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Naya Rivera Steps Out After Huge Santana 'Glee' Moment!

Naya Rivera Steps Out After Huge Santana 'Glee' Moment!

Naya Rivera heads back to her car after picking up some groceries at a local Whole Foods on Thursday (February 14) in Los Angeles.

That evening, a huge moment for the 26-year-old actress’ character Santana happened on Glee.

[SPOILER ALERT] After attending Mr. Schuester’s (Matthew Morrison) failed wedding, Santana and Quinn (Dianna Agron) head into a hotel room together and we see them next in bed after sleeping together! While Quinn says she was just experimenting, it seems that Santana wants more. Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the Quinntana moment on Glee?

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  • CDF

    disgusting!! Quinntana was DISGUSTING

  • David

    Quinntana was freaking hot omg! Hotter than Brittany and Santana tbh.

  • JJ

    Quinntana is the hottest couple ever!!!!!!!!!! and Naya Rivera buying groceries at a local Whole Foods it’s even hotter…she is so good looking.

  • Jen

    Yawn. Nothing but cheap sweeps stunt.

  • Lucy

    WHooo??? She is HOT

  • Cleo

    Quinntana is a joke, seriously hope to never see that again

  • Lea

    Lol never seen a more random and just bad storyline on Glee. Hope it’s over

  • Tam

    It was epic. I absolutely loved the idea. Besides it was hot!!! Hope they have a smooch lined up for us quinntana fans though. Chemistry between these ladies melted my screen too!

  • Jess

    Not gonna lie, Quinntana was hot. But I’m team Brittana for life!! Also, damn naya lookin good!!

  • jki

    lol at all of the bitter brittana and faberry fans in here..

  • rain

    Their storyline was funny and fresh, reminds me season 1 type of things but more mature. They really understand each other and Santana is more Santana with Quinn (love her bitch moments). I wish we have more of this couple but since brittana is always there (thing that i don’t understand because brittany is more funny with sam) its clear that quinntana doesn’t have future. If i were ryan and co. i’ll give them a chance. The chemistry between Naya and Dianna was FLAWLESS and people is loving it (minus stans shippers sure haha)

  • Sara

    Quinn is straight though. Sex with a girl does not = bi/lesbian. Santana needs to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t “experiment” because of feelings of bitterness towards men (which was obviously Quinn’s case). I’d like for Santana to mature in an actual lesbian relationship. That being said, Naya looks lovely here!

  • adam

    I think that Quinntana should definitely be a thing because Santana seems so much mature and sexy with Quinn. They’re like equals I LOVE it.

  • anonymous

    it was freaking hot naya looked damn no words to describe her but damn HOT

  • just sayin’

    So, basically the writers intend to turn all the cheerleaders on the show gay? I get that Quinn is supposed to be just experimenting, but how many episodes are they going to drag this out for? Ryan Murphy and co. desperately need new material or they should just close it all down already, while most fans still have fond memories of the show.

  • Jake

    skanky looking and seem like a bitch.

  • FR

    Seems to me Ryan didn’t want Brittanna any more and he was never ever going to have Faberry so she slapped these two together. Dianna is about as interesting as paint drying. Naya at least may this stunt plausible.

  • Bianca

    Naya is a good actress, but I have no idea what Dianna is doing on Glee. She cannot sing and act…

  • henry

    She looks so tiny here. And WTF Glee? Santana & Quinn in bed was SO hot!

  • lucy

    she’s so HOT !!! and cute , the quinntana scene was amazing and Naya killed it !!

  • jeffrey sean keith

    I still want a Rachel/Santana/Quinn threesome,I want Fabrianta!

  • Fred

    Enjoyed the Quinntanna moments in what was comparatively a better episode for Glee!. Naya and Di sold the material they were given the scene was pg-14 hot, worked well as a highlight, a stand alone event with virtually no build up – perfect for sweeps.

    Sadly, these type of moments are about the best viewers can expect from a show with too many characters, little if any continuity, and a history of weak writing.

    Additionally, it’s disappointing that years of subtext between Rachel and Quinn has been utterly wasted. Perhaps worse, it has been exchanged for weak scenes filled with horribly cheesy dialogue btw. Rachel and Finn (see the post-bouquet throw “relationships are like flowers” scene)

    I doubt the general audience will get much more of Quinn and Santana love in the future, but it’s Glee! so I guess it’s take what you can get.

    Sidenote: Jamaya knocked it out of the park with “I Do!” Brilliant job on a challenging, yet little known muscical number!

  • Griffith


    Agreed! However, since Rachel has become increasingly annoying, and since the writers seem to be hell bent on using Quinn as a plot prop, (when they aren’t assassinating her character), maybe we should just leave Faberry as fandom head cannon.

  • Jay

    Her and Dianna were GREAT last night.

  • gigi

    Glee started out so well. The story lines were interesting but now, they’re just lame. Like most Ryan Murphy’s shows, they start great but fail to deliver over time. It’s a shame.

  • http://meganjuicyg megan

    i thought that santana and brittany together but now their breakup..and now santana with quinn?oh please Ryan,do you want they turn lesbian’s??Please write the better storyline because i miss old glee storyline before….this girl (santana ) is on FIRE!!!
    i really like to see santana and quinn together this show,but as best friends….well,maybe santana know’s what she do…however,i always with team Brittana!!..and Naya,,u r always no#1 fav on glee to me..:)

  • whitelatina

    ew i don’t like her.

  • http://@sapirmizrahi2 sapir

    Quinntana were Amazing!!! They should date!!!!

  • http://@sapirmizrahi2 sapir

    @jeffrey sean keith: The Rachel\Santana\Quinn ship is called FaPezBerry not Fabrianta! And i totally agree :)

  • mecca

    I ship quinntana but it did not seem like santana wanted more unless we’re talking about sex i mean come on she was staring at brittany when she was Dancing with Quinn they both wanted something to help ignore their actual feelings quinntana has nothing on brittana

  • Michael

    Hell to the no! Glee is loosing focus; there is no chemistry between the new characters and the graduates need to move on….to a separate show before Glee gets cancelled

  • Thepuppyeater

    Santana wants more sex. Not everything in life is about relationships. It was only sex people. Stop shipping them. It was hot and it was what really happens in real life. Straight or gay.

  • MM

    Quinn and Santana is typical, for Glee.

    This episode, overall, was unnecessary. I think the subplots were contrived and cliche’. And since Glee now has a reputation of not giving proper resolutions to romances between characters, I am not excited to see what is to come.

    I think that the ball will definitely be dropped with Santana and Quinn. Now yes, they are on each other’s level. But, ultimately they won’t be good for each other, because neither one of them is a serious person. They are both self-absorbed, self-destructive, and I don’t think they can see past the current day.

    I’m sure they could have a nice fling with one another, but an actual relationship is a bit of a stretch. And even if they were given the opportunity to become girlfriends, their storyline probably won’t be fully developed—just like Santana and Brittany’s relationship wasn’t fully developed or properly dissolved.

  • Miss sipp

    Quintana is horrible. I will quit Glee for sure if it become a thing. Brittana is the only thing I watch that show for.

  • Claudia

    @Griffith: I completely agree with you since the start of the show they’ve been ruining Dianna’s character yet manage to have these great moments where they build her character’s dynamic, specifically with Rachel only to drag her character right back through the mud, and to top it off they’ve now started to ruin Lea’s character as well. I love glee but the show needs some serious changes as even the new characters are seeming more like cheap versions of the characters from the first three seasons just with different names or slightly different dreams.