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Gerard Butler Sues 'Motor City' Producers for Unpaid Wages

Gerard Butler Sues 'Motor City' Producers for Unpaid Wages

Gerard Butler flashes a smile while arriving solo at LAX Airport on Thursday (February 14) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actor recently filed a lawsuit against the producers of the film Motor City, who failed to pay him his $4 million salary plus deferred compensation after the film was scrapped right before production began.

“Seeking to capitalize on Butler‘s hugely popular persona and worldwide recognition, Defendant solicited Butler‘s services as the lead actor in a theatrical motion picture tentatively entitled Motor City,” the lawsuit reads (via The Wrap). “After offering Butler the starring role in the motion picture on a pay-or-play basis, Defendant then used and exploited Butler‘s attachment to the motion picture to pre-sell the distribution rights and raise financing.”

FYI: Pay-or-play means that the producer agrees to pay the actor whether the project is made or not.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the airport…

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gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 01
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 02
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 03
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 04
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 05
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 06
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 07
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 08
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 09
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 10
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 11
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 12
gerard butler solo lax arrival on valentines day 13

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  • Aquarius

    Hey, , the paparazzi оf Los Angeles, get to work. I love Butler and want to know everything about it.))))

  • Courtney

    this guy needs to grow up the movie didn’t get made he doesn’t get paid he doesn’t have the clout to have that kind of clause in his contract as Paul Newman used to

  • God Bless yoou all!

    Happy, Happy Valentines Day all!

    Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” 1 John 3:18

  • DocP

    Boy he sure is cutting it close for valentines day if he’s there for ” she who shall not be named” lol!

  • Photo op

    Looks like he’s scanning the crowd for his piece. She must be in town by now.

  • amanda

    @courtney…it doesn’t matter what kind of clout he has. The producers entered into a contractual agreement guaranteeing Butler payment whether the movie was made or not…..It’s not about clout or being a bad actor. It’s about following through on a contract. Was the contract not the smartest move? yea, but the producers are obligated to pay him

  • dont hit i’m belgium

    i never thought he was paid so much! good for him

  • namewithheld

    hello there mr. butler.
    hope he wins the lawsuit, go get ‘em sleaze ball producers.

  • GFW

    Okay, I was wrong. Just Jared created a thread. Good luck, Gerry!
    From what I see is he’s totally disinterested, or apathetic, to the situation wanting to move through the airport quickly.
    who thinks he’s back in the City of the Fallen Angel to collect his mula?

  • Gigi

    He is in LA to show he is with her. The show is on again.

  • littlebirdie


    You really shouldn’t offer opinions that make you look stupid.

  • Madalina’s Gettin Some Tonight

    He’s back in town to wine dine and pleasure his princess. Poor GFW.
    Wrong again.

  • delusional one

    I guess I’m relieved. Don’t like the idea of him getting serious with an underwear model, but then I also know women probably don’t get far in HW without showing skin and doing “favors” unless they have some real luck. Am guessing some of HW leading ladies have some pretty crazy stories they could tell. Her brashness probably fits well with GBs rough beginnings. Not thrilled he’s still with her, but would have been more dissapointed in a man who could return her support at all his crap by being a no show during her big moment. He seems to be trying,, and I want to believe the good I hear and not the bad.You make it rough sometimes, Gerry, but I’m still a fan.


    At least Freddy is still with him. No surfing I guess. Tonight is Ariel’s big birthday bash?
    G is such a good-looking man when he gives it half a thought. If these are not stalkerazzi, but for-hire paps who received a phone call, then G would have known to expect them. You’d think he’d have tidied up a bit. They sell razors in Panama. He gives the impression by his appearance and hands in pockets demeanor, that he really just doesn’t give a damn. How sad. I guess they don’t make movie stars like they used to. You’d think G would go out of his way to look GOOD, considering. JMO

  • WTF

    I heard that it wasn’t in writing, if that’s the case I hope he has creditable witnesses, otherwise its he said, they said which isn’t immiscible in court.
    I take it by the negative thumbs that many of you don’t want to even imagine that he’s still with her but I think he is and I think they have a rather open relationship. Meaning she tolerates a lot of his BS.

  • DocP

    He’s back in town for a booty call. Law suits take a long time, very seldom do they settle that quickly.


    And lets not get all into it IF we aren’t “gifted” with pics of Them, if there is a party tonight, and (she) is in town. Remember, we would have never known- by the released pics- that (she) was at the PFK Childrens benefit screening, if some nosey pap with a video camera hadn’t caught them all leaving in the parking garage. We are shown only what is convenient, and profitable for both of them. I have the feeling, this week ahead will be unpleasant at best. Oh my.

  • Very open

    @WTF: Yes I would say it would have to be extremely open since they spend a great deal of time apart. More like fwb’s. They spend as much time apart, if not more, than they are together.

  • Verity

    @Courtney: He does have the “clout” as his contract called for a total of six million be paid regardless of whether the movie got made or not. It’s a standard Hollywood practice.

  • DocP

    @Very open:
    I think this is true of most couples who have jobs like they do. The only difference is that I bet when Jason Statham doesn’t have a movie to do he doesn’t wander down to Columbia rather he stays near Rosie to spend time with her.

  • Manny

    OMG talk about visions of grandeur … “…seeking to capitalize on Butler‘s hugely popular persona and worldwide recognition…” what recognition??? His recognition of what he thinks his worth is???
    Wow what a star if he gets paid a measly $4M … I guess he broke the bank on his hanky panky with Macaroni so he has to find some way to get some money… It’s not like anyone is tripping over themselves to hire him…

  • Duh

    @SUNKIST: She’s there. She’ll be with him at the party tonight, and living with him for the next week at least, and probably get papped with him quite a bit. She’s been waiting for this week for the last nine months. You will see quite a bit of the attention ho this week, like it or not. It’s what she lives for.

  • Paypal

    How much do actors get paid these days? Jason Stratham would be a good comparable example, mid-tier actors. 4 m is on the low side?

  • Very open

    @DocP: They have jobs? Could have fooled me.

  • DocP

    @Very open:
    When I say jobs I mean it in the very loosest form of the word. Jobs like you and I have are considered to mundane for the likes of Gerry and Maddie.

  • Very open

    @DocP: I see. Personally, since neither one of them has worked in a very long time, even by non-mundane standards, I think it’s a little strange that they spend so much time apart and only get together for an appearance at some function, don’t you think?

  • Pelicano

    Really? Who is she? Or Who s the next?

  • Rosa

    Wonder if the reason he is looking around so much is because paps are calling his name, or if it’s because he’s looking to take cover from HW’s retribution. Or maybe it’s because everyone is asking where Madalina is. JJ made a point of saying he arrived solo. LOL

  • DocP

    @Very open:
    I agree this is a strange relationship by most standards. It only leads me to think that it is a staged relationship or his idea of a good girlfriend is one who will let him have his cake and eat it to. personally not my cup of tea but then I don’t have to live their lives:)

  • paps

    @Rosa: Doubt it was because of the paps, because someone arranged for them to be there and he would know in advance. I noticed that JJ made a point to say he was alone, which was an odd thing to bring up.

  • Rosa

    @paps: Yes, but it makes for fun speculation. We’ve all seen enough videos of celebs dealing with paps and all their stupid questions and comments sometimes. Either way, no one should be surprised that he arrived back in LA in time for Ariel’s 40th birthday party. I mean this group misses no chance to have a party and celebrate something.

  • eggy

    What cracks me up about all this analysis about them as a “couple” is perhaps their relationship (if there still is one) is “normal” for them. They have fish bowl lives, Gerry is “tracked” by paps, people twittering, Facebookers on a daily basis. The dude does something “normal” like go to the doctor’s and he’s photographed and “normal” every day joe/jane people who happen to be walking down the same street as he, are star struck by him mearly walking down a street. Gerry doesn’t have a normal life, so thus, he more than likely does not have “normal” relationship, like any of us regular people have/want to have.

  • fish

    @eggy: She doesn’t have a fish bowl life. No one would know who she was if she didn’t date famous men. His walking down the street and doctor’s office visit threads on JJ are set up. He isn’t being followed. The paps are called in advance.

  • Rosa

    @eggy: Every celeb gives up their normal life to have a different type of life. No one is twisting anyone’s arm to make them choose this life. That’s why they make the big bucks. They won’t be getting any sympathy here. Although GB seems to have reduced his fee from his one-time 15 or 20 million a picture down to 4 million for this one. just goes to show we all have to make concessions. And the 15 or 20 million a film came from his own mouth. But we all know how much his word means now.

  • Rosa

    The hubby and I rented Chasing Mavericks on demand last night. His choice. It wasn’t horrible. The script was weak and some of the characters were totally neglected, but all in all it was entertaining. GB was good eye candy. His accent issue is somewhat distracting to me. He definitely gave it his all where the surfing was concerned. The cinematography was beautiful and the story itself is inspiring. Too bad the kid’s life was so short.

  • SouthernBelle


    If your people scheduled the paps everytime you did something “normal” you’d have a fish bowl life, too.

  • eggy

    Also what cracks me up …granted MG is a “super model” *coughs, coughs* I’m sure she is a nice enough person, but you have to remember, her “job” requires that she promotes herself, as does Gerry’s profession…he is an Actor after all for feck’s sake! LOL! Get a grip. He lives a totally different lifestyle than us everyday people. He doesn’t go grocery shopping, he doesn’t take out the garbage, he probably doesn’t do his own friken laundry. So again, for him to have a “normal” relationship, define that for his given lifestyle. Of course he picked some superficial fake woman to be his girlfriend. I don’t think Gerry could handle “normal”


    @Rosa: And he would have to pay taxes on that, and pay Alan, and CAA, and the rest of his entourage out of what’s left. $4 Mil. seems like an incredibly paultry sum by todays HW salary standards.

  • Untamable Shrew

    Does anybody know if lawsuits are common with actors?I know nothing about legal matters.when it comes to actors.It’s going to be interesting how this lawsuit pans out.Will they come to a settlement or go all the way making it hard for Gerry.Without some written contract,seems hard to prove.

  • CeliaD

    He is great actor and talks much of the many roles he turns down because he does not have enough time to make all the great films that are being offered to him.

  • delusional one

    Its so perplexing that and irritating that he says its love but won’t just live his life with her and call it good. Why the hiding, avoiding photos partying without her, etc. Its so juvenile on his part. If its love why shouldn’t she travel eith him? post pictures of them together on her facebook? This all makes him look skeezy. Hope he shows up with her on his arm, sits front an center at her gig and acts like the stand up guy we all hope he is. Either man up, or move on dude! Love many of your movies, and love your rogue spirit, but yer working my patience with the head games. Even though I still find her to be a sleezy notalent bimbo, you’ve confirmed she’s your notalent bimbo and a man should show more respect If you want to keep me as a fan.

  • Untamable Shrew

    If I read the article correctly,Gerry receiving 4 or 5 million dollars even if the film is not made?No way are the producers (whatever) going to hand over that much money to Gerry without a fight.Especially without written contract.Gerry better have proof all these great roles he could of had handy.More skeletons can come out of the closet for Gerry too.

  • Michelle

    So does anyone actually have a shred a proof that Madalina is in LA? Her gig doesn’t start until Sunday.

  • DocP

    Okay do you not read outside of JJ? In fact even JJ has shown bigger actors than Gerry doing their own grocery shopping, and other daily mundane chores. I grant you we don’t see them do their laundry but they certainly cook their own meals. This is exactly what many here are talking about . That Gerry has turned into a prima donna and thinks he’s a bigger actor than he truly is. What determines whether an actor is considered A list is how much money they can pull in with a movie. Gerry’s record is not good. The fact is that the only movies of his other than 300 that have made money are ones with other well known actors. An A list actor doesn’t need any help in drawing in an audience.

  • CeliaD

    Hey you #40, go find your own moniker.

    First of all, you are all discussing the $4M which is what the P&P was, but you are forgetting the percentage on the end, so if the film was made and made money, Gerry could have quite a large paycheck. Not to mention his large percentage for DVD sales. He had been offered more, but agreed to less because of the financial difficulties.

    Only his team know exactly what is going on in his career. Since MC halted, he may have decided to take a break and focus on his personal life. Nothing wrong with that.

  • CeliaD

    @Untamable Shrew: P&P is standard in the industry. It happens all the time, including for Gerry. He has a strong suit as long as he has a well-documented case and credible witnesses.

  • English?

    @CeliaD: Speak English much? You need to do a grammar check on your posts, you are definitely NOT from an English speaking country. If Gerry has all these offers, why isn’t he working? He’s full of hot air!!!!!

  • Kimber

    OMG…There are no words to describe how much I hate this smug disgusting f*ck*r! Just the sight of him makes me sick. Go away already! *barf*

  • Owen

    Haven’t seen Alan around him lately. Could it have something to do with the law suit? I thought Gerry was a package deal with the production company formerly known as Evil Twins now Siegal and Butler Prod. or something like that? I thought Comrie Inc. was his personal holdings.

  • Yeah, but…


    Those are percentages of actual sales. His movies don’t make any money ’cause they suck and nobody wants to see them.