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American Idol's Angie Miller: 'You Set Me Free' Full Version!

American Idol's Angie Miller: 'You Set Me Free' Full Version!

If you were watching American Idol tonight, you probably were as impressed as we were by Angie Miller!

The 18-year-old aspiring singer from Massachusetts sang her original song “You Set Me Free” and blew the judges away, receiving a standing ovation from all four.

Angela moved on to the Top 40 on the show and we can’t wait to see how far she makes it in the competition!

We did some digging and found a full version of Angie‘s song “You Set Me Free”. Check it out below!

Angela Miller – “You Set Me Free”

Click inside to watch Angela Miller perform the song on American Idol…

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  • Meme

    I was hoping I’d able to find this somewhere! I’m obsessed with this song and her voice… Perfection

  • Tom C

    This is the best song I have ever heard in my 57 years on this earth. Thank You Angela.

  • Maria

    She peaked too early? How can she top this performance, seriously! I think Jenelle was better in the group, not so tonight.

    The winner’s first single should be something like this. Not that hurricane song written by Karla for Kris Allen.

  • Damian

    Wow I would buy this on iTunes now need it in my collection win or not I will buy it ASAP makes me want to feel that and give that feeling

  • M Sadler

    A star is born. ‘Nuff said.

  • John

    iTunes should be able to record just this single. It’s not just me wanting this single but I’m sure this single will be a million hits in less than a week. So somebody give her a contract for this single.

  • Accountability.

    Beautiful song, beautiful delivery! Gave me goose-bumps! :)

  • Accountability.

    And … a beautiful girl!

  • ~MUSIC1!~

    @Meme: My words EXACTLY! I must have played this close to 100 times tonight. A well written, well produced, and well performed song. Angela is my #1 as of right now.

  • Jt

    great song, passion, and performance. favorite part is at the end. Watch how she gives a breath, of not relief, but of how much she loves the song that she wrote.

  • KCH

    Simply sensational and I declare you winner of American Idol 2013! That song sent shivers down my spine…absolutely loved it! Best of Idol to-date.

  • BT

    Absolutely unbelievable. That performance was the best ever on American Idol past and present. I would by her record today. That was one of the best songs that I have ever heard. She needs a recording contract an hour ago! I can go on and on. Honestly sounds just as good as Celine Dion. Beautiful!

  • http://justjared Karonhienhawe

    this is hauntingly beautiful and sounds like it could be used in a bitter sweet love story in the movies!! I love it and yes I’m mesmerized by this song..however I do agree with Maria on top that she may have peaked too early and won’t have another one to fairly compete against this!

  • http://justjared Karonhienhawe

    @Karonhienhawe: of course I secretly hope that she does other songs to surprise us all with! I just hope they(judges) don’t expect her to beat this performance which is unlikely ..non the less, it’s a beautiful song and I would buy it

  • Tonesville

    This girl has the touch of heaven in her voice! I am so moved by her humility that comes through so strongly.

  • Walter

    Wow she is amazing. best thing since Carrie Underwood. If she doesn’t win there is something wrong.. but how can she top that performance

  • Wendy


    Please let me know when I can purchase this song.

  • Rebecca

    Angela needs to be recording this song right now! I need to hear the entire song. I will buy it and every other song she writes. It was the most amazing song and performance in American Idol history. This girl is 18. She wrote the music and lyrics two months ago if that! And she gets up and gives that performance? Out of no where? She barely even practiced I’m sure. No one can just get up and give a performance like that. It takes more time than you think to have a song come out that well. Look. I want that song! I want it now. I can’t wait. The lyrics are beautiful! It’s like the lyrics reach inside of you and lift out your soul. I have never been so moved or touched by a song. I’m also never the type of person who goes out of the way to comment on a song or a singer like this. Angela is beautiful. Her voice is so clear and soft yet powerful all at the same time. And her emotion is so pure. I recorded this show at home and I have literally played her performance back 50 times so far. I cannot wait for American idol to finish this season before she starts recording. She has to start recording now!!! American idol…. Do not let us down!


    This song is ridiculously phenomenal. I keep listening to it too LOL!!! I have added it to my playlist on youtube. I am happy that everyone loves the song, hopefully it motivates them to make an exception on put it on ITUNES!!!

  • Texas Gal

    I kind of hope she doesn’t make it to top 12 so that someone can sign her NOW! You know AI and 19 records will screw her over the rights to her original music. She is too darned good for this show. What a breath of fresh air. Reminded me a little bit of Sarah McLaughlin. Just beautiful! Wishing her all the best regardless.

  • Steve

    The best performance I have heard on This show from all the seasons.
    Amazing. I haven’t bought a soung in years but would by it today if it was recorded.

  • brunno

    I can*t get enough of this artist. Ive hit every youtube video and she is amazing. A breath of fresh air. Can we just have her win it all.

  • Lorna

    Angela Miller’s performance was the BEST in Idol history. That song was one of the most beautiful songs I have heard. Her voice is pure perfection. She needs to sign a recording contract NOW and release her song as a single so that I can buy it. Her performance was absolutely amazing!!!! I’m SOOOO glad that I recorded that episode on my DVR so that I can watch and hear her sing that song over and over again. Crazy talented!!!!! She has my vote from here on out. She better not get voted off or I will stop watching Idol as well. I jus wonder how anyone else can top that performance. The bar is set pretty darn high now. Its too bad that we aren’t at the point in the competition where we can begin voting. Angela, you have my vote from here on out!! Go girl!!!

  • Terri

    Amazing….her voice reminds me of everesence and jewel mixed

  • Mary Ann

    Absolutely the best performance on American Idol ever!! I want this song on itunes now. I cannot stop listening to this. I need it on my ipod today!

  • wrrriii

    I never post anything online, but I had to do this. We (three of us) saw Ms. Miller’s American Idol version. Her performance sucked the air out of the room, and I realized, when Ms. Miller finished, that I’d forgotten to breathe for several seconds. It was that good. Miller doesn’t need American Idol or 19; they need her.

  • Elaine

    She is a pure talent! I’m rooting for her all the way. Can iTunes sell this song please. She has to win this year!!!! No contestant will come close to her. I look forward to watching her every week. I need to buy this song ASAP. Heartwarming rendition! Bow!!

  • Ginget Agosta

    sign this girl up… billboard top 40. I have been listening to this song the whole weekend. Get her off American Idol and sign a contract ASAP.

  • psmith

    I agree that it could be the best song I have EVER heard on American Idol. Please just give her a contract. I am eager to download. It will be a hit.

  • Jill Leslie

    Breathless…what an amazing song and beautiful voice. I am an instant fan.

  • Karen

    Amazing soul – amazing talent – love her!

  • Tony

    All i can say is AMAZING and such purity of heart and in her voice, i bragged to every one about this girl and how she wowed everyone if she doesnt win then somethings wrong cause she has won my vote and i havnt watched the show in a while but i will for her voice.

  • steveo

    Hands down the best idol performance I’ve ever seen. I have the song recorded on my DVR and cannot stop rewinding it. What an amazing job, Angela!

  • dodot24

    Is there any single for this. I will buy 50 and will give some to my friends.

  • SILT

    i just used this site’s tool to make my own MP3 of the song, and it took less than a minute.

    go to:

    enter the youtube url, which for the Idol audition version is:

    click “go”, and it converts the youtube’s audio into a 128k mp3 file. too bad we have randy going “really?” during some of the most powerful parts, but it’s good for now.

  • Jake Vinluan

    God is using this girl to reach others. When you are in the presence of God sometimes you may not even know it. Look at the judges. The Holy Spirit definitely came down on that place!

  • Richard Kokila

    Angela Miller is a gift to humanity when we most need it. I hope she becomes the most famous recording artist of all time. She deserves it, and the impact she will have is incalculable. The greatest thing is that she will be a power for what’s good and what’s right. “You Set Me Free” is the most beautiful song I ever heard in my life. I think we are seeing the beginning of a cultural phenomenon.

  • august

    Hollywood Mafia is already DIGGING UP DIRT on Angela; she has a STRIPPER & PORN PAST…has been strung-out on heroin & crack for WHO KNOWS HOW LONG…got knocked-up by her brother & uncle (they are back-up singers in her band), and she’s seen regularly hooking on Santa Monica Blvd. when she’s not peddling her songs & crack baggies to support her two bastard children by her unnatural relationships with her brother & uncle…

  • kaitlyn

    Glad I got to hear the full song. I had a feeling it was a christian song based on the lyrics and her passion in singing it. Beautiful. I hope she continues to do really well.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    I cannot take my eyes off of Keith Urban, he is the best judge yet. Firm with his comments, but kind when putting performances down. KEITH URBAN IS THE BEST?

  • Mika

    Wonderful song and singer was absolutely great and lovely! Angela is the future´s Name

  • Virginia


  • george kalas

    @Rebecca: ya ok.

  • george kalas

    relax, people. you’ll get your little song soon enough. best you’ve ever heard?… NO, it’s just that you are getting wrapped up in the hype. there’s quite a difference between really good, and great – so please stop “freaking out” – there are a lot of current singers out there, famous or not, that are just as good. don’t blow it out of proportion.

  • george kalas

    @Tom C: … ‘best song I have ever heard in my 57 years on this earth’… really? really? give me a break. you need a better hobby.

  • xena

    Take a chill pill george…

  • Zuri Gideon


  • http://CorrieLE Corrie

    WOW! I missed this song when she sang it out idol. I would buy this song or even her whole album if she won or got a record deal in the future. She’s has an amazing voice!

  • MTH

    @Jt: I believe it was actually her taking a moment to praise and worship God in whom the song is about :)