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Miranda Kerr Defines Grace on Twitter!

Miranda Kerr Defines Grace on Twitter!

Miranda Kerr is casual chic while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Friday (February 15) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 29-year-old model tweeted, “Grace is gratitude, surrender, faith, forgiveness, good manners and understanding.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the week, Miranda dolled up in a floral skirt while out and about in Australia.

While Miranda was in Australia, she was named the Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy Ambassador and Kids Helpline Ambassador.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr arriving in Los Angeles…

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  • seth

    Even after a long flight, she looks fresh and lovely.
    So beautuful.

  • ha

    Bet that she’s glad to be back home with her boys.
    Love this family.

  • Hostrolls

    Wonder if she called the paps before she left Oz or on the flight. Other celebrities fly in and out of LAX that are more well known and important than her and they fly under the radar, but not her. How lucky we are to catch her – it is soooo newsworthy.

    Hope Orlando had a good time while he could with blondie.

  • @3

    What are you talking about? We see pics of celebs at LAX ALL THE TIME.
    The paps hang out there almost 24/7.
    You forget that we aren’t stupid. Unlike your hater sisters.

  • yes!

    LOVE HER!!!!

  • yes!

    You’re kidding, right? Are you really dumb enough to think that we won’t remember seeing other celebs photographed at LAX?
    Well, OK then.

  • wow

    Her skin is flawless. Just radiant.

  • AGA

    overrated chipmunk face! and Im sorry but had to un follow her on social sites. all she does is talk about how perfect she is….GAG. she used to be so down to earth seeming. Now she acts like she is as famous as Angelina Jolie, pathetic really! why the F does she smile and pose for paps? I think that says ALL really…

  • ugh

    the most worthless post on J.J this week goes to miranda kerr!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Miranda is beautiful. She has beautiful, flawless skin. Great to see she is back home with Orlando and Flynn. Love seeing pics of the beautiful family.

  • @8

    Uh oh.
    You broke a hater rule. You’re never supposed to admit that you follow her twitter or Facebook. Or that you stalk her across the Internet 24/7/365.
    You’re supposed to pretend that she is being forced down your throat. Not that you are actively following her.
    Tsk tsk.
    I do like that you stuck to their mantra that Miranda talking about anything positive or talking about her work is somehow bragging that she is so much better than anyone else. LOL
    Seeing her promoting health as claiming that she is perfect says much more about you than it does her.
    Poor hater.

  • Ting ting

    All comments save 2 on this thread (3 and 8) are made by the same person: the infamous obsessed Miranda fan. That’s even more pathetic than her.

  • @Ting ting….#12

    Wrong……..Why you keep insisting that Miranda has “one fan” is beyond delusional.

    It’s obvious she has many fans on here that’s why there’s always people to defend her from you “haters” & prove you wrong over & over again.

  • Shay

    Please don’r home school Flynn.

  • Lol

    I love how the haters try to claim that fan posts are by sock puppets, when its been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that haters are the ones who use socks.
    Haters have a handful of members on their pathetic little sites, so I guess that they have to use socks. While Miranda has plenty if fans to call you idiots on your lies.

  • kid

    Yup…. and being pretty, tall and having a lot of money helps a lot to that too…

  • Me

    What kind of mother spends over 2 weeks away from a child so young! For a woman that said she didn’t want to work after having a child and wanted to spend every minute with her son she sure seems to spend a lot of time away from her family. A child should not fit around your life, they should come first.

  • Me

    Adriana said she never spend more than 2 nights away from her child, she’s a much better mother than Miranda. Kerr also had a night nanny, that’s nice act like mother earth and meanwhile have someone else doing all the hard work. She never apologised for her drugged up baby comments either.

  • Me

    Bad mother!!!

  • Me
  • ha

    Now Miranda is quoting the dictionary. haha

  • hmmm

    Interesting how one minute the haters are claiming that Miranda is setting the women’s movement back by making a living posing in sexy lingerie. And the next minute they are claiming that she is a bad mother because she didn’t quit her job after she had a baby.
    Are all mothers who don’t quit their jobs bad mothers? Or just Miranda? Hmmm? Which is it.
    What about female executives who have to travel for work? Should they have to quit when men in the same position don’t have to? What about female soldiers on deployment? Are they bad mothers, too?
    You IDIOTS really need to think before posting. I know that thinking hurts your brain because it is out of practice, but give it a try next time.

  • hmmm

    BTW, have any of you delphi girls been contacted by the police about those threatening emails that you sent to Miranda?

  • AGA

    @@8: excuse me I used to really like her but lately I cant deal with it. She was once a sweet cute dimpled Aussie beach girl (or thats how she seemed anyways…). Hollywood has engulfed her and if you cant see it, well too bad. but this dressing up for,waving to and posing for the paps is too much now. If I saw MIranda taking Flynn to a park dressed up in jeans and a t shirt and doesn’t care about being on “best dressed” lists, I may feel differently about her, but its clear she revels in her new found fame. on her facebook page she posted links about “replacing kate moss for mango” come on….

  • @24

    But she does dress in jeans and take Flynn to the park. She’s dressed in jeans now, too. All the times that we see her dressed up is when she is on her way to work. Do you wear jeans when you go to work? Don’t think so.
    And what is she supposed to do to the paps? Flip them off? Get angry? That’s just stupid.
    And don’t even try to pretend that you used to be a fan. No one here is stupid enough to buy that load of *ahem fertilizer.

  • fangirlsgoaway

    @Me: OMG lima stans quit always hating on other models. Its getting hilarious now, lol.

    For years you tortured,stalked,petitioned against Gisele and Heidi because they were seen as “the head angels”. Then it moved onto Alessandra Ambrosio for becoming another popular “Brazilian angel”. Then Marisa Miller for getting her fantasy bra and winning all the mens mag lists. Now its Miranda and Candice I see (since Mirandas fame sky rocketed and Candice is all over VS with increasing popularity.) you bash all the models who get shine over your precious Adriana. get over it already! go look her up then…

  • Reba

    Love her outfit! The yellow just makes it pop!

  • @24

    Uhmmm, along with everything posted by #25, she did replace Kate Moss. Kate was their representative. She left. Miranda replaced her.
    I don’t understand why the truth upsets you so much.

  • ta

    She’s so gorgeous.

  • u

    @hmmm: have you been contacted to calm the fu(ck down? miranda kerr is a model – nothing more – you think anyone here cares enough to threaten her? LOLLLLLLLL you really are living in a tree house!!!

  • LOL

    So you’ve gone from ‘q’ to ‘y’ to now ‘u’ ????
    So you’re saying that people who care enough to spend hours per day stalking the internet for news on Miranda, create numerous fake blogs and twitter accounts, purchase Flynn’s birth certificate, do research into friends and relatives of both Miranda and Orlando, and create fake blind items to spread their filth and lies WOULDN’T be willing to take the next step????
    I wouldn’t put it past any one of you.

  • u

    @LOL: q y u?
    are you trying to sound out your big words? aw cute *.*

    miranda kerr is a C lister at best because of her husband. let’s not lie about such things, i hear it’s bad for your health :) :)

    and i don’t want my tax dollars going to whiny celebrities who make millions doing nothing. There’s more important things to fight.

  • @32

    Sorry, but C-listers don’t show up on the covers of Vogue. Nor do they show up on Forbes’ list of the top ten earning models.
    Your continued denial of her success is hilarious. Such a desperate act.
    And why shouldn’t tax dollars go to police responding to threats? If threats were being made towards your family, I bet that you would want them to respond. Are you being a HYPOCRITE yet again?

  • u

    @@32: and who are you to tell me how i would react in a situation? lol

    OH btw – c-lister’s like PARIS HILTON AND KIM KARDASHIAN have been on the covers of vogue and have showed up on forbes richest people list..

    so LOL try again

  • @34

    So you wouldn’t care if someone sent threatening emails about your family?
    What a horrible person you must be. You don’t care about anyone but yourself, do you? Or do you just not want to admit that you are a HYPOCRITE?
    Which is it? Do you not care if people threaten your family? Or are you a hypocrite? You tell US how you would react.
    And STILL denying her success? You really are pathetic, aren’t you.

  • u


    “So you wouldn’t care if someone sent threatening emails about your family?
    What a horrible person you must be. You don’t care about anyone but yourself, do you?”

    I REALLY CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. i didn’t know people on here were trained therapists. hahahahha

    i see you ignored the fact that being on vogue doesn’t mean sh*t.. but of course you do.. you always do when you can’t win a fight

    what success? being on vogue, so has everyone else, having money? so does honey boo boo..

    when you speak of pathetic people i hope you understand that you’re one of them!

  • @36

    Well, you yourself said that calling the authorities about threats to your family would be a waste of taxpayers dollars. No, wait. You said that about Miranda’s family.
    Again, which is it? Are you a horrible person who doesn’t care? Or a hypocrite.
    And Vogue is the pinnacle for models. Having celebutards on the cover is just ridiculous. And even though it does earn money for the magazine. Miranda has been on three Vogue covers as a model, not as a celeb.
    But I see that we are back to the hater double standard.
    Remember when you idiots claimed that Miranda was nothing until she got a Vogue cover. Then she was nothing until she got multiple Vogue covers. Now, Vogue is nothing?
    You haters are so predictable and pathetic.
    Double standards in protecting your family. And double standards in measuring success.
    Too funny.

  • u

    yeah yeah turn everything around — i forgot you know everything. hahahahhahahahahha

    i swear you are made for tumblr.. there is no substance to your comments, you turn everything around to suit yourself, you are given proof and yet you can’t admit when you’re wrong. congratulations. you’re 16 yr old blogger!!!!!!!!!!

  • @38

    Turned what around?
    YOU said that her reporting threats to her family was just her being a “whiny celebrity”. I guess that since you never answered the question of what you would do under those circumstances it proves that you would have done the same thing. Which makes you a hypocrite.
    And what “proof”?
    Nothing that you have said is proof on anything other than that your irrational hatred has clouded your rational thought.
    That would be the only explanation of anyone seeing anything wrong with someone calling the authorities when threatened.

  • u

    @@38: snore
    same old
    same old

  • no

    Oh no, not her again! Don’t reply to “q” (or “u”, or whatever). Sometimes it’s fun to talk to haters, but not to this one. She will suck you into an eternal, cyclic conversation in which she will reply to everything you say with insults, lolololol and really dumb schoolyard comments (as you can see). She’s boring, very boring.

  • @41

    Oh, I think that it is great fun talking to this particular troll.
    She always manages to talk herself into a corner. Just as she did now by insulting Miranda for reporting threats.
    As you can see, her last pathetic comeback was basically a surrender. A “snore” is a hater white flag of defeat. LOL
    And she’s even more hilarious when she resorts to vulgarity. That’s a sure sign that she has nothing left. So funny!

  • u

    is she so funny? is she?
    you do realize you’re talking to yourself, right?

    and btw who gives a sh*t about miranda kerr receiving ‘threatening emails’! i don’t want my tax dollars being wasted on her.

    firstly, as if she only has one e-mail address, she probably uses her phone most of the time so the signal would be from whatever city she was on, not her home.. and let’s be honest, if this was so dangerous why would she go public with it? wouldn’t she keep it private? hm!!

    if anyone was backed into a corner it was you with your “omg she was on vogue and she has money” LOL yeah she’s in the same category as snookie, congrats*~ you’re so smarrrrttt..

  • @43

    Oh so now you’re God? You will decide who is worthy of police protection? You will decide who is kept safe? And their families as well? It’s ok if someone is threatened if you don’t like them? How arrogant can you be? You really are a despicable human being. No wonder you can only find solace in the darkness.
    And I love how you try to turn things around.
    You claim she isn’t a success as a model. We point out that she has had several Vogue covers. A measure of success that you haters have used yourself, and you claim that means nothing.
    You claim that she isn’t one of the top models, we remind you that she had been one of the top earning models for years, and then you say that also means nothing.
    You just can’t admit that you are wrong. And because you are backed into a corner, you say stupid things like emails can only come from local signals if they are on her phone. How stupid are you, really.

  • @41

    No, keep responding to her. She can’t stand not having the last word, so she will keep posting. And not only is that good for a laugh, but she’s giving Miranda more hits.
    Love it!!!!!

  • u

    @@41: you need a hobby

  • u

    @@43: yes i’m god and you’re a therapist. you are just so smart :)

    I don’t work so POOR miranda kerr can call out whoever hacked her e-mail. Here’s a news flash, pretty much every has that happen at least once.

    I don’t care that she was on the cover of vogue, you decided to give me that golden piece of information, you also said that I think she’s not a real model because she wasn’t on the cover except when-did-i-say-that??? i could care less what she’s on (or who she’s on) it’s not my problem but let’s be honest, at one point hasn’t every “celebrity/reality star” been on the cover of vogue?

    And when did i say she wasn’t a top model? she’s a C-lister, most models are, why exactly is that a problem?

    And MOST PEOPLE use their phone to check an e-mail or send one etc, so the signal they’d pick wouldn’t be the street she lived on it’d be the suburb she’s in.. that clear enough?

    ..but once again you just read what you want into everything people write. You have no sense of reality. You claim she’s so amazing, she’s so rich she’s been on forbes richest people blabla and i told you so has the kardashians so maybe you shouldn’t use that as a reference.

  • rach

    Because nothing says ‘you’ve made it’ like being made a ‘Scalp health Ambassador’ LMAO

  • Kath

    @Me: OMG…….really….did you say that crap. Are you a mother at all? Iam so to me It seems like common sense that Orlando, since hes not working probably didnt want Flynn to go to Australia as he would get to spend some quality dad time & who wants to haul their kid on a 14hr flight each way if they dont have to?… Oh thats right a “good” mother! Think before you write…..

  • goll

    “being on the cover of vogue means sh*t” by whom? you? Because EVERY single model has expressed their wishes to be on the cover of Vogue. (particularly US,UK,Paris and Italia ) and Miranda has Italia which should not be brushed off. Vogue Italia only shoots the creme de la creme of models. Steven Meisel is LEGENDARY in the world of fashion and pop culture/photography and will not just shoot anybody.
    Yes I believe Paris has a Vogue cover but dont recall Kim having one. They may have gotten one because fashion likes “pop culture” and like them or not they are/were part of that at one time so its not surprising. but overall VOGUE ONLY works with the biggest celebs around. Meryl Streep,Angelina Jolie,Charlize Theron,Julianne Moore,etc.