey valentines surprises was the last thing either of them was thinking about.

  • Melaniem

    Guys, I’m South African and its crazy here right now with this story. There’s no hard facts except that he has been charged with murder and police don’t want to allow him bail. It could have been a tragic accident, but a lot of theories are pointing negatively towards Oscar as being a murderer. They are theories though. Personally, I think he did it. Shocking waste for someone the world looked up to. Idiot.

  • Valent….

    The estate where South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is one of the country’s best protected.
    In 2009, Silver Lakes Golf Estate was voted ‘the most secure estate in South Africa’, according to its website.
    Located in the east of the country’s capital Pretoria, the estate consists of more than 1,600 plots of land up to 3,000 sq m (32,000 sq ft) built around an 18-hole golf course.
    Offering a tranquil lifestyle ‘unparalleled in the Pretoria region’, it has electrified fences, armed 24-hour security guards and manned controlled access.
    Prices for homes can be up to nine million South African rand (£650,000) for a five-bedroom property.
    As well as its golf course, Silver Lakes estate has tennis courts, a driving range, a restaurant, a squash club and a fishing club, as well as a ‘social responsibility committee’.
    The estate incorporates a wildlife reserve, and in recent years new lakes have been built and existing ones enlarged to turn the estate into a wildlife haven, inhabited by rare birds such as African spoonbills, mongooses and giant African bullfrogs.
    South African journalist Kalay Maistry told Sky News: ‘It is alleged that he thought his girlfriend, who’d come in to try to surprise him for Valentine’s Day, was an intruder. It’s alleged that he shot her in the arm and head.
    ‘I think what this actually highlights is the level of fear ordinary South Africans have.
    ‘This is a man who has gone to bed, it’s an innocent surprise from a girlfriend … and the moment he thinks someone is trying to break in he grabs his gun.
    ‘This has come as a complete surprise for a man who’s considered a national hero.’
    On Pistorius’s website, a quote from Lord Coe from before London 2012 describes him as a ‘real inspiration to people around the world’, and a spokesman from sports giant Nike describes time with Pistorius as ‘some of the most inspirational time we’ve ever spent around an athlete’.
    Lord Coe said: ‘Oscar is an extraordinary athlete who has made a significant impact in international sport.
    ‘It will be fantastic to see him compete in London this summer – spectators can expect a real treat!
    ‘He’s been a real inspiration to people around the world so we were thrilled when he decided to join our International Inspiration programme as an ambassador, helping us to inspire young people worldwide.’
    Arturo Nunez, Nike emerging markets marketing director, said: ‘Nike routinely works with the best athletes in the world, and Oscar Pistorius stands out on that list.
    ‘Many world-class athletes visit Nike and amaze our community, but the two weeks that Oscar spent on campus last summer went down as some of the most inspirational time we’ve ever spent around an athlete.’

  • http://connyr ConnyR

    Guess what the dude s favorite song is “don’t judge me” by chris brown.

  • european

    How can some comments be so mean and suggest his gf (the dead one) is the main person to blame for what happened? Nobody deserves to die unless they are killers. Why do you defend him? Just because he worked hard? Life is more important than work and apart from that he had an affair with another woman. She was just an aspiring model as AAALL the celebrity models were back then. Her situation was even worse for being with one double amputee killer. And you thumbed up those comments, this is almost sadder.

  • http://Twitter RickRude69

    @offtheproperty: whatever, it’s not like she really loved the freak. If he was some poor double amputee working an assembly line in some factory, do you really think she’d be involved with him? Yes it’s a tragedy, but I don’t believe for one second that this chick loved this guy for who he was, she loved the fame and money.

  • Bee

    Valentina – I agree your 100% comment.

  • Accountability.


    That is the wildest speculation that I have heard!

    If it is true as someone said, that it happened at 2am … I seriously doubt she would have arrived at that time of night to surprise him for Valentine’s. I would think they were together for the day or evening, as most couples are on Valentine’s day.

    And @ #22, he would have had his prostheses on if he went to the bathroom to shoot her; thus he COULD run if need be; given he is an Olympian runner. Your comment is quite ridiculous.

  • isolation thermique

    News is still sketchy about whether it is an accident or homicide