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Jessica Chastain Talks Beau Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo

Jessica Chastain Talks Beau Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo

Jessica Chastain poses for a photo while attending a fashion show with Olivia Wilde during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Thursday (February 14) in New York City.

The Oscar-nominated Zero Dark Thirty actress made an appearance on Katie earlier this week and talked about her new boyfriend Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo!

“I do [have a boyfriend]. But I will say I have a rule I don’t date actors, so he’s not in the business, at all… He’s in the fashion industry,” Jessica said when Katie asked about her dating life.

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Credit: Clint Spaulding; Photos: Patrick McMullan
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31 Responses to “Jessica Chastain Talks Beau Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo”

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  1. 1
    No 11 Says:

    Love her style and beauty. Overexposed, yes, but so pretty and classic beauty

  2. 2
    HiLo Says:

    Olivia Wilde has to cover up her big fat legs again, she’s so gross.
    When these 2 stand next to each other, Jessica shines.
    Jessica looks fabulous!!!!

  3. 3
    Classy Says:

    How refreshing to see tasteful dresses and non-pole-dancer shoes. Well done, ladies.

  4. 4
    Czarina Says:


    What?!?!?! Olivia is stunning! Both ladies are looking elegant but what frustrates me is that there’s no mention of WHAT SHOW THEY ATTENDED!!!! Isn’t it the point of this post??? WTF JJ???

  5. 5
    B. Says:

    @HiLo: How can a person say that Olivia is fat in any place of her body? She has such a pretty figure.

  6. 6
    nina Says:

    jessica is beautiful but olivia have the most sexy figure and not fat at all

  7. 7
    Christina Says:

    Girl- stop lying! Please, lose the beard…its not helping your Oscar cause. Just say you keep your private life private and keep it moving, keep it popping! No one needs the lies.

  8. 8
    Bobby Says:

    Just saw Deadfall the other day…Olivia is so stunning, love her.

  9. 9
    Bobby Says:

    And she is very fit…HiLo must be some jealous b*tch.

  10. 10
    amalia Says:

    olivia is sexy as hell sorry but jessica seems so boring compared to olivia her beauty kind of so cold and not charming at all without make up like an old woman

  11. 11
    jesmeen Says:

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  12. 12
    lou Says:

    Jessica’s definately my type!

  13. 13
    Sarah Says:

    What happened with “I don’t talk about my personal life”?
    Gian Luca is a well-know womanizer who loves bimb-os, he is not the type to take on a serious relationship and stay out of the spotlights.
    Seems like “Mrs. Shy and Private” forgot her privacy in this awards season if this can help with her Oscar campaign.

  14. 14
    Reza Says:

    Olivia may look stunning but she does have one gigantic forehead and one pair of huge legs.

  15. 15
    Lana Says:

    She’s odd, what the hell is the big deal with just saying, yes he’s lovely works in fashion? What’s the whole I don’t date actors thing? Jessica all these revelations ESP recent ones are well timed so you can’t have much more to hide, or can you. Keeping secrets never ends well, you have to be a really good liar!

  16. 16
    Czarina Says:


    Although I’m a big fan of Chastain’s work, you do have a point. I saw the Couric interview and it reminded me of her InStyle interview earlier this year when she was asked about her personal life…. word for word actually. There’s no doubt she’s rehearsed these answers, which is disappointing because surely a person should be gushing over someone they care about… rather than deflecting the situation with the “I don’t date actors” response.

    And now there’s breaking news about her biological Father / family tragedy?! The media is eating this up, I hope she prevails. I hope she rides out this media storm, focus on what’s important in her life and continue to make great movies.

  17. 17
    Lana Says:

    @Czarina: whomever is advising her should perhaps rethink, I know when it comes down to it it’s nobodies business at all, but that isn’t the world she or we are in, the press are notorious and won’t stop till they get their pound of flesh. Tbh I think once oscars are over with and it all calms down we will move onto the next victim.

    As I said unless there is more to come?

  18. 18
    Lisa Says:

    To each his own, but you really have to be careful of saying to the world that you will NEVER do something. Never say never.I don’t think that all actors are self absorbed and only talk about their careers. I think that by saying this, she will really push away actors that could be good for her, because now they won’t be interested at all. You never know what the future may bring or WHO.

  19. 19
    marlon Says:

    @Lisa: I agree we never know. She does not want to live with an actor or producer, fine. I hope she’s enjoying this Italian count. The pairing seems odd. He is far away to plan something serious with her.

  20. 20
    P Says:

    The actor she dated at Juilliard was/is a good guy…she on the other hand….

  21. 21
    Lana Says:

    @P: well you can’t leave it at that! Lol

  22. 22
    Lana Says:

    @Lisa: thing that makes me laugh is, is this really talking about passi?? lol

  23. 23
    AK7 Says:

    Jessica looks good, but not sexy and about Olivia Wilde just her fans can think she´s stunning and beautiful, so main reasons I don´t like Olivia Wilde:
    - fat and ugly legs
    -a pretty big forehead
    -The squarest face I´ve ever seen
    -ugly nose
    -little boobs
    I you like ugly girls good for you.

  24. 24
    Lisa Says:

    @marlon: I agree! I have never heard of him, but from the pics I have seen online, he certaily loves women. Lots of them! I like her as an actress and however this relationships goes, I hope she doesn’t get hurt.

  25. 25
    Kimara Says:

    If you watch the interview she only says the thing about not dating actors because she didn’t want people to assume it was one of her co stars or something (which they definitely would have). It was clear that she didn’t really want to say much more but Katie kept on wanting to know what field he works in so she just said fashion and ended it there.

    But to be honest I think it would just be easier for her not to talk about it at all. She’s so talented and has a great career right now, I’d hate to see all this gossip crap get in the way.

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