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Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch in New York City!

Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch in New York City!

Adam Levine is dapper while attending the Adam Levine Signature Fragrances Launch Event at Macy’s Herald Square on Friday (February 15) in New York City.

Later in the day, the 33-year-old Maroon 5 frontman showed off his tattooed guns while being interviewed by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show‘s Danielle Manaro at The Mercer Hotel in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

In case you missed it, have a look at Adam‘s shirtless feature in 7 Hollywood.

40+ pictures inside of Adam Levine promoting his fragrance in the Big Apple…

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adam levine fragrance launch in new york city 02
adam levine fragrance launch in new york city 03
adam levine fragrance launch in new york city 04
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adam levine fragrance launch in new york city 43

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132 Responses to “Adam Levine: Fragrance Launch in New York City!”

  1. 1
    bliss Says:

    he is looking good !!! specialy when he is alone !!!!

  2. 2
    martha Says:

    Where’s the swarmless bee?

  3. 3
    Helen Says:

    Boring.The guy that dissed celebrities for launching fragrances is doing the same thing now.Hypocrite,he dissed these celebrities,but when money was involved,he imitated them.Adam is a pathetic guy with a huge ego.Loser.

  4. 4
    Holopp Says:


  5. 5
    eve Says:

    All celebs perfumes stink. So this loser douchebag shouldn’t be different.

  6. 6
    Abby Says:

    I wonder if she will be at the concert tonight? I hate myself for caring….

  7. 7
    bj Says:

    he looks extra douchey here.
    thumbs up.

  8. 8
    Christina Says:

    I hope the rumors about them being broken up are true. And her not being at the launch does say something about that.

  9. 9
    Jill Says:

    I heard that when taking a picture with him for this event, if you even tried to ask him a question security escorted you away. I feel like meeting celebrities must be so disappointing. They are all just ego-maniacs who want to be adored…from afar.

  10. 10
    Ally Says:

    @Christina: That if she’s really dating.Adam’s huge ego won’t let him love a woman.He loves himself more.and notice that his “girlfriends” must be uglier than him,and most of them are/were allegedlyanorexic or bulimic and very skinny.They can’t get more attention than him,even the way they dress must look homely and poor near him.
    What i still don’t understand is why the other members seem to be treated as inferior than him.He’s not the only guy in the band.I wonder if he could handle a solo career with his female singing voice.Adam is not a bad singer,but there are better singers and he’s not that hot.Cute,but not enough to be hot.He’s aging,but is not aging well.He’s starting to look older than his age.

  11. 11
    Anna Klempt Says:

    Hey folks . . .

  12. 12
    bliss Says:

    hate to bring bad news but yes bee ( the brat ) is there at the concert a fan on twitter saw her fans_adamlevine i guess she is trying to make people that she is still his GF ; she is such

  13. 13
    bliss Says:

    @bliss: a leech

  14. 14
    Lindsay Long Says:

    @bliss: He is so Cute. She loves to Kiss Passionately and Feel a Man’s warm hot body. She uses Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  15. 15
    sara Says:

    @Christina: Posted from the other trend: (Wasn’t sure if anyone was still posting there)

    I miss typed my message what I meant to say was it wasn’t Ali or Rozzi. Sorry for the confusion that’s my bad!!! The one girl Life & Style is referring to is the girl I’m telling U about. She partied w/ him & his friends last night. Bee knows who she is & knows she’s replaced!!! Why do U think she’s trying so hard to show everyone Adam & her are still together????? To much!!!!!

  16. 16
    sara Says:

    Think about this. Why are only certain people only including Bee in certain photos??? No family references & I know his family’s there. Only certain people really like that Beehive, must not be allergic!!!!!

  17. 17
    Whatever Says:

    Hey Sara, what does the new girl think about partying with Bee? Isn’t that a little awkward?

  18. 18
    sara Says:

    @Whatever: Maybe she thinks nothing. From what I’ve been told her VS contract is up for renewal. VS isn’t happy w/ her. Adam isn’t going to acknowledge her. She’s going to try other ways to get exposure.

  19. 19
    Whatever Says:

    Sara I mean the NEW girl. Wouldn’t that be a little awkward to have to hang around with Adams ex?

  20. 20
    sara Says:

    The new girl can take care of herself. That’s what I’ve heard & she doesn’t like Bee but can’t do much about it. Bee’s going to hang around his friends for as long as she can.

  21. 21
    TheSCOOP Says:

    That’s right, get your mouths off the floor. Is that silence I hear?? Thought you knew it all. I told you guys but you didn’t listen. But you know nothing….. you will never get rid of Behati and again YOUR WELCOME

  22. 22
    Whatever Says:

    Calm down Behati.

  23. 23
    KSB Says:

    Ok, I saw the new thread and read some of of the comments so I went to look at the pics and I gathered NOTHING!!! There are no pictures of Adam and Behati, even the pictures with James and Ali there is no Adam. Yes she may be at the concert but so what. I know some of you have wanted to say this for a min but didn’t want to be rude @thescoop GO TO HELL!

  24. 24
    Abby Says:

    @KSB: What other thread and what pictures are you referring to?

  25. 25
    KSB Says:

    This thread on jj is new. I went on Twitter, hash tagged behati and it took me to the photo’s from last night where behati hung out with James, bootswallace, Ali and sam farra and adams assistant shawn an a few other but there were no pictures of Adam. Im gonna assume he was there, I mean why wouldn’t he be.

  26. 26
    KSB Says:

    OMG!! I like everyone here , I take that back I like mostly everyone here but the ONLY grip I have with some people who talk about behati is when you call her B or someone referred to a bee hive earlier. You guys may not be Beyonce fans but omg I am and her fan network is the beyhive and PLEASE please please, find another name for this wench behati. Call her by her name, no nicknames plz I can think of a few name’s for her lol. When I hear someone say B I think of a woman with class, someone succesful, with character, a mother, wife a great person overall. (Beyonce) and we all kknow behati is none of those thing’s

  27. 27
    Abby Says:

    @KSB: I guess maybe people are calling her Bee because she refers to herself as Bee? Or at least it seems her friends do? And it’s her twitter handle? I don’t know. I actually don’t even know if I know how to correctly pronounce Behati. I wish we could spell if phonetically. Anyone else know IPA? would it be: bIhati ? Yes I’m a nerd.

  28. 28
    Anna Klempt Says:


    What’s funny about you is that you’re panicking. I gave you a verbal lashing on Twitter, so now you’re saying anything to convince people here that you’re right, when in reality, you’re on shaky ground sister.

    You don’t know anything other than what you’ve seen on social media. What’s sad is that I really believe you think that no one else here knows the truth. And on that account, you’d be wrong, darling. You’ll have to make your idle threats elsewhere.

    From what I can tell, it seems like several people think that Travis (bootswallace) and Behati have something going on, since he’s the one posting all the pictures. I sure hope that his girlfriend doesn’t mind…pretty sure she was nearby when he was reading my tweets to him. What a phony he is and asskisser to boot.

    It’s really sad that Behati is using Adam’s entourage to make people think that they’re still together. I’ll bet the reality is that Adam and Behati haven’t even been together much. ;-)

  29. 29
    Anna Klempt Says:

    Oh, you guys. That’s right. TheScoop proved that Behati attended the concert because, I mean, that wasn’t going to be obvious regardless of the breakup.

    Great sleuthing there, Le Poop. Can you tell what I’m wearing this evening?

  30. 30
    Anna Klempt Says:

    Also TheScoop is known as “seaoftime” on Twitter. If you look at her tweets, you’ll notice a similar posting style. She folds bras at a VS, but by the way she talks, you’d think she was the CEO of Limited Inc.

  31. 31
    TheSCOOP Says:

    Unfortunately nothing you guys say can hurt me. Im happy Adam is happy and you guys are just jealous of what he has. And correction @Anna. I said Adam was in NYC yesterday before he posted it, I said behati would post pics of her tongue sticking out cause you guys would be watching and she did. I said Ali was coming to see James and looky looky who was there. Everything I said was facts. But nooooo your just sad little girls in denial. Adam is very happy get over it.

  32. 32
    Anna Klempt Says:

    @TheSCOOP: No, he’s not. Adam hasn’t been paying attention to her, but some of his crew is. He can’t be held accountable for the fact that she’s using them to get close to Adam. None of your information is stuff that isn’t already common knowledge.

    You make the mistake of thinking that no else here knows what’s going on out here. Now get back to your basement and keep playing on Twitter.

  33. 33
    Anna Klempt Says:


    “I said Adam was in NYC yesterday before he posted it”

    LOLWUT?!?! Every Maroon 5 fan knew that Adam and the rest of Maroon 5 were going to be in NY. Are you seriously this stupid?

    This is the funniest exchange. You reading tweets and putting a story together to make it seem like you’re an insider.

    OMG . . . you mean Ali was going to fly to NY to see James?! Wow. That’s secret information. Adam’s family and friends are also there. He’s been spending a lot of time with them. With Bee? Not so much.

  34. 34
    Melissa Says:

    Let’s stop the cat fights, ladies. Most of the time I’m entertained by what I read on Adam’s posts but with each thing Jared posts the arguing and fighting gets more and more ridiculous. Can’t we just let these people live their lives? Enough is enough, it’ll be what it’ll be. All the nasty remarks aren’t really necessary and they don’t make anyone’s case seem any stronger.

  35. 35
    Anna Klempt Says:

    LE POOP SCOOP is this past year’s valedictorian from the Zaira Amaterasu School of Creative Writing. She got all As in her “Writing Bullsh!t” class.

  36. 36
    TheSCOOP Says:

    No what’s sad is you attacking an innocent person on Twitter thinking it’s me. Lol silly girl tricks are for kids.

  37. 37
    Anna Klempt Says:

    @TheSCOOP: I’m really curious though . . . why do you keep lying? We all know Bee is going to get unload from VS soon. Adam won’t acknowledge her. And she’ll do whatever she can to get attention.

    There’s so much about this entire situation that you so very obviously do not. Unlike you, I respect people’s privacy. And you saying anything to me about that won’t change me giving any details.

  38. 38
    KSB Says:

    @anna LMAO!!! Im reading all the comments and you guy’s are a trip. And @thescoop you may “think” your right about some stuff but your wrong about Adam being happy with her. I will fight you to the death on that. When is the last time you saw a pic of him smiling with her, holding her hand, kissing her???, I’LL WAIT……..

  39. 39
    Anna Klempt Says:

    KSB- You’ll be waiting for that until Hell freezes over or an asteroid hits Earth. It’s amusing to me that everything these “insiders” say comes from stuff they gathered on social media. And of course, because it’s on Twitter, that means it’s true. I mean, no one ever lies on Twitter! Scandalous!

    Melissa- I get what you’re saying, but these Mermaids come in and out of these threads under a variety of aliases singing the same tune they always do. They had been quiet for a few weeks, until the NY leg of the tour. I knew that they’d come out of the woodwork with such hits as . . .

    “Travis posted pictures of Bee, which PROVES she’s with Adam!”

    “Ali, a band member’s songwriter girlfriend, flew out to a big concert at MSG to see her boyfriend play . . . OMG, Adam and Behati are in LOVE!!!1!!!”

    “Bee photobombed a bunch of pictures with Adam’s crew members. Her and Adam are keeping their relationship a BIG SECRET because some fans hate her!!!! TRUE LOVE.”

    Nevermind that Adam had basically been hiding her the entire time. He’s going to be more secret? That doesn’t make sense. Adam has never cared what fans think of his girlfriends. I highly doubt he stops, in the middle of sex and says “Wow! I just can’t do this…my fans wouldn’t like it! Sorry, hon. Get your clothes and leave now.”

    Also photobombing means that the person wasn’t trying to get a picture of you. It means you inserted yourself into that moment. Behati’s so desperate.

  40. 40
    KSB Says:

    @Anna Klempt: and you my dear have made my night lol.your comment was TRUTHFUL and hilarious.

  41. 41
    Anna Klempt Says:

    @KSB: The Scoop is full of poop. Sorry, but the more “it” talks, the funnier and more reaching “its” claims get.

    You’re welcome, btw. ;-)

  42. 42
    Jilly Says:

    Is it a full moon or what?

  43. 43
    Anna Klempt Says:

    @Jilly: Nope. The Scoop is posing as an “insider” and she’s losing badly.

  44. 44
    Shevine is real Says:

    Adam is super HANDSOME!!! omg! He looks better with ages and his face is so small awwww. When he was younger he was super charming CUTE and now he’s sexy! Sorry haters! You say Adam looking old and ugly blah blah blah..are u blind or living under the ROCK!? He works hard everyday , u see!? It’s okay for him if he looks older because he’s such a hard working man , still looks SEXY as hell! Maroon 5 is DOPE! Their North America Tour is Spectacular too!

  45. 45
    KSB Says:

    Lol so I had to comment on this because I checked my Twitter timeline this morn and this girl was carrying on about how she met behati last night, how behati is soooooo cool and now she fully supports Adam and behatis relationship. Supposedly was talking about Adam and her still together and she was there to support him She said behati smoked a cig and told them have fun. NOW there are a couple thing’s wrong here.1. Most of the family and friends stay in the back rooms at MSG. The place is sectioned off for there comfortibility. Why was behati just walking around going in and out if back doors smoking Unless its not true or Adam didn’t want her backstage. Why on earth couldn’t she just go out a back door were the band was and smoke? Why was she by herself? I don’t want to say this girl is lying but come the f*** on . Idk that whole story was crazy. She said she took pictures so we will see.

  46. 46
    Adamtina Says:

    i think they are still together, adam might love her to his way, but it’s not right when your bf doesnt like to show you off, in his past relationships he didn’t have any problem with that, so it’s weird to me that he acts like he is single when he is not.

  47. 47
    liza Says:

    @KSB: I think she was trying to say she just randomly bumped into Behati yesterday. Not that she was at the concert but thay she saw her on the street or something. I saw that too. Seemed implausable to me.

  48. 48
    christina Says:

    @bliss: actually she randomly met her on the street. Plus her being there does not mean there together. She spent his entire launch party hanging with Travis , she mightof been there just for him.

  49. 49
    bliss Says:


    thanks christina i just came here wow so many comments ; anyway i saw her pics she is scary as f*ck i can’t believe she is a model hopefuly she take her sh*t out of adam’s entourage

  50. 50
    Martha Says:

    If, as the merstans insist, that Adam and Behati are very much in love BUT the death threats against her have driven them underground…all to protect her… Why would Behati post pictures of herself with Maroon 5 crew? Wouldn’t that still put her inline of fire?


    Adam, being rather douche, hasn’t totally told the old girl about the new girl. Perhaps adam said, Not working out, but we can still be friends. We can hang. Except he is hanging with the new girl and having his employee/friends run interference and keep her away.

    There would’ve pictures of them together…when was the last time pictures of the two of them ? Thanksgiving?

  51. 51
    Brandi Says:

    I heard from

  52. 52
    Abby Says:

    @Martha: No there were pics of them together after SNL. They weren’t holding hands or anything but they were together. Remember she looked like a slightly preggo homeless person (weird angle in a weird dress)? I doubt he’s very faithful to someone who he never publicly acknowledged as his GF (other than saying on Howard Stern that he’s not sure if he would call himself “single”).

  53. 53
    KSB Says:

    I honestly think im at the point where I wash my hands with this and Adam. I say this because I actually cried today about it. Im just having an emotional day anyway and coming on this board was the last thing I needed to do. Im obviously too emotionally involved in this. I have never met Adam and only recently started liking M5 music but I view Adam as a good person. In a lot of ways he reminds me of me that’s what drew me in. I feel like a friend on the outside looking in. And I see all that’s around him and some of its good but there are a lot of people around him that don’t have his best intrest at heart. It makes me sad. I think because im loyal and a good friend to those I care about and with Adam I don’t know him so I can’t give him advice or help him. Don’t get me wrong I feel the Same about Lindsay Lohan but that is another story. I just hate knowing how a story is gonna end. I just want to tell Adam you can’t have it all dude. Learn when to say no and WAKE UP! Gosh damn it. I don’t know I wish behati would just go away. Nothing is worse than a person who is emotionally dependent on someone. How do you focus on yourself if you constantly gotta be there for others. Adam can’t grow because his social circle is dependent on him. If he changes than he makes adult decisions and the the people around him have to grow up and chane too. But they dont want to

  54. 54
    martha Says:

    I know Behati was at the party wearing the pg nightgown…but I don’t remember seeing any pictures of them together. Pictures if him, pictures of her..

  55. 55
    marley06 Says:

    adam deserve someone better…

  56. 56
    Abby Says:

    @KSB: I know what you mean. I hope he does have some people around him who truly care about him and have his best interest at heart. It’s obvious this girl doesn’t. Although I kinda felt the same way about Anne. While she seemed nice enough, I always felt like she was in it for the fame. It seemed to me that in that case both of their egos were too big for one relationship. Behati just seems like a young, immature girl who doesn’t understand social cues.

  57. 57
    KSB Says:

    @Marley06 yes he does.

  58. 58
    Gina Says:

    Behati is young, but she’s far more ingratiating and manipulative than you all are giving her credit for. 23 is young, but it’s not as if she’s a naive middle schooler. She’s a 23 year old adult. She’s spent many years in the often sleazy world of modeling. I’ll bet she’s not that stupid. The more appropriate description for Bee is desperate.

  59. 59
    KSB Says:

    @abby I agree with your post. the only thing I don’t like about a Anne is when she was on the Howard Stern Show and they gave an interview and askher and Adam if she got pregnant would you keep the baby and she said she didn’t knowshe basically said they both have careers and it would be something that they would have to think aboutas a woman I feel like it doesn’t matter if you have a career if you get pregnant you should own up to your responsibilities and take care of that child because it is not the child’s fault that you made that mistakethat would probably be the only thing I didn’t like about her

  60. 60
    Abby Says:

    @KSB: Yeah I remember that. I’m of the belief that everyone has the right to chose what they do with their own bodies, but the fact that they weren’t using birth control and just hoping not to get preggo seemed so irresponsible. Especially considering young women may think “oh well if they do that than so can I”. Instead of thinking, oh if I get pregnant I will just get an abortion, they should be using protection. Although another thing to consider is that these models probably don’t even menstruate as they are so freaking skinny. It’s possible Anne did as her body was slightly more adult like than Behati’s, but I highly doubt Behati would even be able to get pregnant.

  61. 61
    KSB Says:

    @Abby: she’s too much of a party girl. Makeup does wonders so who knows. I sure hope he uses protection with this one. She looks like the type to do anything to hold on

  62. 62
    sara Says:

    Bee isn’t w/ adam for a few reasons. She was told to go to he– last night in front of new girl. New girl’s smart & can put people in place. She might not last long if things don’t change!!!!

  63. 63
    Ivy J Says:

    @KSB: I agree, she will do anything to keep him. I wish he would see that and get a good girl for himself or work on himself. I’m tired of the are they or are they not dating. I believe that they aren’t and i’m going to believe that until proven wrong. She wants attention and adam doesn’t want her around (or at least doesn’t seem to want her around). So thats my opinion

  64. 64
    KSB Says:

    @Ivy J: I second that like seriously. She isn’t pretty “to me” but she is a VS model she’s in the “industry” why won’t he show her off if she is his “girlfriend” its confusing, makes no sense. And really there is no mystery around them. It looks point blank like they are just friends with benefits.

  65. 65
    Michelle Says:

    OMG OMG I can’t believe this just happened! My friends & I attended the concert at Verizon Atena tonight & waited outside to see the band go back to their buses. We seen Adam & Mickey & Sam & Shawn with a girl next to Adam. She was probably 5′ 8″ size 4-6 with long brown / blondish hair. The concert was awesome! I love the stage in the shape of an M. We had backstage passes it was so cool. Only wish I could have meant the band!

  66. 66
    Gina Says:

    I was informed by a couple of people that Adam and Behati got into an argument before the concert last night. I didn’t hear anything about another girl being nearby. Maybe there was, maybe not.

  67. 67
    Abby Says:

    @Gina: Go Adam get rid of her! Or at least do what makes you happy!

  68. 68
    Michelle Says:

    @Gina: I don’t think it was Ber. This girls hair color was to dark & more weight.

  69. 69
    sara Says:

    @Michelle: That sounds exactly like the girl I’ve been telling y’all about!!!!

  70. 70
    liza Says:

    It totally must be the same girl! I mean how many normal height, blond and or brown hair size 4 women can there be in the world?! Oh wow, I just described myself….

  71. 71
    KSB Says:

    Lol @sara I hope your right. You are way too passionate about this girl.

  72. 72
    Ivy J Says:

    @KSB: It could of been rozzi? She’s on tour with them.

  73. 73
    Christina Says:

    @Gina: where did you hear that they argued? and wonder what about? and i’m having trouble believing there is another girl

  74. 74
    KSB Says:

    On my instagram timeline someone posted a pic of Adam at the last show and when Daylight came on he was crying. Anyone else hear about this? It saddens me yet im like maybe another rumour. Cause JJ did post something about Anne Dating Calvin Harris. Which is awesome. She deserves happiness. But maybe he is regretful about letting her go and how unhappy he is with his rebound behati. Anywho I got my laugh on, on another post. Someone asked if behati was from Namibia, LMFAO and someone responded NO! she is from Narnia lmao. This just tickled me to pieces.

  75. 75
    Christina Says:

    @KSB: I heard that too. Another thread posted the link of it. He might of been because of anne but maybe he is stressed about Behati.

  76. 76
    maya Says:

    i just saw a pic on Ali Kavoussi IG that he took a pic with behati and other models.. he is anne’s agent right?? what is he doing with behati???
    i read all your comments and that really interesting.. my english is really bad,, i mean english is not my first language so i hold myself not commenting..but i just cant hold this… i really like adam and anne V and really don’t like behati… i thought i’m the only one who don’t like she arounds adam… fortunately you feel the same way…
    i hope behati disappear soon in adam’s life… she just make him miserable.. i hate knowing adam become unfriendly with his fans lately and thats happend since he dated behati… shes so immature…
    adam needs someone who can take care of him… not someone who wants to be take cared of
    sorry if my grammar really bad…haha
    i just want to say something in this post

  77. 77
    Melissa Says:

    @maya: I haven’t heard of Adam being unfriendly to his fans ever, so this is news to me.

  78. 78
    maya Says:

    this the link to that pic..
    i wonder what bee wants to do next … stole anne’s agent???

  79. 79
    maya Says:

    @Melissa : i mean he rarely tweet.. and whats more important for make his fans happy than read his tweets and know that he is okay and happy???
    i read some fans on twitter beg to behati to ask him tweet…thats because he never tweet like he always do before

  80. 80
    KSB Says:

    Adam can’t be happy if he’s not with someone who makes him happy. Butfirst happiness comes ffrom within.

  81. 81
    maya Says:

    @KSB yeah… i agree with you.. i can see happiness in his face when he was with anne..and now???? rarely…
    but im still wondering does he really love behati?? i mean i saw a pic on IG that adam also makes a tounge style in photo just like behati… i mean he becomes look like behati… if someone act like someone else thats because he close to that one…
    i never saw he did it before…

  82. 82
    maya Says:

    in my opinion… adam hooked up with behati to make anne jealous…
    this is due to Stern Show when adam said he always attractive to women but anne always blind with that..she always never do anything… (correct me if im wrong… again, english is not my first language.. so my listening to the Stern Video maybe right maybe wrong)…
    if im right…so thats it… when adam said that he looked annoyed… and the condition became awkward, so Stern diverted to the other topic…
    just my opinion… i just feel a lil bit strange with that

  83. 83
    Michelle Says:

    I have seen Adam play Daylight live twice. Everytime he seems to get emotional. Maybe it’s because of Anne maybe not. Maybe my friends & I seen it the wrong way last night. But he did have his arm on her.

  84. 84
    maya Says:

    @sara: is the the new girl you’re talking about named Megan??? she is Michael’s friend

  85. 85
    maya Says:

    @sara: and Megan came to the party with her friend… Megan is blonde and her friend is brown/brunette… is that true?? looks like michael has new friend, and that is Megan, and i think Megan is party girl.. and maybe michael invited them to come to the party that night.

  86. 86
    Gina Says:

    @Michelle: Adam was arguing with Bee. Four separate sources told me that.

  87. 87
    KSB Says:

    @Michelle: Adam had his arm on who?

  88. 88
    Michelle Says:

    I’m 80% positive the who we seen wasn’t Bee. The height & weighr didn’t match her. We attended the Manchester concert & it was so much fun!! Like I said maybe we seen it wrong.

  89. 89
    KSB Says:

    @Michelle: probably wasn’t behati because bootswallace would’ve had that shh… all over his instagram. Speaking of instagram. I had to chuckle at her new picture. I can only imagine what the mermaid posse interpreted from that pic. I will take a stab at it. ( behati doesn’t need to be vocal about her relationship with Adam anyone can see that they’re in love and a rose symbolizes love and Adam gave her that rose and the microphone would be symbolizing broadcasting to the world) this sounded so good I almost believed it myself lol.

  90. 90
    bliss Says:


    OMG i swear this is crazy i would have believe it too if i never came here on JJ to read the comments hahahahah

  91. 91
    KSB Says:

    @bliss: yea, sometimes we see thing’s and think they have a deeper meaning especially because we don’t want her with Adam and wish she would either jump off a cliff or just move on and suck someone else dry of there emotions and happiness. but really what I gathered from the photo was every rose has thorns (behati) . There is always beauty (rose) when something ugly and dark is near (behati) Oh how the list could go on.

  92. 92
    Christina Says:

    @KSB: I seen that pic and thought she was just trying to be wierd and trying to prove there is something with her and adam, which I choose to believe there isn’t anymore. If there was an argument, it was probably him telling her to leave him alone.

  93. 93
    sara Says:

    I told U guys Bee’s toast!!! It’s all over twitter now & she’s not been found in Canada. Onto new girl & her name isn’t Megan.

  94. 94
    Melissa Says:

    @sara: Just because she’s not following him around this tour doesn’t mean that they’re broken up. Everyone keeps talking about this “new girl” and I’ve yet to see any proof of her. It seems to me like it’s probably Rozzi or one of her friends who have been associating with their group as of late!

  95. 95
    KSB Says:

    Only thing I have seen on Twitter is 1 girl basically saying that Adam and her have not broken up but other people are saying that they are so it’s basically a split decision because nobody really has proof

  96. 96
    Melissa Says:

    @KSB: I agree! We’ll just have to keep waiting it out.

  97. 97
    Christina Says:

    @Melissa: I agree I think its Rozzi, I mean she is on tour with them specifically as a featured artist, so shes going to be around.

    @KSB: I agree its a waiting game but majority rules and I’m going with the majority and that means behati is gone.

  98. 98
    Anna Klempt Says:

    Adam and Behati are broken up. Period. This shouldn’t even be a debate anywhere on the Internet. And if you’re waiting for evidence that they’ve broken up, well, you’ll probably be dead and buried before that even happens. If ever . . .

    Stop listening to the Mermaids and some random fan who found Behati floating around outside MSG. They argued that night and she left. Behati had been following Adam and the band EVERYWHERE. She’s no longer doing that because they’re over.

    After all the bullsh!t Adam put up with when it came to Bee, yeah, I don’t think he’s jumping into another relationship already. A couple of people here are trying to make it seem like Adam has a new girlfriend, but they’re either (1) referring to someone else’s girlfriend as Adam’s or (2) they’re lying to make it seem like they’re insiders.

    Adam’s too busy touring and promoting his fragrance right now to be dealing with another girlfriend. Give it up.

  99. 99
    Read Says:

    Just found this!!

  100. 100
    KSB Says:

    @Read: FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW!!!!! happy dance whoot whoot!!

  101. 101
    Read Says:

    @KSB: I KNOW!! I just did a happy dance myself. *Fingers Crossed* wishing it to be true!

  102. 102
    Ami Says:

    It looks like Z is spouting about a possible Taylor/Adam pairing, which is in her mind. A woman that travels and works so much spends far too much time attaching herself to the personal lives of Adam and anyone connected with him. I am sure the mermaid psycho posse are eating every fictitious word she types.

  103. 103
    KSB Says:

    @Ami: Taylor Swift LMFAO!!!! Hellz nah, Harry broke up with her because she wasn’t giving up any @$$ so YOU KNOW her and Adam is a no go.

  104. 104
    KSB Says:

    Once again The “Sharks” eat the “mermaids”

  105. 105
    Anna Klempt Says:

    @Ami: Don’t pay attention to Unknown or Zaira. They’re both dumbasses who were proven wrong by all the bullsh!t they’ve been spouting here. I wish that you all would stop fawning over and giving them unneeded attention.

  106. 106
    Anna Klempt Says:

    I really wish that Unknown and Zaira would fall into a vat of acid and waste away into puddles of ooze. I’m so sick of them and their bullsh!t. Game’s up, ladies.

  107. 107
    Starlet Says:

    Is it Adam in this pictures?
    Thanks for your help!

  108. 108
    KSB Says:

    @Starlet: yea that’s him but that looks like his old gf.

  109. 109
    KSB Says:

    Well I think Z is A COMPLETE DUMBASS I can’t say the same about unknown because she has been pretty cool and I must say I have enjoyed reading her post true or not. It makes for good entertainment lil. But i have only been coming on this board for the last 2months so idk.

  110. 110
    KSB Says:

    Who is this Arielle Vanderberg chick that Adam has been spotted with???

  111. 111
    KSB Says:

    Never Mind lol someone posted a pic of them with a recent date and THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE lol. Its old.

  112. 112
    Starlet Says:

  113. 113
    KSB Says:

    This story I s 50/50 true. First off, Adams family was not encouraging him to marry. They haven’t been dating a yr. So that’s complete bullshit. They took an old article and added on to it. 2ndly why isn’t his family encouraging Michael to get married to. Isn’t same sex marriage legal in California. These reporters are worse than the Mermaids. You Dont really even know someone in a yrs time. AND IF HE DIDN’T MARRY ANNE AND THEY WERE TOGETHER 2YRS WHY WOULD HE MARRY THAT FUGLY S LUT AFTER JUST 7-8MNTHS .

  114. 114
    Emily Says:

    I been M.I.A for a bit. But I checked my Twitter and it looks like THERES TROUBLE IN PARADISE LADIES. I can’t say im surprised or saddened so I’ll just say Hell yea, hell yea hell yea F***ing Right!!!

  115. 115
    TheSCOOP Says:

    first of all you guys do is sit on here and hate none of you know the facts. BEHATI AND ADAM are still dating just because 1 website reported that they broke up does not mean it’s true unless you hear it out of the horses mouth then its false and just because you want them to break up does nt mean that they will so you guys can get your head out of your a** move along with your lives and let them live theres. #TEAM BEEDAM

  116. 116
    Ami Says:

    @TheSCOOP: Sweetie pie it’s not just ONE website that has been dishing about this. Don’t get your knickers in a bunch because no one deems you as truth.

  117. 117
    KSB Says:

    @thescoop F*** OFF!!!
    Someone wrote on Adams instagram pic “Congrats to the newly engaged couple”. Im so happy for you I was in man. WTF!!! O_o..?? Anyone else hear about this? The only reason I paid this s*** any attention is because I heard it a couple days ago on Twitter but please … not in the mood for this s*** today.I want to know where this “RUMOUR” came from.

  118. 118
    bliss Says:


    Bee i thought you went back to play with your hairless cats or puppies ; you should seriously get a life

  119. 119
    bliss Says:

    @KSB: *

    i didn’t see this on twitter but may be it’s only mermaids again

  120. 120
    KSB Says:

    Maybe, @bliss but I swear Perez Hilton is an ******* lol. He got hold of the story lmao. He said maybe there relationship downgraded to hookup status.

  121. 121
    bliss Says:


    ok i just understood why that chick wrote that comment a couple yesterday got engaged in the middle of the concert i saw some comments about it on twitter :) false alert darling teh day adam will drop the bomb and propose a girl is not here yet

  122. 122
    KSB Says:

    @bliss: WHEW thanks for clearing that shhh… up but I also know Adam is not gonna address these rumours. but let me tell you what I think about the situation I think that Adam probably broke up with her a while ago and from what I gather about the media is Adam a single and he’s probably using his publicist to put this information in the media so that everyone will know that he single I don’t think Adam is going to come out and say I broke up with her because you know he doesn’t want to look like the bad person but at the same time he doesn’t want to be caught doing something and then people say that he cheated on her so it’s easier for people to speculate that they broke up and come to go of their own assumption verses him just coming out and putting everybody in his business because in the end the media didn’t really care about him and her to start off with so I think the only way they got hold of the story is through him

  123. 123
    bliss Says:


    i totaly think the same as you i don’t expect him to say he is single he never said he was dating her so he will never say it’s finished and most of his fans are happy that she is gone

  124. 124
    KSB Says:

    Why do I feel like The Lollipop Guild from the Wizard Of Oz when the house fell on the witch. The whole scene from that is running through my head.

  125. 125
    Emily Says:

    IM SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. This is why Adam stays away from social networking sites there are people on his Instagram account who have created a fake page because they only have 1 follower and marked there pages private and they are sitting there heckling Adam calling him a womanizer saying he has no feelings just being downright disrespectful and it’s just upsetting because people just think they can say anything that they want to you when they don’t even know the whole situation behatii is to blame for most of the relationship going wrong what is unfair isAdam is going to be the 1 to have to take the fall for this

  126. 126
    Christina Says:

    @KSB: I agree that they used two separate stories from two different sources. I don’t think adam is going announce anything but his camp does need to release something because its becoming an all out war with the mermaids and true maroon fans. You know her camp is not going to admit that they broken up, Adam is her ticket to fame. I think we all need to accept that they are over.

  127. 127
    KSB Says:

    I have accepted it honey, and if the mermaids wanna play words with friends I accept that challenge too lol. Im over BEHATI GOOD RIDDENS BEYOUCH!!! She is younger so she will try and play victim but we know thereal truth. And if she maked his life hell and don’t move on peacefully than I will organize a petition to VS telling them how much she is bad for the brand how much we hate her and won’t buy there products an it will get massive signatures and then I’ll go to the news, get this nationalized. SHE AIN’T F****** WITH MY CLIQUE! !!!!

  128. 128
    DucesBeeHoeTi Says:

    did anybody hear about the concert were Adam broke down crying when daylight song started playing.?do you think it maybe because Anne moved on to Calvin Harris at the Sports Illustrated party? and from what US Weekly magazine says that when Maroon 5 song 1 more night started playing that Anne and Calvin kiss throughout the whole song .maybe Adam is regretful I mean after all Adam and Anne met at the Sports Illustrated party .well they met before then but they met the second time at the Sports Illustrated party and that’s where they fell in love maybe it’s deja vu and he feel sad about it who knows.

  129. 129
    Christina Says:

    @KSB:I’ve accepted it too. I’ll sign that petition and fight with you honey. Behati should not be a VS angel. She’s not that pretty and if she is what young girls are looking up too, i’m scared for the future generation. Where is the girls like Heidi or Giselle or Cindy? They have true class and they are true models that should be looked up too. They were sneaky and backstabbing and they handle everything with grace. These new girls just don’t add up to what true modeling used to be. Now I can’t say that with full facts because I don’t know all the VS models but just the way its becoming, its not right.

  130. 130
    KSB Says:

    @Christina: I agree 100% I liked tyra, Adriana lima gosh model’s were awesome. This new age is ******. I have however noticed today has been a quiet day for Adam . No posting. Behati as well. Im pretty sure marooners are making her feel like S@#* lol I try not to get involved with I would seriously her her feelings bootswallace too. But I say only if Adam shows signs of hurt do we rally together and f*** s*** up!! Lol

  131. 131
    Christina Says:

    @KSB: Agreed, we are here for Adam and if he gets hurts, we stand for him. Behati and Travis(bootwallace) who gives a sh!t about them. I try not to get involved either but I am still working on my note to adam and I’m sure the mermaids will attack me but oh well, I think it needs to be said to Adam and once I get it done, I’ll post it. Been a long day with the ice storm.

  132. 132
    Maroon 5 Says:

    Dear M5 Fans,

    This request comes to you from a longterm Maroon 5 fan, who has had to witness strange things happening on Twitter.

    Many of us on Twitter have had the illfortune of being harassed by a few Stans . They call themselves mermaids, because apprently Adam’s new girlfriend likes them. They are crazy, delusional women who constantly troll the internet looking for information on Adam and his girlfriend. They tweet his friends and family constantly , basically asking for any information related to Adam and his girlfriend, their pig, their dog, everything! They get onto his friends Instagrams and leave nauseating messages, that most of his friends also dont feel comfortable being on social platforms anymore. They keep tweeting hundreds of pictures of Behati to Adam as if he doesnt know what she looks like ! They harass people who dont believe in what they think. They try to guilt young teenagers into thinking they are not good fans if they do not like the new girlfriend. For the same reason, they have also harassed fans who have professed to like his former girlfriend.

    Who gave these set of women the right to decide whether we are being good fans or not. We are all individuals, who all have our own likes and preferences. At the end of the day, we are here for the band Maroon 5, because that what matters to us, not girlfriends or ex girlfriends.

    There is an individual named Zaira Amaterasu who writes lengthy blogs on basically everything related to Adam. She claims its her personal blog, but if you manage to read through her nonsense, you can see that she virtually stalks Adam through his tweets, photos etc.

    THEY are the sole reason why Adam does not interact much with the fans anymore. Why would he, when every tweet and action of his gets talked about so much? Adam feels stalked and threatened by them. If we want our old Adam back, we need to put a stop to this threatening group of fans.

    Follow the link and sign the petition to suspend these stalker accounts. Lets get our old Adam back.

    Thank you from a M5 fan.

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