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LeAnn Rimes: Valentine's Day Susie Cakes!

LeAnn Rimes: Valentine's Day Susie Cakes!

LeAnn Rimes steps out in a festive red top for Valentine’s Day to pick up some cup cakes from Susie Cakes on Thursday (February 14) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 30-year-old singer also stopped by Planet Beauty to buy a few cosmetics for herself.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Practicing baseball w/ Eddie and Jake makes me miss being a kid & playing softball,” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account. “Those were good times!”

FYI: LeAnn is wearing a Bella Dahl top.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes out and about in Calabasas…

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leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 01
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 02
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 03
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 04
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 05
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 06
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 07
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 08
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 09
leann rimes valentines day susie cakes 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Jen

    Don’t like her hair, but she looks healthy now! Good for her!

  • guest

    she looks really good…

  • Sal

    Nothing could fix that face.

  • louise

    Now, she’s suing her dentist. the courts must be clogged out there with her stupid law suits. wish the judge would make her pay for for the courts time.

  • Laura

    Rough looking. Those bangs and that haircolor are not good on her at all! It must be killing her that she’s put the weight back on. And poor thing, her husband is never pictured with her anymore. Where’s Eddieeeee LeAnn???

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Ugly face

  • Shay

    Lookin like big mama Bel.

  • Lay Z Ho

    learn to bake beyotch

  • Benny

    I thought she announced on her website they were moving into their new house on Valentine’s day? And, maybe she’s right about the dentist….her face looks so different.

  • lala

    its sad that shes only 30 and she looks a mess already. didnt need the surgery u were fine

  • Not Telling

    Leann u can do way better lighten those locks and get a nose job!!!! Then u will be good… Maybe some toothpicks on the eyes!! Open those puppies up

  • Not Telling

    Leann stop with the fillers!! Ur cheeks are looking like the Saw Clown!!! And why would u bring out the bag Brandi has been using all week… Can’t u do better then that …. Maybe ur fringe Channel better look on u!! Brandi doesn’t have that one…. U are looking like a fool!!! I would love to be ur stylist… I would have u looking way better!!!!

  • Gwen

    Is that Leann or Lizzy?

    The photos were taken by AKM-GSI. So she isn’t picking up cup cakes or getting make-up for herself, this is a STAGED photo-op. So before Leann releases the staged photo-op with her BFFs AKM-GSI, she bombards the internet with stories about how she is suing her dentist.

    1) ““Practicing baseball w/ Eddie and Jake makes me miss being a kid & playing softball,” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account. “Those were good times!”

    Didn’t Leann say she didn’t have a childhood because she was thrust in the spotlight at such a young age? Why is she tweeting about Brandi’s son after Eddie claimed to be so concerned about his kids being scarred by Brandi’s book? So Eddie has no problem with Leann using his kids as weapons to taunt their mother?

  • Stacey

    ass face!!!

  • Just Gorgeous

    She is so pretty. Her Boyfriend LOVES to KISS HER NECK and lick her down to her legs and thighs. He holds her close and says I LOVE YOU. Keep the Romance Alive with BEDROOM Toys at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Tiff

    At least her hair looks nothing like Brandi’s anymore. Plus she looks healthy with a few pounds on. Still thin but not too thin.

  • Me

    I can’t believe Eddie Cibrian is married to THIS. He is no prize but at least he is a looker. They are so mismatched in the looks department.

    She somehow managed to get 20x uglier with this haircut. Her face is a mess, and she looks like she has a meth mouth full of teeth. Wow. I’m actually shocked by her appearance in these pictures. I didn’t think she could get any uglier

  • Annie

    She’s probably gaining weight because her dentist wouldn’t prescribe her any more of the good sh*t.

  • KissThis

    I like her hair this way. Darker and with bangs. She looks prettier.

  • Gwen

    Leann’s latest cry for attention: “LeAnn Rimes Sues Dentist
    You Screwed Up My Teeth! “-TMZ

    1) “LeAnn Rimes is suing her dentist, claiming he botched up her mouth so bad … it’s messing up her career.”

    This is a joke right? How did the dentist mess up her career? Leann messed up her own career. Faking illnesses because her hubby wouldn’t go on tour with her. Setting up daily staged photo-ops. Taunting Brandi with her own kids. So what really happened? Is Eddie upset because after all these surgeries Leann isn’t Brandi or Leann lost too much money trying to babysit him?

    2) “In the lawsuit … obtained by TMZ … Rimes claims she went to Dr. Duane C. McKay for various dental work over 3 years. Some of the work included upper front veneers and crowns that the dentist promised would address her TMJ-related pain as well as improve her appearance.”

    How nice. Everytime Leann sues someone why does she immediately run to TMZ and tell them about it? Leann went to Dr McKay because she wanted him to make her look like Brandi. This is Brandi’s dentist. That’s the problem right there. How can crowns and veneers address her FAKE TMJ pain?

    3) “Rimes claims rather than helping, the dentist messed her mouth up bad, causing tremendous pain and bleeding. Back in October, she tweeted, “I feel like I got hit in my right side of my face with a baseball bat.”

    Leann is such a liar. Why did the tremendous pain and bleeding only happen when Eddie refused to attend Leann’s concerts? After tweeting about how she felt like she had been hit by a bat, the very next day, People magazine released this on 10/09/2012:

    “LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s ‘Great’ Family Date: LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian enjoyed dinner at Katsuya Glendale on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

    Rimes – who wore a tight white dress and Louis Vuitton high heels – had a drink at the bar while waiting for Cibrian and his children, Mason and Jake. Once they arrived, Rimes ordered some signature items and a mixed green salad, while the children opted for kids’ meals. “They seemed to be having a great time,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “Eddie and LeAnn talked a lot while the kids played together.” The family – who declined an invitation to dine in a private room – stayed for about two hours.
    – Jennifer Garcia

    4) “Rimes says she’s had to undergo 9 root canals and bone grafting. She’s also had a temporary bridge and needed physical therapy as well.”

    Physical therapy? When? If Leann was going to physical therapy, she would have invited AKM-GSI to get photos of it, the same way she invited AKM-GSI to see her buying cup cakes and shopping for makeup.

    5) “Rimes says in the suit she will have a “permanent cosmetic deficiency.”

    So basically Eddie thinks Leann looks horrible, which explains why she spent Valentine’s Day filing a lawsuit and setting up staged photo-ops with AKM-GSI.

    6) “Rimes says the dental work is so bad it has been screwing with her career … impeding her ability to perform.”

    The only thing impeding Leann’s ability to perform is Leann Rimes. What was impeding Leann’s ability to perform in the countersuit filed by her father? Leann has a history of blowing off work.

    7) “In her malpractice lawsuit, LeAnn is seeking unspecified damages for physical, emotional and psychiatric injuries. She also wants money for loss of past and future earnings.”

    Remember when Leann and Eddie tried to sue Life and Style for a billion dollars for exposing Eddie’s affair with Scheana in 2009?

    Psychiatric injuries? Wait? So now she is saying that she went to rehab because of the dentist? First it was because cyberbullying? Then it was because she had issues that go back to her childhood. And now it’s because her of her dentist?

    The real reason Leann is pursuing this lawsuit:

    Eddie and Lizzy have drained her bank account.

    To overshadow the attention Brandi is getting for her book.

    To save face. Her singles flopped. Capitol Records must not be confident that her album will do well. Her bad behavior is costing her lost ticket sales.

    The press wasn’t paying attention to her.

    Eddie gave her an STD and she is too embarassed to admit it so she blames the doctor.

  • Kelly

    What does the tattoo on the inside of her arm say?

  • Sarah

    If her teeth are so bad she needs to sue her dentist. Why is she buying sugary cupcakes?

  • Leahla

    She never really did look like Brandi, she just tried to. I think she asked for a makeover that doesn’t look like Brandi, since Brandi outed her on trying to look like her.

  • Leahla

    She is sue happy. She sued her own father, a woman and her daughter from Twitter. And now her dentist. That’s BS that he ruined her career from whatever he did to her mouth 3 years ago. She had those long veneers before she married Eddie. And her music hasn’t been selling for a lot longer than 3 years.

  • Gwen

    Something very strange is going on. Gather and Wetpaint put out stories claiming that Brandi admitted to cheating on Eddie, but when you read the story that isn’t want Brandi said at all. Brandi says that during the process of getting a divorce she dated other men. If that is cheating, then how come those blogs aren’t pointing out that Eddie cheated on Brandi because he was dating Leann during his divorce. Was Ashton cheating on Demi because he was dating Milo during their divorce? Was Kim cheating on Kris because she is dating Kanye and pregnant and her divorce isn’t final? Leann is losing it. She is throwing everything at Brandi. It’s only going to get worse.

    And then there is the Examiner. They wrote a biased article claiming that Brandi’s book isn’t popular for stores. Why aren’t they being honest? Leann is suing Brandi’s dentist. Several bloggers have stated that Leann threatened to sue them and get them fired. The reason book stores are refusing to carry Brandi’s books is because Leann Rimes threatened them with legal action. Look at what she is doing to Brandi’s dentist, it’s probably a warning to book stores.

  • nemo

    what’s up, FALCOR?

  • Crowfly

    All these makeovers are kind of a waste. Like polishing a turd.

  • Gwen

    Leann and her fans are such hypocrites. Eddie has a problem with Brandi’s book and her promotions for it, yet he doesn’t seem to have a problem with the exclusive interview that he and Leann did, in which they invited a woman who trashed the mother of his kids into his home.

    Leann is having another Adderall inducted manic phase on twitter brought on by the thought that she can do whatever she wants simply by using her lawyer to bully people.

    1) “@leannrimes those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.. Nietzsche”

    Says the woman who tweets about Brandi’s kids out of spite.

  • HAHA


  • Gwen

    Leann tries way too hard to convince people that all is well in her marriage.

    “Friday night candle lit picnic “-Leann Rimes

    Which means that Eddie is probably having sex with Lizzy because why else would she be tweeting photos of a basket instead of actually spending that time with her husband?

  • didi

    AKM/GSI photo credit, her paid pap. She is pathetic!!!! You’d hope she’d brush and wash her hair at least. She looks fat and horrible.

  • carly rose

    She’s wearing Brandi’s boots, pants, and bag from a couple of days ago. Stalker.

  • Not Telling

    And Brandi just tweeted!! My Dentist of 17 yrs is the best!! Crazy leann had the same dentist !! She is just plain Cray…. And notice JJ never has any Brandi story’s someone is being paid!!!

  • Steph

    @didi: Can’t stand her, but this chick is far from fat. It’s better than cadaver look she was sporting until recently. A girl in a bikini with big hard looking silicone implants, on a bony frame. is both unnatural and scary looking.

  • Melanie

    LeAnn looks great. The bangs make her look youthful. She is 10 years younger than Brandi after all. I thought that Brandi’s book was going to be this huge bestseller. What happened ? I read that Brandi is trying to blame the book stores for the book’s lack of sales. What a joke. I would sue my dentist too if they messed up my teeth. I am waiting for Eddie and LeAnn to sue Brandi to shut up that trash mouth of hers. Brandi deserves it when that happens. I see the small band of Brandi trolls are out in full force.

  • serenityzhere

    Brandi has more personality in her little finger than Leann has in her whole chubby body. Yeah, now she’s looking chubby! I just read Brandi’s book and she is not trashing anybody. She is giving an honest version of her life after finding out what a cheat her husband was. Where everybody gets this trashing is beyond me. She actually has very little to say about Leann even though she is the one who takes such great pride in thinking it is all about her. This has been gets more attention than the true super stars of country music or any music for that matter. I think lawsuit is a poor attempt to try to salvage a career that is over and make her ten fans now believe that all of her canceled concerts and ignorant behavior the last few years was all because of her dentist messing up her mouth. Please! Nobody with her kind of money would not have the best of care and not get a second opinion before going through all of that for 3 years. Unless of course he was keeping her supplied with pain medication. She must keep her lawyer on speed dial!! Never seen one person sue or threaten to sue so many people. Sickening!!

  • Melanie

    LeAnn looks Fantastic. Why isn’t Brandi’s book on the NYT best sellers list like Teresa Giudice’s book was? Brandi had alot of promo for this book it should be selling well. Brandi must not have that many fans if her book is not selling well. Brandi’s fans need to start buying more copies of that book but I guess she really does not have that many . So sad that Brandi has to beg fans to buy the book then attack LeAnn to try to gain sales. I do not blame LeAnn or Eddie if they sue Brandi or anyone else that is trying to harm their careers. That have every right to do that.

  • Melanie

    The ratings for RHOBH are down this year. That is why they are bringing in new housewives. Lisa’s new show is not doing well in the ratings either. Looks like Brandi and Lisa are not pulling in the ratings for Bravo and it is all about the ratings. Love LeAnn’s bangs. If I had the money I would sue anyone that was hurting my career too. Who wouldn’t? Brandi should keep her big mouth shut if she does not want to pay lawyers.

  • Liz

    The bangs only show how much she really needs a nose job.

  • Marco

    @Melanie: Sit the fu*k down LeAnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALL KNOW IT IS YOU!!! YOU READ ARTICLES ABOUT YOURSELF AND COMMENT. JUST LIKE YOU RESPOND ON TWITTER!!!! Please do us ALL a favor and get a freaking NOSE JOB!!!! THAT is the cause of all your UGLY. Your nostrils are a mile wide! NOSE JOB, NOSE JOB, NOSE JOB!!

  • Double D

    I slept with Eddie last week, just as Brandi said, he is a real 9 in bed. Thanks Leann! Stay busy in court little girl, sue everyone you can think of, teachers, lawyers, gossip sites. Eddie will stay happy with a real woman who can satisfy him. Love, ya, Divini.

  • Marco

    @Liz: I see we were thinking the same thing! LOL. It is sad that nobody tells this woman that she needs mental help as well.

  • Gwen


    Hi KATIE! Last week when you did this astrotrufing your name was KATIE, and this week it’s going to be MELANIE? Who did you hijack that name from?

    LeAnn doens’t looks great, it’s why you changed your name to MELANIE to do what you did last week. The bangs don’t make her look youthful. She is 10 years younger than Brandi, but looks 50 years old.

    Brandi’s book is a bestseller. What happened ? Leann Rimes. The only reason why it’s having problems at the bookstores is because Leann made legal threats just like she did to Brandi’s dentist. Brandi didn’t blame the bookstores. She is being very nice by not coming out and saying that it’s Leann who is holding up the process. What a joke.

    The dentist didn’t mess up Leann’s teeth. I am waiting for Eddie Brandi to sue Leann, Amejean, Ginger, Stace2u to shut up that trash mouth of theirs. Leann deserves it when that happens. I see the small band of Leann trolls are out in full force.

    LeAnn doesn’t look Fantastic, which is why you are using the name MELANIE instead of KATIE now. Why isn’t Leann’s singles on the best sellers list like Taylor Swift’s album was? Leann had alot of promo for this single it should be selling well. Leann must not have that many fans if her singles are not selling well Leann’s fans need to start buying more copies of that single but I guess she really does not have that many . So sad that Leann has to beg fans to buy the single then attack Brandi to try to gain sales. I do not blame Brandi if she sues Leann or anyone else that is trying to harm her careers. That have every right to do that.

    The ratings for any show that Leann and Eddie have been on are down this year. That is why they are considering new people for X Factor. Leann’s Style Netowrk episodeis not doing well in the ratings either. Looks like Leann and Eddie are not pulling in the ratings for HGTV, SN, Leno, Jimmy, or ET and it is all about the ratings.

    Wow, KATIE, how many times are you going to say you love the bangs that Leann copied from LIZZY?

    The only person hurting Leann’s career is Leann, Amejea, Ginger, Stace2u, DB, and Mateo. So then you agree that Leann needs to sue herself and those people. Who wouldn’t? Leann should keep her big mouth shut if she does not want to pay lawyers.

  • Gwen

    Did you see Leann’s twitter account? What happened? Leann had another Adderall induced manic phase on twitter this morning. It was bad. But then again her husband was out with another woman so we shouldn’t be surprised that she is on twitter like this going crazy.

    1) “@AndreaJStevens I’ve been helped now and am still being helped by a team of people that started fixing the work over a year ago. Thank you:)”-Leann Rimes

    That’s the problem right there. She has the wrong type of people helping her. Her problems isn’t related to dental pain. Either she has a serious STD that is causing a lot of trouble or she is faking these illnesses to get attention.

    2) “Going to do more packing now…. Til later :)”-Leann Rimes

    Why isn’t she done packing? Because she doesn’t have the money? If Eddie is the wonderful hubby she makes him out to be how come he isn’t helping Leann pack?

    3) Leann rewards her fans by giving them free trips and in exchange they come here to make posts.

    4) “@TheMatthewGrant ;) playing the bluebird for 3 nights next month. You gotta come”-Leann Rimes

    Only because Eddie didn’t ditch you. If Eddie had refused to go on that trip, we all know that Leann would have fake another “dental nightmare”.

    5) “@stpaulpeterson @bryan_white awww S&!# wish I could. I’ll be in the middle if a move. DM me your number”-Leann Rimes

    This is one of the reasons Leann is suing the dentist. She needs money to fund that move.

    6) “”The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.” -Pema Chödrön”

    Says the woman who is suing a dentist and a teacher out of spite. Instead of grieving over the loss of her marriage to Eddie, Leann takes it out on innocent people.

    9) “@irishfern0302 allergies suck but picnic was awesome!!!!!! I cried sitting at our new place. Just surreal”-Leann

    Allergies? This is how you know her lawsuit against the dentist is bogus. She cried because Eddie wasn’t there. He was too busy having sex with Lizzy while Leann sat in that house all alone. Or did he and Lizzy have their room already set up? It was surreal because she is worried about how she is going to pay for it. More lawsuits to come.

    10) Why is she begging bryan white to meet up with her? That’s right. Eddie is too busy with his women and LeLe has to keep busy somehow.

    11) Didn’t Leann tell E that she doesn’t think about Brandi? So how come she is on twitter today tweeting about how Brandi’s book is a lie? If Brandi’s book was a lie why is she going through so much to stop it from being released?

    12) Shouldn’t she be enjoying her new house with her hubby? Why she is tweeting? Because Eddie wasn’t at home with her this morning.

    13) “It’s Saturday peeps and it’s going to be 79 and sunny in LA LA LAND today! Hmmm what to do?!”

    Oh no. She is going to set up another staged photo-op with AKM-GSI in a bikini.

    14) “@emannyray @justjared omg hysterical! Just saw this”

    This explains the presence of MELANIE. It’s either LEANN or the MR person! How

    15) “@emannyray oh that sounds like fun, but I’ll wait til the boys are with us next”

    Leann planning a staged photo-op with Brandi’s kids at the Zoo for next week. Why is she tweeting about the boys after Eddie claimed to be concerned and saddened that his kids would be scarred?

  • Melanie

    So why isn’t Brandi’s book on the NYT bestsellers List???Why isn’t her book selling well?? Oh I forgot. It is the bookstores and LeAnn’s fault. Are you kidding me? The book is not selling well because Brandi actually does not have that many fans. Brandi is on twitter begging fans to buy the book.

  • Gwen

    This is how you know Leann is behind the problems Brandi is having with her book and the bookstores: “… cause I’ve seen about 10 excerpts that I know are not true period the end.”-Leann Rimes

    Why is Leann STILL tweeting? Isn’t she supposed to be packing or enjoying her new home with Eddie?

  • Gwen


    Hi Katie! Why are you using the name MELANIE?

    Since Leann and her BFF manny were on twitter tweeting about this very same thread, we know what’s going on. It’s silly for you keep coming back here to make these posts about Brandi because at this point, it’s obvious that Leann has sent you here.

    “KATIE”, Brandi’s book isn’t on the NYT bestsellers List because Leann Rimes is doing things to prevent it from being there. Why isn’t Leann’s singles on the country lists???? Why isn’t Borrowed selling well?? Oh I forgot. It is Brandi’s dentist’s fault. Are you kidding me? Leann’s singles are selling well because Leann actually does not have that many fans. Leann is on twitter begging fans to buy the book.

    Here’s the problem with your logic. Brandi’s book is ranked #12 on Amazon. It’s ranked in the top 10 in 3 categories. So the only reason this book would be having trouble in the bookstores is if someone(aka Leann) threatened bookstores if they carried it. The more you post the more it hurts you because everyone saw the conversation that Leann and her friend MANNY are having about this thread on twitter!

    So that means you are either MANNY or Leann!

  • Gwen


    This is how you know that MELANIE is actually Leann or manny:

    From Leann’s twitter account:

    Manny: “@JustJared @leannrimes haha WE LOOK CUTE”

    Leann: “@emannyray @justjared omg hysterical! Just saw this”

    Manny: “@leannrimes @justjared looking at your pants , Amazing …and my Gucci necklace is blingggggging lol”

  • Melanie

    Actually my name is Gwen or Guest.

  • Gwen


    So now you are making threats to hijack my name and other poster’s names simply because you were dumb enough to come here and make posts about Brandi AFTER Leann and Manny had a conversation about this thread on twitter?

    From Leann’s twitter account:

    Manny: “@JustJared @leannrimes haha WE LOOK CUTE”

    Leann: “@emannyray @justjared omg hysterical! Just saw this”

    Manny: “@leannrimes @justjared looking at your pants , Amazing …and my Gucci necklace is blingggggging lol”