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Brad Pitt: Not Attached to '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' Remake!

Brad Pitt: Not Attached to '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' Remake!

Brad Pitt keeps it cool while riding his motorcycle to his office on Friday (February 15) in Los Feliz, Calif.

It was recently announced that the 49-year-old actor and his fiancee Angelina Jolie are releasing their own line of wine in March.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Earlier in the week, Angelina was spotted doing some shopping with their children Pax and Zahara at Urban Outfitters.

It was recently reported that Brad is not attached to star in the remake of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo, according to THR.

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brad pitt not attached to 20000 leagues under the sea captain nemo 09

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# 1

Brad’s looking cool and badassss as ever. He’s one of the few in Hollywood who are actually cool and not just pretend-cool.

# 2

does this family own no other color in their wardrobe?

# 3

Take that Justin Theroux! =P hahahhahaha

# 4

Brad is so hot and the motorbike is so cool.

# 5
Observer2 @ 02/15/2013 at 6:54 pm


Quit telling us when you’re about to use your sex toys that you’ve named Brad Pitt.

Now go out and play with yourself on a busy street and you know exactly what I mean.

# 6

i so know what u mean……..u do not have a uterus.

# 7

@Stinkies BRANDgelina:
Why would they be promoting themselves if they are not nominated for anything?
If they were such a laughingstock last year, then why are you still talking about it?
And for the record, if anyone wanted an authorized photo of you, wouldn’t they stake out your office, too?

# 8

What is it about Brad and Angie being together that sets these crazies off, is it because they’re Ticky fans, but that seems unlikely seeing as not many people ever show up for a Ticky movie, or maybe it’s just pure jealousy of two people that seem to have it all, looks, A+++HW status, money, and a lifestyle that anyone would be envious of. Or maybe it’s the losers that thought that Ticky somehow snagging THE Brad Pitt gave them hope that someday their Prince Charming would come along, and then the Prince, aka, Brad, left the plain woman that the losers identified with and is living his dream life with the woman most men would kill for, the fabulous Angelina Jolie. Of course that set in motion the losers hatred for Angie,especially, because they knew there’s was no way in helll they could even dream to be in Angie’s league, but whatever happened to make the Trolls/haters lose their marbles, it’s clear they are on a path of self destruction, meanwhile Brad and Angie and their beautiful family are going right along happily living their lives.

# 9


aw, JenHen, poor you, sucks to worship a hasbeen, hey honbun… time Tickster and her Baldy go for a pap walk; just remember they have nothing to promote because they don’t have any careers……

groundcontrol @ 02/15/2013 at 7:17 pm

The paparazzi need to leave him alone while he’s riding a bike. They are a danger to him and everyone else on the road.
And how stupid were the Aussie papers for even going there when Brad has never been announced as doing this. Anything for a buck and circulation.

We are getting spoiled.with all.the pics.

yes brad loooks hot from every angle on his bike burn

Passing Through @ 02/15/2013 at 7:41 pm

I guess this means x17 has found their secret exit. Fvkers.

I know nothing about bikes..but that one is absolutely sweet. Brad loves his bikes.

I was trying to make out how long his hair was. Well he seems busy. He has a lot of fires in the fire.. YOU know for a man that according to the HAGs can’t get work. LOL

OH trolls.. Brad/Angie and the kids can wear black all the fcuk they want. Why and how does affect anyone other then them. Don’t look at the pics if it bothers you. See easy


Lucy I think it is simply that they are together, and have lasted longer then the Hags thought. They have build a life together. They have a family. They have amazing careers. Great opportunities right and left. Everything the HAGS thought JA would have. But with Brad. Now they are pissed because all the crap that has been written or said has done nothing to affect this couple. I said before it just made them stronger together. I saw a comment from one of the trolls saying about Angie.. “HOW does she keep bouncing back”… I laughed because what has Angie had to bounce back from. That statement means she has been knocked down. Something that has never ever a happened.

and really do you actually think that there are that many of them. NO most fans and gossip readers go from site to site. I read a few when I can, so if JA fanbase was so huge or the haters that numerous then Angie wouldn’t have had the success in film that she has, neither would Brad. I don’t care about a couple of low performing films, that still got critical recognition. JA can’t carry a film, and her rapid fans would rather talk Angie/Brad/ children then her. That is the fact. They have been wrong over and over and over. When you make a fool of yourself time and time again.. you have to come back screaming louder. But truth remains. This couple is solid. That is all that matters.

So the longer they stay together and strive.. it make the trolls look like insane idiots. Something they are anyway.

I would love to ride on the back of that bike with Brad.. hehehehehe…

Insane idiots? Hags? Seriously! Either you need to add some “NEW” words to your vocabulary or, you might want to take a good long look at your verbiage (go ahead, look it up). Let me get this correct, if someone is not a AJ/BP fan, they are hags and insane idiots? Wow, it must be painful being that shallow.

@busted: Hallelujah and Amen, Busted, the Trolls/haters just keep getting more bizarre by the day, some of the outrageous lies they come up with just make them look as if a good long stay, like maybe a lifetime, in the looneybin would definitely be in the public’s best interest.

Brad, you are looking fine on that bike!

@MEL: Hey Mel, what else do you call people that really believe every tabloid lie written about Brad and Angie, idiot does come to mind, and you don’t think people that believe Angie got Brad from Ticky by using voodoo are insane, and Hag is a nice word to call these Trolls, JJ won’t let the words that really describes these losers get through moderation.

What a sexy man Brad. So cool and hot on his motorcycle. I’m so happy to see new pics of Brad, Angelina and kids. The twins were so adorable yesterday going to the museum. Love them all.

groundcontrol @ 02/15/2013 at 8:30 pm

what else do you call people that really believe every tabloid lie written about Brad and Angie, idiot does come to mind,
Idiot it is then. So be it.
Hags, hens and idiots. Wasn’t that a Cher song?

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Take Twins Knox & Vivienne on Museum Outing on Valentine’s Day
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shared a love of learning with their kids on Valentine’s Day.

The ever-engaged couple brought twins Knox and Vivienne to Los Angeles’ Natural History Museum, where the favored attraction for the 4-year-olds turned out to be—no surprise here—the dinosaurs!

“Brad at one point was overheard telling a staff member they wanted to come see the new Dinosaur Hall, and they definitely saw a ‘Dinosaur Encounter’ show,” which features a life-sized Tyrannosaurus rex puppet, a source tells E! News.

The insider says the family didn’t give off any needing-special-treatment vibes and just seemed like “the coolest people.”

We hear that Knox and Vivienne had a blast playing with fossils, looking at teeny-tiny specimens through microscopes and putting together a T. rex puzzle in the Dinosaur Hall’s discovery center.

Sounds like Brad and Angie had a Valentine’s Day for the ages

Brad, if you are reading this, yeah right, I think you should shorten up the strap on your messenger bag, it looks dangerous having it hanging down like that. Just a suggestion : )

what a sexy bike!!!!wish i am the seat of that bike.hehehe sweet!

Hags, hens and idiots. Wasn’t that a Cher song?

While there was plenty of action on the field when the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers faced off for Super Bowl 2013, nearby in the Lower Ninth Ward there was action of another kind.
That’s where Benjamin Moore was quarterbacking a team of skilled painting contractors—many who traveled from Baltimore—who joined celebrities plus a group of local volunteers from Helm Paint and Decorating to put the exterior coating on the latest home built by Make It Right. ‘

“Benjamin Moore has been proud to work with and support Make It Right since its founding,” said Benjamin Moore spokesperson Nick Harris of the company’s association with the non-profit established by Brad Pitt to provide new, affordable and environmentally sustainable housing for flood victims of Hurricane Katrina. “Since the Moore brothers started this company 130 years ago in Brooklyn, we’ve been active members of every community in which our products are sold and in which our independent dealers do business.”

According to Tom Darden, executive director of Make It Right, “Benjamin Moore has been a valued partner over the past five years, generously supporting our funding, supplying to date more than 10,000 gallons of paint products and even curating recommended color palettes that complement our architecture and community. We fully appreciate all of the company’s efforts, and are grateful that they stepped up to sponsor this Super Bowl day of service, as well.”

The home that the team painted is the 91st to be built by Make It Right. Another three presently are under construction in New Orleans, and it was designed by BNIM Architects of Kansas City, AIA’s 2011 National Architecture Firm Award Winner.

Hags, Hens, and Idiots, what better way to describe such people.

Oh my yummy papa Pitt looking so sexy.

Was US weekly just trying to get back at Angie for slamming them in that interview, why else would they print that breath mint nonsense.

plz @ 02/15/2013 at 5:03 pm
Brad passed on 20,000 leagues is because Angie will film Unbroken soon. Schedule conflicts.
Sorry for bringing your comment from older thread.
May I ask of your source of your comment ?
ActorsAudition writer does not have actual shooting schedule for Unbroken while some of other film has the tag that says ” filming begins March 14th ” .
I think they first pick up leading actor for Zamperini and he will take some training for running or transforming his outlook into beliebable track runner’s bodyshape. Besides casting , there are a lot of pre-production things like location hunting or rewriting the script. These process needs several months before real production begins.
My theory of why Brad passed on Disney project is……there were several projects he had been considering and he had decided not doing Disney movie or others because he had picked up the project he wants to do next.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Take Twins Knox & Vivienne on Museum Outing on Valentine’s Day
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shared a love of learning with their kids on Valentine’s Day.
The ever-engaged couple brought twins Knox and Vivienne to Los Angeles’ Natural History Museum, where the favored attraction for the 4-year-olds turned out to be—no surprise here—the dinosaurs!
“Brad at one point was overheard telling a staff member they wanted to come see the new Dinosaur Hall, and they definitely saw a ‘Dinosaur Encounter’ show,” which features a life-sized Tyrannosaurus rex puppet, a source tells E! News.
Pax got himself a golden manicure while out with mom and sis Zahara
The insider says the family didn’t give off any needing-special-treatment vibes and just seemed like “the coolest people.”
We hear that Knox and Vivienne had a blast playing with fossils, looking at teeny-tiny specimens through microscopes and putting together a T. rex puzzle in the Dinosaur Hall’s discovery center.
Sounds like Brad and Angie had a Valentine’s Day for the ages.

Craigypants @ 02/15/2013 at 9:14 pm

He really should be riding a broomstick not a motorcycle. They are not together anymore, they haven’t been seen together for over a year.

Observer2 @ 02/15/2013 at 9:19 pm

Stupid is as stupid does, do you have any idea how many days and weeks are in a year because you can’t tell time. LOL.

From visual aspect, I think Oz movie will indicate some of Maleficent.
There is no official reviews on Oz yet but one of Collider writers tweeted
-Saw OZ last night. It’s great. Much better than I expected. And the use of 3D is fantastic and it helps tell the story. Def see OZ in 3D.
Someone who attended the screening said,
-with great sets and wonderful use of CGI that does not over power the senses or your cinematic tastes.

Craigypants @ 02/15/2013 at 9:14 pm
You should check on popsugar before you open your stupid mouth.

Craigypants @ 02/15/2013 at 9:23 pm

Who cares anyway, they are both boring as Bat*hit. Reductive.

Observer2 @ 02/15/2013 at 9:27 pm

Oh, you poor thing, you care enough to be pissed off. LMAO!

Now run along and don’t care.

i love that Brad and Angie take kids to educational place so that kids can learn knowledge and have fun.

Disney has been selling OZ character goods with James Franco, Rachel Weizs, Michell Williams, Chinese doll or monkey.
Maleficent, Cate Blanchett’s Cinderella or Streep’s Witch movie will be marchanlized at Disneyland or Disney stores like OZ, too.
Ticket sales are not everything for Disney.
In my country only, there are totally 45 DisneyStores and 40 mil people visit yearly. It’s big business.

JEN THE HAG @ 02/15/2013 at 9:41 pm

Really this Jenhags posting the Jolie-Pitts are boring but this hags spent time and effort to go to JJ and look for the Brad & Angelina thread just to post they are boring bwahahhahhahahahh!!! BUNCH OF MORONS !! FYI HENS if they are boring you would not spend even a nano second on every Brad and Angelina thread .. your actions does is the opposite of what you MORONS post bwahahhaha!!


If their mouths are flapping they are lying; that’s what they have in common with their idol………..untruths.

Anuston fans are losing their sh!ts as always. Everytime you losers see Brad and Angie’s pics all loved up and happy it reminds you losers what your idol can never have. She is stuck with a gig who is sucking her dry and getting everything she deserves.

Craigypants @ 02/15/2013 at 10:06 pm

They are so 10 years ago. Duds.


Yeah, guess that’s why you are here on a Friday night……….LMAO…let me guess………you didn’t make the debating team in HS cause you were as stupid then as you are now. Take a hike, loser.

@gracie: Why doesn’t the Jenhags worry why Ticky’s little man is off partying by himself in NYC while Ticky is embarrassing herself again on a movie that doesn’t even have a distributor way up in Connecticut. Don;t they think it’s odd that the little guy doesn’t work, yet can’t manage to go on location with her, he’d rather go back to his and Heidi’s old stomping ground and party with the pervs. Yet they are sooo concerned that Brad wasn’t walking close enough to Angie when leaving the museum, of course I guess they forgot about Brad and Angie having two small children with them.

So 10yrs ago and you’re still stalking them and their thread 24/7. I guess your idol must be too boring and uninteresting to stalk. lol.

Does anyone know what is the flower on the label of Miraval wine ?
Is it a kind of wild rose ?
If so, it will match with my theory. Wild rose is rose’s origin and rose has the stories related with Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene.

JEN HAGS just wishing and hoping and thinking and praying and planning and judging and hating and lying and scheming and ………………………………
losing another 8 years of their lives.

yes us weekly sucked but it depends how you look at it. it is just being said b/n the two not bad but when it is reported by the 3rd party no good but the mint may seems nice but very bad way to promote as 3rd party and practical jokes are not very funny.

Hi all, looks like I missed a few threads.

Angie looks stunning in gray, I haven’t seen her in shorter dresses for a while but the style suits her.

A few years ago, I took a short trip to Brussels and went perfume shopping. I ended up buying a few bottles of stuff I already own like Boudoir by Viviene Westwood. I definitely noticed a difference between the European and US versions. The European version is much more potent in color and scent than what we get here. I’ve always known they water everything down for the US market but it was startling to see!

you finally becoming more interesting since I always look at you with suspesion after one thing, I actually like the idea brad could have find another project that is why

Though as weakly story about the mint not cool, the misuem story is very cute and the romantic dinner out of jps.
The kiddies like the butter flys for viv the dinos and the big spiders for nosh typical boy and girl cute. adrob family

ok I have to sleep tomorrow me busy so…… sunday hope I won’t miss nothing.

Yep. Speaking of Tickster, isn’t it about time for another “nipple walk?”

I found this video while I was searching Mary Magdalene.
hehe, March 23 can be the big day.
The Secret in Mary Magdalene’s Rose

Sexy Brad! Cool as ever, he must have a few bike in his arsenal that I haven’t seen before. Looks like they are back to living a normal life in LA.

memo to the stupid trolls: if your asses feel that way about B&A, do not come back to their thread, your silly comment means nothing to them or us fans for that matter.

what else do you call people that really believe every tabloid lie written about Brad and Angie, idiot does come to mind,
Idiot it is then. So be it.
Hags, hens and idiots. Wasn’t that a Cher song?

As we know, Angie has fans all over the world of all ages!  Check out this video that JP Online tweeted of 10 month old baby “Omar” kissing Angelina Jolie cover page at VIVA Magazine, Jordan. 

Jolie-Pitt Online @JoliePittOnlineSo adorable! || Watch:: Angelina Jolie – The youngest fan, a 10 month-old baby :):  

Brad was riding his motorcycle to his office on Friday, but he just kept going up to my little cottage in The Hills. Brad said that his new $300,000 motorcycle is made from titanium, which is very durable and rigid.. Now, that’s just like Brad, if you know what I mean.

JENHAGS, all these years just ,wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and dreaming, and planning, and lying, and scheming, and plotting,and colluding with rags, and fake wanting ‘messy’ kids, and an ‘undercover’ fiancee’, and a dismal ‘movie career’………….

It is common knowledge that stars that DON’T want pics taken of them every min wear the same clothes every time they go out. Because these pics all look alike and can’t sell so paps give up and stop stalking them

I like that bike, but i like the man on top more :)

Wow- the JPs are such huge stars that even what they don’t do is newsworthy- you don’t see jj reporting on other stars choosing not to do a role.  I love all the new pictures.  Here is a very sweet picture:
UNHCR Washington @UNHCRdcPhoto of the day: A toddler playing with a ball in the Ban Don Yang #Refugee Camp,Thai-#Myanmar border  - via @Refugees

MARC PERRIN (winemaker & partner of Jolie-Pitt for Miraval wine):
“We came up with the labels together,”
‘The focus will now be more about Miraval itself that any specific cuvée,’ said Perrin. ‘They (the Jolie-Pitts) want to ensure they are making the best Provence wines they can. They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery – where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks – to reworking the labels across the range of wines.’
The label on the stout bottle will say “Bottled by Jolie-Pitt and Perrin,” Perrin standing for Marc Perrin, a winemaker whose family is well-respected in Europe and with whom Brangelina will equally share the profits.
Mr Perrin insisted the Jolie-Pitts were not simply “putting their names on the bottle”, even taking part in back-breaking wine picking last year.
“They want to be proud of the wine and their property,”
he said. “They are incredibly demanding and are looking for excellence.”
“If you knew Brad and Angelina, you would see they are in search of perfection in everything,”
“We also tasted a range of Provence roses to understand what the neighbors were doing and to decide what we wanted,”
“For us,”
says Perrin, “organic is the only way to grow grapes.”
“Brad and Angelina are very friendly, nice people and down to earth,”
says Perrin. “They’re thinking long term.”
‘This is the sign of the involvement of Brad and Angelina in their vineyard, we talked a lot last summer and at the time of first harvest we did together: they are an absolute requirement and seek excellence in the quality and character of their wine! ‘


So, let’s see now. In the last 12 months,Angelina and Brad fitted in:
(1) humanitarian work for UNHCR and MIR and Global Health Concern including Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation and MJP Children’s Centre and the Zahara Children’s Centre (not sure if I’ve got all the name right).
(2) designs furniture
(3) designs jewellery
(4) watch movies and read books/novels so they know what they want to option or produce or star in (e.g. the Return, Zamperini book)
(5) make WWZ, Counsellor, Maleficent
(6) produce movies and TV series including the “REturn”
(7) Brad personally designs and personally selects the stones for Angie’s engagement ring.
(8) taste wines and research wines, figure out what renovations and new installations are required for their winery;
(9) take care of 6 kids
(10) spend time with their extended family
(11) go on educational family holidays to the galapagos islands.
(12) manage/make decisions about staff, properties, etc..
Man my head hurts just thinking about how hard they really work.

lylian @ 02/16/2013 at 4:59 am

So, let’s see now. In the last 12 months,Angelina and Brad fitted in:
In other words. the JPs are really leading FULL, PRODUCTIVE LIVES!
A lot of people envy them because they know what they want and they make it happen. Besides. they research first before they take a new endeavor.
Just like you, by simply reading the things they do, I am already tired.
They are really an inspiration, If they can do things they want, we can also strive to do our own. That’s why I really LOVE THIS COUPLE.

God Jared why have you still have a three day old how D-List couples spent their Valentine day instead of replacing it with new News threads. Hint ( Brads & Angies) considering they have been off the radar for a considerable months. But don’t worry your self we can rely on fellow JP fans to let us know if there is a new thread & new current news.
Jared you don’t need to wait till you have a new Ticky thread and only, and I emphasie its only then you put up news of Brad & Angie? for obvious reasons, side -by-side bar is getting a tad bit petty know.

I must admit Brad has a one hell of a collection of cool set of wheels, damn he & Angie have exquisite taste in every thing they buy.( before a troll has a urge to regurgitate sick vile) this is their OWN hard earned money and can spend it as they wish to their harts content just luck the rest of us. I just hope these A$$hole paps are far far away taking these photos and not any where near him while he’s riding his bike. Damn there should be a law preventing these actions happening paps are not only danger to the person they are chasing, but also causing danger to drivers around them also to them selves.

## 67 lylian @ 02/16/2013 at 4:59 am
Good Morning Lylian You do know your Twelve points of how much In the last 12 months,Angelina and Brad fitted will send trolls in a fit of insanity lol. Lylian I bet there is also quite a lot the have fitted in the last 12 productive months which is still kept private but we will sure get wind of when the time is right.
Compared to other Non-listed Clebs that will remain nameless what have they achieved in the past 12 months apart from paying their PR to keep them relevant , going on TV shows for no reasons but self promotion of hair care, h.oing your birthdays to scrap mags every year, p.imping,stalking, flashing their cash, suntans, holidays, p.imping their children 24/7 parks/schools etc,fashion shows,award shows, oh a productive life of D-listers who belive in charity begins at home their own home & themselves lol.

Do you know Backus God, Dionysus from Greek Myth ?
He was the god of fertility and wine, later considered a patron of the arts. He invented wine and spread the art of tending grapes.
Ptolemy Family people called themselves WineGod Dionysus’s descendant and Cleopatra Vll ‘s father has Neo Dionysus in his title.
Mark Antony claimed he was a descendent of Hercules and sometimes identified himself with Dionysus.

Good Morning
Shout out to all the lovely joliepitt fans out there especially Rose, Passing Through, Jaye, NAN, Tish, Dawne, Anustin, First and last post, BDJ, FYI12,Love The JoliePitts, Ssshhii_Baby, Women Spanish, Bizzy bee, WonderBust, Jen The hag, Who, Observer2, Well, Lylian, QQQQ, Groundcontrol, Clinqua, I hope you all are well & have a great weekend.

#sunny @ 02/16/2013 at 6:22 am
“Do you know Backus God, Dionysus from Greek Myth ? He was the god of fertility and wine later considered a patron of the arts. He invented wine and spread the art of tending grapes”:
@Sunny I hadn’t heard that one before but once reading your description about it, one thing sure pops in my mind, its like in other words there is a guy out there that can be compared to Backus God, to a certain degree a Mr Brad Pitt comes to mind lol….I mean fertility, wine & arts he’s pretty much already covered all those bases and all conections lead to Cleopatra well that say’s it doesnt it don’t you think Sunny lol

@Phool: Good morning my dear Phool. So happy to see you are up with me this morning. Phool, yesterday I was very busy, running around all day. However, I did stopped by a few times to give my two cents. Phool, sometimes I’m doing ten things at the same times, but I always remember to say hi to you my friend.

@Phool: Phool, are you following the Jimmy Kimmel, Jaye Lenno one sided feud? Now I know why JK was with SS on her vacation, they are molded from the same cloth. This JK is putting down Jaye every chance he gets. Mind you, Jaye is #1 and JK is #3 in a three man’s time slot. Now you would believe he would keep his mouth shut and be funny, but no, keep trying to bring down the one on top instead working hard to be on top. If you’re interested, read about it on Radar On Line. Funny every one of the comments there let JK have it. I can imagine on there Christmas vacation, SS talking Brad and Angelina and JK talking Jaye Lenno , whaa, whaa, whaa,, no wonder squigs looked bored out of his mind.

@lylian: Good morning Lylian, you’re making me tired just reading all BA have accomplished. I remember Brad saying Angie is very organized, like a well oiled machine or something like that. Now that I’ve read their accomplishments, I better start moving, :-),no, I’m tired. I’m joking.

@neer: Ne’er, good morning and thanks for bringing that interview over.

#Rose @ 02/16/2013 at 6:48 am
#Rose @ 02/16/2013 at 6:58 am
Good Morning Rose you busy bee, how are you apart from being busy that is I thought its because of Jodie,lol. By the way I missed you yesterday, I my self wasn’t able to post as much this week as i would have liked due to work & stuff but today is saturday yay I have some time to spare.
I don’t really watch late night chat shows especially Ticky’s BFF circle of sinful friends these are burnt out cronies going over & over the same transcripts of nonsense very rear you hear something fresh from them personally I cant stand them all. By the way talking about the fat Tick have you seen SS new photos of walking the streets of New York like a lost HoBo, things are not that good in the Ticky household, while she is away filming her lame straight to DVD movie he’s wondering around the streets of New York Jobless & Loveless lol and trolls are still invested in the going on’s of Brad & Angie instead of worrying what happening in their own backyard.

@lylian: Hi Lylian, this is so funny, I came on and was reading from last post up. I answered Phool, my early morning buddy complaining how much I was running around and doing all those little things. Then, wham, you hit me with BA accomplishments, now I feel like a slacker. Where do they find the time?

lylian @ 02/16/2013 at 4:59 am
Don’t forget having HOT sex on a regular basis. LOL!

@Phool: No, I haven’t seen Ticky wondering the streets of new York. I guess she heard the rumors, people are saying they don’t believe they will ever get married. Remember when the rumor came out that they broke up? up popped an engagement ring which no one has taken credit for making until this day, very strange.

#QQQQ @ 02/16/2013 at 7:27 am
Lol 4Q good one I knew Lilyan had left one major point out in her list which was repeated though out the whole 12 months & still is on going.You do know by using the “Hot S.ex “words that’s going to blow the trolls fuse lol.

@Rose: Good morning J- P fans.
Rose I think she meant Squiggy, was walking around NYC, Ticky’s shoot is only five weeks, the movie is low budget, so they can’t go over budget.

Interestingly, there is more.
Provence was the first Roman province outside Italy.
Wine has been made in this region for at least 2,600 years, ever since the ancient Greeks founded the city of Marseille in 600 BC.
Chateau Miraval was first settled by the Ligurians and then by the Celts but the final phase of the Roman conquest of Provence took place between (24 -14 BC), when the Emperor Augustus Caesar (=Octavian)sent an army to conquer the last Ligurian tribes.
Yes, Octavian had ruined not only Antony/Cleo but also Miraval.


how about planning a wedding; add that to the list

@Phool: Phool, you’re talking about the Papz harassing BA, their kids and other stars. As bad as Tom Cruise is, I’m glad he’s going after life and styles, I believe, for printing lies about him and his family. I hope he wins. All the stars should file a class action law suite against every Papz and rags and put them out of business for harassment, bullying and stalking.. Enough is enough.

For those of you who have opinions about Trump and Bey may enjoy reading this; I especially liked the ‘comments’……well expressed.

Blue Ivy is a cute baby, she looks more like Jay-Z, she is healthy and happy and her parents loves.

#Rose @ 02/16/2013 at 7:29 am
Rose I don’t know if you have seen the c..k & Bull story at Perez talking about brad & Angies museum trip on valentines day with Knox & Vivian and chimes in a sentence that Ticky was with brad over a decade, his own posters called him out on it saying why mention Ticky at all that it didn’t make sense and then making 5 years & converting it into a decade yes people according to PH she was with Brad for over a decade. Just because you Perez are in bed with her well not literally but knowing Ticky she will do any thing for someone to stop calling her Maniston wouldn’t she. Doesn’t mean you can change history, Perez has since then taken that sentence out now once he was called out by his posters lol. losers like Perez are so gun ho making Ticky relavenat in Brads & Angies life that they get egg on their faces every time.
So know the New spin of the tabloids is that once Brad got the mints present yes for valentine no confirmation, just another rumerd story pulled out of their a$$es just to get mileage out of JP names, Whole at it giving the mint company exposure. So once the mints were in place off they pop down to the local digs that is the History Museum in El Lay watched their kids play have fun then Angie left Brad there went on a lunch date with un-known random 4 people had lunched popped back at the Museum & went home, had a drink of their Miraval vine whilst brad made a call to Fincher i’m not doing your movie, Brad popped on his Bike that Angie bought him.
That Rose my dear happened all on Valentines day as per Pro Ticky Gossip mags & the imagination of the trolls & Gossip sites in stupidity is limitless.
Rose its Squiggy that’s roaming the streets like a headless chicken s.hit that he is. She’s supposed to have moved location to be near him but still hasn’t managed to get together despite the miniscule distance. I thought she was so high on the Forbes money list LOL.cant even hire a taxi to get Squiggy on her lame set ? Any way why aren’t trolls worried who & where Squiggly spent his Valentine with while Ticky was stuck filming and measuring her hair growth ?
I guess we will hear the next chapter in the next issue of “Not For-People mag”.

@Susan: Good morning Susan, how are you? Good to see you’re on early. I believe the snow predicted for this weekend is not coming our way, good!! Why isn’t squigs in Con. with his sweetheart, I thought he was unemployed. So, in other words they are in two different states! Humm, where are the trolls screaming, they have broken up, did I hear cricket, cricket.

Susan Jodi’s judge was out Thursday, Friday, sick. Mon is a holiday, so she has lots of time to come up with more stories to trash Travis. I feel sorry for his family sitting there listening to this murderer trashing their dead brother, so sad.

#dawne @ 02/16/2013 at 7:52 am
how about planning a wedding; add that to the list
LOL Dawne I just heard a scream out side I think you drove a nail through a trolls heart with that one

#sunny @ 02/16/2013 at 7:51 am
Wow Sunny thats freaky stuff. why did you have to tell me the last bit i’m just going to ignore that lol.

@dawne:#88, Hi Dawne, thanks for the link about trump and Bey. Girl, I bust out laughing looking at the photos of both trump and Bey. I thought Bey’s people had requested to have all the unattractive pictures removed from Getty images, one of them slipped through, too funny. Why is it Trump has to say something about everything.

# 87 Rose @ 02/16/2013 at 7:53 am
As much as I don’t like Tom Cruise I do wish him luck in nailing Life & Style’s a$$ there should be a line drawn with some things especially when reporting about an underage child. A child should have some rights in the court of law for their privacy regardless who their parent is. If it ever actually goes to court then hopefully it might be a landmark ruling but chances are its going to be done & dusted out of court with exchange of money and applology and that’s that.. Another day in the tabloid land gossip will go on regardless. Remember when Brad & Angie Sued NOTW, but one thing is tabs don’t repeat that LIE but still print fake stories for $ as their names bring in top dollar . so like I said God luck to Tom.

Donald Trump is going have more time on his hands to criticize people, because another one of his casinos that cost 218 million to build sold for 20 million. The first thing the owner is going to do is take his name off the casino like Apartment building did in NYC, he is too vile, so most businesses don’t want to assocciated with his name.
After going through bankruptcy a couple of times, no wonder he is suing left and right, winning a judgement against a women because she said his Pageant Shows are fixed, where is she going to get 5 million from. The NT Times writer for saying he is not a Billioniare and Bill Maher.
He likes to pretend he is a self made millionaire, yes with his father’s money.
Beyonce may be a twit, but Donald is an a sshole

#Susan @ 02/16/2013 at 7:58 am
Blue Ivy is a cute baby, she looks more like Jay-Z

@Susan I never though cute baby looking more like Jay Z is supposed to be taken as a compliment or not …sorry my bad lol

I do believe that even tone deaf Ticky gets it that she has been outgamed……….even a bottomless publicist budget has been incapable of morphing her into A List status in the movie biz………..She thought she’d be a Jennifer L or Chatain………take LA by the throat and give it a big squeeze………instead, in the end of it all.. and after she lost her marriage over some of her tunnel-visioned fameho ambition, she clearly realizes she ain’t got what it takes for the big screen……..and she has aged out of small screen in the ‘hot’ category……..or haircut category for that matter.

And I do hope she gets it that she was outgamed because her villains didn’t ante up………..they just lived their lives with the ‘real’ talent for which they are blessed; augmented by authenticity and hard work.

Big lesson there for the Tickster, but I highly doubt she will process it. Narcissists are always victims and are nevah wrong. She’s cruisin’ to fifty with a pretty empty life. This is her last hurrah for even the indies…..even her two bit endorsements are just that. She will fade to black without ever being lauded or awarded for acting which cost her the really important things in life… a family and a great guy.

But it all worked out because, regardless, Brad has the mother of his children he dreamed of and a wife he adores and admires………his greatest collaboration ever.

@Susan don’t forget Trump is also got a legal battle on his hand in Scotland building his so called Gold Course while destroying the natural environment, so he’s losing money every where i think reality is that he’s no longer a billionaire like the NT Times called him out on that one, but is he a millionaire even that is questionable with most of his assets losing money left right & centre. Maybe it time he him self stared in The Apprenticeship.

#dawne @ 02/16/2013 at 8:35 am
Big lesson there for the Tickster
what are the odd on that Dawne she’s been going to therapy her whole life and still hasnt learnt 1 iota so I very much doubt Ticky has or ever will learn anything in this life

@Phool: Phool, after Perez went over the dark side to being Ticky’s friend I’ve not gone on his site. I see him on tv or when other sites picks him up. He must have known SS was only with Brad foe six and a half years. They were married June 2000 separated January 2005, that’s 4 1/2 years married and about 2 years before that =
6 1/2 years. How could he makes that 10 years.

First of all, Brad and Angie do not celebrate valentines day. I heard Angie say this with my own ears while looking at her live on tv last year.
Perez is a suck up and he’s on the wrong team, lol.

Phool, I did not see squigs roaming the streets in NY, by guest he’s looking for HB who is running away from him. He’s such a troll, running after money. Btw, if squigs wanted kids he would have had them while in a 14 year relationship. Squigs and SS are two of a kind, fame w…., fill in the blank.

When is Iggy and Squiggy going to get married?

I bet Squiggy is stalking Heidi in New York. Maybe he is with Heidi while Iggy (jen) is working.

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#question @ 02/16/2013 at 8:55 am
When is Iggy and Squiggy going to get married?
@Question your question will not be answered in this century my dear it will be a very long waite for a Troll to give you an answer to that , you better off ask Trolls when Ticky is going to get pregnant ..oh my bad that’s another silly question to ask isn’t it lol.

@Susan: I didn’t hear about Trump selling one of his casino for peanuts. No wonder he’s suing everyone left and right. Whow!! Now it makes sense.


Yes, she’s proven that time and again. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

The truth always comes home to roost. And she will soon be sitting on one big egg. The Gigilo will bore like all the others but this time it will be worse because an unstable person who feeds off fame and said fame is only going to continue to diminish, and you haven’t figured out what is really important in life……..well, this cocktail of neuroses is merely a harbinger of more personal dysfunction………..dysfunction that has been sequestered during the celebrity attention…….it’s lurking and ready to pop like a nasty boil.

Whereas Brad and Angie have so much more in their lives than HW……….they could lose that attention tmo. and be content and fulfilled. They built diversified lives; Ticky thought she could just ride on the perks of the biz and do little else.

She will soon realize all this whether she wants to or not. Mid life has a way of forcing you to face it all.

OT: there’s a photo of Angie with the president on BRANGELINA forum on page 2609. This is the first time I’ve seen this photo.

@Phool: I know Camel is hard on the eyes, LOL, but is was a compliment.

#Rose @ 02/16/2013 at 8:54 am
Rose once Perez drank the Cool-aid from Ticky when he was cornered by her in the car park about why he called her names like MANISTON,we know he’s changed his tune like his weight he shed his b.ichiness for her and reverted it to the JP’S. Didn’t you know PH is using Ticky’s paid calculator which only calculates years by what its owner wants you to believe. No matter he’s changing 5 years to decades and is being called out on it that’s what cool aid does to you.
Tickys Cool-Aid Freezes the brain cells into submission its the same plastic bottle she’s been carrying with her on her trips to mexico the photgraphic proof see her thread lol any way , Kimmel drank from it, Stern drank from it, don’t know how much Emily Blunt & her what’s his name husband drank from it but we will see till their next appearance on a chat show the effects it has on their 2 brain cells.
The problem with trash tabs is that when ever Brad & Angie Blind Side them with genuine news not for the first time & hopefully not for the last LOL,like their new Winery venture after all the lies of they are getting married in Miraval queue renovations all it was they are getting their winery business set up also renovations will carry on regardless of the gossip. The so called “invisible insider” didn’t tell them that did he/she lol. So while tabs were searching high & low for Brad & Angie they carried on with their life, so all of a sudden they get 1-2 sighting and hey presto dropped the pregnancy story and making a day out into a never ending saga of ridiculousness.
Don’t worry Rose Jared would have had Squiggs photos up in no time but he looks so P.issed off ,so dishevelled in them so may be as Jared is another one on the Ticky cool aid might not put them up due those reasons.Because remember Rose Image is everything with Ticky & Squiggy he is after all the duo’s stylist lol.

I think E! online done lost their minds.. 2013 Most Powerful Couple list.
Now please tell me how does Ticky and “Boy toy” ranked higher (# 9) than Gisele/Tom (highest paid Model and Athlete) , David/Victoria, even Mariah/Nick ? Based on what? He has no career, no one heard of him two years ago until Ticky started dating him. It’s bad enough that they ranked Kanye/Kim # 3.
# 1 should’ve been Barack/Michele. (they named Jay-Z, Beyonce)
#2 Jay-Z/ Beyonce- just because of all the press lately and she finally revealed Blue’s face.. She is an adorable baby. Looks just Jay with smaller features. I see some Beyonce also. (Will and Kate)
#3 Angelina/ Brad- They were ranked #4.- Only because they were out of the limelight last year. But they are clearly HW royalty. (kanye-Kim)
#4 kate/William- No Diana and Charles as far as I’m concern. I find them boring. (Brad and Angelina)
#5 Gisele/Tom- Gisele says some crazy things.. She’s not greatest beauty but, the girl had the best walk on the runway back in the day. Sorry Naomi.

I guess money talks, Kim has a show on E! and Ticky’s PR pay to keep them in the press. I can even see Katy Perry/John Mayer before this couple.

@B.: guess, Jen and Justin are ALWAYS on your mind even when looking at a photo of Brad! Take that! LOL

dawne @ 02/16/2013 at 9:14 am
That’s the thing Dawne its the fulfilment of life that has & will keep on eluding the 44 year old hag,I hope to god her time comes & her so called paid hens & media take off their ignorance shades off and see her for what she really is and see her true colures. This viscous women has gone after Angie for what 9 years know and it doesn’t even stop there she drags Angies & Brads children into it that sickens me more. May it be verbal attacks via another BFF b.utt ugly friends of hers but it never goes a miss that its all coming from this old poisonous b.ich that will never let go. I bet when Brad hears her lies & insults he hates her even more and thinks what was i doing back then if only she would been wiped out of his past. No wonder Dough Pitt didn’t acknowledge her existence.
I agree Brads life is so Fulfilled with happiness & love since the last 9 years god willing may it continue eclipses every thing all that emptiness that happened in the past with Ticky. Brad & Angie are living their life to the fullest building a future & a legacy not only for them selves but for their beautiful children as well. A legacy that will carry on the name of JOLIE-PITT through their children and long may it continue to flourish in what ever paths they take in life.
While Ticky she still there alone embracing her empty shallow life & self with the things that never will make her happy. Considering the opportunities she’s had in the past but all in all she frittered them away due to her ignorance & conceited, maybe Dawne the end is already here for her.

@Phool: Phool, I went over to Perez to check out what you had said. First, he said that people thought Brad and Angie would not last and they are going half a decade. Perez is so full of it. first, Shi will be seven in a few months and it took 9 months pregnancy so how can that be 1/2 a decade. Then SS and Brad one decade, when they were together for 6 1/2 years. The man needs to go back to school and take math classes. After that I didn’t even looking at squigs. I was so over Perez and his lying.


as the Hags say in their confused and distorted retorts….karma baby……they just forget it applies to the perpetrator as well……….yes, karma for Brad and Angie, but not the sort they had in mind; Brad and Angie give and give so their karma is g r e a t. The stalker, not so much………when this bitter bish has her buddy call out Angie and call her the most insulting description of any woman, you betcha you’ve got karma coming back at ya like the bad breath of a street bum….I am convinced this what ended her friendship with CC. CC likes Brad, knows the truth of things and is a mother………and she’s classy……..she would have called her out on it. That was a deal breaker for CC.

She not only showed incredible disrespect for her ex husband whom she claims she will ‘love forever’ ….such a lie……..if that was the case she would never have disrespected his new family or allowed any of her sychophants do it either……..she is so incredibly ingenuous it leaves one speechless.

Her words mean nothing. It’s all image selling……..the ‘love Brad forever’ was to drum up some more pity from the haters……then she whines in interviews that she just can’t understand why people won’t let it go……..she struts for the papz with her frozen nips and then whines about ‘not being left alone.’………..The men in her life figure this out fairly quickly and it is a major turn off.

Rose check brangelina forums page 2061 last page at the moment photos of Angie’s mother & father beautiful photos ogf them together.Look at especially the one where she is pregnant God Angie is the exact replica of her mother in beauty & body built as well, slim tall beautiful arms just reminds me as if looking at Angie when she was pregnant she didn’t put on any weight, see her mothers arms are still slim only weight it appears is baby thats all,like mother like daughter. The other photo is the one where her mother is kissing either its Angie’s grandmother but its like if its Angie.

Rose like i said the reason the sums dont add up is becuase Perez is using Tickys Calculator only add’s thing what Ticky wants, Ticky gets.

# 108 Susan @ 02/16/2013 at 9:30 am

@Phool: Phool, Perez is a troll, he’s using what they call fuzzy math.

Angie said the older she gets the more she looks like her mom. BRANGELINA forum page 2610, to see the pregnant photo of Angie’s mom, so beautiful.

poor trollnistons der failed emagination made them moronic over and over,again.keep on counting trollfool.

#dawne @ 02/16/2013 at 10:17 am
As the Hags say in their confused and distorted retorts….karma baby……they just forget it applies to the perpetrator as well……….yes, karma for Brad and Angie, but not the sort they had in mind;
@dawne Amen to that sister you hit the nail on the head again, it always makes me LOL when Tickys Trolls use the work “Karma” oh if only they could just get the Irony when one is describing their own 44 yaer old hag & karma together and then they brand the word karma as bad word when it comes to Brad & Angie.
Kudos to Courtney in having some backbone and standing up for the truth as for the state of Brad & his past mistakes, but like you said Ticky is one vacuous b.ich never forgives & forgets she dropped her one & only Godchild & destroyed her marriage and surrounded her self with her paid Yes-Man hens to carry on the fraud & lies. Its good that Ticky time & time again shows her tue colurs by showing her hand because it goes to show Brad & his family (parents, Brother & sisters) what a lucky escape he had.They count their blessings every single day trust me. So yes karma has been a b.ich for Brad its been such a b.ich that karma has given him the most beautiful women in the world , karma has given him 6 wonderful children, karma has given him multiple Oscar nominations & god willing a win in the future, yes karma has given him the sense to build a legacy with his partner for their children yes I must agree Karma has been a b.ich for them alright .If thats what bad karma is then i’ll have some for my self too LOL.
Whereas karma has not been a B.ich as per Trolls for Ticky has it ? is that so as per her Karma her A-List days have well and truly left the building, Karma has given her a new puffed up fish face, Karma has given her multiple guys each one of them left her for brighter future, karma has given her the gift that was waiting for her in the wings in the face of Squiggy yes that’s the KARMA Ticky so deservedly has ended up with , so happy karma my it continue to have more of the same of the 44 year old hag lol. (sorry to keep repeating her age but she’s the one having it celebrated every year in a mag so we are celebrating it with her) lol

@Rose thanks for correcting me on the page number i knew i got some number wrong, what I was trying to get you to see was Angie like her mother hadn’t put on any extra weight in her pregnancy days. Trolls go on & on about her weight, but the reality is she has her parent metabolism, she is slim & slender like her mother & her father is not fat either. So why is it a weight issue when it comes to Angie, oh my bad every thing in the world is an issue due to Angie isn’t it.

Hey Anustin how are you my dear ?

I identify powerful couples based on their independent power. Beyonce, Angie, Victoria, Hilary Clinton, Michelle O., Gisele are powerful.. Their men are just as powerful.. Jay-Z, Brad, Barack, David, Tom and BIll . Each can stand alone and be just as powerful. That’s a powerful couple! People would know them whether they were married/or associated to their significant other..


Jennifer Aniston’s Wig Looked Like ‘Pubic Hair’
The Huffington Post | By Ellie Krupnick Posted: 02/13/2013 8:21 am EST | Updated: 02/13/2013 10:36 am EST
Jennifer Aniston is known for her enviable head of hair, the kind that’s impressive enough to earn its own nickname and land her a haircare endorsement deal. Which is why she should never, ever be made to wear a wig.
Unfortunately, as Aniston told Women’s Wear Daily, her most recent role in “Meet the Millers” required a “half-wig” made of strands inferior to her own:
“I wore a half-wig on this film, and the girl who was washing the hairpiece wasn’t using my shampoo. So we would go outside and the rest of my hair would be totally tame and perfect, and the top [wig] part — which I called my toupee — would just start to look like pubic hair. It would take on a whole new texture of its own.”
The hair Jen’s referring to is the “dowdy” light brown bangs-and-ponytail situation spotted on the movie set this past summer. Jen was right: It wasn’t her best look. Then again, the “Friends” star also once dared to call The Rachel “the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen,” a gross exaggeration if we ever heard one. So let’s take such pronouncements with a grain of salt, shall we? Now Jennifer has the sleekest strands in her new ad for Living Proof, with nary a pubic hair or toupee in sight. YEAH RIGHT.


LOL.. at this
Jennifer Aniston is known for her enviable head of hair, the kind that’s impressive enough to earn its own nickname

the haircut was called “The Rachel” not the Jennifer or Aniston. So actually the TV character she played is more popular. Funny

ohy my plan chaged and and stuck until 2pm well cooking spageti with ground befff gonna be good :) I know I don’t care if you don’t care

Why the roses, phools are mad at preze?
who cares about preze rank or something?
Why this matter to do anything peopoe can rank whomever they want.
Brad and Angie is number one they have staying power with out being feed constantly even. them and some stars are only lilke that. And that is actually what power is.
Some people will be easily be forgotteen if they are constantly feed and mansiton is that and the dude is the last thing for power . What is to his power he dated manistona nd got famous last year? and what he did since then RoA and we know how that works out. preze can do whateer he wants he has a ***** measure …… let him. Don’t get mad at him.

Read more

Vintage Brangelina: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie go into the wine business – Telegraph

By Henry Samuel, Paris

2:53PM GMT 15 Feb 2013

They are already in the pink as cinema’s super couple and the toast of Hollywood. Now film stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be able to raise a glass of their own rosé to their fame and fortune after going into the wine business. Wine buffs will be rolling out the red carpet next month to taste the Hollywood king and queen’s very first bottles of organic Provence rosé, made from grapes grown at their vast £35 million Riviera property.
Fans may be disappointed to know it will not be sold as Chateau Brangelina, as the power duo are known. Instead, the wine will be known as Miraval Côtes de Provence. The stars’ names will be on the back label under the more sobre title of “Jolie-Pitt”.

Marc Perrin, well-known in the world of Provence winemaking, will also get a mention on the bottles after teaming up with the couple. “We came up with the labels together,” he told Ouest France newspaper, saying that he was introduced to the couple by mutual friends last summer.

The Tinseltown pair bought the Chateau Miraval near the tiny town of Correns in 2008 after reportedly falling in love with the 35-bedroom estate while flying over it in a helicopter. They have since carried out extensive renovations to cater for their growing family of six children.

Situated at an altitude of 350 metres, the sprawling residence comes complete with moat, lake and forest, spanning 1,200 acres – some 150 of which are devoted to vines, already producing 150,000 bottles of well-regarded red, white and rosé.

Last year, they took over the vines from the previous owner with the help of Mr Perrin, who owns Château Beaucastel in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and one of the most renowned names in the Rhone Valley. He will direct winemaking and distribution. The actors are the latest in a string of celebrities to try their hand at winemaking in France. Formula One supremo Michael Schumacher owns a Cote de Provence vineyard in nearby Saint-Raphael, French crooner Johnny Hallyday owns a chateau further West, and actor Gérard Depardieu is renowned for dashing from film shoots to tend to his domains around the country.
But Mr Perrin insisted the Jolie-Pitts were not simply “putting their names on the bottle”, even taking part in back-breaking wine picking last year.

“They want to be proud of the wine and their property,” he said. “They are incredibly demanding and are looking for excellence.” He told Decanter: “They were present at the blending sessions this year, and are relooking at everything from the installations in the winery – where we have already switched to stainless steel tanks – to reworking the labels across the range of wines.”

In the search for improvements, they have ordered a full geological survey on the soil, and intend to add complexity to the Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah blend that is currently used in the red wines by grafting other varieties like Mourvèdre.

The fact that the grapes were in a valley meant they were perfectly placed, said Mr Perrin.

“The terroir, the freshness that comes from the altitude, and the exposition of the vines are all incredible,” he said. The Wine Spectator, the influential American wine tasting magazine, is reportedly about to cast its verdict on the actor-vintners’ début performance.

The estate also produces a white, from the Rolle grape. The rosé, made from Cinsaut and Grenache, was formerly called Pink Floyd, as the British group’s seminal album The Wall was recorded in a studio at the property.

The Jolie-Pitt rosé will be on the market in March, and white wines will begin arriving by the end of this summer. They will be selling for around 15 euros a bottle.

As speculation mounts over a wedding date for the couple, who announced their engagement last year, Challenges magazine said at least one thing is clear. “We know the name of the wine they’ll be serving for the occasion.”

if they aren’t.

like beyonce finally show the kid. I was a kind of thought..
baby is cute. All babies R cute really.

I want a picture of Brad And Angie holding hands or kiss or hug or whtever condition the two of them I am dying… or more pics with the kids can’t have enough of them…

I could be wrong, but I thought Ticky was with Brad 7 1/2 yrs.
Courtney is a ball buster, I don’t think she and Ticky not being tight anymore, is about Brad, CC was around while Ticky was boo hooing left and right. The only time she said any thing was in VF, and a blind man could see Brad was a goner.
When Courtney’s marriage was falling apart, Ticky was not there to support her, too busy with Chelsea, most likely CC realized she was no longer needed.
When she said she was tired holding up David, maybe if she had spent more time with him instead of all the hanger ons in her little kangaroo court, the marriage would’ve had a better chance.

@Susan: Susan, remember Brad was with Gwen in 1997. They ended their engagement in June ’97. Ticky split from Tate Donovan 1998. So she and Brad got together in ’98. So if we give her all of 98 that’s two years before the marriage. Then they got married in June 2000 until January 2005 that’s 41/2 years. I’m saying it’s 4.5 plus 2.0 = 6.5. I’m sure PT or one of the other fans will give us the correct answer.


I don’t really care how long they were together.. I care more that Brad finally woke up and it ended. He and Angie have been together longer. Have children. Have a life that is connected in a way he nor she ever had with anyone else. They have a life long connection do to me that trumps anything or anyone before.

Love seeing them out.

Enjoy your weekend fans

@busted: You’re right busted. The topic was Perez Hylton writing on his blog that people said BA would not last and they are going on a half decade. And Brad was with Ticky for ten years. So we were proving that Perez iz full of SH.t,


agree… after all these years of blog writing saying this and that. We all know they know squat. The trolls have lived for anything negative and nothing they have believed has come to pass. Let’s hope things continue and Brad and Angie continue to say FU to the naysayers and haters. Staying together and happy is the best FU to all of them. And it is working. They are losing their collective sh*t with every news report and picture they see.

Susan @ 02/16/2013 at 12:02 pm
CC is a total ball-buster. She thrived on holding everyone up and being their “mother”. The excuse about being tired of doing what she loved re David was just bull_shite. She made sure he was the way was for many years. All of her girl friends marriages had already or were falling apart by the time she decided to kick David to the curve. So all that mothering advice was for naught. Seriously, who goes to therapy with their bff (Ugly Dern) about their marriage and your marriage, yet still the man still ran away.

Well Over Half @ 02/16/2013 at 2:02 pm

Brad & Angie have been together since early 2005- we don’t know the exact date, but that was EIGHT YEARS ago. Half a decade is 5 years, which is a bizarre measuring unit anyhow. I’m glad people are correcting Perez and hope they drop some facts about the nasty old fat tick for him to chew on- over & over. All the PR money in the world can’t change FACTS.

@Phool: This article has got to send the Troll/haters into total despair.

@busted: Totally agree that Brad and Angie’s committed relationship trumps everythng else, including that marriage certificate the Trolls think is so important.Brad and Angie have been building a life together, complete with family, something Brad and Ticky didn’t even come close to. Brad might have spent 7 years or so from first date to final kiss-off, but Brad spent many months on end away from the Tickster, something Brad and Angie have never done. It’s apparent that Brad and Angie are together for the long haul.

@Rose: Wasn’t Brad and Ticky’s first set up in spring or early summer of 1998, that infamous blind date where Ticky dropperd her drawers for Brad the very first time she met him. And they merged in July (I think) of 2000 and Brad gave Ticky the final kiss-off right after New Years 2005, so that makes Brad and Ticky being tied in wedded hell for 4 and a half years, minus months and months spent apart.

Lindsay Long @ 02/16/2013 at 3:34 pm

@jaliah: He is so Cute. She loves to Kiss Passionately and Feel a Man’s warm hot body. She uses Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

zimbio has a few more pictures on their site. Mostly Angie getting in & out of the car seem to be new to me.

one of the many stories re: JP wine- title & write up was kinda cute
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt To Start Selling The Most Photogenic Wine In The World
We bet that the wine will be unspeakably gorgeous.

When everytime you see that old divorce dragged in any story skip it as soon from that sentence. When You see an old photo in the picture skip the whole wrote up. That is what I always do Don’t give them what they want they want you talk about it. And you always fail.
The only reason they dragg that topic is when they want to give maniston a background case up and Brad and Angie to put down..
. You don’t see tom cruse end of marriage for every wrote up about her even as much as she talk about him. Exes who are divorced longer than they have been together shouldnt be attahched for any worte up. Brad has a family leave the man alone. Leave Angie alone.

plan totally changed it is snowing llike craaaaazy yes you people STOP IT

@well: I said it It is the beautiful and tempting bottle desgin and colour

lOl I know I am here like around the clock but yes I’ve too much time in my hands…lOl
you know the daily fail story said may 26 is the wedding day. I really truly want Brad and Angie to be married most importantly to see them freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as a couple that is what is it need.

Brad is going strong with Angie 71/2 year their relationship is real and his longest and Angie’s longest should have been said by everyone nothing about no old ex that you left longer than you have been with her. seriously…. ok later trying to do….

IOI, carry, stop it , same troll.


She is obsessed! Give it a rest troll—not just for our sakes but for your well being as well!

here’s another goofy thing, but kinda odd, too- aren’t they a little old for lollipops?  The clip is less than a minute, but you def can tell these “ladies” are begging for some attention.  Takes all kinds, I suppose…

new thread @ 02/16/2013 at 6:56 pm

————-new Brad and Angie thread —————-


Paid press….
Blind supporters……

They are IN PAIN every time there are news (esp. good ones) about the JPs. Recently, starting with unexpected presence of AJ at American Society of Cinematographers Awards plus the “Jolieing” of JLo at the Grammy, the Zee-Pax-AJ shopping at Urban Outfitters, the widespread news about the releasing of Jolie-Pitt bottled wines, and of course the Valentine’s date with the twins at the museum plus adult date dinner. Anything about AJBP makes them angry and jealous. They make all sorts of stories and spread lies just to try to “upstage’ them. They don’t realize that a LOT of people are curious & fascinated about them especially the seldom seen AJ. That’s why when they are seen & photographed, it’s like an event as there are many,many articles written on their whereabouts & what they wear even it’s just ordinary outing. Whereas, with Xticky, even how much she tries to gain attention, she is simply NOT worth talked about.Even how much she poses indecently……even how much she volunteers information on what she does with her hair, or what she is doing on her birthday, the public are NOT INTERESTED about her at all…. unless she pays for people to “be interested”.
People, in this world let us be realistic. There are different kinds of personalities whose level of public interest belongs. AJBP are on top, they are AAA+++++. Xticky is way, way below. She gets to be mentioned only when her PR machinery works to her advantage.
AJBP obviously lead very full & productive lives, so the public are inspired with them. They are worth emulating. They fully utilize their talents in acting, producing, writing, directing, designing, wine-making, modeling, etc. BUT PRIORITIZING with family making/ parenting & charity giving is what is most important to them. They know what they want as individual famous celebrity as well as a family couple. When they decided to be together & created their wonderful family, they already see the kind of future they are having. And have proven right. That’s why in their as-of- the-moment 8 years of blissful togetherness, there are so many things they have accomplished on or off camera. Their activities are constant & they are seemed very committed with each other.
So it’s no wonder if AJBP lives are constantly subject to intrigue & envy especially by those people who are themselves NOT HAPPY & NOT LIVING A SATISFYING LIVES themselves. Those negative people want the JPs to be like them when it CAN NEVER HAPPEN as the JPs are surrounded with positive people & their orientation are very good.

Bradders always gets a boner when he rides.

New thread has Vivienne, who really looks quite reta>rded.

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